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It's no wonder butcher-block countertops are a constant in cozy country cottages and rustic farmhouses alike. The surface, made up of assembled wooden boards, is warmer and more inviting than other materials and never goes out of style. Taken directly from nature, butcher-block is biodegradable and eco-friendly—and it brings a bit of an earthy element into any kitchen.

Since wood is so neutral, many homeowners mix with other materials: You could install all butcher-block countertops, incorporate a built-in cutting surface, or opt for a butcher-block island instead.

But butcher-block has its drawbacks too. We cleared through the sawdust to uncover the choices available, as well as the price and pros and cons.

Photograph by Donna Griffith, Design by Karen Bertelsen

Types of Butcher-Block Countertops

There are so many options for butcher-block countertops, starting with the various species of wood, including maple, cherry, walnut, and oak.

"Hard rock maple has the highest density and is a closed-grain hardwood which makes it the overall surface of choice," National Kitchen Countertop Sales Manager
at John Boos & Co. Steve Pless tells CountryLiving.com. Happily, it's also more affordable than its closed-grain counterparts, cherry and walnut, which also make great countertops. And then there's oak. An open-grain wood, oak isn't ideal for direct food preparation, Pless explains. However, when lacquered or varnished, the material is just fine for general purposes.

Hard Rock Maple


· Lightest closed-grain hardwood

· Strongest and most dense of all species of maple

· The most affordable kitchen countertop

American Cherry


· Mid-tone, closed-grain hardwood

· Sought after for its attractive, red-tinted color 

· More expensive than maple

American Black Walnut


· Dark, closed-grain hardwood

· Valued for rich, deep hue

· More expensive than maple

Appalachian Red Oak


· Open-grain wood with lots of character

· Wood grain is more visible than in other species

· Not intended for food prep

Beyond the type of wood, you should also consider the kind of construction: edge grain (in which the boards are laid parallel with their "edges" showing), end grain (in which small square pieces are are lined up vertically with the "ends" showing), and blended (in which different lengths are joined with no particular pattern).

Edge Grain


· Full-length continuous rails

· Placed side-by-side, or parallel, and glued

· Most common

End Grain


· Small square pieces of wood standing on "end"

· Placed vertically and glued in "checkerboard" style

· Usually more expensive



· Lengths of finger-jointed interior rails and full-length exterior rails

· Feature plenty of color variation between light and dark wood 

Blended (Walnut Stain)



· Lengths of finger-jointed interior rails and full-length exterior rails

· Feature plenty of color variation between light and dark wood 

As for finish, Pless recommends homeowners think about the way they see themselves using their butcher-block countertops. For food prep areas, you'll want to apply (and periodically reapply) an oil finish. But if it's just a general or dining surface, choose a lacquer finish, since an oil finish could come off on clothing or paper.

The Cost of Butcher-Block Countertops

The price you pay is based on the species and construction, as well as the area in which you live.

Annie Schlechter

But butcher-block is generally pretty competitive with other countertop materials, Pless says, adding that a standard edge-grain maple island top retails at around $35 to $38 per square foot—cheaper than granite but more expensive than laminate.

Cost of installation varies by location as well, so reach out for a quote.

"I would estimate one hour per linear foot for the amount of time it will take to install the top," Pless advises. "A top that is 60 x 30 inches would take an estimated five hours for install. If the labor rate is $25 per hour, then the install would cost $125. If the install is $65 per hour, the install would be $325."

Whether or not you hire a pro to help is entirely up to you and will probably depend on the difficulty level of your project.

Pros and Cons of Butcher-Block Countertops

Pro: They're as easy on the knives as they are on the eyes. The only countertop that can actually be used as a cutting surface, butcher-block won't dull your knives like stone or concrete counters. The soft surface also makes for a quieter kitchen. And for those who are a bit clumsier, dishes are less likely to shatter when dropped on wood versus stone.

Max Kim-Bee

Con: Butcher-block is susceptible to scratches, dings, and stains. If you plan on chopping directly on your countertops, you're going to end up marking things up a little (or a lot). That glass you dropped might just leave a dent, and the wine inside could settle into a stain.

Pro: But they're easily restored. "To remove nicks or gouges after years of wear, just sand the surface [with fine sandpaper] the same way the grain runs, and re-oil," Mandy Cook, another John Boos & Co. rep, tells us. "Sanding reveals an entire fresh new cutting surface." Or, to keep butcher-block scratch-free, simply use a cutting board as you would on any other countertop.

When it comes to cleaning, soap and water should usually do the trick, but a little diluted vinegar or bleach can also serve as a disinfectant and deodorizer. To scrub out deep stains, borrow this clever cutting board-cleaning trick: Cut a lemon in half, dip in salt, and rub on the affected area.

How to Care for Butcher-Block Countertops

Wood does dry out. To keep it gleaming, apply food-safe oil (such as a standard food-grade mineral oil) to oil-finished countertops every few weeks. On the other hand, varnique tops, or those finished with semi-gloss seal, shouldn't require much elbow grease at all. You can refinish both as needed, with a non-toxic polyurethane gel (like EZ-DO).

What You 'Wood' Need

Food-Grade Mineral Oil



EZ-DO Polyurethane Gel


Fine Grit Sandpaper


White Distilled Vinegar


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John Boos Maple End Grain Butcher Block 30 x 30 x 6

ChoppingBlocks.com provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee with your purchase. If you are not satisfied with your product for any reason, return it within 30 days of receipt and we will credit, refund or exchange your product.

Conditions for Returns

  • Merchandise must be new, unused and in original packaging
  • Sales on custom orders (see below) are final and cannot be returned
  • Merchandise must be returned within 30 days after receiving order
  • Customer will be responsible for return shipping costs, in addition to a 15% restocking fee to cover our shipping cost to the customer
  • Credits will be processed back onto the same method used for payment
  • Contact us at [email protected] with subject "Returns" for instructions

Unfortunately, due to the nature of our products (big blocks of wood), we are unable to absorb shipping costs for returned items. We would prefer not to have a restocking fee, but shipping just one-way is, on average, 20% of the cost of the board. 

To share in the cost of returns however, if you would like to exchange your purchase for store credit, we will NOT charge a restocking fee and only ask that you cover the return shipping.

 For damaged, defective or incorrect orders, please contact us within 3 days of receiving your merchandise. We may need to request pictures of damage for shipping claims. An RMA will be issued to you once you have contacted us. If we or the shipping carrier is at fault, we will replace or refund your order at our cost.

Please note, for custom work, we are unable to offer a refund or replacement except only in cases of defective or damaged merchandise.

Please send all RMA or return requests to [email protected]

Custom Orders - Kitchen Islands, Countertops, Standing Butcher Blocks, Carts and Tables

All of the kitchen islands, countertops, kitchen carts, standing butcher blocks and tables that ChoppingBlocks.com offers are custom built to order by the manufacturer.

Once your order has been submitted, production generally begins within 1 to 3 business days. In the event that our supplier or manufacturer has began production, we are unable to provide a refund for your order. Thus, if you change your mind after placing your order, please contact us immediately at 1-888-508-6222 or [email protected] so that we may try to stop production. 

To help you prior to your purchase, be sure to ask us for color samples or wood samples so that you can see in person if the product or style will match your needs. We can also provide you with measurements for different parts of each product in case you have special requirements. This can help prevent any issues with ordering a product and realizing it wasn't quite what you wanted.

In the event that your order is damaged or is lost during shipping, we will provide a replacement, provided that you properly noted the damage during shipping. Please be sure to read our shipping page for instructions on how to properly receive your order and inspect for damage.

For any additional questions or help, please contact us by email or phone and we will be glad to answer any questions you have!

Manufacturer Warranties

John Boos & Co.

This product is shipped with a one (1) year guarantee against defect in workmanship and material. Warranty is valid so long as products are properly cared for and maintained with regular oiling and proof of board oil purchases. Water based damage from dishwashers, improper care or humidity will void warranty. Please contact our customer service department to assist with a warranty claim.

Since 1997, ChoppingBlocks.com has sold custom countertops to hundreds of happy customers that include restaurants, bakeries, contractors and home owners. From a cattle farmer in Texas looking for a butchers table, to a New York whiskey club needing a 24 foot long bar back, we are ready to help you!

To best serve you, please fill out the form below, call us at 1-888-508-6222 or email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you within 1 to 2 business days.


Fill out my online form.

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Butcher Block Co. - The Experts in All Things Butcher Block

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NOTE: A U.S. lumber shortage is impacting availability of some species of wood in particular thicknesses, lengths and widths. Consequently, while entering dimensions in Step 5 above, you might be presented a message indicating that at this time we are unable to supply the countertop specified due to temporary size restrictions.

On rare occasions, we may be unable to fulfill an order you completed and we accepted, or it might take us longer than usual to procure wood in the species and dimensions you specified. In such cases, we will promptly contact you to present options, including the option to cancel your order and receive a full refund.

Custom Wood Countertops and Island Tops in 15 Different Gorgeous Species

Countertop Wood Species

Butcher Block Co. countertops are available in the four most popular North American hardwoods - Rock Maple, American Cherry, Black Walnut and Red Oak – plus 11 other equally spectacular species: Ash, Beech, Birch, Brazilian Cherry, Hickory, Knotty Alder, Knotty Pine, Mahogany, Poplar, Spanish Cedar and White Oak.

View our extraordinary array of species and grain styles.

If you’re looking for a gorgeous island or counter top for a residential or commercial kitchen, you’ll find a wide range of stunning options in various shades of beige, tan, brown, reddish brown and gold. Choose among species with muted, consistent coloration to others with medium to high color variegation.

For workshop or industrial applications, opt for a species that’s especially hard. Soft and moderately hard species should be suitable for most home and commercial offices.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These custom-size counter tops and cutting boards are not reversible. To make yours reversible, please give us a call (15% upcharge).

Plus Quarter-sawn Countertops in Red or White Oak

When lumber is quarter-sawn, it means the log was first cut into four quarters, just as you might cut a pie into four equal-size slices, then each quarter of the log is sawn. As a result, the annual rings of the source tree run perpendicular to the faces of the harvested boards, which reveal striped grain lines that run fairly straight and provide a unique look that some people prefer for wood counters and furniture. The other key advantage of quarter-sawn countertops is their superior stability. Each rail of the top is much less likely to warp or cup (i.e., become concave - high on outside edges and low in the center).

Quarter-sawn wood

Comparing Wood Species on Hardness

Countertop Wood Hardness

The Janka hardness test, which measures a wood’s resistance to denting, is widely accepted as the standard for comparing different wood types on hardness. The test measures the amount of force, in pounds-force (lbf), required to embed a steel ball of specific size into the wood. As you view the data, keep in mind two points. First, the hardness of wood varies depending on its orientation (i.e., testing along the wood’s grain vs. against it). Second, findings can vary from sample to sample, and even within a particular sample. Consequently, you should not consider any data point as especially meaningful. Rather, we share these findings to give you a general sense of the hardness of a species relative to others. Here's another visual tool to help you choose a species based on both of the above attributes: appearance and hardness.

Comparing Wood Species on Price

Wood Countertop Prices

Very Affordable: Poplar, Knotty Alder, Knotty Pine, Beech, Ash and Birch are the least expensive options. They typically cost somewhere between half to about two-thirds as much as walnut, the price leader.

Moderately Affordable: In the mid-priced tier are classic varieties: Red and White Oak, American Cherry, Hickory and Maple.

More Pricey: Accompanying Walnut in the higher-priced bracket are Mahogany, Brazilian Cherry and Spanish Cedar. These species are also considered the most visually striking.

(Last updated in January, 2015)

Our Custom Butcher Block Countertops Come in Edge-Grain and End-Grain Styles

Edge-grain wood is constructed by bonding together long wood rails that run the full length of the block. The wood rails are arranged face to face, so it’s the edge grain of the wood that shows on the surface of the countertop. In contrast, end-grain tops provide glimpses of the growth rings of the source tree.

Regardless, the wood rails used in Butcher Block Co. countertops are 1-inch wide strips. As mentioned, in edge-grain countertops each wood rail spans the top’s full length; whereas our end-grain counters utilize rails from 1-1/2 to 6 inches long and arranged in rows that run parallel to the width of the counter.

Wood Plank Countertops Too!

Plank-style wooden island/counter tops are another option. Each is composed of wood planks bonded together and running parallel to the length of the counter or island. The surface of a plank island or counter top shows off the face grain of wood.

Our plank tops utilize boards that vary in width from 3 inches to 6 inches. Variation delivers a more natural and interesting look.

Countertop Wood Species

edge, end, blended grain styles

Hand-scraped Countertop

Hand-Scraping Adds a Rustic, Aged Look

If you’re seeking an antique-like appearance or a look of authenticity, consider specifying a hand-scraped finish for your edge-grain or plank countertops. To produce this effect, the Amish craftsmen who make all our lovely countertops guide a wood scraper longitudinally along the wood, causing very slight variations in its surface. The effect is most noticeable when viewing the wood under nearly horizontal lighting, which tends to accentuate the unevenness.

Do You Need an Extra-Large Island Top or Table Top?

No matter what your needs are, it's likely we can satisfy them. Whether you’re looking to cover a small countertop work area, or an island 15 feet long and 7 feet wide, we have the capability.

Here's a great example. We created this extra-large plank-style table top made of 1-1/2-inch-thick Knotty Alder for a new Italian restaurant in San Diego. It's 5-1/2 feet wide and nearly 10 feet long, and it seats 18!

knotty alder restaurant dinner table

Finish Options Are Natural Oil, Conversion Varnish, Unfinished, Waterlox and Urethane

If you want an unfinished top you intend to finish yourself, select “Unfinished” as your finish choice.

If you plan to cut on your counter or island top, select food-safe “Natural Oil” as your finish selection, since oil helps protect and preserve wood. Know you will need to re-oil the top about once a month. Also, be aware that early on, applying mineral oil or butcher block oil can sometimes subtly raise the grain of the wood, making it feel rough to the touch and requiring buffing or light sanding and re-oiling until the roughness subsides.

If you do NOT plan to cut directly upon your new top and would prefer the lower maintenance and lifetime protection that clear-coat varnish provides, select “Conversion Varnish” as your finish selection. Our 40-sheen semi-gloss conversion varnish is professionally applied to ensure a smooth and lustrous finish.

We offer two other special finish options. If either is of interest, please call for pricing.

  • Waterlox is ideal for a countertop or island top that will be positioned near a sink since it’s highly water-resistant. This Tung Oil-based product leaves a 30-sheen satin finish and is easy to re-apply. NOTE: Waterlox imparts a yellow tint to wood, so we encourage you to buy a sample before placing on order.

  • Commercial-grade Urethane is another commercial spray-on option. Water-resistant, this finish is appropriate for bar tops and restaurant tables. It leaves a 45-sheen semi-gloss finish that's quite durable.


For Outdoor Use: Spanish Cedar Bonded Together Using Waterproof Glue

If your new countertop will be outdoors, on a covered patio for instance, consider a Spanish Cedar top made using special waterproof glue. You have two finish options to choose between: natural oil, which must reapplied regularly; or Marine Spar Varnish with UV protector, which must be reapplied every year. There is a 10% upcharge for outdoor countertops. Please call to place your order.

You Have 8 Edge-Style Options to Choose Among

BB Co.'s standard (default) edge is "square, sanded lightly," to remove any sharpness. This edge style is perfect where a countertop will abut a wall, for instance. If you like to think outside the box, consider edge styles with a bit more visual interest, such as Eased, Beveled, Radiused or Cove. For a timeless look, think about the elegant Radius & Step edge design or the classic Roman Ogee (two sizes).

Countertop Edge Styles
We Also Offer Backsplashes!

Need a backsplash or two, or three? No problem. Just give us a call or send us an email. There’s no classier way to finish off your kitchen remodel.

Will Your Counter/Island Top Have an Overhang? Browse Our Countertop Brackets & Corbel Supports, as Well as Dining Stools.
Countertop Support Brackets
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            Countertop Support Corbels
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If You're Leading Edge, Consider a Waterfall-Edge Kitchen Island. They're All the Rage.

waterfall kitchen island

When a kitchen island top continues down the ends of the island, it’s called a waterfall island.
Of course, this moniker alludes to the imagery of flowing water cascading down a vertical wall.
A waterfall-edge island can make your kitchen truly stunning.

BB Co. waterfall islands can ship in two different modes - either pre-assembled (1-1/2-inch minimum thickness); or knocked-down and ready to assembly on site (in the event doorways are not sufficiently wide).

  • We use heavy-duty wooden dowels to secure ends to the top of a factory-assembled waterfall island and attach sturdy skirt boards to both long sides to protect it during shipment. Pre-assembled islands are self-standing and require no additional support. You have the option to select either a Natural Oil or a Conversion Varnish finish, or no finish at all.
  • Ready-to-assemble waterfall-edge islands ship unfinished, with all the necessary hardware included. Any experienced DIYer or capable craftsman should be up to the challenge. Sanding will be required after assembly is completed and the RTA waterfall top must be properly supported.

How To Assemble an RTA Waterfall Kitchen Island

Each BB Co. RTA waterfall-edge island ships fully prepped for assembly onsite. The island ends and top are to be secured using specialized split-miter bolts. Each bolt is composed of two hinged screw shafts and two gear heads.

BB Co. Split Miter Bolt

waterfall island corner connector


Holes are pre-drilled where the boards are to be joined – holes to hold the female gear heads, and smaller holes through which the male screw shafts are to be inserted.

waterfall island corner connector


After screws are threaded into gear heads and glue is applied to the edges to be joined, gear heads are tightened (tool included) in order to form a firm 90-degree corner.

waterfall island corner connector


Waterfall Island Limitations
  • Waterfall islands only come in plank style.
  • The combined length of a waterfall top and ends is limited. See the maximum LENGTH restrictions for PLANK tops by species.
  • The maximum width (depth) of a waterfall island is 48 inches.

If you would like us to provide a price quote on a waterfall island or counter top, please call or email us with specifics.


Since BB Co. countertops are made-to-order, we are unable to accept returns, except in cases involving damage incurred during shipment; to allow product exchanges; or to offer refunds.

Order Changes or Cancellation

To minimize lead time, we commit to raw material purchases 24 hours after you place an order. Consequently, you will have only 24 hours to change or cancel your order. AFTER 24 HOURS, YOU CANNOT CANCEL YOUR ORDER. We will however, make our best efforts to accommodate a change request if production has not yet begun.

Product Warranty

The Butcher Block Co. warrants that your countertop will be free of defects upon arrival. If yours appears to be defective or damaged, you must notify us by phone or email within 7 days of receipt. If your top has defects in materials or workmanship, it might need to be returned to us for repair or replacement.

The Butcher Block Co. warrants against glue-joint delamination within one year from receipt. If a glue joint does delaminate, please notify us right away. The countertop might need to be returned to us, at our expense, for replacement or repair.

This warranty will be voided automatically and immediately in the event that:

  • you neglect to apply natural oil to ALL surfaces of an unfinished countertop every day for at least 7 days after receipt, or to apply polyurethane or varnish to ALL its surfaces within 7 days of receipt;
  • you neglect to apply natural oil to ALL surfaces of countertop pre-finished with natural oil every day for at least 7 days after receipt;
  • you neglect to install the countertop within 10 days of receipt;

or if the countertop:
  • is not installed in accordance with the installation instructions provided;
  • includes a cutout for a sink or appliance, or is modified in any way, other than as necessary for normal and customary installation;
  • is exposed to extremes in, or wide swings in, temperature or humidity;
  • is exposed to water, other than minor splashes or spills that were immediately wiped up; or
  • is not properly maintained and re-oiled at least monthly.


  • Variations in color and/or grain are not considered defects.
  • Minor warping is not considered a defect.
  • No promise can be made with respect to the ratio of heartwood to sapwood in any countertop.

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Block 30 inch butcher

Home >> Kitchen >> Table Tops >> John Boos Table Tops

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    Video of Differences Between Boos Block� End Grain And Edge Grain Wood Surfaces

    Video of Differences Between Boos Block� End Grain And Edge Grain Wood Surfaces

    John Boos Stainless Steel And Wood Production Video

    John Boos Stainless Steel And Wood Production Video

  • John Boos Stainable Butcher Block Rectangular Table Top
  • 1-1/2" Thickness Edge Grain Construction and Full Laminated Length Rails
  • Wood Species: Solid Appalachian Red Oak
  • Available in Natural or Stained
  • Available Stained Finish: Sherwood, Walnut, Century or Mahogany
  • Color Uniformity and Non-Reversible
  • Available in Multiple Width and Depths Sizes
  • Krystal Conversion Semi-Gloss Varnique Protective Finish on Table Tops
  • Protective Semi-Gloss Varnish Prevents Scuffing of Table
  • Varnish also Aides in Easy Cleaning of Table Surface
  • How to Maintain your Butcher Block
  • Block Care Instructions
  • Maintenance and Repair of Varnique
  • Made in the USA
  • Edging Option: 1/4" Radius Standard or Double 1/4" Radius

    **Note: Table Tops come with or without John Boos Brand Logo - if no option is selected, item comes standard WITHOUT brand logo

  • Natural Clear Varnique Finish: Varnique is a semi-gloss finish formulated to repel most household solvents, such as detergents, alcohol etc. Varnique finish tables are not appropriate for cutting on it. (*voids NSF certification) Imperfections such as glue, dings and tool marks, might show because this is commercial grade to be used in a business.

The Rectangular Stainable Butcher Block Table Tops by John Boos are 1�" thick and feature a �" or double radius edge. Made of oak, these table tops are available in 30" to 96" widths. The Krystal Conversion Semi-Gloss Varnique comes on the table tops for added protection of the table, and helps prevent scuffing of the table and aid in an easy cleaning of the surface. The table tops are great for home as well as commercial use.

(W = side to side) (D = front to back) (H = top to bottom)

Note: Dimensions have a slight variance of 1/8"±

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    This item(s) is also sometimes listed under the following manufacturer numbers:

    John BoosJohn Boos
    RTO-2430, RTO-2436, RTO-2442, RTO-2448, RTO-2460, RTO-2472, RTO-2484, RTO-2496, RTO-3036, RTO-3042, RTO-3048, RTO-3060, RTO-3072, RTO-3084, RTO-3096, RTO-3642, RTO-3648, RTO-3660, RTO-3672, RTO-3684

Sours: https://www.kitchensource.com/table-bases/jb-rto63-k.htm
How to Make a Walnut End Grain Butcher Block

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