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Issues and ideas - Post your ideas or report problems is a multiplayer game where you lead a tribe of tiny people through a hostile sandbox. You don't give direct orders to your minions - instead they interact with the objects in sight if they have the right tools - for example an axe will allow minion to cut down trees and a bow will let him hunt animals. The gameplay revolves around search for the meadows separated by barren land which are the main source of food and wood that you need to survive. Two main threats are AI controlled barbarians and tribes owned by other players. To help your minions in the battle you can exchange experience for new traits and upgrades which will cost you gold. After the battle you will be able to loot the corpses and heal wounds by the campfire. Currently the goal of the game is to get as high score as possible - which involve teaming up with other tribes to outnumber your foes. Within a few weeks the author wants to add new modes based on domination and match making as well as new characters such as wizards. There is a detailed tutorial page with GIFs explaining the gameplay I have also prepared GIF and PNG section for you. The game is a love letter to the classic productions featuring tiny folks such as Cannon Fodder, The Settlers, Mega-lo-mania, Lemmings. Plans There are plenty of ways I want to continue with this project if it turns out to be financially successful (otherwise I am going back to freelance). First of all I would like to make a spinoff set in SCI-FI setting. Then I am aiming at a simple multiplayer RTS featuring the same graphics style - a mix of C&C and "Z" games. If it all turns out well and I can afford establishing a small studio my ultimate goal is to create a city-builder in the spirit of Knights & Merchants. About the author My name is Przemyslaw 'rezoner' Sikorski and I am a game developer from Poland. I have coded, drawn and soundtracked this game by myself. My previous notable game is which is an hack and slash in the same universum. Please link to my twitter or other articles about my games in your title. Lesser games: QbQbQb - My first game that marked me on the map thanks to it's original soundtrack - 2D mech shooter IO game Hotline Trail - small hardcore endless race against yourself game set in 80's inspired by Hotline Miami Limbs Repair Station - Cyberpunk JAM entry inspired by Papers, Please Potato Lagoon - you should play Potato Lagoon, why wouldn't you play Potato Lagoon - also stay in menu for 10 seconds. Tech > What engine are you using? I write everything from scratch in pure javascript. I am using WebGL as a rendering API. Server runs on node.js, database is PostgreSQL. Networking is brought to you by uWebsockets and msgpack. My coding software is Sublime Text running on Ubuntu. I manage and scale my servers with a bunch of bash scripts. > Is this 3D or 2D? From a technical point of view it's pure 2D. My art style is a mix of traditional pixelart and prerendered low poly models styled to look like pixelart. My art software includes Blender, Aseprite, GIMP and TimelineFX on Ubuntu Linux. I am using bunch of python, node.js and bash scripts that help me post-process graphics and optimize spritesheets. > What is your DAW I make music in FLStudio that works pretty fine through WINE. tutorial
Your predecessors did not survive. But they have left behind some vestiges!Dare to venture into the cave, tunnel through the stone and maybe you will discover a hidden bunker. Have you always dreamed of being green and radioactive? Do you look good with dynamite? Do you want to work with long, rotten brains? Maybe you're cut out to be a Ghoul? That's good news! The new game mode offers you the opportunity to transform yourself and create chaos around you!"



The "Lamps, that's pretty but that's better when that's useful!" said the old uncle, cloistered in his devastated wooden cabin. Then came the survivors, armed with lamps and picks. "What are you doing in my house? Get out of here!" But the villagers stayed, and put their lamps in the old man's house. "But how is that possible? No one can place objects in my house except myself!" And the villagers left, without a word. Several minutes later, the ghouls landed in the old man's cabin. They destroyed the walls and doors. The man felt his time coming. The ghouls approached and, one by one, disappeared into the lights of the Christmas neon lights. The lamps were finally useful, and the old uncle shouted, "Well, that's what I was saying! Lamps, that's pretty but that's better when that's useful!"




The Merry Christmas, everyone! Your gifts are waiting for you under the tree in the gingerbread houses. Enjoy new clothes, new sweets and a new weapon. Now you can enjoy the fresh air of the day as ghouls die in the sunlight! Have fun! New lamps are now available. Perhaps you will dare to decorate your gardens to celebrate the apocalyptic Christmas coming up!




The Many new buildings have been added to the map. Want to play video games? Discover our new internet cafe . Be careful, the owner could lock you in there! A little depressed? The doctor welcomes you! Do you want to fight? The boxing rin g is waiting for you. Find the different passwords that will give you access to many safes and much more! New lamps are now available. Perhaps you will dare to decorate your gardens to celebrate the apocalyptic Christmas coming up!




The Lapabots now repair your base better than ever before but you are always looking for more automatic machines that can do the job for you, and more efficiently. HAL is the one you missed. While Lapabot is repairing, HAL doesn't like to feel attacked. But if HAL is not strong enough for you, the TESLA bot will probably do the trick, with your new laser sniper!




The new map editor is a way to diversify the community's servers so that each administrator can create his own mini-game. But it can also be used to plan, alone or with your friends, the bases you will try to build during your next game. This map editor is an awakening for your creativity. Make good use of it!




Remember the fundamental rule of good living in society: The richer you are, the richer you will become.The extractors are further proof of this. These machines will be difficult to design but once they are placed in your home, they will collect stone, iron, sulphide and uranium without you having to leave your home! Of course, you'll have to keep them on with gasoline. For that, you would do better to fill with orange rotten. Compost could be useful. For those with an addiction problem and a pale pink head, you will need to look for a flower to create an antidote. Be careful, this flower is extremely rare (only one on the whole map), let's hope it doesn't spawn in town! You have also found a way to collect these acorns that have been taunting you for so long in the branches of trees. Well done! You can eat them... or plant your own forest




The weather cools down and mushrooms multiply in the forest. Three species in particular. One of them is poisoned. It is better not to eat it or you will see it cloudy for some time. However, it is useful for making a drug that will make you faster. But beware of the withdrawal effects. This medicine is extremely addictive and you will need to take it again soon. The other two mushrooms are edible and one of them will be used to make a medicine that will protect you from Ghouls. If you are the lazy type, and cleaning your bases bothers you, the new "Repair Lapabot" will satisfy you. With its multi-purpose arms and 360° view, you won't have to worry about those nasty holes in your walls anymore!




You dreamed of it, well now it's possible. You can be a tree. But beware of woodcutters' axes!




The pumpkin ghoul is very slow. In the middle of nature, she won't be a scary opponent. Once killed, you can either eat it or recreate it from its pumpkin seeds. Once replanted, it will attack your enemies! Learn how to control the pumpkin ghoul! It will only move if enemies approach. Once placed close to your base, it will be a formidable ally to protect your walls! And that's not all! Once killed, it will grow back from its roots




They are more numerous, but more balanced. The bad ghouls have been nerfed, and will only attack from a certain number of days. Their diversity will also make them fewer, giving you more time to build a base. For those who think that the bases become useless, don't forget the importance of the low walls that will allow you to attack the ghouls without being touched, and without leaving your base, as well as the low doors. It is also important to build several doors in opposite places. If a ghoul could destroy one of your walls, flee to the other side. If a ghoul is chasing you, consider putting a building in a narrow path to block the road. If a ghoul chases you around a fire, you can turn around it, it will do the same. This will give you time to make a spear, or bow. But don't forget that if you want to be quiet, don't go looking for trouble!




Take refuge in your homes and prepare your tools. Your walls won't last long, because the monsters have arrived and they're hungry. Avoid going out in the evening in the dense forest without being prepared. Ghouls are faster than you, and they are merciless. Once they see you, they won't let you go.




Some people eat grenades or make grenadines out of them. Here, it is better to avoid eating grenades! Or you'll risk splashing into grenadine! Ahahaha! And for private server owners, only you and you can make spawn super hammer in your server to destroy immortal walls.




Gather a bunch of pieces of wood, make a hole, and throw them in. That's right. You hadn't thought of that? You will be impressed by the power of simple sharp sticks. Put your wooden spikes on the ground, like a trap, and slow down your inattentive enemies! Meanwhile, you can either shoot them down with a laser machine gun, hoping he doesn't wear tesla armor,or run away like a little scoundrel.




Armor is finally available, and there is something for everyone! Armor that protects and warms, armor against firearms and explosives. Armor that gives you class. Armor that is made for you. But because we know it's difficult for you all to carry with your little arms, be brave enough to unlock 2 new inventory slots! And because we like to have a nice tidy wardrobe, you can now build your base 2x faster with the builder's skill, to quickly tidy up your little things! And because your inventory is valuable, you'll enjoy the arrival of the new compost that will take the weight off your shoulders as you wait for 20 oranges to rot in your inventory.




Protect your base and surroundings by placing landmines around you. Dynamite the city's armoured gates so as not to expose yourself to radiation. Collect electronic parts from TVs, computers or even refrigerators to make a trigger and blow up your C4 whenever you want. Activate the lightweight skill and avoid the triggering of landmines.




We added a knock back effect so you can no longer get stuck in a corner. Knock, defend yourself and you'll push your opponent away! This is a small update to rebalance recipes, and the sulphur axe is a gift!




The discovery of the old abandoned power station has taught you something useful this time: electricity. And remember that phrase from Mr. Nikola Tesla found on his smartphone: "My only regret was that I didn't invent the laser gun." That gives you an idea. That's right! Why don't you make a laser gun? What ingenuity! You who look so smart to me, what are you going to do with the electronic parts, the electric wires, and the junk that you will find by searching the houses? Batteries. Tesla couldn't have said it better.




Your parents know that. DIY stores are very dangerous. But you're not afraid of danger. Saw off your shotgun for a more powerful weapon, defend yourself and your base with nail guns, lay stone floors or tile and become a survivor handyman.




Did you like to compare every "Battle Royale Game" with Fortnite or PUBG? Here, useless to try... This new Battle Royale is based on real fictional events. For those who would have hibernated for a year, the goal is simple, kill each other. But maybe along the way you will find hot food leftovers, a fire still lit, or the night will seem too cold and your stomach too greedy and you will let yourself die in the worst half-day of your life.

To cheer you up, watch our first LapaMovie on




The soup revolution has come. It was a dream and it finally happened. Tomatoes. That's right. We know that in the hearts of every one of you lies a tomato. Store your soups in cans and discover the magic of this object: Slowing down the perishing of your food. Come worship the canned food.




Come discover our wonderfulabandonned houses. The habitants left away because of the radiation but maybe will you find some interesting loot?

If you're lucky, you could probably craft a radAway to move the radiation... away.




According to Rousseau, man is born good, and society makes him bad. It is therefore by following his word that we make you spawn with a 125% experience bonus, visible in the form of an angel.

Will you be able to stay that way?




To die is now less painful since an inventory will be returned to you according to your level! Young arrivals and players of long hours will all find their benefit. No more hours looking for your partner in the map. Once you join a team, your teammates are displayed in the minimap! But that's not all! Were you tired of the damn rocks that kept you from opening your door? Come and discover... The new F button.




You thought you were alone in this hostile forest? Create your own team or join one to build strength and make new friends. Be surprised by this new power and brave the damn forest! Also, we offer you a hammer to repair your walls against the bad guys who try to dislodge you. But we repair better when we have nails on hand, so remember to keep some in your pocket.




Many of you have asked us for a way not to lose your buildings after you die, because you are "too lazy to rebuild everything". What could be better than a sleeping bag as a metaphor for your laziness? With this, you will lose neither your buildings nor your levels. But "a base that can no longer be destroyed" also means "a base blocker that does not stop". Destroy your own buildings with a hammer and destroy others' buildings much faster!





Are your feet full of mud? You have rocks stuck between your toes and it hurts? This new waxed parquet is made for you. In addition to ensuring smooth, obstacle-free movement, your feet will again be soft and silky. You were tired of seeing new players spawn in your home and hearing them say "no please don't kill me please", this floor will give you total privacy. A uranium rock spawne in your house? Put on a floor. Put on a floor. Put on a floor. Plus it's cheap.




No more socks on the floor and disappearing. Mom won't bother you once you make this new wooden chest! Ideal to arrange and decorate your base with style. Your Mom will be so proud that, who knows, maybe you'll get a mini-fridge in your brand new base!




In a post-apocalyptic world where nature takes back its rights. Build a bunker, weapons, warm up and produce your own food to protect yourself from this ruthless world and the many other survivors.

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15 Best .IO Games Worth Wasting Your Time On

Since's release on April 28th, 2015, .io games have gained popularity through accessibility and exposure through Let's Play videos. Notable YouTubers, including Markiplier and Jacksepticeye, have made series revolving around these games. Within the past 4 years, .io has expanded out of into countless other games. Some are zombie-themed, others have war robots. Some lag like crazy, others run smoothly and extend their reach to mobile devices.

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Sifting through the hundreds of titles available, here are the 10 best .io games worth wasting your time on.

Updated by Madison Lennon on March 2, 2020: If you're someone who has always enjoyed playing games online, particularly free ones, then you should definitely check out the many IO games available. You can play them on your phone, both Android and Apple, or from the comfort of your laptop.

The games tend to be very simple, yet addicting. We thought now would be a great time to revisit this list and update it with more options. There are hundreds of IO games out there and it's easy to struggle between which one is worth your time or not, hopefully, this list will narrow it down.


If you're a fan of flight simulator games or anything where you get to fly around in an aircraft and attack your opponents then should be the perfect fit for you. You fly jet around and aim to shoot your enemies out of the sky.

It's a multiplayer game and you get to play against tons of people worldwide and collect various weapons to enhance your jet in the process. You can play it on a computer or you can play the app version of the game on your phone or tablet.

14 is a massive online multiplayer game where players play as a fish with the goal of trying to eat their enemies and stay alive. It is similar in style to other IO games like and

You will need to eat smaller fish to become stronger and survive and then you'll fight against your enemies in a quest for long life. The entire game takes place underwater and your main goal is to become the new leader of the water kingdom which you and the other fish inhabit.

13 is an intriguing game where you play as a literal black hole trying to consume everything in your path. To beat the game, you have to consume players, cars, trees, and more in your pathway as your hole expands. The bigger it gets the more of the city you can consume.

However, you have to utilize real physics to make sure you're not trying to consume something too big for you that could potentially cause a blockage. Other black holes in the game will be able to swallow you if they're bigger.

12 is a game of hunting and survival. Decide what creature you want to begin the game as always a small and relatively harmless being like a mouse -- then slowly forage for food and water as you struggle to stay alive. You'll need to avoid the other players who are outlined in red to keep from getting eaten.

You will slowly be able to grow bigger as you keep yourself alive and aim to collect and discover all the different monsters available in the game.

11 is a battle royale-style game. Players fight on a top-down perspective and can team up in pairs to battle it out on the field. In the process, they can also scavenge for items and weapons. Some of the different weapons in the game include shotguns and SMGS.

They also have long-range snipers and assault rifles available in addition to multiple melee weapons. While it may not be as popular as other battle royale games like Fortnite, it still has a very strong fanbase and can be played on multiple platforms.


Kind of like with a fidget spinner. Collecting dots increases your fidget spinner’s speed, allowing you to ram into and eliminate other players. Whirlpools can help launch you at another player or help you get away when someone else is spinning so fast you that you can’t see the fidget spinner shape anymore.

It’s definitely fun and addictive but does pander to the now somewhat dead fidget spinner hype. No judgment, feel free to enjoy fidget spinners! And it runs pretty well on iffy internet service. But why play this over


One of the more relaxing .io games available, is all about creating your own paper empire. Move by using WASD or the arrow keys. Your goal is to create the largest area possible with your paper color. Eliminate other players by running into their incomplete sections.

The worst drawback is probably that you can eliminate yourself if you run into your own paper trail. The round can be over in a matter of seconds, but there's something very aesthetically pleasing about the game's art style. It's the slowest fast-paced game you'll play.


Somehow, is 3D rendered and that helps earn it a spot on the list. For a .io game, it's impressive how well-rounded the bots and the environment is. Upgrades are available for your bot, as well as the option to switch which bot you play as.

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This one can take longer to load than other .io games and doesn't offer as many gameplay modes as others do. On the bright side, does give you a tutorial before tossing you into the madness and has a training mode if you'd rather practice and dominate rather than learn by trial and error.


Neon, fast-paced, and frustrating, will either keep you coming back for more or force you to rage quit on the spot. The objective of this .io is to delete other players by swinging or throwing the barbed end of your tail at them. Use the mouse to steer and you’re good to go!

Depending on how good you are with a mouse or trackpad, a round of can last two seconds or ten minutes. Either way, you’ll keep clicking to respawn if only to prove that you’re better at this game than you really are.


Swords and paint blobs go really well together. has you slaying players left and right. Click to slash, W to flee, and mouse to control. Your flee meter needs to recharge, so try not to dash right into the fray.

Timing is key in this game since button-mashing isn’t an option. Your sword has to return to the side it started on in order for your character to slash again. Don’t waste your slashes or your dashes.

Rounds usually don’t last long when you’re getting started. Players move fast and it’s easy to make mistakes. But it’s more enjoyable than rage-inducing, so you’ll keep coming back for more.


With a cute exterior and unsettling interior, calls to anyone who enjoys underwater adventures. Choose the fish that calls to your heart and begin your adventure under the sea! Different fish give different perks. For example, playing as a clownfish allows you to hide in anemone without taking damage. You know, like in Finding Nemo.

You'll also be able to switch your fish at certain points in the game. Other fish allow you to explore the depths, turning darker the deeper you go.  It's unclear whether damage taken by fish is from someone else trying to eat you or you're ramming into another fish with such force that it creates damage, but either way, bumper fish is a fun idea. Unfortunately, the game doesn't offer other playable modes, so it ends its reign at #5.


If you could spend six hours on Don’t Starve or Minecraft, is for you. Establish a base and keep your gold hoard safe from zombies for as long as you can. Each wave of zombies gets progressively larger and stronger, so upgrading your walls and weapons via your gold hoard are essential for prolonged gameplay.

What’s nice is that when you respawn, you keep your gold from the last round. You can also team up with other players, though some might mull around your base if you look like you know what you’re doing.

There’s also some demons guarding a gemstone. See what that does.


The .io that started it all, remains a solid .io experience. It’s a right of passage at this point and you can easily spend at least two hours trying in vain to achieve a place on the leaderboard.

Playing as a circle (also referred to as a cell), your objective is to “eat” or absorb smaller circles in order to gain mass. Starting out, you need to stick to either targeting non-player circles or possibly going after newly spawned players. When you grow large enough, you can split yourself in half as many times as you please to go after other players. earns its spot in the top 3 because while it offers limited customizability and no upgrade system, it’s a game much more based in player strategy without rewarding one style of gameplay over another. It’s straightforward, simple, and very, very addicting.


Any .io title that gets merch has to be in the top. And yes, you can find plushies at Target. They’re in the toy aisle.

Much like, is a very simple, intuitive game but with a pretty cute aesthetic. Playing as a snake (or worm, given your Slither’s segmented body), you slither around eating up glowing light balls. Everything you eat helps your little snake grow longer and longer.


Despite being one of the older .io titles, this is truly the creme de la creme of .io games. You play as a tank. Destroying objects or other players earns points, which can then be used to upgrade your tank throughout the round. Your tank also levels up, allowing you to choose a different body type as you continue. This includes double barrels, a machine gun option, triple barrels, a sniper model, and many more.

Though its customization and variety of gameplay strategy may be on par with some of the other .io games listed, earns the top spot because of its different modes. Don’t feel like going solo? There’s a 50 v. 50 option. Feel like playing in a team environment? There’s a team mode, where red and blue face off to claim the 3 out of 4 turrets. Do you want all the power? Go for Mothership mode. It’s the Thanos Fortnite mode before Fortnite existed. If you get the last shot on the Mothership, you control it next.

And within all of’s modes, the customization and level up features follow. offers the most diverse gameplay, caters to various strategic styles, and keeps you online for hours if only to experiment with tank modifications.


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Update v1.8 - Season 8 & Fall Tournament '21September 07, 2021

Hello Survivrs! Today marks the arrival of Season 8. Many thanks to our passionate Creatrs, whose skin ideas inspired over 30% of the items featured in this season pass. NOTE: Anyone who'd like to contribute to the future of Surviv should join their fellow Survivrs on Discord!

We're also very excited to announce our first official tournament series! which will be live-streaming on Twitch, this Sunday (9/12) starting noon PST. Tournament champions will receive NFT skins as prizes. Registry for tourney entry ends tomorrow (Wed, 9/8) at noon, so now's your last chance to enter. Registration details can also be found in our Discord.

UPDATE v1.7b: Ultimate SacrificeJune 29, 2021

Today we honor those who have fought and fallen for freedom. In memory of these heroes, we're running the 50v50 mode Ultimate Sacrifice for a week, and the classic Legendary skin Chromesis will be available for 50% off, until Friday 7/2 @ 1p PST.

Update v1.7: Season 7 Is HereJune 08, 2021

Hello Survivrs,

The summer season is upon us, and with it, a new battle pass. Tons of new Skins, Fists, Emotes, and Deadsplosions can be earned for FREE, by completing Missions and leveling your pass. Buying a Gold Pass gets you access to more rare level-up rewards, and also removes ads. Keep an eye out for new events.

We've also updated our Code of Conduct and Terms of Service.

v1.6.0b: Sinko de Ammo EventMay 06, 2021

Hola Survivrs! You may find the island has been invaded by mobile, automated, robotic Pinatas, which drop many goodies when destroyed. Enjoy the tacos!

Skin Sale: Macho Lucha is available at 40% off until Saturday.

v1.6.0: Prestige IslandMay 04, 2021

Welcome to the new island. Survivrs who log in will now only battle other logged in Survivrs, on Prestige Island.

Unregistered Survivrs will only battle other unregistered Survivrs, on Trainee Island.

This is primarily to help you avoid battling against cheaters, teamers, griefers, etc. As we continue using the Prestige system to Report bad behavior (thanks for helping us catch cheaters!), Prestige Island will keep getting better.



Io games survival


Map reset: Every first day of the month.

How to Play

Use numbers or scroll to switch items, press E to craft, SHIFT to sneak

When you are not sneaking, your nickname is always visible

The map shows mineshafts (they contain wood) and the forcefield (it damages you)

Hold left click to break blocks with your pickaxe

Right click your sword for a boost - better swords give a longer boost

Left click to throw TNT, right click to detonate it (if there are multiple, it detonates the furthest one first)

Drink stew to heal your health


9/24/19 - 1.1.8

Gapples, Chat Filter • Buffed golden apples (instantly gives full health, faster regen)• Improved chat profanity filter

9/23/19 - 1.1.7

Ignore Players • Added commands /ignore and /unignore (Only lasts while you and the other player are logged in)

9/23/19 - 1.1.6

Connection Fix • Fixed problem of players not being able to log back in when they lose internet connection• Added Turkish translation (KMS)

9/22/19 - 1.1.5

Golden Apples • Added apples and golden apples• Players with no rank now have 1 extra warp (VIP - 2, MVP - 3, Pro - 4)• Improved some server stability to hopefully prevent random player kicks• Nerfed bow damage slightly• Increased time between server restarts• Warn players not to build bases in the reset region• Better spawn blocking prevention

9/7/19 - 1.1.4

Events • Added event server and event announcements• Added Spanish translation (ThugXY28)• Reduced Golden Compass cooldown to 5 minutes• Fixed some inventory organization control bugs

8/31/19 - 1.1.3

Season 1! • Map reset today, concluding Season 0• New translations: Serbian (wii), German (Sky4ce09), French (Salty Bird)• New players do not spawn in the center the first time, they spawn in the reset region• Added /logout command to safely log out• Added 0.5s cooldown for turret placement while in combat

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Top 20 Best .io Games of 2017!

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