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Fantastic DC Comics Batman Statue and Figure Collection: 16 Best 3D Prints to Make

DC Comics universe has millions of fans from across the globe. Characters created by this famous comic book publisher become impressive 3D printing toys and collectables. DC Comics Batman statue and figure are one of the most iconic heroic characters in this universe. There are many great Batman 3D printing models to craft, and each one deserves your attention.

Bruce Wayne (Batman’s secret identity) has become an example of a self-made superhero, The Dark Night, who fights with the criminals in the name of his murdered parents. His revenge, strong character, trained body and physical perfection make him a perfect fighter against the evil powers of the world.

Batman statue

Batman Figures

Many hobbyists love to add various types of 3D printed Batman figures to their DC Comics collection. It can be an armoured Batman figurine, Bruce Wayne in action, a small chibi Batman model, Ninja version of the superhero, a bat-shaped cookie-cutter, cosplay Batman cowl, a bust, Batmobile or anything else.

There are many fantastic ideas you can turn into life on your home 3D printer. Cufflinks, a keychain, a computer mouse or other projects shaped like your favourite character can become a unique and unforgettable gift to yourself.

Batman Figurine 3D Prints Collection

A selection of 16 DC Comics collectables with The Dark Knight statue you can 3D print yourself can inspire you for new craft projects. Choose your best Batman figure for 3D printing, download the 3D model’s STL files and build yourself. Such DIY figurines are usually the most valuable pieces of art.

1. Batman 3D Model for Printing

There are so many fantastic movies with DC Comics heroes that it could be challenging to select which scene to craft first. It could be Batman Gargoyle statue if you watched and liked Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. This 2016 movie depicted the life of famous superheroes from a new angle.

There is a beautiful Batman 3D model on Gambody – Premium 3D Printing Marketplace. It shows Bruce Wayne in his recognized costume standing on the statue of Gargoyle. This diorama can be easily assembled. You can experiment with filament types and make a realistic Batman figurine with a flexible superhero cape cloak and hard body parts.

Your final FDM version of the diorama can reach the size of 36 cm x 27 cm x 17 cm (14 inches x 11 inches x 7 inches).

It is a pleasure to see impressive works by the two artists, Fabrizio Bandiera and Rocco Larocca. Their 3D printed superhero looks incredible:

3D printed Batman

This fantastic Dark Knight statue was made by Luigi Tomasello. He chose to customize the famous cape with real fabric and wires. The result is stunning:

Batman model

Jeremy Harris recorded a short video to depict his fantastic diorama:

Here is a great Batman model made by Darren Wilson on his Flsun QQ-S 3D printer:

Batman model kit Dawn of Justice for 3D printing

Download STL files with Batman Dawn of Justice 3D printing model.

2. Ninja Batman Model

An armoured Batman statue from the 2018 Japanese film Batman Ninja looks stunning with his sword, cloak and impressive clothes. One of the most recognized DC Comic heroes is willing to confront all the famous villains. The bad guys have become feudal lords and keep killing each other, which can alter history unless the superhero interferes.

This 3D printed Batman figure is smaller in size than the Batman Dawn of Justice figurine. The FDM Ninja version reaches 25 cm (10 inches) in height. It is cut into eleven parts for a more effortless 3D printing experience, and it comes with an excellent platform that resembles the iconic logotype.

Even without the platform, this freshly crafted Batman figurine made by Nguyễn Việt Nam‎ looks incredible:

Batman figurine

Here is another impressive example of 3D printed armoured Batman figure. The project was performed by Shih Chun-hao:

Batman figure

Of course, your DC Comics figures collection would look more incredible if you paint your 3D printed Batman statue as it was done by Juan Velez:

Batman 3D model

Download STLs with Batman Ninja 3D printing figure.

3. Chibi Batman

Fans of DC Comics 3D model miniatures might enjoy a cute Chibi Batman for 3D printing you can find on Gambody – Premium 3D Printing Marketplace. Its height is less than 12 cm (5 inches).

Even at this size, the Batman chibi figure looks exceptionally remarkable. It requires fewer supports and filament than more significant Batman figures. The FDM version consists of just four parts, making it a fast and simple craft project to enjoy.

The Chibi Batman statue has an impressively fit body, all the fun character details and a strong personality. Judged by the pose, he is willing to fight with the criminals in his native town. He wants to avenge them for the death of his parents (as the story goes on in the comics).

Here is an ideally printed Batman Chibi figurine by Shih Chun-hao. It has not been painted yet, but it is so smooth and nicely built:

Batman chibi

This Chibi Batman superhero is already painted. Done perfectly well by Aaron Strome:

Chibi Batman

Download premium 3D printing files with Chibi Batman model.

4. Batman Cookie Cutter

Many children and adults love impressive Batman shaped pancakes, sandwiches and cookies. You can find various ready-to-ship Batman cookie cutter ideas or 3D print one yourself at home.

Firstly, it can be a fun DIY project. Secondly, people usually give more value to the things they make themselves. Besides, if you like to adjust the scale of your 3D printing models, you can use the same STL files to craft your Batman cookie cutter in different sizes.

Here is an idea of how your DIY accessory could look like. It has a recognized shape. The 3D printing model is a one-piece project that is extremely fast to complete and boasts a low price.

Batman cookie cutter

Download STLs for Batman cookie cutter 3D printing model.

5. 3D Printed Batman

There is an impressive diorama of DC Comic hero overlooking Gotham City he protects. This 3D printing Batman statue is similar in size to the superhero with the Gargoyle platform. It is about 34 cm x 21 cm x 16 cm (13 inches x 8 inches x 6 inches) if printed on an affordable FDM 3D printer.

This version of Bruce Wayne shows his compelling character and strong will. His fists give us a hint to his desire to combat every criminal he meets on his way. His costume shows his impressive muscles. The cloak is crafted as a separate piece allowing you to use flexible materials to make it life-like. The Batman figure consists of 17 parts that can be easily printed and later assembled.

The 3D printed model looks stunning and worth making.

3D Batman model

Download premium STL files with Batman 3D printing figurine.

Meanwhile, get inspired by a fantastic Batman statue 3D printed on Creality CR-10 and Qidi Tech X-Maker by Bill Mattes.

3D printed Batman statue

6. Batman Model Kit

There are many fantastic DC Comics 3D models to print and add to your collection. Gambody marketplace offers one impressive Batman model kit for 3D printing that consists of a base, superhero figurine, searchlight and cradle. Each part of this project is terrific to implement into life.

The total number of STL files you will download is 40. It might look like a lot, but there is nothing to worry about. The printing process is simplified, and each part you have to 3D print is well thought-through and prepared for smooth printing by Gambody team.

Your final 3D printed Batman model kit could look very impressive:

Batman figures

Download STLs with a Batman model kit for 3D printing for your DC Comics Batman action figures collection.

7. Batman Accessories (Cufflinks)

Sometimes you wish to make an impressive gift to someone who loves DC collectables. You might like the idea of 3D printing cute and straightforward Batman accessories – cufflinks. Such accessories are perfect for any man who is Batman deep in his heart and soul.

Through the unique cufflinks, it is possible to express a personal passion for being a superhero. Besides, such a pair of 3D printed Batman accessories looks impressive and stylish on the shirt with a double cuff. And it is possible to wear them on a classic shirt collar.

Batman accessories

Hobbyists can paint the accessory to any colour once they download Batman cufflinks 3D printing file and print it themselves. Such a piece always looks lovely in silver or golden tones.

8. Batman Cowl

Are you the vengeance? Are you the night? Prove it with your Halloween costume or at a cosplay party. Put on an impressive Dark Knight Batman cowl and surprise your friends or family members by turning into a real superhero from the DC Comics universe.

Batman cowl

Once you download Batman cowl STL files for 3D printing, you can craft this fantastic mask, paint it into black colour and wear it during various events.

This Batman cowl replica resembles the real one used in the movies. It has a familiar nose shape and ears on the top of the mask. You can put it on your face and feel comfortable because your eyes, nostrils and mouth will have enough space to see, breath and talk.

By the way, you can work on your 3D printed Batman cowl replica and find more incredible horror 3D print ideas for Halloween if you enjoy celebrating this day with others.

9. 3D Printing Batman Headphone Stand STL

Many of us love to listen to music or play computer games with headphones on. But where do you keep this accessory when not in use? There is one neat idea we would like to share. You can make a 3D printed Batman headphone stand after downloading its STL files.

3D printed Batman headphone stand STL

Such a stand resembles the face of this famous superhero. It depicts the hero’s profile and uses recognizable ears as a barrier that prevents a pair of headphones from falling.

You can paint your project into your favourite colour and make the final product fit into your interior design.

10. Batman Bust

We believe that your DC Comics Batman action figures collection lacks this fantastic Batman bust. This 3D printing model looks superior when painted into a dark-silver glossy colour. The life-like resemblance is incredible.

Such a 3D printed Batman bust can be a perfect Christmas gift, Birthday present or your DIY project. It has some supports for the best 3D printing experience, but it looks not too complicated to make.

Batman bust

The cloak is built with some realistic-looking fabric folds, and the face hidden behind the famous mask is just fantastic.

11. Batman Keychain

A regular keyring looks dull compared to this tremendous 3D printing Batman keychain 3D model with the silhouette of the famous DC Comics figure.

You can use a flexible filament to make the Batman cape strong and elastic at the same time. This cape can hide your keys once they are connected to the ring. It is a great Batman keychain idea to craft at home, add to your collection of DC collectables and present as a gift to people you love.

Batman keychain

Anyone who enjoys superhero movies will be surely happy to receive such a gift.

12. Batarang

While DC Comic heroes are strong and well-shaped, they still need weapons to combat criminals. Batman, for example, is known to use a bat-shaped boomerang. His defence is named a Batarang. Batman Batarang is a perfect weapon for ranged attacks when the hero wants to throw a gun out of the criminal’s hands.


Would you like to know how to make a Batarang at home? You can download the Batarang 3D printing model STLs to craft this brilliant shuriken-like accessory on your 3D printer. Adding such a piece of superhero’s arsenal to your collection can help you feel like a hero.

Your Batman Batarang can be displayed along with other DC Comics 3D prints and Batman statues, or you can make it a part of your Halloween costume, use for photoshoots and at cosplay.

13. Batman Signal

Any 3D printed or custom Batman costume can be completed with a simple yet awesome DIY Bat Signal lamp. If you are not interested in cosplay, such Batman accessories can be used by yourself as a home lamp. It will just look like the model used in your favourite superhero movies.

How to make a Bat Signal

How to make a Bat Signal: use STL files for 3D printing a DIY Bat Signal model that resembles the original lamp used in the film The Dark Knight Rises. It is up to you whether to scale your Batman Signal project up or down. Everything depends on how big you wish this lamp to be.

It is also great to understand the basics of electronics, how to work with voltage regulators, how to add wiring to bring real light into your Batman Signal 3D print. Unfortunately, such elements are not 3D printed.

14. Batmobile Model Kit

Do you dream of cruising around Gotham City in your personal Batmobile? Make this a reality by 3D printing Batmobile model kit and recreating the iconic superhero car from the 1989 movie. The breathtaking design of this vehicle and all the lovely details will give you many hours of 3D printing pleasure.

You can download the Batmobile model kit car STL files on Gambody marketplace. The Batmobile kit car features the legendary model with many 3D printing parts for assembly. Active suspension, a place for LEDs introduction, and unique mechanisms make this 3D model a superb 3D printing project with many intricate details.

Only look at the stunning 3D printed Batmobile kit car versions by enthusiasts Sebastian Menke and Dieter Verscheure. Both 3D prints are incredible and give you an idea of what you can 3D print yourself using the life-like Batmobile model kit 3D printing files.

Batmobile model kit
Batmobile kit car

Tech geniuses might also like to 3D print a model of a Batmobile computer mouse. This project reminds us of a famous vehicle driven by The Dark Knight in the movies.

Batmobile kit

The project of a custom computer mouse with six buttons looks like a neat idea. Such a gift could be incredible for any DC Comics fan who loves to play computer games or works on Mac/PC.

The 3D printing Batmobile kit of a computer mouse requires additional work to be turned into a real working mouse. Still, even as an idea, it looks fantastic.

15. Dark Knight Statue

Thomas Wayne is willing to transform into a Dark Knight statue and join your collection of 3D printed Batman figures right away. Enjoy the famous DC Comics character depicted in all its glory on your shelf!

You will find impressive Dark Knight statue STL files for 3D printing on Gambody marketplace. This Batman 3D model is immortalized on a highly detailed platform with a gargoyle head somewhere in Gotham City. The twelve pouches and two large holsters are well fixed with belts, and the two bulky guns are pointed in different directions to help Thomas Wayne fight against criminals.

Hobbyist Russell Barnett did a stunning job on 3D printing and painting the Dark Knight Batman statue. You can adorn his fantastic work and think of turning the same 3D printing Batman model kit into your masterpiece.

Dark Knight statue

You can also add a fantastic Batman bust to your superhero statues collection. The angry and ready-to-fight DC Comics superhero cannot wait to appear on your 3D printer bed.

Batman statues

This 3D printing model of the Dark Knight Batman bust looks angry. It seems that the famous hero has been through many challenging life situations to get such a facial expression. His grin hints that he is a danger to all the criminals. Looking at his face, you clearly see that he is indeed the vengeance and the night.

16. Batman Who Laughs Statue

Emotional superheroes always look great. If you are not happy with angry facial expressions, make a bust of Batman Who Laughs statue on your 3D printer.

This latest Batman 3D model added to Gambody – Premium 3D Printing Marketplace looks so fresh. You see no superhero face, but his laughing mouth. His eyes are hidden behind the spiked blindfold. In this ‘Jokerized’ incarnation, Bruce Wayne is dangerous like he was never before.

The Batman bust can reach nearly 24 cm (9 inches) in height after being built by you. The author of this project spent 140 hours to depict all the details and make such a brilliant wide grin that sends chills down your spine.

Batman action figures

Download STLs with Batman Who Laughs 3D printing bust.

Get inspired by the amazing 3D printed Batman Who Laughs statue versions shared by enthusiasts Gary Hendricks and Carlos Javier González Oseguera. Their Batman bust 3D prints could haunt your dreams unless you also choose to recreate this stunning 3D printing Batman model for your collection.

Batman Who Laughs statue

Which 3D printed DC Comics Batman statue on our list is your favourite one? You might wish to 3D print something else from the vast comics universe. It will be awesome if you join Gambody Facebook Group to post your craft projects. This community of hobbyists and enthusiasts from different countries shares some impressive masterpieces, incredible tips and tricks, recommendations and ideas. Besides, you can follow Gambody3d Instagram profile to keep an eye on the most recent releases of 3D printing models, news and the latest Batman statues.

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Here is a selection of the best Batman 3D models to make with a 3D printer

Here is our selection of the best STL files from the Batman universe, all these creations are from the 3D file library Cults and are perfectly 3D printable.

This collection includes free 3D files from Batman. All these creations are not only Batman figurines, you will also find the vilains and other characters that are part of this DC Comics saga. Everything you need to perfect your decoration and even find unreleased Batman figures to 3D print.

The 3D designers who offer their creations on the 3D file download platform Cults have therefore competed in ingenuity to create elements of the Batman costume, phone holders in the shape of Batman logo, key rings, cookie cutters or even the Batman projector to call him!

Sours: https://cults3d.com/en/collections/best-3d-printed-batman
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  2. Iphone locked up
  3. Matte black tile edging
  4. Bullet casing american flag
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    Website: Cults

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