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WHAT IS INCLUDED: 2 Packs of 32" Extra Long Reacher Grabber with Rotating Jaw (Yellow)

RMS 2 Packs 32" Long Grabber Reacher, Trash Picker, Litter Pick Up, Garden Nabber, Arm Extension

The Rotating Reacher Grabber is an Excellent Tool for Indoor and Outdoor Purposes


Increases your reach by 32 inches so that you can pick up items from floor, top shelf, outdoor lawn, trash can, behind furniture, or other hard to reach places. The 32" reach is measured from the tip of the jaw to the palm of your hand for a true 32" reach. Overall length is 34" including the handle.


The shaft is made from rust-proof lightweight aluminum and the internal wire is made from steel cable for durability and easy of use.

90-Degree Rubberized Rotating Jaw:

The jaw rotates and locks at 90 degrees for vertical or horizontal use. It is made from soft rubber to allow picking up the smallest items with ease.

Anti-Slip Jaw:

The jaw is coated with anti-slip material to prevent items from slipping or dropping.

Soft Grip Trigger and Ergonomic Handle:


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Material Type: Aluminum alloy

Reacher grabber USES the premium aluminum alloy materials, you can pick up 3 pounds, don't worry about
grabber could break,it has a very comfortable handle and a rubber chuck, You can pick up small
objects in red wine glasses and crevices.

After surgery patients or elderly, act not convenient, don't need to bend over you can pickup
the garbage in the garden, protection from already of lumbar spine, for children, it does
not need to stand on a table or on the steps, you can easily get high objects.

Use it for:
Picking up trash and litter.
Picking up broken glass pieces.
Reaching under furniture and beds.
Retrieving items in hard to reach cabinets.
Picking up daily things such as the newspaper.
Plus many many more uses.

How to Use
1. The arrow on the plastic part of the folding place is aimed at the groove on the aluminum alloy pole.
2. The aluminum alloy chuck is inserted into the hole in the plastic part.
3. Pull the handle switch, clamp the head to close, loosen the switch, clip the head to loosen.

Number of packages: 1 PCS

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Newest VersionUpdated with a STEEL body and STEEL inner cord making this the strongest most durable reacher greabber tool!

Not everything is in arm's reach. It always feels like your arm's length is just a few inches short from grabbing that box of cake mix from the top shelf of your cupboard or your favorite pair of sock that somehow ended up under your bed. With Luxet, those extra inches on your arm are here to stay with the brilliant long reach grabber tool! You can finally reach areas you couldn't before and pick up things without overexerting yourself.


Great Extensions: Up to 32"" Reach
Premium Stainless Steel Body, Plastic Pincers
Compact and Foldable
Comfortable Ergonomic Handle
Magnetic Grips Easily Grab Metallic Objects
Lightweight Construction for Easy Operation and Mobility
Great for Elderly Use, Nursing Homes, and Medical Facilities


Picking Up Trash, Litter, and Garbage
Coin Collecting
Cleaning Up at Home Safely - Collecting Glass and Ceramic Shards
Getting Items in Top Shelf and High Places
Reaching Tight Hard to Reach Spots: Underneath Beds, Behind Dressers
Everyday Grabbing for Physically Impaired


Using the comfortable handle and easy-access button, you'll be grabbing anything and everything in no time. It quickly clutches and releases the claw so you never have to do too much to get what you need. It even comes with a magnetic piece that functions to firmly secure metal items.


When things are too high, you may consider grabbing a chair to give you a boost but that's not always a good idea. Unstable stepping stools and ladders can lead to falls so you may need to consider other options. It's also great for picking up sharp shards or bacteria filled items.

Get your extending grabbing arm tool today!


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Top 5 Best Reacher Grabbers in 2020 – Review

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