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The Subwoofer is not a new phenomenon. They were first invented in the 60s to add some bass to cinema soundtracks. We became more aware of them in the 70s with the very low frequency sounds in the movie Earthquake. And their first appearance in a car highlighted in the Steely Dan album Pretzel Logic also in the 70s.

Through the late 70s and 80s, the subwoofer began to make more of an appearance, especially in clubs. This was especially the case in Jamaica, where Reggae was augmented by this boosted bass. Achieved with a very ramshackle idea, it worked. The later developments of the subwoofer owe a lot to the ideas of the Jamaicans.

Dawn of the bass monsters&#;

It became a ‘thing’ to have these bass monsters in the boot of your car from the 80s onwards. But it was twenty years later they really became a focal point.

Today the modern subwoofer in a car needs to be powerful to handle the low frequencies clearly. They are usually, but not always, placed in the boot or trunk of the car and are facing towards the back seat and are used as part of the car&#;s entertainment system. They are not THE system.

But what are the best car subwoofers? Let’s take a look and find the perfect one for you&#;

Car Subwoofers Reviews

Top 12 Best Car Subwoofers In Reviews

 Rockford Fosgate P

Rockford Fosgate is a US company who since there merger in with another electronics company, has made a big name for themselves in car audio and especially in speaker design. The equipment is all designed in the US and manufactured in Asia.

This speaker cabinet is made from ⅝” MDF fiberboard, Its compact wedge-shaped size of 15 by 20 by 11 inches. At its largest depth of 11 inches, the design allows it to fit in most spaces. The cabinet is covered in an industrial vinyl. It is a complete unit that is self-contained. Everything is built-in. It has a powerful amplifier that pushes out watts peak, watts RMS.

Kevlar reinforcement&#;

This big sound is driven through a Punch 12” subwoofer. This has a paper-pulp cone with Kevlar reinforcement. There is a two-inch voice coil and a frequency response of Hz.

It has a built-in bass EQ with a remote bass level control. The low pass crossover at 12dB/Octave is adjustable, allowing the frequencies you want to pass through. To achieve the highest level of performance, there is a closed-loop design. This ensures the speaker and amp inside the enclosure are working together.

Boost the bass&#;

Some interesting extra features include an automatic off/on function. We have already mentioned the remote bass level control, but there is also a separate gain and bass boost.

It is a tough, well-built unit that weighs 30 pounds, which makes it quite heavy for the average car size. The price point is reasonable. Powerful and well-equipped it must not only be considered as one of the best car subwoofers., but also as one of the best under seat subwoofers you can buy.


  • Good sturdy build at a reasonable price point.
  • watt RMS handling power.


  • The size of the cabinet is a little small for the very low frequencies.

 MTX Audio Terminator Series TNED

If you are looking for a subwoofer for your car that is going to change the sound within, this could be it. MTX Audio is a US company that specializes in car audio systems but especially subwoofers and speakers.

This subwoofer is big and powerful and might be one of the best car subwoofers for quality. They are built tough with a ⅝” thick MDF casing that is covered with aircraft-grade carpet. It is therefore built to last all the bumps and shaking it will receive in the boot or trunk of a car.

Bit of a monster&#;

This is not the kind of subwoofer that fits inside the car unless you lay it on the back seat. It measures 14 by 29 by 13 inches, so it is quite a size. It is also quite heavy at 30 pounds.

You don’t get a subwoofer to make the car look nice or lower the suspension &#; You buy it for the sound. You are looking for something to lift your possibly rather mundane car stereo sound. This is certainly going to do that. The power alone will be enough to skate it up a bit, but the sound quality is very good. It delivers a real, very deep throbbing bass that, at times, can be overpowering.

No sudden vibrations&#;

It has a frequency response of 10Hz to Hz. Housed inside the cabinet are two twelve-inch subwoofers. Each speaker is capable of handling watts RMS. The woofer has a two-inch voice coil made from aluminum.

The speakers are fitted using a rubber surround to cushion any sudden vibrations. They have Polypropylene comes. It will dissipate heat and cause fresh air to be moved around the coil courtesy of a new design.

A powerful subwoofer at a very good price point. It has a rugged build but no grilles to protect the speakers. It is manufactured by MTX Audio, which are easily one of the best car subwoofer brands.


  • Tough build with good materials.
  • Loud, punchy sound with good extra features.


  • No grilles to protect the speakers

 JL Audio 10W6v3-D4 10&#; W Dual 4-Ohm Car Subwoofer

JL Audio was established in in Florida and has grown from a local store selling and marketing its speakers&#; designs to a company that has interests around the world. Some of their products are still made and assembled in the US. Others are manufactured overseas.

This is a high-quality woofer that not only produces a clear and powerful bass but has a big effect on the audio as a whole. It is one of the best car subwoofers for sound quality.

No unwanted distortion&#;

The basket, housing the voice coil, terminals frame, and the cone is made of a very stiff cast alloy. This has an effect on the sound of the speaker by drastically reducing any potential distortion.

This woofer is a ten-inch speaker that delivers watts RMS. The cone is made of a durable and tough Polypropylene. It produces a deep and resonating bass that is clear and very defined even at higher volumes. The frequency response is Hz. It delivers a good transient response.

Bass that is Alive!

Those that are familiar with bass sound will know the transient response is very important. It is the speaker starting and stopping its operation when the sound goes into starts and stops. There is no overflow of sound. A bass cabinet or a woofer is more alive with a good transient response.

This is a very good subwoofer that delivers excellent bass sound. It will require the ability to have a position where there is a mounting depth of inches. It weighs 22 pounds, so is not over heavy. Being a fitted subwoofer, it will not take up as much space as the cabinet variety.

Not particularly cheap compared with some of its competitors, but it is well made. Regardless of that, it is still one of the best car subwoofers on the market.


  • Good design with good components.
  • Produces a good bass sound and transient response.


  • Some may not want the ‘fitted’ style of the woofer.

 Orion HCCA12 12&#; Car Subwoofer Watts

If you are looking for a subwoofer with enough power to make a lot of noise, then you’ve found it. The Orion HCCA 12 is a monster. It is going to put out a frightening watts of power, RMS. That is an awful lot of noise for a car subwoofer. It must be one of the most powerful subwoofers around.

But it’s not only powerful; it has a good sound. It has an excellent bass sound. Crisp and clear, it has a great audio quality. Part of the quality of the sound comes from a new cooling system for the voice coil. This new system helps to control the temperature, and the audio remains clear. The bass sound is very low, and it might be one of the best deep bass car subwoofers.

Build to create bass frequencies&#;

The 12” speaker has a rubber surround to allow the speaker some movement. It also absorbs some of the unwanted excess energy this beast produces. It has a polypropylene cone that is very durable.

Its design is to be fitted into space in the boot or trunk of your car. It will need a depth of six inches, the size of the actual speaker is 12 by by deep, and it weighs a massive 68 pounds. No lightweight.

Made to measure&#;

Some car subwoofers are designed to be fitted in the car as this one is. Some people, though, want the woofer but want it in a box. This is possible, but we recommend having one made. Either enclosed or ported is fine, but it will need a tough build with wood and screws, not just glue. If the build is wrong, you will find pieces of your new cabinet all over the place.

The price point is in the middle range and is, therefore, good value if you are looking for this much power.


  • Tough, rugged build.
  • Enormous power.


  • Some prefer a cabinet rather than having to fit the speaker.

 Rockville RVBA 12 Inch W Active Car Subwoofer

Rockville is a New York based audio company producing sound equipment for cars, home, and marine uses. They have the majority of their products made in China.

The RVB12 is an all-in-one unit that is a complete system for generating a big sound for your car&#;s entertainment system. The 12” inch subwoofer puts out watts RMS and peaks at watts. It has a frequency response of 30Hz to Hz.

Plenty of power&#;

The speaker is fitted inside a box that is 17 by 17 by 16 inches. It is not going to take up all the space you have available but still gives you plenty of power. Also in the cabinet is a powerful built-in amp. This 12” woofer has a pulp cone with reinforced Kevlar. Also, a molded dust cap from carbon graphite.

It has a rugged build being made from MDF fiberboard that has an internal bracing to reduce vibration. The unit is covered with Aviation grade carpet in blue and black. It is designed, so the angle of the cabinet will fit against the rear seat. There is a protective speaker grille designed in the shape of a wheel cap. This helps to protect the speaker from damage. Fitted on one side are controls for adjusting the levels and sound.

Easy installation&#;

This is a powerful unit that has everything you need built-in. If you are looking for a simple connection and installation, then this subwoofer is a good choice. Given a very cost-effective price point, it is one of the best car subwoofers for the money.


  • All-inclusive unit with subwoofer and amp.
  • Good solid build with internal bracing.


  • It is quite tall in height, so make sure it fits.

 Kicker 44DCWC 12&#; W Car Audio Subwoofer

Founded in in Oklahoma, Kicker is still based there, producing powerful speakers. They now have a product range that includes speakers at all power ratings. Also, DSP, amps, and marine audio equipment. They are known to produce quality products. And where the speakers are concerned, quality build with a lot of power.

This subwoofer is built-in to a rugged cabinet with two speakers. The cabinet has been constructed from MDF fiberboard. The internals of the box show anti-vibration and strengthening bracing. The corners of the box are rounded to make an attractive design — the unit completed with a durable grey carpet.

Not a lightweight&#;

It is a ported box with slots on the back edges. It is quite a large size unit measuring approx 36 by 24 by 18 inches, and is also no lightweight at over 60 pounds.

The cabinet encloses two 12 “ speakers with an RMS rating of watts. Peak power is watts. The cones are made from Polypropylene, and they have a stabilizing surround made of polyurethane to reduce distortion.

Slightly underpowered&#;

It is a potentially powerful set up that is lowered in its quality by the amplifier supplied. It is rather underpowered, and therefore, you do not get the benefit of those powerful speakers.

For the price point, it is a good speaker system. It is a well-made and attractive design. It is rather large and heavy, though, so make sure it/s going to fit. As we say, though, it is let down by its amp.


  • Good build.
  • Nicely designed with two powerful subwoofers.


  • The amplifier lets it down a little.

 Dual Electronics BP

Do you like your share of heavyweight bass? And are quite partial to a light show? Better take a look at this then.

Light show? More on this later&#;

This subwoofer is made to be rugged and tough. It is made of MDF fiberboard with a strong interior design. The internals of the cabinet are reinforced. It is fitted with a carpet material for protection and has a sloping, curved front fascia. However, it is quite a size being 30 by 14 by 14 inches and weighs 58 pounds, so it is no lightweight. It is a ported design cabinet.

The two twelve-inch subwoofers pack a punch and deliver watts RMs and watts at peak. The cones are made of brushed aluminum. These deliver a loud, accurate bass sound. There is a built-in crossover to give you an easy link up with your car stereo and use a variety of setups.

Keep your cool&#;

The frequency response is 30Hz to Hz. Twin ” voice coils give you an improved sound performance. To ensure that the performance level doesn’t drop with long use, the ventilation system keeps it cool.

We mentioned light shows earlier. This has a curved front to the enclosure fitted with Plexi-glass. This creates a viewing window. Inside there is a mirrored interior. The IllumiNITE lighting gives a blue light that reflects around the inside of the cabinet. This also reflects off the aluminum cones of the speakers — quite a show and one that will throw the light into your car.

Looking for the best competition subwoofer?

This might give you a head start over the competition. You can argue that the lighting has more priority in the design than the sound. You could be right. Other systems will give a better sound with deeper bass. This subwoofer, though, is something different. It is also at a very competitive price.


  • Subwoofer and light show rolled into one.
  • Good build quality and attractive style.


  • Some will be more interested in the sound rather than having lights.

 Rockville RWS12CA

Another subwoofer from Rockville. This model a slimline design. The idea is to take up less space and possibly even to allow installation inside the car. It is a very slim design that is a sealed unit. Made from MDF, it is protected by an Aviation graded carpet. It has a leather-look front panel in black.

At 25 by 15 by 4 inches and weighing just over 30 pounds, it is easy to carry around if space is limited.

Powerful and accurate&#;

It has a 12” speaker that gives out watts RMS and watts peak power. The cone is designed to be very stiff and has a Kevlar reinforcement. It also has an acrylic dust cap or dome to protect the inner workings of the speaker. The basket, which includes most of the internals except the magnets, is made of rolled steel.

There is a 2-inch aluminum voice coil to generate a powerful and accurate sound. The frequency response is 38Hz to Hz. Interestingly the Sound Pressure Level is not that high at 96dB. This is generated by the watt amplifier. It is supplied with a fitting kit and a dashboard-mounted remote control.

Let the bass frequencies breath&#;

The physical size of this cabinet is certainly going to hinder the depth of the bass sound. Bass needs a bit of room to create its depth, and the smaller the cabinet then, the less bass it will generate. In some vehicles, it will be possible to have this subwoofer inside. However, you will lose the resonance it can often achieve from being in the boot or trunk, though.

We are also concerned about the efficiency of a separate remote control, as in this design.

It is though quite a cheap option, but we don’t think it will deliver the sort of bass sound that most will want.


  • Slimline design.
  • Lightweight and doesn’t use much room.


  • Bass&#;s response might be light.

 Alpine Type R 12

Are you looking for a subwoofer for the car that is going to make a lot of noise? Then this will do the job. With an RMS rating of watts and a peak level of , we think you might get most peoples’ attention.

This is a 12” subwoofer pushing out that kind of volume using dual voice coils. The pulp cone is reinforced with Kevlar, and it is fitted with rubber-based surround. This will reduce any unwanted vibrations that are experienced at high volumes.

Allow the air to flow&#;

It has a Poly-mica dust cap, while the speaker itself has a cast aluminum frame that is tough and rugged. There is a dual flow vent for great airflow for cooling.

Considering this is not coming to you in a cabinet, it is quite a heavy object. It weighs over 26 pounds and has a size of by by 9 inches. It will require a mounting depth of inches.

Power it up&#;

What it will require is a powerful amp to drive it. It also depends on what sound you want from this subwoofer. If you are looking for a loud sound but with a soft bass, then this might not be for you.

It is a deep aggressive bass sound that requires that powerful amp we mentioned it needs to drive it. The amp should probably be rated at around watts to get the best from this subwoofer. What you will get from this subwoofer at optimum performance is whack in the back. It delivers that much impact.

If you want to enclose this in a cabinet, you may have to consider having one made. There are recommended enclosure sizes for ported and sealed enclosures.

At the price point, it is one of the best car subwoofers for the money.


  • Big and powerful sound.
  • Well made with good components.


  • Will need to be fitted or enclosed in a cabinet.

 Kenwood KSC-SW11 W

Not everyone is in the market for a subwoofer that is going to blow their brains out. Some just require a bass boost to generally upgrade the sound of their existing system. If that is what you need, then this subwoofer might be just what you need.

Manufactured by Kenwood, who has a big reputation for producing quality audio. Kenwood was formed in In it was renamed as Trio, another name known for audio quality, but then later reverted back to Kenwood. It merged with another audio giant, JVC, in

Nice and compact&#;

The SW11 is an understated design with no flashing lights and ceremony about it. It is quite small in size, just bt by inches, and weighs just ten pounds. It will, therefore, fit quite easily under a seat or in the boot or trunk of a car. You do not require an external amp as it is powered, and it comes with a remote control.

It has a unique shaped woofer that is by inches. It has three controls, one for crossover and two for volume. There is also a phase switch. It is going to give you watts RMS, which in an under-seat subwoofer is quite good.

Are you expecting a thunderous sound?

Do not, though, expect a bass sound that is going to rattle your number plate. You won’t get it from this subwoofer. It is neat and tidy and fits just about anywhere in the vehicle but big bass sound? Not really.

As we said in our opening, it will lift the bottom end and some of the lower mids, but that is all. If that is what you want, it is very good. If you want big deep bass, then its probably not for you.

At this price point, it is a good buy and certainly could be the best small space car subwoofer.


  • The practical size and that it is well made.
  • Very cost-effective price point.


  • Won’t have a big enough bass sound for some.

 JBL BassPro Micro Dockable Powered Subwoofer System

Another small subwoofer for those who may want to conserve a little space. And this one really is small. Made of plastic, it measures just 7 by 16 by 10 inches and weighs just 18 pounds.

It has an 8-inch woofer that will deliver up to watts RMS and has a built-in Class D amp. It has been designed with RCA adapters, and you can link a series of these subwoofers together.

An interesting design&#;

Featuring a stylish design with a black finish and chrome trim, it also has some durable fabric over the grille. It certainly has an interesting design. The amplifier is the base of the subwoofer that is installed on a permanent basis. The BassPro Micro can also be detached very easily if needed.

If you need more space, just quickly unclip it. It is an interesting and functional idea. With the amp as the central fixing point, it probably fits inside most vehicles. The small size of the woofer makes it removable, which is also convenient.

Not for competitions&#;

The downside is that the size of the box is going to limit the extent and depth of the bass. Bass needs some space to perform, and you will automatically lose depth with smaller sizes. It is, though, a good idea to have a detachable subwoofer though it won’t win too many prizes for the power of its bass reproduction.

Not really a cost-effective price, it is quite expensive for what it is. You do get JBL build quality but not a lot of JBL bass.


  • Small footprint and space-saving.


  • Bass performance is a little weak.

 Pioneer TS-WXA 12&#; Sealed Enclosure Active Subwoofer

Pioneer needs little introduction to audio people. Established in , Pioneer has grown to be one of the most recognized audio brands in the marketplace. They produce a huge range of electronic equipment, with most of it aimed at the home market.

You could argue that with this subwoofer, Pioneer has stepped a little out of their comfort zone. It hardly notices. They have produced a subwoofer that is one of the best car subwoofers for sound quality there is.

A quality build&#;

This has a twelve-inch woofer in a sealed unit cabinet. The cabinet is made from MDF fiberboard and finished with a carpet covering. The speaker features a-Cellulose fiber cone. It has Urethane support for stability.

The frequency range is interesting to consider. The range is 20 Hz to Hz. Now the depth of human hearing goes down to about 20Hz. The lowest note on a piano is 27Hz. There would be no point going any deeper with the bass on this subwoofer. We wouldn’t hear it.

Plenty of power&#;

It has a built-in amp with a watt RMS and watt peak performance. On the rear of the cabinet are controls for gain, bass boost level, and bass boost frequency.

With some systems, you can have a lot of volume but very little sound quality. This is not the case with this subwoofer. The bass is tight and resonant and is clearly defined. It can be a little overwhelming at times. The tendency being to give it a tweak of the gain too often.

It is though a big sound, and also quite a big cabinet, and at the price point great value for money. Not just a contender for Best Car subwoofer but also for best car subwoofer under $


  • Plenty of power with a defined sound.
  • Great price point.


  • Rather a large unit for some vehicles.

Best Car Subwoofer Buyers Guide &#; Finding The Best Car Subwoofer

To find exactly what you want, and most of us will want slightly different things, there are some questions that you&#;ll need to ask yourself.


How much will you need? This will determine some things about the overall sound. In most, but not all cases, the more powerful it is, the louder and deeper the bass will be.

If you want a sound that is going to move trucks out the way, go for the big powerful subwoofers. If you want something that just enhances the bass of your stereo in the car, you need less power. A word of warning &#; don’t be too impressed by extravagant volume claims. It is the RMS rating you should be interested in.

Car Subwoofers

Frequency Range

Having a wider frequency range is always the best idea. It demonstrates the sound quality and potential at both ends of the range. A bigger range means it should be better at producing both ends of tops and bottoms of the bass sound.

That is only part of the picture, though. The design and efficiency of the cabinet will also play its part in sound quality.

Two Other Issues

Sensitivity can be important. If the sensitivity rating is higher, it will take less power to drive them. Voice coils have an impact. Single coils are fine and will produce a good sound, but dual coils are usually better.

The Final Question Is, Do You Actually Need One?

Well, the answer to that is yes if you like the best possible sound in your car. Car stereo speakers never produce quality low frequencies and can always do with a little help. How much help you give is what we are talking about.

But What&#;s The Best Car Subwoofer?

So what do we want from our subwoofer? Clarity of sound and a reasonable volume level. Not too big and bulky but well-made. A sub that will lift the bass frequencies without blowing your socks off. We have therefore decided on the&#;

Rockford Fosgate P

Excellent sound at a good price and our choice for the very best of the best car subwoofers.



Awesome car audio? We got this.

That photo below? That’s part of our own custom car audio bay, and it’s where we’ve been doing award-winning, custom installations on cars, boats, and ATVs since The reason we’re pointing it out: so you know that we’re not just another online car stereo reseller – we have a national reputation for hands-on excellence. We don’t sell junk, we don’t do gimmicks, and we know what works. Whether you’re driving a year-old Honda Civic or a brand new Tesla Model S, we can show you best-case-scenario options in all price ranges. 

World Wide Stereo Car Bay 

Need a great car stereo gift idea for dad? Looking to upgrade your car stereo, without ruining your car’s stock look? Our mobile electronics technicians love talking about this stuff, so please – call us at or email us here.  

One more thing

Once you pick out your new sub, a last word of advice: buy it from a trusted dealer, and the more experience / the longer the track record, the better. A good dealer will take care of you in the event anything happens. And if you have any questions along the way, please don’t hesitate to talk to one of our car techs.

Speaking of trusted dealers… 

World Wide Stereo is home to some 90+ industry-leading audio/video professionals who love what they do, and talking about it, too. We opened our doors in , gained a small yet diehard following, won a slew of national awards for everything from killer car audio installations to customer service, grew the business online… and today we enjoy a faithful following of like-minded TV-watching, music-listening, gear-loving defenders of fun for the whole family. Our only rule: no one leaves unhappy. We’re brutally honest when it comes to this stuff. Want to know if something is as good as advertised? Even if you're shopping somewhere else? Call us or stop by one of our showrooms — we’ll give it to you straight. We love what we do, and we love sharing that love.

With us, you get our guarantee, which includes perks like free shipping, day returns, and support even years after the sale — always. Hence our rule: "no one leaves unhappy." Ever.

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Affiliate Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, Speaker Champion may earn commissions from qualifying purchases from and other vendors.

When you roll up the car windows and decide that it’s time to enjoy some good music on the go, all you think about is that sweet bass you are just about to encounter. Your mind starts preparing to get lost in the awesomeness of the kicks delivered by your subs. If you don’t have great subs, however, this is an experience you will only hear about (like the way we are telling you).

Installing a inch subwoofer in your car will completely change the way you listen to music. This car audio component is a must-have for any music lover. This subs are very easy to install and can be fitted in small spaces. Our review this time focused on the best 10 inch subwoofers in to help you build a stereo system with a decent bass and more sonic clarity.

Table of Contents

Comparison Table for Top 10 Inch Subwoofers

Our Review Process

So, we armed our review arsenal with the best sound engineering knowledge, installation expertise and experience from real users. This time we were going to hunt for inch subs that have highly competitive quality and performance qualities. As usual, for every unit to be considered for the final countdown, it had to portray a unique ability to perform better than most units.

And so we did what we love doing every day – investigating different car audio equipment supplied by top brands to help you purchase the best and only the best.

Our engineers wore their gloves, installation experts armed themselves with the right tools and real users opened their eyes and ears wide to make sure every sub on the review table was thoroughly investigated.

After a few days of intensive inspection and careful selection, our top editors compiled this list of best 10” subs:

1. Rockford Fosgate P3D4 Overall Best Component Sub

Rockford Fosgate P3D4

We kick off our review with one of Rockford Fosgate’s best pieces: the P3D4 10&#; Punch Subwoofer. It’s quite difficult to beat this brand in many sonic aspects. The P3D4’s power handling is mind-blowing and its eye-catching design assures you that it is a monster when it comes to sound performance.

Rockford Fosgate P3D Punch Features

  • What superior power handling (w RMS) means for you: Put your P3D4 underuse continuously for hours, even days and it will not blink a second. Its power handling conforms to CEA standards which means it can handle power continuously without risking damaging the voice coils.
  • VAST Technology – louder sound: The sub’s cone is built using the Vertical Attached Surround Technology that increases the cone’s surface area by up to 25%. This allows for more sound production without increasing the size and weight of the speaker
  • FlexFit basket: It’s everyone’s wish to have a super-strong speaker that can cope with extreme conditions. This design feature gives you exactly that, plus the advantages of minimized weight and resonance. Quite frankly, this is where the superiority of the Rockford Fosgate P3D Punch emanates.
  • Subwoofer remains cool all the time Previous models of Rockford Fosgate experienced a heating problem which led to the introduction of anodized aluminum cones and dust caps into this new model. In addition, the sub features a unique spider venting that helps to keep the motor cool.


  • Super clear bass
  • Very clean bumps
  • Quick response time
  • Higher RMS than in most subs
  • Loud sound when fed with enough power


  • A little expensive but fair for its value
  • Requires high power input

Our say: Is deep, loud, and aggressive bass from a powerful and premium quality sub what is in your head right now? The Rockford Fosgate P3D Punch is your best bet to realize that idea.

Buy the P3D4 without a doubt about excellent sound performance.

2. Pioneer TS-SWS4 Shallow-Mount Sub

Pioneer TS-SWS4 Shallow-Mount Sub

It’s not easy to find a hard-hitting sub that can fit in a slender enclosure and still deliver the high bass performance you need. This shallow-mount sub will impress you with its powerful performance and premium features, and you’ll be sure to give your car stereo the uplift it needs to sound awesome.

Unique features and benefits of Pioneer TS-SWS4

  • Oversized, mica injected molded resin cone: The oversized cone is one of the strongest features of this subwoofer. It is able to move more air to deliver louder and more accurate bass than most subwoofers. It enables the speaker to deliver low frequencies that add juicy low frequencies to the car’s audio.
  • High-efficiency sound production:The oversized cones work together with double spiders which help to increase power handling and allow for the production of louder bass. The dual spider design allows for more cone motion control and supports the cone’s linear movement for accurate bass response.
  • Designed for the best bass in small enclosures and spaces:Pioneer TS-SWS4 fits in spaces that conventional subwoofers cannot fit. You can install this shallow-mount sound system in the smallest available space in any type of vehicle thanks to its innovative, space-saving design.
  • Highly durable, scratch-resistant enclosure: The sub is wrapped in a sturdy, black carpet that is non-slip and scratch resistant. This wrapping adds more protection to the sub’s interior and also enhances the durability of the driver.

The good

  • High sensitivity and energy efficiency
  • Reliable continuous power handling
  • Delivers accurate bass
  • Requires small installation space
  • Strong and highly durable materials and sub design

The bad

  • Some modifications may be needed to fit the box
  • Bass is slightly weaker compared to other high-end subs

Our say: If lack of space is your major hindrance from louder and deeper sound, Pioneer provides a way around this obstacle. The TS-SWS4 is a small powerhouse that can give you really low bass frequencies without requiring much space.

Upgrade your car stereo with a inch sub from a reputable brand: buy Pioneer TS-SWS4 and you’ll not be disappointed.

3. Pyle PLPW10D 

Pyle PLPW10D

Pyle serves the market with audio equipment that consistently reinstates its position as the unbeaten leader when it comes to enhancing the quality and sound performance of any audio system. If you are a relentless bass lover, you will be fascinated by the head-turning bass that the PLPW10D Watt subwoofer delivers.

Features of the Pyle Powerhouse

  • You are here for superior sound performance: Pyle PLPW10D gives it out generously. This Power-series sub promises to push your audio to the MAX thanks to its 2” 4-layer high-temp dual voice coil and a 50 oz, heavy-duty magnet. You get the idea…PUNCH! PUNCH! PUNCH!
  • Big bass all the way is what you sign up for when you install the PLPW10D. In addition to the heavy-duty magnet, the sub features a wide, non-fatiguing rubber suspension, non-press cone, and foam-treated surround. These allow for continuous production of deep and strong bass for your total enjoyment.
  • Durability at its best: As expected from Pyle, the PLPW10D is a lasting solution to your poor-performance factory speakers. It comes in stamped steep basket housing with bumped and vented motor construction. This housing keeps the sub’s interior safe and undoubtedly extends the unit’s life.
  • Best in your car or boat or motorbike: You will rarely find a sub that fits a variety of automobiles like the Pyle PLPW10D. Improved sound performance may be your major target but the versatility of this subwoofer makes it irresistible to many sound lovers, especially those who own a variety of automobiles.

The good

  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Adds heavy punch to your audio
  • Built for durability
  • High sensitivity thus good at handling heat
  • Impressive versatility

The bad

  • Magnet is less robust than in other subs
  • May need protective grill in motorbikes and boats

Our say: Whether you want to equip your car, motorcycle, or boat with superior quality sound, this is the most versatile sub you will ever get for that purpose.

Get Pyle PLPW10D on your automobile today and experience MAX power from your audio system.

4. MTX Magnum MBSP Dual

MTX Magnum MBSP Dual

Is a powered set of inch subwoofers a good addition to your car’s audio system? MTX Magnum MBSP Dual answers this question by giving you stellar sound performance in an all-in-one package that’s extremely easy to install.

See more attributes of this subwoofer below;

Why choose MTX Magnum MBSP Dual

  • Excellent SPL/Bass on any power: This sub uses a lightweight polypropylene dust cap and large rubber surrounds to deliver the kind of bass that lovers of hip-hop and rap music would die for. In addition, the enclosure is built with a 5/8” MDF (medium-density fiberboard) that can handle excessive bass response continuously without failure.
  • Amplifier included: A highly dedicated amplifier designed specifically for the MDF enclosure is included. You don’t need to spend more money on an external amplifier and you certainly will not worry about underpowering your sub.  As you can see, the sub is truly an all-in-one upgrade for your car’s audio system.
  • Stylish, heavy-duty sub enclosure and design: The first thing that captivates your eyes is the Magnum logo embroidered in the ported enclosure. You’ll also like the heavy-duty black carpet that ensures the sub doesn’t suffer dents and scratches. This impressive build assures you long-term service. MTX Magnum MBSP Dual is a reliable sonic upgrade for your system.
  • Fine-tune your system for maximum sound performance: Even though the amplifier has the capability to push watts to the subwoofers, the subwoofers’ performance can be further enhanced using the built-in low-pass filters and bass boost. Having some control over your system’s performance allows you to achieve the sound that best matches your listening profile if you are a fan of loud music.


  • Drives frequencies as low as 20Hz; implies deeper bass
  • Comes with an amplifier
  • Stylish design improves car’s interior
  • 3-way protection circuitry
  • Excellent sound excursion
  • Dedicated heat-sink for efficient heat dissipation


  • Power handling lower than other listed subs
  • Relatively more expensive
  • Some parts aren’t durable

Our view: Adding bass to your vehicle system doesn’t have to be challenging. Install the Magnum MBSP, one of the best powered inch subs on the market.

Discover the best of MTX Magnum. Check out the MBSP on Amazon today.                                                                                                                  

5. Rockford Fosgate P Punch

Rockford Fosgate P Punch

Rockford Fosgate AGAIN!

Coming in at number 5 is one of Rockford Fosgate’s best pieces: the P 10&#; Punch Subwoofer. It comes to the top 5 with really strong bass made possible by the watt amplifier built in a compact design, which also allows it to be mounted in small spaces.

Features and benefits of Rockford Fosgate P Punch

  • All-in-one solution for bass:The custom sealed enclosure harbors everything your car audio system needs to deliver superior quality sound. You are saved from the hustles of installing separate drivers so that all you need is to run power enjoy the bass.
  • Powerful performance with the built-in amplifier:Rest assured of magnificent performance from your sub. Its W RMS and W peak power amplifier work perfectly with all the other system components to give out the best you can get from a inch Rockford.
  • Closed-loop design for flawless cooperation of components: You may not know it from the outside but the speaker’s woofer, amplifier and enclose are put together using a clever design called the closed-loop. This is a unique design characteristic of high-end Fosgates and it makes sure each of the components performs at its best.
  • No worries about the thermal and electrical safety of your audio system: An unsafe sub can ruin the entire system. Rockford Fosgate really thought about this concern and added thermal overload, short circuit, and overvoltage protection to the P In case any thermal or electrical problem happens, your sub will continue working and the entire system is protected from damage.
  • Other useful features include a built-in bass boost and crossover controls.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Detailed, clear bass output
  • Rugged and highly durable enclosure
  • Great structural design enables optimum performance
  • Can be installed in small spaces
  • Easy to install


  • It’s relatively more expensive than most inch subwoofers
  • Crossover controls are not easy to use

Our view: The P impressed the majority of reviewers in our team. It beat most subs in sound quality, engineering and appearance. We are convinced that it’s one of the best 10 inch subwoofers in

The value you get from the P surpasses its price by far and this makes it a definite pick.


6. 10W0V &#; JL Audio

10W0V - JL Audio

Featuring superior excursion ability, linearity, and excellent overall performance, JL Audio’s WOV promises you better sound fidelity and improved sub-bass quality. Set this powerhouse up properly and match it with an appropriate power source to get the well-rounded sound that cannot be obtained by any other sub in its price range.

What to expect from 10W0V &#; JL Audio subwoofer

  • Reliability and better power handling:JL Audio’s patented Elevated Frame Cooling design coupled with a DMA-optimized motor system and a 2-inch diameter coil make for enhanced power handling. The immediate effect of these features is a significant increase in sound output.
  • More usage flexibility and its benefitsYou can drive your WOV3 with power as low as 75 Watts but it’s recommended that an amplifier capable of driving between and watts being used. In addition, the sub’s design allows it to be used in a ported or sealed enclosure.
  • Striking stability and low distortion:A tight, clean, articulate bass is the result of JL Audio’s DMA optimization. DMA(Dynamic Motor Analysis) enables the motors to remain linear in motor force and maintain a very stable fixed magnetic field over a wide range of excursion and power.
  • Excellent speaker durability:The woofer cone is made from a mineral-filled, polypropylene material which helps to mold the subwoofer for durability. The elevated motor design also plays a part in enhancing durability as it allows for more ventilation of the voice coil and reduces the chances of overheating. Thus, wear and tear are greatly minimized.


  • Bass so deep that it sounds like it’s coming from a inch sub
  • Well-constructed and easy to install
  • Loud, distortion-free bass
  • Install it into an enclosure of your choice
  • Superior excursion capability


  • Doesn’t come with a grill
  • The unit might be too tall for some car models
  • A big amp may be needed to utilize it to full capacity

Our verdict: Should you be looking for a subwoofer that is strongly built and one that produces amazing bass, this unit will exceed your expectations

The features and performance of JL Audio 10W0V are going to blow your mind away.

7. Planet Audio AC10D

Planet Audio AC10D

If you are looking for a cleaner and tighter sound, look no further than Planet Audio AC10D. It’s among the most powerful inch subs we reviewed as evidenced by its w peak power handling. This compact system easily hides in the quiet spaces of your vehicle but gives out a sound quality that completely defies its size.

Features of Planet Audio AC10D

  • Finest for tight bass and precise sound:In addition to having a w maximum power handling capability, the AC10D uses a ring with dual-chamber design and a shared slot port vent. These enable it to deliver the loudest and punchiest bass.
  • Compact size for the smallest spaces:The sub sports a compact size, which offers a number of advantages. First, the sub fits in many small locations in your vehicle. Secondly, it is very easy to install. You don’t need any expert knowledge or experience to install it.
  • Enjoy your sound just as you love it:The system gives you a number of flexibility features to make sure that you get the best sound quality. These include the input sensitivity selector and low- and high-level inputs. You also get a remote knob to regulate the bass and overall sound from the driver’s seat.
  • Foam surround for high excursion: The lightweight surround is ideal for the high excursion. It also helps to keep the cone centered and is self-dampening so your sub won’t sound wooden or make annoying roaring noises.


  • Very high power handling
  • High-efficiency cone
  • Zero distortion audio
  • Relatively affordable
  • Well protected against damage due to thermal and voltage upsurge


  • May heat up a little bit during extensive high power performance sessions
  • Material not very durable

Verdict: Planet Audio AC10D is a worthy investment into a car stereo for those looking for a quick and easy upgrade from factory sound. It is impressively powerful and comes with a favorable price tag.

Try out this subwoofer and quench your thirst for sound with deep, precise bass.

8. New Rockford Fosgate R2 Ultra Shallow

New Rockford Fosgate R2 Ultra Shallow

Is space limiting your music to small, unsatisfying tunes that leave you angrier rather than entertained?

Kill the anger with Rockford Fosgate R2 ultra-shallow subwoofer, a bass powerhouse built with an intuitive structure to handle high power even in small spaces. We inspected the sub’s features and performance abilities.

What makes Rockford Fosgate the best?

  • Watts of peak power and Watts of RMS is not windshield-shattering but… You will get loud sounds and strong bass. Even if you install the sub in your trunk, its impressive sound will reach you behind the wheel.
  • Amazing sound distribution: Many subs aren’t able to distribute sound well enough. With the New Rockford Fosgate R2, this is a solved problem as it comes with a spider venting feature and 16 AWG tinsel leads that render the sub a great deal of sound distribution ability.
  • Add clean, precise bass notes to your music:The R2 ultra-shallow sub from Rockford Fosgate is a worthy effort by the manufacturer to add an extra low-frequency kick to your audio. The 4-ohm voice coils and mica-injected polypropylene cone ensure that the sub gives you deeper bass notes.
  • If you are a starter, the R2 is very easy to install. With a mounting depth of only inches, the R2 is among the ultra-shallow subs that are painless to install. You will not spend too much time on it nor will you require an expert to have it in.


  • Superior sound distribution
  • Highly durable with stamp-cast basket enclosure
  • Significantly louder sound than factory speakers
  • Deep and clear bass output
  • Optimized for sealed enclosures


  • Power handling is relatively lower than other subs
  • Highly-priced compared to the majority of listed subs

Verdict: The stress of finding a subwoofer that can deliver superior sound from tight spaces comes to an end with the R2 ultra-shallow sub. You’ll love this compact sub for how hard it beats.

Claim your R2 ultra-shallow sub on Amazon while stock lasts.

9. Sound Storm LOPRO10

Sound Storm LOPRO10

You may not have heard much about the Sound Storm Labs (SSL) brand from us. Nevertheless, it appeared in our list of best inch subwoofers for a reason. At just around $, the LOPRO10 gives your music that extra punch it needs to provide the juice you have been looking for.

LOPRO10 Unique Features

  • They are tiny and impressive: Through our research team, word has reached us that you are looking for small, lightweight, and portable subs. We knew your choice must be a compact and easy-to-install yet high-performance unit. Nothing fitted this bill better than the Sound Storm LOPRO
  • Easily integrates into your existing audio system: The sound champion is equipped with RCA high- and low-level inputs to ensure that connecting it to other components of your system isn’t a problem. They can be installed in a wide variety of locations and are thus great for quick but reliable sound upgrading.
  • Tuning controls give you total freedom over the sound:You have spent hours upon hours searching for the best subwoofer to upgrade your music. The LOPRO10 appreciates your efforts by giving you a sub that allows you to adjust your bass the way you want to hear it.
  • Very user-friendly: The LOPRO10 is the only inch subwoofer that came with remote control for bass. This shows the brand’s dedication to making it easy to use and convenient for everyone.


  • Very user-friendly; remote control system
  • Sound control abilities
  • Bass boost for a more punchy sound
  • Can be installed in a wide variety of positions
  • Thermal and short-circuiting protection


Verdict: The LOPRO10 offers unique goodies like a remote control. It is super-compact and you can adjust your music accordingly. With the impressive sound quality it delivers, the sub is something worth checking out.

Looking for a super-compact subwoofer that’s favorably priced? The LOPRO10 won’t disappoint.



Until the JBL SSS was brought to the review table, we weren’t fast enough to consider box design as a very crucial feature. But the way JBL has married subwoofer performance and box design in the SSS model granted the sub a position in the top inch subwoofers list.

Why choose JBL SSS

  • Oversized voice coil: Ever seen those not-so-big boxers that advance heavyweight punches at their opponents? In the world of subwoofers, the SSS is the small guy with a heavy punch thanks to its oversized voice coil. The coil can handle more power than normal voice coils.
  • Switch between 2-ohm and 4-ohm impedance: In the future, you may want to optimize the sub to your audio system. JBL’s Selectable Smart Impedance feature allows you to switch between the two impedance levels so that you can add another enclosure later without needing to replace your bass amp.
  • Reduced port noise and distortion: The S comes with JBL’s patented Slipstream port that uses a double-flared design. The main aim of this design is to give you more boom with less turbulence. It also allows for the construction of a small enclosure without sacrificing impact.
  • Durability: One of the things that have made JBL Series II a big hit to date is the quality build that characterizes every model in that series. The S isn’t an exception; it uses a polypropylene cone and rubber surround that will stand up to any performance situation throughout the long life of the sub.


  • No noise or turbulence
  • Exceptionally loud sound
  • Highly durable parts
  • Switchable impedance
  • High flexibility


  • Requires advanced installation skills
  • Takes more space than other smaller subs

Verdict: JBL has added quite intuitive features in this watts RMS watts peak power subwoofer. It is the best option for a forward-thinking sound enthusiast.

Bass: Tick! Power: Tick! Flexibility: Tick! Durability: Tick! This is great value for your money.

What to Look for When Buying a inch Subwoofer?

Choosing a inch subwoofer isn’t a complicated process. It’s basically a 3-step process in which:

  1. You identify the aspects that you need to check
  2. Award each subwoofer marks based on how it performs in a particular aspect
  3. Add up the scores.


You’ve got a winner.

But you’ll also make special considerations based on your preferences. For instance, if the bass output is top on your priority list, then you will not shy from picking the most powerful speaker (based on power handling capability) even if it might be high priced.

Let’s get down to what you should look for when buying a inch sub.

1. Power Handling

Subwoofers are built for the bass, and we can’t live without the bass. That’s why being keen on a speaker’s power handling is very crucial. Essentially, you will look at the RMS and peak power (MAX) rating.

You can rely more on RMS as some manufacturers exaggerate MAX power. The higher the RMS rating, the more powerful the sub is. But don’t also forget that your stereo system has an amp. So, choose a sub whose power handling matches that of the amp to achieve better sound quality.

2. Sensitivity

A speaker can have high power handling capability but still fail to produce great sound as expected. Often, it’s because of low sensitivity, which is the speaker’s efficiency to convert power to sound.

To achieve better sound at all volumes, you need a sub with high sensitivity. Select subs with a sensitivity rating between 80 and decibels.

3. Does the Speaker Have Single or Dual Voice Coils?

The voice coil component produces sound by pressing and pulling the subwoofer cone repeatedly. The majority of subs on the market have either one voice coil or two separate coils connected to the cone.

You said you are after the bass; go for dual voice coils (indicated as DVC). DVC subs are preferred by bass enthusiasts because you can connect both loops in parallel to achieve maximum bass output.

4. Enclosure type – Determines the Type of Bass

If you pick a subwoofer at random today, you’ll find that it either has a vented enclosure or a sealed ring. What you pick depends on the type of bass you want.

Vented enclosures are for higher volumes while a sealed ring delivers deeper bass.

5. Cone Size and Material

In sound reproduction, the surface area of the cone is a critical factor for the loudness achieved. Larger cones or cones with special extendable design features (for example the VAST technology) are the best. Don’t forget to choose the best cone material too.

Other important factors include:

  • Speaker’s size versus installation space requirements
  • Price – working with a budget makes selection a whole lot easier

With a clear knowledge of what to look for when evaluating every inch subwoofer, you can now go-ahead to give the speakers a score and finally choose the one you think satisfies your requirements and preferences.


Inch Subwoofers: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which is better &#; single or dual voice coil inch subwoofer?

A: Choosing between a single voice coil (SVC) and dual voice coil (DVC) sub is an issue of flexibility, not of which sub performs better. If you want to build your audio system and take full advantage of the amplifier, a DVC sub is the better choice. A DVC provides multiple impedance connections that allow you to better match the available amplifier impedance options. You can maximize the power available from the amp using a DVC sub, which isn’t possible with an SVC sub. Also, with a DVC you can add other amps or subs to the system in the future.

Q: Why does cone material matter?

A: Common materials for subwoofer cones include treated paper, synthetics such as polypropylene, and composites like injection-molded quartz and aluminum. Paper is lightweight. It responds quicker compared to other materials. To enhance the durability of the cone, manufacturers coat the paper with a layer of carbon fiber, polyglass, Kevlar, or CSX. All said and done, treated paper is less durable than other materials.

Polypropylene is lightweight but more rigid than paper. Manufacturers find it easy to work with, which is why it is the most common cone material. Polypropylene adds more protection to your cone against moisture, mold, and mildew. It has a small influence on the quality of sound.

Metals such as aluminum and magnesium are also popular options for cone material. They are more rigid, and this makes them ideal for bigger subs. Metal cones are highly durable.

Q: How much power does my inch sub need?

A: Each sub has a recommended power range. Check the RMS rating listed in the sub’s specifications. The lower number in the range is the minimum amount of wattage the sub needs to deliver. Moving toward the bigger number means the sub receives more power. Bass notes are generally more power-hungry. Subs deliver louder and punchier sound when coupled with an amplifier that has RMS ratings in the upper end of the sub’s power range.

There is no problem with your amp’s RMS output exceeding the sub’s maximum RMS output. You just have to ensure that you don’t turn up the volume knob too high to damage the speaker.

Q: What kind of enclosure should I get for my inch sub—ported, sealed, or bandpass?

A: There are three main types of subwoofer enclosures – ported, sealed, and bandpass. Whichever type you choose, make sure that the box is tightly constructed for optimum subwoofer performance

If you are looking for deep, precise bass, go for sealed boxes. Sealed enclosures are the best for deep bass extension and power handling. However, they need more power than ported boxes

Ported enclosures are perfect for forceful bass. They provide deeper bass than sealed boxes at any amplifier wattage and are thus loved by fans of rock, heavy metal, and any other hard-driving music.

Bandpass boxes are designed for a maximum slam. They produce extra loud sounds with a narrow frequency range. Their aggressive sound is suitable for reggae, rap, and hard-rock.

Q: Which is the best inch sub for my truck or pickups?

A: Small, compact, and enclosed subs are always good for trucks. You can find an enclosed sub that can fit in your truck’s interior. It always helps to measure the clearances in your vehicle to know for sure if a sub and its enclosure will fit.

Q: Must I install an aftermarket stereo to use with my new sub?

A: Hooking up an aftermarket stereo with a inch sub means you will get cleaner sound with or without an amplifier. You can also use the sub with a factory system and an amplifier. Whichever stereo system you have, you will need to make wire connections to get to the high-level signal the stereo puts out. Then, you can use a line output converter to lower the strength of the signal before sending it to the amp.

Rockford Fosgate P3D4 is Our Winner

We settled on the P3D4 as the best inch subwoofer of because it ticked yes to the most important factors one should consider when choosing the best sub.

This speaker has superior power handling which enables it to drive more power through the system. It achieved a loud sound that was impressively clean and had deep and accurate bass. The speaker also features VAST cone technology and FlexFit basket design top-notch design to support its high-performance demands.


Affiliate Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, Speaker Champion may earn commissions from qualifying purchases from and other vendors.

If you&#;re reading this, it is likely because you are on the hunt for the best inch subwoofers to transform your music with bigger, heavier bass. And we&#;re willing to bet that the speakers currently installed in your car do not meet the task. You came to the right place.

Equipping your car’s audio system with high-quality speakers is a great way of making the sound better. We all know that, right. And when it comes to sound, more is better in our book. Big car speakers like 6x9s provide a good deal of bass. However, there’s a limit to the amount of bass these speakers and even smaller 8” subs and 10” subs can give. 

Choosing the best 12&#; subwoofer is a big decision and we&#;re here to help. Take a look at our curated list of the best 12 inch subwoofers before you buy. 

Table of Contents

Comparison Table for Top 10 12 Inch Subwoofers


Overall Best Pick
Rockford Fosgate P3D Punch P3 DVC 4-Ohm Inch Watt RMS Watt Peak Subwoofer
Best Sealed Box
Planet Audio AC12D Car Subwoofer - Watts Maximum Power, 12 Inch, Dual 4 Ohm Voice Coil, Sold Individually
Best of Champion Series
Pioneer TS-AD4 12 Inch Watts Max Power Dual 4-Ohm Voice Coil A Series Car Audio Stereo Subwoofer Loudspeakers / Free Alphasonik Earbuds


Rockford Fosgate P3D Punch P3 Subwoofer

Planet Audio AC12D Subwoofer

Pioneer TS-WD4 Subwoofer

Unique Features

High-temp voice coils with spun-laced Nomex reinforcement collar

Oversized 60 oz Double stacked Magnet and vented pole yoke


Overall Best Pick


Rockford Fosgate P3D Punch P3 DVC 4-Ohm Inch Watt RMS Watt Peak Subwoofer


Rockford Fosgate P3D Punch P3 Subwoofer

Unique Features

High-temp voice coils with spun-laced Nomex reinforcement collar

Best Sealed Box


Planet Audio AC12D Car Subwoofer - Watts Maximum Power, 12 Inch, Dual 4 Ohm Voice Coil, Sold Individually


Planet Audio AC12D Subwoofer

Unique Features

Best of Champion Series


Pioneer TS-AD4 12 Inch Watts Max Power Dual 4-Ohm Voice Coil A Series Car Audio Stereo Subwoofer Loudspeakers / Free Alphasonik Earbuds


Pioneer TS-WD4 Subwoofer

Unique Features

Oversized 60 oz Double stacked Magnet and vented pole yoke

A lot of research work was put into this review. Our sound engineers and expert installers teamed up with experienced reviewers and real users to provide unbiased and accurate content on different aspects of each speaker.


We focused our efforts on the best of each top-performing subwoofer brand, carried out numerous tests and incorporated diverse comments from team members to come up with this comprehensive review. Let&#;s get started!

1. Rockford Fosgate P3D Best 12” Subwoofer


Rockford Fosgate has always led the subwoofer market with bass systems that best match your lifestyle and passion for music.

The P3D inch sub is where innovation and efficiency in sound production meet. The sub delivers deep, aggressive bass and has stunning aesthetic features that will make your car’s interior more attractive.

The winning features of the P3D subwoofer

  • Big subwoofers usually heat up during high SPL conditions. Not the Rockford Fosgate P3D inch sub! With the anodized aluminum voice coil formers, this sub exhibits superior heat dissipation. The aluminum metal is like a heat-sink that quickly dissipates heat before it builds up on the voice coil.
  • Louder sound but simpler installation: Rockford Fosgate sets the standard with the VAST technology. The P3D uses a VAST surround that significantly increases the effective radiating cone area. This means you get more sound from this speaker than from other models of the same size.
  • Durable sub that can handle power up to watts: The P3D is a real sound horse. All the features are designed in the best way to ensure flawless production of more beefy bass notes and louder sound.
  • Stitched tinsel leads create robust build: Lead wires are designed in the best way for high-quality sound performance. The multipoint stitched lead wire technique significantly reduces the wire’s mass and allows for the spreading of stress and strain over a bigger area, so that the leads can withstand fatigue, high current and extreme duty cycles.
  • Passed industry standards: For the P3D, the CEA certification means the sub can handle high power continuously. Listen to music at high volumes for many, many hours; and your voice coils will never get damaged.


  • FlexFit basket for easy install
  • Super strong build
  • Can accommodate up to watts
  • Excellent stamp-cast basket cone design
  • Can dissipate heat quickly
  • Reasonable price for the great features and performance
  • CEA industry standard certification


  • ​​​​Lower sensitivity
  • Doesn’t come with enclosure
  • May need a powerful amp to produce the best bass

Our say: If you want to get the best value from your subwoofer installation, have this bass leader installed in your car.

The P3D offers resounding bass, excellent sound quality and unrivaled heat dissipation.

Go to Amazon and check out the Rockford Fosgate P3D We think it’s one of the best subs you can get today.

2. Pioneer TS-AD4 – Best of Champion Series


Many of the inch subs that passed through our review panel proved to be durable and portable.

However, the flexibility of the TS-AD4 got a lot of head nods from users. Wire this subwoofer according to your needs: together at 1- or 4-ohm, or separately at 2 or 8 ohms – and see what you get.

Benefits of Installing Pioneer TS-AD4

  • Impressive power capacity: Handling up to w of power, this sub is truly powerful. There’s no doubt about getting loud sound with this sub. It will kick out strong low frequencies for total enjoyment of your favorite tunes.
  • Highly efficient in sound reproduction: The high sensitivity rating of 96 decibels puts this sub ahead of the pack. The sub is able to use power efficiently to produce sound. This makes it a good option if you want to hook up your low-powered car stereo with a powerful inch subwoofer.
  • Pioneer is the champion of high-quality, durable build designsIf you like elegant audio equipment, you will fall in love with the Pioneer TS-AD4 at first glance. This heavy-duty inch sub champions a rigid ribbed aluminum basket, a premium grade IMPP composite cone, and highly durable elastic dual layer polymer surround.
  • Reputation of competition-level sound performance: Pioneer is universally known for its unmatched performance. This bass giant hits really hard. Just couple it with a powerful amplifier and thoughtfully-designed enclosure and you’ll be the guy (or girl) everyone is talking about.


  • Suitable for many car models
  • High (W) peak power level
  • Spider design for better cooling
  • Enjoy strong lows down to 20Hz
  • Strong build quality for better performance and enhanced durability


  • Quite heavy and therefore not that portable
  • Can smoke when sub is run on higher wattages

Verdict: Pioneer TS-AD4 excellently balances quality, performance and aesthetics.

It seems like a highly attractive option if you are looking for bigger bass and don’t mind having a big, heavy sub in your car’s trunk.

3. Planet Audio AC12D &#; Best for Sealed Box


Earn the bragging rights for bass wherever you drive. With an RMS of w, Planet Audio’s best sub, the AC12D, rules the bass effortlessly.

It’s designed with different enclosure types in mind but one thing doesn’t change: it is a bass beast. See its powerful features below.

Planet Audio AC12D Attributes

  • Enhanced audio qualityThe AC12D sports a polypropylene injection cone and foam surround. The least you can expect from this combo is improved quality of the sound produced by your car stereo.
  • Excellent lows at high volumes: The AC12D is designed for those who want to make a premium car audio system. It uses a dual voice coil that helps to deliver plenty of punch at all volumes. This powerful bass performance is enhanced by the sub’s high RMS of w.
  • Choose what type of bass you want: This sub thrives well both in a ported and sealed enclosure. If you are looking for greater SPL output and thumping bass, fit the sub in a ported enclosure and make sure the amplifier has a subsonic filter. For solid, tight bass, use a sealed enclosure.
  • Can be installed in a wide variety of vehicles: The subwoofer has a resonance frequency of 32Hz and is small enough to be fitted in cars of different sizes. So, there is nothing to worry about the size of the sub no matter the type of car you have.


  • Higher power handling capacity than other top ranking subs
  • Excellent low end frequencies
  • Small size and lightweight
  • ​​​​Dual voice coils allow for sound quality improvement
  • Great sonic value at reasonable price
  • Can be used with ported and sealed enclosures


  • Slightly lower sensitivity compared with other subs
  • Doesn’t come with enclosure

Our say: This sub comes with outstanding features and you don’t have to be an expert to install it.

We think it a great bang for your buck especially if you want greater bass at higher volumes without roughing up your budget.

Order Planet Audio AC12D today and start ruling the bass wherever you drive.

4. Kenwood KFC-XW

Why Kenwood KFC-XC??

Power, reliability, high-quality sound, and attractiveness are what you get from Kenwood KFC-XC The sub is one from Kenwood’s Echelon Series. It comes with a promise of punchy, reliable bass in your car.

Let’s get deeper into the specs of this award-winning inch subwoofer.

Features of Kenwood KFC-XC

  • Earth-shaking maximum power handling: KFC-XC W MAX power rating ushers you into party mood even when driving. Most of the real users who had a chance to test this sub loved its heavy and solid bass. With KFC-XC, your long journeys will change from boring to total enjoyment.
  • Square Array Patternhelps to ensure the cone is protected from warping to facilitate continuous heavy bass production. A dual ventilation system adds even more protection to the sub. It helps to get heat out of the motor structure so that the speaker gives out those pleasurable long, loud jams.
  • Rich, high-quality audio: The sub can handle extra-long cone excursion thanks to the heavy-duty polypropylene cone that is reinforced with tough rubber surround. Superior audio performance is also enhanced by the over-sized diaphragm and 4-ohm voice coil with an 8 AWG push terminal.
  • Dual ventilation system and ‘Stress-free spider’: These two features work together to enhance the mechanical durability of the sub and allow for the release of heat from the motor so that the sub performs optimally for long duration.
  • Good low-frequency output: The KFC-XC is designed in such a way that the area of the cone is increased while maintaining a constant cutout diameter. This design is aimed at making it easier for the sub to achieve great lows.


  • High power handling
  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Great thermal resilience and mechanical durability
  • Sturdy design further enhances durability
  • Can be installed in small cars


  • Relatively lower sensitivity
  • Bass may get distorted when power limit is exceeded

Our say: Take advantage of Kenwood’s decades of extensive experience in building market leading subs. The KFC-XC 12&#; sub is a sure bet to more powerful and reliable bass in your car.

Upgrade your sound system with this baby today.

5. Pyle PLPW12D


Pyle is slowly becoming the go-to place for a wide range of electronics and is noted for its rich collection of subs that enrich your media experience. 

For the inch subwoofer category, Pyle presents the PLPW12D W dual 4-ohm sub, built with top-notch technology to revolutionize your car stereo’s sound.

Features and Benefits of Pyle PLPW12D

  • It is exceptionally loud and powerfulA power handling of w RMS tells you that the PLPW12D doesn’t make a joke out of the power it gets. With a sensitivity of 90dB, a 60 Oz magnet and double layer 4 Ohm voice coil, expect quite superior sound volume and great lows at all volumes.
  • Accurate and distortion-free sound productionAs you know, the audio performance of any speaker largely depends on the cone design and material. Pyle PLPW12D champions a non-press paper cone that enables it to produce crystal-clear sound that doesn’t have the slightest trace of distortion.
  • Outstanding speaker construction: A specially treated foam surround has been used to build this sub. The surround works seamlessly with the paper cone to deliver high-quality bass and better overall sound. Using foam surround is also aimed at improving the durability of the sub.
  • Rigid and sturdy steel basket is used to offer the best protection for the interior of the sub. In addition to the basket being highly durable and reliable, it also makes it possible for the sub to be installed in a wide selection of locations inside the car.


  • The sound quality is dynamite
  • The exterior of the speaker is outstanding
  • It produces a crystal-clear sound
  • The highs and lows are superb


  • Paper cone not very durable
  • Installation may require expert help

Verdict: The Pyle PLPW12D is an intelligently engineered premium-quality sub is a great addition to a system that needs a highly efficient bass-focused driver.

6. Skar Audio EVL D2


We thought we had exhausted everything about bass production until the Skar EVLD2 provided us with a sneak peek of the unique value offered by the Skar Audio EVL series of subs.

Viewed from any angle, this sub features an array of distinctive features that enable it to handle low-frequency notes with authority.

What to expect from Skar Audio EVL D2

  • Blow the car roof off with loud sound: Yes! This sub is among the most powerful we have come across during our recent subwoofer reviews. What can you do with w of power handling capability? Think about that as you explore more about Skar Audio EVL D2.
  • Does this sub heat up during high power performance? Before buying such a powerful sub, you would probably want to know how it handles heat. During extended high power sound performance, the Audio EVL D2 still remains cool thanks to the high-temp, 4-layer aluminum voice coil and the advanced cooling design.
  • A flawless, riveting bass responseIf you’ve experienced Skar before, you’d be looking for EVL’s signature spider design, high-temp coil, premium stitched wires and competition-level cone when you lay hands on this sub. Surely, you’ll find these features working together to producing a uniquely clear, articulate and deep bass.
  • A heavy-duty double stack magnet ensures that the voice coil moves efficiently for precise sound response. The big, high-grade magnet is well matched with other heavy performance features to ensure that the sub produces the loudest sound and the biggest bass possible.


  • Powerful sound production
  • Deep and punchy bass
  • Remains cool at all times
  • High power handling capability
  • Strong voice coil withstands extreme performance conditions


  • Low sensitivity
  • Heavy and challenging to install for some people
  • May be too loud for some

Our view: If you are here for a powerful 12” sub that will turn your car into a bass powerhouse, grab yourself a Skar Audio EVL D2. Quite simply, it kicks ass.

7. KickerDCWC

Do you only have a little trunk space available for a subwoofer installation?

Are you wondering where to get the best inch sub for some low-end muscle in your music? 

This Kicker sub will kick big bass from the trunk to the entire car. It’s compact, powerful and highly efficient.

Features of KickerDCWC

  • Maximum performance for all kinds of music: The 44DCWC comes with a rugged ported enclosure, which is the perfect enclosure design for this kind of subs to produce big bass. You will enjoy every jam in your playlist as this vented box does some magical sweetening of any tune that goes through the speaker system.
  • Reliable for extended performance durations: Some subs give up amid heavy bass performance. Kicker has done everything to make sure there isn’t even the slightest chance of this happening while you use the 44DCWC That’s why a ribbed foam surround is used to promote long excursion and keep the flex-resistant cone on target.
  • Built to last: Whoever put up the subwoofer box had the best idea of durability in mind. Solid wood and nice gray carpeting on top has emerged to be one of the most impressive enclosure designs. The speaker itself is also built with tougher material than those found in most subwoofers.
  • Mind-blowing sensitivity: Everybody takes note of the high sensitivity of this Kicker sub model. dB is way higher than most speakers in our review. This sub is the best match for a low-powered car audio system since it can use the little available power to produce big beats.


  • Highly compact hence it requires small installation space
  • High power handling than other subs in the list
  • Very high sensitivity
  • Great cooling mechanism
  • Rugged, vented enclosure for superior sound performance


  • Wiring kit needs improvement
  • Can perform better with a stronger amp
  • Small size is not great for bigger vehicles

Verdict: We recommend Kicker 44DCWC if you need a quick upgrade to your sound system. It’s especially great for subwoofer newbies.

Order Kicker 44DCWC and have monstrous bass rolling out of your stereo immediately after unboxing it.

8. American Bass XFL


Still looking for a smaller sub that adds packs of punch? American Bass XFL is for the people who cannot compromise on their love for music.

Its extra strong construction and great sonic capabilities landed a place among the best subs Even the most demanding sound enthusiast finds the XFL satisfying.

What features makes the XFL the best?

  • First, the weight of the sub while in the package will give you a rough idea of the kind of no-joke subwoofer you are about to experience. This thing weighs around 35 pounds; American Bass was not going to fool you around with heavy weight and no bass. Just test it and verify.
  • Reputation of distortion-free loud bassAmerican Bass subs are well known for giving out low and loud bass notes. Our lab tests found out that the sub can handle extreme amounts of power. Combining this power capability with other design features, we confirmed that the sub is really reliable for bass production.
  • Built to hit really hard and remain intactMeet the most robust subwoofer design in this model. An aluminum voice coil is attached to a three layer progressive spider that connects to the suspension. The spider diameters are anchored to the woofer frame via a synthetic spider landing. You can only find such a robust design in best performers like the American Bass.
  • High-excursion abilitiesA continuous power rating of watts is exceptional and requires a proper plan for heat handling. The XFL uses a 3-inch copper coil wound on an anodized former for improved heat dissipation. A strong cast aluminum basket and anodized motor assembly also help to handle heat.


  • oz high-energy magnet for powerful sound production
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • High continuous power handling
  • Very clean and loud sound
  • Smaller in size thus perfect for installation in smaller spaces


  • Sub freezes when run under excessive power limits
  • Installation is a bit challenging
  • Doesn’t come with enclosure

Verdict: This sound beast is reasonably priced and we think it is a perfect choice if you are searching for high power handling and above average sonic performance.

Don’t spend too much to get hard-hitting bass and better sound performance. Check out the American Bass XFL

9. JL Audio 12W0V Subwoofer


JL Audio combines a number of patented technologies to achieve great efficiency, excursion, and linearity.

Its power handling may be lower than the majority of competitor subs but its performance speaks for itself.

Let’s review some of the features that make the 12W0V3 an attractive option.

JL Audio 12W0V Features

  • Generous amounts of excursion with large roll surround: Being part of the W0V3 series, this sub sports a rigid polypropylene cone that is highly resistant to flexing. This cone is able to withstand extra-long excursion thus allowing the sub to hit deep without distortion of low notes.
  • Elevated frame helps to cool the voice coil: Another distinguishing aspect of the JL Audio 12W0v3 sub is the use of advanced cooling systems throughout the subwoofer frame. The Elevated Frame Design, in particular, is a big plus for the sub as it improves power handling and heat dissipation significantly.
  • Long-lasting materials: The hefty 2” voice coil, durable foam surround, and mineral-filled polypropylene cone assure you that your sub is strong enough to deliver top-notch performance even under extreme conditions. In addition, the subwoofer is designed to work in sealed or ported enclosures, and there’s an option to add a grill for more protection.
  • Tight, clean, articulate bass with DMA optimized motor: The JL Audio 12W0V3 sub features JL Audio’s proprietary DMA (Dynamic Motor Analysis) system that’s majorly responsible for reduced distortion. All transients are reproduced faithfully and that is why you get a tight, clear, precise bass from this sub.


  • Elevated frame cooling system for maximum cooling
  • Sub is compact and sleek &#; perfect for compact cars
  • Smooth metallic silver exterior finish
  • Ideal free air resonance
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Achieves lows up to 22Hz


  • Lower power handling
  • Needs an amp within the Hz range to deliver the best sound
  • Highly priced compared to other subs

Verdict: The JL Audio 12W0V is well-built despite its low power output. The subs can produce a thumping bass and bring big impact to your sound.

Audiopipe TXX-BD


The Audiopipe TXX-BD subwoofer came in at number 10 because of its good performance and affordability.

Our tests showed that its W RMS is enough to satisfy just about any bass lover out there.

The sub’s nice features, a wide frequency range, and enhanced durability convinced us that it rightfully belongs to the class of best 12 inch subwoofers

Features of AudiopipeTXX-BD Subwoofer

  • Get Audiopipe’s best subwoofer for hard hitting bassThe TXX BD2 12 is built for serious audiophiles who want nothing but the best sub for bass. It’s almost obvious that with w RMS and w MAX powerratings, this sub will blast heavy hits out of your trunk.
  • High reliabilityOnce in a while, someone is lucky to find a high-quality, absolutely reliable subwoofer whose price is unbelievably affordable. This is the case with Audiopipe TXX-BD, which features a Oz double stacked strontium magnet and inch dual 4-ohm voice coils for reproduction of clean and detailed sound.
  • Audiopipe pushes the frequencies lower for deeper bass notesThis sub has a frequency range that sets it apart from the rest of the competition. 20 – Hz is quite impressive, but the key benefit here is how low the sub takes the bass notes. You are sure to get very deep kicks especially if you find a perfect enclosure for the sub.
  • Powdered black cast aluminum basket = high durability and elegant lookThe sturdy basket not only complements the great looks of the sub but also enhances its durability. Thus, the TXX-BD upgrades your stereo’s sound performance and makes the car’s interior more attractive.


  • Can handle high power levels
  • Produces very loud audio
  • Deep and impressively clear bass
  • Strong build materials
  • Great exterior looks


  • Wiring the sub properly may be challenging
  • You need to look for an enclosure for the sub
  • May bottom up on very deep lows

Verdict: Audiopipe TXX-BD hits the spot for music enthusiasts who are keen on getting a great deal of value for their investment in a inch sub.

How to Find the Best 12 Inch Subwoofer

There are many types of speakers that you can install in your car to have the desired listening experience while on the road.

You need something bigger and stronger, and you think a inch sub fits the bill.

Here are the most important factors to consider when choosing a subwoofer:

Power needs and handling capacity

The discussion about subwoofer power is multi-dimensional. One of the first questions you should ask is whether your existing audio system can adequately power your new subwoofer. inch subs consume different amounts of power to produce varying amounts of bass. If you want a sub that produces a lot of bass, know that it’ll consume a lot of currents. Your audio system should, therefore, have power abilities close to that of the sub.


The other important consideration about power is how much power the sub can actually handle.

In some reviews, you’ll see complains of voice coils smoking, or the sub heating up or burning because too much current was driven through them.

It’s crucial to determine the real power handling capabilities of the sub before putting it in the shopping cart.

Unfortunately, there are subs that promise high power handling in words but they don’t deliver.

Does it have a motor cooling mechanism?

When you decide that you’ll go for a high-power inch sub, look for the ones with a motor cooling system. Such a system makes sure that the sub doesn’t heat up and/or break down during long hours of application.

What about voice coils?

Although the question of single voice coils (SVC) and double voice coils (DVC) is crucial, it is rarely explained well.

First, the choice between SVC and DVC depends on what you want from your subwoofer. If your main concern is how much power the sub will put out, consider the ohm load of the voice coil rather than the number of coils. Ohms measure electrical resistance and the less the ohms, the more power the sub puts out assuming a constant power supply.

You could be looking for flexibility; that is, you care about wiring options and intend to attach additional drivers to your stereo system. In this case, a DVC subwoofer is better than an SVC sub.

What is your budget?

To make your selection task easier, classify the available subs into two groups: the ones that are within your budget and those that rough it up. Keep in mind that even after purchasing the sub you might need to spend more money on a good enclosure or on installation.

Subwoofer installation

Do you want to install the sub or have it professionally installed?  Most subwoofers are easy to install but you might come across a inch that could make you sweat.

It’s good to know beforehand about a sub’s installation. Look at the installation manual and be sure you can handle the wiring steps if you intend to do it yourself.

Other inevitable considerations include the weight and size of the sub and the required enclosure. Can the sub fit in the available space in your car?



Best 12 Inch Subwoofers FAQs

How much power does a inch sub need (and can it handle)?

Two factors determine the amount of sound any sub produces – RMS power handling and sensitivity rating.

RMS power is the amount of power a subwoofer can handle continuously. The higher the RMS, the better the sub all other factors constant. Note that more power doesn’t always mean louder or more precise sound output.

Sensitivity rating (measured in dB) is an indication of how efficient the sub is in translating the power to the booming sound. A higher sensitivity rating implies that you get better audio even with lower RMS power handling.

How much space do I need for the installation of a inch subwoofer?

It is always a good idea to make a list of requirements before you set out to purchase car audio equipment. As you target certain type and level of audio, consider the space available in your car for the installation of a sub. If you have plenty of space, you have more freedom over the sub to choose from. If you lack space, you can still enjoy enhanced bass output by installing shallow-mount inch subs.

What are shallow-mount subwoofers?

A shallow-mount subwoofer works similarly to a traditional subwoofer but in a smaller package. Unlike regular subs that are deep and heavy, shallow-mount subwoofers are lightweight and shallow. As a result, their size allows for installation in small spaces. Some manufacturers have realized the growing demand for smaller subs and now build shallow-mount units that require only about 4 inches of mounting clearance.

How do I make sure that I get earth-shattering, deep bass?

We frequently receive questions on how to choose a subwoofer that delivers hard-hitting bass without affecting overall sound quality. The best inch subs for deep bass don’t only have a high power handling but also use high-quality woofer cone and surround material. A high power-handling capacity ensures that the sub gives hard kicks while the sturdy materials maintain excellent sound quality. Some of the top-performing inch bass champions in our review use polypropylene woofer cones and rubber surrounds.


Can you run two inch subs in a truck box?

inch subs need space to breathe. Each sub requires at least 14 inches deep to operate without heating up. If you are placing them behind or under a car seat, make sure each has a 4-inch throw. If you are short of space in a truck, a blow throw can work well so that you have enough box space.

How do I choose an amplifier for my inch sub?

Use an RMS power rating to match your sub with the right amp. Go for an amplifier whose RMS power rating is between 75 and percent the RMS rating of your subwoofer, that is, the power your sub can take at chosen impedance.

I already have an amplifier, how do I find a matching sub?

First, check the amp’s RMS power output at varying impedance levels. Divide the amp’s power output by the number of subwoofers you intend to add. The result of the division is the optimal RMS power for each sub. Also, match the impedance of the amp and the subs.

Note that the wiring of subwoofers that have more than one voice coil can affect the sub’s impedance.

Do I need a professional to install my inch subwoofer?

If you have skills and experience in car audio customization, you can handle the installation with the right tools.  Otherwise, the best idea is to hire a professional. You want to end up with a flawlessly installed sub for your car audio system to deliver at its best.

Why we picked the Rockford Fosgate P3D Subwoofer

We promised to give you our recommendation for the best 12 inch subwoofer. Considering all factors, the Rockford Fosgate P3D sub emerges as the winner in our review.

Here are our reasons&#;.

  • Rockford Fosgate P3D has a very robust build and this makes it reliable for loud sound and superior bass production.
  • The sub’s heat dissipation is outstanding so you have zero worries that it might heat up or suffer a thermal breakdown.
  • The P3D can withstand high power applications for longer than the majority of equally-sized subs.
  • Its power handling of w RMS is quite impressive too. And what do you pay for this top-notch sub?
  • The price is very reasonable compared to other high-performing subs in this review and on the market.

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Best 12 Inch Subwoofer The Bass Heads’ Favorite Is Here

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Best 12 Inch Subwoofer The Bass Heads’ Favorite Is Here


Looking for a subwoofer encyclopedia? You found it! From robust reviews for the best subwoofers of to detailed FAQs about subs, you&#;ll find it here.

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Subwoofer best 500w rms


Replacement Subs - Some subs are available as standalone speaker drivers, with no enclosure or cabinet. You'll need to fit these into your own cabinet or find another way of fitting them inside of your car or vehicle. Of course, you can use them to replace drivers in existing subs. You can also buy bare enclosures to create your own subs.

Car Subwoofer Buying Guide

Now that we've looked at our top ten picks, we're going to move onto the crucial information that any subwoofer buyer will need to know. You'll learn all the vital info here so that you can then invest your money wisely.

What is a Subwoofer?

A subwoofer is a speaker that's specifically designed for low frequencies. A sub will be composed of one or two woofers, which are loudspeakers that reproduce a frequency range at the lower end of the sound spectrum. Subwoofers are used in many audio setups from desktop computer speakers, home cinemas, home studio speaker setups, concerts, festivals, and raves.

It is easy to notice the huge difference between a system that includes or excludes a sub. With it, the sound is more balanced, as the low-end has been represented properly, and this adds much more depth to the music. Without one, the sound can come across lifeless, tinny, and just missing an essential feature.

They are built to withstand the sound pressure level (SPL) of low frequencies. They were originally designed so that regular speakers didn't have to produce a very wide frequency range that could lead to them becoming over-stretched, leading to lower quality output.

They move large volumes of air and often require a lot of power. It's fairly simple to generate high-volume bass over a small bandwidth and many cheap car subwoofers do exactly that. Creating studio-level sound quality is a little trickier and requires more powerful amplification, a larger bass driver, or several small ones.

Subwoofers all function in a very similar manner but the styles and specifications differ. It can sometimes be difficult to pick apart the pros and cons.

How Do Subwoofers Work?

Most subwoofers are electromagnetically powered. They house a stiff cone that's driven by a single voice coil centered in a magnetic field.

The single voice coil is attached to the back of the speaker cone. It moves when the current flows through it. It then pushes and pulls on the driver cone, which moves in and out like a piston, creating soundwaves.


Typically, they're circular, as the majority of speakers are. This is an ideal shape for funneling directional sound so that it goes in an optimum direction for listening. It also produces a cleaner sound, which is far less distorted than other shapes, which some companies experimented with during the early s.

Other shape options were initially explored for car use because, ultimately, a car is not well suited for typical loudspeakers. A decent speaker requires a fair amount of space to function to the best of its abilities. Bass cabinets - AKA bass bins - that house loudspeakers for concerts are sometimes larger than the trunk of a car.

The displacement volume is what reproduces loud low frequencies. Without space then the displacement is not as powerful and impactful as it could be.

Non-circular shapes allow for bigger cone areas in limited mounting space situations but at the sacrifice of sound quality. The louder it is, the more the sound will distort.

Another key factor is the room that a sub is put in, due to its natural acoustics. You can probably guess that a speaker for a vehicle isn't suited for use in an auditorium or theater.

Sizes: Inch Subwoofers Vs inch Subwoofers

The vast majority of subs will be between 8" and 21". It's unlikely to find larger or smaller than this in commercial use. For cars, however, you'll find the most common subwoofers are either 10" or 12". This is an ideal size for a car. There's not much need to go bigger than this. And we find that there isn't much difference between the sizes. It's more important to consider the peak power and RMS power that they deliver. Of course, if you want the speaker to be loud, then you're better off with a smaller, more powerful sub than a larger, less powerful one.

One key factor to bear in mind when picking the size of your speaker set up is to check the size of the trunk in your car. Keep in mind that the sub will always be inside there, so you don't want too much space taken up.

Type Of Enclosures

You'll find that subwoofers will either come already inside an enclosure or they will be 'naked', which means that you'll need to buy or make an enclosure for the speaker separately.

The enclosure style can have more of an impact on the performance of the subwoofer than the diameter size difference. Speaker enclosures in general need to successfully separate the soundwaves that project forwards from those at the rear. This is because otherwise, the two cancel each other out. They will be out of synch and produce a terrible bass response. That's why the enclosure is much more important than most think!

Usually, the sub's driver is hidden inside of a bandpass cabinet, which is a tuned box that can resonate efficiently. This is what we see in typical home setups. The majority of powered car subwoofers adopt a reflex design over a closed box design.

Bass reflex enclosures are sometimes called ported enclosures, vented boxes, or even reflex ports. Ported enclosures employ a hole with a section of tubing or pipe. The two work in harmony like a pipe-organ. If they are built with accurate volume calculations, then they can be louder than a sealed enclosure.

The math, for those interested, is explained in this Youtube video:

The equation is based on the Thiele/Small parameters. It also takes into consideration Hoffman's 'Iron Law'. The fundamentals of the equation take into account the projected area of the diaphragm of the driver, the mass of the parts, and the compliance of the driver's suspension. it also takes in the mechanical resistance, the voice inductance, the volume of air, and much more.

Passive Vs Active?

Passive subwoofers contain a driver that is powered by an external amplifier. They typically have internal passive crossovers. Active ones have a dedicated subwoofer amplifier built-in.

It's a matter of taste as to which one you select. It will also depend on the type of system that you have. If you don't want to have to buy an external amp, though, then you'll be better with an active speaker.

What is the RMS Power Rating?

RMS stands for Root Mean Square and it is a statistical measurement of voltage or current. The RMS power rating indicates the highest possible amount of continual power that the speaker can handle. It's the most important number to look at when trying to work out how powerful a sub is. This is how powerful it will be capable of for long periods rather than for brief spells, which is what you will find out by checking the peak power output.

How to Install A Subwoofer In A Car?

The method depends on whether you've bought a bare sub or one that's already inside an enclosure. Either way, you're going to find the installation process very simple.

Thanks to the popularity of the SPL wars, there are copious amounts of instructional videos available online.

If you are still unsure, you could contact a professional. There are millions of garages and mechanics worldwide, who are all capable of making the correct connections and ensuring that everything is neat and in working order.


Now that you've read this article, you might have concluded that there's a lot more to choosing a car subwoofer than you could have first thought. Then again, we hope that this article has outlined everything you need to focus on. We also think that it's more than likely one of our ten picks will meet your requirements too.

If you're still struggling to make sense of the type of enclosures and can't decide what to go for, then we recommend that you opt for something already contained.

If you're building your own enclosures, then you might want to seek some advice. Fortunately, the popularity of the SPL wars has led to a whole subculture of extreme car 'souping.' This means there is a wealth of material on the subject available online. You can learn from others' mistakes and benefit from their failures. There are some amazing low-cost car accessories out there to give your motor a sufficient bass boost.

It's important to remember that less is sometimes more as far as audio quality is concerned. The next important factor to remember is that the enclosure is key. The most expensive speaker from some of the best brands when put in the wrong enclosure will sound awful and vice versa. Size and money aren't factors that are important when it comes to sound.

We hope we have provided you with sufficient food for thought and a few fantastic options to consider for purchase.

Expert Tip

Although the human ear only detects a certain range of frequencies, using sub-bass tracks and amplifiers, loud volumes can have irreparable effects on your hearing. We ought to warn you about the dangers of listening within an enclosed space, such as your car. You're at risk of tinnitus, as well as low-frequency hearing loss altogether. The sensitive hairs in your ears die over the course of your life as they are exposed to individual frequencies. Overexposure reduces longevity. If you listen to a lot of loud bass music, ultimately, you will lose your lower range of hearing earlier than most other people.

Did You Know?

Subwoofers have been around for quite a while. Many believe that the best of them were originally created in the 60/70's. Back then, they were designed for movie theatres, so that you got a jolt when something scary happened!

300w RMS Sub Takes HUGE Power!! - Sundown LCS In Depth Review

Best 12 Inch Car Subwoofer

What's the best 12 inch subwooferLooking for the best 12 inch subwoofer? Well, as with everything else in car audio it&#;s not a straightforward science and there are many factors involved when getting the right one for your car stereo system.

While factory car audio systems are passable, they&#;re not going to rock your world. There are many things you need in order to upgrade your system, including a nice powerful amplifier, some good car speakers, and of course a subwoofer for those who like some crystal clear deep bass.

A subwoofer is responsible for giving your sound that huge, bass-laden low end that is so desired. And they come in all different sizes, with the most popular size being the 12&#; subwoofer. And getting the right 12 inch subwoofer for your vehicle will make such a difference it&#;s hard to quantify unless you hear it for yourself.

This guide breaks down the technical things to know and provides the choices for anyone in the market for their personal best inch subwoofer.

Best 12 Inch Subwoofers Table

What are the Best 12 Inch Subwoofers for Deep Bass?

Pioneer TS-WM &#; The Best 12&#; Subwoofer Under $

Looking for a high-quality inch subwoofer on a budget? If so, you might want to consider this Pioneer TS-WM. Though it carries a relatively small price tag, it offers high value in terms of power, volume, and overall sound quality.

First, let’s talk about this Pioneer 12in subwoofer’s overall power capabilities. It’s capable of receiving 1, watts of peak power, and watts of continuous power RMS. While this is not as powerful as some inch subwoofers, it is still very respectable, and for under $, you can&#;t complain.

The sub can be mounted inside either a sealed or ported box, allowing you to pick one of your choosing. And with a seamless IMPP cone design, it reduces overall distortion while increasing overall efficiency, and produces tight and accurate bass at the same time.

One of the sub&#;s true stand out points is its construction quality. Made out of tough polypropylene, it’s built to last, and you&#;ll be able to work this to the bone for long periods of time.

This subwoofer sports a sensitivity of 96 dB, which is just about ideal. Any higher and you’ll be dealing with unwanted distortion, but any lower and you’ll be wanting for power.

It should be noted that this subwoofer sports only a single voice coil, which will limit the overall power you can pump into it. However, despite the fact that, it still provides huge, full low-end that will shake your entire vehicle.

If you’re looking for a great inch subwoofer on a budget, the Pioneer TS-WM is the subwoofer for you. While it’s not quite as powerful as more high-end inch subwoofers, it still provides more than enough power to get your car shaking.

Available for well under $ and coming with a 1-year warranty, this Pioneer 12 inch sub is as good of a bang for your buck as you’re going to find.

  • Very powerful for its price
  • Excellent 95 dB sensitivity
  • Can be mounted inside ported and sealed enclosures
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Can distort at higher volumes

Sundown Audio SA D2 REV.3 &#; Best Inch Subwoofer For Powerful Bass

Sundown Audio SA D2 REV.3 ReviewIf you truly value power and sound quality, you have to consider this Sundown Audio SA D2 REV.3 12&#; sub. It&#;s an absolute beast and arguably the best subwoofer for powerful bass.

I believe SA D2 REV.3 is the best Dual Voice Coil subwoofers on the market, and the way SA series subs are becoming the goto sub for SPL competitions, you can begin to get the picture.

Firstly, the Dual 4-ohm coil subwoofer has a mesmerising W RMS power handling, and many reviews say this is a conservative load. Either way, it is some power and lays the foundation for some serious bass output.

SA D2 REV Hugely powerful and capable of handling tons of wattage, it will have you automobile shaking like an earthquake.

The construction is impressive with a quality double layer nomex spider, an SPL competition grade paper cone, and a strong foam surround capable of handling the excursion and force generated by the motor structure.

The &#; voice coils are made out of anodized aluminum, which helps dissipate the heat much faster so you can drive more power for longer without the risk of damaging your voice coil. In fact, this system allows the &#; coil to exceed the thermal performance of many 3&#; coil drivers on the market today!

Thnaks to the dual voice coils, this subwoofer possesses 2-ohm impedance, although you can wire the sub to 4 ohm in series or 1 ohm in parallel, giving you much more flexibility with your power handling. You can also buy the 4 ohm version and it can be wired down to 2 ohm or 8 ohms.

The 12 inch subwoofer is designed to be mounted inside of both sealed and ported enclosures, ensuring that you can use it to get the bass sound of your choice. Soundown offer the best Enclosure Suggestion: ft^3 ported tuned to 30 Hz &#; F3 of 26 Hz, although it really depends on your personal preference.

For me, this Sundown Audio SA D2 REV.3 is one of the best 12 inch subwoofer on the market, especially in this price entry.

It’s loud, powerful, full, and everything else you could ever want from a subwoofer.  And if you&#;re serious about power and car shaking bass, then I think the price entry is very reasonable and you will definitely enjoy it..

  • Shakes your car
  • Tough and durable construction
  • Ridiculously powerful low bass
  • Includes a 2-year warranty
  • Needs a powerful amplifier

JL Audio 12W0V &#; Best Inch Subwoofer For The Money

JL Audio 12W0V Review Are you looking for a subwoofer that offers high-end value at a mid-level price? If so, the JL Audio 12W0V is just the subwoofer you’re looking for.

While it’s very affordable, it&#;s not lacking in power, clarity, and overall tonal quality, and I make this my best inch subwoofer for the money.

It can handle up to watts of RMS power and watts of peak power, making it both powerful and controlled. And while that might not be as powerful as other inch subwoofers on the market, it does provide enough boom for most users’ tastes.

Designed to be mounted inside both ported and sealed enclosures, it can be customized to provide just the type of low end you’re looking for. The sub boasts a tough, durable cone that is made out of polypropylene and which is built to last over years of use, and dare I say it: abuse. You wouldn&#;t, would you?

Seriously, the construction and toughness this cone isn&#;t just about durability and longevity, as it helps to reduce distortion while maximizing sheer power.

With a sensitivity of around 85 dB, the sub takes a little more power to successfully drive. However, the fact that it’s not such a high sensitivity ensures that it won’t easily distort or blow.

The sub is a single voice coil, meaning that it’s limited when it comes to wiring series circuitry, but this should be of no concern as its a 4-ohm subwoofer and accommodates plenty of amps.

Overall, the JL Audio 12W0V is a great inch subwoofer for those who want high-end sound quality at a reasonable price. And while there are better subs out there, if you want value for money, you&#;ll go a long way to beat this beast.

  • Lower than 30 Hz average response
  • Very durable
  • Works with both sealed and ported enclosures
  • High-end quality at a mid-level price
  • Not as powerful as some
  • Bass sounds muddy on uptempo music

Rockford Fosgate P Punch &#; Best Powered 12&#; Subwoofer

Rockford Fosgate P Punch ReviewIf you’re looking for the absolute best powered subwoofer on the market today, you can’t go wrong with the Rockford Fosgate P Punch. This subwoofer may cost a little more than others, but it’s well worth the price.

It accommodates watts of RMS power and is powered by a watt built-in amplifier, meaning it&#;s ready to go right out of the box. Of course, this also means that it can’t be customized to sync up with other amplifiers, so powered subwoofers aren&#;t for everybody.

Coming in a sealed enclosure, it possesses a very deep and punchy low end, keeping notes separated and clear regardless of what type of music you’re listening to. Made out of tough, durable plastic, it can withstand quite a beating, and is made to last over years and years of use.

It possesses a 12 dB low pass crossover, allowing you to adjust it to best meet the bass specifications of your choice. ANd with a built-in adjustable bass EQ, built-in 0°/° phase switch and Remote bass level control, you have easy control over the bassline you need for the music you&#;re playing.

Built with an auto turn-on/turn-off function, it is a high efficiency subwoofer with a quiet signal that won’t disturb audio quality. It also boasts a closed-loop design that ensures optimum performance between woofer, amplifier and enclosure with easy integration in aftermarket or OEM audio systems using RCA or speaker level signals

When buying a powered subwoofer it&#;s important to know the dimensions, especially if you drive a small-ish vehicle. This P Punch is 11” x ” x 15&#;, so make sure you have the space for it.

At this price entry, the Rockford Fosgate P Punch is the best powered subwoofer you can get, and if you want the full package, I highly recommend this beast. Just make sure your ears and car can handle it.

  • Comes with W beast of an amp
  • Comes in a sealed enclosure for nuanced sound
  • Easy installation
  • A little expensive
  • Powered subwoofers aren&#;t for everyone

CT Sounds StratoD2 &#; The Best 12&#; Subwoofer For Power And Sound Quality

CT Sounds STrato 12" subwooferThe next car subwoofer on my list is from the new kid on the block CT Sounds &#; the Houston-based car audio specialists who are making a name for themselves in the car audio industry.

Let’s just put this simply: the CT Sounds StratoD2 is the best inch subwoofer on the market today. Incredibly powerful and masterfully constructed, it’s designed not only to shake your car but last for years.

It’s capable of handling an incredible W of RMS power as well as 2,W of peak power, making it the most powerful subwoofer on my list by far. Whether you’re listening to rap, rock, country, or classical, this subwoofer will give you huge, well-rounded sound, and make heads turn from afar.

Sporting  a 3-inch, 4 Layer High-Temperature CCAW Voice Coil, allows for flexibility in impedance ranging from 1-ohm to 2 ohms. And with a Oz Triple Stacked Y35 Grade Ferrite Magnet ensures the sound output of the subwoofer is loud and broad.

This 12in car subwoofer was engineered for hard hitting bass and Mega Foam Surround and 4% Carbon Fiber Reinforced Cone in a Die Cast Aluminum basket ensures the distribution of the bass is clean, deep and loud.

For me, the price is reasonable, although not for everyone. If you&#;re a true bass afficianodo, however, you&#;ll be happy to spend over $ on a hugely powerful, well-constructed, subwoofer that will drive some unbelievably crisp bass at volumes, you won&#;t be able to handle for too long.

Paired up with the right amplifier and head unit, and this 12in subwoofer will turn your sound system into a complete monster, and as Sundown says &#;bass around the clock because you’ll be the loudest on the block.&#; Enjoy!

  • Power like you wouldn&#;t believe
  • W RMS
  • Detailed and punchy bass, even at loud volumes
  • A little expensive for some
  • You&#;ll have to invest in a powerful amplifier

Rockford Fosgate R1S &#; The Best Shallow Mount Subwoofer

Rockford Fosgate R1S ReviewPerhaps you’re tight on space looking for a shallow mount inch subwoofer? If so, the Rockford R1S is the subwoofer for you. Mounting at inches, it fits in most cars, big or small. And for its price (under $), it offers superb sound quality to boot.

Let’s first talk about this subwoofer’s power handling capabilities. It possesses RMS power of watts. While this isn’t as powerful as other woofers on my list, it’s still plenty powerful enough to shake your car.

The 4-ohm single voice coil sub is limited with power handling variations, but don&#;t be fooled by the price or the seemingly low RMS, because this 12&#; subwoofer reproduces a well-rounded low end sound.

The construction is a fiber reinforced painted paper-pulp cone, and high durable compressed foam surround. Fixed inside a proprietary powder coated stamped steel frame and a fatigue resistant poly-cotton spider with integral woven leads, this woofer distributes some absolute wide and low bass.

And for thanks to the laser-etched aluminum dust cap, the clarity of this bass woofer isn&#;t too shabby either. If you own a small car and are tight for space, the Rockford R1S should be considered.

Shallow-mounted, it takes up very little space, yet still provides a controlled and nuanced, yet powerful sound. It will make a big impact to your soundscape, and at a very reasonable price, it’s quite the bargain as far as inch subwoofers go.

  • Fits easily into most small vehicles
  • Very affordable
  • W RMS isn&#;t powerful for those who like extreme bass
  • Known to heat up quickly at high volumes

MTX Audio Terminator Series TNED &#; Best Dual 12 Inch Subwoofer

MTX Audio Terminator Series TNED Pre-Enclosed SubwooferAre you looking for the best dual inch subwoofer that can be powered by an external amp? If so, the MTX Audio Terminator Series TNED is the subwoofer for you.

This monster is available for a very reasonable price and is capable of producing more volume than any sane person needs. Did I say sane? Of course, we&#;re all insane.

Anyway, this dual 12 inch subwoofer comes equipped with two woofers, with a power handling of W RMS each. And while this isn&#;t as powerful as some single subs on my list, the dual sub offering makes for a whole new soundscape.

With a dual subwoofer, thanks to the available headroom the bass quality will increase, effortlessly thanks to the reduced compression, lower distortion and greater dynamic range.

The cones of each woofer are made of tough, durable polypropylene, ensuring durability. They&#;re available in sealed or vented enclosures, which are ruggedly constructed using 5/8&#; MDF and aviation grade black carpet.

This dual 12&#; subwoofer offers controlled, punchy, and nuanced bass. With both running, you&#;ll be able to lay louder and still drive clean bass without running out of driver excursion or amp power.

Of course, these dual 12in subwoofers aren&#;t for everyone. But if you have the space, and enjoy a greater dynamic range, reduced output compression, lower distortion, running them will give you cleaner, more accurate bass at extreme drive levels.

Don&#;t be put off by the RMS, it&#;s loud enough and will make a huge impact in any sized vehicle. Just make sure yours is big enough.

  • Set of two subs and enclosure
  • Very reasonable price
  • Dual subs offer more dynamic bass
  • Not designed to for heavy commercial use
  • Size isn&#;t for everyone

Kicker 43CVR  CompVR &#; DVC 12&#; Subwoofer &#; Great Value For Money

Kicker 43CVR Review - Dual Voice Coil SubwooferIf you’re looking for a powerful Dual Voice Coil inch subwoofer at an affordable price, the Kicker CompVR is that. While it doesn’t provide quite the same quality of sound as a high-end woofer, it still makes a huge difference to your soundscape, for half the cost.

The CompVR Inch Subwoofer is a 4Ω dual voice coil design, built for easy wiring. It&#;s recommedned RMS power of watts, gives it enough power to handle and reproduce bass for all genres.

The Kicker CompVR comes in 2 or 4-ohm dual voice coils, and is constructed with Kicker&#;s famous red surround stitching that expertly binds the a ribbed santoprene surround to the polypropylene cone for added strength.

A stamped steel basket holds vibration at bay, and with the SoloKon&#x; marrying the woofer and back brace into one, you get a truly cohesive system that pushes out some strong, distortion-free bass.

The driver also boasts a perimeter venting, Spiralead&#x; tinsel-lead technology, and spring-loaded push terminal, which ensures the high performance  Kicker has made itself famous for.

Kicker uses an advanced heat management system, and perimeter venting allows air to circulate while the brand&#;s UniPlate&#x; system redirects even more heat away from the motor, ensuring you get a cool, reliable speaker that you can play loud for long periods, and lasts.

All in all, the Kicker 43CVR CompVR is a great subwoofer for those who are looking for maximum power on a budget. It can get extraordinarily loud, and provides a ridiculous amount of low end.

And while it might not be quite as nuanced as a high-end subwoofer, it’s nuanced all the same, and for the average person, it&#;s certainly good enough.

  • Loud
  • Great value for money
  • Sounds clear and concise, even at high volumes
  • Not as nuanced as high-end subwoofers

Hifonics BRW12D4 Brutus – Pound 4 Pounding The Best Car Audio Subwoofer

Hifonics Brutus 12" subwoofer

Known for their Subwoofers from the classical gods, American brand Hifonics has delivered another thunderous car audio classic but this time in the name of Julius Caesar&#;s assassin, Brutus &#; a subwoofer dedicated to low frequencies at high volumes.

Subwoofers are drivers dedicated solely to reproducing low frequencies, and this Hifonics Brutus 12” sub drives incredibly clear and tight bass for this price entry.

The 4-ohm 3” Dual Voice Coil subwoofer can handle an incredible W RMS, and with a heavy gauge, powder-coated, aluminum die-cast basket, this car subwoofer really hits hard and clean.

All this power needs to be maintained for it to perform as heat could be a concern, but thanks to the vented aluminum former holding the voice coil it allows the heat to be extracted.

The Hifonics 12” subwoofer also boasts a heavy duty aluminum die-cast basket, which enables back venting. This also helps with dissipating heat, which means the woofer can reproduce more power handling, increased reliability and ultimately very loud and distortion-free bass.

The pressure treated double stitched ribbed foam surround and the dual poly cotton spider helps keep the piston motion of the subwoofer linear and distortion free, resulting in arguably the cleanest bass of any subwoofer at this price entry.

There are better subwoofers for a car on the market, but there are much worse. For this price entry, you’re going to get an extremely loud, well-constructed piece of equipment that will allow you to pound your bass without fear of damaging your sub.

  • Loud and clean bass
  • Durable, built to last
  • Not as nuanced as high-end subwoofers

Hertz SS 12 D2 – The Best SPL Competition Grade Inch Subwoofer

Hertz SPL SS D2 - SPL competition 12" subwoofer

Last but certainly far from the least on my list is the Hertz SS 12 D2 inch subwoofer. And like many other Hertz audio products this beast is built for SPL standards.

To win any SPL (Sound Pressure Level) Bass War competitions you have to have something that can outblast and outsculpt the sound level of any other subwoofer there, and Hertz does a great job at regularly producing winners.

This 3-inch Dual Voice Coil, developed in 4-layer configuration on a support with venting holes allows for an incredible W RMS. How competitive!

Something so powerful should heat up quite excessively, no? Well to win SPL Bass Wars you have to be constant and Hertz utilizes the innovative DVC and supports it with venting holes that allows the SS 12 D2 to manage the power handling impressively.

To maintain heat dissipation absolutely the basket has been designed for optimal thermal dissipation and high mechanical resistance.

The suspension system is reinforced with progressive double-layer spiders, which is necessary for the huge ferrite engine, and it keeps the performance constant, especially in the heavy use typical of Bass Wars events.

The non-pressed paper / cotton fiber cone makes for a perfect platform to push low bass at extreme volumes, of which will be of little use to people who value their ears.

Of course, with all this exquisite soundscape comes at a cost, and this Hertz SS 12 D2 is the most expensive subwoofer on my list. But it’s also probably the best 12” subwoofer, just go to an SPL event and find out.

  • Loud and Clear
  • SPL Competition standard
  • Durable &#; will last a long time
  • Expensive
  • Will have to spend more to get a powerful amplifier

Buyer’s Guide

Difference Between a Passive and Powered Subwoofer

Subwoofers are operated in one of two different ways: passive and powered.

First, let’s talk about passive subwoofers. Passive subwoofers contain enclosed woofers which must be powered via an external amplifier. Typically, passive subwoofers provide a cleaner sound and are more flexible in terms of overall wiring configurations.

Powered subwoofers contain enclosed woofers that power the subwoofer themselves. While these subwoofers are a little easier to understand and operate, they typically don’t provide the same level of sound quality provided by passive subwoofers.

Sealed vs. Ported Enclosure

Typically, subwoofers are enclosed in one of two different ways; they can be either sealed or ported.

Sealed Enclosure for Subwoofer

Let’s begin by talking about sealed subwoofers. Seal subwoofers typically offer clearer and more controlled bass. They keep air locked in tight, allowing sound to be nuanced, punchy, and responsive. However, they also require a great deal more power to operate.

Ported Enclosure for Subwoofer

Ported subwoofers allow air to move in and out freely. This has both its benefits and drawbacks. While ported subwoofers don’t require as much power to operate, they don’t offer quite as clear a sound as you’ll find with a sealed subwoofer. Whereas sealed subwoofers are best used for classical and jazz music, ported subwoofers are best used for rap, rock, and other raw-sound music.

Single vs. Dual Subwoofer Voice Coils

Voice coils are the wires wrapped around a subwoofers speaker cone. These voice coils connect to amplifiers, allowing the subwoofers to be powered and operated. In general, there are two different types of voice coils: single and dual.

Let’s begin by talking about single voice coils. Single voice coils are typically less expensive, but also don’t work with as great a number of amplifiers. This can present a problem if you don’t have the correct amplifier on hand. However, there are plenty of amplifiers available which accommodate single voice coils.

Dual voice coils are more expensive but are also capable of more wiring configurations. This allows them to connect to a greater diversity of amps than single voice coils. This will make it easier to find an amp when you need to buy one.

Wiring Dual Voice Coils

[table id=5 responsive=scroll /]
Parallel and series subwoofer wiring

Power Handling

When it comes to subwoofer power handling, there are two different types of power to consider: RMS (root mean square) and Peak. RMS power refers to how much power a subwoofer can handle consistently over time. When choosing a subwoofer, this is the most important number to consider. The higher a subwoofer’s RMS, the louder and more powerful it can consistently be over time.

Peak power refers to the maximum amount of power subwoofer can handle in small bursts. This will be higher than the RMS, but is not as important to know as the RMS. Finding a subwoofer that can handle the power provided by its amp is an absolute necessity.


Subwoofer sensitivity refers to how much power a subwoofer needs in order to produce volume. The higher a subwoofer’s sensitivity, the more volume you can get out of less power. Ideal subwoofer sensitivities range from around 80 dB to 99 dB.

You would think that the more sensitive a subwoofer is, the better. However, this is not always the case. Some subwoofers are so sensitive that they become easily muffled and distorted. In general, you’re going to want to look for a subwoofer that has a sensitivity of around 90 dB. This is the ideal sensitivity.

Matching Subwoofer’s Impedance with Amplifier’s Impedance

The most complex part of buying a subwoofer is matching it with the correct amplifier. In order to do so, you must take both device’s impedance into account. First, it’s necessary to find your subwoofer’s RMS wattage. After you’ve found this, you must find an amp which can supply between % and % of the total RMS wattage on the subwoofer.

The second thing to look for is ohms. Most mono amps are capable of 2 ohm loads. Although, most 2 or 4 channel amps are not 2 ohm capable when bridged. You can&#;t connect low impedance than it can an amplifier.

Single voice coil subwoofers can only match with amps that have the exact same number of ohms.

For instance, a single voice coil subwoofer with 2 ohms can only match with an amp that has 2 ohms.

Dual voice coil subwoofer you can wiring in series or in parallel.

So, for instance, a dual voice coil subwoofer with 4 ohms in series wiring: 4+4 = 8 ohm; in parallel wiring: (4*4)/(4+4) = 2 ohm. It should, however, be noted that it’s best synced up with an amplifier that possesses less ohms. The lower the number of ohms, the greater the power overall.


If you’re looking for big, rounded, full sound, a subwoofer is an absolute necessity. The most popular sized subwoofer available is the incher. While you could go bigger or smaller, you’ll be sacrificing either power or money. There are a number of things to consider when choosing the right inch subwoofer. But, if you take all of these things into consideration, you should be able to find a subwoofer that fits your sound system perfectly.

If you&#;re looking for a Inch subwoofer or an 8-inch subwoofer check these reviews out&#;

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