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Zoom Quiz: a game of zoomed in pictures

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*** Do you have an eye for details? ***
--- A new picture quiz game! ---

In Zoom Quiz you will see an object really close up. Your task is to find out exactly what object you are facing with as few “zooms” as possible! Zoom Quiz is the next big challenge for all picture quiz fans out there!

Zoom Quiz is completely free to try! Just tap the download button and start playing!

Playing is super simple! Have a look at the photo then spell your answer by clicking on the letters you want to use.

Getting a little blurry-eyed? Don’t give up! You have several hint tools at your disposal. Is the picture too close? Zoom out and see if you can solve it now. You can also remove and reveal letters, and you can even use the key icon to skip a tricky question!
When you complete enough levels you’re awarded free hints, which you can use later on. You can also purchase hints in the game.

Zoom Quiz contains hundreds of different picture challenges! How many can you solve?

Can your mind and eyes work together to take on the Zoom Quiz challenge? Tap the download button and find out NOW!

Sours: https://www.99images.com/apps/ios-games/649725468

Mystery Pictures Guessing Game

Imagine Together

Play CMOM’s Mystery Picture Guessing Game!

  1. View the Mystery Picture Guessing Game, which has images of everyday objects zoomed in. 
    • Can you guess the object by looking at the zoomed-in picture? What is the material of the object? Do you recognize the shape or texture? If you don’t know one, take your best guess!
  2. After you write down your guesses for each picture, view the Mystery Picture Answers, which shows the images zoomed out!
    • Which pictures did you guess correctly? Which pictures were the hardest to guess? Why? 

What items in your home could you turn into mystery pictures? Use a camera or phone to take pictures of objects around you. 

  1. Start by taking an up-close picture of an object. Zoom in close enough that you cannot see the entire object, but not so close that the picture is blurry.
  2. Next, take a picture of the entire object, so those playing your game know if they guessed right.
  3. Practice makes perfect! What else can you find to take pictures of?

Did you know you can create a zoomed-in picture of an object without a camera? All you need is a piece of paper and something to draw with!

  1. Find an object to sketch. Try something simple at first, like a piece of silverware.
  2. Draw the entire object on one side of the paper. 
  3. Pick one small piece of the object to draw on the other side of the paper. Use as much detail as possible. Drawing a butterknife? Make sure to show the ridges on the blade!

For more mystery fun, play the Magic Blanket Game. 

  1. Lay 10-20 household objects on the table or floor in a way that they can all be covered by a blanket or towel. 
  2. Encourage the player to look at and try to memorize the objects in 10-30 seconds. 
  3. Cover the objects up with the blanket. When you pull the blanket off of the items, take one of the items with you and conceal it in the blanket. Which item is missing?
Sours: https://athome.cmom.org/mystery-pictures-guessing-game/
  1. Spectrum coconut oil
  2. Ida grove hotels
  3. 2003 silverado fuel injectors
  4. Arduino mega hole pattern
  5. Flat metal corner braces

Zoom Quiz: Close Up Pics Game, Guess the Word

Do you like picture quizzes, logos quizzes, trivia games? Do you think you are good at guessing the picture, brain teaser games?
Then Zoom Quiz: Close Up Pics Game, Guess the Word is just for you! Find out just how much you know!
Most recommended international popular game around the globe, be ready to get addicted, not stop playing and competing with your friends!

Play now for FREE, the world’s newest and most popular quiz game.
More than 1,000,000 downloads around the world! Thank you!

Zoom Quiz: Close Up Pics Game, Guess the Word Features:
★ Guess over 1000 pics, brands, places and objects from all over the world
★ Over 5 quiz topics, logo games, and picture puzzle games
★ Special American and many countries levels
★ Complete 50 engaging unique levels
★ With increasing difficulty as you play along
★ Perfect word and trivia games for the whole family
★ Invite your friend and gain coins
★ Offline game while you travel
★ Compete with your friends and players from all over the world
★ Use our unique hints to complete levels
★ Keep track of your stats and progress
★ Complete picture appears when you guess right
★ High quality pics
★ And all of that absolutely free


Thanks to this game you'll easily increase your vocabulary, guessing skills and attentiveness.
Zoom Quiz: Close Up Pics Game is fun, captivating and totally free.
It's a new quiz in the casual puzzle genre.

Updates with more levels and hundreds of brands coming soon.

In this trivia game you may find every category you love including cars, foods, brands and sites around the world. In this Zoom Quiz you can guess pics from all over the world as well as all American pictures. Can you guess every pic you hold dear?

In our zoom game you will find many more pictures and hints not available in other games. All for free.

Sours: https://play.google.com/

“Most people instinctively form an understanding of what they think they’re looking at within seconds of seeing a photograph. But such is the beauty and wonder of the world around us that there are some images that require closer inspection before you can make sense of what they’re really showing you.”

It’s true, I thought I knew what a lot of these pictures were going to be only to be wrong. It seems that there is a lot of beauty in the world that we don’t see because we’re so focused on the bigger picture. We don’t take in the finer details.

For example, look at how awesome this single snowflake is – and think about the fact that every single one is different!

Source: Imgur / http://imgur.com/a/V7YTJ

Source: Imgur / http://imgur.com/a/V7YTJ

And compare it to the overall beauty of fresh snow. Similarly beautiful, but we miss the intricate details of each individual snowflake…

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

How many of the pictures in this test can you correctly identify? How many were lucky guesses?


Sours: https://www.gosocial.co/test-can-guess-zoomed/

In game zoomed pictures

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Guess the Animal Quiz #2 - Name the Animals by Closeup Guessing Game - Family Trivia Game Night

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