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Why SunwellCore


‣ Current development state
‣ Server performance
‣ MoveMaps
‣ Spell system
‣ Spell stacking
‣ HoT and DoT calculation
‣ Instance ID system
‣ Dungeon Finder
‣ Battleground Queues
‣ Transport System
‣ Instances
‣ Quests
‣ Pets
‣ Battlegrounds and arenas
‣ Dynamic MMR
‣ Achievements
‣ Ingame seasonal events
‣ Wintergrasp
‣ Raid Browser
‣ Arena Spectator
‣ Summary
‣ Download

Current development state

The most rational way to assess the current development state would be to check our BugTracker statistics. Over the years thousands of players have been reporting all spotted bugs. At the moment of writing this, there are over 5600 bug reports fixed and only 25 bug reports open (unresolved). That's over 99% of bugs fixed! The BugTracker hasn't been cleared since May 2011.

Besides fixing the most obvious part, which is the content (quests, instances, spells, etc.), we have managed to rewrite major emulator structures and systems to eliminate more general bugs and problems, and also to optimize it. You'll find more informations below.

Server performance

Firstly, we will have to explain what "update time diff" is (we usually refer to it as "diff" in short). Update time diff is the time it takes the server to process all current tasks. The longer the diff is, the longer you wait for your actions to be processed (running, casting spells, etc.) and the less dynamic the game is. Diff adds up to your network latency (explicitly shown in the game client) and creates final delay you experience while playing. You can check current and average diff (average in the last ~10 seconds) using ".server info" command ingame.

We have managed to lower diffs to ~20ms (milliseconds) on average @ 2500 players online. Here is a screenshot. We expect diffs to be ~40ms on average @ 4000 players online. We say "expect", because we haven't yet reached 4k since latest optimizations. However, we can guarantee the core easily supports 4000 players online, because it has already supported in the past. Here is a screenshot of 4000 players online with diffs ~65ms on average: click.

Such exceptionally low diffs were achieved by countless optimizations over the years. Fortunately, we don't have to multiply our player counters by 2 to build up hype, as some popular servers do.


MoveMaps have been coded and enabled in the whole game world since May 2013 and haven't been changed since then. Nice things to mention:

  • working properly in standard places,
  • working in water,
  • working on the boundaries of water/land,
  • proper charge pathing,
  • NPCs take into consideration path existence when selecting a target from threat list,
  • NPCs evade after the target is unreachable for a few seconds, not sooner,
  • slightly different rules for pets.

Current MoveMaps implementation is our own, original work. We are using a publicly available library to do the path calculations, while the usage of the library and incorporating it into core systems is our work. Thanks to that the MoveMaps are very fast, having almost no impact on server's performance.

MoveMaps are not perfect though, and never will be. They depend on pre-generated representation of visual textures, which is not ideal is some places.

Spell system

Generally speaking, we have rewritten spell, talent and dual talent specialization systems (September 2014). To be specific, we have completely rewritten the way spells and talents (both in core and database) are stored, added and removed, and rewritten dual talent specialization and talent resetting. This fixed very serious and unacceptable bugs, such as:

  • talent bonuses applied twice,
  • talents working without any points spent,
  • doubled glyph effects,
  • possessing spells which should have been removed from a character,
  • and some more.

Players hardly notice any difference, however the changes are significant, prevent many bugs, and positively affect balance in PvP and PvE.

Besides that, fully working character spells, talents and glyphs have always been our top priority. It happens that from time to time a new bug is discovered and reported. It is then fixed as soon as possible.

Spell stacking

We wrote our own spell stacking system (November 2012). This greatly influences balance in PvP and makes PvE harder, as it should be. Features:

  • Allows more sophisticated stacking rules, to reproduce all rules from the official servers.
  • Fixes stacking of many spells.
  • If required, allows to have multiple auras applied that shouldn't stack with each other. In such situations only the strongest effects of all the auras are working.
  • Implemented "A more powerful spell is already active".
  • Faster and simpler from technical point of view.
  • Working fully blizzlike.


  • Divine Spirit (80 spirit) + Fel Intelligence (48 intellect + 64 spirit) = 80 spirit + 48 intellect.
  • Battle Shout won't be applied to characters having a stronger Blessing of Might. Characters with a weaker effect or no effect at all will gain the buff properly.
  • Blessing of Kings and Blessing of Sanctuary will coexist on the target because of other bonuses, but bonus statistics won't accumulate.
  • Faerie Fire and Faerie Fire (Feral) from any number of casters will coexist on the target, because they give additional bonuses to the caster when having a talent, but the -5% armor effect won't accumulate.


HoT and DoT calculation

We reworked HoT and DoT calculation (November 2012) to make it work the same as on the official servers. This influences balance in PvP and PvE. Changes:

  • Caster bonuses are calculated once, when the spell is cast, and are constant for the duration of the effect, not affected by the caster losing/gaining any buffs.
  • Target modifiers and bonuses affect the DoT/HoT up to date.
  • Percentage caster bonuses to damage/heal and to crit chance remain constant after first calculation, even if the aura is refreshed using some talents.
  • When refreshing DoT/HoT using talents, Spell Power bonus is recalculated at the moment of refreshing (and then constant again for the new duration).
  • DoTs i HoTs are now independent of caster existence. Thanks to that you may for example apply a DoT using Dancing Rune Weapon a second before the DRW disappears and the DoT will correctly deal damage afterwards.
  • Introduces "DoT rolling" mechanic, which is important during raids.
  • Fully blizzlike.


Instance ID system

We have completely rewritten instance id system and character binding (December 2014). It eliminated some major bugs and fixed various related problems:

  • fixed disappearing permanent instance binds (which allowed to run the same raid few times a week),
  • fixed automatic instance id reset randomly not working,
  • corrected bugs in creation, loading, closing and resetting of instance maps,
  • corrected bugs in group saving, loading and storing group data,
  • fixed a few other problems spotted on the occasion, including a few crashes.

We have also implemented Instance Lock Extension function, allowing you to extend selected instance id periods. Instance Lock Extension allows every group to progress raids at their own pace. This was possible thanks to rewriting whole instance id system and eliminating huge amount of bugs in it. We also fixed displaying of global id reset times in the in-game calendar and displaying of your own instance lockout periods taking into account current extensions.

Dungeon Finder

We have fixed a lot of problems with the Dungeon Finder. The most significant change is our own system of queueing and joining players/groups together into DF groups. The publicly available one, copied to every emulator, performs poorly with lots of players queued. During peak hours, with thousands of players online, it checked less than 1% of all possible combinations of queued players. Our own system checks them all, properly forms groups and is hundreds of times faster. The changes (May 2013) include:

  • Properly joining players together into DF groups, no matter the number of players queued.
  • After a proposal fails, players who accepted it are put back to the beginning of the queue.
  • You can replace missing group members while inside the instance (by queueing DF again). New members will be teleported to leader's current location.
  • Dungeon rewards working for every dungeon, even the low level ones.
  • DF won't put groups into instances with mobs/bosses killed.
  • Implemented minimum level of gear requirement (only when accessing instances through DF).
  • Vote to kick works properly, with a reason to kick asked.
  • There are no bugs caused by being disconnected, entering and leaving the instance, and kicking or refilling players.
  • Luck of the Draw, Dungeon Cooldown and Dungeon Deserter buffs are working properly.
  • Groups are teleported to proper starting locations.


Battleground Queues

We have rewritten Battleground Queue system and everything related to it (July 2015). Not only lots of bugs were fixed, but also many improvements were introduced. A list of main changes:

  • Joined random and specific queues. Random queue will now gather groups together with specific queues.
  • Battlegrounds are created only after required amount of players is gathered for a particular Battleground. This helps to avoid premature closing of large Battlegrounds, caused by insufficient number of participants. In case of lower number of players queued, large Battlegrounds simply won't be created.
  • Already created Battlegrounds with free slots are filled up first using queued players. Only then new ones are created. When filling, Battlegrounds with more free slots (in percentage) are prioritized.
  • Fixed conditions for queueing as a group and queueing alone. You can queue for two different Battlegrounds at the same time without any bugs (as a group and alone).
  • Rewritten algorithms for assembling teams from queued groups/players. This applies to premade Battlegrounds, standard Battlegrounds, non-rated arenas and non-rated arenas against the same faction.
  • Fixed balancing of players in the opposite teams on Battlegrounds. The algorithm was reworked, and now takes into account actually invited characters and characters being teleported at the moment.
  • Fixed exceeding maximum number of players on either team.
  • Always sending proper queue and bg status to the game client.
  • And some more... ;)


Transport System

For the typical motion transports (zeppelins, ships, etc.), we have fixed position desynchronization (visual vs actual) affecting a few of them, vmap issues and some bugs with fighting on such transports moving.

But most importantly, we have implemented static transports (July 2015), ie. elevators and trams. This means that players, pets, totems, traps, etc., now move along with elevators. Their position is updated both visually and actually according to the movement of the elevator. This applies to all kinds of transport, in every state, for any parameters, any rotation of the transport, rotation of it's path and rotation of it's animation. Also Line of Sight is properly blocked in the current position of every transport. This will surely be noticeable on Ring of Valor arena.


Instead of waiting for hundreds of bugs to be reported, we decided to entirely rewrite every instance there is in the game. And by entirely we mean entirely (bosses, trash, scenes, achievements, etc.). Up to this moment, we have managed to rewrite:

  • WotLK dungeons: 16 of 16
  • WotLK raids: 9 of 9
  • TBC dungeons: 16 of 16
  • TBC raids: 6 of 9
  • Vanilla dungeons: 17 of 19
  • Vanilla raids: 0 of 5

Every instance in the game is open and available. Exact list of their current status is below.

WotLK dungeons:

  • Halls of Reflection - rewritten and available
  • Pit of Saron - rewritten and available
  • The Forge of Souls - rewritten and available
  • Trial of the Champion - rewritten and available
  • The Culling of Stratholme - rewritten and available
  • Utgarde Pinnacle - rewritten and available
  • Halls of Lightning - rewritten and available
  • The Oculus - rewritten and available
  • Halls of Stone - rewritten and available
  • Gundrak - rewritten and available
  • Violet Hold - rewritten and available
  • Drak'Tharon Keep - rewritten and available
  • Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom - rewritten and available
  • Azjol-Nerub - rewritten and available
  • The Nexus - rewritten and available
  • Utgarde Keep - rewritten and available

WotLK raids:

  • The Ruby Sanctum - rewritten and available
  • Icecrown Citadel - rewritten and available
  • Onyxia's Lair - rewritten and available
  • Trial of the Crusader - rewritten and available
  • Ulduar - rewritten and available
  • The Eye of Eternity - rewritten and available
  • Vault of Archavon - rewritten and available
  • The Obsidian Sanctum - rewritten and available
  • Naxxramas - rewritten and available

TBC dungeons:

  • Magisters' Terrace - rewritten and available
  • The Black Morass - rewritten and available
  • The Arcatraz - rewritten and available
  • The Botanica - rewritten and available
  • The Mechanar - rewritten and available
  • Old Hillsbrad Foothills - rewritten and available
  • Shadow Labyrinth - rewritten and available
  • The Shattered Halls - rewritten and available
  • The Steamvault - rewritten and available
  • Sethekk Halls - rewritten and available
  • Auchenai Crypts - rewritten and available
  • Mana-Tombs - rewritten and available
  • The Underbog - rewritten and available
  • The Slave Pens - rewritten and available
  • The Blood Furnace - rewritten and available
  • Hellfire Ramparts - rewritten and available

TBC raids:

  • Sunwell Plateau - rewritten and available
  • Black Temple - rewritten and available
  • The Battle for Mount Hyjal - available, not rewritten yet
  • Tempest Keep: The Eye - rewritten and available
  • Serpentshrine Cavern - rewritten and available
  • Magtheridon's Lair - rewritten and available
  • Gruul's Lair - rewritten and available
  • Zul'Aman - available, not rewritten yet
  • Karazhan - available, not rewritten yet

Vanilla dungeons:

  • Scholomance - rewritten and available
  • Stratholme - rewritten and available
  • Dire Maul - rewritten and available
  • Blackrock Spire - available, not rewritten yet
  • Blackrock Depths - available, not rewritten yet
  • Temple of Atal'Hakkar - rewritten and available
  • Maraudon - rewritten and available
  • Zul'Farrak - rewritten and available
  • Uldaman - rewritten and available
  • Razorfen Downs - rewritten and available
  • The Scarlet Monastery - rewritten and available
  • Razorfen Kraul - rewritten and available
  • Gnomeregan - rewritten and available
  • The Stockade - rewritten and available
  • Blackfathom Deeps - rewritten and available
  • Shadowfang Keep - rewritten and available
  • The Deadmines - rewritten and available
  • Wailing Caverns - rewritten and available
  • Ragefire Chasm - rewritten and available

Vanilla raids:

  • Temple of Ahn'Qiraj - available, not rewritten yet
  • Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj - available, not rewritten yet
  • Blackwing Lair - available, not rewritten yet
  • Molten Core - available, not rewritten yet
  • Zul'Gurub - available, not rewritten yet

We fixed some reported bugs in the not yet rewritten instances, but we are aware more needs to be done. Further reporting bugs in those instances is pointless, because they will be totally rewritten anyway. This list will then be updated accordingly.


The Loremaster achievement has been obtainable since November 2012. We've been fixing quests from the very beginning. We always try to fix them with proper visual effects, texts, waypoints, and so on. In some cases doing just the visual effects for a single quest took hours, and we did it anyway.

To our best knowledge, there's only one quest in the game that is not working, namely: The Battle For The Undercity. It is possible that some quests get stuck under certain circumstances, or are missing some visuals, or worked but got broken by an update. In such cases please report them on our BugTracker. We will fix them as soon as possible.


Various fixes have been done to pets in order to achieve their correct behavior:

  • If a pet is ordered to cast a spell, but the target is out of range or not in LoS, the pet will run up to the target and then cast the ordered spell (no need to order it again).
  • Properly working defensive stance (aggressive and passive too).
  • All pets have AoE damage reduction aura.
  • Correctly inheriting owner's statistics.
  • Pets react to crowd control auras on targets.
  • Correct pet size scaling with it's level.
  • Fixed controlling pets if one of them is dead (eg. Shaman's Feral Spirit).
  • Fixed dismissing dead pets.
  • Damage done by and to pets is properly counted in Battleground statistics.
  • And many more.

Moreover, nearly all non-combat pets have their custom animations and behaviors scripted.

Battlegrounds and arenas

We have completely rewritten Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin and Eye of the Storm, and fixed reported bugs in the rest of the Battlegrounds. We consider rewriting the remaining three in the future, just to be sure everything is top-notch.

All Battleground achievements are working. Experience is properly awarded on Battlegrounds for killing, various bg actions and winning/losing. There wasn't much to fix on arenas. We have scripted the Ring of Valor arena - working elevators/pillars, MoveMaps and LoS smoothly matching pillar movement.

Battleground Queues and Arena Matching have been rewritten, which is described in detail in other sections on this page.

Dynamic MMR

MMR (Match Making Rating) is a rating for each player that changes every time you play an arena battle. Your MMR increases when you win, and it decreases when you lose. It is used to pair teams of similar skill. But there's a dillema: lower allowed difference in MMR results in fairer matches, but increases waiting time in the queue. Solution: Dynamic MMR.

The allowed MMR difference between two teams grows as you wait in the queue. The most adequate opponents are searched for in larger and larger span of MMR values as you wait. Previous algorithm for matching arena teams had a constant MMR difference set and a lot of defects, so we rewrote it completely.


Every achievement in the game should be obtainable. To give you an example, just imagine ~140 achievements in Ulduar instance alone and every one of them working properly. We have paid close attention to achievements in every instance we have rewritten. There may be some difficulties with obtaining achievements in the not yet rewritten instances, but they should be doable. Achievements of all the categories are working (General, Quests, Exploration, PvP, Dungeons & Raids, Professions, Reputation, World Events).

Ingame seasonal events

We have rewritten every seasonal event in the game. All achievements from the events are working, together with the "What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been" achievement, awarded for completing all seasonal achievements. The list of available and working seasonal events:

  • Lunar Festival
  • Love is in the Air
  • Noblegarden
  • Children's Week
  • Midsummer Fire Festival
  • Brewfest
  • Hallow's End
  • Day of the Dead
  • Pilgrim's Bounty
  • Feast of Winter Veil

The following are also fixed:

  • Gurubashi Arena event
  • Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza
  • Kalu'ak Fishing Derby
  • Elemental Invasions from Vanilla



Countless fixes have been applied to the Wintergrasp. Here are the most important ones:

  • Increased visibility distance.
  • Fixed Wintergrasp ranks. Higher ranks are gained for killing players, turrets and Keep NPCs.
  • Fixed applying Tenacity and fixed it's formula.
  • Players are always rewarded, regardless being dead or alive.
  • All players in range are credited for certain actions.
  • To drive vehicles you have to have adequate rank obtained. Additional vehicle seats do not require ranks.
  • Players are automatically put into vehicles after they are built.
  • Fixed trajectory spells target selection.
  • Fixed additional bonuses for damaging/destroying towers.
  • Wintergrasp weekly quests are pooled (only 1 weekly available at a time) and available both inside and outside the Fortress.
  • Player corpses can be looted.
  • Minor and Major Elementals disappear during the fight.
  • Major Elementals are only visible to the faction controlling the Wintergrasp.
  • Lots of general changes to the vehicles.
  • And many more...


Raid Browser

We share with you written from scratch Raid Browser and our AddOn for it (February 2015).
Raid Browser can be used to find players interested in doing specific raids from any expansion. It's a kind of announcement table, where you can list yourself alone or as group, adding a brief comment (eg. your requirements, expectations, gs, "I have achievement X").
Important: Raid Browser is not Raid Finder. It won't assemble groups. You still have full control over choosing group members.

Raid Browser is available after typing /rb or in Social (O) -> Raid tab -> Raid Browser.

Why is it worth using?

  • You get a lot of info about a character before even writing a private message. About every listed player in RB you will get such informations as: level, class, talents, avg itemLevel, role (tank / healer / dps), comment, a list of killed bosses if the player has an ID, spell power, attack power, heal power, melee crit rating, ranged crit rating, spell crit rating, defense skill, dodge rating, block rating, parry rating, haste rating, expertise rating and other.
  • No need to read repeated spam on lfg channel.

Raid Browser is working without the AddOn, but the default interface won't display all of this data.
Link to the AddOn: download.
Screenshots: solo example, group example.

We encourage to use Raid Browser and propagate using it. This way everyone will more easily find a group.

Arena Spectator

We share with you our Arena Spectator system and an AddOn for it (December 2013).
Arena Spectator can be used to watch live arena matches with all the details displayed.
Link do the AddOn: download.
To leave the arena before it ends, type: /g .sp leave


Sounds too good to be true? Check it out yourself ;) With passion and dedication, we've been doing as much as we could and have always strived to deliver highest quality possible. There are no promises. Everything is already here. If you are looking for the best Wrath of the Lich King experience, you have come to the right place.

Reading through the changes is relatively quick, compared to actually making them. Lots of the changes described by a single sentence took many days and sleepless nights. We would like to clearly state this: the server is not perfect. No server will ever be. We are doing our best. No more and no less.


16th February 2016
- xinef & pussywizard

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  2. Laura geller golden medium
  3. Botanic choice free catalog
  4. Parkinsons disease reaction time


October 9, 2021

We are pleased to announce that Trial of the Grand Crusader content tier will be released on October 15, 2021 on Frostmourne. More information can be found here.



October 9, 2021

Chapter III: Two Princes of the legendary cloak quest chain is scheduled to be released on October 13, 2021.



September 27, 2021

Autumn donation bonuses are now live! All donations now award from 10% to over 40% bonus coins!



July 21, 2021

Arena Season 20 has concluded and all realms are back online, congratulations to those that were rewarded.



July 14, 2021

Battlegroup 2 season has concluded and realms are back online, congratulations to those that were rewarded.

Frostmourne will progress into its second stage of content on July 15, 2021,



July 13, 2021

Arena Season 20 is scheduled to conclude at 22:00 on July 21.

More information regarding future rewards systems and current season can be found here.


Landfall quest chains and Chapter II: Wrathion's War have been released on July 12, 2021.


Frostmourne will progress into its second stage of content on July 15, 2021. More information regarding progression, arena season ending and rewards, can be found here.



June 22, 2021

All realms are now back online.



June 2, 2021

On June 22nd, 04:00. All realms will be taken offline for maintenance. Estimated downtime on Icecrown is 6 hours. Other realms will be down for about 1 hour.



April 30, 2021

With the increased interest in playing the PvP bracket on Frostmourne, with its progressive gear meta, we decided to form a new possible way of playing on Blackrock. More information here.



April 30, 2021

Alliance faction bonuses are now live on Frostmourne as new measures aimed at balancing faction ratio. More information, regarding bonuses, is available here. 



April 24, 2021

First tier of raiding content on Frostmourne, including the timewalking experience of Medivh's Tower, will be released on April 29, 2021 at 16:00 server time.



April 20, 2021

Transfers from decomissioned Outland will no longer be available after May 20, 2021.


A characters storing service shall soon be available. More information here.



April 9, 2021

Frostmourne Season II will start on April 15, 2021 at 16:00 server time. Season I will end on April 14, 2021 at 23:59 server time. More information here. 



April 1, 2021

Our realms have now returned to normal. More information about April's fools jokes here.



March 26, 2021

Frostmourne Season II will start on April 15, 2021. Join us on the next step of our adventure! More information here.



March 24, 2021

Players on our Wrath of the Lich King realms will now be able to modify their experience rate. More information here.



February 21, 2021

Arena season has concluded and all realms are back online. Congratulations to those that ranked high and were rewarded.



February 17, 2021

Maintenance has concluded and all realms are now back online.

Icecrown, Lordaeron, Blackrock and Frostwolf inactivity cleanup and gold squish has been completed.



February 17, 2021

Arena Season 19 is scheduled to conclude at 22:00 on February 21, more information here. The 'replay' system will be cleared, allowing more space for new matches to be saved.


Migration of characters from Outland has been completed. The characters are now available at the respective destination realms.



February 1, 2021

The Ruby Sanctum is now available on Frostmourne. The Icecrown Citadel zone buffs are enabled, starting at 5% on February 01, 2021 and increasing in weekly increments.



January 8, 2021

The Ruby Sanctum is scheduled to be released on February 1, 2021. The Icecrown Citadel zone buffs will also be enabled and increased in weekly increments at this date.



January 2, 2021

Icecrown Citadel as well as Halls of Reflection, Pit of Saron and the Forge of Souls have been released on Frostmourne!



December 19, 2020

Warmane Staff wishes everyone a joyous holiday season and a Happy New Year! Holiday donation bonuses are now live! All donations now award from 10% to over 40% bonus coins! More information on events, celebrations and gifts can be found here.


Sunwell – Voltarus

Server Description

Voltarus is a progressive Wotlk realm, delivered by Sunwell. The realm (Voltarus) has recently released, making it fresh and ready for you to play on. Voltarus released the 27th of February 2021. They had mentioned this will be their last refresh of WotLK and they have no plans in refreshing it after it progresses.

Voltarus has an international community, with the majority of players speaking English. The realm is PvP type based. It has the following experience rates:
– Level 1 to 67 (4x rates).
– Level 68 to 80 (3x rates).
(Store option to double the rates for 12/24 hours)

They have quite a few custom changes and implementations, mostly QoL changes for the playerbase. Alliance players are awarded with faction specific perks to better keep the faction ratio, they get free dual specialization, profession skill-up has a 50% chance to give an additional skill point, spell training cost reduced by 75%.

We can also find SoloQueue, Transmogrification, Mythic+ dungeons, Crossfaction Dungeons, Crossfaction Battlegrounds and Crossfaction Auction Houses.

They have adjusted the Weapon skill rates, profession rates, honor rates and more to around 2-3X rates. Sunwell mention that they’ve invested all of their dedication and development into creating the best Wotlk Private Server experience for you. It’s definitely worth trying, if you are searching for a new Wotlk server.

To read more about the realm, visit their forum topic at
And their timeline can be found at

Sunwell, as a project, has existed since 2016, so there’s no fear of the server suddenly shutting down, as it has proven to be stable.

Server News View more

There are currently no news from this server.

Server Reviews

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Tbc server sunwell

So far we’re one day into the launch of Sunwell’s new Burning Crusade server Nightbane which has been plagued with issues.

As you may or may not know, the state of stock cores for 2.4.3 is not in great shape which is why Warmane backported their WotLK core for their TBC server. Sunwell opted to start their project using the Hellground core and develop it from there, however it seems like more testing should have been done as they are encountering a lot of the same issues with capacity that Hellground had on the final launch.

Please note that almost all private servers encounter launch day issues, even Blizzard has them. These issues may be resolved soon or not at all, it’s too early to tell. From what we can see the Sunwell team is working to correct these issues as soon as they can.

Reported Issues

  • Server is unable to handle more than 2000 concurrent players
    • Players are getting stuck at connecting
    • Players are getting kicked from the server after 20 to 30 minutes
  • Players buffs are stacking
  • Reported issues with pathing
  • Instead of using dynamic spawns they seem to have increase the spawn rate in general
Sunwell Nightbane – What you should know [Burning Crusade Private Server]
Answering your questions

Saturday, 27 February 2021

With the launch in under twenty four hours we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions. We've also developed a launcher to make setting up easier for new and returning players!

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Windrunner — a fresh TBC realm

Saturday, 20 February 2021

Windrunner is a fresh TBC realm from Endless, releasing February 28, 2021 at 14:00 CET!

The new realm will incorporate many of the previously well-received Endless' features with a couple of fresh ideas to best prepare you for adventures beyond the Dark Portal.

Read more
Sunwell and the future

Monday, 25 January 2021

This week begins the final content release cycle on Sunstrider!
The last three bosses of the Sunwell Plateau will be released on Sunday 31/01/2021 18:00 server time.

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First half of Sunwell Plateau releases

Wednesday, 9 December 2020

We're happy to announce the release date for the first 3 encounters in Sunwell Plateau — 16th December 2020, 18:00 server time.

The remaining part will be released later this year with the exact date announced at a later time.

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Isle of Quel'Danas and Season 4

Monday, 2 November 2020

Tempest Keep was merely a setback! The Sunwell has been reactivated by Kael'thas and is being used as a mystic portal to summon Kil'jaeden. Join the ranks of the Shattered Sun Offensive and retake the island from Kael'thas' legions.

The Isle of Quel'Danas quest hub along with the Magisters' Terrace dungeon and Arena Season 4 will be released on 22/11/2020.

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Patch 2.3

Friday, 2 October 2020

From deep inside Ghostlands a new enemy threatens Azeroth!
Rush over to Zul'Aman with your friends on the 8th of October (17:00 server time) to thwart Zul'jin's plans.
Even the toughest adventurers may fall victim to the might of the Amani trolls.
Save the prisoners before they're helplessly sacrificed and obtain powerful rewards!
Help Budd's crew get out of their predicament and perhaps you will find yourself owning a new exotic mount.

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BT, Hyjal, S3 release dates and catch up features

Sunday, 19 July 2020

We're excited to announce the third big content release — Black Temple, The Battle for Mount Hyjal and Arena Season 3 are just around the corner!

Upcoming content will be released over a three week period, starting with Battle for Mount Hyjal 31.07 (17:00 server time), Season 3 on 08.08 (00:00 server time) and The Black Temple on 23.08 (16:00 server time).

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Rollback #2, arena tournament, XP boost and more!

Monday, 11 May 2020

We're happy to share another compilation of events that happened on the server. We'd like to thank those who submitted clips and hope you'll enjoy it!

Starting today we're going to be offering an experience boost service. You'll be able to jump right into the action even faster with an x8 experience increase.

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T5 and S2 release

Saturday, 4 April 2020

We're happy to announce release dates for the upcoming content. T5 Raids will be released 24th of April (Friday) at 18:00 server time.

Season 1 will end on 17th of May (Sunday) at 00:00 server time. Following a quick maintenance, Season 2 will begin at 02:00 AM server time. You'll be able to find out more information about content release and arena rewards below.

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Rollback and Faction Change

Friday, 27 March 2020

We're happy to announce a compilation series - "Rollback".
Rollback is a monthly compilation of clips highlighting events that occurred on Endless. Enjoy!

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Tipping the scales

Monday, 9 March 2020

We promised you an update on faction balance and here we are!
We've been following the situation closely and we believe it's time to step in.

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After launch update

Monday, 2 March 2020

We're finally here! Despite the delay at the start you have managed to exceed our expectations and turn up in huge amounts. We hope that you enjoyed progressing through the early level zones half as much as we enjoyed seeing it, because we had a blast!

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One last thing...

Thursday, 27 February 2020

With the launch around the corner we've received some questions and this is a good opportunity to address them.

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Ready, aim, fire!

Monday, 24 February 2020

Are you ready for launch?

There are still a few things left to do but we're almost there! In the meantime, get in the mood with our latest video giving you a taste of things to come.

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Stress test

Thursday, 13 February 2020

With the launch just around the corner now is a great opportunity to resolve any potential performance issues. But for that we're going to need your help!

We'd like to ask you to assist us in a stress test this weekend on Sunday (16.02) 18:00 GMT+1 (9:00 PST, 12:00 EST).

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A closer look at PvE

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Happy new year!

In this video we take a closer look at PvE content and outline our reasoning and philosophy when buffing content. We also touch on itemization and identify probable issues that may arise and how we plan on tackling those.

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Trailer and release date

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Check out our latest video in which you will find more information about the project and its features. We're also happy to announce the server will be released in February 2020!

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Endless Nights

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

We're pleased to announce Endless Nights — a series of events cycling through every week of the Open Beta.

The Open Beta itself starts Friday 16th August and the first Endless Night will occur on Monday 19th August (19:00 UTC +2), giving you some time to gear up and get adjusted.

The events will consist of both PvE and PvP components and will provide a great opportunity for players to test the waters, find potential issues, make new friends and win some cool rewards!

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Development update: The Armory

Sunday, 21 July 2019

We think it's essential to be able follow the game at all times, which is why we decided to develop a full-fledged armory. We've captured screenshots of some of the pages currently being worked on.

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