Armour meaning in english

Armour meaning in english DEFAULT

Meaning of armour in English

in Chinese (Traditional)

盔甲, (尤指護身的)鎧甲, 裝甲車輛…

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in Chinese (Simplified)

盔甲, (尤指护身的)铠甲, 装甲车辆…

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in Spanish

armadura, blindaje…

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baju zirah/besi/rantai, lapis baja…

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เสื้อเกราะ, เกราะป้องกัน…

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die Rüstung, die Panzerung…

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corazza, armatura, blindatura…

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Definition of armor in English:


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  • 1The metal coverings formerly worn by soldiers or warriors to protect the body in battle.

    ‘knights in armor’

    • ‘a suit of armor’
    • ‘He was dressed like a centurion, with titanium armor protecting his every body part.’
    • ‘For example, during the Middle Ages in Europe, knights dressed in suits of armor and rode into battle on powerful horses.’
    • ‘In it, I saw myself dressed in chain mail armor, riding into battle.’
    • ‘Inside was a large hall, decorated with suits of armor and tapestries of battle.’
    • ‘Sendei ripped off his outer clothes to reveal battle armour and a crossbow hanging from a leather belt.’
    • ‘They wore chain mail armour which gave them much protection.’
    • ‘The finds include a shoulder-guard of iron scales held together with bronze wire, and examples of the laminated armour used by legionaries to protect their sword arms.’
    • ‘The climb for William's soldiers - in their heavy chain mail armour - would have been difficult even if the Saxons had not been trying to kill them!’
    • ‘Limb armour was far rarer than body or head armour.’
    • ‘The armor appeared to be very similar to a normal suit of knight's armor, only thicker and taller.’
    • ‘Clad in a suit of white armor and flying her own standard she liberated France from the English at the battle of Orleans.’
    • ‘Whether or not a musket ball could penetrate armour was dependent on a number of factors, one of which is that firearms in those days did not always fire.’
    • ‘The man who dragged her from the house wore the shining, metal armor of a knight.’
    • ‘There were four warriors, in full battle armor, standing at the end of the hallway.’
    • ‘The knights gathered their armor and readied themselves for battle.’
    • ‘These cavalry soldiers wore thick leather jerkins for protection as full plated armour would slow down their horses.’
    • ‘All the posters showed the same image: a gladiator, clad in full battle armor, drinking a bottle of strange blue liquid.’
    • ‘She stood next to a man who was in a complete suit of metal armor.’
    • ‘As Orestes and the Furies confront each other, Athena arrives at the temple dressed in full battle armor.’
    • ‘Under the cloaks the priests were clad in heavy battle armor.’

    protective covering, armour plate

    1. 1.1The tough metal layer covering a military vehicle or ship to defend it from attack.

      ‘Use of these copper-free alloys has increased in recent years and now includes automotive applications, structural members and armor plate for military vehicles, and components of other transportation equipment.’

      • ‘The plane was lightened a bit by removal of armor plate and some military systems but the airframe was essentially stock.’
      • ‘The plant is the largest producer of armor plate for the U.S. military.’
      • ‘BA said all its 340 planes would get a full-length metal armour plate fitted, which will substantially reinforce cockpit door exteriors and prevent unauthorised access to the flight deck.’
      • ‘When a shaped charge explodes it projects a stream of molten metal and gas which can penetrate considerable thicknesses of armour plate.’
      • ‘First, the convoy should have at least five vehicles and they should have extra armor plate or Kevlar blankets attached to protect the crew.’
      • ‘The welded steel and aluminium alloy hull is fitted with spall liners and add-on titanium armour plate to protect against anti-tank weapons.’
      • ‘Sandbags were eventually replaced with locally fabricated steel armor plate.’
      • ‘For protection against mines the vehicle is fitted with a floor spall liner and 18 mm armour plate in the floor.’
      • ‘The round penetrated through his arm into his flack vest and was stopped by his armor plate.’
      • ‘Due to its high density, which is about twice that of lead, and other physical properties, depleted uranium is used in munitions designed to penetrate armour plate.’
      • ‘When the aircraft arrived from Chad, the gear doors and some armor plate was missing.’
      • ‘A beard of several days darkened his face, and nearly every bit of mail, leather and armor plate that he wore seemed to have acquired some blemish or other.’
      • ‘They cured that problem by covering the PT boat with armor plate.’
      • ‘By using removable armor plate and removable side panels, the seat is completely concealed when not being used.’
      • ‘Applications for 5xxx-series alloys include automobile and appliance trim, pressure vessels, armor plate, and components for marine and cryogenic service.’
      • ‘Shrapnel hit the armor plate under the cockpit, mangled the plating and destroyed the equipment mounted directly above.’
      • ‘In fact, one soldier thanked Rumsfeld and presented him with an armor plate that saved his life by stopping a sniper's bullet.’
      • ‘Mike Tremoglie exposes the distortions in media reports of what Rumsfeld said in Iraq about armour for U.S. military vehicles.’
      • ‘The Ijuin fuze allowed the shell to explode on impact rather than after it had penetrated the armor of enemy ships.’
      • ‘Being so hard, its density twice that of lead - it is used to tip armour-piercing shells and built into the armour of military vehicles.’
      • ‘Will the New Zealand Army be purchasing and fitting extra armour to its light armoured vehicles; if not, why not, and, if so, at what cost?’

      protective covering, armour plate

    2. 1.2Military vehicles collectively.

      ‘the contingent includes infantry, armor, and logistic units’

      • ‘This excludes women from employment in armour, artillery, infantry and combat engineer units/positions.’
      • ‘An armor or infantry task force traditionally performs these roles with engineers attached as the reduction element.’
      • ‘No one weapon was predominant, but victory usually went to the side which best combined its infantry, armour, and artillery and enjoyed air superiority.’
      • ‘If you are the medical platoon leader for an infantry or armor battalion task force, you are expected to have what you need to treat patients.’
      • ‘In battle, the artillery's role is to provide fire support for the infantry, cavalry, armor and other units.’
      • ‘Separating attacking infantry from their supporting armor would also be a logical approach.’
      • ‘I figured by this point, we'd have three divisions of armor, mechanized infantry, and Marines in Kuwait.’
      • ‘Quick-moving armour, motorised infantry, the Luftwaffe flying both as artillery and as close support resulted in rapid dominance.’
      • ‘In the meantime, the gunners gave close and effective fire support to the infantry and armor troops.’
      • ‘Thus by the 20th century it had become necessary to integrate infantry, artillery and armour, as well as air and land, air and sea, and land and sea forces.’
      • ‘Artillery positions will have to be silenced, either by superior artillery power or by sending armour and infantry to do the work.’
      • ‘He then attacked the isolated defense with infantry and armor from different axes.’
      • ‘On Dec 4th Pakistani infantry supported by armour captured Mandiala North after bitter hand to hand fighting.’
      • ‘Most irritating were the German rocket launchers, which miraculously decimate infantry and armour alike with impunity.’
      • ‘Israeli infantry and armor rolled away from the town of Beit Hanoun and the nearby Jabaliya refugee camp shortly after daybreak, witnesses said.’
      • ‘There, the infantry and the armour troops had been doing the same task.’
      • ‘Together with the armour, artillery and infantry, the Royal Engineers form one of the combat elements of the army.’
      • ‘We have been encountered by fierce infantry resistance, yet our superior weaponry and armor has allowed us to crush this resistance.’
    3. 1.3The protective layer or shell of some animals and plants.

      ‘The oddly jointed pectoral fin armor is a memorable feature of the placoderms, especially Antiarchs.’

      • ‘The dorsal armor may be a single plate, or may be comprised of as many as nine smaller plates.’
      • ‘Such hairs serve as a protective armor for plants because they secrete polyol ester chemicals that are deadly to certain insect pests.’
      • ‘The shell is considered the most highly developed protective armor of any vertebrate species.’
      • ‘Lobsters, like all animals with exoskeletons, periodically shed their armor as they grow.’
      • ‘The bony plates on the armadillos' back serves as protective armour from predators.’
      • ‘In many systems skeletal armor has been correlated with the level or type of predation pressure in the environment.’
      • ‘Related agnathans with external armour occur widely from the Late Silurian to the Devonian, but they all became extinct before the start of the Carboniferous.’
      • ‘There is armour, an insect-like carapace; and there is drapery, a second, looser skin.’
      • ‘Notice that each of the two body sections is expanded outward, providing a protective armor which shields the legs and gills.’
      • ‘The bony armor of the earliest jawless fish was dermal bone; so are shark scales, shoulder blades, and the roof of your skull.’
      • ‘The trilobite eye is in continuity with the rest of its shelly armor.’
      • ‘As a result of this armor, the longnose gar has no major predators.’
      • ‘But Main, the Harvard University biologist, said the plates would not have been very effective as armor.’
      • ‘Most dinoflagellates are encased in plates of armor.’
      • ‘Unlike the new species, these four Tertiary species have flat bases, and none has pebble armor like the new species.’
      • ‘The pirarucu's sheer size and bony armor provide defenses against predators.’
      • ‘Body protected by armour of bony plates, male carries fertilised eggs until they hatch into miniature adults.’

      carapace, outside, exterior

    4. 1.4A person's emotional, social, or other defenses.

      ‘his armor of self-confidence’

      • ‘Everyone enters adulthood with a whole lot of emotional armour and they erect walls about them - suspicious and very guarded.’
      • ‘And all my armour and resources and defences have stripped away, leaving me soft and vulnerable, and gently bleeding.’
      • ‘Beneath the social armour of her Galliano jacket, Gucci trousers and Manolos, her beauty is as fragile as porcelain.’
      • ‘Just occasionally she lets slip a chink in her emotional armour.’
      • ‘Getting hurt no longer seemed inevitable, and my emotional armor began to come off.’
      • ‘I wasn't so interested in Tracy herself; my main thought was what happened behind the shield of social armor.’
      • ‘These tiny parasites have been burrowing under your spiritual armour for way too long now.’
      • ‘His psychological armor will make him seem more self-sufficient and stronger than the people he will meet in Newfoundland.’
      • ‘Buy all the poetry you can find; it is the soul's beautiful armor.’
      • ‘While you think wearing a suit of emotional armor is safe, it keeps people at a distance.’
      • ‘There seems no stopping its growth and there appears no chink in the armour of Fred Goodwin, who was named global businessman of the year by Forbes magazine at the end of last year.’




transitive verb


[with object]
  • Provide (someone) with emotional, social, or other defenses.

    ‘the knowledge armored him against her’

    • ‘I survived only by mentally armoring myself by humming tunes and sketches from the Muppets to myself.’
    • ‘We'd barely unpacked the tree when a call came through and before I could blink, they were all armouring themselves up and heading out the door.’
    • ‘We learn the art and power of no protection - a spiritual power, not an conquest won through armoring ourselves against pain, or against an enemy.’
    • ‘We've made armoring yourself for the untamed outback - or a reasonable facsimile - a much less anxious process.’
    • ‘If only for the arrogance and self-belief it will armour you with.’
    • ‘Publishing an article a month later about all the negative stuff would just bounce off the armoured PR shell and people would just tell you to stop harping on about a subject that's already closed.’





Middle English from Old French armure, from Latin armatura, from armare ‘to arm’ (see arm).

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  2. Studebaker interior door panels
  3. Ssndob 2020


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nounChiefly British.




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See -our.

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armorize, armor-piercing, armor plate, armory, Armory Show, armour, armour-bearer, armoured, armoured car, armourer, armour plate

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Philip Dan·forth[dan-fawrth, -fohrth], /ˈdæn fɔrθ, -foʊrθ/, 1832–1901, U.S. meat-packing industrialist. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2021

How to use armour in a sentence

  • Shielding Kohl’s from the worst of the clothing armageddon buffeting other department stores and specialty clothing chains is activewear from brands like Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas.

    Kohl’s bets on more activewear, fewer store brands to finally get back to growth|Phil Wahba|October 20, 2020|Fortune

  • For an underlayer that promotes circulation while insulating body heat, grab these Under Armour compression leggings.

    Clothing and accessories that make great gifts|PopSci Commerce Team|October 6, 2020|Popular-Science

  • Another option is to sign up for a virtual running challenge, like the ones Under Armour is hosting right now in Boston, Chicago, and Baltimore, where you can virtually link up with hundreds of other runners.

    How to Make the Most of the Fall Running Season|Outside Editors|September 21, 2020|Outside Online

  • Take a post-workout selfie, tag your partner on social media, or send a message via Under Armour's MapMy Run mobile training app and social run community.

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  • Here, Under Armour athlete Aisha-Praught Leer shares three simple tips for keeping your motivation high all season long.

    Three Motivation Tips From a Pro Runner|Outside Editors|September 21, 2020|Outside Online

  • He wears a black Under Armour T-shirt, red basketball shorts, sneakers, and white socks hiked up to his calves.

    The Ugly Truth About Cory Booker, New Jersey’s Golden Boy|Olivia Nuzzi|October 20, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • Old Hawberk sat riveting the worn greaves of some ancient suit of armour, and the ting!

    Read ‘The King in Yellow,’ the ‘True Detective’ Reference That’s the Key to the Show|Robert W. Chambers|February 20, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • Spam may be the most well known, but there are hundreds of “potted meat products” available—Armour has an entire line.

    The Weirdest Food Trend Ever|Robert Rosenthal|July 15, 2010|DAILY BEAST

  • The party left their horses, put black frocks over their armour, and crept forward on all fours like cattle.

    King Robert the Bruce|A. F. Murison

  • Every morning a white mist rises over the lake which shines like armour under the midday sun.

    Honey-Bee|Anatole France

  • The figure is attired in complete armour, and was originally painted; a good deal of the colour still remaining.

    Notes and Queries, Number 196, July 30, 1853|Various

  • Come, give us again the message of the warrior and his armour and his battle, in the mother-tongue, so that all can understand it.

    The First Christmas Tree|Henry Van Dyke

  • And when the battle was over, and they were returning with joy, they understood that Nicanor was slain in his armour.

    The Bible, Douay-Rheims Version|Various

British Dictionary definitions for armour



any defensive covering, esp that of metal, chain mail, etc, worn by medieval warriors to prevent injury to the body in battle

the protective metal plates on a tank, warship, etc

militaryarmoured fighting vehicles in general; military units equipped with these

any protective covering, such as the shell of certain animals

nauticalthe watertight suit of a diver

engineeringpermanent protection for an underwater structure

heraldic insignia; arms


(tr)to equip or cover with armour

Word Origin for armour

C13: from Old French armure, from Latin armātūra armour, equipment

Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012


Slowly he pulled his cock out of the anus and stood up. Lena was awakened by his actions. She turned onto her back and smiled broadly. Then a stream of words of gratitude and happiness flowed onto Pasha's head. Lenka chirped like a sparrow.

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I slightly turn my head and touch this phlegm with my lips, I want to dry it. I stick out the tip of my tongue and lightly run it along its surface, feeling how salty it is. He freezes for a moment, and it even seems to me that now he will withdraw, but this does not happen.

ARROWS vs ARMOUR - Medieval Myth Busting

Why the girl felt uncomfortable, as if she were completely naked. The day before the wedding, she tried to ask the groom about his feelings, but he only joked, saying that all this is rubbish. And nonsense, that in life there is only lust, hidden by the loud name of love. From his words, Nina's heart ached, as she realized with horror that he was not able to love and did not love.


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