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Vintage 1932 Metal Coca-Cola Sign


Vintage 1932 Metal Coca-Cola Sign

A rare and well preserved Vintage 1932 Metal Coca-Cola Sign. While slightly muted due to time and the elements, the colors of this sign still appear rich and vibrant. The weathering gives this sign a unique patina and look, and makes this the perfect addition to any collection. Don’t wait, these early Coca-Cola tin embossed signs are not easy to find! 


The item measures approximately 19 5/8″ in Diameter.


Item is in Good pre-owned condition with wear commensurate with age and use. Some color fading and weathering due to exposure out of doors. Scuffs, scratches, and dents appear present on the front of the sign. Lastly, please review all photos as they are an important part of our description.

Additional information

Weight6 lbs
Dimensions26 × 4 × 26 in

Coca Cola Signs

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Over ninety different vintage Coca-Cola tin, metal, Enamel and Porcelain signs, including eight different round signs from 12” to the embossed 14” in Diameter signs. There is a Die-cut six pack shaped sign, the vintage Coke glass shaped sign, a super detailed coke bottle die-cut embossed sing and the domed coke bull’s eye sign which is also richly embossed. We have one coke sign in Porcelain left with only a few left in inventory. There are many of the “Coke Girl” signs, including Beach scenes, a skier sitting on a cooler, a tennis player by a cooler and an ice skater Coke sign. There is a vintage classic enamel “Ice cream parlor” sign with exceptional detail. A Vintage Victorian coke sign, vintage “Spirit Boy” signs, and the coke six pack sign, and many signs with coke at 5 Cents!

     We have two different Classic Coke Santa signs, and the four season coke girls sign and one that is already a classic, “the history of Coke bottles sign. Another vintage favorite, the Fiftieth Anniversary coke “bathing beauties sign. This is a great collection of Tin, Enamel, Porcelain and metal signs, with holes in each corner for easy mounting.


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Sign metal coca cola

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