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The Titans Mod for Minecraft 1.8

The Titans Mod for Minecraft 1.8

Credits: AndrDneehtfoerusaert
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What is Titans Mod?

It’s a mod that is responsible for generating Titans in your Minecraft worlds. The mod generates so far a total of 16 Titans. These Titans, such and how its own name are beings of great dimensions based on default lobs of Minecraft, only that besides being giant, with plenty of life and much attack power, also have the ability to generate mobs of your own species to normal size.

This mod also adds a new mineral, called Harcadium, which allows you to crafear weapons, tools and a set of armor that will give us defense and incantations, and will be very useful to fight against the Titans.
Here’s the list:

Zombie Titan
Skeleton Titan
Wither Skeleton Titan
Spider Titan
Creeper Titan
Cave Spider Titan
Zombie Pigman Titan
Ender Colossus

Titans are affected by resource packs that change their smaller counterparts textures. All Titans have the ability to spawn smaller versions of themselves. Witherzilla spawns his minions from his head (literally), the Ender Colossus makes his teleport in, and the rest raise their minions from the ground, no matter what the material. If it’s grass, it turns to dirt.

If you didn’t have enough emotion with the Titans, the mod also features a new dimension, which we reach after go to the dimension of the End and defeat the Ender Dragon. Once removed, we will have to carry an object called “Creepy Wither Doll” and place it on the floor at coordinates 0,0 (zero, zero) of the End dimension. Then we put in our hand the “Creepy Doll Wither” and right click. In this new dimension, we will find a lot of difficulties to defeat Whiterzilla.


Can be found at layer 14 or lower in the Overworld. Generates as only one ore block
Can also be found in The End, and in much greater density (similar to iron)
Is dropped by Titans (dropped in greater quantity if the Titan is stronger)
Can be made into anti-titan tools and armor
Extremely strong, but also on the tipping point between stable and unstable, and as a result, can’t be compacted into a block without a massive fission reaction.

The Titans Mod Installation Guide:

Make sure you Need Minecraft Forge
Download The Titans Mod file from link(s) below
Go to Start menu. Type: %appdata%/.minecraft. Press Enter to Run %appdata%/.minecraft
Go to minecraft/modsfolder. If Mods folder does not exist, create one
Put Mod file into the mods folder
Launch Minecraft using Forge Profile, then Open Menu.

Sours: http://www.modsofminecraft.com/titans-mod-minecraft-1-8/


The Titans mod is the creator's largest and most popular mod. It adds new bosses - Titans and their minions. They brings a new level of deadliness that can compete with Orespawn, so hold your excitement and let's jump in! Also, PREPARE TO DIE MANY TIMES!

The Titans mod's main focus is Titans, which are extremely powerful godly beings. Titans are designed to not be oneshotted, so most, if not all weapons that oneshot all other mobs cannot oneshot titans. Most titans have a titan spirit, which is the form they go into after their body gets defeated. Titan spirits can suck in mobs to gradually revive, or go to a Templar to instantly revive, except for Witherzilla's titan spirit, which only goes for the Player. Titans are divided into 4 categories based on their strength: Lesser, Average, Greater and God. Titans also spawn in many minions of his faction. For more information about them, see this page: Titans.

This mod also adds in 3 sets of armor and weapons: Harcadium, Absence and Adminium, in order to defeat titans. Most other swords does minimal damage to them, and most, if not all other armor will actually get erased by them. There are also 2 extremely powerful god weapons: The Ultima Blade and the Optima Axe that is dropped by God titans.

There are also Wither Turrets to help you defeat titans. They are the Anti-Air Wither Turret, the Anti-Ground Wither Turret and the Siege Wither Turret.

Everything about this mod

(Note: This wiki is very incomplete so many of the following pages are missing or doesn't contain much information.)




Armor, tools and weapons




See page: Titans

Titan minions

Orespawn addon

  • Ancient Dried Overlord Scorpion Spawn Egg Part
  • Ancient Dried Overlord Scorpion Spawn Egg
  • Ancient Dried Methuselah Kraken Spawn Egg Part
  • Ancient Dried Methuselah Kraken Spawn Egg
  • Methuselah Kraken
  • Overlord Scorpion



For the download links, go to [1] and you will find them.

Sours: https://enderman-of-d00m.fandom.com/wiki/Titans_Mod
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  2. Star citizen prowler
  3. Fighter jet decal


Titans (generic Latin name being "Raphusdominus" which stands for "The Giant Masters") are gigantic godlike creatures that reside in the ethereal plane of the Aether until spawning through one of four ways. They are either summoned into the world by a player with Growth

Serum, called by one of their templars, possess one of their templars as a Titan Spirit, or enter the world through Titan Chunks.

Titans are ridiculously powerful. Their main weapon is Gamma-Lightning, which a grand majority use to great effect. Most also have melee attacks, and some even use Quantum edge blades.

Stuff that all titans have in common[]

Titans do not despawn whatsoever. They are fully immune to knockback. They have a follow range of 512 blocks, far greater than most vanilla mobs. They cannot be leashed.

Titans are immune to setHealth attacks, because they use a special setTitanHealth instead. All titans except the Slime and Magma Cube titans have a damage cap of 1000 (or 500 in nightmare mode), but other titans, absence swords, adminium swords and the Ultima Blade seem to ignore this. Titans ignore any damage less than 20. Orespawn bosses, giant minions, ender dragon minions, wither minions and iron golems does 10 times damage to titans. All titans except the Slime and Magma Cube titans are immune to magic, fire, lava, explosions, drowning, suffocation, starvation, cactus, fall damage, void damage and falling anvils. Titans would target anything that manages to actually do damage to them, unless they are in the Void dimension, in which case they will only target Witherzilla.

When defeated, titans would start a death animation, and then the drops would appear on the ground, and the titan spirit (the Slime, Magma Cube, Snow Golem and Ultima Iron Golem titans doesn't have this) flies away. Experience is always dropped in XP bombs. The message "(titan name) has been defeated by (whatever killed the titan)" will appear. If the titan has a titan spirit, the message "(Titan name): I will return, (Player name)." will also appear.

Titans never target the head parts of OreSpawn bosses, the mobs they're riding, the mobs riding on them (used for the jockey titans), or anything with a Y-coordinate above 255. When targeting the player and the player doesn't have the Ultima Blade and the difficulty is peaceful, the difficulty is switched to easy. When targeting the player, titans also do 1 damage that bypasses armor and Creative Mode as a test, and if you are immune to that damage, you get kicked for cheating. In the Void, titans never target anything other than Witherzilla. Titan strength depends on the computer strength.

By default, all titans have a loyalist cap of 120, a priest cap of 60, a zealot cap of 30, a bishop cap of 15, a templar cap of 6, and a special minion cap of 6. The rate of minions spawning can be configred in the config file. The lower the value, the more often minions spawn.

Titans can destroy terrain, even when the gamerule mobGriefing is false. They would destroy blocks when doing attacks, or when they fell from a height. When attacking, titans usually make really loud noise, so turn down your volume when there's a titan nearby.

Titans are not affected by water nor lava.

The melee range of titans is huge. They can damage their target within a radius of their width squared plus the target's width squared plus 800. This explains why titans kill you when you're 1000 blocks away.

When a titan targets anything with over 1 billion health (possible in vanilla using attributes), he removes half the mob's health each tick. That means, something with about 1 billion health would only last 1.5 seconds against a titan.

If a titan gets above y=300, he will teleport down to y=60. If a titan is in the void, he would actually stand on the void.

Titans does a melee attack once every 1.5 seconds, which is slower than normal mobs. This might be done to not make the attack animations too fast.

Titans do not despawn, whether from being too far away or by peaceful mode.

When a titan is below 5% health, there is a 1 in 1000 chance per tick that they will re-grow. That corresponds to on average a titan regrows after 50 seconds below 5% health. If a titan is fighting another titan, the titan's opponent re-grows, and the titan is below half health, he would also re-grow. When re-growing, the titan shrinks down to the size of a normal mob, then grows back to the size of a titan, regaining all his health in the process. The max health also increases.

All titans except the Slime and Magma Cube titans can regen. Skeleton titans and Zombie titans regens at the speed of a lesser titan when exposed to sunlight, and snow and iron golem titans regens 10 times slower than a lesser titan.

If a titan is targeting an animal, they deletes the animal from the world. This was done to prevent titans to focus on some animal 1000 blocks away.

Titans have particle effects around them.

Titans apply Wither IV for 1 minute to anything they touch.

Soul stealing damage is halved in Easy, and doubled in Hard.

Titans does not do damage to the mod creator, Enderman_of_d00m, for tesing reasons. Titans does 2 times damage to OreSpawn bosses, and 10 times damage to other titans or something that's taller than 6 blocks. Titans do 100 times damage to Jen from the youtube channel PopularMMOs. When titans other than the Slime, Magma Cube, Snow Golem and Ultima Iron Golem Titans attack, they inflict Electric Judgement III for 1 second on peaceful, 2 seconds on easy, 3 seconds on normal, and 4 second on hard and also do soul stealing damage. If titans are attacking a King or a Queen and their health is less than 2050, they would instantly kill them because the King and the Queen cannot be damaged past 2000 health by normal mobs. Titans clears the enchantments of any weapon other than the Ultima Blade that you're holding when attacking. If your armor is anything other than Harcadium, Absence or Adminium, titans would destroy that armor no matter how durable it is and do extra soul stealing damage. If the difficulty is peaceful mode, titans would do 3 more instances of damage, which is infinity, void and other, at the same strength of soul stealing damage.

If the attacked entity is invulnerable, have 25 armor points or more, or have resistance V or higher, and is not a titan, nor a minion, nor a tameable mob, 2 more instances of infinity damage at the same strength as soul stealing damage is dealt. If the attacked entity is a player and the difficulty is peaceful, the difficulty is changed to hard. To undead mobs that is not a titan, mobs taller than 6 blocks, and non-player mobs with 9 or more armor points, an instance of damage at the same strength of the original attack is dealt.

Soul stealing damage ignores armor, and so does titan attacks to something that's not a titan and taller than 6 blocks. Titan attacks to something that's shorter than 6 blocks or other titans does not ignore armor.


All Titans think about themselves before any other. Threatening a Titan or any of their possessions will make them retaliate with no reservation. Titans also have no problem with obliterating entire villages just to get themselves pumped for a real fight.

Titans don't hate each other, but they also don't like being in the same vicinity, as the two Titans will by accident kill each others minions, one of the few other things they care about. When one Titan hurts the other, a Titan brawl can begin, which has enough power to level the landscape and destroy any smaller creatures in their path. However, unless their target is right in front of them, they have the attention span of a fly.

If by some insane chance 3 or more titans are in the same vicinity, all pumped and ready to fight, a national emergency will ensue and all living creatures within a 10,000 kilometer radius will be evacuated and special anti-titan weaponry will be called in for support.

Titans also have special Anti-Giant creature attacks that they use primarily on each other. It however works on other giant monsters, including Kaiju like Godzilla, and huge beasts like the Windigo and Ursa Major, tending to one shot them unless the Titans attacking is one of the weaker ones.

Titans do feel physical pain while fighting, but not in their spirit forms, which, they can use to stalk the player and eat everything's soul in sight, and spawn back in; for a rematch.


There are many Titans with the potential to wreak havoc upon your world. Here's the list in order from weakest to strongest:





Upcoming Titans[]

These titans will be released in the future versions of the titans mod:


Titans are separated into four categories:

Titan Status Description of Status
Lesser These Titans are the weakest of all. They have nothing special that defines them as being overly powerful besides their size, but they still are much more powerful than any vanilla mob or boss. Their armor is 21. They regen on average 130 health/second. Have enchantment table particles around them. They do 10 soul stealing damage.
Average More powerful than Lesser Titans. Deal more damage, have higher armor and more abilities. These Titans can do serious damage to unprepared players and the terrain. Their armor is 22. They regen on average 390 health/second. Have critical hit particles around them. They do 20 soul stealing damage.
Greater More powerful than Average Titans. Deal huge amounts of damage, have extreme armor and even more abilities. These ones can kill creative mode players and often have the ability to level entire worlds. Their armor is 23. They regen on average 780 health/second. Have enchanted hit particles around them. They to 50 soul stealing damage.
God The most powerful Titans ever. Nigh unkillable and an armor of 24. There is no limit as to what these Titans can do. They regen on average 2600 health/second. Have firework particles around them. They do 200 soul stealing damage.


  • The ender colossus has less health and attack damage than the ultima iron golem titan, but he the ender colossus gains the upper-hand just as the ultima iron golem titan doesn’t have high regen.
  • All titans do 100x dmg to supergirlygamer from the youtuber serious Popularmmos. reasons for this are unknown
  • Between the Ender Colossus and the Ghast Titan it depends if Ender Colossus uses eye lasers.
Sours: https://enderman-of-d00m.fandom.com/wiki/The_Mods_of_Enderman_of_D00M_Wiki:Titans

The Titans Mod 1.7.10 (Biggest Minecraft Boss Ever)

The Titans Mod 1.7.10 adds new boss mobs to Minecraft called Titans. No, not Attack on Titan, but fully animated gigantic versions of vanilla mobs.

The Titans Mod


  • Omegafish
  • Zombie Titan
  • Skeleton Titan
  • Wither Skeleton Titan
  • Spider Titan
  • Creeper Titan
  • Cave Spider Titan
  • Zombie Pigman Titan
  • Ender Colossus
  • Witherzilla

Titans are affected by resource packs that change their smaller counterparts textures. All Titans have the ability to spawn smaller versions of themselves. Witherzilla spawns his minions from his head (literally), the Ender Colossus makes his teleport in, and the rest raise their minions from the ground, no matter what the material. If it’s grass, it turns to dirt.






  • Can be found at layer 14 or lower in the Overworld. Generates as only one ore block
  • Can also be found in The End, and in much greater density (similar to iron)
  • Is dropped by Titans (dropped in greater quantity if the Titan is stronger)
  • Can be made into anti-titan tools and armor
  • Extremely strong, but also on the tipping point between stable and unstable, and as a result, can’t be compacted into a block without a massive fission reaction


Harcadium Tools

Harcadium Sword

  • Does 20 to all mobs except Titans
  • Does 248 armor piercing damage to Titans
  • Does 1948 armor piercing damage to Ender Colossi and Witherzilla


Harcadium Axe


Harcadium Pickaxe


Harcadium Shovel


Harcadium Hoe

Crafting Harcadium Armor is the same as any armor: instead, with hardcadium

Each piece gives buffs:

  • Helmet: Night Vision, Water Breathing
  • Chest-plate: Haste IV, Resistance IV, Strength X, Fire Resistance
  • Leggings: Regeneration V
  • Boots: Jump Boost II, Speed IV
  • Full set: Absorption X (Health that replenishes after 8 seconds, Saturation X (never need to eat), gives off a quiet hum


Utility Items

Growth Serum

  • Transforms mobs into Titans
  • Only transforms the right mob into it’s Titan counter part
  • Has to be thrown like a snowball…


The Mini-Wither

  • An adorable version of the normally terrifying Wither boss
  • Is the item you use to travel to The Void


Titan Stats:


  • Hp: 2000
  • Attack: 15
  • Minions: Silverfish
  • Drops: 16-64 paper, 0-32 diamonds, 0-16 emeralds, 0-48 stone, 0-8 harcadium

The weakest of the Titans, the Omegafish is still no push over in a fight. Wearing diamond armor alone won’t cut it against even this monstrosity, which is also the smallest of the Titans.


Cave Spider Titan

  • Hp: 3500
  • Attack: 20
  • Minions: Cave Spiders
  • Drops: 16-528 string, 0-32 diamonds, 0-16 emeralds, 0-8 spider eyes, 0-8 harcadium

This creature works just like it’s bigger brother, the Spider Titan, only, like a Cave Spider, it poisons you. The difference is that it’s poison is poison IV.


Spider Titan

  • Hp: 5000
  • Attack: 35
  • Minions: Spiders, Spider Jockeys
  • Drops: 16-528 string, 0-32 diamonds, 0-16 emeralds, 0-8 spider eyes, 0-8 harcadium

The second widest Titan after Witherzilla, the Spider Titan is the strongest of the weak Titans. And yes, Spider Jockey Titans can exist, though it’s rare.


Zombie Titan

  • Hp: 7000
  • Attack: 70
  • Minions: Zombies (automatically are babies if Zombie Titan is a baby, and same thing with zombie villagers and baby zombie villagers)
  • Drops: 16-72 rotten flesh, 0-32 diamonds, 0-16 emeralds, 0-8 spider eyes, 0-16 harcadium, 0-1 bedrock

Gigantic and mindless, Zombie Titans are lumbering Goliaths that don’t burn in sunlight. They’re three times the size of a Giant, and have to same types as normal zombies (except the Chicken Jockey).


Skeleton Titan

  • Hp: 7000
  • Attack: machine gun fire of arrows
  • Minions: Skeletons (always normal)
  • Drops: 16-144 bones, 16-144 arrows, 0-32 diamonds, 0-16 emeralds, 1-2 bows, 0-16 harcadium, 0-1 bedrock

This Titanic monster is far from being a weak Titan despite it’s place as the weakest average Titan. Skeleton Titans shoot arrows, LOTS of them. Their maelstroms can easily tear through large groups of enemies.


Wither Skeleton Titan

  • Hp: 20000
  • Attack: 140
  • Minions: Wither Skeletons (never normal ones)
  • Drops: 16-144 bones, 16-144 coal, 0-32 diamonds, 0-16 emeralds, 1-2 stone swords, 0-16 harcadium, 0-1 bedrock

This withered Behemoth won’t stand for anything wandering into the Nether, and that includes you. The Wither Skeleton Titan will smash you with it’s gigantic Stone Sword, dealing enormous damage and applying wither IV.


Creeper Titan

  • Hp: 7000
  • Attack: 70
  • Minions: Creepers (can spawn charged automatically if the Creeper Titan’s charged, or as a 1/100 chance otherwise)
  • Drops: 16-72 gunpowder, 0-32 diamonds, 0-16 emeralds, 0-32 harcadium, 0-2 bedrock, 1 random music disc (256 if killed by a Skeleton)

This malevolent monstrosity has the ability to ruin your day 16 times over. Creeper Titans are known for their magnificent and deadly jumps they can perform, along with their ability to generate enough bio-electricity to shoot a lightning bolt. Of course, if charged, they can do this more often. If it’s health gets too low, the Creeper Titan can start a count down to an explosion that equals an Atomic bomb detonation in size and ferocity.


Zombie Pigman Titan

  • Hp: 7000
  • Attack: 150
  • Minions: Zombies Pigmen
  • Drops: 16-72 rotten flesh, 64-192 golden nuggets, 16 golden ingots, 0-32 diamonds, 0-16 emeralds, 0-32 harcadium, 0-2 bedrock, 1 golden sword

This aggressive titan doesn’t have to be hit to be aggroed. In fact, Zombie Pigman Titans are hostile to anything they deem helpful to the player.


Ender Colossus

  • Hp: 50000
  • Attack: 150
  • Minions: Endermen
  • Drops: 16 ender pearls, 16-72 eyes of ender, 0-128 diamonds, 0-64 emeralds, 1-2 stone swords, 0-48 harcadium, 0-8 bedrock

The second tallest of the titans, and strongest of the normal titans, the Ender Colossus might just kill you even if you wear the Harcadium set. It even has a natural regen affect on at all times due to it’s Enderman origins. The horns are a mutation. It’s roar can often be enough to send most players running in terror. Are you brave enough?



  • Hp: 100000
  • Attack: machine gun fire of wither skulls
  • Minions: Withers
  • Drops: not going to reveal!

Not really a Titan and more of a God-monster, Witherzilla is the largest boss in this mod. He carries all the biggest titles, and has the largest health pool and is the most armored, having 21 armor points. The fact it summons Withers to help it doesn’t make a fight with him anymore appealing. Fortunately, there is no way to spawn him in survival. Witherzilla has his own dimension, where he is the final FINAL boss of Minecraft.

The dimension is called The Void, and is nothing more than a giant floating island made of a mixture of bedrock and obsidian. Nothing but Withers (yes, those ones…) spawn on this island. Appearing high above will be Witherzilla, who can only be hurt when the difficulty isn’t on peaceful (not a fight for the peaceful wussies!). He will proceed to attack anything in his 60 block sight. Even worst, his will and dominance forces other Withers to attack what he is Attacking. Yikes!



Minecraft Forge

How to install:

  1. Make sure you have already installed Minecraft Forge.
  2. Locate the minecraft application folder.
    • On windows open Run from the start menu, type %appdata% and click Run.
    • On mac open finder, hold down ALT and click Go then Library in the top menu bar. Open the folder Application Support and look for Minecraft.
  3. Place the mod you have just downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods folder.
  4. When you launch Minecraft and click the mods button you should now see the mod is installed.

The Titans Mod 1.7.10 Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.7.10

Download from Server 1 – Download from Server 2

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Minecraft 1.7.10 Mods

Sours: https://www.9minecraft.net/the-titans-mod/

Mod minecraft titan

Titan Mod for Minecraft PE - MCPE

He has a big model and cool features. A large amount of damage will make the battle dangerous even for a diamond armor.

In addition, there are special attacks!

Gigantic and mindless,The Zombie Titan is a lumbering Goliath that don't burn in sunlight.

They're three times the size of a Giant, and have to same types as normal zombies (except the Chicken Jockey).

When he spawns as a baby stats drop to 50% of the adult one. He has faster regeneration during the night.

Don't try and hit him when he has sword, lure him to do a downward strike on a block a similar or greater blast resistance to obsidian.

Which will break his sword, allowing you to hurt him.

He can reform it, and then you have to play opposite day with his sword, by making him smash it into something soft.

You have to write "/summon titan:zombie" to generate it.

Disclaimer: This is an unofficial app for Minecraft Pocket Edition. This app is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB. The name, brand and assets are the property of Mojang AB or its respectful owner.

Sours: https://play.google.com/
THE TITANS MOD - Los Mobs mas Gigantes de minecraft! - Minecraft mod 1.8 Review ESPAÑOL

Titans Mod for Minecraft PE

Titans Mod for Minecraft is a cool app for your video game that opens up new boundaries in the pixel world! With this addon, the game will be able to make huge titan bosses out of ordinary mobs. Their strength and power will grow several times, and then your game will become super extreme! You can also use the new ore from which you can make a set of unique survival tools!
In real life, this does not exist, but in the virtual universe everything is possible! Do you already know what you will do when terrible creatures attack your city or village? What weapon will you use?
Look your fear right in the eye! Play offline and defeat your opponents!

Rather download the addon in hd and share online with your friends in multiplayer. The developers have made the game as realistic as possible with a user-friendly interface! You can make your pixel town brighter! The pocket edition update is great for girls, for boys and kids! The Youtubers are a little scared by the murderous titans, but ready to take the risk! And you?

Titans Mod for Minecraft DISCLAIMER: This app is not an official Minecraft app and is not affiliated with Mojang AB. This app uses assets and brands correctly in accordance with the guidelines described at https://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelines

Sours: https://steprimo.com/android/us/app/com.developboom.titansmod/Titans-Mod-for-Minecraft-PE/

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