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Allied Moulded offers a variety of floor box assemblies designed specifically for “poke through” wood floor applications, including single gang, two gang, and round variations with multiple cover finish options including; brass, dark-bronze and nickel-plated brass. The floor boxes can be used in residential or commercial construction, and with many different flooring applications including; carpet, ceramic tile, laminate, or wood flooring. Low voltage (LV) keystone openings are available in specific models to accommodate industry standard keystone plugins!

New to the floor box lineup are Rough-In and Trim-Out options. The new kits are individually packaged and offer added installation convenience early in the construction process. Box rough-in kits include a device and all box installation hardware and can be paired with a variety of trim-out cover options for added customization. See our new rough-in bulletin for available models and configurations.


Sours: https://www.alliedmoulded.com/residential/floor-box-assemblies/
iqubx FB01 and FB02 electrical floor box outlet

iqubx FB01 and FB02 electrical floor box outlet

Download “IQUBX aluminium modular floor junction box, floor box & raceways” iqubx-electrical-trunking-system.pdf – Downloaded 656 times – 1 MB

IQUBX Electrical Floor Box outlet

IQUBX Floor Box outlets are a unique concept and made out of 100% recycled aluminium. They are certified GREENPRO by IGBC, CII, the only floor box to be certified green in India. They are unique as they are modular in nature and can be manufactured in any required size.

What is Recessed Floor Box?

Floor box, as per Wikipedia, is defined as “A box set into the floor of an office etc., offering multiple electrical sockets.”

These floor boxes come under various names and are also called floorbox, underfloor service box, access floor outlet box, floor access outlet box, raised floor access unit, underfloor access unit or inscreed floor service box for concrete and so on.

Various Electrical Floor boxes are available in the market and are usually made of powder coated GI (Galvanized iron) with plastic frame. The electrical floor box cover is usually a recessed trap for some flooring material like carpet. Floor box sizes are, however, limited to certain standard sizes and electrical socket layouts. This severely limits the application and usage in interiors.

Electrical Floor box Outlet – Integral to Cable Management Systems – Raised floor and Underfloor Trunking

Contemporary open plan office layouts and modern buildings require a versatile arrangement of services for easy installation and flexibility in use. Thus, underfloor trunking with floor box outlets are used for distribution of wires and cables electrical outlets and LV points in commercial and other establishments like offices and industries. These recessed Floor boxes provide easy access outlet for tapping electrical and data connections at various places like workstations in offices etc. distributed over the floor plate.

IQUBX Electrical floor box outlet FB01

iqubx FB01 electrical floor box outlet

iqubx FB01 electrical floor box outlet

Download “IQUBX aluminium modular floor junction box, floor box & raceways” iqubx-electrical-trunking-system.pdf – Downloaded 656 times – 1 MB

The FB01 is a green certified modular aluminium Floor box made out of 100% recycled aluminium. It is a unique concept where the floor box is created out of modular bays, which can be of any length as per requirement. The box can be constructed out of 1 bay, 2 bay or 3 bay or any number of bays, as per requirement and the width and length of the electrical floor box will vary accordingly. As per the bays, the width can vary as 165mm, 258mm or 351mm and so on. Length can be any rational length as per requirement.

iqubx FB01 electrical floor box outlet 3Module

iqubx FB01 electrical floor box outlet 3Module

This makes it highly modular and flexible and for multipurpose use in floor as well as as fliptop box in conference table or work stations as well.

This electrical floor box design can accommodate 5 A sockets switches in standard bays. The 15A switch sockets can be installed in additional seat which can be integrated with the standard bay profile. Similarly, for installing AV, HDMI ports and data RJ45 ports of any quantity, inclined seat profile can be added to the standard bay.  It’s inclined design base for mounting low power outlets allow the patch cords to be usable even with the lid closed.

iqubx fb01 electrical floor box design

iqubx fb01 electrical floor box design

A very important aspect of this design is that the box size of 258 mm x 258 mm can be retrofitted in existing legrand or MK or any other equivalent floor box receptacle and thus used to effectively replace defunct floor boxes.

iqubx FB01 electrical floor box outlet RETROFITTING

iqubx FB01 electrical floor box outlet RETROFITTING

Major features and advantages peculiar to FB01 floor box

  1. Modular: any size is possible as per requirement, components if required can be easily replaced
  2. Modular flexibility: Not only any number and any type of sockets / ports can be accommodated, they can be modified / changed later
  3. Green certified product: Certified by Indian Green Building Council, uses 100% recycled aluminium, almost entirely homogeneous and thus highly recyclable
  4. The hinge is in-situ continuous and fail proof, smooth
  5. The lid is also aluminium, which can be anodized / powdercoated
  6. Can be retrofitted in existing defunct floor boxes like Legrand or MK floor boxes for easy rehabilitation

Technical specifications

Any length
Height 55mm
Width 165, 258, 351 mm for 1,2,3 bays
for 5A, 15A switch / sockets and LV modules of any number
Raw mill finish, can be powder coated in any color or anodized
GREENPRO certified 6063 aluminium alloy, 100% recycled aluminium – 10% pre- cosumer & 90% post-consumer

IQUBX Electrical floor box outlet FB02

Download “IQUBX aluminium modular floor junction box, floor box & raceways” iqubx-electrical-trunking-system.pdf – Downloaded 656 times – 1 MB

iqubx FB02 modular aluminium electrical floor box outlet

iqubx FB02 modular aluminium electrical floor box outlet


IQUBX FB02 is very innovative Green pro certified aluminium modular electrical floor box for under floor cable management and socket outlets.

It’s all aluminium construction (100% recycled aluminium) makes it a green building material. This highly engineered product is based on JB23 junction box (patent applied).

The key advantage of this Electrical Floor Box is its strength and durability, being made of aluminium. It’s lid is  borrowed  from floor junction box JB23 and can accommodate floor finish material up to 10 mm thick like tile, carpet etc.

Double continuous wire management with integrated handles allows easy & flexible cable access.One can have one or two wire managers cum handles.

Continuous aluminium hinge makes it very durable and fail proof.

Inside, 6/10 A and 16/20 A socket with switches can be accommodated. It is ideal for data and voice ports and other Low voltage ports, as per requirements

In all 16 M is available in the standard size 258 × 258 × 95 box. we recommend MK wraparound series switches sockets.

These modules are placed in inclined fashion to allow very easy access to sockets and ports.

Being modular, other sizes can be made as per requirement beside the standard size of 258 × 258 × 95.

It is economical green design with minimum number of components, very low maintenance and quick install.

Technical specifications

Any length
Height 95mm
258 x 258 mm x 95 depth
5A, 15A switch / sockets and LV modules – 16M in all
Raw mill finish, can be powder coated in any color or anodized
GREENPRO certified 6063 aluminium alloy, 100% recycled aluminium – 10% pre- cosumer & 90% post-consumer

iqubx FB02 modular electric floor box

iqubx FB02 modular electric floor box

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Floor Outlet Box 2 Power 3 Data Brass Flush 145 Series

Are you in need of a compact and practical source of data and power within your floor? A floor box could be just what you are looking for.
Cableaway has a range of floor outlet boxes to suit many different applications from concrete or floating floors to a desk top.

With a compact design, a Cableaway floor box can be recessed into the floor anywhere in your home or workplace. Power, data, phone line, audio/video outlets (and so on), all available for your convenience, wherever best suits you.

In a range of sizes, Cableaway's floor outlet boxes provide a cost effective and flexible selection to suit your specific needs. Standard choices from a single GPO up to 8 auto switched power outlets, provisions for multiple data, multimedia fittings and blanking plates for A/V installation allow you to customise a floor box to suit your exact power and data needs. While a choice (for most boxes) of a flush or carpet recessed stainless steel, brass or plastic lid (all complete with cable exit flaps) allow us to make your floor box as discreet and unobtrusive as possible. Furthermore, any box can be custom made outside these parameters, simply contact us.

With easy installation available into concrete, timber or floating floors, Cableaway’s floor outlet boxes are suited for any workplace or home. Brass and stainless steel lids provide a sturdy support that can withstand heavy foot traffic and the edges of each lid are beveled to reduce any trip hazard making them safe and sturdy underfoot. To suit any change your floor may undergo in the future, most Cableaway floor outlet boxes come with height adjustable brackets to ensure a proper fit no matter what the situation.

Sours: https://cableaway.com.au/141-floor-outlet-boxes-floor-box

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Outlet floor box

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Mounting of Screed floor box – OBO Bettermann

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