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The Kenmore product line is made for Sears by the leading appliance manufacturers and branded with the Kenmore name. Sears does not manufacture any products themselves.

You can determine the manufacturer of your particular Kenmore major home appliance by comparing the model number prefix (first 3 or 4 digits of the model number before a dot or space) with the table below. (Eg. 106.9712611  or  106  9712611)

Example Kenmore model tag

  Please Note!  The complete model number will usually only appear right on the appliance's identification tag (as pictured above) and will NOT usually be listed in the owner's manual, bill of sale or on the energy guide label.

Any printing on the front of the appliance (eg. "Series 70", 80, 90, "Kenmore 20", "Elite", "Deluxe" or "Heavy Duty", etc.) is not the model number but is just a marketing name which is not usually of any help in identifying the appliance you have.

Prefix Manufacturer Type Prefix Manufacturer Type
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103.Roperct, wo592.Samsungla, mw
106.Whirlpoolref, ac596.Amanaref
110.Whirlpooldw, la612.ACMEran, ref
111.Daewoo, Hanshangref, mw622.Kelvinator (Frigidaire) 
116.Absocoldim628.Kelvinator (Frigidaire) 
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118.Corningct, ran629.Jenn Air 
119.Athens, Royal Chef (Frigidaire), Roper*ct, ran630.Boschdw
126.Absocold?ref, im647.Roper 
143.Monarch/Simpson?ra651.Speed Queen 
153.State Industrieswh664.Whirlpoolct, wo
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154.Whirlpoolct, ran665.Whirlpooldw ran wo
155.Preway (Whirlpool)ran666.KitchenAidran
174.Caloric 675.WC Wood Co.ref, frz
175.In-Sink-Eratordisp683.Philco Italy?la
183.Haierfrz719.Tappan (Frigidaire) 
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196.Brown Stove?ran721.Goldstar (LG)mw
233.Broanhood757.Ranney/Northland, Marvel, Imperialfrz, ran
251.Winix Inc.dehum767.LG, Marvelmw, ref
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253.Gibson (Frigidaire)ac, ref789.Defianceref
266.GEla791.Tappan (Frigidaire) 
267.GEla795.LG Electronicsref
274.RCA 796.LGla
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278.Roper*wo, mw835.Roper 
293.Feddersac, dehum840.Friedrichac
335.Amanaran850.Preway (Whirlpool)wo
336.Electrolux 861.Mideaac
342.York 867.Keepriteac
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363.GE, LGref, dw, mw911.Roper* 
401.Samsungmw, ref917.Roper, GE, Frigidaireran
402.Samsungla925.Maycor (Maytag) 
405.Guangdong Mideamw934.Hitachi 
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416.Carrier 970.Frigidaireran, ref
417.Kelvinator (Frigidaire) C106.Inglisref
461.Shunde Midea Mfg.dw, refC110.Inglisdw, la
464.GE # C233Broanhood
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473.Hoover C363.Camcodw, ran
484.Fedders, Whirlpool #acC444Broanhood
501.Goldstar (LG)la, refC646.Admiral (Inglis)ref
562.Toshiba C648.Frigidairera
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564.Sanyomw, frzC675.WC Wood Co.ref, frz
565.SanyomwC880.Admiral (Inglis)ran, ref
(B4 1970)
568.Panasonic C960.GSWla
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575.Sharp C968.Moffat (Camco)ran, la
580.Goldstar (LG) C970.Kelvinator
ran, ref
586.Panasonic C978.Camco, Mideala, ref
587.DM (Frigidaire), Anaheim Mfgdw, disp   
  * Parts available through GE, not Whirlpool
  # 484 in the actual model number not on Sears internal documents
  ac-air conditioner   ct-cooktop   disp-disposal   dw-dishwasher
  frz-freezer   la-laundry   mw-microwave   ran-range
  ref-refrigerator   wo-wall oven (a.k.a. built in oven)
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Appliance Parts for Kenmore

The next time you run across a 1913 Kenmore sewing machine at a garage sale, snap it up because it's the first appliance that was branded with this well-known name. If you're interested in purchasing the latest model, visit your nearest Sears store. The national retailer satisfied a mass market for home appliances beginning with washing machines in 1927 and carries a full line of Kenmore products today. Over time, Sears applied the Kenmore brand to appliances produced by leading manufacturers including GE, Electrolux and Whirlpool. The Kenmore label ensured high quality at a low price and helped Sears establish its strong role in the national retail market.

In 2009 the Kenmore name was applied to appliances built by Samsung and LG Electronics. Kenmore model numbers start with three numbers followed by a period. Those first three numbers are code for the manufacturer. 110 and 106 are Whirlpool for example while 795 and 796 are LG.  While the Kenmore brand label remains the same, the manufacturer can be almost anyone. Sears still dominates the retail appliance market, but competition has drastically narrowed the retail giant's lead.

You might be one of many consumers who choose appliance brands that provide more coverage than Kenmore's 1-year limited warranty. Sears offers customers the opportunity to purchase an extended warranty on all products, but this extra expense is a serious consideration when you're investing in a new appliance.  Keep in mind many repairs can be accomplished by the homeowners who have little or no experience with assistance from U-FIX-IT Appliance Parts.  There is no need to schedule an appointment with a repair man when you are doing the repair yourself. Most appliance repairs can be accomplished with parts costing under $50.00. Both limited and extended warranties are applicable to the following Kenmore products:


  • Dishwashers
  • Refrigerators
  • Ranges
  • Wall ovens
  • Microwave ovens
  • Range hoods


  • Washing machines
  • Dryers
  • Water heaters

Heating and Cooling

  • Gas furnaces
  • Heat pumps
  • Central air conditioning
  • Window air conditioners

Other Appliances

  • Air purifiers
  • Water softeners
  • Water filters
  • Sewing machines

Here at U-Fix-It, we've built customer trust based on 40 years of serving you with honest, reliable information about the appliances you depend on every day. We're committed to providing affordable solutions to mechanical problems, but our goal is to share our knowledge regardless of sales. We have  parts for Kenmore appliances  and if you need advice, tech tips or just want help figuring out what's wrong, give us a call, or stop by one of our four north Texas U-Fix-It locations. When you know you can fix it yourself, we know we've done our job.

Part Request

Know the part you are looking for but can't find it? Let us find it and let you know when we do.
*The use of the Kenmore logo is not authorized by, sponsored by, or associated with the trademark owner.
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Kenmore Appliance Parts

Kenmore LogoKenmore appliance parts are easily available from A-1 Appliance Parts. Kenmore appliances are sold by Sears. Many different appliance manufacturers make appliances for Sears under the Kenmore brand name. Whirlpool, Frigidaire, GE, Maytag, and many others are the actual manufacturer of your appliance. When you purchase Kenmore appliance parts online from A-1 Appliance Parts you're not just getting a quality part. You've also acquired the assurance that A-1 will stand behind the part for one full year. You've gained a customer service support group with over 100 years of combined experience selling Kenmore appliance parts.

For your benefit A-1 stocks only Authorized Original Kenmore appliance parts. Originally manufactured appliance parts come with a one year warranty.

Ordering Kenmore Appliance Parts online for your washer, dryer, freezer, dishwasher, range, wall oven, microwave, or refrigerator is easy when you order from A-1 Appliance Parts. Easy, Secure, Informative, and friendly is A-1's guarantee when ordering Kenmore repair parts.


A-1 Appliance Parts makes repairing your Kenmore Appliance easy and simple. We understand that finding the correct Kenmore Appliance Part is usually the most difficult part of the job for the do-it-yourself appliance repair. We guarantee to try and make your appliance repair as easy and painless as possible. We have one of the largest appliance part inventories in the South East which allows us to ship most orders the same day you place your order.

We've got the right Kenmore Appliance Part for your appliance repair needs. Whether it's an Kenmore Range, Kenmore Refrigerator, Kenmore Dryer, Kenmore Washer, Kenmore Air Conditioner, Kenmore Dishwasher, or any other Kenmore Appliance, you'll be able to find the correct appliance part to complete your repair. If you have trouble finding the correct appliance repair part, then give us a call at 1-800-841-0312 and let us aid you in your search. We have a friendly and knowledgeable staff waiting to serve you.

The Kenmore name represents many manufacturers. When you purchased your Kenmore appliance, you've actually purchased a Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Maytag, or GE appliance. Therefore, the appliance part you purchase will be from one of those manufacturers. We've tried to break it down into individual sections to help make searching for the correct Kenmore Appliance Part as easy as possible. Popular Kenmore appliance parts would include water filters, washer pumps, refrigerator water valves, oven ignitors, bake elements, broil elements, drip pans, and much more.

We offer several methods to aid in your search for the correct appliance parts. To the left you will find sections devoted to the most popular appliance parts. You can search by the type of appliance or the brand of appliance. We've also developed a new section on the right devoted to appliance repair help. We offer repair manuals, an appliance repair forum, and an appliance parts blog just to name a few of the resources available. Our new Customer Service section is also located on the right side. Use this section to track your order, to find shipping information, or to find contact information.

Prices for online orders only. Price and availability subject to change - customer will be notified if any changes are necessary.


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