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If you’re running your own business or just working from home regularly, setting up an office can really help to keep you organised, active and professional. If you’ve got room, it’s always a good idea to keep your work life and your domestic life separate, and furniture has a role to play in that too.

Take your bookcase, for example. You might have a bookcase in the living room with all your novels, travel books and other entertaining reads on them, but where do you keep all your work-related books and magazines? If you’re serious about maintaining a good work-life balance, keeping all your work books in their own bookcase will be a real help. From an organisational point of view, it can really help, but also it can help psychologically – you’re more able to switch off when your two lives are separated.

At Dunelm, we have a superb collection of bookcases, from small desktop ones to full-size bookcases and corner units for those who need a lot of reading matter in their work lives. They’re all designed to be smart and accessible, and have shelves to accommodate the whole range of book sizes.

The style of the bookcase will be determined by the style of your office, so we stock the complete range, from strictly business to homely and warm. After all, not everyone has the luxury of dedicating a whole room to their office – many home-workers just work from a particular corner of the room or from the couch, so having a style of office furniture that’s consistent with the rest of the decor in the room is vital.

If you do have a dedicated office, the rules might be a little different, as you can choose a bookcase that’s a little more pared-down, perhaps a budget bookcase, as you’ll spend most of your time on the computer or paperwork, and are probably trying to keep costs down. That’s not everyone’s idea of an office, of course – if you want to push the boat out and have a really slick office with modern boutique styling, we’ve got plenty of gorgeous office bookcases to choose from.

If you’re running the type of business where you regularly have clients round to discuss projects, it really pays to show them that you’re dedicated to the job, not just running a sideline – and a bookcase stuffed with professional books and business literature really helps convince them that you mean business.

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Shaker Bookcases, Home Library & Entertainment Systems

Our new product line available now, please scroll down to view.  Pricing is located at bottom

Simplistic system designed for today&#;s home &#; office environments&#;finely made and finished by our craftsmen out of solid hardwood using traditional joinery.  Furniture quality shelving  and storage that is perfect for any home or office.  Pleasant Shaker styling blends with settings from modern to traditional.

Shaker Style Home Library &#; Entertainment Systems

 This is a free-standing system that can be easily re-arranged or moved to another location.  Available in satin White, Black and custom colors.

Components stack on sturdy bases that feature levelers on all 4 corners to help compensate for uneven floors.  Bookcase backs are beaded-board, solid wood and furniture quality.  Shelves are a full 1&#; thick, fully adjustable and very sturdy

System is comprised of 40&#;wide or 30&#; wide sections that stand 80&#;high.    Available components include Tall Bookcases, Short Bookcases and Base Cabinets with Doors or Drawers

Components can be used individually as shown with this Tall Bookcase section above.  Shelves are adjustable on /8&#; centers and are a generous /2&#; deep!  This example features a Right Crown Molding Return option at top right of Bookcase

Combination shown above is comprised of 40&#; wide sections, it measures &#; / 14&#; in total width.  The area available for a TV in this unit measures 80&#; wide x 44&#; high.  

This same combination if done in 30&#; wide sections would measure &#; / 10&#; in total width.  The area available for a TV in this smaller unit would measures 60&#; wide x 44&#; high.

System does not require installation, units fit flush to each other when bases are leveled.  16&#; deep bases have adjustable feet and provide a very stable base for Tall and Short Bookcases 

Works very well for left and right of fireplace applications, the bottom of this piece is a Base cabinet with Drawers that features full dovetail construction, removable drawer dividers and a lateral hanging file system.  This example features a Right Crown Molding Return option at top right of Bookcase

This Base cabinet with Doors is fit with an adjustable shelf.  The upper Short Bookcase has a wire access port for running wires and cables.  This example features a Right Crown Molding Return option at top right of Bookcase

Side by side Drawer Base units with a pair of  Short Bookcases above&#;perfect for bedroom, office, living areas and even kitchen storage

A Short Bookcase with 2 adjustable shelves.  This piece as shown measures 40&#; wide x /4&#; deep x 53&#; high. 

A pair of Short Bookcases measures 80&#; wide x /4&#; deep x 53&#; high.  This creates a very versatile piece that can even be re-arranged and placed back-to-back in office settings.

A single Door Base Cabinet surrounded by four Bookcase units

Interior of Door Base Cabinet is fit with one adjustable shelf.  Interiors of cabinets are finished as finely as the exteriors

 The top drawer in the Drawer Base Cabinet is fit with 3 front-to-back drawer dividers that are removable

The lower drawer in the Drawer Base Cabinet is equipped with a Lateral Hanging File System that is easily removed if just a drawer for storage is needed

Sours: https://www.shakershoppe.com/product-category/shaker-style-bookcase-system/
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Most products come pre-assembled. If your item needs to be assembled, you can have us do it for you. Simply select our "Platinum White Glove" delivery service at checkout for the full assembly and placement service! All you need to do is open the door.

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Sausalito 80 Inch Bookcase

Product Details

  • Overview

    A golden glow of rich Whiskey color abounds from the Sausalito Home Office Collection by Legends Furniture. Good old American ingenuity and know how combine utility with form and function.

  • Features

    Premium select knotty alder solids and veneers
    Whiskey finish
    Heavy distressing
    Dado Construction for supreme durability
    Open shelf storage
    Built and designed in the U.S.A.
    Product comes fully assembled

  • Department


Note: Some Assembly May be Required

Please Note: Sizes and weights are approximate and may vary slightly from the ones given above. Due to differences in monitors, we cannot be responsible for variations in color between the actual item and your screen. Please be advised that we display the standard shape and(or) size in some cases; the shapes, sizes, patterns and colors may vary.

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Inch tall shelf 80

Have books laying all over the floor? You could probably use a bookcase to organize them! But before you start shopping, it&#;s important to make sure that a new bookcase will fit in your space. You might be curious about how tall bookcases are and how much space you will need. We&#;ve done the research and have helpful information to share for anyone looking to buy or build a new bookcase. 

The average 4-shelf bookcase is 54 inches tall, just over 4 feet. However, bookcases come in a wide range of heights. Most bookcases fall within a range of inches (3 to 7 feet), depending on the number and height of the shelves. There are many options available that can fit different spaces in the home, store different types of items, and suit personal aesthetic preferences.

There are many things to consider when buying a bookcase. In this post, we will walk you through the various options that are available. Continue reading for a thorough explanation of the different types of bookcases and their dimensions. We&#;ll also share some examples of popular bookcases that might suit your needs.

Picture Frame, Library with bookcases And Plants In Living Room, How Tall Are Bookcases? Here Are the Standard Dimensions

How Tall Are Different Types Of Bookcases?

Bookcases are available in a wide range of sizes and can even be custom built to suit your space. Despite the wide variety of choices, there are two standard size ranges, small and large. Small bookcases usually have between shelves and are inches tall. Large bookcases have shelves and are inches tall. Let&#;s take a look at some of the different bookcase styles.


A standard bookcase has shelves that are either evenly spaced or adjustable and has a closed back. Standard bookcases vary in height, and they are typically made of wood or engineered wood.

This tall standard bookcase has excellent product reviews and is made of recycled materials. It has five shelves, three of which are adjustable in height. The bookcase measures 71 inches tall (nearly 6 feet), inches long (about 2 feet), and inches deep.

Click here to see it on Amazon.

This short standard bookcase also has consistently positive reviews. It has three fixed shelves and measures inches tall (just under 3 feet), 23 inches wide (nearly 2 feet), and 10 inches deep. An added benefit of a short bookcase is that the top of the bookcase can provide easily accessible additional storage or display space.

Click here to see it on Amazon.


An étagère is a set of shelves with an open back. Often made of glass, this type of bookcase has a more delicate design than a standard bookcase. It is designed to be both beautiful and useful for the storage and display of books and other items. As with most bookcase types, étagères vary in height.

This étagère bookcase is made of wood and metal. It measures 65 inches tall (about feet), 30 inches wide ( feet), and 13 inches deep. The five shelves are at fixed heights, and the space between shelves measures just under 14 inches.

Click here to see it on Amazon.

Ladder (Leaning)

A ladder-style or leaning bookcase is designed to lean against the wall or appear as if it is doing so. The shelves of a ladder bookcase decrease in depth from the bottom to the top. Be sure to measure the top shelves to ensure that the size will meet your storage or display needs. The height of ladder bookcases varies, but they tend to have at least four shelves.

This ladder bookcase is affordable, beautiful, and highly rated. It has five fixed shelves that are deeper at the bottom and narrower toward the top. This bookcase measures 70 inches tall (just under 6 feet) and nearly 25 inches wide (about 2 feet). The shelf depths from top to bottom are inches, inches, just under 9 inches, 11 inches, and inches.

Click here to see it on Amazon.


As the name indicates, corner bookcases are designed to fit into corners. They are built on a right angle and can easily be wedged into small spaces. Corner bookcases are great space-saving storage and display pieces for small living spaces. The height of corner bookcases varies, but they tend to be on the taller side to provide more space, given the small width.

This beautiful corner bookcase is made of wood and metal. It measures 70 inches tall (just under 6 feet), and inches in length and width. Like a ladder bookcase, the depth of the five shelves decreases from bottom to top, ranging from 15 inches (bottom shelf) to inches (top shelf).

Click here to see it on Amazon.


A cube bookcase is divided horizontally and vertically into square or rectangular spaces. The modern design aesthetic often comes in fun colors and materials, and these shelves are useful for both storage and display. Some of these bookcases are modular systems. In these cases, the height will be determined by the height of each cube and the number of shelves.

This ClosetMaid cube organizer comes in several sizes and colors. The cube system is modular and completely customizable, as are the back panels. The cube design in the picture below measures 36 inches tall (3 feet), inches long (nearly 4 feet), and inches deep. Each cube measures inches wide, inches tall, and inches deep.

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A built-in bookcase is completely customizable. It usually consists of floor-to-ceiling bookshelves that are mounted to brackets, which are in turn mounted to the wall. If you are interested in a built-in bookcase, you will likely need a contractor to help you design and build it.

Built-in bookshelves can be any height you choose. The maximum is determined by the height of your ceiling, which is generally feet. The top shelf is usually installed about a foot below the ceiling, and the shelves are spaced evenly unless you require different spacing.

What Is The Standard Size Of A Bookcase?

As we have seen, bookcases come in a wide variety of sizes. A standard 4-shelf bookcase is about 54 inches tall (just over 4 feet). The width of a standard bookcase ranges from 24 inches (2 feet) to 45 inches ( feet). Most bookcases are inches deep. However, shelves may be shallower in some cases, such as on the top shelves of ladder-style bookcases.

How Far Apart Should Shelves Be In A Bookcase (In Inches)?

Picture of functional, small apartment interior design

Some bookcases come with fixed shelves, but many shelves are adjustable to suit your needs. In general, it is advised to leave inches between shelves, depending on what will go on them. The ideal shelf height for books is about 10 inches, and the ideal height for magazines is about inches.

The top shelf of a bookcase should be no more than inches high. This will ensure that any average-sized person will be able to reach items on the top shelf. If you are considering a bookcase with shelves that are not adjustable, be sure to measure the distance between shelves to ensure that your books will fit.

How Do You Reach Things On High Shelves?

If you are six feet tall, you should be able to reach the top shelf of an inch bookcase with no trouble. But what about all the short book-lovers? Luckily, there are several options for reaching books or other items that are on a high shelf.

You can use a step stool to reach shelves that are otherwise out of reach. 

This Rubbermaid basic step stool has two steps and should enable most people to reach the top shelf of most standard bookcases. The step stool easily folds away for discreet storage.

Click here to see it on Amazon.

If you have mobility issues or otherwise feel uncomfortable on a step stool, consider using a grabber tool. With a grabber, you can reach items on high shelves while remaining safely earth-bound. The suction cups on the end securely grip the item to prevent dropping.

This Vive Suction Cup Reacher Grabber extends your natural reach by 32 inches (nearly 3 feet).

Click here to see it on Amazon.

Finally, if your bookcases are attached to the wall or built-in, you could also consider installing a rolling ladder. This is a more involved process that will likely involve a contractor and a high budget. However, it could be worth it to make all of your librarian dreams come true!

Picture Frame, Library with bookcases And Plants In Living Room, How Tall Are Bookcases? Here Are the Standard Dimensions

Find The Best Bookcase For You!

Bookcases come in a variety of styles and dimensions, as we have discussed in this post. That&#;s great because it means that you can probably find the perfect bookcase to meet your needs. Think about where you want to put the bookcase and what you want to put on it. Consider your own height and think about how accessible you want your items to be.

Then, have fun shopping around for a bookcase! With the wide variety available, you are sure to find something that works for you and that you love. Before you go, be sure to check out these related posts:

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