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Madden 20 Update Version 1.29 Patch Details

Madden 20 update 1.29 released for PS4 and Xbox One players. According to the official Madden 20 version 1.29 details, the latest update added stability and performance improvements. Apart from this, Madden NFL 20 patch 1.29 also includes some tweaks, fixes and gameplay changes.

Recently, March title update was released with minor bug fixes. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game. Today’s Madden 20 patch 1.29 is expected to fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

What’s new in Madden 20 update 1.29?

Franchise Updates:

  • General stability improvements

Gameplay Updates:

  • Fixed an issue allowing defenders into the backfield unblocked with defensive formations such as Nickel 2-4-5 Odd.
  • Fixed an additional issue allowing the ‘Nasty Streak’ Superstar ability to be used on players out of position.
  • General performance and stability improvements.
  • Fixed game crashing issues.
  • Other under the hood fixes.

Madden 20 version 1.29 is now available for download.


Madden NFL 21 Update 1.20 Patch Notes

Update 1.20 for Madden NFL 21 has been released, and here’s the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch. This update includes the standard bug fixes and stability improvements across all game modes, but this patch also features Superstar X-Factor updates based on current player performance in the 2020 NFL Season. There are even a few new Superstar abilities that you will start to see on some players. Here’s everything new with Madden NFL 21 update 1.20.

Madden NFL 21 Update 1.20 Patch Notes

Key Highlights

  • Gameplay tuning and bug fixing
  • 4 new Superstar Abilities
  • 3 new X-Factor Players
  • 12 new Superstar Players
  • Avatar Customization UI improvements

Gameplay Updates

  • Fixed an issue causing the ball velocity to not always reach the desired speed on some specific QB passing animations
  • Tuning to improve deep zone defenders reaction to crossing routes from a single-receiver side for highly rated defenders
  • Tuning to slow down cut-reaction time for linebackers in man-coverage facing away from the QB
  • Fixed a run-block targeting issue with the Gun Wing Flex Wk Inside Zone play
  • Fixed a rare issue causing QB’s to appear to use an under-pressure pass while not actually being under pressure
  • New Superstar Abilities and Superstar X-Factor update, based on NFL Player’ performance up to this point in the 2020 NFL Season
  • Fixed an issue causing defenders in man coverage vs. a ‘block-and-release’ RB to sometimes instantly switch their assignments to blitz when seeing the RB start to block, resulting in the RB being left uncovered once he would run his route thereafter

Newly Added Superstar Abilities

  • Film Study – Defenders with this ability will have full vision of plays the offense has run 5 times each quarter; via coach cam.
    • DEV NOTE: Based on the feedback received from the Madden 21 beta, we re-worked this ability to provide more balance across our multiple game modes. One of those adjustments is based on players telling us it was too easy for the ability to activate, making it too powerful. In response, the ability will now require a variable number of repeated offensive play calls before activating. This number will scale up or down based on the current quarter as well as the game’s quarter length settings, with the required amount always being displayed via X-Factor Vision in pre-play. Additionally, defender knowledge of these repeated plays will be wiped out when a quarter ends, giving the offense a bit more leeway with how they run their play-calling.
  • Backlash – Ball carriers with this ability will cause increased fatigue penalties against their tackler when tackled via a non-conservative tackle.
  • Recuperation – Players with this ability will recover from the effects of fatigue at an increased rate between plays.
  • Honorary Lineman – Non-offensive linemen with this ability will frequently win Impact Blocks when blocking defensive backs in the open field

New X-Factor Players

  • Alvin Kamara, Saints:
    • Satellite X-Factor
    • Juke Box
  • Lavonte David, Buccaneers:
    • Run Stuffer X-Factor
    • Deflator
  • DeForest Buckner, Colts:
    • Unstoppable Force X-Factor
    • Inside Stuff

New Superstar Players

  • DK Metcalf, Seahawks:
    • Deep Out Elite
    • Red Zone Threat
  • Terry McLaurin, Washington Football Team:
    • Deep In Elite
    • Outside Apprentice
  • Aaron Jones, Packers:
    • Backfield Mismatch
    • Recuperation
  • Calvin Ridley, Falcons:
    • Mid Out Elite
    • Outside Apprentice
  • Darren Waller, Raiders:
    • TE Apprentice
    • Short Out Elite
  • Jamison Crowder, Jets:
  • Brian Burns, Panthers:
    • Speedster
    • Strip Specialist
  • Myles Jack, Jaguars:
  • Jessie Bates III, Bengals:
  • Ali Marpet, Buccaneers:
  • Jonathan Allen, Washington Football Team:
  • Josh Allen, Bills:

One-Off Addition

Derrick Henry, Titans

Superstar Downgrades

  • The following players have been downgraded from X-Factors to Superstars
    • Drew Brees, Saints – Pro Reads Ability removed
    • Calais Campbell, Ravens – Unstoppable Force and Edge Threat Abilities removed.
  • The following players are no longer Superstars, losing all abilities
    • Demarcus Lawrence, Cowboys
    • Rob Gronkowski, Buccaneers
    • Zach Ertz, Eagles
    • TY Hilton, Colts
    • Justin Simmons, Broncos
    • Matt Ryan, Falcons
    • Julian Edelman, Patriots
    • Carson Wentz, Eagles
    • Ryan Kerrigan, Washington Football Team
    • Courtland Sutton, Broncos

The Yard Updates

Superstar KO Updates

User Experience (UX) Updates

  • Users can now link directly from Avatar customization screens directly to the vanity story by clicking on the Store Advertisement or by Hitting Y/Triangle while viewing individual items

Madden NFL 21 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. A next-generation version of the game is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S on December 4. For more information regarding this update, visit the official Madden NFL 21 site.

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Madden NFL 20 developers just released a Title Update. Here are the details; Key Highlights New X-Factors Players: Vikings RB Dalvin Cook, replacing Chargers RB Melvin Gordon X-Factor: First One Free ...

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Madden 22 Patch Notes: September Title Update will target bug and glitch fixes

Madden 22 has only been out for a few weeks, but there have already been a flurry of problems that players hope to see fixed with a Title Update and Patch Notes.

We've got details on how to remedy some of the issues many are facing, as well as when we're expecting to see Madden 22 Patch Notes for the first big Title Update.

Latest - September Title Update Patch Notes

We've finally got the September Title Update for Madden 22 and Patch Notes!

This is a major step in remedying a lot of huge issues affecting players across various modes in Madden 22, and the Patch Notes reflect the sheer mass of what's being fixed.

The same is true of the download size, as it has now gone live on next gen and is a full 12.6gb on Xbox Series X|S, with similar size expected on other platforms.

Madden 22 september title update
click to enlarge
+ 2

Perhaps the most highly anticipated fix is particular to Franchise Mode, so many will be happy with this detail:

  • Addressed an issue where some offline franchise players were given an incorrect game result after completing a game

You can find full Patch Notes here to see all of the bugs they've tackled.

Every Madden 22 Title Update for PS4, Xbox One, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S

Madden 22 first became available via the EA Play Trial on August 12 before hitting Early Access on August 17 and launching worldwide on August 20.

Since those launch windows, we've already seen as many as five different updates go live across various platforms.

The patch notes detailed below have been pulled from within the game itself, as there is a Patch Updates section under the Notificiations on your Madden Profile.

Madden 22 Patch Notes Updates
click to enlarge
+ 2

The numbering system has been inconsistent, with some platforms still showing Update Version 1.02 as most recent and others up to Version

EA Sports could be delivering them in bundles or with a different frequency across different platforms, but none of these have been given a full Gridiron Notes just yet.

Without further ado, here are the Madden 22 patch notes for every live update:

Patch Notes for Version 1.01

The release date and download size for this update are not known.

  • Made visual updates to uniform and field issues in Franchise
  • Applied various bug fixes to Franchise
  • General bug fixes and performance improvements

Patch Notes for Version 1.02

The release date and download size for this update are not known.

  • Stability improvements and bug fixes applied to Face of the Franchise
  • Implemented a fix for an uncommon Ultimate Team crash
  • General bug fixes and improvements

Patch Notes for Version 1.03

The release date and download size for this update are not known.

  • Addressed issues related to excessive 'False Start' griefing
  • New commentary content added, along with tuning fixes
  • Visual updates made to multiple uniforms, helmets, and accessories
  • Gameplay fixes applied to:
    • Coverage issues
    • General stability
  • And more!

Patch Notes for Version 1.04

The release date and download size for this update are not known.

  • Added new abilities to core Madden, Franchise, and Ultimate Team
  • Addressed issues related to excessive 'Fale Start' griefing
  • Updated helmet and chinstrap placement for high-profile players
  • Changed the QB Slide mechanic for clarity:
    • Double tap to QB Slide anywhere on the field
    • Single Press to Dive with your QB anywhere on the field

We want to note that this specific change may have been made only to PC, as we've seen the double tap to QB Slide listed for PC controls.

As of now, on console the QB Slide still works with a single button press, but you have to be sure your QB is past the line of scrimmage or the button press will instead attempt to throw a pass.

Patch Notes for Version 1.05

This most recent update appears to have gone live around August 17, and the download size of approximately 1.4 GB can vary between platforms.

  • Improvements made to Pass Rush
  • Improvements and balance fixes applied to Throw Out of Sack
  • Other gameplay updates made to:
    • Defensive Coverage
    • Tackling
    • Blocking
  • General bug fixes and performance improvements

If you're struggling in any way on defense, check out our guide to defensive coverage including detailed controls and tips.

Known Bugs & Glitches, Potential Workarounds

While these should be remedied now by the Madden 22 September Title Update, we want to keep details about known bugs and workarounds here in case players still bump into them.

Franchise Mode Final Score Loss Glitch

If you're struggling with the Franchise Mode glitch that changes final scores and forces a loss, you're far from the only one.

We've got full details on how to deal with that here, as well as how to tackle desync when playing others online in Franchise.

Face of the Franchise Bug

There are also a handful of issues affecting Face of the Franchise, particularly a slow-motion bug that seems to hit running backs most often.

We've also got details about names being force changed to John Madden, some potential workarounds, and the word from EA about the issue.

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Update notes 20 madden

The NFL season ended earlier this month with Super Bowl 54, but EA Sports has not stopped supporting Madden NFL 20 with new updates. The latest patch has arrived (along with full patch notes), and the most notable introduction is related to the Super Bowl.

Specifically, the playbook has been updated with new plays and formations that were seen in Super Bowl 54. There are many new plays added to the playbook, including the memorable Jet Chip Wasp from the pivotal 3rd and 15 first-down conversion by Patrick Mahomes to Tyreek Hill. It's part of the Gun Trey Y-Flex Weak formation, which you can see below.

No Caption Provided

You can see a full list of new plays that are now available in the patch notes below. In addition to the new plays, the Madden 20 update fixes a bug that allowed quarterbacks to abort the hand-off animation during certain reverse plays.

Additionally, Franchise mode in Madden 20 has been updated with improvements for stability and connectivity. The update also fixes a bug that caused the "Route Runner" player archetype from reaching higher overall ratings.

The February 20 patch for Madden 20 weighs in at around 2 GB on Xbox One, and it should be around the same for PS4 and PC.

Madden 20 February 20 Patch Notes

Franchise Updates

  • General stability and Connectivity improvements
  • Fixed an issue with the ‘Route Runner’ Wide Receiver Archetype data that prevented those players from reaching a high OVR via progression
    • DEV NOTE: List of ‘Route Runner’ Archetype players that were most likely to demonstrate this problem as they progress in Franchise leagues:
      • Michael Thomas
      • Davante Adams
      • Julian Edelman
      • Tyler Boyd
      • Keenan Allen
      • Amari Cooper
      • Julio Jones
      • Cooper Kupp
      • Stefon Diggs

Gameplay Updates

  • NFL Live Playbook Updates:
    • Added Gun Trey Y-Flex Weak offensive package to Chiefs NFL Live Playbook, which includes the Jet Chip Wasp play from the 3rd & 15 first-down conversion from Patrick Mahomes to Tyreek Hill in Super Bowl 54
  • Added I-Form Pro PA TE Screen and Singleback Deuce Close PA Boot Corner Post to 49ers NFL Live Playbook
  • Added Singeback Deuce Close PA Slide TE Screen to 49ers, Broncos, Bengals, Falcons, Packers, Rams, Seahawks and Titans NFL Live Playbooks
  • Added Singleback Wing Slot PA Y Screen to Buccaneers and Vikings NFL Live Playbooks
  • Added Far Pro offensive formation to Browns NFL Live Playbook
  • Added Split Slot offensive formation to Bears NFL Live Playbook
  • Quarter Overload defensive formation added to Buccaneers, Cardinals, Ravens and Titans NFL Live Playbooks
  • Added Dime Rush defensive formation to Eagles, Jaguars and Redskins NFL Live Playbooks
  • Added 4-3 Even 6-1 defensive formation to Broncos and Seahawks NFL Live Playbooks
  • Fixed an issue causing zone swapping in 46 Cub Tampa 2
  • For the NFL Live Playbooks, updated offensive play-call AI to reflect the run/pass ratios for all teams based on the 2019 NFL Season data
  • DEV NOTE: As a reminder, NFL Live Playbooks can be found by toggling them on in the Team Select settings screen or via the Settings Menu on the Main Menu. In Franchise, these alternate playbooks can be toggled on for both users and AI teams by toggling them on via the Franchise Settings menu.
  • Fixed an issue allowing the QB to abort the hand-off animation when flipping a specific reverse play

GameSpot may get a commission from retail offers.

Got a news tip or want to contact us directly? Email [email protected]

How To Update Madden 20's Roster, Protecting Wentz, No More Updates. Roster Update Guide, 5/13/21.

Madden 20 update 1.26 patch notes: it's all about Salary Cap mode

With the season over, Madden 20 patch 1.26 - AKA the Madden 20 March title update - is the most specific yet. It's fully focussed on Salary Cap mode in Ultimate Team. With Last Chance Qualifiers for the Madden 20 Championship Series currently taking place, EA has adjusted the number of Salary Cap points that each X-Factor ability costs when added to your competitive roster. As such, these Madden 20 patch notes are presented in list form. Normal service will be resumed next month, with a title update expected around 6 March. For even more intel, dip into the official Madden NFL 20 Gridiron Notes. 

Madden 20 update 1.22: Increased Superstar Ability Caps

- Inside Stuff increased from 8 cap to 15 cap
- No Outsiders increased from 10 cap to 15 cap
- Run Stopper increased from 15 cap to 16 cap
- Finesse Specialist increased from 35 cap to 45 cap
- Power Specialist increased from 35 cap to 45 cap
- Edge Threat increased from 35 cap to 40 cap
- Edge Threat Elite increased from 40 cap to 50 cap
- Pass Rush Elite increased from 40 cap to 50 cap
- Matchup Nightmare increased from 20 cap to 25 cap
- Arm Bar increased from 35 cap to 40 cap
- Juke Box increased from 40 cap to 45 cap
- Fastbreak increased from 60 cap to 85 cap

Madden 20 update 1.22: Decreased Superstar Ability Caps

- In Specialist decreased from 3 cap to 2 cap
- Pocket Lead decreased from 5 cap to 2 cap
- Set Feet Lead decreased from 5 cap to 2 cap
- Pass Lead Elite decreased from 10 cap to 4 cap
- In Out Elite decreased from 6 cap to 4 cap
- Curl Comeback Elite decreased from 10 cap to 7 cap
- Pocket Deadeye decreased from 10 cap to 8 cap
- Cross Specialist decreased from 15 cap to 10 cap
- Route Technician decreased from 15 cap to 10 cap
- Outside Apprentice decreased from 18 cap to 10 cap
- Post Specialist decreased from 15 cap to 11 cap
- Out Corner Elite decreased from 15 cap to 12 cap
- In Post Elite decreased from 16 cap to 12 cap
- Conductor decreased from 15 cap to 12 cap
- All Day decreased from 18 cap to 15 cap
- Secure Protector decreased from 18 cap to 15 cap
- Red Zone Threat decreased from 18 cap to 15 cap
- Edge Protector decreased from 20 cap to 16 cap
- Gun Slinger decreased from 20 cap to 18 cap
- TE Apprentice decreased from 25 cap to 20 cap
- RB Apprentice decreased from 25 cap to 20 cap
- Pass Block Elite decreased from 28 cap to 25 cap
- Backfield Master decreased from 35 cap to 30 cap
- Protected decreased from 40 cap to 30 cap
- Man Up decreased from 25 cap to 22 cap
- Zoned Out decreased from 28 cap to 25 cap

Madden 20 patch 1.22: Decreased X-Factor Ability Caps

- Pro Reads decreased from 10 cap to 1 cap
- Fearless decreased from 10 cap to 1 cap
- Bazooka decreased from 15 cap to 5 cap
- Max Security decreased from 20 cap to 5 cap
- RAC’em Up decreased from 20 cap to 5 cap
- Satellite decreased from 25 cap to 10 cap
- Brick Wall decreased from 15 cap to 10 cap
- Wrecking Ball decreased from 25 cap to 15 cap
- First One Free decreased from 25 cap to 15 cap
- Freight Train decreased from 25 cap to 15 cap
- Blitz Radar decreased from 20 cap to 15 cap
- Run & Gun decreased from 35 cap to 15 cap
- Gambler decreased from 40 cap to 20 cap
- Double Me decreased from 30 cap to 25 cap
- Run Stuffer decreased from 15 cap to 5 cap
- Fearmonger decreased from 15 cap to 10 cap
- Reinforcement decreased from 20 cap to 10 cap
- Shutdown decreased from 25 cap to 10 cap
- Zone Hawk decreased from 25 cap to 10 cap
- Unstoppable Force decreased from 30 cap to 20 cap

Madden 20 is out now. Just starting to map out your Ultimate Team? Then you need our Madden 20 ratings guide, charting the top five players at every position.

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Madden 20 1.22 January Title Update Patch Notes

Madden 20 1.22 January title update patch notes is now available for PS4 and Xbox One players. According to the official Madden 20 1.22 patch notes, the latest update added the ‘Run Commit’ mechanic changes and other gameplay fixes. Apart from this, the Madden 20 update 1.22 also includes stability and performance improvements.

Previously, a big title update was released with the new X-Factors Players, updated superstar players, new X-Factor zone abilities, new superstar abilities and more. Unfortunately, since the last patch, many players are still experiencing several problems with the game. Today’s Madden 20 version 1.22 is expected to fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

Madden 20 1.22 patch notes (January Title Update)

Key Highlights

  • Updated ‘Run Commit’ mechanic

Global Updates

  • General stability & connectivity improvements
  • NFL Player Likeness Updates:
  • Various commentary updates

Franchise Updates

  • Madden 20 1.22 fixed an issue that was preventing some Cloud leagues from being able to Advance Week near the end of the regular season
  • Fixed an issue with the ‘Adjust Lineup’ tool preventing it from updating the team’s OVR and player-count correctly
  • Madden 20 update 1.22 fixed a typo in player name in an early retirement story News post
    • DEV NOTE:We updated the list of disallowed player names for Face of the Franchise: QB1 mode. This means that you may not be able to make a player avatar with your preferred last name when playing through the College Football Championship games. Users can change their player’s name once they are drafted onto an NFL team, where there are no naming restrictions. 

Gameplay Updates in Madden 20 update 1.22

  • Updated ‘Run Commit’ mechanic to be more effective at stopping running plays when used toward the correct side of the run on all game styles
  • Madden 20 1.22 fixed an issue causing the commentary to call out a Touchdown when a TD wasn’t scored, most frequently occurring during tackles right at the goal line
  • Fixed an issue allowing the ‘Grab-N-Go’ ability to activate on running backs during RPO plays
  • Madden 20 1.22 fixed some issues sometimes causing players to freeze after TD celebrations
  • Fixed an issue allowing an exploit work-around for the ‘Ice the Kicker’ by calling a fake FG play
  • Playbook Updates:
    • Madden 20 1.22 fixed an issue with defensive alignment with Dime Sugar Weak vs. flipped offensive plays
    • Fixed an issue causing zone swapping for 4-3 Even 6-1 and 46 Cub vs. Trips TE/Bunch TE
    • Fixed an incorrect route on Gun Tight Doubles Zig Under
    • Madden 20 update 1.22 fixed an issue causing a frozen player on Close Z Clown/Close Z Corner
    • DEV NOTE:We have more NFL Live AI play-calling and Playbook updates that will reflect the latest data from the end of the NFL season coming soon. Stay tuned!

Superstar KO Updates

  • New X-Factors added to the Superstar KO Draft Pool
    • Lamar Jackson
    • Nick Bosa
    • Jamal Adams
    • Devin McCourty
    • Chandler Jones
    • Amari Cooper
  • New Legends added to the Superstar KO Draft Pool
    • Ed “Too Tall” Jones
    • Brian Urlacher
    • Andre Reed
    • Randall Cunningham

Madden 20 update 1.22 for PS4 and Xbox One is now available fo download.


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