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I’ve been in love with the American Powertrain White Lightning shifters since they first came out for the Tremec T56. They shift like butter, and allow the smoothest quickest shifts you can imagine in a clutch assisted transmission, which makes them epic fun in something with a T56 Magnum in it. They are absolutely phenomenal. So it only makes sense that with the release of the new Tremec TKX 5-Speed, which is the first Tremec 5-speed capable of 8,000 rpm or higher shifts, that a new White Lightning would be coming to the party. And here it is. Remember, this isn’t just a super smooth and fast shifter, it’s also the ultimate in adjustability. Make it fit the car, and your shifting style, with simple adjustments that will make you a speed shifting master.

New White Lightning TREMEC

TKX 5-Speed Shifter

Cookeville, TN American Powertrain’s all new White Lightning shifter for TREMEC TKX 5-speed transmission. The new TKX already shifts smoothly out of the box but American Powertrain takes it to the next level. Bolting on a White Lightning shifter shortens the shift by 30% and allows multiple shifter positions.

White Lightning shifters feature American Powertrain’s patented RevLok system that locks the offset in place, and independent adjustable centering springs that allow the customer to tailor the shift feel within seconds ensuring a lightning quick 2-3 shift action. This unique shifter has billet construction throughout with a two-piece aluminum body and a weighted billet steel shifter core providing excellent feedback and durability at the limit. Stainless steel countersunk fasteners and the lowest profile of any TKX shifter ensure excellent clearance for tight tunnels.

American Powertrain’s Revolution shifter has an eight-way adjustable offset, is available in four lengths, and covers a full 64 shift positions including most stock 4-speed and custom console locations for GM, Ford and Mopar.

The White Lightning Shifter is available in American Powertrain ProFit transmission kits or can be purchased separately for any existing TKX 5-speed transmission. Prices start at $329.

For more information about the new TREMEC TKX 5-speed, view this video, or visit To speak with one of American Powertrain’s highly qualified sales technicians, call 931-646-4836.

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American Powertrain Pfitzner Gear Upgrades for TREMEC Magnum 6-Speed

American Powertrain now offers Pfitzner Gear upgrades for TREMEC Magnum 6-speed transmissions. Pfitzner Performance Gear sets have a well-deserved reputation for producing the most durable automotive gear sets in the world. This accolade has been achieved through innovative design, technologically advanced engineering and market-leading manufacturing processes.

Click Here to Read More

Made of motorsports grade billet steel, the Pfitzner Gear upgrade designed for Magnum 6-speeds incorporates a unique PPG synchro tooth design for fast engagement. The gear material is custom heat treated for optimal performance, and torque capacity is unlimited for automotive use. Custom gear ratios are also available. The gear set also has quick change input shafts allowing you to swap between GM and Ford applications without costly gearbox tear down. 

Pfitzner Performance Gearbox is also the only manufacturer to offer a motorsports-proven high performance 6-speed sequential system upgrade. The Pfitzner Gear TREMEC 6-Speed Sequential Gear System is offered for TREMEC T56, TR-6060, Magnum and Magnum XL. For further information click here.

American Powertrain, a TREMEC Elite Distributor located in Cookeville, TN, manufactures and sells ProFit modern overdrive transmission systems, Science Friction clutches and flywheels, Hydramax hydraulic clutch systems, X-Factor crossmembers and thousands of powertrain accessories for muscle, sports, street rod and race cars.  For more information, visit American Powertrain at or call 931.646.4836.


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