Spanish word for maid

Spanish word for maid DEFAULT


But it's hard to find a good maid these days, Sid.

Pero es difícil encontrar una buena mucama estos días, Sid.

Well, the maid says he's been in there for days.

Bien, la mucama dice que ha estado ahí por días.

She was a maid for this guy and his wife.

Era una sirvienta de este tipo y su esposa.

There is also a bedroom for the maid with private bathroom.

También hay un dormitorio para la doncella con baño privado.

There's a maid in the house It couldn't be better.

Hay una criada en la casa no podría ser mejor.

You have another job, which is being my maid of honor.

Tienes otro trabajo, que es ser mi dama de honor.

The job of a maid is very tricky in fact.

El trabajo de una criada es muy difícil, de hecho.

Because you promised I could be the maid of honor.

Porque me prometiste que podría ser la dama de honor.

It was close to everything, and the maid was very attentive.

Estaba cerca de todo, y la camarera fue muy atenta.

The maid arrives at , the florist usually by noon.

La sirvienta llega a las , el florista usualmente al mediodía.


Spanish Word for maid  

She is the hotel house keeper.

Es la camarera del hotel.

hotel house keeper

camarera del hotel

The waitress who is serving us is kind.

La camarera quien es la que nos atiende es amable.

I am looking for a maid that knows how to cook well.

Busco una criada que sepa cocinar bien.

We are talking to the house keeper.

Nosotros estamos hablando con la camarera.

You used to get mad because your maid would spend too much time at the market, didn't you?

Tu te enojabas porque la sirvienta se tardaba mucho en el mercado, ¿no?

The maid has already broken six glasses this week.

La sirvienta ya ha roto seis vasos esta semana.

I know a maid who knows how to cook well.

Conozco a una criada que sabe cocinar bien.

Do you use "tú" or "Ud." when you speak to your maid in Spanish?

¿Cómo le hablan Uds. a su sirvienta, de tú o de Ud.?

The maid looks after the children.

La criada se ocupa de los niños.

Madam President, I made my maiden speech in on emancipation and here I am now giving my 'old maid's speech'.

Presidenta, Señorías, después de mi «maidenspeech» en sobre la política de emancipación, pronuncio ahora mi «spinsterspeech».

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Translation of maid in Spanish:


muchacha (de servicio), n.

Pronunciation /meɪd/

See Spanish definition of camarera


  • 1

    • (servant)

      muchacha (de servicio) feminine

      sirvienta feminine

      criada femininemainly Spain

      mucama feminineLatin America

      empleada doméstica feminine formal

      parlor maid(primera) doncella

      • lady's maid(primera) doncella
      • kitchen maidpinche
      • An army of servants - maids, footmen, cooks and gardeners - made the luxurious lifestyle of the family possible.
      • Every room had maids and servants and butlers all cleaning and decorating his home.
      • Most female migrants to the first world find employment as maids or domestics.
      • When single women began to settle in the United States, they went into domestic work as maids, cooks, and housekeepers.
      • In Edwardian times many lower class woman would work as servants or maids for upper class families.
      • The heavy oak doors at the top of the steps opened with a slow precision as several maids and other servants came out to collect any luggage that their new guest may be carrying.
      • Dinner ended with the maids and servant folk clearing the table.
      • Carefully avoiding maids and other assorted servants, Signe successfully made it to the dining room without being seen by anyone.
      • Hired security was just like any other kind of staff, just like the maids and the servants and drivers.
      • The air was filled with the noise and clatter of servants and maids from every quarter.
      • In addition to the three aunts the household also included my grandmother, a female cousin and a maid.
      • A variety of special dishes are prepared from fresh ingredients for ceremonial occasions by the woman of the house and her female maids.
      • Gracie worked as a live-in domestic maid with a family in Mangalore.
      • People were forever writing letters to each other, says Fellowes, asking where they could find decent cooks and competent maids or reliable footmen.
      • Below stairs, their maids and valets work in tandem with the house staff, a subterranean world with its own strict hierarchy.
      • A maid and a butler hold umbrellas over a couple dancing on a windswept beach in their evening wear, their faces obscured.
      • Suspicions were raised when a chamber maid saw documents in his jacket which contradicted his story.
      • Nicholas' maid walked into the room informing him a young woman stood at the door looking for him.
      • Jenna smiled at her maid, the women she regarded more as a sister or an aunt or on occasions like now a mother.
      • There, the pictures are in a large, empty house about yards in length and the permanent inhabitants are a Housekeeper and two maids, and a carpenter who is in and out as required during the day.
    • (in hotel)

      camarera feminine

      mucama feminineLatin America

    • US (occasional housekeeper)

      señora de la limpieza feminine

      limpiadora feminine

      asistenta feminineSpain

  • 2 archaic, literary

    (young woman)

    doncella feminine archaic, literary

    → see also old maid

    the Maid of Orleansla doncella de Orleans

    • On the eve of St Valentine, a number of young folk - maids and bachelors - would assemble together, and inscribe upon little billets the names of an equal number of maids and bachelors of their acquaintance, throw the whole into a receptacle of some sort, and then draw them lottery-wise - care, of course, being taken that each should draw one of the opposite sex.
    • Was this just Andrew's manner - no, but he certainly didn't flirt with the other maids and pretty girls he passed on the streets.
    • A young justice, the Governer of the town, saw the young maid and fell in love with her.
    • The young fifteen-year-old elven maid paraded from her father's cart to the Market streets.
    • Where Kiaria was a quiet and reserved elven maid, Eva was a loud and borderline obnoxious human woman.

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Word for maid spanish

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ENGLISH for WORK 3 - Helper, Nanny, maid, au pair, child care, home health, maid

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