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Services in Trussville, AL

Precision Tree Service knows the great outdoors can be unpredictable at times. When you need a dependable company to meet all of your tree service needs, then it is time to contact us. We are experts in the landscaping, removal, pruning and storm cleaning industry. If you are in the Birmingham and Trussville, Alabama area we are the ones to call for all of everything related to tree service.

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Removal & Clean-up

tree cutting serviceOur staff has years of experience under their belt and knows how to handle any issue. Whether you have a major or minor tree problem, we are here to help. Weather conditions change like the drop of a hat and we want to make sure you are prepared for whatever you may be facing. Stop wondering what to do when disaster strikes and let us take care of your issues.

Once a storm has passed it can be overwhelming to deal with the aftermath. Precision Tree Service wants to take the stress off your shoulders and clear up the mess for you. We specialize in storm cleanup and will have your landscape looking better than before. It does not matter if you need one area cleared or an entire row of fallen trees cleaned up, we will get the job done.

Trimming & Pruning

tree cutting servicePruning and trimming is another service Precision Tree Service provides. We will trim your tree to your particular requests and make sure your surroundings look neat and aesthetically appealing. When you need tree pruning, we are the professionals that you can rely on. Our tree pruning services are available in any area in Trussville, Alabama.

If you are looking for trimming services Precision Tree Service is here to help. We know that sometimes trees can grow out of control and in unexpected areas. We have the right tools, equipment, and staff to solve any trimming problem you may have. Precision Tree Service can tame any tree and shape it to your requirements so that it is not an issue anymore.

Precision Tree Service is in the business of maintaining your landscape. We always put an emphasis on taking care of the customer no matter difficult the job may be. When you call on Precision Tree Service, you can expect exceptional service and customer satisfaction. Contact us for any and all of your tree needs in the Trussville, Alabama area 205-283-9190.


No job too small, no tree to tall, we do it all!

Whether you need one tree trimmed or cut down, or an entire lot cleared along with a swimming pool filled in, we can help. Southeastern Tree & Debris offers a variety of services, and skilled, knowledgeable crews who go to great lengths to make sure your property is well taken care of. Southeastern Tree and Debris is your number one choice for tree service in Birmingham and surrounding areas.

Our team of tree professionals are proud to offer the level of service that is unique to Southeastern Tree and Debris – our depth of experience and commitment to a job done well are unmatched by other companies in the area. Homeowners and contractors alike rely on our extensive experience to handle their unique tree problems and appreciate the way we get the job done right the first time, quickly, safely, and efficiently.

From storm cleanup to lot beautification and all jobs in between, Southeastern Tree & Debris has the skills, experience and equipment to manage even the most difficult tree projects. Call us for more information or to set up an appointment today.

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Low Cost, Same Day Tree Service in Trussville, AL

Quality Service • Competitive Pricing

Trees & Bees is the company you can count on whether you need one time trimming or ongoing tree service in Trussville. Our Trussville tree care partners use modern equipment, insured workers and offer competitive pricing. Trees are the most visible accent on your property and taking care of your trees will keep your entire yard looking great. If you put off getting a tree removed in Trussville or ignore a tree with large branches hanging over power lines or property, you could end up with a hazard. When high winds or storms hit, you will be glad you have a professional tree service company in Trussville that has been looking out for you. Get started now and provide a few details about the types and number of trees on your property, any potential obstacles to accessing your trees and the team at Trees & Bees will get to work.

Comparing Trussville Tree Trimming Costs To Help Customers Save

Trussville Arborists

When you look for the cost of tree service in Trussville with Trees & Bees, you know that there won't be any extra fees or markups with our transparent pricing. Many Trussville tree care companies will cut corners by not ensuring their employees or by hiding fees until the tree work is completed. Trees & Bees makes sure there is no bait and switch and our Trussville experts have over two years of experience in the tree care field and can provide:

  • Same Day Emergency Tree Service in Trussville
  • Yearly, Quarterly or Monthly Tree Trimming in Trussville, Alabama
  • Routine Tree Care in Trussville, AL (inspections to check the overall health of your trees, look for diseased or damage that can affect nearby trees)

Do I need a permit to remove a tree in Trussville?

If all or part of a tree is on Trussville land then you will likely need a permit. Generally, homeowners who want to remove a tree in their own backyard or one that is under 10 feet tall do not need prior approval.. Removing larger trees in Trussville can cause problems however, as they have larger and deeper roots that are more likely to impact utility or plumbing lines buried nearby. When in doubt, a Trees & Bees pro can help.

How can I get a lower price on tree service in Trussville?

The most important factor for your yearly costs of tree service in Trussville is the type of trees you have. Certain breeds of tree are more difficult to trim, prune and maintain (palm, willow, etc.) while some grow extremely fast and therefore require more frequent trimming (poplar, empress, willow, sycamore). Scheduling a yearly checkup on the health of your trees will also help you avoid diseases that can result in expensive removal and replacement of your trees.

How much of the tree work can I do on my own?

Most people in Trussville take care of their trees while they are young, but at a certain point the tree height makes it difficult for the average homeowner. Handheld arborist tools will only get you so far, and using a ladder and winging it can be time consuming and potentially dangerous. Also note that Trussville tree trimming is a bit of an art, especially with saplings. Shaping a tree properly during its growth is critical to ensure a beautiful tree years down the road and Trees & Bees are experts at shaping all breeds of tree.

How do I know which tree care company in Trussville is best for me?

We get this question all the time, as it is difficult to tell the difference between Trussville tree care companies without actually using them. You are already halfway there, as Trees & Bees partners in Trussville are licensed and insured and have met our reputation standards for providing great service. We always recommend that you ask for specifics on how a company will service your trees, including equipment used (do they use bucket trucks or heavy equipment for large trees?), tree trimming methods used (make sure they do not use 'topping' or other aggressive approaches that can weaken a tree), and how many clients do they have in Trussville? Asking these questions of Trussville tree trimming companies should give you a good feel of the right fit for your trees.

High Tree Trimming in Trussville

Calculate Tree Removal Cost in Trussville, AL

From the bottom of your tree, measure 5 feet up and mark the tree with colored tape so it is visible. With a measuring tape in hand, step away from the tree until the line on the tree is equal to the 1” mark on your tape.

While keeping your hands in front of you so that 1”=5 feet, raise the tape until it visually reaches the top of your tree. Take note of how many inches you raised the tape and multiply that number by 5. This final number will provide you with the tree height.

 Tree Heights

Measure from ground up and mark your tree at 4.5-feet. At this very spot, take your tape measure from one side to the other to get the diameter of your tree in inches.

Tree Diameter

If any part of your tree hangs over your home or another building, measure and provide the percentage. Estimate as best you can.

Overhanging Trees

Non-Certified Tree Service Companies

See Your Business? Get Certified

City of Mountain Brook

56 Church Street

Mountain Brook, AL35213

ACE Tree Service

4213 1st Ave N

Birmingham, AL35222

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