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Get value beyond the result

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Quest offers you efficiency in obtaining, sharing, and integrating health information. With our solutions you can be confident you’re armed with the right information at the right time, so you have all the support you need to take meaningful clinical action. And because you also care about the health of your practice, our health IT solutions help you stay on top of your practice’s performance, too.

With Quest tools, knowing means having the insight to not only help manage your patients but also your practice.

Quanum Interactive Insights—enhanced reporting that goes beyond results to provide context and implications for patient care so you can see trends and make decisions.

Seamless EHR/IT integration—Quest Diagnostics interfaces with most EHR systems, making integration with your existing EHR easier.

Quanum Electronic Health Record (EHR)—makes it easier to meet Meaningful Use criteria—ONC-ATCB-certified and enables sharing of information with providers on other EHR systems, ensuring lab results are seamlessly integrated into a patient’s health record.

MyQuest patient portal—a secure and convenient portal that allows patients to view, access and share healthcare information and for you to help support patient engagement and compliance. Includes a companion mobile app.

Lab Testing for the Primary Care Practice – Routine to Specialty—From allergy testing to infectious disease screening, differential diabetes diagnosis to prescription drug monitoring, our comprehensive menu helps you get the information you need to make the right decisions for a wide range of patients.

Spotlight on Health Program
Quest provides diagnostic insights that help improve human health. Our disease-specific newsletters offer health education materials that focus on important topics like heart disease, breast cancer and HIV. 

Sours: http://questdiagnostics.solutions/home/physicians/hcpsolutions.html

Quanum eLabs

Fast, easy access to patient test information

Healthcare costs continue to rise each year, and one of the major cost drivers is care inefficiency.

That means that as the industry shifts from a fee-for-service compensation model to value-based reimbursements, large practices have to make fundamental changes in care coordination.

One way to do this is by simplifying and streamlining the test ordering process—finding ways to reduce turnaround time and to increase accuracy.

Quanum eLabs can help.

Easily access patient lab information

Quanum eLabs enables you to access patient health information quickly and securely, integrating easily with your current platform.

  • Place and track patient lab orders and access results
  • Streamline appointment preparation—with convenient access to patient records
  • Gain practice-wide insights—with informatics report
  • Enhance connectivity—to share patient information among multiple providers while maintaining HIPAA compliance
  • Access lab orders anytime, anywhere—for convenient management of patient data
  • Order supplies online—to save time and reduce errors

Please contact your Quest Diagnostics sales representative to learn more.

Empower your decision-making

Sours: https://www.questdiagnostics.com/home/physicians/healthcareit/quanumsolutions/elabs/
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Quest Diagnostics Quanum Log In

Top-rated Services for Students to Use Without Login

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Sours: https://www.loginask.com/quest-diagnostics-quanum-log-in

One-stop convenience

Doctor and patient accessing test results on a tablet

Quanum Lab Services Manager is easy to use, comprehensive, and can be accessed anywhere, anytime, from any device. It can also be used by anyone in your practice, no matter your office set up.

Learn more

Insight and transparency

Physician reviewing historical trend report on Quanum

The application provides physicians the clinically relevant information they need at the point of care, including historical trend reports, while providing pricing transparency for their patients in order to improve patient satisfaction.

Learn more

Speed and efficiency

Doctor tracking a lab order online

With an application that’s easy to navigate, you’ll prevent lab-related disruptions and access results sooner. You’ll know when your supply orders are arriving and where your specimens are without picking up the phone.

Learn more

Sours: https://www.questdiagnostics.com/home/physicians/healthcareit/quanumsolutions/quanumlsm

Diagnostics login quest quantum

Patient Lab Results

Launch MyQuest™

patient lab results online

Quest Diagnostics LogoAccessing your health information has never been easier. Through our partnership with Quest Diagnostics, DLO is happy to offer a fast, simple and convenient tool to view your lab results. MyQuest delivers critical information directly to your computer, tablet and smart phone giving you the tools you need to view, access and securely share your health information wherever you go. Look at all the things it can do for you.

  • Get easy-to-understand lab results directly on your mobile device and computer
  • Get valuable insights into your personal health
  • Share information with physicians, emergency responders and other healthcare providers
  • Medication tracking and reminders

If you need help setting up your MyQuest account, see our instructions page on how to Create a MyQuest Account. If you have additional questions or comments regarding how to sign up for MyQuest, please email [email protected]

Get Results on your mobile device

You can also access MyQuest on your mobile device using the MyQuest App available for download for Apple or Android

Apple Download

Android Download

Get results by email, fax or mail

To get your test results by email, fax or mail, please complete a patient authorization form. Please complete the following steps to submit your Patient Authorization Form.

  1. Download the form to your computer
  2. The form is a fillable PDF so please complete the form in its entirety
  3. Save the file with the fields completed to your computer
  4. Email the form as an attachment to [email protected]

There is some level of risk that an unencrypted email can be accessed or intercepted by a third party. By emailing your request, you acknowledge and accept that risk. Otherwise, please fax or mail the request. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery of records.

If you need assistance completing the patient authorization form, please call 800-891-2917 and choose option 2 for Customer Service.

Who is Quest Diagnostics?

Quest Diagnostics is the world's leading provider of diagnostic testing, information and services that patients and doctors need to make better health care decisions. The company offers the broadest access to diagnostic testing services through its network of laboratories and patient service centers, and provides interpretive consultation through its extensive medical and scientific staff. Quest Diagnostics is a pioneer in developing innovative new diagnostic tests and advanced health care information technology solutions that help improve patient care.

*Clicking the "MyQuest" link will take you to the online patient portal of Quest Diagnostics, the nation’s leading provider of diagnostic testing, information and services. Through our unique affiliation, DLO is able to offer many of Quest Diagnostics' online services as a resource to Oklahoma healthcare professionals and patients.

Sours: https://www.dlolab.com/patients/patient-lab-results
Creating a MyQuest Account from QuestDirect


Patient engagement is more important than ever

The move to value-based care and its emphasis on quality have heightened the need for patient engagement. Through the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) and its Quality Payment Program (QPP), for example, clinicians will be rewarded for finding new ways to engage patients, families, and caregivers.

The patient portal is a key component of patient engagement. Making the most of the portal can enhance patient-provider communication and enable patients to take a more active role in their own health, including checking lab test results, reviewing medical records, and refilling prescriptions.

MyQuest provides a comprehensive solution for patient communication and engagement.

Engage patients in their health—for better outcomes

The MyQuest Patient Portal and app allow you and your patients to share information, keeping you connected. With the MyQuest app, patients can review test results, schedule appointments, and set up medication reminders—to stay on track and better manage their own care.

Through the MyQuest™ Patient Portal you can:

  • Send office visit notes, a current medication list, and lab results to the patient
  • Monitor and report on which patients are using the portal to meet current regulatory requirements
  • Communicate using secure messages with your patients, reducing the need for phone calls
  • Create an electronic record of your communications with patients that can be reviewed at any time
  • Encourage patients to track their overall health, lab results, and medication adherence using the Personal Health Record features

Empower your decision-making

Contact us by phone, call 1.866.MYQUEST (1.866.697.8378)
Learn more about MyQuest
To learn more about Quanum Electronic Health Record, contact us or call 1.888.835.3409
Sours: http://www.carilionlabs.com/home/physicians/healthcareit/quanumsolutions/myquest/

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