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Warnings: I’m so sorry. Graphic depictions of major character death, feels holy shit, angst, language


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 “When you love someone, it’s hard to let them go. It’s hard to tell the difference between love and hate; you hate them for leaving. Despise them even. But every single bone in your body, every fiber of your being needs them like oxygen.. Because it’s not gravity anchoring you to this god forsaken rock; It’s them.

 “Just.. Y/N.. Please, pick a side.” Tony pleaded with you, shoving the pen and the paper in your direction. But you couldn’t. You could honestly see both sides of the argument; but as an enhanced, you wouldn’t register. You wouldn’t partake in any movement or bill that would take away civil liberties, especially from those who needed them. There was no god damn way you would even touch the pen. Lightly grasping Tony’s hand, you looked him in the eyes, and watched as his heart shattered. He snatched the pen away.

 “You’re asking me to fight against something my people have been fighting for.. For half a century. You seriously can’t expect me to sign that..” Tears threatened to spill as you gingerly placed your hands in your lap. Getting up, you walked briskly towards the Captain.

 “I trusted you.” Tony replied icily.

 “This isn’t about trust or friends, Tony. This is about doing the right thing.” You contended, biting back the onslaught of inevitable sobs that threatened to spill. Natasha’s eyes stared into yours; not angrily, never angrily. She looked forlorn. She didn’t want to fight, especially with you and Clint. Her two best friends, her family, fighting for what they thought was right. Against her. She felt her heart begin to crack, but never once did she look away.

 “Thank you, Y/N..” Steve grasped your hand, and you clamped your teeth down hard on your bottom lip.

 “I love you..” You choked. “Don’t let this be for nothing.” the waver in your voice threatened the facade you were so poorly attempting to uphold. That’s when the light bulbs burst, slowly enveloping the room fell in an eerily silent inky blackness. Steve felt you leave his side, and the ebb and flow of heart broken sobs echoed throughout the room as you sprinted to get away. 

We should have known that she wouldn’t be able to fight; to choose between her best friend and fiance. It should have been enough to let her heart tear watching the two closest people in her life try to kill each other.  But it wasn’t. Things like this seldom are. 

  You sat quietly, legs swinging from an eerily large hole in the side of one of the many towering buildings in the city. Tears sliding down your face and a spine chilling cacophony of emergency sirens and the heavy sound of silence rang in your ears. As the final light of day fell behind the skyline, you enveloped yourself in a comforting darkness, courtesy of your mutation. For someone who could manipulate light, you always found it more comfortable when there was an absence of it. Of course, this had been pointed out a multitude of times by your friends and teammates.

 “Y/N?” Bucky’s voice flowed listlessly throughout the bunker-esque building. “Y/N? Please.. Tell me that you’re alright..” He sighed, walking towards where you were. He always knew; you didn’t know how, or why even. James Buchanan Barnes just always knew when you hid yourself in your shrouds of black. Maybe it was because, in a way, he did too.

 “I wish I could say yes, Buck.” You croaked. “I wish I could say yes..” the sound of silence laid heavily between the two of you, only wavering when you couldn’t keep your cries quiet. “I just can’t do it. We’re going to die. Not all of us, but enough to widen the fracture, to sever ties.”

 “Ties are already severed.” Bucky drawled, lightly placing his flesh arm around your shoulder.

 “They won’t be forever. Not while I’m still kicking and screaming, Barnes. I’ll be damned.” You leaned into Bucky’s chest, grateful to have become so close over only a couple of weeks.

 And looking back, he wished that you had never even said it, because in that exact moment, life had a cruel way of foreshadowing the events to come.

   And now, here we stand; people talking without speaking, listening without hearing. To mourn the loss of such an amazing woman is to accept defeat. Today, we do not mourn. We wouldn’t dare. We celebrate. We celebrate the life lived and not lost. We come together to respect the memory and rejoice in the accomplishments of Y/F/N Y/M/N Y/L/N-Rogers. The love of the Captain and the light of our lives. Let us remember such a woman with fire in our hearts and fondness of our memories. Let us accept the darkness, and relish in her light.

Steve ran to the pile of rubble, clawing through it to find you. His hands were blood stained and spattered in jagged cuts, but that didn’t matter. He needed to find you, to get you help. You needed him, and he wouldn’t let you down. Not now, and not ever again. Not after everything the two of you had endured together.

  Buck stood a few feet behind his best friend, digging for the remains of his lost fiancee. For the first time in a while, he felt a violent onslaught of anger and the most heart wrenching sadness settle in the pit of his stomach. He just knew. And when he heard Steve, tears cascaded down his own dirt covered and battle worn face. The sorrowful wail that had emanated from Steve was haunting. It brought on a heavy silence, followed by the weary feet crunching against gravel to see what was wrong. 

 Steve held your body, broken and limp, to his chest. He couldn’t hear the screech that he had made upon seeing the bullet hole resting between your eyes. He couldn’t hear anything over the deafening sound of your lungs no longer working, not one ounce of air moving in or out… And the merciless shattering of his heart.

 Your eyes, the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen, staring lifelessly through him, now dull with the lack of luster that they once held. Your blood oozing from your nose, and coloring your dry, cracked lips. The eyes. They killed him. He could look into them for days, and never see them looking back. Ever again. An unearthly, strangled sob came from behind him, and he didn’t look. He couldn’t.

 Clint supported Natasha, who felt her knees crumbling. She had seen you, heard you, screaming from beneath the debris. She had run to you, willing to do anything to get you free; but your only request was for her to end it. You knew you were dying, and Natasha knew that you were in pain. So she did, she ended it. Pressing a shaking kiss to your forehead, she sunk a bullet in your brain. She ended your pain, but that was where hers begun.

 “S-St… Ste-eve..” Nat wailed, she crawled out of Clint’s grasp, to where the Captain was sitting, cradling you.  “She- She asked me to- J-Just… Just take it.” In her shaking hand, she held your engagement ring. Taking his hand, she pressed the ring into his palm. “She w-wanted this, sh-she…. She asked m-me to. To end it.” Steve looked at her, in his eyes, a grief crazed fury sparking and cracling like fire.

 “Don’t fucking lie to me Natasha.” He hissed. It didn’t sound anything like him. Slowly, but surely, his grasp on the red heads hand tightened until a sickening snap rung in the air. “DON’T LIE TO ME!” Now, he was screaming, allowing tears to stream down his face. He crouched protectively over your corpse, glaring menacingly at the assassin. Pulling is arm back, he gently tugged his dog tags off and fastened them around your neck. Placing your ring in a pocket tucked deep inside his uniform, he looked back at Bucky, whose face had contorted into something foreign; unrecognizable. 

 “… let’s get her home..” He whispered, hoarse and full of agony.

Hello darkness, my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again. Because a vision softly creeping; left it’s seeds while I was sleeping. And the vision that was planted in my brain still remains within the sound of silence.


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 And now, let us pray.”

 Steve stood silently by your casket, a sleek black oak, a beautiful, smiling picture of you emanating everything he knew you to be. He grazed his hand silently across the velvety petals of deep red roses. 10,000 people had gathered to say good bye to the Captains wife. He fiddled with the chain around his neck, holding two engagement rings. He could swear he saw Natasha in the crowd, her cast hidden withing the folds of her jacket,

 “Let’s get home, punk. Get some rest. We’ll go see her tomorrow.” With a curt nod towards the towering brunette that stood cautiously behind him, Steve turned sharply on his heel. What was left of his heart slowly shriveling at the sound of your casket being lowered into the earth.


fanfic writer — Bound

Steve Rogers x reader x Bucky Barnes

Summary- The three of you had been cursed, but it was more like a blessing, the three of you got to live over and over again your souls bound to each-others. It usually took a little while to find each other, but you always did. But then you stopped finding them after you had all died in the ‘40s.

Message- BUCKY NOSE DIVES IN THE PLANE WITH STEVE IN THIS. Here’s a new one-shot!!! Sorry if it sucks.

WARNINGS- the reader dies young a couple times.

Word Count- 976

The three of you could be seen throughout history- you were always born as important figures- your faces and names always changed (Sometimes your genders to).  So you had all been confused when in the early 1910’s you had all been born poor in Brooklyn. In the ‘40’s things started to make more sense when Steve became Captain America. The war was ugly and the three of you died within a month of one another (not an uncommon occurrence). But then you came back, again and again, you were born in the 50’s and died young and again in the 70’s and you died young again, both times you barley made it into your teens and both times you fail to find your loves.

When you are reborn in the 90’s you’re disheartened to find that you are alone once more, but you make it past your teens and into adulthood, in this life you were a mutant something that had never happened in any of your lives before. You don’t understand. It’s incredibly confusing, you don’t understand what’s changed, what was so special about the 40’s. Was it because they had gone down in the plane together? Were their souls trapped? Were the three of you missing each other? Each of you being born in a different place or during a different time? You’re confusion ends when you see Bucky and Steve fighting aliens on the TV. They’re the same as they were in the 40’s. You don’t really think about it, you just book a plane ticket and go. New York was destroyed, but it was already being rebuilt. Some of the buildings already being rebuilt, thanks to Tony Stark. You make your way to Stark Tower- now Avengers Tower and when you get there you find that the doors are locked.

“You do not have access to enter the building. Is there anything I can assist you with Ma’am” A voice from a speaker says.

“I need to speak with Captain America or Sergeant Barnes.” You say.

May I ask who it is that wishes to speak with them?” The voice says.

“An old Friend.” You say simply. The voice doesn’t respond and after several minutes you start to lose hope, but then the door opens and you see both Steve and Bucky.

“How can we help-OH!” Steve says as he looks into your eyes.

“I thought I lost the two of you!” You sob and Bucky pulls you in to the tower.

“How many times have you come back alone?” Bucky asks quietly.

“This is the third time.” You sob. “I died young in the other two.”

“What’s your name?” Steve asks.

“Y/F/N Y/L/N.”

“I like it.” Bucky chuckles

“I’m a mutant too.” You murmur.

“That’s different.” Bucky murmurs.

“It’s been different since the 40’s.” You say and they both nod. “What happened to your arm?”

“It was damaged during the crash. The doctors had to amputate. SHEILD made me this.” Bucky says as he shows you his metal arm. “What’s your mutation?”

“Faster, Stronger, pretty much invulnerable.” You answer.

“So what the serum did two the two of us?” Steve asks and you nod. After a moment of silence you start to cry a bit.

“I’ve missed the two of you so much!” You sob. “I thought I was alone.” Then Bucky pulls you into a steering kiss, after you break apart Steve does the same.

“The two of you been defrosted for all of what 3 weeks. How are you already making out with someone in the lobby?” Tony Stark asks as he exits the elevator, followed by the rest of the Avengers.

“This is Y/N.” Steve says.

“That explains nothing.” Natasha says.

“I’m a mutant.” You add.

“That’s nice. But why are you making out with the two super soldiers in the lobby?” Clint asks. The three of you smirk and then Bucky and Steve lead you out of the lobby and up to their room.

“Why do you think everything has been so messed up?” Bucky asks as you plop on the bed.

“The curse. We’re the earth’s guardians. We are meant to shape and save humanity. It used to mean as royalty or as warriors, but the world has been changing, people are becoming more powerful, everyday someone who can’t be matched appears.  Aliens tried to invade. So what if we need to be more powerful to protect the world.” You say.

“That makes sense.” Steve murmurs.

“So we train, we prepare for what’s to come.” Bucky says and you and Steve nod.


“So how did you meet our two resident old timers?” Tony asks you the next morning and you just smirk.

“Doll, let’s go train.” Bucky says as he walks into the kitchen.

“I haven’t been called Doll since the forties!” You laugh as you hop off of the stool you were sitting on.

“Are you immortal?” Tony whispers.

“It’s complicated.” You say over your shoulder, as you follow Bucky out of the room.

“WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?” You hear Tony yell from the hallway.

“Should we tell them?” You ask after the three of you finish training.

“Oh I don’t know. It’s kind of fun keeping them guessing.” Steve says.

“You know. I think the one consistency we’ve had in all of our lives together is that you’re a major ass-.” You start.

“PUNK!” Bucky laughs, cutting you off.

“Sure let’s go with Punk.” You say, rolling your eyes. All of you chuckling.

“Jeez, I thought the two of you loved me!” Steve sighs dramatically.

“We do.” You say, hopping onto his back, so he can give you a piggyback ride.

“Just change the fact that you’re a punk!” Bucky says.

“I’m so glad I found you both.” You murmur.

“We’ve always found each other.” Bucky says.

“And we always will.” Steve adds.

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That Fanfic Stuff — Unexpected - Stucky x Reader


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Pairing Grouping: Steve Rogers x Reader x Bucky Barnes

Warnings: Steamy fluff with a dash cupful of foul mouthed Reader and super soldier. Also liberal use of sugar and baby but no sugar babies.

A/N: short fluff is no 3300+ of very steamy fluff. I’m gonna go with 16+ on this one folks. Oh, and STUCKY!!!


They didn’t think anything of it at first. It was just little things after all. Things that hardly warranted their attention. It wasn’t until Tony mentioned it that they began to take notice.

“Hey, Capsicle, you and tin man been sneaking off to the store without telling anyone? You could at least ask if we needed anything? I’ve been out of blueberries for days,” Tony said one night as the team sat to watch a movie.

“What are you talking about, Stark?” Steve asked with a furrowed brow.

Tony gestured at the bag of gummy worms that you and Bucky were currently sharing. “Just that you two seem to be the only ones around here that never run out of your favorite goodies. You could have stocked up for everyone. That’s all I’m saying.” He shrugged his shoulders and waved a hand through the air as if it wasn’t important, though clearly it was if he’d brought it up.  

You rolled your eyes. “Tony, you’re a billionaire. Pay someone to do your shopping and have it delivered, you big baby.”

The super soldiers on either side of you laughed and you settled more firmly into your seat between them. Tony started to say something else but Natasha smacked his arm. “Shut up. Movie’s starting.”

He grumbled which brought another smile to your face. He really was an overgrown kid sometimes. Really, you were just pleased that he’d shut the hell up. After all, if you’d wanted your crushes to know you were secretly taking care of them, you would have done it not so secretly. Liking both of them was awkward enough without them being aware of it, thank you very much.

Honestly, until that day, Steve had just assumed that Tony had someone that replenished the food in the kitchenette on their floor. True, they’d never seen anyone, but it wasn’t like it happened by magic. It was just over a week later when Steve glanced up from his drawing when Bucky walked into their living room. “Hey Buck, you didn’t do any cleaning did you?”

Bucky snorted. “There’s never anything to clean is there?”

Steve frowned. “Yeah, I noticed that to. I asked Stark if he had a service that did our floor. You know what he said?”

“I’m guessing he said no or we wouldn’t be having this conversation,” Bucky answered as he sat across the table from his boyfriend.

“He asked if I wanted him to get someone in to help us out.”

Confusion caused Bucky’s brow to furrow as he leaned forward. “So, someone has been coming into our space, replacing our food and cleaning up after us and we have no idea who it is?”

“Looks like it.”

There was a stretch of silence before Bucky asked, “Why?”


It started when the boys were on a mission. You’d raided Buck’s candy stash for movie night and before you replaced it, you’d done an inventory and picked up everything else they were needing. It wasn’t like it took much more effort. And when you’d seen how happy they were when they arrived home to all their favorites, that was all the incentive you needed to keep doing it.

You made sure to refill their stash when they were on mission or out for training so they wouldn’t catch you. There was always the chance they’d return when you weren’t expecting it, but the odds were slim. After all, you made a living by sneaking around unseen, hence the name Shadow. The cleaning started when they were gone on a mission and you didn’t want them coming home to clutter and dust. You weren’t even sure that they noticed, but it made you happy to have something else you could do for them.

Steve and Bucky were currently on week three of a mission with Nat and Sam and you were sorting out the groceries you’d just bought while you tried to think of something special you could do for them.

“So, why do you do it exactly?” you heard from behind you, causing you to jump. The twins were in San Francisco until tomorrow so you should have had the floor to yourself.

You scowled when you found Tony standing behind you wearing his infamous smirk.


Your cheeks heated as you turned back to the task at hand, hoping Tony wouldn’t notice at least half of your food was for the super soldiers. “Mind was just elsewhere. What’s up?”

“I was just wondering why you pamper the geriatric twins if you aren’t going to take credit for it?”

You froze briefly before finishing up and placing the boys’ food back into bags so you could carry it upstairs. Finally, you turned and crossed your arms over your chest as you leaned against the counter behind you. “I don’t suppose it would do me any good to deny it?”

He chuckled as he moved closer. “They asked me to look into it before they left. It was the complete lack of evidence that led me to you actually. Only one person I know can get around my system like that.”

“Shit.” You were a technomancer and were very skilled at making tech do what you wanted. Tony hadn’t been thrilled the first time you’d completely circumvented the tower’s security. Now he used you to test out new systems. Finally, you quit freaking out enough to meet his eyes. “Are you going to tell them?”

He tilted his head and frowned at you. “Why are you so dead set against them figuring this out? You know they won’t be anything other than grateful.”

“Because they’ll want to know why and I can’t tell them that.” Your voice was quiet but you knew he’d heard your answer.

“Well how about you tell me then, sparky?” he suggested.

You rolled your eyes at his stupid nickname as you sighed. He wasn’t the most trustworthy when it came to secrets but you were dying to tell someone. And honestly, he would probably be the least judgmental out of everyone. “You can’t tell anyone, Tony. I mean it.”

He rubbed his hands together and closed most of the distance between you. “My lips are sealed. You have my word.”

You arched a brow but chose not to comment. You closed your eyes not wanting to look at him as you made the confession. “I might possibly be just a little bit in love with them.” When you got no response you opened one eye to find Tony grinning at you as he rocked on his feet. You opened the other eye to give him a narrow-eyed look. “What?”

“I think you should tell them.”

“Not funny, Stark.”

“Wasn’t meant to be, sweetheart.” You just stared at him, saying nothing. After a few moments, he sighed. “Listen, as amusing as it might be to trick you into having that conversation with them and recording it to watch at my leisure later, I wouldn’t do that to you.”

“That little admission didn’t exactly help your cause any.”

He ran a hand down his face. “I can’t tell you that I know for sure how they’ll react, because I can’t. I also can’t tell you how many times I’ve caught them checking you out when they think no one’s watching. Or how many times they’ve argued about who got to sit beside you when there was only one seat left. Or the number of whispered conversations they have that fade away when you walk into the room. And while I have had many female friends over the years, I have never suggested any of them sit in my lap unless I was trying to take things beyond friendship.”

You frowned. “I sit in their laps all the time.”

His hands went out to the side as if to say ‘see?’.

Your frown deepened as you recalled something else. “Wait, didn’t you try to get me to sit in your lap when I was still new?”

Tony chuckled and turned around to walk off. “Only proving my point, Y/L/N,” he called over his shoulder.

It was barely five minutes after he left that you gathered the bags of food to take upstairs and put away. You weren’t certain you’d survive sitting around doing nothing and there was only so much training you could stand in a day. “Protocol five, J,” you said as you stepped onto the elevator. “Super soldiers’ floor, please.”

“Of course, Miss.” Protocol five would shut down all recording devices anywhere in your vicinity until you turned it off.

You made short work of putting the food away and glanced around. Things were fairly tidy though they could use a dust and a quick vacuum. A peek in both bedrooms had you wrinkling your nose. They’d had back-to-back missions before they’d left on the current one and obviously hadn’t had time to do laundry. While the boys normally slept together, they maintained their own spaces in case one of them was having a bad night or just needed some time to themselves.

Moving into Bucky’s space, you gathered up all the laundry and threw it out into the hallway. You also stripped the bedding and added it to the pile. You put a load in the washer before moving to Steve’s room. There was more laundry there as it was the space they shared the most often. You added to the pile already in the hallway before stripping those sheets as well.

After sorting the clothes into loads, you took about half of them down to your floor and started a load there as well before heading back upstairs. You opened windows in both bedrooms to let them air out as you put fresh sheets on the beds. You dusted and straightened and vacuumed only pausing as necessary to switch out the laundry.

By the time you finished all but the last loads of laundry, their rooms looked better than they had in months and they had clean sheets to crawl into when they got home. You’d cleaned the rest of the floor as well and were heading back to your floor to take care of the last of the clothes. You had to wait a bit for them to finish drying, but then once it was all folded and sorted, you loaded up the laundry basket to put it away. You were happy you’d gotten so much done.

Apparently ignoring your feelings made you productive, who knew? Most of the clothes in your basket were Buck’s so you headed to his room first. You reached for the handle, only to have the door open on its own. Your mouth dropped and the basket fell to your feet as you ran your gaze up a naked torso to see Bucky frowning at you. He was dressed in a pair of sweats and his hair was still wet from a shower. His gaze darted from you to the basket and back as a grin crept over his face. “Fuck,” you breathed out and took a step back. “I’m sorry. I-I need to go.”

He reached out and snagged your wrist before you got more than a step. “I don’t think so, sugar.” He tugged you gently back in his direction and lifted your chin with a finger since you seemed unable to look at him on your own. “Where do you think you’re going to escape to anyway, Y/N? We know where you live.”

“I was thinking of moving to Alaska. I hear it’s nice there this time of year.”

“You hate the cold,” he said with a laugh and looped an arm around your waist.

Your heart raced and you prayed that his stupid super soldier senses wouldn’t clue him in, but who were you kidding? You’d never be that lucky.

“Oh, Steve,” he called in a sing-song voice. “I have something for you.”

“Not now, Buck. I’m…” Steve’s voice trailed off as he stepped into the hall and saw you. His ears and cheeks turned a rather adorable shade of red and you couldn’t stop a giggle at the sight. “What’s this?” he asked looking between the two of you.

Bucky nudged the laundry basket into view with his foot. “I intercepted her on her way to put away the last of the laundry.”

Steve straightened immediately. “Oh, did you?”

And damned if his voice didn’t drop a whole octave when he said it. Now it was your turn to be embarrassed. You squirmed in Bucky’s hold but didn’t try to escape. There was no point. He chuckled behind you and passed you over to Steve when he held a hand out toward you. You licked your lips as you took it and let him lead you into the living room.

He sat on the couch and pulled you down onto his lap. Bucky sat right beside him and pulled your legs onto his lap. You cleared your throat. “I can sit by myself.”

“I’m sure you can, baby,” Steve assured. “But I’m happy with you in my lap. And you like to make me happy, don’t you, Y/N?”




That was not fair. Not fucking fair at all.

Steve trailed a finger up your spine, chuckling when you shivered at his touch. His finger continued it’s journey up your neck then back along its previous path as he talked. “When Buck and I were kids, there wasn’t a lot of money to go around. Less so for me because of my meds. Our folks taking care of us meant putting food on the table and mending our clothes. Sometimes there might be enough for a dime novel or some sweets, but for the most part we took care of each other.”

Bucky kept rubbing little circles on your ankle with his thumb. “That hasn’t changed much over the last several decades. You know, except when I was trying to kill him. But then someone else started taking care of us. In a million little ways we didn’t always notice. Not right away anyway.”

“But then we did notice and we started making note of everything that made us feel cared for.” Steve’s hand flattened on your back and his fingers flexed slightly as he said, “Loved.”

“So, tell us, Y/N, why did you do it?” Bucky asked.

You shrugged and stared at your hands where they twisted together in your lap. “I stole your candy and needed to replace it so I picked up some other stuff. But then I saw how happy you were when you had your favorite snacks when you got home and that made me happy. The more I did, the happier and more relaxed you seemed so I kept doing it. I like it when you’re happy. Both of you.”

“That the only reason, baby? You like us happy?” Steve asked as he trailed that damned finger back up your spine.

You jumped out of his lap and stepped back until you were out of easy reach for either of them. They stared at you in surprise and you held out a hand to stop them when they started to stand. “No. You stay put. You two aren’t playing fair.”

“How’s that, doll?” Bucky asked, his blue eyes sparking with amusement.

“You with the touching and the sugar and the arm around the waist,” you said gesturing to Bucky before turning to his boyfriend. “And you with the baby and more touching and the deep voice. It’s not fair. It’s not.” You sucked in a breath. “My entire life I’ve been attracted to the unattainable guy. Every fucking time. But this time I really outdid myself because I fell in love with not just one, but two unattainable men and they’re dating each other. I mean fuck my life. Seriously. What is that? So yes, I did all of this because I love you. Both of you. And I’ll keep doing it for the same reason and it will always make me happy to see you happy. But at the end of the day, you two have each other and I don’t and that’s not fucking fair so stop. Just stop, okay?”

Steve stood first as if afraid to startle you. He stepped forward and swept his thumb across your cheek wiping away the tears you hadn’t been aware of. His hands settled on either side of your neck as he studied your eyes for the longest time. “You’ve got quite the fucking mouth on you, baby,” he said then tugged you forward and slammed his lips onto yours.

You hesitated for only a moment, a brief stretch of time and then you let yourself go. Your Steve was kissing you and it was nothing like you’d imagined. There was nothing soft or questioning about it. It was firm, sure, and altogether fucking fantastic. His hands moved to your thighs and lifted as his lips stayed glued to yours. You wrapped your legs around his waist and as he turned, his lips slid from your mouth to travel the length of your neck. His open mouth kisses alternated with tiny nips that were sure to bruise and you rolled your hips against him in response. He hissed against your skin and you smiled.

A large hand grasped your chin and turned your head until another pair of lips slanted over yours. Bucky. His kiss was dark and rich and full of promises. He shifted his body so he supported your back as his hands found the hem of your shirt. Cool metal and warm flesh contrasted against your skin as he slid over your belly and up to caress your breasts. “Oh God.” You rolled your hips again, Steve pressed against your front and Bucky pressed against your ass.

“Fuck,” Steve said as his hands tightened on your waist in an effort to still your movements.

Bucky chuckled against the back of your neck and bit at the skin there, his bite firmer, more punishing than Steve’s. “What’s the matter, punk? She pushing you to the edge already?”

“Suck it, Barnes.”

“I intend to, Rogers.”

That had you grinning. This playful love they had between them was what you wanted. Was part of the reason you fell in love with both of them. Bucky’s gaze shifted to you and he mirrored your grin. “I love you, Buck.”

His grin widened. “You hear that, Stevie? She loves me. God, that’s sexy.” He kissed you soundly then pulled you from Steve’s arms to carry you bridal style to the bedroom. “I love you, too, sugar.”

That earned him another kiss. You put your hand against the door frame to stop him before he could carry you inside. This needed to be said before you were all in bed together. You turned to find Steve with a question in his eyes. “I love you, too, Steve.”

His smile was sweet, soft. “I know you do, baby.” He placed a hand on your cheek and gave you a soft kiss. “I love you, too. Have for awhile if I’m honest. We both have. Turns out we were both feeling guilty for loving someone else and it was the same girl. Never dreamed you’d actually be ours though.” You kissed him again and it only took a moment for it to take on a rougher edge.

Bucky turned you so he could carry you into the room, causing your lips to be pulled from Steve’s. You whimpered at the loss of contact and both men chuckled. “Don’t worry, baby, you’ll have more of us than you can handle in a moment.”

You squealed as Buck tossed you into the middle of their king sized bed. You propped yourself up on your elbows and bit your lip as you looked at the two men standing before you. “Promise, soldiers?”

“Oh, sweetheart, that’s a goddamn guarantee.”



title } until we die

au } alpha/omega/beta (stucky)

summary } being the omega to america’s golden boys proved to be your suffering.

warnings } MAJOR ANGST. miscarriage, cheating, partner neglect, reader death, some minor swearing, reader takes contraceptives, steve and bucky are total assholes, mention of a fight/gun, the reader gets drunk.

word count } 3,267

a/n } enjoy! 😈poor reader, but this was so heartbreaking and yet fun to write. also, yes, this was previously titled “burning bonds”, but i liked this new title better. also, the reader is truly characteristic-neutral. so, enjoyyyy!


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The first time you felt the pain was the day after you married your Alphas.

Such an age-old tradition, but both Alphas were heavily set in their ways that everything be traditional. Or as traditional as they could make it, considering you weren’t very traditional. And perhaps, you had later reflected tucked into your nest, that was one of the many reasons they had hated you so. You were naïve then. Naïve to their ways, at least. Becoming an Avenger meant you were in no way naïve to battles, to warzones and armies, blood and pain. You handled yourself almost as well as Natasha, and you were almost as good at strategy as Steve. You were quick on your feet, and just like everyone else on the team, you had an instinct that ensured you saved everyone else first.

But today was not supposed to be one of the days you were out in the field. And yet, here you were, at Natasha’s side after she dragged you from the tarmac runway you had said goodbye to Steve and Bucky on just shortly before. The day after your wedding to Captain America and the White Wolf, and they left you standing alone in the massive hanger as they ran off for a mission.

Natasha didn’t have to tell you they were lying.

Just like so much in your life, your happy plans for a honeymoon as a newly wedded Omega had been dashed to shreds on a rocky shore bordering the stormy sea of your current emotions. A kiss on the cheek and they were gone. No “I love yous”, no promises to come back home safe. Just an urgency to get going – and to get away from you.

You tossed a gun to Nat, whirling in time to cut down the second HYDRA agent to try his luck at beheading you from behind. In and out. A quick mission for a file retrieval. It was simple. And then, you would go out for a drink, slam down about seven, and come home trying not to think about how your so-called gentlemen of husbands had abandoned you on the day that was supposed to be the happiest of your life. No good morning sex, either. They had knotted you last night, then left you alone tangled amongst cold sheets to clean yourself up and tuck yourself in. 

Natasha knew. Natasha always knew, and so did Pepper. Before the boys had left for their mission, you’d brunched with the Omega girls to discuss the incomplete feeling eating away at your stomach that perhaps, you just weren’t good enough for America’s Golden Boys.

It was funny how they’d gone silent when you asked why Steve and Bucky must hate you so. As if they knew, and they pitied you. Or was their silence their wondering too, why the golden boys had become the heartbreak boys?

You’d met them when you first joined the team, shaking hands with everyone politely and pretending like you hadn’t already memorized all the Avengers’ names already. They had been so warm to you then, but then, you supposed they wanted to make a good first impression. Three days later, you’d felt the rush of heat in their presence that told you exactly what you were – their assigned mate. You were so excited at first, acting like a shy schoolgirl in their presence, an act that evaporated when they showered you with praise and made you feel like the most special girl in the world. Funny how that had all been just an act for them. Five months of courtship, and then they were proposing. You really should have listened to the voice inside you that warned you they would bring trouble. You could have run away, you could have made up excuses to postpone the wedding and the courtship so you could breathe, but that naïve girl with dreams of wedded bliss in her head had won you over. Even your little wolf inside you had ignored the warnings, eager to be with her Alphas for what was supposed to be a very long time.

You never regretted a thing, though. If you couldn’t be enough for them… let another Omega be.

You landed a clean kick to the man’s crotch, and then slammed his head into the concrete wall beside you. You had Nat’s back as she dipped inside the center of the base and snagged the information needed, right as your cry of pain rang out. At first, you thought someone had punched you in the stomach, but the burning coil twisted its way upwards until it filled your body, and you dropped your gun. A step back twisted your balance, and you stumbled against the wall, barely able to thank God that Nat had taken out the rest of the men.

Nat raced towards you, and you gritted your teeth as she gave you physical support. What the hell was wrong with you?

She helped you back to the Quinjet.


The second time you felt that pain, you were cradling the tiny baby bump you now sported. Eyes soft as you mumbled happy little nothings, promises, to the pup just forming inside you; you thought you were the happiest person in the compound right then.

“I brought you some ice cream,” came a soft voice behind you. The light Brooklyn accent had once been something you adored, and now you only sighed. You had half a mind to refuse the treat, but you were carrying his pup, and the Alpha inside him would get angry if you blatantly insulted him by refusing outright. So you just watched as he came around the side of the couch, holding a pint of the icy sugar overload in his vibranium hand. You noticed he wasn’t in his stealth suit, and part of you wondered why. Steve was out. Why wasn’t he?

But you merely left the treat on the table with a quiet ‘thank you’, and refocused on your little bit of swollen belly. You would love this pup more than life itself; you already did. Four months in, and you wanted nothing more than to give birth already and cradle the infant in your arms.

You glanced up as Bucky settled himself on the edge of the couch nearby, dark eyes watching you intently. You could tell he wanted to touch your stomach too, but he was too shy to ask. You found that funny, really, because Bucky was almost never too shy to ask for anything. You just gave him a slight nod, almost imperceptible.

The second his flesh met yours, that burning coil started up again. You let out a cry, and he was quick to snatch his hand away, fear glinting in his eyes. The pain didn’t stop, however. The coil just grew, and with a jolt of fear, you wondered if this would affect your pup. You doubled over suddenly, arms curling around your stomach desperately, and you whimpered as the bonding bites on the side of your neck began to burn as well. It was like something was trying to rip the marks from you, to unclaim you as the Omega of Steve and Bucky. Was that even possible?

You let out another cry as it felt like someone began to stab those bites, and Bucky was quick to have FRIDAY call for Bruce before he gathered you up and made a run for the infirmary. Bruce met you there as your screaming began in earnest. You were laid on the bed, but the second you were on it, you were somewhere between sobbing and wailing as your body shook from the pain. The Omega wolf inside you was howling, and it was certainly something Bucky could hear by the way he was wincing. In the end, it took both Nat and Bucky to pin you down enough to let Bruce close enough with a needle to inject you with anesthetic, and you passed out in Bucky’s arms, body slumping down as you fell into a deep sleep.

It didn’t take long for Bruce to discover that the mating bite on the side of your neck, tucked in the little dip of flesh above your collarbone, was festering. Specifically, the right one was an angry red, and blood seeped from the newly healed puncture wounds where Steve had claimed you as his again, just a week prior. It was the first time he’d touched you since you discovered your pregnancy.

When Bruce met with the team to discuss his concerns, he made sure neither of your mates were present. And he was the one to sit down with you that afternoon when you woke up, and tell you that the pup inside you hadn’t survived the stress on your body.

You didn’t come out of your room for two weeks.


After less than a year of marriage, you were shut out completely from your mates’ life.

The only time they addressed you was to tell you to spread your legs and let them knot you, as their duty to you required. You supposed you should consider yourself lucky they even bothered to help you through your heats still. Each cycle, they would show in your room and soothe the burning pain that built when your body was upset that you didn’t have an Alpha’s knot settled deep inside you, and after the five or six days were up, they would untangle themselves from the sheets and slam the door on the way out. You would always wait until you knew they were gone to curl into yourself and cry yourself into a proper sleep. You always dragged yourself out of bed and took Plan B pills. The wolf inside you that used to clamor for a pup to rear was for once in agreement with the human side of you. You weren’t bringing a pup into this world, just to lose them. If Steve and Bucky found out about the contraceptives, you had no doubt they’d throw them all out before finding some way to ensure they knocked you up again, angry that you would dare interfere with the natural cycle. But even as you’d stare into the mirror with sunken eyes and gulp pills down, your wolf agreed that angering them was better than losing another pup.

Or, at least you thought so. As you continued to stare at your mirror, you realized you had no idea what your Alphas would actually do. You didn’t know them, and they didn’t know you. Would they even give a shit?

It wasn’t until the third time that the burning coil rose in you, and your mating bites began to fester, that the pain started to linger. And it wasn’t just pain anymore, either. Each day found your skin just a little more sunken, your frame a little more skinny from lack of nutrients, and even a full day outside on the beach couldn’t conceal it. Your appetite began to dwindle, and despite Nat and Wanda’s best attempts, your meals slowly decreased in portions. The early days of lingering pain was manageable, seeing you still going out with the girls for drinks after missions and taking days off with them. And every night, Nat tried to tell you to break your bonds medically, trying to convince you to move on and find an Alpha who did cherish you. You always ended up promising to think about it, but the both of you knew that you would never purposefully break your bonds with Steve and Bucky.

And speaking of those devils, you saw your mates once in three months.

It really wasn’t that hard to figure out they were cheating. It was fairly obvious to anyone by the way their ruts were spent outside the Avengers’ walls, and how perfume wafted around them each time they came home. You didn’t, and never had, worn perfume.

Soon enough, it was you shutting them out. And the girls helped you.

They took a mission with you, Nat and Tony, deep in the South American jungles. You didn’t speak a single word to them for the first three days, and when they approached your tent at one point, you purposefully went to sleep in Nat’s. They were left standing by the dwindling embers of the campfire, Tony watching them through narrowed eyes that spoke of his newfound disdain for the two men. And when you awoke that night, crying out from the pain that had snapped you awake, it was Tony who told them that they couldn’t go see you while Nat cradled you back to sleep as you sobbed against her chest. They tried bringing it up to you the next day, and all you needed to say was, “I’m fine.” They left it at that, but they stayed irritatingly close to you for the rest of the mission. On the last night, both slid into your tent to curl up against you, trapping you in their arms. Once, you would have welcomed the warmth of their arms, and you would have happily fallen asleep. All their presence brought now was nausea that made you struggle not to throw up all over them. So to avoid an incident, you waited until they were asleep to slip out of their arms.

“Where are you going?” Steve had asked a sleepy tone, hand catching your wrist as his eyes blinked open. Bucky had similarly stirred, but you had jerked away from Steve’s touch.

“Go back to sleep.” The wolf in you whined at the implied defiance lying underneath your words, not liking the way you were defying your Alphas. Steve’s question wasn’t so much out of curiosity, but more to make you come back into his arms. It was a disguised command, and you were ignoring it. You pulled on your boots before exiting the tent, your wolf telling you to go back and apologize, curl back up in their arms and let them keep you close. You silenced her with a gulp of whiskey from Tony’s flask while the burning of the mating bites just curled into your shoulder and inched downwards, never letting up.

You weren’t surprised when Steve and Bucky broke off from your group on the way home. “To see an old friend,” they said. Tony had said what you wanted to, but bit your tongue on. 

“I’m surprised both of you assholes can fit between her legs,” the brunette scoffed, and practically punched the button to close the Quinjet’s loading ramp. He made sure they saw how he turned and threw an arm around your shoulders, guiding you back into the cockpit.

You staggered home drunk that night, with Wanda on one arm, Nat on the other, and Pepper and Maria behind the three of you. Unfortunately, you could drink all you wanted, but it didn’t quiet the wolf crying in your head for the Alphas who didn’t love her anymore.

Your next episode was that night, and this time, all you could do was sob. This time, Bruce came running to you, and Nat and Tony were on his heels. Your screams filled the room when he touched your shoulder, and just like that, his heart shattered for you. Again. 

You only quieted when he slipped you Propofol through the prick of a needle. Nat tucked the covers around you, hands grazing your shoulders gently. One finger brushed over your festering and swollen mating bites, and even under the influence of the anesthetic, you let out a soft whine of pain. Her hand quickly disappeared from your neck.

“You know what this is, don’t you?” She asked in a low tone.

Bruce could only nod.


The next morning started at 4:43am when you began to shudder underneath the covers, and Nat was instantly startled awake by the thrashing. You were too sick to be left on your own from now on. She was by your side in an instant, laying a hand over your forehead and trying to soothe you. Normally, Omegas’ touches could help soothe each other, simply because of shared chemistry strengthened by your close friendship, but it was to no avail here. If anything, you thrashed more, and with horror, she saw the scarlet stains beneath you. Your mating bites were bleeding, and heavily, and the way you were clawing at your neck was only aggravating your wounds. Pus from the infection was mixing with the blood, smeared across your neck like some sickening, white and red bruise.

Bruce was quickly roused by the AI system, and if he didn’t know better, he’d have said FRIDAY sounded worried. He was quick to make it into your room, and it didn’t take long for the rest of the team to gather outside your room. Your cries reached them through solid wood and walls.

As usual, Steve and Bucky weren’t to be found on the compound’s grounds.

Your cries only strengthened again, and Bruce had no way to help your pain. He bandaged your neck, but the blood was already beginning to seep through the white to spread over the cloth, and nothing he did stemmed the flow. You were beyond the help of even a hospital now, and everyone in the room knew it.

The screaming rose and rose, and even Tony’s wolf was howling to come comfort the Omega in such distress, but he wasn’t your mate. Your mates were missing, and probably, he thought in disgust, between some whore’s legs. Again. He vaguely remembered them saying something once about another woman they loved, and he had left the room before her name was even mentioned. He didn’t need to meet her to despise her.

The door creaked open, and no one stopped the rest of the team from quietly filing in until your room was filled with the people who had loved you the most in this world. Sam, Rhodey, Maria, Fury, and Sharon, all gathered behind Tony as he stood at the foot of your bed. Even Stephen and Wong had come at a moment’s notice, Thor and Jane following through the portals, with Peter coming through a window and Wanda and Vision materializing out of thin air. Scott, Peter, Clint and Pepper filed in behind the others, having come as soon as they could when they received Tony’s message.

Everyone wanted to pay their respects to an Avenger who had no right to go so soon.

Your sobs continued to fill the air, twisting and lingering, a never-ending symphony of pain and fear. You didn’t want to go, and you told Nat that as she cradled you against her chest. Her own voice was cracking the more she tried to tell you that you could stay, that you didn’t have to go so soon.

Even Fury couldn’t stop the tears in his eye from falling.

It was almost seven in the morning when your sobbing finally subsided. You were curled into the other Omega, and slowly, she felt your body as it began to still. Her voice fled her when she tried to beg you to stay awake, shaking you ever so gently. “No. No, stay with us. Stay with us! Don’t you dare fucking leave me! Stay with me!”

You didn’t stir, Natasha’s arms still tucked around you. Your eyes, already so sunken and dull, faded as the spark in them finally fizzled out.

Now the only thing to be heard was Natasha’s scream of pure grief.

She cursed the day Fate had given you to Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes.


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X reader death stucky

warnings: polyamorous relationship, getting drunk, slight mentions of blood, near death experiences, mentions of aos characters, some swearing

steve rogers x bucky barnes x reader

word count: 4.3k+

Valerie on ao3 asks: Hi! Could I get a oneshot where reader is in polyamorous relationship with Steve and Bucky, reader does something that really angers and upsets the boys…

A/N: I would like to say thank you so much for your patience and I should’ve posted this like a millenia ago…also as a gift of you patience, this is essentially a full fic.

notes: this oneshot of sorts is inspired by this song, specifically this snippet:

And I’ve been sleepwalking, been wandering all night
Trying to take what’s lost and broke and make it right

Burning House / Cam


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“What were you thinking?” Steve said, as the three of them got off the quinjet. The mission was rough, and Y/N made a tough call, that no doubtedly, Steve would have done the same.

“I was thinking about the mission, Cap. I was thinking about how there was no other way, and Natasha agreed to do it.” Y/N replied. She would swear she saw Steve just roll his eyes.

“That’s all you think about! Nat is minutes to her deathbed and you never seem to think about the other people involved! Even the civilians around us!”

A nerve snapped.

“Excuse me?” Y/N seethed, “says the one who defied the government, throwing millions into danger and the safeguard of the world to ‘protect’ his boyfriend.”

All he saw was red.

All she saw was red too.

And poor Bucky Barnes was so confused and nervous that he had no idea what to do.

Three and a half hours ago

“West entrance, checked?” Steve mumbled into his comm.

“Copy that.” Natasha replied, easily flipping herself onto another guard outside the base, choking him into consciousness.

“Got the south entrance.” Y/N said, slicing a guard’s arm. Shrieks were muffled with her boot in his mouth. “Whoops.” she mumbled.

“Y/N? What was that?” Steve asked, audible grunting and clatters of the shield against the enemy’s modified armor.

“I may have went a little trigger happy.” she said taking out two more guards.

“Y/N, what have I told you?” She rolled her eyes, chucking a fella into the air for Sam to take out.

“Remember to take out the trash every Tuesday night?” Sam snickered, helping her out.

“No,” his annoyance distinct, “don’t overdo a mission with unnecessary casualties.”

“Right. Got it.” she replied, gritting her teeth, trying to get out of a choke hold. “But,” she said, twisting her arm to stab a guard in the back, “they kinda deserve it.”

“C’mon Agent L/N, focus on the task.” Coulson said, over their comms.

“Yeah, got it.” she grumbled, finally reaching the entrance. “Cap, I’m in.”

“Good. Clear a way out to the main commands. Daisy’ll join up with you soon. Sam help Nat out at the west entrance.” Steve replied, his heavy breaths evident in the comms.

“Nat. What are you doing here?” Y/N said, whipping her head towards the red-haired assassin.

“Their backup is coming, and we’ll either be locked in or captured.” she replied, locking the door.

“They’re the same thing.” Y/N deadpanned, “and the data is secured.” she said into her comm.

“Good. And Natasha, is there any other way to get out than what we had planned?” Steve said into their comms.

“No Cap. Looks like we’re gonna go out with a fight.” Y/N snickered.

“Well, I better get prepared.” she said, pulling out the usb. She stood up, cracking parts of her body, her face becoming feral.

“Ready?” Nat said, her gun raised as she held onto the door handle. Y/N gave her a quick nod.

Natasha quickly unlocked the door, and swung it open, cocking her gun at the opposing side. Y/N took off, handicapping as many assailants as possible. They both worked in sync with one another, Nat giving a blow and Y/N finishing them off with her hand knife or bullet in his chest. The hallway became clear, minus the dead or unconscious HYDRA agents on the floor. The two ladies gave each other silent praise before taking off, out of the base.

“Agent Romanoff, Agent Y/L/N, take the north entrance. The quinjet is nearby with the rest of the team, except for myself and Sam.” Steve said breaking the silence.

“Got it Cap.” Y/N said, turning a corner and picking up speed.

She didn’t see the group of hidden agents, but she also didn’t see Nat slow down, trying to take them out. It all went downhill from there. Nat was alone fighting a group of HYDRA agents while the rest of the team was looking and waiting for her to arrive.

“She should be here soon.” Y/N assured the team. “Maybe she found some loose ends and went to go complete them.” She was pacing in the quinjet, which was still in stealth mode, Clint refusing to change it or even consider leaving.

“Romanoff. Agent Romanoff, copy.” Steve said into the comm, his voice calm and clear. Though Y/N knew that he was fearing what may occur if she didn’t return soon.

“Her comm is dead.” Sam said, standing up and placing a hand on Steve’s shoulder. “I’m gonna go after her.” he said. Clint got up from the cockpit.

“Me too.” Clint said.

“I should go too. I was with her last.” Y/N said, readjusting her weapons.

“Okay,” Steve sighed, “Y/N, Sam and Clint will check up on her. Just find her, bring her out, then we’re going. No objections.” He got up and stood in the doorway of the cockpit.

“Yes, sir.” Y/N said with a grimace.

Things went south.

“Hey Steve,” she said. “Can I talk to you about something?” He glanced up at her from his tablet.

“Sure.” He sat up, leaning more towards his feet. “What’s up?”

“Do you ever want to give up?” He raised his eyebrows, but didn’t respond.

“It’s like you’re on the field, during a mission or something, and you’re down. You maybe hear your teammates yelling in the comms for your response, but it’s become all whitenoise. You can hear the faint pounding of their footsteps trying to reach you. It’s like you’re there, but you’re not there and you just see and hear everything but you don’t respond to them.

“And you’re there on the ground, bleeding out, and dying doesn’t seem too bad. Is it okay to give up? Or is it selfish of me to allow my body to stop fighting?

“And especially if you have a family, how your death will affect your family. Destroying them, crushing their hearts, putting them in sickening grief. Is it selfish of me? Is it okay? Is it okay to give up?”

“Buck.” Steve said, being reminded of that moment. “We need to find her. Like soon.”

“Copy,” Bucky replied. He stood up, started walking down the entrance ramp, before he stopped, seeing someone limping. He squinted, trying to see who it was in the distance.

“Is that..?” Steve said, following Bucky’s line of sight.

“My god, it is.” Bucky said, before sprinting to meet a limping Y/N and a bloodied Natasha in her arms.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m fucking stupid and dumb and damn stubborn and-” Y/N rambled as she gently eased Nat into Bucky’s arms.

“Let’s just get on the quinjet.” Bucky blurted out, already jogging carefully as he could to the quinjet.

It was silent for the rest of the ride, as Steve stabilized Nat from her injuries, but they were running out of time. Y/N was bouncing her leg, staring at Steve’s careful movements, making sure not to irritate any wounds further. A steady stream of unconscious babbling was racing through her mind.

What have I done? What have I done? What have I fuckin done?

“Y/N,” Bucky whispered, leaning into her ear. “What happened?” Steady tears were streaming down her face, before she quickly wiped them and collected herself with a deep breath.

“I’m not really sure.”

“Once Nat was missing from the group, I volunteered to go back and find her.”

Y/N burst into the compound, frantically searching down the hallway that she and Nat were just in about an hour ago. Poised with a cocked gun, she methodically checked each room, shuffling through the debris and knocked over chairs and blown off doors. No sign of Nat. There was only one more room left at the end of the hallway before the hallway split off into two ways further into the building.

Once Y/N burst into the room, bodies were strewn across the room. Mostly tech personnel, with the occasional clump of guards and assistants of the lab- all splattered in blood, on top of one another, their faces telling the horrors that were seen in this room.

She spotted a chunk of red hair underneath a particularly large fellow, a lab technician, who was sorrily impaled with a metal pole. Y/N gingerly slid the guy just enough to see Nat pinned underneath another metal pole, but much thicker than the one she saw in the lab technician’s stomach. She gagged at the stench of the room, full of sweat, blood, and guts.

“Nat,” she whispered, bending down to check the red-head’s pulse. It was slowing down, too quick for Y/N’s comfort. “Fuck,” she mumbled, glancing further at Nat to see if there was any way to push off the pole off her now frail body. Y/N hopped over the metal beam, which pinned the current pole on Nat secured in its position. With any muster that she had in her bones, Y/N pried the pole up just a tad, enough to alleviate the weight off Natasha. She could now see the faint movement of her chest, establishing any signs of life. Before the pole would come crashing down to her fellow agent and friend, Y/N ducked underneath the pole, pushing Nat towards the door that she had came in earlier.

Unfortunately, she didn’t see the metal beam shift and groan, causing the current pole she was under to crash onto her right leg, thus pinning it in its spot.


“Once I pried the goddamn thing off of me, I knew that my ankle was fractured, even broken. But I picked up Nat, went out the door, shot the few guards lingering in my path, and limped all the way back to the quinjet as quick as I could.” Bucky’s eyes widened at her story, and he’s betting that everyone else in the quinjet and the comms were shocked at her story as well. The rest of the ride was silent.

Present Moment

“What were you thinking?”

“You never seem to think about the other people involved!”

Y/N stared at Steve, taking into account of what he just said.


And she turned around, storming off, hoping to never see them again.

Once the elevator doors opened, she jabbed the garage floor button before shutting the door with the manual button. She crossed her arms in the elevator, leaning against the cool metal whilst ignoring the pain creeping through her body. After the bickering and yelling, the three of them seemed to forget her possibly broken ankle. Which Y/N now realized that it would’ve been a better idea to have gone directly to medical for her ankle, than trailing Nat bleeding on the stretcher with Steve and Bucky following.

The elevator dinged, notifying the agent at the arrival of the garage. She stepped out, pulling out the facility’s keys to the jeep, ignoring the creeping doubt and sadness pooling to her gut.

Hobbling, she carefully went into the jeep, turning on the ignition. The radio was faint, playing Louis Armstrong. She scrunched her eyes in recognition, before shutting off the volume completely. Y/N breathed deeply, taking in her surrounding for a couple of seconds. She switched the gear in reverse, backing up for enough room, then changed gears to drive, tires squealing as she sped out of the triskelion, out of everyone’s lives.

The countryside was beautiful. Maine was beautiful. About eleven hours of driving, not stopping once, Y/N made it to a safehouse. An unknown safehouse to everyone at SHIELD, the Avengers, except four people: Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Phil Coulson, and Steve Rogers. She hoped that neither of them would even think about this safehouse, even consider that she was hiding out in this safehouse. Well, earlier was a lie. Y/N did stop by a drugstore to pick up a few things to eat, a lot of booze, and a first aid kit, flimsy bandages and all.

The safehouse was secluded, in the middle of nowhere, off the grid basically. Everything that she needed in this moment. Then, she might disappear to a small country, an island even.

And everyone would eventually forget me.

Y/N shut the car door, grabbed her meager groceries, and hobbled to the house, no it was a shack. It was so hideous that even Clint Barton would be shocked that SHIELD ever had a place, and that was saying something.

Once she settled in, she sat comfortably as she could against the wall, cleaning up all the blood that was splattered all over herself. When the cashier at the drugstore saw her, in her torn uniform, bloodied face, limping with a broken ankle, he turned a blind eye and all he asked her was if she had enough money.

She cleaned herself enough, that there was no more blood, but her ankle was swollen and seriously killing her. Y/N looked around the meager house, looking for anything to make a makeshift splint. All she saw was a 2 by 4 and some cardboard, so she made do.

The ankle was settled, her appearance decent, and she opened up the bag of chips and bottle of wine.

Three Months Later

Y/N blinked as she woke up, severely hungover, only having eight dollars and seventeen cents left, and haven’t taken a shower in months. But she didn’t care. And in her heart, she realized that Steve and Bucky hadn’t either.

The mirrors behind her were broken, glass shattered on the floor, the frames empty and lonely. Her hair had grown about five inches, clumped and matted from not washing. There were severe dark circles under her eyes; she hasn’t slept since the night before the mission, and the only sleep she got was those moments of passing out from all the booze.

“I hate it,” she whispered, her voice hoarse. She haphazardly ripped open the bottle of vodka, in which she spent the majority of her money on, this 1.5L bottle of alcohol that would end things. That would numb the pain, so much that she wouldn’t exist.

She took a deep swallow, accepting the burn down her throat. Accept the things that things in her life would not go back to normal. That the loves of her life would never come back.

She took more gulps, quicker, faster, burning her throat like she ate five chile peppers at once. She didn’t care. She didn’t care how her life was anymore.

And then her hand slipped, reaching for the bottle, and instead knocking it over, spilling it all over the floor.

Steve was pacing.

Now, he usually paced across his small and humble office at the Avengers Facility, sometimes at 3 am, but never at 5 am, up all night. He grumbled to himself, rubbing his chin, which did have a substantial beard growing, but he would stay up until the crack of dawn, and Nat would walk into his office and lead him to his bedroom, and he crashed. And it would happen every night.

Bucky had dark circles under his eyes and a hangover that felt like Thor whacked his head at least ten times. Pepper drained all of Tony’s liquor cabinet. And his hidden cabinet underneath his workbench. And the small safe beneath his retired Mark XIV suit, which held the finest hard liquor that anyone would find in the region of the eastern United States (but, to be fair, the passcode was a blend of Pepper’s birthdate and Maria Stark’s birthdate. Tony almost blew his head off when he found out that all that liquor was gone.). Bucky was just so tired. And he just wanted his family back together. Whatever that meant.

And neither of them felt like anything was right in their lives.

“I think I figured it out,” Steve said, as Nat calmly walked into his office, just as she had done the past 88 days.

“Figured what out?” she said softly, as if she was talking to a two-year-old child. Both Steve and Bucky were so worn and tired, that they would have bouts of severe depression, PTSD, anxiety attacks, insomnia, and hallucinations. Therefore, everyone that conversed with the either of them took their words with a grain of salt, like how someone would nod their head to whatever nonsense that their great-aunt Marcia, who had grown up in the 1910’s and believed everything on the internet.

“I figured out where she is.”

Nat rushed to the common room where everyone was settled.

“I think we’ve hit the cracking point.” she said, relieved. The whole disappearance of Y/N had took it hard on her as well, as it was her injury that caused the fight and for Y/N to run away off the grid.

“Already?” Tony said, incredulous. “I thought we’d hit month seven or eight, maybe five if we were lucky.” The rest of the team, moved toward Nat and sat on the couches.

“Tony, we’re talking about our teammates, our friends, heck even family.” Clint interrupted. Wanda nodded, agreeing.

“What happened?” T’Challa said, the king shifted in his seat, smoothing his tailored suit.

“Steve’s found her.” They all looked at her skeptically, remembering the ‘other’ times that Steve of Bucky claimed that ‘they’d found her.’ “Don’t look at me like that, I actually think he did find her.”

“How do you know, Natasha?” T’Challa said.

“Call it a hunch.” she said, shrugging slightly. “All I know is that Steve has been pacing in the goddamn room for the past three months, barely eating, and the only sleep he gets is the few hours after extreme fatigue.

“Okay, we’ll accept this hunch.” Tony said, scanning the faces making of his other teammates and friends for confirmation. “Let’s head out.”

After stubborn insistence, both Bucky and Steve sat in the quinjet, along with Daisy, T’Challa, Nat, Mack, and Clint.

“Agent Johnson and Panther lead the group with Mack and Steve following. Agent Romanoff and Barton keep a close eye on them with Barnes in the cliff, a few feet away.” Coulson said into their comms.

“Birdie boy could stay in the trees, having a closer vantage point.” Tony said, with a smirk. Back at Facility, Coulson, Tony, Sam, and May were watching them through their body cams and talking through the comms. Doctor Simmons and Banner were awaiting with Fitz by the entrance with any medical assistance needed.

“Got it.” Barton replied, snickering at he jumped through the trees, until he got close enough to see inside the house.  

Agent Daisy Johnson had her gun raised, ready to shoot as she slowly twisted the door open, the hinges creaking like a horror movie. T’Challa peered into the house at his vantage point, trying not to expose himself.

“Oh my god,” Daisy whispered, slamming the door open once she saw what was inside. She turned around quickly, motioning everyone to come closer.

Steve and Bucky ambled towards the house, raising their shield and gun respectively. Once they looked in, they both dropped everything,

The house had gotten bad to worse. The mirrors were smashed in, various bottles of alcohol laying around, and there was even liquor spilled all over the house. But no signs of Y/N.

“She must be here somewhere,” Bucky said, his voice cracking.

“Maybe she’s not in this house,” Daisy said. “This town has all these types of houses with drunks all over the place.” She looked at Nat, hoping for further instructions, since Barnes and Rogers had already started searching through the house for any signs.

“She’s not here,” Clint stated. “And I don’t think this is the right house.”

“Command, are you there?” Nat said, pressing her ear at the comm to hear better.

“Romanoff, copy.” Coulson said, his voice filling all of their ears.

“She’s not here,” Natasha said, “And I think she may be in one of the other houses.”

“Copy. Teams of two, check each of the houses. There are no cameras around, except for the storefront in which we’ve spotted her.” Coulson said.

“Barton and Barnes, go to the house with the red door, as well as the houses next door, facing north. Mack and Romanoff take the two houses at the end of the street. Black Panther and Quake will take the two houses closest to us.” Steve said, his voice tightening as he gave orders.

“What will you do?” Daisy said.

“I’ll go to the whitewashed house.” Everyone nodded, heading to their prospective houses.

Bucky and Steve were a bit jumpy, Daisy noticed, as everyone walked away from herself and T’Challa.

“Something doesn’t feel right.” she said to the king. He nodded.

“I agree. The air in this town feels different, and I believe that there is something wrong. Besides this agent who is missing.” he replied. Daisy agreed with a hum, as they both walked to their first house, a pale yellow with a brown-shingled roof that had some holes spotting the roof.

“This town is creepy.” she said, peering through the windows.

T’Challa made a signal, telling her to hold off quaking the door open. He slunk to the door, his vibranium claws tapping the wall before prying the door open quiet as possible. He tilted his head, allowing Daisy to go into the house first. She huffed at his apparent politeness.

“Sure, let the lady go first into the creepy house.” Even though his mask covered his face, Daisy could sense that he gave a her a glare at her attempt to lighten the mood. They both stepped into the house, checking every room and corridor, but no sign of Y/N.

“She’s not in the yellow house.” Daisy whispered into her comm.

“Copy. There’s no sign of her in the other houses so far.” May said, breathing heavily.

“Got it. Heading to the next one.” Before Daisy took another step, she heard a crash and the overwhelming smell of smoke and ashes.

“Where is the fire coming from?” Steve said in the comms. T’Challa and Daisy looked around, seeing the smoke but no flames.

“I can’t tell, Cap. Gonna check out the next house.” She didn’t wait for any response, as she jogged toward the house billowing with smoke, one hand shielding her vision as best as she could and the other covering her mouth in futile attempts to prevent smoke inhalation.

Daisy somehow made it to the door, pushing it with all the strength she had left, the smoke in her lungs draining her energy from breathing any longer. In her hazy vision, she spotted someone slumped on the ground with broken pieces of glass surrounding her and small pools of blood.

“Cap!” she coughed, pressing her fingers on the comm, hoping for any chance that anyone of the rescue team could hear her. “Cap, I think I found her, or it may just be another civilian, but we need to hurry she’s losing a lot of blo-” and the coughing stopped, Daisy in her hazy vision was slowly swaying back and forth, then slumped to the ground. In her swimming brain, she thought she heard loud thumps and yelling.

One Month Later

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Y/N could hear it, the faint beeping in the back of her mind. Her eyes fluttered open, blurry shapes flooding her vision. Her arms couldn’t seem to move to her will, and she suddenly felt the intense headache, like Thor whacked her with his hammer a couple of times.

“Y/N?” she heard a voice say. Her throat was dry as the Sahara Desert, and her chapped lips could barely form words.

“Stevie? Buck?” she croaked. Steve suddenly stood up in a defensive position with Y/N behind his back.

“Y/N,” Bucky said, “you’re awake.” His voice ragged, he sat up from his makeshift bed of the small uncomfortable chair. Steve turned around to face her, his face softening at her recovering state.

“Doll, you’re alive,” he whispered. Steve walked over to her bedside, opposite of Bucky. He grabbed her frail hand, holding it so carefully, as if it was made of glass.

“Well yeah,” she replied, sarcasm hiding the pain in her voice. The three of them chuckled silently, each separated but longing for each other’s comfort.

“I should call the nurse,” Bucky said, bolting out of the room. Steve shook his head at his antics, but guessed that Buck had wanted them to talk. things over

“How long was I out?” Y/N said, trying to catch Steve’s gaze from his wandering eyes that looked for something to hold onto in the reasonably sized hospital room.

“Well when we had finally found you, it had been three months since we last saw you storm off after the mission. And then it was another three months until you woke up, just now.” She nodded slowly, reminding herself of the brash actions she had taken, her sudden judgement and anger had placed her in further danger.

“I’m sorry,” she said, tears in the corners of her eyes. “I’m sorry for being so stupid, and rash, and judgemental, when I should have understood the correct orders and taken the right measures.” Steve’s heart grew at her apology, its hole that was gaping after her sudden disappearance had not been filled. Until now.

“It’s okay doll,” he said, his speech cracking, “I’m sorry for bossin’ you around and letting out my anger on you.” They both stared at each other, tears threatening to leak into a flood.

“And I forgive the both of you for being idiots that day.” Bucky had almost comedic timing. Steve and Y/N smiled at each other, their hearts filling in the holes that were left in the wake of the mission months ago.

“I love you both, and I regret I had ever left.” she said, looking into both of their eyes.

“We love you too, and we forgive you.”

Stucky/Stony - Death of A Bachelor

Stucky x Reader Imagines/Oneshots — I Am (Y/N) Rogers-Barnes | Bucky x Steve x Reader...

Category: Angst, Fluff
(Suggested) Age: 15+
Trigger Warnings: Death
Ship: Bucky x Steve x Reader
Summary: Reader ‘Snaps’ Everyone Back To Life But Dies In The Process
Request: “How about a stucky x reader imagine where y/n is the one who does the final snap at the end of Endgame instead of Tony!!!👀”
Contains Spoilers for: Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame
Word Count: 3,328

“Hi. I’m Peter Parker…” Spiderman manages as he ogles the blonde woman before him.

“Hey, Peter Parker. You got something for me?” Carol, Captain Marvel, asks, smirking to herself.

The young boy stands himself back up and hands over the fist of Thanos - still holding all six Infinity Stones - to the woman.

“I don’t know how you’re gonna get through all that…” He murmurs as they stare at the ongoing battle around them.

“Don’t worry,” Wanda comments, jumping down to join the duo, as does every other woman of Marvel, besides a few who are otherwise preoccupied in the battle of humanity.

“She’s got help.”

And the fight of their lives continues. Carol flying to get that gauntlet to where it needs to be. And right now that is anywhere away from Thanos.

Which was all fun and games until he got it.

Now it’s a fight between who can stop him. The advantage being there’s more of them than there are him.

Tony tries and fails, Thor tries and fails, and as the monster is a second away from snapping his fingers for a second time, Carol stops him. Until she’s blasted miles backwards.

Everyone is frantic, scared out of their minds.

Steve, Bucky and (Y/N) all try to take the bastard on at the same time. The unstoppable trio as they once were on their missions. They were the greatest force when they weren’t up against a creature who holds the power of everything.

Steve’s shield, Bucky’s arm and (Y/N)’s suit are still not strong enough to even scratch the surface of the man. Her suit of armour being identical to Tony’s and she saw how badly he was beaten up during his many, futile one-on-one fights.

Normally the men are very against (Y/N) getting in fights that could lead to the slightest scratch on her body, but they realise they’re far past that point now. The key thing is getting everyone out alive. No matter what it takes.

Their key motivation is Nat. She died for this and she meant everything to the three of them. Well, to everyone, but especially Steve, Buck and (Y/N).

Thanos sends Steve flying backwards across the battlefield and (Y/N)’s fit of rage instantly increases.

“That’s my FUCKING HUSBAND!” She screams, sending every blast out of her that she can, only to be knocked backwards, Bucky following prompt.

She catches her breath and tries to sit up, needing a second before she can attempt to fight again. Her head slowly turns and meets the gaze of Strange which tells her everything she needs to know. She realises it in that second and widens her eyes momentarily.

She remembers.

*** Flashback ***

“I went forward in time to view alternate futures,” Strange begins, catching his breath from the glitching phase his body just fell out of. “To see all the possible outcomes of the coming conflict.”

Tony and (Y/N) are both looking at the man with desperate eyes. Pleading for answers.

“How many did you see?” Quill asks, hoping for an answer to get back his girlfriend and save the rest of the universe.

“Fourteen-million-six-hundred-and-five.” The man responds.

Tony stares blankly ahead with wide eyes.

“How many did we win?” (Y/N) quizzes, looking scared of the answer.

Strange pauses for a few seconds, staring at the woman with fear also.


*** Flashback End ***

“Oh God.” (Y/N) whispers, turning back to face the conflict happening around her.

Tony, Steve and Bucky now back on their feet and attempting to fight the man once more.

She feels as if she can feel her entire life flashing before her eyes as she realises what she can do. What she needs to do. There’s no time left to think of alternative answers. She lost Bucky once and she’d be damned if she was losing anyone again.

Nat died to win and so would she.

Her head turns and she nods at Doctor Strange who nods back with a poker face before she’s up on her feet and running toward the monster. Once again, they’re all knocked aside like flies, Thanos raising his fist up once more with a grin.

“I am… inevitable.” And everyones eyes are wide as they watch his fingers come together, ready for that click that will tear them apart once more. That will end the world.

But nothing. Nothing happens. There’s a battle still happening around them and the only people paying attention are Bucky, Steve, Tony, Strange and (Y/N). And that’s when Thanos meets her gaze as she raises the left arm of her pink painted suit, displaying the six stones attached to her own fist. Streams of what looks like electricity running through the mechanical veins. Straight up her arms.

“And I…” She pauses, feeling the immense amount of power streaming into her body, catching a glance of the traumatised, gobsmacked stare of her two lovers and her best friend. “Am… (Y/N) Rogers-Barnes.”


And suddenly every living thing that Thanos controlled - that was attacking their land - their Earth - drops. Gone. Disappears to never been seen again. And almost everyone has to ask why. Until they hear their screams.

“NO!” Bucky and Steve roar at the same time, finally realising what happened and sprinting over to their girl. Their girl who’s now leaning back against a rock with wide eyes that are unfocused.

Her face and suit burnt with the power of six Infinity Stones running through her body. The pain she can feel is unbearable that she can’t even react to it. It’s numbing yet electrifying both at the same time. But she did it.

She did it.

The thought makes her smile. Or at least internally. She has no energy to do anything. She doesn’t even realise that her two lovers are both in front of her with tears streaming and desperate words to get her to respond to them.

“Stevie… Bucky…” FRIDAY’s voice from within the woman’s suit speaks up.

The men open their mouths in question as the AI speaks as (Y/N) meets their gaze - and doesn’t address them by their titles.

“FRIDAY…?” Steve whispers, being the first to find his words.

“Life functions critical.” Is all the machine can add as the girl continues to flicker her gaze between the two men with so much emotion in her eyes, yet most of all, fear.

This is it.

“I’m scared.” Her voice gives way at the end but they hear her loud and clear and it breaks their hearts.

Their girl isn’t scared of anything, yet here she is with fear yet pride in her eyes.

“(Y/N), look at me,” Cap manages, raising one hand to her cheek as Buck manages to rest it on the other.

“We’re gonna be okay.” The brunet adds, trying to smile but it wavers constantly.

They pause as they watch the life slowly drain out of their girl, both of them trying to force back their sobs.

“You can rest now.” Steve finalises as her eyes finally lack any emotion and stare across, unfocused. Lifeless.

The sob. They sob and they sob and they cry. They cry until they can’t anymore. They’ve lost her. They lost Nat, the woman who helped them when the entire world was against them, and they lost (Y/N), the woman who’d give her very last breath just to see them smile.

But she did so much more than that.

She gave her very last breath so that the entire Universe can be saved.

Even Tony is staring with wide eyes.

“Sir? Mister Stark? Did we win? We won right? Mister Stark?” Peter’s frantic, out of breath, voice pleads to the man he sees as his mentor.

Pepper slowly approaches her husband and puts her hand in Peter’s, watching him meet her gaze that silently says ‘just give him a moment’.

“Tony…” She whispers, but no response.

He just stares. Stares at the lifeless eyes of the woman he saw as his daughter. Pepper is just as distraught. She spent everyday watching her man create (Y/N)’s suit and talk about how much potential she has. How much of a fantastic asset she was going to be to the team.

“Holy shit.” Sam’s voice speaks up as he lands beside them, checking out what happened, as does Rhodey.

Falcon drops to his knees just beside Bucky and stares with traumatised eyes at the woman he too saw as a little sister. His best friends’ girl. His best friend.

Clint and Wanda are trembling. The man holding the woman close to him as she tries to muffle her sobs. He’s lost both of them. Nat and (Y/N). The two women who never gave up on him even when he gave up all hope.

“She did it…” T’Challa murmurs, also shocked.

“Of course she did.” Bucky responds, turning his head and facing everyone’s distressed expressions. “She’s (Y/N) (L/N). Of course she saved the world.” He adds, using her maiden name as she loved it so much.

Steve also turns and looks at the people he calls his family, now seeing pretty much everyone surrounding them.

“Thank you.” He whispers, addressing it to everyone.

“She died doing what she loves at least.” Scott says, tentatively, not wanting to offend anyone.

The nod and faint smile on the two super soldiers’ lips reassures him though.

“She died doing what she loves and making it worth it.” T’Challa adds, nodding.

“Everything she did was always worth it.”


“Can I have everyones attention.” FRIDAY suddenly speaks up as everyone is gathered in the lounge space of Stark Tower.

“FRIDAY?” Tony speaks up, questioning his AI’s sudden independence.

“Mrs Rogers-Barnes requested that I was to play a video recording on the day of her funeral if she was to ever pass away.”

Bucky and Steve are instantly wide-eyed and intrigued.

“Play it.” The blond demands, all of the Avengers sitting down on the numerous sofas - and the floor - as they see her face appear.

“Hey, everyone. If anyone ever sees this, that means I’m dead, and if that’s the case then I sure as hell hope it was at least a decent, worthy death. Here’s hoping I saved the entire world or something.” She chuckles, but everyone can see that her eyes are red. She’d been crying. “I’m creating this video because I lost someone today. Well, I lost a lot of people today, but most importantly I lost one of the loves of my life. I lost Bucky. I wasn’t even there.”

The woman pauses and sniffles, glancing aside as she gathers her thoughts.

“I was in space. I followed Tony and I’m glad I did - he needed me - but so did Steve, and so did Buck… You all did…”

Everyone in the room can feel tears forming as they remember that day all too well.

“So, yeah. I lost Bucky today and I lost part of myself and Steve with him. We’re a trio. We’re three parts of a boat. If one part of that boat is destroyed, sure, the other two pieces are still in perfect condition, but the ship is going down.”

Bucky glances at Steve and meets his gaze. They give a forced smile to one another.

“As Tony would say: part of the journey is the end. It’s hard for me to talk right now because I need to speak as if I’m dead. I don’t know how many people will still be alive when I’m gone but I sure as hell hope everyone is. Please say I at least died to save my family.”

Wanda can’t stop her sobs at those words and Clint continues to soothe her whilst his own tears fall.

“Everybody wants a happy ending, right? But it doesn’t always roll that way. Maybe this time.” The Avengers watch her shrug. “I’m hoping if you play this back, it’s in celebration. I hope families are reunited. I hope Clint got Laura and his kids back. I hope Steve got Bucky and Sam back. I hope Wakanda got T’Challa back. I hope we get it back, and something like a normal version of the planet has been restored… If there ever was such a thing.” (Y/N) sighs and rubs her teary eyes. “God, what a world. Universe, now. If you told me ten years ago that we weren’t alone, let alone… you know… to this extent, I mean, I wouldn’t have been surprised. But come on, you know? That epic forces of darkness and light have come into play, and for better or worse, that’s the reality that we’re gonna have to get used to. The reality that Tony’s kid is gonna have to find a way to grow up in.”

The billionaire glances at the young girl in his arms who’s watching the recording with curiosity. Not understanding what’s going on.

“So I found the time whilst mourning over my husband and I recorded a little greeting…” Her arms gesture to the camera. “In case of an untimely death. On my part. Not that death in any time isn’t untimely. This time travel thing that Tony and Scott have been talking about, we’re gonna try and pull it off tomorrow. It’s… It’s got me scratching my head. But then again, that’s the hero gig.”

Her pause makes everyone look around and appreciate how many of them are still here. Still alive.

“Part of the journey is the end.” She recites, glancing at the tattoo of those words that she has on her collar bone. “Everything’s gonna work out exactly the way it’s supposed to.”

The woman finishes, staring up at the camera with a teary gaze, but smiles.

“As Morgan would say: I love you three-thousand.

The clip disappears and every basks in a silence of remembrance for the woman who brought light and love to all of their lives.

The funeral felt like a drag until it’s just Steve and Bucky side by side.

“They’re looking for someone to go back and put the stones back where they need to be.” Sam speaks up. “Tony said you might be interested, Cap. Something to do with visiting the forties again.”

Bucky glances at his husband and knows exactly what - or rather, who - Sam means.

The blond smiles to himself and shakes his head.

“Tell him thanks but I’m good.”

“You sure?” Bucky instantly asks, surprised that Steve turned down an opportunity to see the one and only Peggy Carter.

“She’s the past. (Y/N) was my future. I’d feel like I’m cheating in some ways. Peggy was a part of my life that I got over. Pros and cons of being frozen I guess. But, no. Tell Tony thanks but no.”

Sam nods and walks away.

“(Y/N) would’ve wanted you to go and see Peggy.” Bucky whispers.

“That’s because (Y/N) underestimates how much I love her and how much she changed my life.” Steve responds, taking the man’s hand in his own.

“I always choose the women who change the world, huh?”

There’s a silence until footsteps approach them. Clint standing holding a sleeping, young girl in his arms.

Both soldiers furrow their brows.

“You and Laura had another kid?” Steve questions, sounding happy for the man, just confused that he hid it for so many years. Must’ve been at least six or seven.  

“Stand up.” The archer demands, glancing around their surroundings as they do.

“Hold her.”

Bucky daren’t even step close to such a small, innocent being, let alone hold them. Steve, however, obliges.

“Look at every detail and tell me what you see.” Clint says, watching the blond stare at the child who’s still sleeping.

And then he sees.

The blond tufts of hair that look identical to his own. The lips that look identicalto hers. The smile that looks identical to Bucky’s.

His eyes widen and he looks at Bucky who’s also noticing the features with a shocked expression. Then the pair of them turn to face Clint who has a small smile on his face.

“Remember when she took a break from everything for a year?” He questions, knowing that the pair know exactly what he’s on about. “Before all of this. Just before all of this? After the Civil War? Yeah. She was pregnant, and yeah, it’s your kid. Both of yours.”

They don’t know how to respond. They’re gobsmacked.

“She didn’t want you to hate her for hiding it from you but she knew it was safer that way. The less people who knew the better, so she asked Laura to raise her but came to visit a lot.” Clint explains. “She knew you’d be heartbroken that you missed the first six years of her life but she knew it was what was best for the kid.”

As if understanding the situation round them, the girl in Steve’s almost mumbles as she stirs from her sleep. Her eyes instantly meet Clint’s as her head is angled that way on Steve’s shoulder. She pulls back and turns to face the man she’s in the arms of and her eyes widen and jaw drops in absolute shock before turning to look for the other one. Bucky Barnes. And she just switches her gaze between the two before turning back to Clint.

He nods.

“It’s okay.” He smiles.

The girl turns back to face the two men and tears well up in her eyes.

“Daddy…” She whispers, Bucky’s flesh palm slapping over his agape mouth at the word.

Steve just looks so overwhelmed.

“Up to you what you wanna do with her. Laura can continue to raise her or-“

“No. No way. No, no, no.” Steve interrupts, finally turning to look at the man.

Clint smiles and nods.

“What’s her name?” Bucky breathes.

“Ask her yourself.” Hawkeye grins.

The brunet nods and gulps, meeting the teary stare of his daughter.

“What’s your name, doll?” The petname rolling off his tongue automatically as he sees so much of her.

“Sarah. Sarah Winnifred Rogers-Barnes.” The girl responds, Steve unable to hide his sob this time.

“Oh my God.”

“That’s a naughty word, daddy.” She smiles at the blond through her tears and he can’t help but smile.

“Sarah, angel,” Clint calls, catching all of their attention. “Do you want to be with your daddies now?” He asks, watching her eyes light up.

“Can I? Can I really? Please?” She begs, the brunet smiles and looks at the two super soldiers.

“She loves you both so much you have absolutely no idea.”

Steve and Bucky continue to cry but nod.

“(Y/N) told her so much about you.”

As if remembering, the girl slides out of Steve’s arms, shouting a ‘Ooh!’ and dashes over to her brunet father, grasping his metal arm and staring at it with wide eyes as she inspects it. An action that would normally prompt the soldier to pull away but her touch is so gentle. So (Y/N)-like.

“It’s so pretty… It’s awesome!” Sarah grins up at the man. “Mommy said that you gave the best hugs with this arm and that you saved the world!”

Buck lowers himself to his knees so that he’s eye-to-eye with the young child and smiles.

“Your mom is the one that saves the world, kid.”

“Is mommy a superhero now that she’s gone?”

Steve sobs again and drops to his knees alongside his husband.

“Mommy is gonna be a superhero forever.” The brunet smiles.

Clint admires the sight of the trio he’s been hoping to see since forever, and although it breaks his heart that she doesn’t have her mother, he knows she’ll be safe in the hands of those soldiers.

“Are you going to look after me now that Mommy’s gone?” She checks, watching the pair nod and both dive and hug her as tight as they can.

“Forever, baby girl.” Steve whispers, pressing a kiss to the side of her head.

“We promise.” Bucky adds.


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Bucky found you first. It was weeks after being capture, months after giving up on finding you, years after your letters stopped. He found you.

He found you. 

You were strapped down to a lab table the door was wide open so he could see you as he passed by. At first, he didn’t believe it he thought you were dead. You had died, you stopped writing, you were here, you didn’t come home. A hallucination was the only excuse. But he had no excuse for when you were dropped into a cell next to his.

It took a moment to let it sink in but it was you, you were here, you were alive. Bucky almost burst into tears “(y/n)” he called “doll?” you turned over eyes closed it was you and Bucky cried out with joy as he dropped to his knees and reached for you through the bars.

“Doll, Doll, I’ve been looking for you. I thought you were dead. We thought you were dead.”

Near by soldiers broke as they watched the scene unfold. There was no one in the 107th who didn’t know about (Y/n) (L/n) Bucky talked about her and his scrawny friend Steve nonstop. She was the reason he was here, that and the draft. It broke everyone’s heart the reason Bucky was here…(y/n) was beaten, bruised, broken and possible died on the floor. 

“D-doll… it’s me … it’s me Bucky. I found you, I found you, please wake up. P-please (y/n) please” Bucky cried as he held her hands through the bars. “why are you crying?” your rough yet high pitch  voice echoed off the walls getting everyone attentions.

“she’s alive” someone whispered.

“I-I’ve missed you” Bucky cried kissing her hand. She sat up and leaned against the bars “ what happened, why are you here?” 

“I…I snuck into… the field to … treat wounded soldiers and drag them out … I wanted to help. I couldn’t sit and wait for someone to drag a dead body in for fixing. I had to help I had to go while hearts were still beating. I …. I had to … I had to" (y/n) began to cough violently a man in the cell with Bucky reached over and pat her on the back.

A few people had introduced themselves everyone was nice to her comforting her and making sure she was okay. (y/n) was something they could all agree in and hold on to. and they really needed that.

(Y/n) spent a few day in her cell as Bucky and the rest of the 107th went to work on whatever they put them to. But not long after guards came back for (y/n) literally dragging her out of her cell as fought kick and screaming. A few hours later Bucky was gone too. The couple was gone and so was every soldier’s hope.

Steve was devstated when the letter for (y/n) arrived it said she was KIA. Steve was still recovering from that of course when he heard about Bucky he became reckless. Bucky was all he had left he was not going to lose him. When Steve found the prisoner his first question was

“Sergeant Barnes?”

“they dragged him off” Dum Dum answered  “the girl too” Steve stopped in his tracks 

“what girl?" 

"her name was (y/n) (l/n) ”


“yeah … you know her?”

Steve barked orders at the men and made sure they knew where they were going before he left to find Bucky and (y/n).His emotions were all over the plays right now he was happy he was so close to having them together, he was scared the possibility of the being dead was very high, he was sad what had they been through. In the halls he had no direction in mind he just prayed (y/n) and Bucky was this way. 

It was Bucky who he found first strapped to a table. “Bucky” Steve breath a sigh of relief as he undid the straps Bucky was mumbling nonsense to himself. “Steve?" 

"Yeah, pal it’s me. I thought you were dead”

“I thought you were smaller. What happen to you?" 

"I joined the army” Steve smiled “c'mon we’ve got to find (y/n)”

“I know .. I know where she is”.

Bucky lead them down several stairs pass empty group cells and brought him to a thick metal door. Bucky bagged on the door and started shouting “(Y/N)”
“move Bucky” Bucky jumped out of the way as Steve rambled the door. 

Oh God.

There was a table covered in blood literally dripping with blood. Tool and syringes cover in blood to the side towels and bandages on the floor… but no (y/n).

“wh-where is she? where is she?” Steve said as he stepped into the room his legs were shaky he couldn’t breathe. Bucky held on to the frame of the door as he whispered “Oh god I don’t know, I don’t know, oh god no, no, no, I don’t know” he dropped to his knees and cried as he clenched his chest. Where was she? Last he saw she was here she was on this table she was smiling she said: “ I’ll be fine”.

“we gotta find her w-we have to we have to” Steve was crying as he paced around the room “where, where, where?” he whispered as he paced around the room he dropped his shield and ripped his helmet off and cried “WHERE?!”. Taking his gun out Steve march out the room and down the hall “Steve, Steve” Bucky called as he chased after him shield and helmet in hand. Steve fried at every soldier he came across no hesitation, heads shots no blinking, death no mercy. When he ran out off bullets he used his hands.

“WHERE IS SHE?” he screamed as he knocked a gun out of a soldier’s hand grabbed his shirt and punched him in the face “WHERE IS SHE ?” he continued to scream as he punched the face of the soldier. The soldier face was too contorted and swollen to speak he shakily points to a door at the end of the hall. Steve dropped him and ran to the door  Bucky followed after him.

Steve immediately rammed the door knocking it off the hinges. There laid (y/n). Strapped down in a chair she was naked dirty covered in bruises and blood her skin pale her head hung low. “No, no, no, Please, please, please” dropping Steve’s things Bucky dropped to his knees in front of (y/n) he lightly tried to  shake her wake he could not find a pulse “ Please doll, doll, doll wake up please wake up” Bucky begged as he tried to wake her. Steve stood in the doorway not knowing what to do, not knowing what to say, frozen in place.

“Bucky… Bucky I’m cold” (Y/n) soft voice whispered.They both rejoice at the sound of her voice. “doll, doll it’s me …Bucky” he said as he cupped her face in between his hands

“Hi Bucky,” she whispered, “ I’m really cold Bucky”. Removing his white undershirt and Steve removed her restraints “ who are you, who is this” (y/n) asked as she notices Steve remove her restraints.

“It’s Stevie, Doll, he joined the army ” Bucky chuckled  as he put his shirt on her 

“Stevie? But Stevie is smaller and cute you’re big”

“I’m not cute anymore,” Steve said as he removed his jacket to give to her. (Y/n) leaned in closer to his face getting a good look at him “you’re still cute Stevie” she kissed his nose.

Other soldiers looked on in pity as Steve carried (y/n). Limp in his arms her skin was extremely pale bruises dark in contrast, drench in blood they knew was her but praised for the ladder, she wore nothing but a thin shirt that used to be white that used to be white and a coat. She looked like the dead, broken… done for. No one said anything to Steve or Bucky about it as they took turns carrying her fear of their reaction. They let them carry their dead.

Arriving just before the entrance Steve switched off and handed you to Bucky. Head held high but mood down low Steve came front for his punishment. While everyone gathered around Steve Bucky took you to the infirmary and begged for help, even they thought she was a corpse.( It also didn’t help that most of them were trying to get outside to see Steve). But your heartbeat proved them wrong and the nurses began running around trying to save her… the corpse with a beating heart.

“He uses to look at me … like that” she breath looking at Steve who seemed to be fonding over a new woman “you think he’s done with me? I’m broken and he’s brand new” Bucky didn’t know how to answers because this Steve was a bit foreign to him too.

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