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Tommy Hilfiger Sandals

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Embrace the artisanal trend with these Tommy Hilfiger high wedge sandals. Dressed for the sun, you won't be able to do without these women's shoes with the brand's signature woven strap. These sandals with a 7 cm wedge heel feature a beautiful play of texture between the straps and the adjustable leather buckle and the rubber sole covered with jute. For a chic style, opt for these shoes.

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Reference manufacturer



Ce modèle chausse



Cuir, Textile

Semelle extérieure


Measures made on size 38

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Best Tommy Hilfiger Sandals Reviewed For Stunning Style

This is a criterion that simply must have quite a bit of attention paid to it. A particular items ability to withstand a high level of use without breaking down or otherwise being deemed unwearable is very important. It’s literally the difference between the item being able to provide an individual with both a high level and a low level of value – that’s just how important it is. With that being said, the designs included on this list have all been chosen according to a few factors that play an important part in a sandal’s ability to provide an individual with any level of value.

Materials: the materials used to actually create the items in question needed to have a lot of emphases placed on them as well. We wanted to make sure that they were of a quality make and wouldn’t simply break down after being used for any length of time. For this reason, we made sure to include materials that would be able to provide individuals with at least a bit of security in the fact that they wouldn’t break down easily. Materials such as leather (the most prominent material featured) were included simply because of the fact that they are incredibly durable.

Leather: If you’re looking for a material that won’t rip or break easily (if at all) look for a dense material such as leather. This material is great for those who would keep up with their footwear but understand that they likely won’t be able to watch out for every possible thing that could damage it.

Suede:Suede is a material that is just as durable as leather but also adds in a bit of a classy flair that the leather counterpart simply doesn’t have. With this material, it’s incredibly important to make note of the fact that water will likely destroy it and cause it to no longer be wearable. This can easily be avoided by using a protectant of some sort.


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