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Water Leak
Water Leak ThumbWill service arrive in time?Car Ramp
Car Ramp ThumbHow far did the car travel?Apple Park
Apple Park ThumbHow long to walk around?Closest to the Pin
Closest to the Pin ThumbWhich ball is closer?
Night Eyes
Night Eyes ThumbHow many eyes?
100000 ThumbHow many days?
Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune ThumbHow many seconds?
3 Shapes
3 ShapesHow many points?
CupsHow many cups?
Nardo Ring
Nardo RingWhich car will win?
Ping Pong Lottery
Ping Pong LotteryWhich # was pulled?
Air Mattress
Air MattressHow long to air up?
Mr. Clean
Mr CleanIs it really 20% more?
Record Flip
Record FlipWill he make the jump?
Water Filter
Water FilterHow long will it last?
PancakesHow many pancakes?
Donut Holes
Donut HolesHow many donut holes?
Paul Sturgess
Paul SturgessWhat fractions?
Gym Choice
Gym ChoiceWhich gym is best?
CookiesHow many will fit?
Life-Size Jenga
Life-Size JengaHow many boards?
Puncher’s Chance
Punchers ChanceWill he break record?
King Clutch
King ClutchWho is most clutch?
Gas Pump
Gas PumpHow much money?
Dominoes ThumbHow long will it take?
ThumbHow much time is left?Captain’s Wheel
Captain's Wheel ThumbHow many degrees?Equidistant Arena
Equidistant Arena ThumbWhere will it be?
Virginia Museum
Virginia Museum ThumbHow many parking spots?
Brake ThumbHow many mph?
Pac-Man ThumbWhich route?
Sine WaveRunner
Sine WaveRunnerWho will win?
Fore Right!
Fore RightHow long is the shot?
Central Park
Central ParkWhat % of Manhattan?
Royal Flush
Royal FlushWill he get the flush?
Kerbey Lane
Kerbey LaneHow many pancakes?
One-Rep Max
1 Rep MaxWhat is his 1-rep max?
Birthday Gift
Birthday GiftWill it fit in the bag?
Energy Drinks
Energy DrinksHow many to be equal?
Baby Room
Baby RoomHow many paint cans?
Elevator or Stairs?
Elevator or StairsWhich way is faster?
Crane Rescue
Crane RescueHow many stories?
26sWill the rims fit?
Pop Top
Pop TopHow many bags will fit?
Sam Houston
Sam HoustonHow many real Sams?
Record Breaker
Record BreakerWill they score enough?
Boy or Girl?
Boy or GirlWhat will the baby be?
Road Trippin’
Road TrippinIs there enough gas?
Moon Rise
Moon Rise ThumbHow long will it take?
Calculator Countdown
Calculator Countdown ThumbHow many times?
Lava Field
Lava Field ThumbHow long will it take?
Water Tower
Water Tower ThumbHow tall is the light?
Game Winner
Game Winner ThumbWho won?
Putt Putt
Putt Putt ThumbWill it go in?
App DownloadWhich will fill first?
App Download
App DownloadWill it download in time?
52 Card Pickup?
52 Card PickupHow many cards?
Crescent Dunes
Crescent DunesHow many mirrors?
Kerbey Lane (Part 2)
Kerbey Lane Part 2How many steps?
Three Bridges
3 BridgesWhich car will win?
98 Pizzas
98 PizzasWill the pizzas fit?
WafflesWhich is a better value?
Rotonda West
Rotonda WestHow many houses?
Happy Meals
Happy MealsHow many will fit?
Beats to West
Beats to WestWhich beat is fastest?
Brick by Brick
Brick by BrickHow many bricks?
Snack Packs
Snack PacksHow many pretzels?
Nail Polish
Nail PolishWill she have time?
Center Stage
Center StageWill the court fit?
Commercial Break
Commercial BreakDoes he have time?
M&MsHow many calories?
Jack in the Box
Jack in the BoxWho will get there first?

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Andrew Gael, Andrew Stadel, Catherine Castillo, Graham Fletcher, Jon Orr,

Kendra Lomax, Kyle Pearce, Mike Wiernicki, Robert Kaplinsky

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Sours: https://whenmathhappens.com/3-act-math/


Reception-Y1DottyOn each 'ding' a new circle appears; count the sounds to work out the number of circles in the final pattern.Graham FletcherReception-Y1The CandymanThe man puts a coin in the candy machine - how many sweets are released into his hand?Graham FletcherReception-Y1Peas in a PodIn act 1 we see the number of peas in two green beans; how many peas are there in the three new green beans?Graham FletcherY1-Y2Humpty DumptyOh no - the egg box is knocked to the floor: how may eggs are broken?Graham FletcherY1-Y2Counting SquaresHow many red and yellow squares are there in the big pile? And can children make the pattern shown in act 2?Graham FletcherY1-Y2Share the LoveIt's never easy sharing sweets: help the two sisters to share the bag of sweets in a way that is fair.Graham FletcherY1-Y2Shark BaitJust how long is the worm on the beach? Estimate its length using the clues provided.Graham FletcherY2-Y3The Cookie MonsterThe cookie monster has found a packet of biscuits: how many does he eat? Act 2 shows how many left in the packet!Graham FletcherY3-Y4The Whopper JarIt takes a few packets of Whoppers to fill up the jar: how many Whoppers are in the jar in total?Graham FletcherY3-Y4Bright IdeaThe age-old question: how many skittles does it take to fill a lightbulb?Graham FletcherY3-Y5Stage 5 SeriesExplore and recreate different patterns to continue the sequences - five different videos.Graham FletcherY4-Y5Modelling OutfitsHow many ways can Zoolander be dressed? Think systematically to find the solution!Graham FletcherY4-Y5Rope JumperWe see the start of a world record jump-rope attempt: scale up to estimate the number of jumps done in 30 seconds!Graham FletcherY4-Y5Paper CutThe A4 paper is cut into two pieces: estimate and compare the two areas.Graham FletcherY4-Y5The Water BoyThe water boy is thirsty: how many millilitres of water does he drink?Graham FletcherY5-Y6The ClapperWe see the start of a clapping world record attempt: predict the number of claps in one minute.Graham FletcherY5-Y6Krispy KremeIt takes three people to get the gigantic Krispy Kreme box into a van: how many donuts?Graham FletcherY5-Y6For the WinIt's a black ball game: the player must get his angles right to pot the final ball and win the frame!Graham FletcherY5-Y6Geared UpAfter one turn, the differently-sized gears don't line up - how many turns until they are back to their starting positions?Graham FletcherY6The AppleHow many cubes weigh the same as one apple? Act 2 shows the weight of the apple and one cube as a fraction.Graham FletcherY6OverflowHow many cubes go into the container to make the water overflow? Act 2 gives the dimensions of container and cube!Graham Fletcher
Sours: https://www.iseemaths.com/3-act-tasks/
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Date AddedTask TitleDesmos ActivityLesson PlanAct 1Act 2Act 3SequelStandard 1Standard 2Standard 3Standard 4Suggested QuestionLicenseBackground Information3/10/2017World Record Balloon Dogxxxxx7.RP.1MP.4How long will it take the dog to pop all of the balloons?CC-BY12/31/2016Bet Your CoffeexxxxS-MD.3MP.4When should we keep our free coffee card? When should we bet it?CC-BY12/31/2016Coca Cola Poolxxxxx8.G.9MP.4How many bottles of Coca Cola did they buy to fill that pool?CC-BY8/11/2016Pokemon Go Cheatxxxxx7.G.4MP.4How long will that fan have to spin until the 5 km egg hatches?CC-BY7/26/2016Pool BouncexxxxxG-CO.5MP.4Where will each shot hit the cushion - A, B, or C?CC-BY3/1/2016Girl Scout Cookiesxxxxx6.G.2MP.4How many boxes of girl scout cookies will fit into that trunk?CC-BY2/17/2016Gas Station Ripoffxxxx7.RP.1MP.4Which of these gas pumps are trying to rip you off?CC-BY1/18/2016Marine RampxxxG-SRT.7MP.4Which bridge is best?CC-BY10/17/2015Broken Falcon Radarxxx7.G.4MP.4What should the speedometer read? What will its fastest speed be? Its slowest speed?CC-NC-BY8/1/2015Volcanoxxxxx7.G.4MP.4How long will it take the lava to reach Tarata?CC-BY7/9/2015Graduationxxxx7.RP.1MP.4How should I set the timer so I can take the longest possible nap without missing cousin Adarsh's graduation?CC-BY10/16/2014Coin Countingxxxx8.EE.8bHow much cash is that? How many coins are there?CC-BY7/16/2014Rotonda West, FLxxxxxG-C.2MP.4Which is the shorter path?CC-BY6/25/2014Nana's Lemonadexxxxx6.NS.1MP.4How many lemon wedges do you need for the same lemony taste?CC-BY6/22/2014Dandy Candiesxxxxx6.G.4MP.4MP.7What is the cheapest way to package up these candies?CC-BY5/12/2014Money DuckxxxxS-MD.4S-MD.5aMP.4What price would you pay for the Money Duck?CC-BY3/3/2014Circle-SquarexxxxA-CED.1A-REI.4MP.4What's happening here anyway? When do the circle and square have equal area?CC-BY2/24/2014Nana's Paint Mixupxxxx6.RP.3MP.4Is it possible to fix the mixup?CC-BY2/14/2014Super StairsxxxxxF-BF.2MP.4How many steps will he run on the super stairs? How long will it take him to run them?CC-NC-BY8/24/2013Shipping Routesxxxxx6.NS.4MP.4Will they ever meet again? How long will that take?CC-BY8/4/2013Ferris WheelxxxxxF-TF.5MP.4How high will the red cart be off the ground at the end of the ride?CC-BY7/17/2013MeatballsxxxxxG-MG.1MP.4Will it overflow?CC-BY3/6/2013Dueling Discountsxxxx7.RP.3MP.4Which coupon should I use?CC-NC-BY3/6/2013Finals Weekxxxx6.RP.2MP.3MP.4Which drink will have the strongest caffeine concentration?CC-NC-BY2/5/2013Bubble Wrapxxxxx6.G.1MP.4Guess how long the other bubble wrap pieces will take to pop.CC-NC-BY2/5/2013Ditch Diggersxxxxx8.EE.7MP.4Guess whether or not the two ditch diggers will meet.CC-NC-BY2/5/2013ScramblerxxxxxF-TF.5MP.4Make a guess: what will the red scrambler's position be at the end of the ride?CC-NC-BY1/9/2013ToothpicksxxxxxF-LE.3MP.4How many levels will he be able to make with all those toothpicks?CC-NC-BY12/10/2012Best CirclexxxxxG-GPE.4MP.3MP.4Who do you think did the best job drawing a circle?CC-NC-BY12/10/2012Best MidpointxxxxxG-GPE.4MP.3MP.4Who do you think did the best job drawing the midpoint?CC-NC-BY12/10/2012Best SquarexxxxxG-GPE.4MP.3MP.4Who do you think did the best job drawing a square?CC-NC-BY12/10/2012Best TrianglexxxxxG-GPE.4MP.3MP.4Who do you think did the best job drawing an equilateral triangle?CC-NC-BY10/17/2012Pixel PatternxxxxxF-LE.2MP.4When will the pixel pattern break through the box? After how many seconds? Where?CC-NC-BY9/28/2012Neptunexxxx6.RP.3MP.4Where is Earth? How big is it?CC-NC-BY9/28/2012Split Timexxxx6.RP.3MP.4What should his split time on the indoor track be?CC-NC-BY9/28/2012Taco Cartxxxxx8.G.7F-IF.4MP.4Who will reach the taco cart first?CC-NC-BY8/16/2012Penny Circlexxxxx7.G.4S-ID.6MP.4How many pennies will the big circle will hold?CC-NC-BY8/16/2012Playing Catch Upxxxxx8.EE.8MP.4Who will win?CC-NC-BY8/16/2012The Slow Fortyxxxx5.MD.1MP.4How fast do you think Rich Eisen runs in miles per hour?CC-NC-BY6/27/2012Double SunglassesxxxxF-LE.1MP.4What will be the percent tint with both sunglasses?
CC-NC-BY6/27/2012Lucky CowxxxG-C.5MP.4Where should we make a horizontal cut so we have equal amounts of cheese?CC-NC-BY5/31/2012Coffee Travelerxxxxx7.G.47.G.6MP.4What will the water level look like now?CC-NC-BY5/31/2012Popcorn Pickerxxxxx7.G.47.G.6MP.4Which container will hold more popcorn?CC-NC-BY4/30/2012Coin Carpetxxxx7.G.47.RP.3MP.4If you were going to carpet the room with a single kind of coin, which would be the cheapest option?CC-NC-BY4/30/2012Pizza Doublerxxxx7.G.4MP.4If you'd like the most pizza, which coupon should you use?CC-NC-BY4/24/2012Fry's BankxxxxF-LE.1F-LE.2MP.4How much money does Fry have in his bank account right now?CC-NC-BY4/24/2012Leaky Faucetxxxxx6.RP.3MP.4How long will it take the sink to fill up?CC-NC-BY4/6/2012Gmail TapxxF-LE.1MP.4How does that work, anyway? How many taps would the letter "z" take?CC-BY4/6/2012Halfway to Hawaiixx4.MD.2MP.4When will the plane be halfway to Hawaii?CC-BY3/21/2012Dollar Wallxxx6.G.1MP.4How much cash is on the walls?CC-BY3/6/201225 Billion Appsxxxxx8.F.4MP.2MP.4When should you start bombarding the App Store with purchases if you want to win?CC-NC-BY3/6/2012Pain Reliefx6.RP.3Which pain reliever is the best deal?CC-BY2/29/2012Boltxxx6.RP.3How fast is Usain Bolt running?CC-BY2/29/2012Fort Steubenxx6.RP.3How far away is the camera from the explosionCC-BY2/27/2012Nana's Chocolate Milkxxxx6.RP.3MP.4How do we fix Nana's chocolate milk?CC-NC-BY2/27/2012Yellow Starburstsxxxx7.SP.27.SP.6MP.2MP.4How many Starburst packs have exactly one yellow Starburst? Two yellow Starbursts?CC-NC-BY1/30/2012Coke v Spritexxxxx6.RP.3Which glass now contains more of its original soda?CC-NC-BY1/30/2012Jouliesxxxxx8.F.5MP.1MP.3MP.4Do you think Joulies will work as advertised?CC-NC-BY1/30/2012You Pour, I ChoosexxxxxG-GMD.3MP.2MP.4Which glass contains more soda?CC-NC-BY12/29/2011Car CaravanxxxxxG-MG.1How many toy cars are in the circle?CC-NC-BY11/3/2011Domino SkyscraperxxxxxF-LE.2How many dominoes would it take to knock over a skyscraper-sized domino?CC-NC-BY10/30/2011Hot CoffeexxxxxG-MG.1G-MG.2G-GMD.36.RP.3How many gallons fit into that coffee cup?CC-NC-BY10/30/2011Incredible Shrinking DollarxxxxxF-LE.2What will the dollar bill look like after getting reduced that many times?CC-NC-BY10/30/2011Super Bearxxxxx6.RP.3How many regular bears equals the super bear?CC-NC-BY9/28/2011Shower v Bathxxxx6.RP.3Which is cheaper: a shower or a bath?CC-NC-BY9/25/2011Partial Productx6.RP.2What's the total grocery bill?CC-BY9/13/2011Will It Hit The HoopxxxxF-BF.3Will the ball go in the hoop?CC-BY8/27/2011Obscure GeometryxxxG-GPE.7What fraction is each small piece of the whole?CC-BY8/13/2011Speed of Lightxxxxx6.RP.3What does the speed of light look like?CC-NC-BY8/8/2011Pyramid of Penniesxxxxx3.MD.7F-BF.1How many pennies is that?CC-NC-BY7/31/2011Ticket to Ridexxxx7.G.66.RP.3How many tickets are on the roll?CC-BY7/29/2011Print Jobxxxxx6.RP.3How long will it take to print all those pages?CC-NC-BY7/24/2011World Record AirbagxxA-CED.1F-BF.1F-LE.3How fast was he flying when he hit the bag?CC-BY7/23/2011Amazon Percent Discountxxx6.RP.3How much does it cost?CC-BY7/23/2011Holesxxxx7.G.37.G.47.G.67.RP.1How much extra dirt will Stanley have to dig after a year?CC-NC-BY7/22/2011Britaxxx7.G.4How many times would all the water bottles used in the US in a year wrap around the world?CC-BY7/22/2011Bucky the Badgerxxxxx3.OA.9MP.3How many push-ups did Bucky have to do?CC-BY7/11/2011Apple MothershipxxxG-MG.2MP.4How many people per square foot is that?CC-BY7/11/2011Bone Collectorxxxx6.RP.3How big is the killer's shoe size?CC-BY7/11/2011Falling GlowsticksxxxxA-CED.1F-BF.1F-LE.3How deep is the cave?CC-BY7/11/2011Falling RocksxxxxA-CED.1F-BF.1F-LE.3How deep is the cave?CC-BY7/10/2011Sugar Packetsxxxxx4.NBT.6How many sugar packets are in a bottle of soda?CC-NC-BY7/8/2011Water TankxxxxxG-GMD.3G-GMD.4How long will it take to fill up the water tank?CC-NC-BY
Sours: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jXSt_CoDzyDFeJimZxnhgwOVsWkTQEsfqouLWNNC6Z4/edit

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