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Summer Sale

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We are open Monday - Friday. Takes 2-3 days to process and ship out the order. Welcome to visit our showroom between 9am - 4pm - Appointments preferred.

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Summer Sale

  • "AKITA" Luxury Salon Equipment, Luxury Salon Furniture, Luxury Shampoo Bowls
  • "AMSTERDAM" Backwash Shampoo System, Backwash Shampoo Bowl
  • "AUGUSTO" Heavy Duty Barber Chairs, Heavy Duty Barbershop Chairs
  • "Bahamas" Shampoo Cabinet, Shampoo Station, Shampoo Sink
  • "BARON" Heavy Duty Barber Chair, Heavy Duty Barbershop Chairs For Sale, Wholesale Barber Chair
  • "CICERO" Barber Shop Equipment Wholesale, Barber Shop Furniture Wholesale
  • "CONSTANTINE" Barber Chair Wholesale, Barber Chairs for Sale, Barbershop Chairs
  • "DUKE" Barber Chair, "DUKE" Barber Shop Chair, "DUKE" Barbering Chair
  • "EMPEROR" Antique Barber Chair, antique barber shop chair, vintage barber chair
  • "FARNESE" Traditional Barber Chairs on Sale, "FARNESE" Heavy Duty Barber Chairs on Sale
  • "GABRIELLE" Luxury Backwash Shampoo Bowl, Luxury Shampoo Equipment, Luxury Shampoo Furniture
  • "ISLAND" Backwash Shampoo Bowl, Shampoo Backwash Unit
  • "LUMINA" Stainless Styling Station, Cosmetology School Station, Beauty School Station
  • "MAESTRO" Vintage Barber Chair - "MAESTRO" Vintage Barbershop Chair, "MAESTRO" Vintage Barber Shop Chairs
  • "MAXIMUS II" Cheap Barbershop Chair, "MAXIMUS II" Cheap Barbering Chair
  • "MISSISSIPPI" Backwash Shampoo Bowl, Avant Backwash Shampoo System, Shampoo Bowl and Chair Combo
  • "NEREUS" Shampoo Backwash Unit, Shampoo Backwash System, Backwash Shampoo Bowls
  • "ODESSA" Backwash Shampoo Bowls, Backwash Shampoo Systems, Salon Shampoo Furniture Wholesale
  • "REGENT" Barber Shop Chair, Barber Shop Equipment, Barber Shop Furniture
  • "RIO" Shampoo Backwash Unit - Backwash Shampoo Bowls, Salon Shampoo Bowl & Chair Combo
  • "SENATOR" Antique Barber Chair, Barber Shop Equipment, Barber Shop Furniture
  • "SIENA" Double Sided Salon Station in Black, Hair Styling Station, Hair Salon Mirrors
  • "SIENA" Double Sided Salon Station for sale, free standing styling stations, salon station packages
  • Salon Stations Wholesale, salon styling stations for sale, double sided salon station, hair styling station
  • TAHITI High End Salon Stations, High End  Salon Equipment, High End  Salon Furniture
  • Salon Styling Stations, Salon Equipment, Salon Furniture
  • TAPER Backwash Shampoo Bowl, Backwash Shampoo System, Shampoo Sink & Chair Combo
  • "THEODORE" Golden Barber Chair - "THEODORE" Golden Barber Shop Chair, "THEODORE" Barbering Chairs in Gold Color
  • "VALENCIA" Backwash Shampoo Sink, Backwash Shampoo Chair
  • "ZENO" Antique Barbering Chair, Vintage Barbering Furniture for Sale
  • "ZEUS" Heavy Duty Barber Chair, "ZEUS" Heavy Duty Barbershop Chairs


Running your own business is stressful. There's always something to be done, someone to call, and a problem that needs to be fixed. As business owners, we understand the trials of running a business and the importance of making the smartest choices. Our experience has led us to build a company that sells salon equipment and salon furniture directly to our customers, eliminating markups by distributors and the hassle of communicating with layers of people.

From our manicure tables to our shampoo stations, we only sell products that we believe in and that we view as high quality, practical, and comfortable for both the customer and the stylist or technician. Our styles of furniture and equipment range from plush and cozy, to sleek and modern, and everything in between.

Whether you're running a nail salon, a high end hair salon, or a small barber shop, we have all the necessary tools and furniture to keep your business looking fresh. We also offer package deals on our equipment, as we understand the need to budget, and often have several items on sale in addition to our already affordable prices.

Our products are not only limited to equipment for your technicians and customers, we also offer reception desks and chairs, allowing you to have a simple and efficient experience decorating your salon.

Our goal is to make your life easier by offering all the hair and nail salon equipment you could need in one place. There's no need to suffer through the process of finding multiple vendors, dealing with distributors, emptying your pockets, and causing yourself more stress.

We are a family owned business, and we guarantee that working with us will give you the chance to develop a strong, hassle-free partnership. We value our ongoing relationships with our customers, and make sure to treat each of our customers equally, and with patience and understanding.

We look forward to working with you!

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Used / New Salon Furniture for Sale

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Must Sell Used Salon Furniture / Equipment (Hartford, CT) Must sell due to owners illness. Styling stations, Roller Ball,Gorgeous custom made furnishings: 6 Lighted styling stations, 6 custom designed mirrors, 9 styling chairs, 3 shampoo stations with adjustable sinks and recliners, 6 waiting room chairs, reception desk, coffee station, custom lights, back bar, color bar, washing mach.&dryer, and much more!! If you are looking to build a salon or remodel. All offers considered!!

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Furniture sale salon hair

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I Love My Salon Equipment!

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