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The short answer is no. Double male end “adapters” are illegal, dangerous and a fire hazard. If you have need of this type of adapter it means you’ve hung a string of lights backwards.

Every year we have people come in who already have their Christmas lights up and want to find a double male end plug. The problem is that they’ve ended up with the female end of the string of lights by the wall outlet, which is also a female end.

The reality is that there are no double male end plugs available on the market because they are dangerous. If someone has made you one, we’d advise you get rid of it, because it can shock you or someone else, plus it can short out on tinsel or any metal it comes in contact with and cause a fire.

Another solution is to plug both of the male ends into an extension cord long enough to reach the outlet. Be sure you are not chaining multiple extension cords together as that is a fire hazard. Your local Ace Hardware store will have a great selection of the cords, hangers and fasteners you need to make a sparkling light display.

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Christmas and Holiday Lights

Christmas lights are usually on strings of about eight feet in length. If your home has wooden eaves, you can permanently install small hooks for the light strings. They are small enough not to see during the year and, once installed, make it easy to put up and take down the lights. Plastic clips can be used in other places including shingles and gutters.

Planning and designing a lighting layout for the initial installation will take some time, but it will be easier to install in the following years.

Turn on the lights to make sure they all work before hanging them.

Light strings can be connected together to form a long string. Total power for the connected strings will flow through the first string. As a general rule for incandescent lights, a maximum of three light strings should be connected together to prevent the internal fuse(s) from blowing in the plug that connects to power. Follow manufacturer instructions for maximum number of strings for new lights. Only connect strings together that have the same number of lights per string.

LED Christmas Lights

When buying new lights, consider LED lights. They are brighter and use less energy. Because  they use less energy, you can connect more strings together, and more strings per receptacle.

Christmas Lights Check List

Here are some items you may need depending on what kind of display you would like to have:

  • Extension cords
  • Hooks or plastic clips
  • Tie wraps
  • Photocell adapter
  • Power strip (outdoor rated)
  • Stake timer

Sources of Power for Christmas Lights

Outdoor receptacles are a good source for lights on bushes and trees, and displays on the front yard. Use a receptacle tester with a GFCI button and test these receptacles to verify protection.

Each circuit that supplies these sources should be enough to power lights and displays unless you are planning a massive lighting and display project.

Large Scale Christmas Lights and Scenes Display

If you are planning a massive display with lots of lights, figures, and displays, you may want to hire an electrician to install more circuits or sub panel near or at the front of the house.

Christmas Lights Troubleshooting

If a light string is several years old and many bulbs are burning out or getting dim, it might be time to just replace them. Having a new string of lights can avoid a lot of headaches trying to fix the old ones. Sometimes you can get a good deal during and/or after the holidays.

If none of the lights on a string light up, the fuses inside the light string plug may be bad.

Sometimes either all or some of the lights on a string do not work. Because string lights usually are connected in series, one bad light can cause other lights on an individual string to not work.

Light string bulb sockets usually have a built-in shunt that provides power to the lights downstream if one light fails. This makes it easy to locate and replace a bad bulb. Sometimes the shunt does not work properly, causing a number of bulbs to go out.

If you have string lights with miniature bulbs, buy the LightKeeper Pro tester. This tester is several tools in one.

  • Bulb and fuse tester
  • Voltage detector
  • Bulb puller
  • Bulb socket repair tool
Christmas Lights

Installing Christmas Lights

Christmas lights should always be free from damage and be plugged into GFCIprotected outlets.

Light Socket Plug Adapters

Be careful if you use light socket plug adapters. The outdoor lights are most likely not GFCI protected. If you use these adapters, make sure you use a GFCI adapter.

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Christmas Light Electrical Accessories

A rioting mob of electrical cords and plug stacks strewn over your house and through your yard is a tripping hazard for Santa and the reindeer. Not to mention your family and friends. Plus, it just looks bad and often costs more money. Do what the professionals do and learn how to simply make your own custom christmas light strings and custom extension cords. Our Christmas light accessories may be just the solution you're looking for. They're your key to ultimate Christmas light freedom. And they're easier to use than you might think.

Bulk Christmas light electrical wire, also simply known as zip cord, along with zip sockets and zip plugs, are the building blocks you can fit together to create your own amazing custom Christmas light display. You decide how many lights you'll put up, where they'll go, which style, shape and color bulbs you'll use, and how to configure them -- with no wasted, leftover lights or wire, and no jungles of extension cords climbing to your rooftop. Just clean, beautiful light runs wherever you want them, and nowhere you don't.

Let's say you have a house with a right-angle garage, multiple roof lines, a couple of dormers and a portico. Trying to figure out how to outline that space with regular string lights is enough to turn you into the grinch. But with zip cord Christmas wire you can custom make your own string lights just the way you want them with exactly the space you need to perfectly fit your display.

If you're not doing a custom light display on your house, but doing displays around your yard, you can also create custom extension cords so that each display has a power source at exactly the length you need rather than having stacks of extension cords and plug adapters everywhere. Learn more about Christmas Light Wire and Zip Cord.


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