Diy burlap curtain ideas

Diy burlap curtain ideas DEFAULT

32+ DIYs to Make Burlap Curtains

Right from window treatments to decking glass doors, curtains made from burlap have a homely vibe. If you want to stick to minimalism, the brown sack-like fabric would be ideal for your upholstery needs. Scroll through to get some ideas about making unique curtains.

DIY Burlap Curtains

1. Burlap Cafe Curtain DIY

Dress the small windows in your home with these curtains for a delightful and peasant-like look.

Burlap Cafe Curtain

2. Chevron Burlap Curtains

This is an inexpensive way of turning burlap fabric pieces into rustic curtains for your window.

Burlap Curtains

3. Lined Burlap Curtains DIY

Lined Burlap Curtains

Rugged and worn burlap curtains can be made more appealing with pretty window accessories like ribbon and designer tie backs for your bathroom.

Burlap Shower Curtain

4. No-Sew Burlap Curtain Panels

Burlap Curtain Panels

5. Kitchen Burlap Curtains for Windows

Burlap Kitchen Curtain

6. Burlap Curtain with Grommets

Block the intense rays of the sun during peak summer with a rustic set of curtains that requires less labor to make.

Burlap Curtain

7. Vintage Burlap Curtain

Do you love a country-side décor? Deck your living room windows with burlap curtains and take your creative skills few notches up.

Burlap Curtain DIY

8. Homemade Burlap Valance Curtains

If you like your windows dressed in curtains and some sunshine, coming to your room, try out this tutorial.

Burlap Valance Curtains

9. How to Make Lined Burlap Curtains

Full blown curtains might often be a bit expensive, especially when you have set a budget. As a useful supplement, burlap shades would be a more economical choice.

How to Make Burlap Curtains

Burlap ad Lace Curtains for Glass Door

The combination of lace and burlap brings a vintage statement to your home, transforming into a complete country dwelling.

Burlap and Lace Curtains

White Pleated Burlap Curtains

Curtains should always be in the right tone and length to match with your window’s shape and size. Although the tutorial uses a drop cloth, you can stick to burlap.

Smocked Burlap Curtains

Barn Burlap Curtain

With needles and scissors, these homely curtains will grace your mansion within a short span of time.

No Sew Burlap Curtains

Primitive Burlap Curtains

Burlap Blackout Curtains

Blackout Burlap Curtain

Here, some cream fabric pieces have been folded and stitched to present a ruffled look, accentuating the otherwise plain burlap.

Burlap Ruffled Curtain

Burlap Curtains and Tiebacks

You can click on the above link to learn how to make both the curtains and tiebacks.

Linen Burlap Curtains

Burlap Curtains with Fringe

This set of curtains blends well with the light color scheme of the room as well as perfect for bedrooms and nurseries.

Fringed Burlap Curtains

Here, you need to get some denim burlap to make the same curtains.

Denim Burlap Curtain

How to Make Curtains out of Burlap

Recycle coffee bags into folksy windows screens for your kitchen and windows.

Burlap Coffee Bag Curtains

Porch Burlap Curtain

The bland and boring patio can be turned into a beautiful paradise with a tinge of rusty feel by hanging these burlap curtains.

Outdoor Burlap Curtains

Natural Burlap Curtains for Your Bedroom

The stunningly simple curtain embraces a new theme for your outhouse or reception room.

Burlap Curtain Idea

Colored Burlap Curtain

Shredded pieces of burlap, muslin, and polka dot cloth are bunched together to make a hippy curtain for an outdoor picnic.

Boho Burlap Curtain

Living Room Burlap Curtain

Give an extraordinary look to your doors by sewing these ruffled curtains made from burlap. Opt for a turquoise or teal burlap to lend a better look.

Burlap Cabinet Curtains

Making a Burlap Drop Cloth Curtain

This one is a faux stenciled curtain made by using fabric black and gray pens.

Stenciled Burlap Curtain

DIY Striped Burlap Curtains

This is an embroidered burlap curtain that makes a high focal point in your dining or drawing room.

Embellished Burlap Curtains

Brown Burlap Drape

Utilize old potato sacks for making valances for your dining room windows instead of dumping them.

Burlap Gunny Sack Curtains

Sink Burlap Curtains

You may either paint or use stencil patterns to create curtains with glorious abstract patterns.

Painted Burlap Curtains

Sewing Burlap Curtains

Burlap Blind Curtains

Easy Burlap Curtains

If you have a little classroom or nursery at your home, you can try making this cute curtain for the children.

Classroom Burlap Curtains

Sew two ribbons at the corners to beautify the otherwise dull burlap curtain.

Burlap Curtain with Ribbons

Burlap Fabric for Curtains

French Door Burlap Curtains

Sew a Burlap Curtain

Although the tutorial deals with making curtains using a cotton fabric, you can use red or blue burlap instead for cabinets.

Burlap Pinch Pleat Curtain

Image and Tutorial for Burlap Curtain

Burlap Curtain with Writing

Burlap Looking Curtain

Burlap Swag Curtain

No-Sew Burlap Draperies

How to Make Burlap Curtains without Sewing

If you are ready for a window or door upgrade, these interesting DIYs about curtains will motivate you to go ahead.


Burlap curtains might be all over the place, and maybe I’m late to the party but I’ve had these hanging in my living room for a few months and I’m finally getting around to posting a how-to! I’ve seen a lot of methods but nothing quite like mine.

It’s as basic as you can get, you only sew one seam for each panel. Of course this does leave you with 1 raw edge and 2 floor to ceiling selvedges. I love it, it’s not overly polished and it fits in a casual space.

They let the light in while blocking the living room from the street. The ribbon along to top adds a subtle blush of color and some strength to the burlap where it’s clipped.

I’ve had these curtains up for almost 6 years and they’re still standing (hanging?). The cats and the rabbit did a decent amount of damage to the bottoms but I’ve had the couch blocking it so it doesn’t matter that much to me.

If you haven’t been shopping for curtains in a while it’s worth noting you could feed a small country for the cost of 4 floor length panels. I bought my burlap at Joann’s with a coupon/sale combo and it ended up costing less than $30 for all the fabric. $30 vs $? Sign me up!

I had intended for the burlap to pool at the bottom but with a dog, a cat and a bunny rabbit hell bent on throwing everything in his path (apparently it’s a rabbit thing) that wasn’t gonna happen.

My curtains end more or less at the floor. I needed a little less than yards for each panel so I bought 11 yards. Your fabric needs will depend on your window.

Here is the play by play: For each panel you need burlap, an iron, a length of ribbon and a means of sewing.

floor length burlap curtains

1. Cut the burlap to your desired length PLUS the width of your ribbon PLUS an inch or so. Confused? It’ll make sense in a minute.

2. Fold over the burlap, you want to cover the ribbon. Iron the edge of the burlap, try to keep the grain as straight as possible, the spaces between strings should be square not diamonds.

3. Tuck the ribbon inside, snug up against the seam you ironed

4. Fold the burlap over the ribbon and pin in place. Stitch a line through the ribbon.

burlap curtains farm decor

Use clips to attach each panel to your curtain rod, I used 5 per panel. I bought mine at Joann’s but these Classic Clip Rings in Brushed Sienna from Amazon are really similar. Wedge your patriotic cows above the window molding and add an old rusty horse shoe and some bird embroideries and you’re set.

Check out my Fabric page for more sewing ideas or start here:

Really quick Christmas stockings

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Burlap Curtains Are an Affordable Way to Get a Designer Look

Get a chic update on a budget with rustic, warm burlap curtains and valances.

Burlap curtains are a popular, affordable way to give your windows a designer look. And there are a variety of burlap window treatment options, from curtains to valances, to choose from.

Curtains made from burlap have a distinctive, rustic look. The open weave of the fabric filters light beautifully, and the fabric, while inexpensive, has a rich texture that can be dressed up or down.

In addition to being able to go from formal to informal, burlap curtain panels can also span styles. We love them puddled on a the floor of a traditional bedroom with pretty grosgrain ribbon tiebacks, or as flirty, gathered valances on country kitchen windows.

Speaking of kitchen windows, burlap kitchen curtains are a must if you want window coverings that stand up to high-traffic areas. Woven from jute, hemp or other fibers, they were used to make rope, nets and other items like grain sacks, which were regularly exposed to rough use. This history is part of burlap’s charm.

Another reason people love burlap is that it’s often recycled or upcycled from feedbags, grain bags or coffee sacks. Using this fabric, complete with logos and other graphics, shows not only a sense of style but of caring for the environment.

Making The Most of This Tough-But-Loveable Fabric

Burlap curtains pair well with simple rods and headings – for example, gathering them along a rod pocket softens their rough-and-ready appearance. Using pinch pleats and lace dresses them up and gives them a shabby chic look.

While they’re typically used in traditional settings, with grommets and a sleek curtain rod, they can give modern spaces rustic flair.  

Like French feedbags and grain sacks, burlap curtain panels capture the heart of shabby chic, rustic-modern or French farmhouse styles. They also give a room an appealing vintage vibe.

Burlap curtains are easy to personalize by stenciling a pattern on them, or by adding trim to the sides or bottom. Pom-pom trim is especially cute on burlap valances.

Burlap valances are another great way to bring this trend home. The easy-going fabric suits swags and scallops and they’re especially pretty when dressed up with colorful jute trim.

Hang valances from a simple rod or get fancier by suspending them in swags from decorative hooks. Then watch the light filter through these pretty, practical window treatments.

If you want the look of burlap but need room-darkening curtains, look for lined panels. The open-weave fabric gives the rustic quality burlap is known for, but reduces the light that filters in, making this a good option for bedrooms, media rooms and nurseries.

If your goal is to add warmth and texture to your decor without breaking the bank, consider burlap. This versatile fabric looks beautiful as drapes and valances and will add rustic style to any room.


One Afternoon Project: Easy DIY Burlap Curtains

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Have you ever wanted to add burlap curtains to your décor, but didn&#;t know how to make them yourself? These curtains are the easiest panels I&#;ve ever made. Seriously. If you plan it right, you can use the full width of the bolt and eliminate the need for side hems. When I made these last summer I decided to use half the width of the bolt per panel which made each panel about 30&#; wide. But, if you are going for a quick timeframe, and like the panel fullness, go ahead and use the full width of the bolt (~60&#;). They would look significantly more full and fill up the room better.


An easy and quick step by step 'how-to' for making burlap curtain panels! I made these for less than $12 in burlap!

(This post contains affiliate links. If you shop from my blog, I may be compensated for clicks or purchases that you make. Read my disclaimer page for more information.)

Supplies Needed for Making Burlap Curtains (* aff. link)

The Math:

Determine the finished panel length, add 4&#; for bottom hem and 4&#; for the top hem. The great part about making the burlap curtains yourself is that you have the ability to choose how long the panels should be or how much extra length you&#;d like at the bottom. In our case, these panels are nine feet long. I would&#;ve never found nine foot panels let alone in burlap in a big box store.

Determine the length of your DIY burlap curtains by measuring your windows

The Sewing:

Initially I worried about the infamous burlap odor, but that didn&#;t seem to be the case here. In less than a day, the smell disappeared. Burlap can be tricky to sew. Check with your sewing machine manual for the correct needle to use. I found it best to use a zigzag stitch with a wider and longer stich length. Practice with your scrap burlap to find the best stitch for your bolt. Fold your bottom and top hems one time. I found that the burlap was sturdy enough that it did not need to be folded twice on the bottom. Lightly press the hems. Too much and you may burn the burlap. Sew the hems using a coordinating thread. I sewed the three sides of the bottom hem to avoid and openings at the bottom. Sew across the top. Now you have a pocket for a drapery rod OR you can add grommets like I did. See my tutorial on grommets here.

Creating burlap curtains is an easy DIY project that you can complete in no time!

I had enough burlap left over to make a valance for above my kitchen sink. Since I had the leftover fabric, I made he valance is 15&#; long so that it would partially block the afternoon sun that comes into the kitchen.  I followed the same steps as the curtains and added grommets across the top.

Have you sewn with burlap? What has been your favorite project?

If you are a new sewer, check out my must haves for other newbies!


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Curtain ideas burlap diy

Tutorial: How to Make a No-Sew DIY Burlap Window Valance

Last Thursday, I had had ENOUGH of my bare kitchen windows, and I decided to do my usual&#;figure out something fast, cheap, and easy using what I already had in the house.  I had a ton of burlap left over from some party decorations, and twine, but I only had one curtain rod.  There are two windows plus a door in my kitchen, so I had to come up with a window treatment that wouldn&#;t require a rod.  Pfft&#;not even a challenge!

I&#;m feeling so smug about how these turned out&#;I love them!

How to Make DIY No-Sew Burlap Window Valances

I&#;m going to tell you exactly how I made these, but first let&#;s just enjoy the &#;afters,&#; okay?

How to Make DIY No-Sew Burlap Window Valances

I think I only used about 4 yards of burlap, total.

how to DIY burlap window valance

This picture is a little strange, but I wanted you to see the layout of the windows.  I have the French door, then the double window, and then the sink window, all in a row.  They looked absolutely naked before I covered them.

How to Make DIY No-Sew Burlap Window Valances

Here&#;s a before shot.  There are café curtain rings all over the kitchen table because I was playing around with different options&#;cup hooks and café hooks, canvas dropcloths like I used in my old kitchen, and so on.

How to Make DIY No-Sew Burlap Window Valances

I pulled the thin vinyl blinds up to the top, and I actually removed the ones over the kitchen sink completely (I&#;ll put them back when we move).  Our house backs up to the woods, so privacy was not a concern.  Here&#;s the view out my window:

How to Make DIY No-Sew Burlap Window Valances

OK, so here&#;s how I made the valances.  First, my burlap was from Hobby Lobby, and it was just the standard 45&#; size in the natural color (you can buy it inexpensively online here).  I think it was about $2 a yard when I bought it.  Since it had been folded up and stuffed in a closet for a month or two, the first thing I did was iron it on high heat, with steam.  The seamed and fringed edge is the top and bottom edge of the burlap bolt.

burlap DIY window valances

The next thing I did was measure the window (from the insides of the window casing trim) and add about 3&#; to the total measurement.  It&#;s easy to cut more away, but impossible to add back what&#;s already been cut.

The seamed, frayed edges went on the top, along the top of the window casing, and the bottom.  I used thumbtacks, spaced about 6&#; apart, to pin the burlap to the bottom of the window casing.  This picture is taken from up under the burlap:


When the 45&#; length of burlap hangs down, the top should fold over those thumbtacks and hide them, like this:

burlap valances

Up close


burlap valance

Far away

I added more thumbtacks as needed at the top so the burlap sat in a neat line.  Then, I folded in the inch or so of fabric at the sides (like wrapping a present) and used another thumbtack or two to secure it from the underside.  The picture I snapped was too blurry to post, so just go with me on this step!

I trimmed any loose fibers from the sides, and then started folding the burlap from the bottom like a fan or accordion.  I tied jute twine around on each side, and in the middle:

burlap valance

I left the three ties in place and fiddled around with the folds to see how I liked it.

burlap valance three ties

And then I fiddled a little more.  This part took me awhile, until I got it just so.  Oh, and the burlap will shed all over your floor, so be prepared to vacuum when you&#;re done!

The tiny little difference from the previous picture to this one is that I let the center tie out a bit.  By the way, this is the sort of thing that makes my husband crazy&#;move it an inch, step back and assess, move it back an inch, step back and assess, ad infinitum&#;

burlap valance three ties loose

Finally, I took that center tie away and this is the way I kept it, although I continued to fiddle with the pleats.  That&#;s what I do.

burlap valances two ties

Here&#;s a close up of the jute twine and how I tied the sides up.

burlap jute twine

I repeated the process for the small window over the sink.

sink valance

I did almost the same thing on the French door.  Since there wasn&#;t any window trim to stick thumbtacks in, though, I glue gunned the burlap to the top of the window blinds:

glue burlap door

Please don&#;t let that sentence horrify you.  If you warm the glue a bit with a hair dryer, it peels right off.  It won&#;t leave any marks when the time comes to take it down, and the teen, tiny thumbtack holes will fill with spackle so you&#;ll never even know they were there!

I had some fun styling my Ikea plate rack that sits between the windows.  It&#;s the Stenstorp, by the way.

Stenstorp plate rack styled

The Groceries sign is from Hobby Lobby, several years ago.  It looks vintage, but it&#;s not.  The white wreath is made from coffee filters.  I made it several years ago, and I followed {this} tutorial from The Little Brown House.

windows from side

All three windows look out onto my back porch and the great outdoors.

window from front

I&#;m so pleased with how they turned out, and the price was right, too!

burlap valances collage


Here are all the supplies I used:

And if you&#;d like to see how I&#;ve used canvas painter&#;s dropcloths to create a valance  that looks like this, just visit this post.

How to Make a No-Sew DIY Window Valance From Canvas Dropcloths | 11 Magnolia Lane

Our posts contain affiliate links.  If you make a purchase after clicking on these links, we will earn a small commission.  You don&#;t pay a cent more than you would otherwise, since that would be tacky!

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New Jute \u0026 Burlap Curtains Decoration Ideas .

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