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Capricorn is all about functional dressing, this year especially. “They tend to want to dress for success and look polished,” Budd explains. Tailored jackets and trousers, as well as basic tees and perfect-fitting jeans provide the main foundation for Capricorn’s wardrobe. But best of all? Their responsible, high-quality clothing purchases mean that they’re never left stressing over what to wear each morning, and it’s rare that they find themselves not dressed appropriately for the weather. Everyone else is amazed at how Capricorn always manages to look so put-together.

Aquarius, January 20 – February 18

No one tells an Aquarius what to do—or what to wear. This independent air sign may be the least trend-sensitive, but only because they’re usually the trendsetters. Aquariuses march to the beat of their own drum, usually following their own impulses about what is cool, Budd explains. Naturally shy around people they don’t know, it is through their distinct personal style that they can express those strange personality quirks others find to be so endearing. It’s hard to pin an Aquarius to any particular silhouette or color, since they’re all such free spirits, but in most cases unusual hair and makeup choices play a key role in their overall look.

Pisces, February 19 – March 20

Pisces is “the natural mermaid of the Zodiac,” Dr. Budd says. The most bohemian of the bunch, this water sign is usually drawn toward flowy, ethereal clothing in pearly, iridescent fabrics and colors such as teal, blue, and purple. Their softer style choices reflect their overall laid-back lifestyle and friendly disposition. Often told they are wise beyond their years, Pisces are very much in touch with their inner emotions and successfully translate their thoughts into art, whether that be paint on a canvas or lyrics to a song. Funnily enough, Budd cites the ongoing, overall Pisces influence as a possible cause for all the hype surrounding Coachella and festival dressing.

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The Best Outfit Idea for Your Zodiac Sign, According to an Astrologer

When it comes to developing a personal sense of style, your horoscope might influence your fashion choices more than you even realize. Are you a 'wild child' who likes to turn heads? Or more of an introvert who prefers the classics? Maybe you reside comfortably in the middle, taking risks from time to time, but never fully going over the edge. It's possible that all these seemingly meaningless preferences actually fall closely in line with other fashionable women who share your sun sign, and it's time to fully embrace zodiac outfits, allowing your look to be influenced by the planets.

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To get you started with developing your unique zodiac style, we turned to astrologer Lisa Stardust, who laid out what, exactly, each astrological sign might be gravitating towards for the next few months. Read on for the specific pieces you should be shopping and wearing, ASAP.

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"A chic, short-sleeved top and skirt sweatsuit is ideal for Aries' fiery sentiments," Stardust tellsus. "It'll be perfect for their sporty vibe."

Go ahead and bring back the early-aughts with a Paris Hilton-inspired number this season — it's all back in style now anyway!


It's time for bulls to embrace the inner head-turner that's buried (perhaps not-so-deep!) in all of them.

"Luxurious Taurus will enjoy wearing faux leather dresses, or skirts that tug at their curves." These pieces will be easy to dress up or down, especially with the addition of sneakers and T-shirts.


According to Stardust, "the twin star will like versatile looks that can double for day or evening wear." A morning-to-night trend worth indulging in? "They won't shy away from sparkle 24/7."

Credit: Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images


"Layers are perfect for Cancer," Stardust reveals, adding that those born under this sign "like to protect their hearts and energy to ensure happiness." If you want to take thing up a notch, consider mixing prints while you're at it.

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For this sign, a single statement piece is all that's needed.

"Bright and cropped pants will allow Leo to stand out in a crowd," states Stardust. What's more? This spotlight-stealing piece of clothing will allow them to easily "make a dramatic entrance."


Love your knitwear from winter and not quite ready to give it up? Transition specific styles from cold to warm by showing a little bit of leg.

"A simple sweater dress with boots is a great no frills and sophisticated look for Virgo to jump into spring."

We recommend a pair of wear-anywhere Dr. Martens, then swapping them out for slides on cool summer days.


Stardust tells InStyle that "monochrome sets and outfits will help Libra maintain and find their balance this spring." Plus, thanks to the likes of Jennifer Lopez and top models such as the Hadid sisters, the monochromatic trend continues to be going strong this season.

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Scorpio style can be summed up by two key factors: Timeless, yet edgy.

"A classic black slip dress and combat boots is not only sexy but totally on point for Scorpio's goth tendencies in fashion," says Stardust.

Credit: Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images


Stick with comfort, but give your basics a boost, similar to your favorite off-duty model.

"A cool rock n' roll tee with leggings or bike shorts will help Sag embrace their free and edgy spirit."


Stardust explains that Capricorns will "find comfort in wearing a more conservative and chic look, like a polo dress in a cool print." Behold: It's the Margot Tenenbaum look that you've always been searching for.

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Ready to go all out? Now is most definitely the time.

"Aquarius should try a bold-printed dress that expresses their individuality and personality," Stardust suggests. You can't go wrong with something leopard (it's pretty much a neutral), but if you're feeling whimsical, opt for stripes, polka-dots, or even a '90s daisy design.


We've officially reached the romantic sign, as Stardust shares that "the mystical sign Pisces should opt for flowy and floral dresses that are pretty and comfortable." Sounds like a summer go-to uniform if we've ever heard one!

Sours: https://www.instyle.com/fashion/clothing/zodiac-outfits
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The Signature Outfit You Should Own According to Your Zodiac Sign

Usually, we turn to our zodiac signs to gain insight into our future and personality—maybe to get an explanation of why we are confident (an Aires), or practical (a Virgo), or responsible (a Capricorn). However, we typically don't look to the stars to figure out things we do have control over, like our outfits—but maybe we should.

Whether we're looking for an outfit for a first date, lingerie for a steamy night, or the y2k trend-piece we should wear to keep up with the youth, the stars can help us decide. Looking for zodiac sign outfits could allow us to grab a few more minutes of sleep in the morning, so it's worth exploring. We turned to our favorite astrologer, Lisa Stardust, for her zodiac expertise. Scroll down to see what to wear according to your zodiac sign.


"Aries will opt for a classic sweatsuit to find comfort in as they assert their passions throughout the day," Stardust says. Find a pair of sweatpants you love, find the matching sweatshirt, and double down on the sporty look with accessories, like chunky sneakers, a baseball cap, and a belt-pack to complete the look.


Bulls are all about fancy looks and fabrics, so Stardust suggests that a Taurus should lean into lace tops as their go-to staple. To further boost sensual Tauruses' confidence, pair your top with the latest TikTok-approved denim styles.


"A simple slip dress and oversized cardigan will allow this airy sign to think about important matters without stressing about their look," shares Stardust. Mixing and matching two different personalities is what Geminis do best, so this layered look is one to try. 


"A soft flannel shirt will make tender Cancer feel warm and cozy throughout the day," says Stardust. Comfy and warm are adjectives this sign loves, making a lived-in plaid shirt with jeans one of their go-to uniforms.


Leos love the drama, so bold colors in lush fabrics will suit their regal fashion sense, according to Stardust. "After all, they require the best of the best," she adds. Go for one bright statement piece or pair two together in a colorblock effect.


The ever loyal perfectionist loves things that are practical and orderly. "A blazer will help add structure to Virgo's regimented mindset," explains Stardust. Don't leave these jackets in your closet while working from home. Instead, put one over your favorite leggings for an impressive virtual wardrobe update.


Being that their symbol is a scale, Libras seek out balance. Stardust suggests monochromatic colors and patterns for these air signs—don't be afraid to go full on head to toe.


Determined and assertive Scorpios will feel ready to take on anything in comfortable clothes they can move freely in, which is why Stardust suggests workout gear. While wearing activewear, they can be ready to give anything their all—whether it be for a HIIT class or work project.


"A cotton maxi dress will allow the archer to have room to globetrot and embrace their free-spirited attitude," says Stardust. Travel-loving Sags are experts in versatile pieces as they pack well and are effortlessly stylish, and long easy dresses are both.


Caps tend to follow two other c-words: chic and classic. To play up their traditional vibe, the astrologer suggested that Capricorns try sleek cigarette pants—maybe even with a fun print. Pair them with heels or sneakers, depending on your destination.


"A babydoll dress will be the perfect vintage look for the retro water-bearer," says Stardust. Whether tapping into the '70s with a bright floral, '90s with a dark hue, or ethereal with a white eyelet dress, this throwback shape is right up this water sign's alley.


For this mystical sign, the astrologist recommends a flowy and floral bohemian dress. As the fish of the zodiac, embrace your free spirit with a comfortable and loose piece you can spend days in.

Sours: https://hellogiggles.com/fashion/zodiac-sign-outfits/

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