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As a consignor, I used to pin tags on hundreds of clothes. This was very time consuming and I would really hurt my fingers. Therefore, I decided to buy the best tagging guns with standard attachments.

Obviously, tagging guns make our work fast and easier, so you can spend less time tagging pins on whatever items you choose to work with. They are suitable for regular textile but not silk and delicate fabrics.

So, do you have an idea of what is the best tagging gun in the market? If not our list of the best tagging gun with standard attachments will help you in a great way.

Factors to consider when choosing the best tagging guns with standard attachments

  1. Number of Needles and Barbs:
    Different tagging gun kits come with a number of tagging barbs and needles. It is wise to choose one that has extra needle in case you lose the attached one and also a lot of barbs to avoid running out of them fast.
  2. Material:
    The material that a tagging gun is made of affects its durability and how comfortable it is when being used. Choose one that is made from quality material such as hard plastic as this will ensure you use it for a long time.
  3. Compatibility:
    Always make sure that the standard tagging gun that you have chosen is compatible with other size or brand of standard attachments.
  4. Customer reviews:
    Before purchasing a tagging gun go through some of the customer reviews and find out their thoughts and ratings on the tagging gun you are interested in.

Let’s take a look best seller & special offer

The completed reviews of the 8 picks Tagging Guns :

#8. Ogrmar Clothing Garment Price Label Tagging Tag Gun/Machine

The Ogrmar Tagging Gun is ideal for attaching price labels on clothes, cardboard, brand labels, toys, socks and much more. It comes with 5000 pieces of 3 inch barbs so you don’t have to worry about running out of barbs too soon.

In addition it comes with 1 needle. This tagging gun is made with hard plastic hence durable. Lastly, it is available in color blue and grey.

  • This set includes 1 tag machine, 1 needle and 5000 tagging barbs
  • Available in color blue and grey

#7. Avery Dennison Fine Tagging Gun Kit

The Avery Dennison fine tagging kit gun comes with 1000 fasteners that is great for tagging finer fabrics. It is very easy to use and operates well. I bought this tagging gun when I opened my first baby cloth shop in downtown. I must admit this tag is a time-saver and does not damage clothes unlike safety pins.

Besides, it is affordable and has a great value and will never disappoint you.

  • Comes with 1000 barbs
  • Features a single needle

#6. Winnerbe Clothes Price Label, Labeler Tag Attacher Tagging Gun

The Winnerbe Tagging gun is super easy to use. With just one squeeze, you get to attach tags quickly and effortless. The set includes 1 tagging gun, 1000 barbs, and 5 stainless needles. The ergonomic design features a comfortable grip reduces fatigue when used at length.

Even when you pull the trigger many times, your hand won’t ache. In addition, it is widely compatible with fabrics such as linen, wool, cotton, denim, polyester and so much more.

  • The kit includes One tagging gun, 1000 barbs and 5 needles
  • Widely compatible with different fabrics

#5. Amram Tagger Standard Tag Attaching Tagging Gun

Whether you want to tag light weight, medium weight or heavy weight applications, this Amram Tagger is ideal for the job. It is great for fabrics such as linen, wool, polyester, cotton, denim and others.

However, it is not advisable to use it on silk or other fine and delicate fabrics. This tagging kit includes a tagging gun, 5 needles and 1250 pieces of 2 inch attachment fasteners. Additionally, its ergonomic design reduces fatigue when in use.

  • Designed for use with various fabrics except silk and other delicate fabrics
  • The kit includes 1250 fasteners, one tagging gun and 5 needles

#4. HiCollie Clothes Standard Tagging Gun

Measuring about 4.72″ Length x4.72″ Width x 0.63″ Height, this compact tagging gun allows smooth and effortless tagging. It is also very durable and lightweight. The kit includes 1 tagging gun, 1000 barbs and 6 needles.

Therefore, you don’t need to buy extra needles and fasteners for a long time. In addition, this standard tagging gun is appropriate for use with all standard fasteners. Lastly, it is suitable for use with variety of materials apart from silk and fine fabrics.

  • Measures 4.72″ in length 4.72″ in width and 0.63″ in height
  • It comes with 6 needles and 1000 fasteners

#3. PAG Price Tag Standard Attacher Tagging Gun

The PAG kit includes 2000 pieces of standard barbs and 5 replacement needles, making it an excellent value pack. Whether you are undertaking a small or large project, this tagging gun is the right product because it is suitable for any brand or size of standard attachment.

This tagging gun also offers multiple uses with a variety of fabrics such as cotton, denim, polyester etc.

  • High quality and durable
  • Versatile and can be used in boutiques, shops, warehouses and retailers

#2. SENREAL Price Label, Garments Label Attacher Clothing Tagging Gun

The Senreal Price Label Tag Gun is easy to use; you simply attach the price tag by pulling the trigger. The ergonomic design that features a comfortable trigger and handle reduces fatigue while being used.

Additionally, it is compatible with regular fabrics except from silk and delicate materials. This set includes 1 tagging gun, 6 needles and 1000 barbs, making it a valuable choice.

  • Easy to use and works well
  • Widely compatible with different fabrics
  • Highly versatile for use by sellers, retailers, family yard seller etc.

#1. Amram Comfort Grip Standard Tag Attaching Tagging Gun

AMRAM as a brand has been known to produce the best tagging gun for close to 50 years. That’s why it’s no surprise that this price tagging gun is topping our list. The bonus kit includes 5 needles and 1250 pieces of 2 inch standard attachment fastener barbs. Besides it is easy to use since it comes with easy to understand instruction manual.

It also includes a wrist wrap and protective needle cover for added safety. Use it with linen, cotton, denim, polyester but not silk or delicate fabrics. The best part is that it can be used with any size or brand of standard attachment.

At Last but not least, the handle is rubberized for comfortable grip and its ergonomic design prevents fatigue.

  • It includes a wrist wrap and protective needle cover for added safety.
  • Widely compatible with different fabrics
  • The kit includes one tagging gun, 1250 fasteners and 5 needles.

Wrap it up

We have listed the best tagging guns with standard attachments for you to choose from. Whether you own a small business, opening a pop-up shop, or hosting a yard sale, these tagging gun kits will get you on track the right way. They are perfect for use in boutiques, shops, retailers and warehouses too.

However, I highly recommend “Amram Comfort Grip Standard Tag Attaching Tagging Gun” because it has a great value pack and is compatible with any size or brand of standard attachments.

Amram Comfort Grip Tagging Gun for Clothing, Retail Price Tag Attacher, Kit Includes Gray Standard Tagger, 1,250 2-in Barbs Attachments, 5 Needles; Pro Quality, Easy to Use
Amram Comfort Grip Tagging Gun for Clothing, Retail Price Tag Attacher, Kit Includes Gray Standard Tagger, 1,250 2-in Barbs Attachments, 5 Needles; Pro Quality, Easy to Use
  • The Amram Comfort Grip tagging gun is constructed from high quality durable materials and is designed for professional users or consumers; when used correctly the gun will hold up well and perform like new, well over 100,000 times
  • Lightweight and easy to use and load; our easy-to-understand instructions and instructional video explains in detail how to use and load the tag and will have you tagging quickly and effortlessly; proper tag placement is on a sewn in label or seam
  • This value-added kit contains 1 Comfort Grip gray tag attacher gun, 1,250 standard 2-in attachments and 5 needles; 1 needle is preloaded in the safety cap and 4 needles are packed in a convenient plastic storage case; for use with wool linen cotton denim polyester and synthetic fabrics; not for use with silk fine or delicate fabrics
  • Ideal for use by retailers and manufacturers, small businesses, pop up shops, boutiques, thrift shops, consignment sales, yard sales, garage sales, church sales, charity sales
  • We offer a complete line of tags and attachments on Amazon; natural attachment sizes range from ½-in thru 5-in; 1-in and 3-in sizes are available in colors; tags are available in a variety of colors in blank and preprinted tags; Amram is a leading choice of professionals for over 50 years

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Amram Comfort Grip Tagging Gun for Clothing, Retail Price Tag Attacher, Kit Includes Fine Tagger, 1,250 Pieces 2-in Barbs Attachments and 5 Needles

The Amram Comfort Grip fine tagging gun is lightweight; easy to load and easy to use; operates comfortably and smoothly; features an ergonomically designed rubberized trigger and handle minimize stress on the hand and reduces operator fatigue. Amram products are a leading choice for retailers and manufacturers; our Amram Comfort Grip tagging guns and kits are super easy to use and an excellent choice for small businesses, pop up stores, boutiques, consignment sales, yard sales and garage sales, church and charity sales to use for attaching tags on products. Value added bonus kit contains 1250 standard attachments and 500 blank white tags , making this tagging gun kit an ideal choice for all types of tag attaching projects. Needle is preloaded in the safety cap. Easy to assemble and easy to follow instructions help get you tagging quickly and effortlessly; for use with silk fine or delicate fabrics. We recommend using Amram brand replacement needles and attachments; standard and fine needles and attachments are not interchangeable with each other; not for use with standard needles or standard attachments.

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PAG XMS S13 Price Tag Standard Attacher Tagging Gun for Clothing with 5 Needles and 2000 Barbs Fasteners, Purple

PAG price tag gun standard attached tagging gun for clothing with 5 needles and 2000 2" barbs fasteners, purple PAG industry standard tagging gun, with ergonomically designed, includes rubberized trigger and handle to reduce user fatigue. Comfortable and easy to use, an easy-squeeze mechanism make it easily become the first choice for tagging application. Designed for use with fabrics including wool, linen, cotton, denim, polyester, synthetic, natural and others fabrics. Not for use on silk or delicate fabrics. PAG standard tagging gun set, including 1 standard tagging gun, 5 needles and 2000pcs standard tag barb fasteners, which are ideal used for all light weight, medium weight and heavy weight tagging applications. A good assistant for all retail business men. The tagging gun comes with a roped plastic guard to put over the end of the sharp needle for safety purposes. The tagging gun can be used with any size or brand of standard attachments. Ideal choice for all forms of standard tagging. For best results, use only with PAG brand replacement needles and attachments. Note: This product is not interchangeable or usable with fine needles or fine attachments. Brand: PAG material: Plastic color: Purple model: Standard gun size: 3.94" x 5.31" x 0.94" combination: 1 standard tag gun + 5 needles + 2000pcs standard tag fasteners.


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How To Load and use A Tagging Gun

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