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Luxury Brothels in Amsterdam: The Facts about Amsterdam Brothels

Luxury brothels in Amsterdam have been a way of life since the last half of the 20th century.

While brothels of course existed in Amsterdam before this, the sexual revolution had a huge impact in the Netherlands.

As minds opened (or closed, according to others) and morals loosened, pornography and prostitution, including sex clubs, gained popularity and, in some cases, notoriety.

Some Amsterdam Brothel History

Since the Middle Ages, prostitution has existed openly in Amsterdam with prostitutes seen as a necessary evil to protect the good, chaste ladies of society from harassment by 'unmarried men'.

Tolerance of the profession has tended to go up and down with the prevailing morals of the time. From 17th-century Calvinists to the armies of Napoleon, many groups found prostitution in Amsterdam to be acceptable, while just as many despised it.

"Belle", statue honoring sex workers in Amsterdam

At the start of the 20th century, the attitudes to prostitution in Amsterdam (especially towards the brothel owners who exploited the prostitutes) were very strict and stopped just short of outlawing the practice.

This all changed in the wake of the 1970s' sexual revolution. The prostitutes union, the Rode Draad (Red Thread) was founded in 1985 and in 2000 the ban on brothels (i.e. commercial organization of prostitution) was ended.

With the girls freely able to work and pay taxes, this created a relatively secure working environment for luxury brothels in Amsterdam.

The Current Situation

These days, prostitution in Amsterdam is accepted and, in fact, quite important to the city's tourist trade. The brothels can still be a headache for the authorities, however.

One aspect is the brothel's claim that their girls are independent entrepreneurs rather than employees, in order to foil the tax man. Another is the suspicion that some brothels are used for money laundering by organized crime.

More troubling is the fact that, while most Amsterdam prostitutes seem to work out of their free will, some women (and even underage girls) apparently have been forced or manipulated into the sex trade, among others by "lover boys".

Window Brothels vs. Clubs

Window prostitution in AmsterdamWindow prostitution in Amsterdam

For those who don't feel like tramping about the windows of the Red Light District, the many luxury brothels in Amsterdam offer a way to enjoy the company of Amsterdam's famous ladies of the night in far more comfort and security.

They are private clubs in regular neighorhoods, often not recognizable as brothels from the outside. Prices tend to be higher but the overall experience is a more upmarket way to meet a temporary new best friend.

Due to the policy of girls remaining independent entrepreneurs while working in the clubs, extra charges from the girls themselves as well as for over priced drinks, room rental and entry to the building can all mount up. Men who feel the urge to visit, better know what they're getting themselves into beforehand.

Well Known Luxury Brothels in Amsterdam

While Amsterdam's most famous sex club, Yab Yum, was shut down in 2008 because the owners allegedly had ties to organized crime, there are still plenty of luxury brothels in Amsterdam.

Love Club 21, AmsterdamLove Club 21, Amsterdam

Asmara, located on Willem de Zwijgerlaan 70, close to the Erasmus Park, bills itself as a high class massage salon. More than massage is on offer however, and the club's gleaming marble interior and mirrored walls make it feel more like a posh hotel than a brothel.

Asmara is notable for having no entrance fee or drink charges and no extra charges from the girls themselves.

One of the more easterly luxury brothels in Amsterdam, Club LV can be found at Middenweg 144, on the way to Diemen. Club LV is linked to the Valentine escort company and bills itself as "hip, hot and happening" with themed rooms and parties.

There are some other sex clubs, massage parlours and luxury brothels in Amsterdam that deserve a mention. Love Club 21 at Koestraat 21, a massage parlour annex brothel, has a staff made up entirely of Thai girls.

The Golden Key at Overtoom 294 and the aptly named, and ultra-luxurious, Club Elegance at Nicolaas Witsenkade 38 are both also well-known luxury brothels in Amsterdam.

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No Happy Ending - A few signs you're in a dodgy Amsterdam massage parlour

27 June 2013

No Happy Ending - A few signs you're in a dodgy Amsterdam massage parlour If you ever wondered whether the place you were getting work on your body done was not 'all above board', here's a few tips to consider:

Chinese massage, two words that spark the imagination of many with reference to relaxation, healing, history, immigration, cultural heritage but also to human trafficking and forced prostitution.


Amsterdam China Town

The Chinatown in Amsterdam originated in around 1911, with only a few restaurant and laundromats, and has expanded over the years with many toko’s (small Asian specialty supermarket), restaurants, shops and massage parlors. The last one is of most interest when it comes to the legality of its workers and their job description.


Cracking Down on Human Trafficking

In 2011 there was a big raid on massage parlors in the Hague that didn’t really end up with any solid evidence on whether or not there were any illegal workers there and if it was a front for a brothel. Human trafficking is a problem on its own and not necessarily tied to China or any other country, it should be taken care of by governments and we, the people of Amsterdam, should do all we can to not use anything that is part of human trafficking. Easier said than done though, there won’t be a sign out the door advertising people for sale.


As Always, do Your Homework

When taking a massage or any other service in the city the first line of defense is common sense. Look at how the business is set up, how the staff is treated and your general feel about the place. Many times, if something feels wrong, it usually is. When you’ve got some time to do a bit of research, it’s always a good idea to look up the salon of choice on several review websites. If no reviews are posted, do a little digging on whether it is signed up as business. Usually there is a KvK (Chamber of Commerce) number or tax number listed on websites.


InLivin' Recommends...

For a list of places that are guaranteed to be legitimate and know their stuff, have a look through our Healing Practices section. Remember that we do a proper check up on all businesses before working with them, so you can be certain that they are not only NOT dodgy, but also nice, forward thinking and environmentally friendly when possible. Got a massage somewhere that isn’t listed on our website and loved it? Leave a short review below so your fellow InLivin’ members can take advantage of yet another good service offered in this beautiful city of ours.

A few signs you're in a dodgy Amsterdam massage parlour:


  • There is a heart above the door.
  • The place is called a "parlour".
  • There is a red light somewhere in the window.
  • They offer a happy ending.


All jokes aside, with the huge number of massage places popping up around the city, it is wise to spend your money on qualified professionals. They are surely more likely to help ease your pain.

Search for 'massage' in the search box on top right corner of this site to find quality massage studios and avoid the dodgy Amsterdam massage parlours.


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