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Using pink as one of the main colors for room interior decoration are becoming more and more popular in recent years, especially among woman. By using pink, a room can look beautiful, soft and calming. Another advantage of using this color is that it can make the room look brighter, this is certainly very useful for a room that lacks of natural lighting from the window. Furthermore, for a small sized room, this color can help make the room look more spacious. One can research and find many DIY wall painting ideas on internet.

Most people think that pink decoris only suitable for any kids or teenagers. In fact, with the right design, this color is also perfect for any room for adults.

This pink decoration can be used for any rooms, where bedroom and living room are the 2 most suitable rooms to use this color. But other rooms such as dining rooms or even bathrooms can still using this color as well.

Pink can be used for several different elements in the room, including walls, furniture and decoration items. Of course, just using pink alone isn’t a good idea, so it’s highly recommended to combine this color with other colors. Some perfect colors to be combined with pink in the interior design is white and light gray. But do not rule out the use of another colors, which can still produce a beautiful and attractive appearance. Colors like teal or brown had been proven to integrated well with pink when used in home decor.

Pink can also be used in several different interior design styles. Mostly, this color is used in vintage, minimalist, nursery or modern style interior designs. But other interior design styles such as industrial, rustic and scandinavian can also use this color with great results.

When using pink as a wall color, you can combine it with other brightly colored wall decorations items. White is the ideal color for this job. You can also add elements with slightly darker colors to balance the pink on the wall to make it look more balanced and not too flashy.

Another trick that can be used is to use two tone color paint on the wall by coloring the walls using two different colors, such as pink and white. This can resulting a beautiful room that loos elegant and beautiful.

If coloring walls with pink sound too extreme for you, then you can try another approach. You can paint your walls with some bright colors such as white or light gray, and then use some pink wall decorations items. This can be done to bring elegant effects to the wall. Other items that can be used are rose gold finished decoration items. Using some items with rose gold finish can bring a luxurious and glamorous effect to your room.

The use of wall art can also help bring the pink effect into your room. Currently there are a lot of wall art with pink compositions that are suitable for beautifying the walls of a room. You can choose natural style wall art to give a fresh effect to the room, or abstract pink wall art to give more artistic impression.


About is an interior design and home decor blog that provide a lot of different interior design ideas and decorating ideas to help our reader get some inspiration and ideas to improve their home. All of the design in is original works made by the team of interior design expert with more than 10 years of experience designing different kinds of room and decor style.

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Having a beautiful house with pink interior decorations is every woman’s dream. When applied to interior design, this color can create a beautiful, soft and soothing room that can make anyone feel happy when seeing it.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of women who fail when decorating their rooms using pink. Instead of producing a beautiful room, this failed decoration produce a room that is flashy, ugly and doesn’t looks good.

For this reason, today we made 10 pink-themed wall decorations that you can use as an ideas, inspiration or even applied into your home. You can do this easily because we deliberately designed all of this wall decorations using simple and practical approach so that they are easy to follow and apply in your home.

And to give you more different choices, we made this pink wall decor in a number of different interior design styles. Starting from the minimalist style, Scandinavian, vintage to rustic and farmhouse styles. So, you can choose which one is match your home interior main concept.

10 Pink Wall Decoration Ideas

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Simple glamorous pink wall decor using mirror and wall art

Simple Glamorous Pink Wall Decor Ideas

The first pink wall decor that we made is a simple but glamorous decoration on the pink colored wall. The glamorous effect is obtained by using 3 round mirrors with beautiful copper / rose gold metal frames. Instead of using a single pieces of mirror, using 3 smaller mirror like this gives luxury and also artistic impression.

And to make this wall decor more attractive, we add a simple but beautiful pink wall art with a combinations of pink and white color with an abstract minimalist concept.

Item Used in this Wall Decor

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Trio Copper Round Wall Mirror

Functioning not only as a mirror, but also as a decorative element makes this mirror very attractive. Consists of 3 sets of mirrors that are differ from any mainstream mirror, you can use your creativity to arrange those three mirrors to bring any decor effects that you want. Its beautiful copper frame finish makes this mirror will blended perfectly with any pink wall decorations concept.

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Abstract Landscape Canvas Wall Art Blush Pink and Gray

With it’s vivid color, this canvas print wall art creates the feel of the nature and brings modern contemporary style to this wall decoration. With a blush pink color that matches our main wall decor concept, making this abstract landscape canvas look flawless and blends beautifully with the pink wall behind it.

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Rustic industrial style pink wall ideas

Rustic/Industrial Pink Wall Decor Ideas

Usually, pink is used in a minimalist, modern, classic or vintage interior style. But this time we tried to take an distinct path by making a wall decoration with a combination of rustic and industrial styles using pink as the main color. And the results turned out to be quite good and interesting.

One of the main keys in this design is to color the unfinished plaster walls in pink, and the results look very good where the unfinished effect blend with pink gives rustic yet soft impression. The addition of some decoration items such as round wall mirrors, pendant lamps and log end tables also bring more rustic impression on this design.

Item Used in this Decor

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Round Decorative Wall Mirror with Metal Frame and Rope Hanging Loop

Looking for a rustic / industrial-style decorative mirror that can blend into the pink color concept isn’t easy, but fortunately we found this round wall mirror. With its unique metal frame and rope hanging, this mirror makes it very suitable to be the main focal point on a wall especially in a rustic style wall.

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Black Metal Antique Industrial Pendant Lamp

This antique design chandelier lamp not only works as a lighting, but also as a decoration item to add a rustic impression to the room. Made from premium metal material that is strong and durable, this lamp can be used for a variety of different needs in your home, such as dining room, kitchen island, bedroom or living room.

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Vintage style pink wall decor ideas

Vintage Style White and Pink Wall

In this design, we made a vintage style decoration using a combination of white and pink. The combination of these two colors is used on the walls, molding panels painted / finishing with a soft pink color is used in the bottom, white painted wall for the upper side. The combination of the two colors with different elements integrated perfectly and creates an interesting and eye pleasing looks.

With a pretty good wall appearance, we don’t need to add a too much wall decoration into this design. Just a set of vintage style wall art consisting of 3 different images is enough to make this wall decor looks very beautiful and would be loved by most woman.

Item Used in this Decor

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Lavender Pink Flowers Canvas Wall Artwork

This wall art is not only suitable for this wall decor design because it has the vintage style we need, but also because of it’s color combination that blend well with our pink wall decor concept.

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White Stone Look Table Lamp

Its unique and minimalist shape with a stone shaped ceramic base makes this lamp table easily blend with a variety of different decoration concepts / styles, including vintage ones like our designs this time.

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Glamorous pink bedroom wall ideas

Glam Pink Bedroom Wall Decoration

This time, we made a room wall design using a pink and wood combinations to create a modern and glamorous bedroom. Wood was chosen to balance the pink color and provide a natural effect that can make the decoration feel fresher. We also use a simple line effect to bring more modern looks to the wall.

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When you have an already attractive wall like this, you don’t need too add much decoration items anymore. That’s why we only use 2 simple wall art and a macrame art to give a boho style effect to this room decoration.

Item Used in This Decor

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Bohemian Macrame Woven Wall Hanging Decoration

This simple item can bring a large difference, where it can easily make a room look more warm and beautiful. You can use this item not only on the wall, but also on the door or window as well.

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Modern Globe Pendant Light with Brushed Brass Finish

One of the main advantages of this lamp is it’s brushed gold metal finish which makes it look very luxurious and elegant. Furthermore, the unique design with beautiful curves also makes this lamp bring an artistic impression.

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Contemporary Pink Landscape Tree Painting Wall Art

This wall art not only blend well with our pink color concept, but also it’s beautiful picture makes anyone who sees it will feel the enjoyment. By using this wall art can also make a room look more classy and artistic.

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Print Flower Canvas Painting Wall Art

This modern style canvas print artwork consists of 3 pcs different images in one set. With a picture of a beautiful pink flower and a combination of quotes written using beautiful fonts, this makes the beautiful canvas wall art brighten up any room.

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Geometric style pink wall decor ideas

Geometric Style Pink Wall Decoration

For the next wall decor, we try to make something that is more artistic and elegant, and that is the reason why geometric style concept is used. This concept was first used in wall paint, by dividing the walls into several geometric area and paint each sections with 3 different colors : pink, white and gray. And the result, as you can see from the image above, is a beautiful, unique and artistic wall.

Moreover, we also use wall art with a similar geometric concept in this wall decor. This combination produces a simple and minimalist decoration that looks very artistic.

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Scandinavian style pink wall decor ideas

Scandinavian Style Pink Wall Decor

White and gray is the most used color combination when it comes to Scandinavian style interior. But did you know that we can also use any other colors to create a Scandinavian-style room decoration, include pink. As you can see, we made a Scandinavian-style bedroom using a pink and white color combinations.

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The combination of the two paint colors works very well and produces a simple but unique wall. And to add more Scandinavian feels, we add a Scandinavian style wall art into the wall. We also added a wood and white wall lamp that not only works as a lighting, but also bring more Scandinavian impression and makes the wall design look more natural.

Item used in This Wall Decor

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Blush Pink Grey Scandinavian Modern Abstract Canvas Wall Art

This wall art with a combination of Scandinavian style with pink color is blend perfectly with this wall decor concept. With unique geometric mountain concept, making this canvas painting wall art look very artistic.

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Scandinavian Style Solid Wood Triple Wall Lamp

With its attractive Scandinavian style with a combination of white and wood finishing, making this lamp not only function as a lighting, but also as a beautiful decoration item that can make this wall design look more stylish.

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Gray wall with pink decorations

Pink Decor on Gray Wall

When most of the designs in this article used pink walls, this time we made something a little bit different. We create a pink decoration using gray painted walls. Apparently, the combination of gray and pink can provide a pretty interesting effect, where the decoration still looks beautiful but not too girly and monotonous.

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The pink element in this decoration was obtained from the use of a plaque-style wall art made of wood with white and pink font, as well as a geometric style hanging vases with pink rose gold metal finishing. Although not too many pink elements are used, the two items above are enough to give the impression of pink on this wall decor.

Item Used in This Wall Decor

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Decorative Wooden Vintage Inspirational Wall Decor

With a vintage style, this handmade crafted wall sign looks so gorgeous thanks to a combination of pink and white writing with beautiful fonts written on wood. The distressed effect on the wood adds a vintage feel that makes this item perfect for use in rooms that have an interior design style with that style.

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Geometric Style Hanging Planter Vase Copper Pink Finish

Made with a geometric style design that gives a siple yet elegant design that will bring a decorative touch to any indoor space. This planter is perfect to grow up your home with indor plants such as succulents, mini cactus, water plants and other small plants or flowers.

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Classic pink wall decor ideas

Classic Style Pink Wall Decor

For those of you who like the classic style, then this design can be a good inspiration for you. We make a classic style room walls using pink as the main color. As the main characteristic of the classic style room, we use the wall molding trim on the wall and paint it with pink, and this not only resulting a beautiful classic effect, but also look elegant and luxurious.

And to add more luxurious impression to the wall, we use a gold finish wall lamp that looks perfectly integrated with our bedroom design concept. And to make it better, we than added a luxurious wall art to better give an artistic impression to the wall.

Item Used in This Decor

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Tube Wall Sconce with Honey Gold Finish

With it’s sleek and stylish design thank’s to it’s honey gold finish, this contemporary wall sconce is perfect to bring some glamorous and elegant ambient into your room.

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Red Flower Oil Painting Abstract Modern Wall Art

Created by professional artists, this red flower oil hand painted red flower canvas wall art is perfect to add some artistic touch into any room.

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Farmhouse style pink wall decoration ideas

Pink Farmhouse Style Wall Decor

Usually, farmhouse decorations are famous for beige, brown or white. But this time we tried to use pink for a farmhouse style decor. This achieved by painting board wood walls using pink paint. And this resulting a quite interesting effects.

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Next, we added some simple wall art to further enhance the look of this decor. Simple wall art are choose to keep this farmhouse decor still looks clean and neat.

Item Used in this Wall Decor

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Green Leaves Plant Canvas Prints Scroll Poster Wall Art

This simple and green plant leaf painting using combination of vintage and nordic style that blend perfectly to add some natural and fresh looks into your room.

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“Live by the Sun” and “Love by the Moon” Minimalist Wall Art

To add a little impression of elegance to the design this time, we added this simple minimalist wall art consisting of 2 pcs canvas on this wall decoration.

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Simple pink and white wall decor ideas

Simple White and Pink Wall Decor

Our final wall decor design on this list is this simple yet beautiful two tone wall using white and pink combinations. To enhance the appearance of the wall, we added a set of shelves consisting of 3 square shelves of different sizes to store decorations.

We also added a macrame woven wall hanging decor to give this room a slightly vintage touch to make it look cozy and warm.

Item Used in this Decor

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Boho Macrame Woven Wall Hanging Decor

This wall hanging art is perfect to add vintage bohemian vibe into any modern style home decor. Crafted using 100% top notch cotton, this items not only can be used in the wall, but also can work as well in the door.

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Whitewash Rustic Vintage Style Square Floating Shelves

This 3 square shelves not only works to bring a fun farmhouse feel, but also works great to store and display any of your favorite decoration items. With different sizes for each shelves, you can use your creativity and imagination to create an interesting arrangement.

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