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  • 1-piece rotomolded, engineered catamaran hull design for performance, stability & solid tracking
  • Yak-Power system w/wiring harness, master controller & 3 power plugs
  • Molded landing for mounting optional fishfinder or other accessories
  • Gunnel flats w/four 16" (40.64 cm) accessory rails
  • Adjustable foot braces & non-skid cushioned flooring
  • Enhanced seating system
  • Deluxe adjustable seating system w/high-back seat
  • Recessed bow storage area
  • Open cockpit design for flexibility in cargo management
  • 10.91” x 14.84” (27.71 cm x 37.69 cm) midship hatch
  • 2 flush-mounted rod holders w/rod leash eyelets (leash sold separately)
  • 1.5" (3.81 cm) fore, midship & aft self-draining, molded scupper drains (8 total) w/8 plugs
  • Molded-over rubber grip bow handle & 2 molded stern handles (3 total)

Power up your kayaking with the ASCEND® 128X Yak-Power kayak. This kayak brings a built-in Yak-Power system with wiring harness, master controller and 3 power plugs so you can bring your fishfinder, GPS, lighting rig and other powered accessories for kayak angling like you never imagined. A molded landing lets you mount your fishfinder or other accessories easily. Adjustable foot braces accommodate kayakers of all heights, and the non-skid cushioned flooring feels great while providing a stable casting platform.

The famous ASCEND enhanced seating system with high-back seat ensures maximum comfort. 2 midship drink holders keep refreshment close. 8 total scupper drains and 8 plugs drain excess water. Gunwale flats include four 16" (40.64 cm) accessory rails for ultimate customization. Hidden hatch fasteners allow drier storage, while a recessed bow storage area lets you bring even more. The open cockpit design lets you make the most of all your newfound kayaking superpowers.

Sours: https://www.ascendkayaks.com/detail.cfm?boatID=5682

As my line dangled in the water, my eyes dialed in on my fish finder..., my kayak slowly drifting around, I suddenly see a large group of fish 80’ down. I hit the spot lock button on my Old Town Canoes & Kayaks AutoPilot and send my lure down as quickly as my reel would let it. As the lure reaches the bottom of the lake, slack balls up under my rod tip. I close the bail, reel in the slack, and give it a couple extra turns just to get the lure above the fish, then start lifting the lure up and down in hopes of enticing one of the many salmon slowly swimming by. As I lift my lure up, I feel a sudden jerk, and then it’s gone. Crap, I just lost that one, but then it jerks a couple more times. Ah, another goby on the line. These little guys are vicious! I start to reel my line back in to clear the goby off. As I get about 15’ from the kayak, my rod tip bends straight down, my line goes almost horizontal under my kayak, and I hear an explosion on the other side of me. I quickly shut my motor off, turn to see what was happening, then see a salmon in midair about 10’ from me. It was at that moment I realized that I did not have a goby on the line. I had a very angry female Coho that darted straight to the surface after hooking up. I aimed my rod into the water to get the line further away from my prop, turned my motor on, and swung my kayak around quickly to get control of the fish. After a few minutes of tug-a-war, I was able to get her into the net and take a huge sigh of relief. Cleveland Fishing Co.Amped Outdoors LLCYakAttackYak-PowerHumminbirdMinn Kota#OldTownFishing#OldTownSportsman#OldTownKayak#OldTownSportsmanAutoPilot#AdventureLivesHere#FishTheLand#FishLocalSee More

Sours: https://www.facebook.com/yakpowerproducts/posts
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Yak-Power Power Pack Review_

Table Of Contents_

The Yak Power System allows you to control all the power on the system from a handy ON/OFF master power switch. The dual-USB charging also ensures your electronics stay charged while out on the water. Handy in case you get stranded. Batteries aren’t included though, so you’ll have to pick some up. Check out our best battery box list for more great options!

Why We Like It – Yak-Power Power Pack

The Yak-Power Power Pack comes with everything you would want from a kayak battery pack right off the bat. It’s pre-wired so it’s good to go right out of the box and it’s waterproof which, considering you’ll be on a kayak, is an essential design choice. Finally, the Smart Trickle Battery Charger will ensure you always have a full charge.


  • Master Power Switch for full control of power
  • Built-In watertight fuse holder
  • Dual USB charging


  • Batteries not included
  • Designed for Kayaks and Kayaks Only
  • Power plug sold separately


The Yak-Power YP BBK comes pre-wired and ready to go. Unfortunately, batteries are not included. But the master power switch gives you full control of when you want power or don’t. The power plug allows you to connect 12-volt accessories to the system, and this includes a fish finder. Unfortunately, this power plug is sold separately for $6.00. And there’s some annoying explanations on how to use it, like plugging in your accessories positive wire to the red wire and then the ground to the black wire. Go with the NOCO HM318BKS Snap Top Automotive Batteries for something simpler.


The Yak-Power Power Pack Battery Box features a compact waterproof design which, because it’s made specifically for kayaks, is a most welcome design choice. The Yak-Power Power Pack also contains a built-in, booted water-tight fuse holder with a 15A fuse. Again, another welcome design choice for when you’ll be out on the water. But keep in mind that the Yak-Power is specifically designed for kayaks, and is almost useless for any other type of vehicles. If you want variety, check out the MinnKota Trolling Motor Power Center.


The Yak-Power Battery Box includes a smart trickle battery charger that will make sure you have a full charge whenever you go out. The integrated power port outlet has dual USB charging ports so you can keep your phone and camera charged while on the water and never miss a beat of the action. But if you would like something a little more rugged and less high-tech while out, or if you’d just like to be left in peace, try the Camco Regular 55362 Battery Box Group.

Yak-Power Power Pack Wrap Up

With the Yak Power – Power Panel Switching System you’ll have the ultimate power solution for kayaks and kayaks only. It’s a shame that borderline essential accessories like the power plug are sold separately, but the saving grace is that they’re really not that expensive. The Yak-Power Power Pack is also completely waterproof, an essential decision for any kayak-heavy accessory.




Sours: https://www.gadgetreview.com/yak-power-power-pack-review


The Yak Power mobile app allows users to control any Bluetooth or WiFi enabled Yak Power digital switching system. Yak Power digital switchers are designed to simplify connecting and controlling 12 volt devices on kayaks, boats, RVs, campers, golf carts, SxSs, and other recreational style vehicles. Simply download the app, use the configuration screen to connect to your Yak Power digital switcher and start enjoying wireless control of your 12 volt devices.

Depending on the application and Yak Power switcher, users can control up to 8 channels of switched 12 volt output for lights, fish finders, action cameras, bedroom lights, porch lights, spot lights, as well as, 6 channels of wireless 12 volt motor modules for slides, awnings, jacks, and other motorized appliances commonly found on RVs and boats. And, if the Yak Power WiFi module is installed and internet services are available, cloud services can be configured on the Yak Power switcher to give users “control from anywhere”.

Sours: https://play.google.com/

Is power what yak

Product Details

Product Details

The Yak Power Complete LED Light Kit has totally revolutionized LED lighting for kayaks. Adding these super bright lights to your kayak has never been easier! This kit features through-hull 12-volt connectors and the exclusive plug and play wiring for an unbelievably quick and easy installation. Drill a hole, screw in the through-hull connector, plug it in, and power it up. Designed specifically to work flawlessly with all Yak Power plug and play accessories, these lights will maintain the correct battery polarity through the entire Yak Power system. Enjoy this easy-to-use system without having to run new wires or cut and splice existing wires.

  • Super bright LEDs
  • Completely encapsulated, compression molded, silicone encased LED light strips
  • Patent pending, stainless steel, self-sealing, waterproof, through-hull connectors
  • SMD 5050
  • 60 LEDs per meter
  • UV resistant
  • Blue is better for night vision and commonly used for interior/exterior lighting when attracting bait is not a priority
  • Green is the best and most popular choice for attracting bait fish
  • Manufacturer's one-year limited warranty
  • Qty. per Pack: Two 20-in. pieces, two 10-in. pieces, four 12v connectors, two 2-to-1 SAE combination plugs
Sours: https://www.fishusa.com/Yak-Power-Complete-LED-Light-Kit
Overview of how I installed the Yak Power 8 Circuit Bluetooth Switch \u0026 and LED Lights on my kayak

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