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Fuel Ignite D662 20x9 +1

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Fuel Ignite D662 20x9 +1
  • Fuel Ignite D662 20x9 +1

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About The Fuel Ignite

These Fuel Ignite wheels feature a Black Milled finish and are sure to make your ride stand out! This particular wheel setup is in 20x9 with a 1 offset. The Fuel Ignite is a One Piece Alloy wheel that features exposed lugs. These beautiful 8 spoke wheels are available in a 5x5 configuration and will be sure to elevate the look of your vehicle build!

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About Us
Fitment Industries is your premiere automotive wheel and suspension company. While located in Wisconsin, we ship to worldwide enthusiasts that share a common passion; cars. Together, we lead the fitment revolution.

We ship to the Lower 48 states for the advertised price. With the size and complexity of shipping wheels and tires, always allow 2-3 weeks for our normal packaging and shipping process. We can ship world-wide for an additional charge. Please contact us for international shipping rates, Fitment Industries is not responsible for any customs fees, buyer is responsible for all fees and paperwork above and beyond standard freight charges. Simply choose the "Fitment Assistance" link at the top of any screen.

What to expect upon delivery:
1. Please make sure to inspect every piece BEFORE signing any documents.
2. If damaged, please make sure to make full notes on documents before signing.
3. If the damage is discovered after signing the documents, please make sure we are notified within 5 business days of receiving the order.

All wheels and tires carry full manufacturer warranty, please ask for additional information. Any returns or cancellations within 24 hours of placing an order typically carry a 20% restocking fee from the respective manufacturer. (This includes wheels or tires shipped in from the manufacturer to our warehouse to prepare your order). The buyer is responsible for return shipping if returning without warranty claim or defect/quality issue. Wheels cannot be returned to the manufacturer after tires have been mounted; nor tires returned after they have been driven on. If you have any concerns about fitment, simply share those concerns via email, and our experts will work with you to get a perfect fit! SDWC is directly responsible and manages wheel and tire sales.

WARNING: This product can expose you to Nickel, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to p65warnings.ca.gov.

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Sours: https://www.fitmentindustries.com/buy-wheel-offset/D66220907550/fuel-ignite-20x9-1


D66220908950D662 IGNITEGLOSS BLACK MILLED20X96X1355.0401mm87.1036.00 lbs23002.701004-37GB$401.00D66220908957D662 IGNITEGLOSS BLACK MILLED20X96X1355.7519mm87.1037.00 lbs23002.501004-37GB$401.00D66220908457D662 IGNITEGLOSS BLACK MILLED20X96X139.75.7519mm106.1037.00 lbs23002.501004-37GB$401.00D66220908450D662 IGNITEGLOSS BLACK MILLED20X96X139.75.0401mm106.1036.00 lbs23002.701004-37GB$401.00D66220007347D662 IGNITEGLOSS BLACK MILLED20X105X1274.79-18mm78.1039.00 lbs23000.001004-44GB$431.00D66220008947D662 IGNITEGLOSS BLACK MILLED20X106X1354.79-18mm87.1039.00 lbs23000.001004-37GB$431.00D66220008446D662 IGNITEGLOSS BLACK MILLED20X106X139.74.75-19mm106.1039.00 lbs23000.001004-27GB$431.00D66220008247D662 IGNITEGLOSS BLACK MILLED20X108X165.14.79-18mm125.1042.00 lbs37000.001004-08GB$431.00D66220001747D662 IGNITEGLOSS BLACK MILLED20X108X1704.79-18mm125.1042.00 lbs37000.001004-08GB$431.00D66220001847D662 IGNITEGLOSS BLACK MILLED20X108X1804.79-18mm124.2042.00 lbs37000.001004-10GB$431.00D66320907550D663 IGNITEGLOSS BLACK RED TINTED CLEAR20X95X1275.0401mm71.5036.00 lbs23002.701004-44GBQ$420.00D66320908950D663 IGNITEGLOSS BLACK RED TINTED CLEAR20X96X1355.0401mm87.1036.00 lbs23002.701004-37GBQ$420.00D66320908957D663 IGNITEGLOSS BLACK RED TINTED CLEAR20X96X1355.7519mm87.1037.00 lbs23002.501004-37GBQ$420.00D66320908457D663 IGNITEGLOSS BLACK RED TINTED CLEAR20X96X139.75.7519mm106.1037.00 lbs23002.501004-37GBQ$420.00D66320908450D663 IGNITEGLOSS BLACK RED TINTED CLEAR20X96X139.75.0401mm106.1036.00 lbs23002.701004-37GBQ$420.00D66320007347D663 IGNITEGLOSS BLACK RED TINTED CLEAR20X105X1274.79-18mm78.1039.00 lbs23004.201004-44GBQ$451.00D66320008947D663 IGNITEGLOSS BLACK RED TINTED CLEAR20X106X1354.79-18mm87.1039.00 lbs23004.201004-37GBQ$451.00D66320008446D663 IGNITEGLOSS BLACK RED TINTED CLEAR20X106X139.74.75-19mm106.1039.00 lbs23002.101004-27GBQ$451.00D66320008247D663 IGNITEGLOSS BLACK RED TINTED CLEAR20X108X165.14.79-18mm125.1042.00 lbs37004.201004-08GBQ$451.00D66320001747D663 IGNITEGLOSS BLACK RED TINTED CLEAR20X108X1704.79-18mm125.1042.00 lbs37004.201004-08GBQ$451.00D66320001847D663 IGNITEGLOSS BLACK RED TINTED CLEAR20X108X1804.79-18mm124.2042.00 lbs37004.201004-10GBQ$451.00D72120907550D721 IGNITEHIGH LUSTER POLISHED20X95X1275.0401mm71.5036.00 lbs23002.101004-44$455.00D72120908950D721 IGNITEHIGH LUSTER POLISHED20X96X1355.0401mm87.1036.00 lbs23002.101004-37$455.00D72120908450D721 IGNITEHIGH LUSTER POLISHED20X96X139.75.0401mm106.1036.00 lbs23002.101004-37$455.00D72120007347D721 IGNITEHIGH LUSTER POLISHED20X105X1274.75-19mm78.1039.00 lbs23002.701004-44$487.00D72120008947D721 IGNITEHIGH LUSTER POLISHED20X106X1354.75-19mm87.1039.00 lbs23002.701004-37$487.00D72120008446D721 IGNITEHIGH LUSTER POLISHED20X106X139.74.75-19mm106.1039.00 lbs23002.701004-27$487.00D72120008247D721 IGNITEHIGH LUSTER POLISHED20X108X165.14.75-19mm125.2042.00 lbs37002.701004-08$487.00D72120001747D721 IGNITEHIGH LUSTER POLISHED20X108X1704.75-19mm125.1042.00 lbs37002.701004-08$487.00D72120001847D721 IGNITEHIGH LUSTER POLISHED20X108X1804.75-19mm124.3042.00 lbs37002.701004-10$487.00
Sours: https://www.wheelpros.com/fuel-1pc-ignite
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