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Aspire M5 Z09 Battery, Laptop Batteries For ACER Aspire M5 Z09 Laptop

Compatibility Of This Aspire M5 Z09 Laptop Battery

This Aspire M5 Z09 Laptop Battery Compatible Follow Original Battery Number:
3ICP7/67/90, AP12A31, AP12A3i, AP12A3l, AP12A4i, BT.00304.011, KT.00303.002

This Aspire M5 Z09 Laptop Battery Can Work With Follow Laptop:
Aspire M3 Series , Aspire M3-481 Ultrabook , Aspire M5 Series , Aspire M5 Z09

ACER Aspire M5 Z09 Battery | Aspire M5 Z09 laptop battery | ACER laptop battery Aspire M5 Z09 | Aspire M5 Z09 battery| ACER replacemetn laptop battery Aspire M5 Z09 | ACER Laptop Battery ship to Alaska Albany(NY) Annapolis Atlanta(GA) Augusta(ME) Austin(TX) Baton Rouge Bismarck Boise Carson City Charleston(WV) Cheyenne Chicago Cincinati Cleveland(OH) Columbia(SC) Columbus(OH) Concord(NH) Dallas Denver Des Moines Detroit Dover(DE) Frankfort(KY) Harrisburg Hartford(AL) Hawaii Helena(MT) Houston Indianapolis Jackson(MS) Jefferson City(MO) Kansas City(KS) Lansing(MI) Lincoln(NE) Little Rock Los Angeles Madison(WI) Memphis Miami(FL) Minneapolis Montgomery(AL) Montpelier(VT) Morristown(NJ) Nashville New Orleans New York Oklahoma City Olympia Philadelphia(PA) Phoenix Portland(OR) Providence(RI) Raleigh Richmond(VA) Sacramento Salem(OR) Salt Lake City San Francisco Santa Fe(NM) Seattle Springfield(IL) St Louis St Paul Tallahassee Topeka Trenton(NJ) Washington D. C.

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Compatible Models

Aspire 4710GAspire 4310Aspire 4520
Aspire 4920GAspire 4710ZAspire 4720
Aspire 4710Z

Compatiblity By Part Number

Power back-up is one of the key factor that defines your mobility and safety of the stored data. It is often dangerous to use any battery with your laptop as it may not compliment its statutory technical requirements. This may effect the performance of the laptop and can even damage its hardware.

Lapcare offers a wide range of Li-ion quality laptop batteries that are TUV, RoHS and CE certified. They are backed by a full 12 month replacement warranty. 100% compatible with specified model, these batteries also conform to the required specifications. Lapcare batteries are tested for safety, longer life and designed for high performance output. Lapcare high capacity batteries work trouble free seamlessly.

Compatible Batteries for Apple/Asus/Wipro/Hcl/Ibm/Gateway/Samsung also Available

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Here follows a complete range of Acer Laptop Batteries kept in stock for the following models:

Acer Aspire, Acer Aspire One, Acer Aspire Predator, Acer Travelmate, Acer Iconia, Acer Cromia, Acer Aspire Timeline, Acer Aspire Notebook, Acer Swift, Acer Extensa, Acer Chromebook, Acer Ferrari.

All these Acer Laptop Batteries are available online or in-store at  Eastgate Business Park, 1 South Road, Marlboro, Sandton, Gauteng.

All Batteries are supplied from reputable manufacturers with high quality components that are fully compliant for the South African market.

Enter into the Search barabove your specific battery part no to narrow down the search.

Laptop Solutions is the leading supplier of Laptop Chargers for all Laptop Brands and Models from A to Z in South Africa.

  • Acer Laptop Batteries, Laptop Batteries

    ACER 4741 BATTERY, AS10D31, AS10D41, AS10D61

    This is a 6 cell Li-Ion rechargeable ACER 4741G Battery for Acer Aspire 4551, 4551G, 4741, 4741G, 4741Z, 4771, 4771G, 4771Z, 5741, 5741G, 5741Z and Acer TravelMate 4740, 4740G, 4740Z, 5740, 5740G, 5740Z and Gateway NV49C, NV53A, NV59C and Packard Bell EastNote LM, NM, TM series laptop and notebook computers.

    SKU: BAT-AC4741G-11

  • Acer Laptop Batteries, Laptop Batteries

    Repl. For ACER ASPIRE 4741G, 5741, 5741G, 4750G, 4741ZG, 5250, 7251, NV59C LAPTOP BATTERY, AS10G3E, 10.8V 5200mAh, 56Wh

    SKU: BAT-AC5741G-11


How to find one correct battery for my laptop?

  1. Must match your old battery part number.
  2. Must match your laptop computer model name, the exact model name of your laptop.
  3. Must match your old battery's rating (voltage).
    Please Note:
    1. 7.2V and 7.4V are compatible, they are in common use.
    2. 10.8V and 11.1V are compatible, they are in common use.
    3. 14.8V and 14.4V are compatible, they are in common use.
    ( for example if your old battery's rating is 10.8V, but our is 11.1V, don't worry, our 11.1V battery is compatible with your laptop, it won't damage your laptop. But you can't choose the 7.4V(7.2V) and 14.8V(14.4V) battery, since 7.4V(7.2V) and 14.8V(14.4V) not compatible with 10.8V.)
  4. Don't worry about the difference capacity, high capacity just means the battery can last longer. But please note most high capacity batteries with a bigger size(shape), since them need extra spaces for the battery cells.
    ( for example the 6600mAh,7800mAh,8800mAh batteries are the high capacity batteries,usually they are with bigger shape(size) then the standard batteries. But the high capacity batteries are fit for your laptop,just will extend out(from bottom/side) about 1 inch. )

How can I find my battery’s part number?

  1. Make sure the laptop is unplugged and turned off, and that the battery has cooled.
  2. Flip the laptop upside down. Push the battery latch to the left "unlock" position. While holding the latch in this position, slide the battery out of the computer.
  3. Look for the serial number that is printed on the label on the back of the battery. The serial number will be a combination of some letters and numbers that more conspicuous.
  4. For you convenience, please refer to the pictures below to see an example for a Aspire 4741G part number:

How to Find the Model of My Laptop Computer?

  1. Open the laptop and check the area near the keyboard first. Manufacturers commonly print the computer model (such as Aspire 4736G for a Acer computer) on or near the keyboard.
  2. Close the laptop and flip it over to read the back. Look for the laptop computer model name printed on the product tag, which also contains a bar code.
  3. Check the bottom of your laptop for a service tag or similar number. Log onto your laptop manufacturer's website, go to the support area and enter your service tag number. This will bring up complete data about the model name of the laptop, as well as the date of manufacture and warranty information.
  4. Click the "Start" menu, go to "Accessories" and then "System Tools" (applies to Windows systems). Select "System Information" to bring up a dialog box listing complete information about your laptop, including the "System Model."

How to check your replacement battery is compatible with my laptop?

How can I find the laptop battery specifications?
There are several different types and sizes of laptop batteries. To determine what laptop battery you have, remove the battery from the laptop and look at the bottom or top of the battery.
As can be seen in the picture to the below this Acer battery shows that it's a Li-ion battery, has a model number of Li-ion, rating of 11.1V, 4400mAH/48Wh, Part number "AS10D71"

Does high capacity battery fit for my laptop? Like capacity of 6600mAh, 7200mAh, 7800mAh, 8800mAh.
Battery capacity can be different ie 4400mAh, 4800mAh, 5200mAh, 6600mAh, 7200mAh, 8800mAh or similar like this. It will still work in your computer without any problem. Higher capacity works for longer time(run time/discharge time) Only Some of the longer capacity batteries like 6600mah or 8800mah are bigger in size and sticks out of battery slot but they will still work in your computer. See below pictures


Batteries laptop acer aspire

Why is my laptop battery fully charged at 3 %? acer aspire one

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