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Hanging Christmas decorations on your roof is fun until it starts to eat into valuable gift shopping time. Then it gets old fast. Christmas laser lights are the perfect remedy when decorating your house starts to feel like a chore. These mini-projectors only need to be staked into your lawn and powered on in order to cover thousands of square feet with a multi-color holiday light show.

  1. 1. LedMall RGB Christmas Laser Light

    • IP67-rated for water resistance
    • Lots of light patterns
    • Built-in timer
    • High price tag
    • Limited pattern control
    • Limited remote range

    The LedMall RGB Christmas Laser Light is powerful enough that it can serve as your one and only outdoor Christmas decoration for medium-to-large sized homes. Its LED array is bright enough to cover about 3,500 square feet on its own, so it can completely light up your house with your choice of red, green, and blue lights.

    It has 8 motion patterns, though you cannot select an individual one to play. Instead, it automatically cycles through them at your choice of speed and brightness. The timer options are even more robust. You have the option of 2, 4, 6, or 8-hour timers. And once you set it, the lights will repeat the same lighting pattern every 24 hours.’

    The LedMall light also has a nice long charging cable and a sturdy IP67-rated casing. This means it can prevent intrusion from both water and dust resistance. Unless not being able to select your pattern is a dealbreaker, then this is one of the best Christmas laser lights available.

  2. 2. XVDZS Christmas Laser Lights

    • Lots of light patterns
    • Built-in timer
    • IP65-rated for water resistance
    • Weak power cord
    • Lights aren't as bright
    • Limited remote range

    The XVDZS Christmas Laser Lights take a more festive approach to decorating by including some holiday-themed patterns with the standard laser light array. Its red and green lasers form patterns like trees, bells, snowflakes—and is that Santa Claus himself?! You can mix and match this with the regular starry pattern as well.

    These patterns cover an area of approximately 3,800 square feet in light. This UL-certified projector comes with a remote that allows you to cycle through these patterns as well as a selection of animations. It can spin, twinkle, and flash at different speeds.

    The remote also allows you to set a 24-hour timer with either 2, 4, or 6 hours on. Set it once and the lights will automatically maintain the schedule until you hit the rests button or program them otherwise. It comes with two interchangeable stands for indoor or outdoor use.

    The lights are IP65-rated against water and dust resistance, so you can leave them out in rain or snow. Just be cautious as the power adapter is only rated for IP44, so it shouldn’t be near puddles or buried in snow.

    Buy the XVDZS Christmas Laser Lights here.

  3. 3. Starry Christmas Projector Lights

    • Massive coverage
    • Lots of RGB light patterns
    • IP65-rated for water resistance
    • High price tag
    • Short power cord
    • Limited remote range

    The Starry Christmas Projector Lights might be pricier than the competition but they offer unmatched quality and area coverage. The lights can cover a massive area of 3,900 square feet when positioned about 50 feet from the surface. This is great for those with larger homes.

    They are controlled with a handy remote, which can adjust their brightness, pattern, and speed. You can also set them on a 2, 4, 6, or 8-hour timer. These timers automatically repeat every 24 hours unless you reset them. That way you don’t have to push the button every night.

    The Starry Projector Light has a single swirling and twinkling animation that you can adjust the speed of (down to a total stop if preferred). There is a flash setting that can be done on top of this. This projector mixes things up with red, green, and blue LEDs. You can mix and match any of the three colors for occasions outside of Christmas.

    These lights come with interchangeable stands for indoor or outdoor use. They are IP65-rated for water and dust resistance and have a sturdy aluminum housing. But if you live in a cold area, then the best part about the Starry Christmas Light Projector is that you don’t have to climb a ladder to put them up in the snow.

    Buy the Starry Christmas Laser Lights here.

  4. 4. 1byone Outdoor Laser Light Projector

    • IP65-rated for water resistance
    • Built-in timer
    • Included remote
    • Lights aren't as bright
    • No rotating or twinkling setting
    • No red-only mode

    The 1byone Christmas Outdoor Laser Light Projector offers one of the best feature sets for one of the best prices among Christmas decorations. This UL-certified laser projects simple red dots, green Xmas tree patterns, or both. It also lots of customization in terms of light motion and patterns.

    The included remote control allows you to adjust flash speeds and light intensity for each color individually. It does not have any fancy features like swirly or twinkling, and honestly just looks best static. The remote can also be used to set a timer for 1-6 hours. This timer automatically repeats every 24 hours until you reset it.

    A single light projector covers about 2,100 square feet, which is small compared to other models we tested. It has interchangeable stands for use inside or outside. If you do put it outside, it is safe with its IP65-rated against intrusion by water and dust.

    The 1byone Christmas laser lights are a little more basic than other pricier models but they are still solid for decorating on a budget. They also make a great cheap tech gift for a new homeowner.

    Buy the 1byone Outdoor Laser Light Projector here.

  5. 5. Minetom Christmas Snowfall Projector Lights

    • Wide coverage
    • Built-in timer
    • IP65-rated for water resistance
    • Only white LEDs
    • Limited remote range
    • Lights aren't as bright

    The Minetom Christmas Snowfall Projector Lights are a different kind of laser lawn decoration compared to most of the options we reviewed. Rather than display red and green lasers, the Brightown projector displays a snowfall pattern that looks like a snow flurry in front of your house. This neutral-colored option offers a more refined light decoration while still keeping the Christmas spirit strong.

    This light is IP65-rated for resistance to water and dust. This makes it suitable for outdoor use though you should be more careful with the power supply. That is only IP44-rated for water resistance. The Minetom projector has two interchangeable bases for either indoor or outdoor use.

    The remote control allows the user to adjust the speed of the snowfall, adjust the brightness of the picture, and set a 2-hour, 4-hour, 6-hour, or 8-hour power cycle, which repeats every 24 hours. There is also a flashing mode but I find that it totally ruins the peacefulness of this snowfall light.

    Although it is more a neutral winter design than a festive Christmas design, I actually prefer this more refined look to the green and red laser myself. It goes great with other white Christmas decorations too.

    Find more Minetom Christmas Snowfall Projector Lights information and reviews here.

  6. 6. Unifun Pattern Projector Lights

    • Modular gobo lights
    • Built-in timer
    • IP44-rated for water resistance
    • Small coverage
    • Not every lens is Christmas-themed
    • Limited remote range

    The Unifun Pattern Projector Lights is noteworthy for the fact that it can get year-round mileage with its modular gobo lens set. What is gobo? It stands for “goes before optics,” and describes a flat piece of glass that projects an image when illuminated.

    The Unifun light comes with 15 of them in total, including several that are appropriate for the holiday. There is a Christmas tree, a Santa design, and my personal favorite, the snowflake design. This projector has a remote with buttons to set a timer (always 6 hours on, 18 hours off) and to control the movement speeds of the projected images. Because the images have set dimensions, they look best when used closer to the surface. That means in ideal conditions, the image will be about the size of a one-car garage door.

    This projector can be used inside or outside, as it is IP65-rated and comes with two different mounts. If the built-in timer works well for you, then you can just set it and forget it. And when the holiday times are over, you can just swap out for a different gobo and let the good times roll. The only way you can cover more ground is with some commercial Christmas decorations.

    Buy the Bossjoy Gobos Pattern Projector Lights here.

  7. 7. Coowoo Christmas Laser Light Projector

    • Lots of light patterns
    • Built-in timer
    • IP65-rated for water resistance
    • Limited remote range
    • Short power cord
    • Only one timer mode

    The Coowoo Christmas Projector is a Class 3A laser light projector that can cover up about 600 square feet with vivid red and green LED light. You can project either green or red or lights or both, and you have a choice of several different pulsing and rotating patterns too.

    This projector can be used either indoors or outdoors, as it is IP65 rated for water resistance. The cord is a little short, though, so you will probably need an extension cable. One more thing we like about this light is that it has a built-in timer that will run the lights for 8 hours on and 16 hours off. All in all, this is a pretty capable Christmas light.

  8. 8. Eva Logik Laser Projector Light

    • Lots of RGB light patterns
    • Built-in timer
    • IP65-rated for water resistance
    • Limited display area
    • Limited remote range
    • Designs aren't "Christmasy"

    If you are hoping to use laser lights as outdoor Christmas decorations, then the Eva Logik Laser Projector Light is a solid choice. It is IP65-rated for water resistance and has the power to project across a large area. It can cover about 900 square feet with bright red, green, and blue lights. You can display these lights in any pairing, which means they can also serve a purpose outside of the holiday season.

    That said, it should be noted that outside of the normal multicolor dot display, the Eva Logik light’s projector patterns aren’t particularly Christmas-like. There is one that kind of looks like a snowflake, but otherwise, the patterns are more psychedelic than anything else. Still, these lights have almost everything you would need from a Christmas decoration, including multiple timer settings and an IR remote.

  9. 9. StarTastic Laser Light Projector

    • Wide coverage
    • Easy setup
    • Built-in light sensor
    • No timer
    • Short power cord
    • No motion

    If you’ve seen one of these Christmas laser lights projectors on a TV infomercial before, it was probably the StarTastic Laser Light Projector. This projector has a fairly straightforward design and it comes from an established brand in the Christmas decoration game.

    The StarTastic Light can display either red lights, green lights, or a mix of both. This light has a single button to toggle the slow swirling light pattern, otherwise, the lights remain static. The lack of customization might bother some people, but others will appreciate the plug-and-play simplicity. The lights cover a respectable 4,000 square feet, so you probably only need one for an average-sized home.

    The projector has a built-in light sensor that will automatically turn the lights on as it gets dark. There is no timer mode, though, which may bother those who want their lights on at a specific time. The light comes with a stake for outdoor use, and a stand for indoor use, allowing them to work anywhere without issue. The projector is also UL-certified and weather-resistant.

    Overall, this light is quite a bit more simplistic than the other models out there. If you want no-fuss setup, then the light sensor definitely has its value, but otherwise, there are probably better options.

    Buy the StarTastic Laser Light Projector here.

How We Chose the Best Christmas Laser Lights

Considering that most holiday laser light displays offer a nearly identical set of features, it can be hard to tell which set, if any, is best for your needs. Thankfully we here at Heavy dug deep to find the key differentiators that set these brands apart.

For starters, while most Christmas laser lights have a standard RG (and sometimes B) light array, different brands offer varying patterns to mix up your display. The best laser lights have remote timers and light controls as well.

We made sure to showcase the widest variety of light styles while making sure most of our picks had high-end controls and light settings.

Of course, we also included some more budget options for those with less complicated decorating needs. Whichever path you take, all of the light systems we reviewed are fully waterproof for outdoor use.

Are Christmas Laser Lights Safe?

If you are going to all-out with Christmas laser lights, then you should be sure to follow several safety guidelines when you install these lights.

When used correctly, Christmas laser lights are perfectly safe to decorate with. When used incorrectly, they can potentially cause danger for you and those around you.

This article from LaserPointerSafety.com describes several important safety tips for installing laser Christmas lights, the most important of which is to only aim them at your house.

Aiming them at roadways or towards the sky can cause problems for passing drivers and even commercial pilots. Additionally, you should never look straight into these laser projectors.

Basically, use these laser lights only as intended and you will have a much better time this Christmas season.

Additionally, you should only use UL Certified lights, as is the case for all consumer electronics. If you aren't sure what UL Certification means, then you head over to The Spruce for a quick crash course.

That said, all of the Christmas laser lights we've reviewed are confirmed UL Certified, but it is always wise to ensure that the item you were shipped isn't a cheap knockoff.

Sours: https://heavy.com/home/christmas-laser-lights/

How Christmas Lights Work

Two new developments in Christmas lights are LED lights and holiday projectors.

LED Lights

Henry Joseph Round was credited with the discovery of the light-emitting diode (LED) in 1907, but it wasn't until the 1960s that LEDs were used commercially. LED lights don't have filaments that will burn out and they generate light without adding heat. LEDs are illuminated by electrons moving in a semiconductor material. The first LED Christmas lights were sold in 1998, and by the mid-2010s, Christmas trees at both the U.S. Capitol and Rockefeller Center had been lit using only LED lights [source: Gardner]. Even though they cost consumers more upfront, LED lights use 80 percent less energy and last much longer than traditional incandescent lights [source: Wood and Gerrity]. An added benefit is that these lights are often programmable, allowing users to change the color of the lights and select different blinking modes. They also come in a variety of shapes and styles.

LED Holiday Projectors

Laser projectors are no longer just for night clubs. Now your house can get in on all the kaleidoscopic fun! Holiday projectors first appeared on the U.S. market in 2015 [source: Kavilanz]. When these projectors are pointed at a house, they create special effects like falling snow or flying reindeer. Here's how they work: Light is passed through a lens, which magnifies and displays a picture. Unlike traditional projectors which use light bulbs, laser projectors use LEDs to produce the light [source Poretsky]. Holiday laser projectors are popular because they're easier to set up than string lights, especially when decorating roof tops.

However, these projectors can disrupt air traffic if they aren't used properly. As of June 30, 2017, there were 2,933 laser incidents involving aircraft reported to the FAA, less incidents than in 2016, but more than in 2015 [source: Patrick Murphy]. When lasers hit airplanes, the pilot and other crew members may experience temporary blindness, headaches and watery eyes. It's important that consumers point these projectors directly at their homes, not at the sky.

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Best Holiday Light Projector Spotlights

The holidays are always a time for happiness and celebration, or at least they should be. There are lots of ways to help achieve that and make them truly memorable and enjoyable, and of course – the most important ways are not materialistic in nature. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t also give your family, friends, and home some actually pleasant experiences using a holiday light projector spotlight.

These devices are made with the full intention of bringing light and happiness to your life, both during the holidays and during any personal events and celebrations. Whether you are looking for nice all-white snowflakes and snowfall light show or a colorful Christmas display of Santa, his sled and the reindeers, a good holiday light projector can help you out. Or, maybe you want it to also have Halloween lights such as skeletons, pumpkins, and witches for next year, as well as Easter eggs and bunnies for the spring? A good and richly diverse holiday spotlight projector should also have lights and slides for personal occasions such as birthdays, work promotions, anniversaries, and others.

How do you find a holiday lights projector that can do all that, however? One that offers a lot of functionalities such as timer and memory options, one that is waterproof, durable and resistant to all kinds of weather, but at the same time is easy and simple to install? One that will fit perfectly in your yard and will light up your walls in the best possible way but that can also be used indoors at the same time? Choosing the perfect device can be challenging and quite subjective, and if you do it close to the holidays it can also ruin your fun with all the research that you’ll need to do. That’s why we thought we’d help you out at least a little bit with a quick list and guide article.

Below, you will find both a Top 3 and a Top 10 lists of the best holiday light projector spotlights on the market right now. We’ve made sure that the Top 3 takes quite a detailed look at the best products you should consider, but the rest of the Top 10 also features a quick look at the products, what’s great about them, as well as what kept them away from the main three positions.

After the product lists, there are also several guide sections that will walk you through the inside and outs of holiday light projectors, what’s great about them, what’s not so great about them, how to use them in the most effective manner, how to choose and buy the most suitable item for your home, and much more. So, without further ado, let’s delve straight into our Top 3 list of the best holiday light projector spotlights.


1. ALOVECO Christmas Light Projector Lights


  • Wattage: 12 watts
  • Voltage: 14 volts
  • Bulb type: LED
  • Material: ABS
  • Color: black
  • Weight: 1.23 pounds
  • Dimension: 7 by 5 by 4 inches
  • Other features: waterproof, remote controller included

Whether you are looking for the best Halloween projector or the best Christmas light projector, ALOVECO should always be one of the first brands to check out. Their 14 switchable slides/pattern lights for an outdoor light projector come in all kinds, shapes, and sizes.

Some of the specifics that make these ALOVECO lights some of the best holiday light projector lights on the market are the fact that they are exceptionally easy to install, as well as the fact that they are waterproof and very safe to use. This year also sees the first in its kind ALOVECO stunning Christmas projector lights that beautifully simulate both snowflakes and snowfall at the same time. This gorgeous effect o of these lights is a big reason why they are among the best LED projector lights on the market.

Together with their beautiful design, you will also get a wireless remote controller that will allow you to control the projector’s functions from 10 meters of distance. You will also be able to change the rotation modes, plus the remote has a timer function and a memory function.

To make matters even better, with these ALOVECO Christmas Light Projector Lights you can also deck the interior of your home with these chic snowflake projector lights. What’s more, all this comes to you with an 18-months manufacturer warranty.


  • This outdoor Christmas light projector is waterproof and comes with an 8-meter cord, making it very easy and safe to install outdoors.
  • The ALOVECO LED light projector comes with a useful remote control that has a range of 10 meters and offers several different options, including a timer function and a memory function.
  • This outdoor holiday projector creates a beautiful mix of snowflakes and a snowfall that form a gorgeous picture and make this ALOVECO product one of the best Christmas projector items on the market.
  • The ALOVECO LED projector Christmas lights comes with an 18-month warranty.


  • The projector itself is smaller than the photos would suggest.

2. Elec3 Holiday LED Projector Lights


  • Wattage: 10 watts
  • Bulb type: LED
  • Material: plastic
  • Color: black
  • Weight: 2.22 pounds
  • Dimension: 8.9 by 6.8 by 3.9 inches
  • Other features: has a remote control

Next, on our “Best LED projector” list are these outdoor Halloween and Christmas projectors by Elec3. They offer an all year round lights and entertainment and are great both as a Halloween ghost projector, as well as a Christmas snowflakes projector. The projector is very easy to install as it takes just a few minutes to set up properly. Plug and play is all that’s required to bring your home some of the best Halloween projector and Christmas projector experience. This makes it perfect for the decoration of an outdoor garden, lawn, house, etc.

The projector comes with 20 switchable pictures and pattern slide lens. There are everything from pumpkins, ghosts, and eyeballs to snowflakes, Santa and Christmas trees. And some slides even feature more general things like balloons, birthday cakes, coconuts, clowns and the moon so this LED projector light will be great for every and all holiday. What’s best is that all these come in a myriad of colors instead of the old and worn out black & white.

Of course, the projector is also waterproof and can withstand all kinds of weather. It also has a remote control and comes with a 32-foot power cable. And the LEDs are energy-saving and will consume only 10 watts.


  • The Elec3 Holiday LED Projector Lights have 20 switchable pictures and pattern slide lens.
  • All the patterns projected by this product are colored and not black & white.
  • The Elec3 Holiday LED Projector Lights come with a remote control and a 32-feet power cable.


  • Although there are 20 slides to choose from, only two of them are for Halloween and 4 for Christmas which might be off-putting to some.

3. Acetek Christmas Projector Lights

Acetek LED Light Projector

This unique light projector light from Acetek will not only project holiday shapes but also a unique wave pattern that will make your home look even more unique.

Buy* from Amazon

*click for the current price and availability


  • Wattage: 12 watts
  • Bulb type: LED
  • Material: plastic
  • Color: black
  • Weight: 1.65 pounds
  • Dimension: 7.9 by 6 by 5.1 inches
  • Other features: waterproof, remote control included

Another candidate for the title of “best holiday projector” are these Acetek Christmas Projector Lights. They offer a 2 in 1 experience thanks to their moving patterns and their water ripple effect. With this outdoor Christmas projector, you can project a total of 12 different slides onto your home’s walls for a lot of holiday diversity and entertainment. What’s more, the 12 slide patterns include a total of 10 different colors in them which really helps to bring the whole holiday atmosphere up a notch.

These Christmas light projector lights from Acetek also come with a remote control that has a range of up to 40 feet. With this remote control, you will be able to switch up the different slides and color patterns, change between the 2 different speed modes, set several different timer settings, or choose between the 3 different flashing speed choice modes.

Of course, this LED holiday projector with motion is waterproof, but what’s also worth mentioning is that it can be installed in different ways. You can either install it on the included long stake to give it some height or place it on a rounded stand to keep it close to the ground in your garden or yard.

For the best possible results, place the projector at 10 to 15 feet from the surface on which you want it to shine. The landscape lights themselves are CE, ROHS safety certified and can be placed anywhere, both outdoors and indoors. These spotlight Christmas lights are great for much more than just the winter holidays and can work great as Halloween projection lights, as snowflake projector lights or as any outdoor holiday light projector lights.


  • The Christmas Projector Lightscome with a versatile remote control that has up to 40 feet range and offers a lot of functionalities.
  • This is one of the best Christmas light projector products thanks to its 2 in 1 functionality – it offers both moving patterns and a water ripple effect.
  • This Christmas spotlight projector rotates between 12 different slide patterns and includes a total of 10 colors.


  • The light and motion settings reset every time you turn the projector off because there is no memory function. This means that you’ll have to manually set them every time you turn it on.


Obviously, a list of just 3 products is not enough to exhaust all the great holiday light projector spotlights on the market right now. To further help you out in your choice, here are the next 7 products we feel are of the highest quality but that came just short of making the Top 3 cut.

4. Misika LED Christmas Projector Lights

The Misika LED Christmas Projector Lights come with a film of 16 dynamic color pattern slides and the pictures are also very easy to replace with whatever you like. These lights also come with their own remote control for an even easier access and control, however, the projector is rather small in size, which makes its applications limited.

5. ENJOY PET Holiday LED Landscape Projector Lights

Ocean Wave Christmas Projector Lights from Enjoy Pet offer a 2 in 1 experience – 12 different and colorful moving pattern slides, as well as an Ocean Wave LED landscape. The projector is equipped with two projector heads and is waterproof and resistant to all kinds of weather. It comes with a 16.4-foot long power cable with a weather-resistant cap and a remote control with 40 feet range. One drawback this item has is that the projector has no memory functions and the color schemes you want, so it will need to be programmed every night.

6. Jeniulet Christmas Projector Lights for Outdoors

The Jeniulet Christmas Projector Lights for Outdoors offer 12 different pattern slides for your year-round entertainment. This makes it great for all holidays and personal occasions. Furthermore, the projector is waterproof and resistant to all kinds of weather. Its soft LED cloud protects the eyes while still offering relatively bright and clear images. Easy and fast to install, one drawback of this product is slightly overpriced for the quality of the picture that it offers.

7. KingKKong LED Christmas Light Projectors

The KingKKong LED Christmas Light Projectors are great for a broad spectrum of applications. They come with 16 bright LED picture pattern slides that can fit any holiday or personal occasion. The projector also comes with a 16.5-foot long power cable and both it and the cable are waterproof, making them suitable for any situation, weather, and environment. And it has a remote control, a 12-month warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. The projector’s coverage is smaller compared to some other products on the market, however.

8. Solpex Christmas Projector Lights

The Solpex Christmas Projector Lights come with 16 moving pattern slides of bright and colorful images. Great for all holidays and personal occasions, this projector can serve you all year round. It can be installed both indoors and outdoors, and it comes with a wireless RF controller that has about 50 feet of range. The projector comes with a 12-month manufacturer warranty and is very easy to install, however, it is rather small.

9. Vansky LED Christmas Projector Lights

The classic Vansky LED Christmas Projector Lights come with wireless remote control for easy control from up to 32 feet of distance, as well as a set of 15 colorful pattern slides that can accommodate for any holiday or personal occasion. The projector itself is waterproof and works best at 16 to 26 feet of distance in a dark environment. It comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty, however, a lot of customers report the control options to be a bit lacking.

10. Lighting Store Diret Christmas and Halloween Projector Lights

Last but not least, the Lighting Store Diret Christmas and Halloween Projector Lights offer 16 colorful all-season pattern slides. The projector is very simple and easy to install and is also waterproof so you can set it up wherever and whenever you want. It has multiple operating modes that are easy to switch between from the unit itself, plus it also has a remote control with 50 feet of range. What kept this projector out of the Top 3 was the fact that there are other projectors on the market that are a tad brighter.


Holiday light projector spotlights are not really the most complex tech products on the market. In their simplest form, they are just laser or LED lights in a projector that you can point at a wall. A holiday light projector can easily be just a white lamp with a snowflake-shaped pattern on it for ~10 pounds. Alternatively, a holiday spotlight projector can also have several lasers in it with different colours, a beam combiner between them and the laser apertures, a “sled” unit to keep the lights changing, motorised optics, a primary heat sink to keep the projector in a good condition under all-weather circumstances, a temperature sensor to monitor for thermal shutdown.

All this can be accompanied by a remote control and a ton of additional functionalities such as a turn off the timer, memory functions and much more. There can also be a sound device that may be able to play holiday jingles if that’s what you want for your yard.

Choosing between a holiday lights projector with more or fewer options and functionalities is entirely subjective and personal, and we’ll go over that process in the next section of this article. However you choose to process, these are the basic components of a lights projector.

So, why did holiday light projectors become so popular over the past couple of decades? It used to be that people decorated their homes with actual string lights and lamps, as well as with other physical decorations such as plastic snowmen or reindeers with lights in them, and so on.

Well, while such decorations are still used by many homeowners, holiday light projector spotlights offer a much simpler and easier way to light up your house in a beautiful display of holiday spirit. They are quicker and easier to install, they are much cheaper overall – both in their initial price and in their energy consumption, they are easier to maintain, and what’s more, they can also work in different holidays or occasions. While it’s silly to hang up your Christmas lights on Halloween or on your birthday, you can easily start up your light projector and load some birthday or Halloween patterns in it to match the holiday.

Holiday light projectors are also more durable and handle tough weather better, they can often be easily operated with just a single remote control, and they can easily be relocated at a moment’s notice.

All these factors make holiday light projector spotlights one of the best ways to lighten up your home for the holidays, as well as one of the best purchases you can make for year-long use.


Purchasing the right holiday light projector for your home and family can be either a joyful or an infuriating task, depending on how it goes. It can either be something that happens quickly and leads to an amazing purchase, or, it can take you a ton of time and still lead to the purchase of a product that simply isn’t right for your home and situation. To make sure the latter doesn’t come to past, let’s take a look at the main steps to take when you are looking for your next holiday light projector spotlight.

First, of course, there is the “quality” question. Regardless of what size or type of a holiday light projector you choose for your home, the one constant that applies to all customers and situations is that it needs to be of a high enough quality. Holiday light projectors are luxury items after all, so there is no point in wasting money on one that will not give you the experience you are looking for. A holiday light projector needs to be bright and offer vivid and precise colors and schemes. If Santa or the snowflakes are all fuzzy and barely distinguishable then you might as well not have them on your home’s walls. The holiday lights projector you should be looking for is one that can give you bright and clear light images.

What’s more, the best holiday light projectors are also durable, waterproof and will last you for multiple seasons. The last thing you want from such a device is to have to buy a new one every year. A high-quality holiday spotlight projector should also have at least several of the basic functionalities such as a timer, a memory function, and so on, as well as a remote control to operate it with.

How do you make sure that the projector you are looking at is actually of a good quality, however? After all, every manufacturer says that their products are durable, waterproof and resistant to all kinds of weather. They all claim that their holiday light projectors offer bright and clear images, as well as that they are easy and simple to install and use. Even if you just look at the promotional images they use, it is funny how pompous a lot of them are – a single, small projector lighting an entire 2-story house top to bottom? Yeah, that doesn’t happen.

To find a truly good holiday light projector we are usually forced to rely on the good old customer reviews. Or the “bad old” – depending on how you view them. Customer reviews are far from the perfect tool to use when it’s time to make a decision – they are often too subjective, they don’t offer enough details, they usually fail to mention or realize how the customers themselves have made mistakes during the installation, and they often fail to account for the fact that there is a difference between a holiday light not being suitable for a specific situation and it not being “good enough”.

However, as long as you are aware of all these things when reading customer reviews, and as long as you make sure to read a lot of them, you can soon start getting a clear picture about how good a product is. Simply put, as subjective and incomplete as customer reviews tend to be, if too many of them are saying the same thing, chances are that there is some truth there.

In addition to customer reviews, you can also give a fair bit of attention to professional industry reviews. These review texts are usually in the form of large, long-form articles and can be quite informative. They try to look at the products’ qualities objectively and to give you a good insight into what they really are. These reviews can sometimes be biased, however, so it’s important to take them with a grain of salt, but they can also be of use.

Lastly, when looking for quality, taking a quick look at the brands of the products you are choosing between is also a good thing to do. Brands don’t mean everything when it comes to holiday light projector spotlights – there are famous brands that produce subpar products, as well as brands that no one has heard of that actually make great products. Still, the general rule of thumb here is that if a brand has a good reputation, it’s usually deserving of it. To get you started, here are some of the top brands we’d recommend keeping an eye on: Vansky, Solpex, ALOVECO, Misika, KingKKong, Jeniulet, Acetek, and others.

How to get a holiday lights projector that reflects your personal preferences and situational needs?

Making sure that you get a holiday light projector of a high enough quality is not enough, unfortunately. It is very often that customers buy high-quality projectors that simply aren’t right for their homes and situations, and thus – still leave them disappointed. The irony here is that even though holiday light projectors seem like a unified group of products that don’t differ too much from one another, even the smallest functional difference can result in a large practical difference in the experience you’ll get. So, to make sure that doesn’t happen, let’s also take a look at several of the factors you’ll need to consider in order to purchase a holiday light projector spotlight that perfectly reflects your needs:

  • What’s the product’s ideal work distance? Some light projectors say they work best at 5 – 10 feet of distance, while others state that they operate optimally at 20 – 25 feet or more. Instinctively, people tend to view the latter as somehow “better” than the former, as if the greater distance means greater quality. That’s not necessarily true, of course. The greater distance usually means that the projector is capable of projecting a larger light show or image on your walls, but whether that’s good or bad depends on your wall and your preferences. Smaller projectors with shorter distances are better suited for smaller yards, as well as for indoor use if you want to put them in your living room every once in a while.
  • Do you want a color-rich holiday light projector or a black & white one? Colourfulness is also often cited as a positive, but the fact of the matter is that a lot of people want simply a good old black & white snowfall display. And when you add to that the fact that a lot of colorful light projector spotlights lack the functionality to switch up their color schemes, you may very well end up being forced to light colorful images on your wall even if you don’t want to.
  • What kinds of options do you want? Having an abundance of options, settings and functionalities are generally considered a good thing, but there is such a thing as unnecessarily many options and functionalities. After all, if you don’t intend to ever use a certain function and its existence in a product inflates its price – you don’t want that product. There are some holiday light project spotlight functions that are more or less always useful such as the memory function or a timer. However, even they may not be necessary for you. There are a lot of customers that don’t even need a remote control when using a light projector, so paying an extra 10% – 15% on a product just because it has a remote control may simply not be worth it for you.
  • What kind of/how many pattern slides do you want your holiday lights projector to have? If you only intend to use your lights projector for one or two holidays per year, then chances are that you don’t need it to have 20 pattern slides, especially since a lot of projectors always rotate their slides and don’t have the option to hold still on a single one. If, however, you want to have the option to switch it up, then the more slides you have at your disposal, the better. Plus, while most holiday light projectors have things such as snowflakes, Christmas trees, Santa Claus pictures, stars, Easter eggs, Halloween pumpkins, and so on, it is worth mentioning that they can all look differently, so remember to take a good look at the projections themselves and choose ones that you’ll fancy looking at.

  • How do you plan to install your holiday lights projector spotlight? Do you want to mount it on a high stake, or would you rather place it on a low-standing platform? Do you want it to rotate or not? Different light projectors come with different installation equipment, with some giving you the option between several different ways to install the device. Consider how you’re planning to place the projector in your yard or home and choose a projector that offers that option.
  • Do you want a light projector that uses LED lights or once that works with lasers? The main difference is the clarity – lasers generally produce a greater clarity, while LED projectors result in softer images. Simply put, lasers tend to be better for snowflakes, while LED projectors make for great snowfall scenes. Our own general rule of thumb for every life situation is “lasers are cool”.
  • Do you want your holiday light projector to also play music? Some products have the functionality of playing holiday jingles as they work which might be something you’d like. IF not, however, there is no point in paying for a higher-priced product with functionalities you won’t use.
  • Consider the power efficiency of your lights projector as well. As with most tech products, a lot of customers tend to ignore the electricity consumption that they bring to the table. They tend to feel insignificant when it comes to the bulk price you pay for the product itself, but that’s generally a bad tactic. An electric item that you intend to keep working for hours at a time each day, multiple days per season/year can consume a lot of electricity and quickly compensate for its higher or lower price.
  • Consider the price. Lastly, different people have different budgetary capabilities and concerns, so make sure you are not paying more than you are comfortable with. Holiday light projector spotlights are just luxury items after all, so while there is no point buying a subpar luxury item, there is also no point in breaking the bank for one.


We touched lightly on the difference between lasers and LED lights, but let’s give them a more detailed look. If you browse through the different holiday light projector products on the market, you’ll see that most of them tend to use LED lights instead of lasers. The easier answer to why this is so is that LED lights are easily marketable – most customers associate LED lighting with quality. And while we are not saying that this is wrong, lasers have a lot they bring to the table:

  • Laser light is much more focus and precise than LED light. Where a laser produces a single dot on your wall, a LED light will produce a wide circle. This is a point for lasers if you want to project clear and precise images, but it can also be viewed as a point for LED lights if you just want to project one big, fuzzy light scene on your wall, such as a general snowfall scene. Simply put – this is more a matter of personal preferences.
  • Lasers also offer increased brightness. Because their light is so much more concentrated, it is also brighter, without consuming any extra energy.
  • Lasers tend to have a longer lifespan on average. Of course, this depends greatly on each individual product’s quality, as well as on how you use them, but on average, lasers tend to outlast LED lights.
  • Lasers actually have a lower power consumption. Again, this can vary depending on each individual product’s specifications, but lasers tend to be the more power-conserving option.
  • On the flip side, laser holiday light projectors tend to be more expensive in terms of their direct purchase prices. LED lights, thanks to their simpler design and functionalities can be cheaper to purchase which is a great draw for a lot of customers.
  • In total, however, laser lights offer a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Regardless of the fact that their initial price is often higher, the longer lifespan of lasers, coupled with their lower energy consumption means that they will usually cost you less money over the years.

So, as you can see, most of these factors tend to line in favor of lasers. Still, these benefits come at a higher initial price and in the form of a more complex product, which a lot of homeowners tend not to like. Either way, it’s important to choose carefully between LED and lasers so that you can get suits your needs in the best possible way.


Using a holiday light projector spotlight is all about proper placement and good management. To achieve the best results and the richest holiday atmosphere you will need to make sure that you place the device in the perfect spot and the perfect distance from the surface on which you’ll project its lights. Each individual light projector has its own specifics that you’ll need to take into account, so always follow the instructions carefully. It is not uncommon for customers to not place their light projectors properly and then blame the bad results on the product itself.

Additionally, consider the light projector’s safety and longevity as well. Holiday spotlights are not the most expensive items on the market, but there’s no point in buying a new one every Christmas. Most light projector lights are waterproof as they are expected to have to work outdoors, and they do have a relatively well-reinforced body that can withstand a certain amount of wind and heavy weather. Still, regardless of what kind of holiday light projector you are using, there is no point in leaving the device outside for longer than you need to. Sure, it’s annoying to have to frequently take it back inside and then reinstall it again next week or next month, but if you are not going to use your projector for a while (even just for several days), it makes sense to save it the weather exposure during that time. Most light projectors are made to be very easy to install, so while it may be annoying, the whole process shouldn’t really be that time-consuming.

Also, remember to use the timer functionality. There is no point in leaving your lights projector engulfing your home in lights at 3 am when no one will be around to observe it. Lights projectors generally don’t run on batteries, but it’s still unnecessary to waste the electricity and overuse the projector when you don’t need it. Additionally, your neighbors will likely not be happy if there are lasers glowing in front of their windows in the middle of the night.

And remember to consider the type of lighting you are using. Laser lights can be even more annoying for your neighbors because they are brighter, however, LED lights consume more electricity and tend to be used for wider images. In both ways, it is typically smart to turn them off during the smaller hours of the night, but it can depend on the specific lights and the situation you’re using them in.

If you are using your holiday light projector spotlight adequately and efficiently, it can last you for years and over dozens of hundreds of different holidays. If you misuse it, on the other hand, it can be a “one and done” type of product that will only do a subpar job for one holiday season.


As you can see, there is a great diversity when it comes to holiday light projector spotlights. They can vary a lot in size, in brightness, in the shapes and pictures they come with, in the size of the projections themselves, in the color schemes they use, in their installation and setup, in their remote functionalities and other quality-of-life functions, and so on. Choosing the right holiday lights projector depends largely on what you and your home need but it is also a question of finding the best quality. A subpar lights projector simply won’t be able to give you the experience you are looking for and can outright ruin the mood in your home or at your gatherings.

Diversity is also an important consideration, because you likely don’t want to spend money on a projector that will only be useful for one month of the year – instead, finding a lights projector that can serve for many different holidays and even personal occasions is a great way to keep things interesting and spirited all year round.

Another crucial thing to consider is whether you want a laser-powered lights projector or one with LED lights. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, ranging from the clarity of the lights, through power efficiency, to initial product cost. However, at the end of the day, it all boils down to personal preferences – if you want clearer images and lower energy consumption, laser lights are usually the way to go. If, however, you want a lower initial price, as well as product simplicity and a more scattered, larger-surface light LED, may be the way to go.

As with most technology item, however, the range of options and functionalities your holiday lights projector offers is probably one of the most important features to look out for. A lack of important quality-of-life functionalities can ruin your experience with a lights projector and thus – a large portion of your holiday experience. Things such as a memory function so that you don’t have to set up your preferred light schemes every single evening, a timer function so that your spotlight projector turns off when you need it to, and others, are all great things to have in your holiday lights projector.

Hopefully, our quick article has helped you at least a little bit in your search for the best holiday spotlight projector and thus – we’ve helped you bring a little more light and spirit into your holiday experience! To wrap things up, here.

The ALOVECO Christmas Light Projector Lights is one of the best light show projector products on the market. It creates a beautiful light show of both snowflakes and a snowstorm at the same time, resulting in a great holiday winter house light projector show. What also makes this one of the best outdoor light projector items is the fact that it is 100% waterproof, it comes with an 8 meters long power cable, as well as an 18-months manufacturer warranty.

The Elec3 Holiday LED Projector Lights offer a great year-round experience for all holidays – Christmas, birthdays, Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and many others. This is achieved thanks to the 20 switchable pictures and pattern slide lens that are also colored in various different bright and joyful colors. The projector is also waterproof and comes with a 50-foot range remote control for your convenience. You can use this both indoors and outdoors and set it up wherever you like.

The Acetek Christmas Projector Lights is one of the best holiday light projector products thanks to its versatility. It offers a 2 in 1 experience with its moving patterns and its water ripple effect. It also rotates between 12 different slide patterns and includes a total of 12 different colors. These Acetek ghost projector lights also come with a 12 months warranty and a useful remote control that has up to 40 feet range and offers a ton of functionalities.

Sours: https://www.ledwatcher.com/best-holiday-light-projectors/

Christmas Projector Lights, AGPTEK LED Lights No Slides Upgraded 2-in-1, 13 Water Wave & Moving Patterns, Remote Control, Waterproof for Outdoor Indoor Easter Halloween Party Garden Decoration


  • ❄ 【Upgraded No Slide Design, Direct Remote】 The pattern is printed on the lamp ball. You don’t install slides to change theme pattern any more.Change the pattern directly from the remote control , easy to operate.
  • ❄ 【2019 2-in 1 Ocean Wave + Pattern Design for Halloween and Christmas】 2-in-1 LED projector light, 13 colors water wave + patterns used simultaneously or separately. The range of the projection pattern is up to 15m, the water wave is 6m ( up to 10m in very dark surroundings). 9 si

Product description



Are you searching for a brighter and clear projector lights, no need to slide ?

AGPTEK Christmas Halloween LED Projector Light is the right choice . The vivid picture is suitable for Halloween and Christmas Holiday, easy to use.



2 in 1 Ocean Wave + Moving Pattern


Equipped with two projection heads, one for water wave ripple effect and another for patterns image projection. 2-in-1 LED projector light, 13 colors water wave + patterns used simultaneously or separately.The range of the projection pattern is up to 15m, the water wave is 6m ( up to 10m in very dark surroundings).



NO Slide , Never Fade,No Harm to Eyes


You can stay at home using the remote control to change both water waves and patterns without changing slides. The LED Projector Light has high brighter LED and clear image which can beat any other old version slide projector. the light projects a soft and natural ray of light, not flickering, not-dazzling and better to protect your children’s eye from being hurted.



Wide Application for Colorful Holiday


There are 9 single Halloween and Christmas patterns( Snowman,snowflake ,Santa, Gift, X-mas tree,Skull, eyeball, ghost, pumpkin,etc ), 3 Combination Mode patterns and 13 colors of water waves ,perfect for Christmas, Halloween, Birthday , Wedding, Family Parties and etc., it also can project the water wave ripple effect in the swimming pool.





  • Input voltage :110-220v
  • Operating temperature -15℃~45℃
  • Power cord length : 5M
  • Remote control : FR remote control
  • Remote control distance :12M
  • Light projection distance pattern: 15M
  • Water Wave: 6 m (up to 10 m in very dark)
  • Certification :UL, FCC,CE, PSE, SAA,ROHS


Adjustable Head:


With a 180°adjustable projector head, it is convenient to set your desired angle.




Remote Control & Auto Timer:


Come with a remote control, enabling you freely control two projection heads at the same time. Besides, the remote control has 4H/6H/8H auto timer function.





Waterproof for outdoor and indoor


The Lamp IP65 and the plug is IP44 waterproof level, The lamp can be staked into the ground with the spike for outdoor use, or placed/mounted on a surface with the detachable round base for indoor use.




Package contents:

  • Projector light * 1
  • power supply * 1
  • Round base *1
  • Ground stake* 1
  • Remote control *1 (excluding battery)
  • Manual * 1
  • Packing box * 1
  • screw* 4


Thank You for Subscribing!
Sours: http://www.agptek.com/index.php/product/christmas-projector-lights-agptek-led-lights-no-slides-upgraded-2-in-1-13-water-wave-moving-patterns-remote-control-waterproof-for-outdoor-indoor-easter-halloween-party-garden-decoration/

Christmas projector led

Ultimate Review Of Best Christmas Light Projectors In 2021

A year goes by so quickly and Christmas is always around. Not sure about you, but my family and I always try to top the last year's decoration in any way possible.

It's not all about the gifts, but personally, for me, it's about the decorations and Christmas spirit. What I've found that made my Christmas decoration even more special, and a lot harder to beat is the Christmas light projector.

Whatever your favorite Christmas symbol or pattern is, you name it, and the Christmas light projector will decorate your house interior and even exterior with your favorite association to Christmas. It's definitely a simple and inexpensive way to create a lovely family environment.

We've looked for many Christmas light projectors, only to find the best ones that feature a lot of versatility, yet proved themselves to be a great spirit booster. Therefore, in this post, you can find 4 best Christmas light projectors that are very reasonably priced yet offer a quality projection that will last for years.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick

This as you would expect from us is an EPIC post so grab a coffee before you start  and see how we cut through every product and review it with precision. IF YOU ARE SHORT ON TIME and just need to know the results of our reviews , CHECK THE RESULTS TABLE BELOW!

The Bets 4 Christmas Light Projectors In The Market For The Money!

Christmas Light Projector

If you're looking for a way to prepare for Christmas and aren't sure how to decorate your home this year, there is no better way than getting a Christmas light projector. Lightshow is a part of the Christmas holiday and with any of these Christmas light projectors, you get to create your very own light show!

Best Choice - VIVREAL - High Value for the Price


VIVREAL Overview

Christmas holidays can be quite expensive but even though VIVREAL is very fairly priced and won't add an additional expense during the holiday season - one of many reasons why it's our best choice is the value & quality it offers for the price it costs.

If you have a look at some of the features, the value it offers increases, and it's most likely going to make you want to have one the next Christmas!

It also makes a great gift for the December.

Different Christmas Decoration FIlms

To make sure you find your favorite Christmas symbol, this projector comes with 16 different films that feature Christmas decoration and patterns.

We've really liked the Santa and Christmas tree projections, even though there are a lot of good films such as snowflakes or even fireworks.

Among the 16 films it features, there are a few films such as cake or roses that are suitable for any occasion during the year which is really cool. This increases the value since this projector won't be sitting in a box waiting for another Christmas.

Remote Control and Timer

With the remote control that even comes with a battery included, you get a great range of about 30 feet, which gives a great signal for indoors and makes it suitable for outdoor use.

With a very compact yet versatile remote controller, you get to change the projected film, moving speed, lights color, set the timer or even set the flashing lights.

The timer features a few different timing settings that can be set for two, four or six hours ahead. And our favorite feature is the turn off timer function that allows you to save energy and set the desired time you want the projector to be turned ON and OFF.

Versatile Use

What we didn't know at first was that the VIVREAL light comes with a high IP44 rating that makes this Christmas light waterproof and suitable for both indoors and outdoors uses.

Other than being just waterproof, we found out that it can actually handle any type of weather, and a super-long cablemakes installation at any outdoor location simple and easy.

Key Features

  • 16 different decorations
  • Remote control is included
  • Timer is featured
  • Waterproof
  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoors use
  • Large projection


  • Voltage - 110V
  • Light Source Type - LED
  • Power consumption - 12W
  • Weight - 11 ounces


  • Number of different projections
  • The ability to set the timer on each projection
  • Number of settings such as moving speed
  • Saves energy
  • Pretty powerful light


  • Display is a bit dim when used in the sunlight

Check VIVREAL price On Amazon

Best Quality - COMLIFE - Long Lasting Quality


COMLIFE Overview

What's so great about COMLIFE is that it's not only made for Christmas and you can use it all year around. Since it doesn't only include effects but also beautiful wavy colors, they make this projector suitable for many different occasions.

Even though the remote controller is far smaller than a TV controller, I'm sure it can do a much more than your TV controller can.

Dual Head Projection

While most Christmas projector lights come with a single projection head, COMLIFE features two which provide a bright and colorful projection at the same time.

One head is made for patterns while the other one is used for wavy water colors. When these two heads combine, the projected image is going to increase the spirit of any event, including Christmas, up to a notch.

When you take the remote controller in your hands and start playing with the features of this Christmas light projector, you'll end up with hours of fun and endless settings to choose from.

Patterns & Colors

Even though 12 patterns might seem a bit limited, each pattern features at least 4 different animations and characters that really make the full use of 12 patterns.

Along with the patterns and thanks to the dual head projection, there are also 10 colors available that come in different water wave patterns.

We loved playing around with the combinations and the amounts of rich images you can get out of the dual heads of this projector. The quality of the projector really exceeds its price, and when you combine all the features it includes - it's a lot of fun.

Multiple Installation Ways

Before the installation process, we should mention that COMLIFE Christmas light projector is suitable for both outdoors and indoors use, especially since it's built with materials that are resistant to water and most common weather conditions.

We've tested it in the light rain and it was fine, even though the manufacturer guarantees that the light can withstand snow and many other harsh weather conditions.

The mounting base of this projector makes it really simple to install in many different positions. If you aren't sure where you'd like to install it yet, the ground stake makes it easy to install in a wall, desk, or in the ground, so you get a great versatility you can take advantage of.

Extra-long cable is just another advantage you'll benefit from during the installation of COMLIFE Christmas projector. We found it to be really useful for outdoor installation since you probably won't need any power outlet extension.

Key Features

  • Dual head projector
  • 12 patterns and 4 colors
  • Remote control
  • Timer
  • Multiple installation ways
  • IP65 rating


  • Voltage - 110V
  • Light source type - LED
  • Power consumption - 12W
  • Weight - 1.5 lb


  • Quality water wave colors
  • Waterproof design
  • Easy to install
  • Is easy on eyes
  • Reasonably priced


Check COMLIFE Price On Amazon

Best Value - CroLED - Ideal for SnowFlake Lovers

CroLED Overview


If snowflakes are your favorite thing about winter and about Christmas, you'll probably love the CroLED Christmas light projector. Even though it doesn't feature a lot of patterns, it's very elegant and still is equipped with a bunch of features that make it worth it.

What's more important is the simplicity of this light projector that makes sure you don't waste time or energy on Christmas lights ever again. Not getting enough snow? How about decorating your home with snowflakes?

Easier Than Christmas Lights

With that being said, you'll be able to get snow vivid scene and snowflakes down in a minute with CroLED Christmas light projector.

Once you unpack the CroLED, it'll take you less than 5 minutes to figure it out and install it, which is a lot faster than having to untangle and install Christmas lights, right?

If you get a few of these and combine them with any other Christmas light projector, we find it to be the most effective way to achieve Christmas landscape - whether it's indoor or outdoor.

Versatile Features

Even though CroLED is really affordable, it is equipped with features that make it very simple to use, very efficient, and very satisfying since it puts on a true winter/Christmas spirit.

180-degree adjustable projector head will make sure you get the best angle on the projection, while the remote controller will allow you to set the timer, change the brightness, set the rotating speed and set many other similar features with a press of a button.

Simple Controls & Great Effects

The controls are very simple and it was easy for us to figure it out without studying the user's manual at all, however, the controls offer a lot of options.

With a simple remote controller, you get to control all features mentioned above which include flash frequency, rotating speed, auto timer setting, and much more.

3 different snowball effects with adjustable speed create a memorable Christmas Eve and definitely are a great decoration to any house.

Key Features

  • 180-degree adjustable head
  • Timer feature
  • Remote controlled
  • Simple controls & easy to use


  • Voltage - 3.6V
  • Light source - LED
  • Power consumption -12W
  • Weight - 7 ounces


  • Perfect for snowball or snowflakes effect
  • Is energy efficient
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors use
  • 12-year warranty included


  • Don't feature an ON/OFF switch

Check CROLED Price On Amazon

Popular Choice - Oittm - The Most Versatile Choice

Oittm Overview


Oittm is a very popular choice because it offers a lot more than just Christmas projections. It can be used for weddings, Thanksgiving, birthday parties, and even Halloween which makes it a very popular choice.

For the price it costs, its versatility & image quality offer projections that are suitable for both indoors and outdoors which makes it easy to use.

12 Alternative Pattern Slides

There are 12 slide patterns that come included with Oittm which give different projections and patterns that make any ambient positive.

Even though the patterns have to be replaced by hand, they feature a lot of beautiful patterns that can be used for many different occasions.

When these patterns are combined with a powerful projection, this gives the ability for great use of the projection for both outdoors and indoors use.

When you have a look at the patterns that come included, it doesn't take long to realize you'll be equipped with an all-year-round entertainment. And even though the patterns have to be replaced manually, they're still worth the price.

Energy-Saving With Bright Projection

Oittm did a great job at providing a better shine and brighter light while cutting down the power consumption and cost of running the light regularly.

With 4 pieces of built-in LED beads that operate at 3W RGW/W energy, the projection is still crystally clear, bright, and full of vivid colors.

Leaving Oittm Christmas light projector to run regularly outdoors during the holiday season won't even have an increase in your electricity bill.

Convenient Installation and Use

We've spent hours testing these lights and what we have found to be really efficient for us and our time is the convenient installation.

It only takes minutes to install this Christmas light projector and you can forget about hanging the strings of lights.

At the same time, it's very safe to use them since the projector is waterproof, and even the adapter is protected against the weather conditions. Leaving it outside in the coldest winter weather won't make a difference at all.

Key Features

  • Auto pattern slides
  • Waterproof power adapter
  • IP65 rated
  • High shine
  • Very convenient
  • Easy to use


  • Voltage - 250V
  • Light source - RGBW/W LED
  • Weight - 1.4 lbs


  • Offers all-year-round entertainment
  • 12 different projections
  • Can project the image to different surface materials
  • Withstands any weather well
  • Projects up to 15 meters of distance


  • Mountain stake doesn't withstand cold weather very well

Check OITTM Price On Amazon

Best Christmas Light Projector: Buying Guide

Christmas Lights Projector Buying Guide

Even if you're using traditional Christmas decorations and still hang the Christmas lights, there is no reason you shouldn't add Christmas light projector to your collection and boost your Christmas spirit up even more.

These 4 Christmas light projectors won't break the bank yet are one of the best projectors available on the market that won't limit the decoration ways, instead will provide a very versatile and modern way of lighting.

Pattern Types

While you can't project any type of image you'd like with the Christmas light projectors, they still come with a number of patterns that you can control and use.

Christmas light projectors featured in this post feature at least about 10 different patterns and some even include a number of colors or multiple characters in a single pattern. Therefore, you get much more than you would expect.

Patterns are important since they improve the level of entertainment that is offered, and with any of these Christmas light projectors, you will have endless hours of fun. Almost all of these Christmas projector lights featured in this post offer a lot more patterns that are suitable for all-year-round.

Installation & IP Rating

Whether you're looking to replace your traditional Christmas lights with one of these Christmas lights projectors, it's important to have a look at the installation ways of the projectors.

Most of the Christmas light projectors come with a very simple installation that features only a few pieces and are made to be installed indoors and outdoors. That's ideal for people who want to spend less time untangling Christmas lights, but also for people who are looking for a great addition to their Christmas lights collection.

Most of such projectors are very well built and protected with a high IP rating that makes them waterproof and weatherproof, so you can literally place them anywhere, under any weather conditions.

Remote Control

Since most of these projectors are well protected and are suitable to be installed outdoors, the remote controllers are almost a standard that comes included.

Even though such remote controllers are small and have very few buttons, they still give plenty of options and you probably couldn't use the Christmas light projector to its fullest without the help of the remote controller.

Therefore, we highly recommend you to always go for a projector with a remote controller.

Best Christmas Light Projectors: Frequently Asked Questions

Most people are very familiar with the standard projectors, however, feel quite inexperienced when it comes to the Christmas light projectors. They operate in a bit different way but are even simpler to use.

Knowing what makes a great Christmas light projector and what to look out for is a great way to find a suitable projector for your needs, but if you still aren't confident or sure, here are some of the most common questions and our answers to them.

Q: At what distance to install Christmas light projector?

A: Christmas light projectors are different in many aspects and while one answer can't help everyone, the most recommended distance for outdoor use is somewhere between 5 to 7 meters, while a suggested distance for indoor use is about 3 to 5 meters.

Most manufacturers mention their recommended distance so make sure you check out the user's manual.

Q: On what surface can Christmas light project the image?

A: Christmas light projectors work in a different way than standard projectors, and therefore, they don't require a solid background surface for the projection to be successful.

And since most of the Christmas light projectors can be used outdoors, you can really project the image to an even surface such as a wall, ceiling, or simply in the air in the dark environment.

Q: Christmas light projector VS Christmas lights?

A: Christmas light projector will never be able to replace the traditional Christmas lights for some people, but it depends on the individual. Even though the projector can give a very similar experience to the Christmas lights, the best way to get most out of the Christmas light projector is to accompany it with other Christmas decorations.

Q: How to secure Christmas light projector?

A: Most Christmas light projectors are made out of 2 to 3 pieces which include a mounting rack that makes the installation very simple and helps to keep the projector fixed under any weather conditions.

The way to secure Christmas light projector varies between the models, but manufacturers really pay attention to the installation and safety so you will have at least a few different ways to secure the projector, wherever you install it.

Q: Can Christmas light projector be installed on a roof?

A: While it might be a bit tricky to install and secure the Christmas light projector on a roof, most of the can easily be installed to a wall so installing it very high on a wall, at the height of a roof will give very similar projection yet will save you a lot of time and hassle on the installation.

Q: Can I project custom patterns with Christmas light projector?

A: Unfortunately, these projectors aren't made in a way standard projectors are made, and therefore, you aren't able to use any input device to project your custom image or patterns.

Some of the Christmas light projectors such as Oittm have replaceable filters and maybe you could try and create a DIY filter that will work, however, you will have to stick with the filters and patterns a projector has integrated.

In Conclusion

With the amount of Christmas decorations and the ability to decorate your home both indoors and outdoors is really amazing, making every Christmas decoration even better.

Christmas light projectors are a great and inexpensive way to either replace your Christmas lights - save yourself time and energy, or make it a great addition to your existing setup.

No matter which projector you choose from these 4 best ones, it's guaranteed that you won't only have fun during the Christmas holiday season, yet you will have an amazing time all-year-round.

  1. Hackaday - What’s Inside a Christmas Light Projector

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While the list features the best on the market, we still pick the VIVREALas our best choice. The 16 films feature Christmas decorations with patterns that will improve the atmosphere in your environment. You have a great range of 30 feet with the remote control so you can sit comfortably and operate the projector. Even more, it is cost-effective and built to last. Lastly, you get extensive coverage, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
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5 Best Laser Christmas Light Projector on Amazon

It’s undoubtedly one of the most memorable and favored go-to scenes in any Christmas movie. The one where someone is up a ladder and ends up falling off in their failed Christmas-light-putting-up attempt. And while it’s fun to see on TV, you can’t help but appreciate the real-world pain in the butt that putting Christmas lights on your home really is. Hence the reason for the rise in popularity of the Christmas light projector.

Christmas light projectors are a modern way to decorate your house for the festive season without any of the hassle usually related to the task. These projectors cover your home in eye-catching lighting patterns which can take the form of a number of static or dynamic designs, including:

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  • Snowfall
  • Light-like pinpoints
  • Snowflakes
  • Christmas characters

In addition to the various shapes and patterns the projectors offer, the other major reasons to switch from lights to a projector are related to the installation and maintenance process. Never again will you have to worry about busting out your ladder to string lights along the roof. Nor will you have to waste time de-tangling what feels like miles of cord, only to realize you have enough broken bulbs to warrant taking the whole thing down. Listen, we’ve been there, it sucks. That’s why we love these Christmas light projectors. These are even easier to store than those pesky lights!

So, if you’re ready to give up the hassle and potential danger of a trip up an icy ladder this holiday season, check out our nine favorite Christmas light projectors and find the right one to get your home shining come winter.

1. COOWOO Christmas Laser Lights


These are the Christmas light projectors that essentially started it all. Back when people started using laser lights instead of hanging their Christmas decorations the way we would in the olden days (ha!), these green and red dotted lights took to the stage instead. Your neighbors had these, your family members had these, your parents had these. They’re a main staple to Christmas tradition at this point, so if you want to keep it “old school” at least in terms of Christmas light projectors, this is the way to do it.

COOWOO Christmas Laser Lights, best christmas light projectorsCourtesy of Amazon


2. XVDZS Christmas Laser Lights


No matter what you’re going for this year, these Christmas light projectors will do it. This outdoor projector includes five different patterns featuring snowflakes, jingling bells, Christmas trees, a starry night and Santa Claus himself. Control speed from inside your home with the added remote so you don’t have to go outside. Just pick your poison depending on the night and cover your home in a sea of festive colors and patterns.

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XVDZS Christmas Laser Lights, best christmas light projectorsCourtesy of Amazon


3. Nortix Christmas Projector Lights


Let it snow even if you live in an area that doesn’t get it with these super fun snowy Christmas projector lights. These were recently upgraded for 2021 to have a large projection range to cover even more of your home. Yeah, that means you can use these as your sole decoration this year, making your life that much easier. On rainy and snowy days, you don’t have to worry in the slightest about this projector not working or looking visually different on your home.

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Nortix Christmas Projector Lights, best christmas light projectorsCourtesy of Amazon


4. Brightown Christmas Projector Lights


At under $25, the Brightown Christmas Projector Lights is a great and budget-friendly way to introduce some effort-free Christmas lighting into your setup. This IP44-rated device projects a variety of Christmas-themed items, including Rudolph, candy canes and, of course, Santa. The light also comes with a stake and a flat base which includes screw holes for easy off-the-ground mounting, too. Additionally, you’ll find a remote control that lets you control your device from a distance and includes the ability to choose how long the projector stays on for and change between display speeds.

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Brightown Christmas Projector LightsCourtesy of Amazon


5. BlissLights Sky Lite


So, here’s the downfall with BlissLights’ Sky Lite: they aren’t made for the outdoors. But, if you want to turn the inside of your home into a galaxy getaway, these are the lights to do it with. Enter a world lightyears away from our home planet all by staying in your lighting room, turning the overhead lights off and blaring this light toward your ceiling. It’s colorful, crazy and adds a bit of pizazz in the world of overwhelmingly obvious festive light projectors.

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BlissLights Sky LiteCourtesy of Amazon


6. Ledmall RGB Outdoor Garden Laser Christmas Lights


With its three-color (red, green and blue) projection, its range of patterns to choose from and its high-quality construction, the Ledmall RGB Outdoor Garden Laser Christmas Lights is a solid Christmas light option this year. The included remote control, which has a range reaching up to 50 feet away, lets you choose between numerous settings, including lighting duration, the display speed and your preferred pattern. The IP67-rated device also includes a built-in security lock, a long waterproof cable and comes with both a stake and flat-floor style stand to choose from.

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Ledmall RGB Outdoor Garden Laser Christmas LightsCourtesy of Amazon


7. Ocean Wave Christmas Projector Lights


If you’ve ever heard someone say “projector lights aren’t just for Christmas,” they were definitely talking about the Ocean Wave Christmas Projector Lights. While they do offer two festive season projections, you’ll find a whole other range of options in the pack, including designs for celebrating a birthday, Thanksgiving, Halloween and other significant days throughout the year. This versatility gives this device a year-round functionality where many competitors fall short. It also comes with a flat base and yard spike, making it easy to mount your lights indoors or out.

Ocean Wave Christmas Projector LightsCourtesy of Amazon


8. Startastic Max Remote-Controlled Light Projector


The Startastic Max Remote-Controlled Light Projector is capable of projecting 98 different lighting effects as well as 12 different color combinations allowing for something different every day of the week. You’ll also be able to choose between static and active displays and control it all using the included remote control. The light projector includes a floor stand and a yard stake for easy indoor or outdoor mounting as far as 50 feet away.

Startastic Max Remote-Controlled Light ProjectorCourtesy of The Home Depot

Startastic Max Remote-Controlled Light Projector


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9. Chinly Party Lights DJ Disco Stage Laser Light


If you want to give your indoor Christmas setup a laser-filled makeover, try this Chinly Party Lights DJ Disco Stage Laser Light. It boasts a high-quality aluminum alloy housing and offers a range of different lighting patterns, including snowflakes. You’ll find a stand that can be mounted both on and off the floor. The light also includes a remote control which lets you cycle through the lighting effects, add sound and change the speed of the display. All in all, this is a great way to add an extra dimension to your Christmas display.

Chinly Party Lights DJ Disco Stage Laser Light, best christmas light projectorsCourtesy of Amazon


These Christmas Lights Will Make Yours the Best-Looking House on the Block This Year


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