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Quark Mod / (Vanilla Enhancing)

Angry Creepers

Creepers turn red when they&#;re about to explode.


Safe Mounts

Mounts are immune to attacks from riders. No more shooting your own horse!


Chicken Shedding

Chickens shed feathers periodically, similarly to how they lay eggs.


Glass Shards

Glass drops shards. Stained Glass will drop shards of the respective type. Crafting them in a 2&#;2 creates a Glass block back.

The shards act like Glowstone Dust, in which Fortune will let you get more, and Silk Touch will just drop the block.


Ladder Sliding

When on a ladder, if not moving or sneaking, looking down will have you go down the ladder faster.


Slabs to Blocks

Slabs can be converted back to their respective blocks. These recipes are generated dynamically for every slab type in the game.

In the case that there&#;s already a recipe of this sort (like Chiseled Sandstone), that recipe will be the one used for crafting.


Stairs to Blocks

Stairs can be converted back to their respective blocks. Like the previous feature, these recipes are generated dynamically for every stair type in the game.


Proper Stair Math

Stairs make 8 rather than 4. Why did they even make 4 in the first place? How does that even work? Anyway, this modifies every stair recipe in the game.


Stackable Minecarts



Jump Boost Step Assist

Having Jump Boost II on your character will allow you to go up 1 block high gaps, like Horses can.


Knock on Doors

Left clicking a door with an empty hand will have you &#;knock&#;. This makes a bit of a louder sound than if you left clicked any other block, but nowhere as infuriating as opening and closing it.


Effective Dragon&#;s Breath

Dragon&#;s Breath will not leave behind a bottle when brewed with, so it doesn&#;t mess up all brewing automation systems.


Snow Golem Heads

Named Snow Golems equipped with a Pumpkin will drop a player head with the same name as theirs, if killed by a Witch.


Subtler Shields

Shields have been pushed back a bit, so they don&#;t use up as much of your screen when equipped and not blocking.


Monster Note Blocks

Note Blocks with heads attached to their side will emit the respective mob&#;s sound instead of a note.


Armed Armor Stands

Armor Stands placed by the Armor Stand item will have arms.


Burning Baby Zombies

Baby Zombies will die in sunlight like their parents.


Sign Editing

Right Clicking a Sign lets you edit it.


Greener Grass

Grass is greener on the Quark side. Biome colors are still respected, but are greener non the less.

There&#;s also config options to enable Alpha style grass, which gives you the Minecraft Alpha vibe, or to manually set the grass color.


Sours: https://www.9minecraft.net/quark-mod/
Quarkis a mod for Minecraft. It aims to create an experience akin to the "vanilla" experience, by having a very simple motto: anything that would be added to Quark could also be added to the default game without compromising its gameplay style.Quark currently has default features to spice up your game, all of which fitting the previous motto.

To that end, every feature added to Quark is simple and small. Hence the name of the mod, Quark, as a Quark is a very small thing. Quark is a Modularmod. Which means that its features are split within various modules. All of the modules can be disabled, and all the features can also be disabled individually if one wants to. Many of the features even have extra configuration options.

The mod features ingame configuration via the Mod Options menu. Most features can be toggled from inside the game, others require a world reload, it depends on the changes they make. Any features that add new explicit content, such as items, blocks or entities, will require a reset.

Check out the various tabs to have a look of what the mod contains. If you're on mobile you can scroll left on the tabs to see more. You can download Quark using the download button in the header. Scroll down a bit for installation instructions and other stuff.

Note that this mod requires AutoRegLib, it must be installed for it to work.(older versions of the mod may not require it)

Installation Instructions

This mod requires Minecraft Forge. We do not support Bukkit, Spigot, Cauldron, Sponge or any other alternative servers. Though some maybe compatible, if you choose to go that way, you're on your own. The mod is provided as-is, with no warranty. We are not responsible if it breaks or destroys your save. Always make backups.

This is just a standard forge mod installation. If you've done it before you can skip this.
  1. Make sure you have Minecraft installed.
  2. Locate the version of Minecraft Forge for your target Minecraft version here.
  3. Download installer-win (or installer if you're not on Windows) and run it. A new forge profile will be added to your minecraft launcher.
  4. Download AutoRegLib using the link above the image. Put the downloaded .jar into your "mods" folder.
  5. Download Quark using the download button above. Put the downloaded .jar file into your "mods" folder.
    • The "mods" folder is next to your "resourcepacks" folder. To locate it, run the new forge instance, open the Resource Packs menu, open the folder, and go one level up to where all your minecraft files are. The "mods" folder should be there alongside others like "screenshots" or "saves".
  6. Run your new forge profile with Quark installed.
For server installation:
  1. Follow the above steps, up to step 3. For step 3 pick Server rather than Client, and change the location to an empty folder somewhere.
  2. Create a "mods" folder inside the empty folder you picked, that now contains your server files.
  3. Download AutoRegLib using the link above the image. Put the downloaded .jar into that "mods" folder.
  4. Download Quark using the download button above. Put the downloaded .jar file into that "mods" folder.
  5. Run the server using the forge jar. Not the minecraft_server jar
Alternatively, you can use the Twitch appand install the mod directly from inside it. Make sure you have Minecraft installed so it installs the Minecraft plugin.
Yes, you can use the mod in modpacks.
  • WireSegal for heavy bugfixes and code maintenance.
  • cheeserolls for the biome detection code from Biomes'o'Plenty used for Pathfinder Maps.
  • DylanKaiser for the inventory chest icon.
  • Jragon for a bunch of inspiration from The Tempest Box.
  • mezz for the wrench icon from JEI.
  • Noodlor for the variety dungeon structures.
  • Rorax for the old emote icons.
  • SanAndreasP for the chest textures and most of their code.
  • wiiv for most of the textures.
  • Xisumavoid for the sticky piston side texture.
  • ZeroLevels for the old Iron Plate texture.
  • MCVinnyq for a lot of textures.
  • Daniel Astral for several upgraded and redone textures.
  • /u/CopherSans for the improved bow animation.
  • /u/darwinpatrick for the Soul Sandstone textures.
  • /u/Evtema3 for the Elder Prismarine and Elder Sea Lantern textures.
  • /u/FelitonC and /u/origamidragon for the banner textures.
  • /u/kopasz7 for the Midori block textures.
  • /u/Martwaza for the trapdoor textures.
  • /u/MushirMickeyJoe for recreation of the pocket edition piston model.
  • /u/Nyodex for the original Duskbound Block idea and textures.
  • /u/robotthunder for the Bookshelf textures.
  • /u/Soniop for the realistic world preset.
  • The creators of all the awesome suggestions I found in /r/MinecraftSuggestions and /r/QuarkMod that I implemented here.
  • And all the awesome people who pull requested features into the mod, credited in their individual cards.

Contact and Donations
Sours: http://vazkii.net/subdom/quark/old/
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Modicon Quark.png
Current developersVazkii
Supported Minecraft versions
Depends onAutoRegLib
IRC channel#vazkiiconnect
FTB Builders Paradise
FTB Academy

Quark is a mod created by Vazkii. It adds various new blocks and items; Vazkii, the mod author, describes it as "what I would add if I was hired at mojang - the mod"[1]. It separates its features into various modules.


AutomationExtends Minecraft's automation features, especially Redstone.
BuildingAdds various structural blocks used for building.
ClientAdds various client-side only changes.
DecorationAdds various decorational blocks.
ManagementAdds inventory management features.
MiscContains various miscellaneous features.
TweaksTweaks gameplay elements.
VanityAdds "vanity" features; items and armors used to decorate the player.
WorldExtends Minecraft's world generation.


As of version r, when Quark is first loaded and there is no config, the user will see a message requesting that the user configure Quark. The user can use the in-game config, go to the Quark website or skip to the main menu. On the Quark website, each feature will have a green check or red "x" next to it. Clicking these will disable or enable the feature. Once all of the features are enabled or disabled to the user's preference, clicking the "COPY" button at the bottom of the website will copy the configuration selected. Clicking "Import Config" in the in-game config will open a GUI that allows the copied configuration to be pasted and then imported. After the config is generated, the message won't show up again.

However, a cyan "q" will appear in the main menu and in the pause menu. In versions before Minecraft , clicking this will open Quark's in-game menu. It can be disabled by turning off the "Enable q button" option, however. The in-game config can still be accessed by going to the mods list in the main menu, going to Quark and clicking "Config." The regular text config is still available. However, if Quark is played in or above, the player is instead asked if they want to open the config folder.


External links



"name" = ""Navbox Quark"" "state" = ""plain""

Sours: https://ftb.fandom.com/wiki/Quark

We all imagined some additions in Minecraft that might be nice without seeing them come at all, and yet they were all thought of they would not completely change the game and stay &#;close&#; to the Minecraft universe while being useful. When you know how to Mod, it&#;s obviously easier to add these features, as Vazkii (mostly known by its Botania mode) did with Quark.

The goal of mod is simple: to create a gaming experience similar to the &#;vanilla&#; experience, as stated in the motto of the mode &#;anything that can be added to Quarkcan also be added to the vanilla game without compromising gameplay&#;. Physics point: as some know, mod is a &#;fundamental&#; particle (even saying it is fundamental goes very quickly in the study), its nuclei form the components of the atom themselves: Quark is, therefore, a very small thing. Quark tries to add very small things to create a full mode, and each of these additions can be disabled through Minecraft&#;s &#;Mode&#; menu.

Each feature in mod can be disabled and set individually. When you install the game, you will see a q button in your main menu. Clicking this button allows you to configure the mode. You can set everything as you like, or even disable things you don&#;t like!

Full Features

How to install Quark Mod

1. Make sure you have already installed Minecraft Forge and Autoreglib

2. Download a Forge compatible mod from this site.

3. Open Minecraft, click the ‘Mods’ button on the main menu, then click ‘Open Mods Folder&#;.


  • Press the Windows key and R at the same time
  • Type %appdata% and press enter
  • Find the Minecraft folder and then look for the Mods folder within that


  • Click on the desktop and then press Command+Shift+G all at the same time
  • Type ~/Library and press enter
  • Open the folder Application Support and then Minecraft

4. Place the mod you have just downloaded (.jar or .zip file) into the Mods folder.

5. Start Minecraft, and you should now see the mod you have installed on the list!


Download Quark Mod

Download Quark Mod

Download Quark Mod

Download Quark Mod

Create Command
Sours: https://www.minecraftmodskin.com/quark-mod/

Mod minecraft quark

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QUARK MOD (1.12.2/1.12.1/1.12/1.11.2)! SUPER EMOTICONES! Minecraft review en español 2017

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