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10 – Windows Phone – Halo 3

So I’ve already covered the topic of Creepiest Halo Easter Eggs, Funny Halo Skulls and Hardest Halo Skulls, so it seems only fair that I also rank the funniest and/or coolest Easter Eggs in the Halo Series to round this theme to a close. For this list I will not be including Skulls, since I have covered those already, and none of the Easter Eggs that appeared in my Top 10 Creepiest Easter Eggs list will be appearing here either. So, coming in at number 10:

windows phone

The wall-mounted phones in Halo 3 have tiny Windows logos on them, a nostalgic callback to the era in which this game was released. This is one of several computing-related references in Halo 3, another being the fact that the UNSC computers offline with a modern-day blue screen of death. Just a small but relatively interesting detail that shows the dedication to making the world seem real.


This Easter Egg is tucked away in the top floor of a destroyed building in the Halo 2 level Outskirts. What makes this interesting is that it is located outside of the level boundaries, meaning that the developers must have known that players would manipulate the game mechanics in ways that would allow them to leave the level boundaries, and yet rather than filling every corner of every level with invisible walls or death timers, Bungie instead filled the outside areas of their levels with secrets to find. This Energy Sword serves as a reward for players who manipulate the game mechanics, as well as seeing one of the infamous ‘Rex’ symbols written in rocks and blood (shotgun shells in the anniversary version). This sword can also be used to implement a glitch that gives you an invisible Energy Sword with infinite ammo in the next level, so it is a useful Egg to find.


The Pillar of Autumn’s notice board in the original version of Halo: Combat Evolved was already full of in-jokes, references or gags such as a note claiming to have lost Alien‘s cat ‘Jonesey’, but the Anniversary version steps this up a notch. The ‘Cat Found!!!’ notice is clearly a reference to the Jonesey post on the original notice board, and the Spartans on the ‘Defy the Covenant’ poster are wearing Halo: Reach-era armour, further solidifying the link between Reach and Halo: Combat Evolved. There is even a trollface next to a blatant advert for Halo 4 which, at that time, had not been released, so in a way this notice board looks both to the past and to the future.



This one crops up a lot because it doesn’t take much to find – simply go further along to a corner near the start of the Halo 3 level Crow’s Nest when the game prompts you to turn left, and you will encounter a door with a Marine standing outside. What proceeds is a humourous argument between the Marine outside and another Marine, presumably just inside the door, over the password needed to get in. What makes this even better is the fact that the voices are done by various members of the Red vs Blue cast, and the conversation changes depending on the difficulty.


This one takes some effort but is really fun if you can pull it off with two people. The football itself can be located at the very top of a damaged skyscraper in the Halo 2 level Metropolis, which continues Halo 2’s theme of placing fun and interesting secrets and hard-to-reach areas. Using various Skull combinations, the players can then push the ball with explosives out of its corner and down into the play-space of the road itself, and with two Ghosts this can make a game of giant football in the streets, if you can overcome the strange physics of the ball.

This Easter Egg is brilliant because it recurs throughout the franchise, and when activated it plays a piece of music called Siege of Madrigal from one of Bungie’s older games, Marathon. To activate it in Halo: Combat Evolved, one must fly a Banshee up to the peak of the control room tower in the level Assault on the Control Room and park in a very specific spot (to the right of the second-highest rung, to be precise.) The tune can be found in almost every Halo game, usually located in a very specific but hard-to-reach location, and can be heard here.


It had long been a dream of Halo fans to actually get a chance to fly the iconic dropships of either the UNSC or the Covenant, but Halo: Reach finally made it possible, albeit in the form of a very glitchy Easter Egg. Bungie knew that fans had always wanted to fly a Pelican because the vast majority of the few mods that exist for Halo generally are mods that allow the player to fly the Pelican, and although they implemented a form of air-vehicle in Halo 3 with the Hornet and again with Halo: Reach’s Falcon, they knew that before they left the franchise for good they would have to provide some form of closure to fans, and so enters New Alexandria, an air level in Halo: Reach that primarily uses the Falcon, but with the flip of a secret switch and a quick flight through a giant ring-shaped building and your Falcon is magically transformed into a very unstable Pelican. Phantoms can also be driven if you manage to complete the same method with a Banshee, although that is even more unstable with no collision detection at all.


Oddly enough, this next Easter Egg is actually from the same level as the previous one, but that is no real surprise since Halo: Reach’s New Alexandria is jam-packed with fan-service Easter Eggs, since it was Bungie’s last massive open level in the series. The basic story behind Club Errera is simple – in the game as normal, you pass through a nightclub during your mission to destroy Covenant Radar Jammers, but if you manage to find and activate a secret switch before coming into the Club, all of the Covenant will be either dancing, Dj-ing or waiting at the bar, and the Hunters act as bouncers guarding the door. Overall, it is a surreal experience, and you can even change the music with different switches, one of which is a remix of a track from the Halo 2 Soundtrack.


This unassuming-looking Plasma Rifle floating above a conveniently placed danger sign atop a skyscraper (that requires sacrificing an arm and a leg to get to) is actually the key to ultimate power. There are few examples of Easter Eggs as sandbox-altering as secret weapons, but this is the obvious exception. This weapon, although looking visually identical to a Plasma Rifle, is actually a placeholder for the Scarab’s main weapon used semi-regularly throughout the level Metropolis in Halo 2. Using a Banshee, (which requires a tedious and complicated method to even obtain in the first place) the player must fly up to the very top of a specific building in New Mombasa, the player can find and acquire this weapon, which allows them to shoot Scarab beams to their heart’s content. Unfortunately, this weapon is extremely hard to use since it can often kill the player due to the insanely high splash damage, and a single tap of the trigger can instantly kill the player. In the Anniversary version of Halo 2, a whole Skull was created to turn every weapon in the game into a Scarab weapon, (that thankfully turns off scoring) so now even casual players can experience the power.


This single Honorable Mention is in fact three separate Easter Eggs, all involving secret Grunts with specific lines of funny dialogue. The first is the ‘Thirsty Grunt’, who can be found during the final run of the last level of Halo: Combat Evolved. When approached, he expresses his hope that the ‘food nipple’ is waiting for him at the starship, clearly ignorant of his impending doom. The next, ‘Cowardly Grunt’, can be found in the Halo 2 mission Uprising, during which the player is actually allied with this Grunt since you play as the Arbiter. However, this Grunt will refuse to fight, and instead pitifully cowers in the corner whilst assuring the Arbiter that he will stay behind to make sure nobody sneaks up on him. The final Grunt is aptly named the ‘Final Grunt’, since he is the final grunt you encounter in Halo 3, although he is occasionally called the ‘Jerk-Store Grunt’ since he rants and raves to the Chief, claiming that ‘the Jerk Store called, and they’re all out of you’ as well as berating the Chief for having a troubled past and claiming that he is high on gas. Wow.

halo terminals

This could be considered cheating since I’m incorporating a vast array of separate Easter Eggs into this one entry, but they are essentially the same thing – hidden lore elements that are buried in the game and left for the player to find. This process began in Halo 3 with the ‘Terminals’, Forerunner (or sometimes Covenant) devices that could be accessed to read/hear small snippets of information about the wider story of the game and its context. This continued with Halo 3 ODST’s atmospheric audio logs, Halo: Reach’s data files and continued well into the 343 era with fully rendered mini-movies being hidden throughout Halo 4, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary and Halo 2 Anniversary, and a huge swath of fully voiced audio logs for Halo 5: Guardians, which is one of the few things worth praising about the game. What makes this such a great Easter Egg is that it is the perfect way of making players want to learn more about the wider lore of the games, as by hiding it away and including an element of challenge to find them with achievements encourages players with a sense of accomplishment or desire for 100% completion to scour the levels searching for clues and piecing together the wider lore that explains the origin of the Forerunners, the Halos, the Covenant, the Flood and countless other aspects of Halo lore.

So that’s my list of Top 10 Best Halo Easter Eggs, I hope you enjoyed and if you did then please be sure to leave a like, and remember to like us on Facebook or follow us on WordPress for more content like this, and look down below for more Halo related content!


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Halo Wars Wiki Guide

When playing as Anders, you can get five free reactors. Build one reactor and fill out your base with supply pads. Upgrade the supply pads and gather 2,600 supplies. Recycle 3 heavy supply pads and start to build 3 reactors -- then immediately Cryo Bomb your own base. Once you reactor level in the upper right corner goes to 4 then, stop the 3 reactors from building and recycle them. Your money will be returned, and the you'll have your reactor level and 4 reactors.

"The Real Winner" Achievement

Look just north of the starting point for a tower with the level's Black Box at the bottom. Down here is a door which Adam, a small child, is trapped behind. Open it by highlighting it and clicking A and clear a path to the transport for him (he goes down in one shot, so watch out!) and you'll get the Achievement.

Note: Check out tips on every level Achievement in our <a href="https://guides.ign.com/guides/857436/page_3.html">walkthrough</a>.

Gamertag Pictures

You can unlock Halo Wars Gamertag pics by performing the actions listed below:

  • Professor Anders - Complete the Campaign on any difficulty
  • Sergeant Forge - Load up Halo Wars on your profile


The Skulls for each level of Campaign mode will only appear once a "kill requirement" is met (e.g. "Kill 100 Grunts"). This requirement is listed for each Skull below, in addition to the Skull's location. Aside from the first mission, all of these Skulls can be found on Easy. Skulls can be activated from the pause menu and each one has a unique effect on gameplay (also listed below).

1) Alpha Base

Look Daddy Skull // Kill 100 Grunts

Do this one on Heroic or Legendary or there just aren't enough Grunts to kill. The Skull appears across the frozen pond from the entrance to Alpha Base, at the end of the level.

Skull Effect: When Grunts die their methane tank always shoots off

2) Relic Approach

Grunt Birthday Party Skull // Kill 20 Jackal Snipers

These guys appear on pads on mountains, sniper towers and landing pads. Before advancing through the gate to the end of the level, search the remainder of the level for Jackals. There are plenty even on Easy. The Skull appears at Alpha base, by the entrance you took in the last level (south).

Skull Effect: Grunts Explode into confetti.

3) Relic Interior

Cowbell Skull // Kill 45 Hunters

You'll be able to rack up your Hunter count at the very end of the level, where they spawn infinitely from doors just before the exit tot he landing zone. Kill 45, then reverse with everyone to where you met the troops, in the center of the artifact. You'll have to backtrack amidst lots of Grunts and other respawning enemies.

Skull Effect: Destruction physics multiplied.

4) Arcadia City

Wuv Woo Skull // Kill 50 Elites

You'll have to augment your bases with turrets and patrol the streets with hornets to kill the 50 elites (with energy swords). The skull is near the base spot in the east, between your open spot for a base and the enemy base. There's a park southeast of the broken highway and the skull is here -- the furthest southeast corner of the map.

Skull Effect: Scarabs shoot rainbow beams made of pure love.

5) Arcadia Outskirts

Fog Skull // Kill 5 Wraith Tanks

These purple tanks will continue to assault your bases so while you are out exploring, arm your bases with a couple of Rail-augmented turret guns to wipe out any Wraiths that appear. This requirement should come easily -- and hey, you have all the time in the word. Now, follow the strip of highway along the southern part of the level past the southwest base to find the skull. There are plenty of enemies up here, so bring some air units and warthogs and make it quick. The freeway bends away from the two lane strip at the southern end of the map, but you should stick to the two lane. Follow it to the westernmost corner of the level, the skull is here, near the large buildings.

Skull Effect: No minimap. Final score will increase.

6) Dome of Light

Sickness Skull // Kill 50 Banshees

Banshees should be no problem here, even 50 of them. Just outfit your base with Missile turrets and it will pick them off one by one. Leave a Wolverine anti-air unit at each Plasma Rhino position point to help pick off more or the ODSTs will get them all. After you get 50, about face at the base and grab the skull in the garage.

Skull Effect: All players have 50% fewer hitpoints. Final score will increase.

7) Scarab

Rebel Sympathizer Skull // Kill 10 Locusts

Locusts are the equivalent of heavy tanks of the Covenant and walk on four legs. You can find these (there are 10 exactly) roughly nearby the Scarab's 7 nodes, with a few extras on the far east and west sides of the map. Kill these, then search the northwestern-most power node site for the Skull. Knock out some nodes while you hunt Locust or it'll be much more difficult. Gauss Cannon-augmented Warthogs are your best friends.

Skull Effect: Non-player units get 25% more hitpoints. Final score will increase.

8) Anders's Signal

Rebel Supporter Skull // Kill 750 Infection Forms

This kill requirement is pretty high, and achieving it can be tedious. You'll get the most kills out of the little swarms, but any other infection forms count, so long as they have legs. The best way to do this is to go about your business killing everything in your path, and, once you get a base, equip it with incindiary Turrets to rack up the kill count. Continue patrolling for any alien lifeforms until your count reaches 750. Now, head to the northern-most point of the map in the center, The skull is in a little valley across a chasm.

Skull Effect: Non-player units do 50% more damage. Final score will increase.

9) The Flood

Rebel Leader Skull // Kill 20 Flood Stalks

The Flood Stalks are the bulbous, small stalks that litter the map. They don't fire or do much of anything, they just passively await your Hornet fire. Get a dozen Hornets and explore the map, taking these out -- there are more than 20 available. After you meet the requirement, head back to your base and summon a Pelican drop to take some troops or Warthogs over to the Skull site. It;s due east of the base, just a screen away. You can't get to it via ground paths, so the Pelican drop is essential.

Skull Effect: Non-player units start with extra veterancy. Final score will increase.

10) Shield World

Catch Skull // Kill 350 Swarms

Swarms are the flocks of bird-like Flood that will continually assault your base on this level -- but hey, that makes things easy. Equip the base with Missile Turrets and leave some anti-air Wolverines around to make short work of them. You'll encounter a lot of swarms during your last rush to the evac point, but the Skull should be collected before this point. We experienced a glitch that made it so we couldn't build more Hornets after the final evac was initiated / bungled, and you need Hornets to grab the Skull. It's on an island northeast of the base, just past the first pylon. Bring a few Hornets -- have these built ahead of time and waiting at the base -- to grab the Skull.

Skull Effect: All player units recharge unit abilities in half the time. Final score will decrease.

11) Cleansing

Sugar Cookies Skull // Destroy 100 Sentinels

The Sentinels are the flying bots that help you clean the hull. Destroying these effeciently means Turrets, and lots of 'em. Augment them with anti-air missiles too. This level completes when you clear the flood off the ship -- namely the Dens and Launchers. So don't finish those off until you've met your Sentinel quota. After this, head to the very front of the ship, northeast side of the map, where there's an observation deck between the two sides jutting out. Grab the Skull floating in front of the windows.

Skull Effect: All player units have 50% more hitpoints. Final score will decrease.

12) Repairs

Boomstick Skull // Kill 12 Spirit Transports

The Covenant transport ships can only be destroyed when landing, so be sure to build plenty of Missile augmented turrets to catch them early. Repair the outer hull turrets as well, and place a Spartan, Hawk and a Wolverine at all the spots you see them landing. This isn't so hard, as they relentlessly show up. After you kill 12, grab the Skull on the main structure at the front end of the ship, in the northeast. This is hovering above what appears to be the bridge or observation deck at the front of the ship.

Skull Effect: 5% chance any non-player unit blows up upon death with explosive area of effect damage. Final score will decrease.

13) Beachhead

Pain Train Skull // Kill 10 Bomber Forms

All the Bomber Forms, the giant puffy floating Flood forms, are in the far west corner of the map. Here they are being churned out by Flood Dens. Take a pack of Vultures over before conquering the 4th and final Covenant base and clear out 10 of the Bomber Forms before taking out the Dens. The Skull will then appear here in the far west corner at the base of the Forerunner structure with all of the Flood Dens.

Skull Effect: All player units train 50% faster. Final score will decrease.

14) Reactor

Bountiful Harvest Skull // Kill 20 Vampires

These horseshoe shaped purple aerial attack vehicles will show up in pairs to attack your bases and Elephant / Core throughout the level. Wait before taking out the last base at the top of the ramp until you have downed 20. Use those Missile upgrades for your Turrets! The Skull appears behind your third base point, halfway up the tall series of ramps leading to the core drop off point. It's in the northern corner on the platform with the base

Skull Effect: Supplies come in 25% faster. Final score will decrease.

15) Escape

Emperor Skull // Kill 3 Scarabs

Scarabs are the uber units of the Covenant. These giant purple walkers will spawn slowly throughout the level from the Covenant base the northwest of the start point. There should be one already patrolling the shielded center area by the time you have some Vultures in the air, so use them to open both Interlocks of the first set of shields and drop the Scarab into the abyss. This takes a bit of positioning but isn't that difficult. If you set up a base on the directly opposite side from where you start, due north, you should be able to catch any further Scarabs. Fortify this base with Vultures and Railgun Turrets to help. Drop Mac Blasts and Carpet Bombs to make short work of them. The Skull will appear in the northeast boundary of the map, between two interlocks and behind the Flood boss. Grab it with some Vultures or ground units.

Skull Effect: All player powers recharge in half the time. Final score will decrease.

Black Boxes

There is a Black Box hidden in each mission of Campaign Mode. These locations are listed below. The remaining Black Boxes can be unlocked by beating Skirmish Mode with each of the 6 leaders (Arbiter, Prophet, Cutter, Brute Chieftan, Forge, and Anders) and by winning a Skirmish match on each Skirmish map. Black Boxes unlock text in the Timeline

1) Alpha Base

This one is under the bridge just before the skirmish outside the entrance to Alpha Base. Set your cursor on it and your men will find their way down to collect it via the ramp on the side.

2) Relic Approach

There are multiple power barriers in this level, two with Warthogs behind them, one leading to the end of the level past the enemy base, and one to the northwest, with the Black Box behind it. Beware the snipers in this area.

3) Relic Interior

Before even entering the giant relic, at the very start of the level, reverse course with the Grizzly tanks and find a secret path alongside the structure. A downed Pelican is at the end, along with your Black Box 3.

4) Arcadia City

Move just a smidge north of the starting point to collect this Black Box. Easy!

5) Arcadia Outskirts

There is a reactor you can capture in the eastern part of the level -- it has a statue next to it. Just west of this is a grassy depression with the Black Box at the bottom. You can grab this safely after establishing a base or two. Grab the reactor while you're there with some infantry units!

6) Dome of Light

The third Plasma Rhino position can only be reached via pelican drop. Head over there to grab the Black Box too, in the lower part of this isolated area.

7) Scarab

The Black Box is in a pocket similar to that in which you find the Skull -- in the northeastern-most corner. Surrounding it are many, many supply boxes. Score! Take a fleet of Warthogs to the far right of the map to find it quickly.

8) Anders's Signal

This box is near the start of the level. After carpet bombing the apes and getting a Spartan squad, head to the little plateau to the northeast to find this Black Box. You can collect this just a few minutes into the level.

9) The Flood

Head due north from the front hanger door of your base with a swarm of Hornets to find Black Box 9. It's across the level at the edge of the map.

10) Shield World

This Black Box is in the supply stash behind the second group of evac-needing troops. It's in the northwest part of the map, along the edge. <P>11) Cleansing

This Box is located on the side of the hull, due west from the center of the map. Take some Hornets over to grab it.

12) Repairs

This Black Box is in almost exactly the same place as 11. Just head to the westernmost part of the map and look for the box on the side of the hull.

13) Beachhead

After you take out the 3rd base, and before you enter the teleporter up to the 4th, check the hills to the north of the 3rd base for a Black Box. This one can only be picked up with Hornets or Vultures.

14) Reactor

There is a raised area just west of the starting base. Up here is a Black Box in the brush. Use a Vulture or Hornet to nab it.

15) Escape

This Box is by the base site on the north side of the map. It's actually sitting near to the shielded center structure, right out in the open. Just follow the edge of the central shielded structure with the Interlocks counterclockwise from the start and you'll find it a bit more than halfway around.

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Halo Wars Easter Eggs

Starcraft Reference- 8.0/10 with 1 votes

While playing a game, make some Flamethrowers.
While they are standing around, some of them may shout "Need a light?", which is a reference to the famous Starcraft quote of the Firebats.

2 Comments - read or post

Age of Mythology Reference- 7.3/10 with 3 votes

One of the hidden skulls you can find in Halo Wars is called the "Wuv Woo" skull and its effect is it makes any Covenant Scarab on the battlefield shoot rainbows instead of that green stuff it usually shoots.
This is a reference to "Age of Mythology"... more

Wilhelm Scream- 7.0/10 with 1 votes

If you start a new carrer watch the cutscene and after it says " we've been doing good but we are about to go into h**l" or somthing along those lines you will see a marine getting shot by a needler and he will scream the famous Wilhelm Scream.

Happy... more

Want more? See all other Video Game Easter Eggs.

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Flood easter egg/glitch?

K27R wrote:

This is definitely a test, or maybe an undeleted programme (thank god it wasn't). 343 was definitely using this as Flood material. Maybe it could even be a social test, to see the community's reaction if we found this awesome representation of Flood spore attacks.

Don't count on getting any flood though, 343 would rather die than re introduce the Flood. If they do, it'll probably be a really stupid elimination, kinda how stupid and abruptly Cortana came back to life, that sort of thing, only its an abrupt stupid death for the Flood. That's how 343 want it to be
The Cortana we know is dead, the one that we are encountering now is just a rampant fragment, 343 didn't just resurrect her, in the end an Ai is just a computer program just like a game and can copy and split itself an infinite amount of times, I highly doubt 343 is purposefully keeping the flood out, I'm honestly applauding them for not just forcing it into the story to appease everyone.

If the story allows for it I'm 99.999999999999999999% sure the flood will return, they have been kinda setting up for it in the Forerunner book trilogy.

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Sours: https://www.halowaypoint.com/pl-pl/forums/38bd6e2ebbb14e5b9b359bb029588800/topics/flood-easter-egg-glitch/f078d8df-6998-4339-8611-fb0e84e9d52e/posts?page=1

Wars easter eggs halo

5 cool things we’ve seen from Halo Wars 2 so far

Note: This is a paid promotional article in conjunction with Xbox.

1. Isabel the A.I.

A.I. in previous games in the Halo series have been pretty cool, calm, and collected — and blue, to go along with this. Isabel, the A.I. for Halo Wars 2, isn’t a combat A.I. so this whole fighting hoards of aliens thing doesn’t seem like it’ll come naturally to her. When you first meet her in the game she’s kind of panicked and afraid (through the story vidoc from Xbox we know she’s watched her entire crew die around her), but in the launch trailer she’s looking determined and ready to ante up. She obviously goes through a hell of a character journey in the single player campaign. 

2. Blitz multiplayer mode

We’re pretty sure nobody saw this coming, but smashing together real time strategy and competitive card-based strategy kind of makes sense. It keeps things tactical, but eliminates the need for base building and resource collecting, and instead you just pray you’ve built a good enough deck. While the team have said that this was initially a way to make RTS more accessible to new players you can imagine it being popular for seasoned strategy fans too, letting people match up in much faster rounds where the tides of a fight can change even more quickly than normal. 

3. These hilarious live action ads

Look, it’s not a bad thing when games companies don’t take themselves too seriously. Plus these videos are very relatable. We’ve all sat next to an Atriox on the plane at one time or another. Maybe not someone who actually does lick the armrest, but close enough.

4. Seeing the Ark

The Ark is a pretty big deal in the Halo universe (it is literally the place where all the Halos were made) so it’s cool seeing it turn up in Halo Wars 2. It means there’s the potential to see loads of different kinds of terrains in the game, plus there could be easter eggs or plot points that tie in to the original series, which Halo fans will appreciate. There’s a lot of power stored up in the Ark, too. Imagine the size of the explosions. 

5. Atriox

The new big bad for Halo Wars 2 is Atriox, a Brute that the Covenant tried to force into slavery and death like his fellows. Atriox survived and lead a rebellion against the Covenant. Isabel says they were fighting Atriox at the same time they came after us and while they almost got us — and that was a hell of a fight —  ‘they never came close’ with Atriox. That sets Cutter and his crew up for a bit of a rough paper round in Halo Wars 2. Atriox is also pretty interesting as a character as well as an adversary. A Brute who can crush a Spartan helmet with his bare hands, but is also intelligent enough to strategise against the Covenant and win… that’s not something you see every day. 

Halo Wars 2 launches worldwide on 21st February. You can pre-order the game now, and immerse yourself in more Halo universe content over at the Halo Compendium.

Sours: https://www.videogamer.com/features/5-cool-things-weve-seen-from-halo-wars-2-so-far/
Curiosidades Halo Wars

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