How to get mlb hat on bitmoji

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Bitmoji has finally released 31 NHL jerseys and the results are fantastic

Hockey fans will be ecastatic after hearing about Bitmoji's newest update.

Originally used for text messaging, Bitmoji was purchased by SnapChat and allows users to design their own animated look-a-like. clothing varies from casualwear to formalwear, and even includes sportswear. NBA, MLB and NFL jerseys have been offered as a way for users to express their fandom, but there was one glaring issue; NHL jerseys were not available. That problem was addressed recently when the NHL and SnapChat launched NHL-themed outfits ahead of All-Star weekend. Users can now customize their character to wear a jersey and don a team hat.

Here’s a look at all 31.

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Teams around the NHL were excited about the news and responded accordingly.

Hockey fans can now breathe a sigh of relief.

If we had to guess, a huge number of Bitmoji characters are about to endure a snazzy new makeover. Because what better way to support your team than have an animated version of yourself wear one of its jerseys?


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Earlier this month, Susie Trujillo received a text that included an unexpected image: her mother’s Bitmoji — an illustration of a mature woman with short brown hair, bangs, and wire-rimmed glasses — mimicking what her mom thought was the “Evil Kermit” meme.

“Haha you used that wrong,” Trujillo replied. “That’s the naughty Kermit meme.”

“Kermit?” Trujillo’s mom, Susan Liehe, replied. “Tell me.”

The two hopped on the phone together for a brief lecture on hooded Kermit, an online joke based on a scene from 2014’s Muppets Most Wanted that’s meant to convey a person’s conflicting thoughts and desires. Trujillo even followed up by emailing a few sample memes for context.

Informal internet lessons have become a familiar ritual between Susie, a 29-year-old marketing consultant, and her mother, Susan, a 61-year-old head of communication at Denver’s Office of Economic Development. Trujillo’s mother has always been relatively tech-savvy, but never ventured too deeply into the more involved parts of internet culture. Then, six months ago, Trujillo helped her mom create a Bitmoji, one of those expressive cartoons that anyone can customize to look like themselves, and all that changed. The app’s perpetually updated avatar choices — which contort themselves to act out the latest in movies, television, music, slang, and memes — were a window for her mother into a whole new web.

Before the Evil Kermit breakdown, there was the dabbing Bitmoji. (“She was like ‘Is this person sneezing?’” Trujillo recalls.) And before that, it was the avatar sitting on a giant key, as a hat tip to the once-buzzy DJ Khaled catchphrase “major key.” The updating Bitmoji memes became daily lessons for her mother. Often, after learning a piece of slang, like “on fleek” — a phrase for which Trujillo’s explainer was simply a link to its origin-story Vine — Susan makes a point to use it in a sentence.

“It was the first snow in Colorado a couple weeks ago, and she had new snow boots,” Trujillo said, recalling a text conversation. “She was like: ‘Boots on fleek.’”

Since their debut in October 2014, Bitmoji (which started out as Bitstrips) have influenced the way people express themselves in profound, unexpected ways. The app’s founder, Jacob Blackstock, has said that “these avatars are like your id, and that can take any form.” In a profile of the company for Slate earlier this year, Amanda Hess argued that “Bitmoji can help encourage emotional disclosures and accelerate bonding, and that the virtual expression of love can help encode the real thing.” The New York Times’s Ashley Parker posits that Bitmoji aid in “marrying our own sense of self with our public image, yet in a safe, quirky way that we ultimately control.” But in the case of the platform’s more mature users — the parents and grandparents who are frequently encouraged to download the app by their children — it has become a vehicle to establishing an origin for their online identities. Through these characters, generations of people who were never privy to late-night AOL chatrooms, weepy LiveJournal entries, or the rise of Myspace are finding an entry into this new world. What may have started as a tool that mommy blogs said would earn parents “cool points” has become an avenue for baby boomers and beyond to become more connected with online society and their digital selves.

Older generations are able to feel comfortable soul-searching via Bitmoji largely because of the way it’s set up. The app was never designed to be a social platform, but rather a kind of Build-A-Sticker station where you construct an avatar with great detail, down to the shape of your eyes, the lines on your face, and the cut of your hair, and then copy-paste it into whatever online medium you like. It turns out that 90 percent of the time, that place is a private text, group chat, or an online messenger, according to Blackstock. Though the company’s more than $100 million sale to Snap in March may have brought more Bitmoji to public platforms, its appeal as a private communication tool remains especially clutch for parents who feel uncomfortable airing the more playful sides of their personalities publicly. While it’s become second nature for young online professionals to share intimate moments on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, that remains odd and suspicious to a generation that wasn’t reared on social media.

“My mom is really funny in general, but life can get in the way,” Trujillo said. “At work there’s a certain decorum for how you talk to your coworkers or whatever. But this encourages her more whimsical side. And it feels appropriate.”

Susan Liehe and her Bitmoji

Melissa Halas-Liang, a dietician and cocreator of the health-oriented lifestyle and recipe FoodLeap app, said she must maintain a professional appearance on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. But when communicating privately with her friends and 11-year-old daughter, she can let loose in ways that she’s rarely allowed. Enter her Bitmoji.

“I’m not going to go out and say ‘bo-kaka-shaw,’ and have a baseball cap on backward and big diamonds and rhinestones around my neck,” the 40-something Halas-Liang said, referring to an amalgamation of Bitmoji available on the app. “But maybe I would like to. And my Bitmoji gives me a chance to do it.”

Halas-Liang downloaded the Bitmoji app in October, after a friend recommended she use it to stay in touch with her daughter while away on a business trip. That weekend, they exchanged a slew of Bitmoji, and Halas-Liang felt like she was able to offer a level of support that she couldn’t via texts. Since then, she’s become fluent enough that she’s comfortable using Bitmoji that depict her avatar saying “Word” instead of replying to a question with the tamer “Yes.”

“When you try to be cool in person as a parent, your kids just roll their eyes and laugh at you,” she said. “But somehow Bitmoji lets you be cool, and express those sentiments. If I try to do some hip-hop move, she’s like, ‘Oh my gosh you can’t pull it off.’ But if I send her a little Bitmoji where I’m doing the nae nae, suddenly I’m cool in her eyes, I’ve lightened her day, and I’ve connected with her and her generation.”

Bitmoji also functions as a unique genre of communication — somewhere in between a fleeting text and a serious phone call — that is especially helpful for parents and children as a lightweight way to check in with each other.

“For parents who have dual custody, it’s a way to connect with their children quickly and briefly, so you’re not stealing time away from the other parent, but you’re letting them know, ‘Hey, I’m here, I love you,’” Halas-Liang said.

This became clear to me this past Halloween, when some friends and I gathered in our costumes for drinks before heading out. One of them — a pal named Cristina dressed as ’80s-era Madonna — got a series of texts from her mom that included some spooky Bitmoji for solidarity. This was par for the course ever since her mom discovered the app. Cristina couldn’t even go to bed without receiving a “goodnight” Bitmoji from her each evening. But that didn’t keep her from showing me the Halloween-themed avatars. There was a cartoon sketch of Mrs. Martin, first dressed in a witch costume next to the word “LOL,” then in a skeleton costume napping in a recliner, and finally in a Halloween costume, dabbing her heart out.

“My mom is really much sillier than I ever gave her credit for,” Cristina said.

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Bitmoji is your own personal emoji.

• Create an expressive cartoon avatar
• Choose from a huge library of stickers – all featuring YOU
• Use Bitmoji in Snapchat and wherever else you chat

Using Bitmoji in Snapchat unlocks Friendmoji – 2-person Bitmojis featuring you and your friends!

Version 11.47

*Bug fixes and improvements!

Ratings and Reviews

4.1 out of 5

13.8K Ratings


I love this app! bitmoji is a really great app which allows you to:
• create your own emoji!
• easily send to friends!
• have some bitmoji merchandise!
and many more!
however, there are a few things the app could improve could be:
• a variety of different types of clothes and hair styles
the app already has many clothing elements and hairstyles but i seriously can’t make a bitmoji that looks like me!! even with the selfie mode! the hairstyles and clothes are so limited! i think with the outfits you should be able to pick a certain shirt with a certain choice of bottom too instead of just having the same thing!also i’m not the sort of person who wears the style of outfits that the bitmoji wardrobe has!! and with the hair, some of the short hairstyles are really nice but you should have a choice if you want them longer! you should also have a colour wheel because the hair colours/skin colours are also kinda limited :/
• crashes
when i’m using my keyboard bitmoji sometimes crashes and sends me off the keyboard and sometimes even the app i’m using!! it’s super annoying!!
• friends
as much as i love using snapchat and my friends from snapchat, some of my friends don’t have snapchat!! but i want to have bitmoji friend pictures on different platforms such as instagram and even whatsapp!! please make this possible!!
thank you so much for reading my review!! this app is so worth downloading!!


I have had a lot of avatar apps and customising apps, and none of them really worked. I love bitmoji especially because it’s completely free! You get all the outfits/hairstyles etc etc
The only thing that you do have to pay for is the merchandise but they do have to make some money. But I can’t believe the merch is so cool I mean you get like T shirts and phone cases etc etc with your bitmoji on them!
There’s just one tiny thing, I like making lots of different avatars like ones of my friends but you can’t add different avatars you have to delete your one and make the new one and then mae the one of you again. I think that would make the game even better. Also another great thing about the app is that there are SO MANY amazing 😉 clothes you can literally have every possible one like there’s coats 🧥 trousers tops jumpers tops, and even like costumes like rabbits and stuff, they even have like work clothes like a doctor 🥼 outfit and fire outfit and a science 🧪 coat. And they also have like swimming costumes and leotards for gymnasts 🤸‍♀️ personally I think bitmoji is the best app that I use ALL THE TIME! and it’s sooooooooo fun. Seriously if I were you I would seriously get bitmoji.


The developer, Bitstrips, indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.

Data Linked to You

The following data may be collected and linked to your identity:

  • Contact Info
  • Contacts
  • User Content
  • Search History
  • Identifiers

Data Not Linked to You

The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:

Privacy practices may vary based on, for example, the features you use or your age. Learn More


Bitstrips Inc.

103.7 MB


Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
iPod touch
Requires iOS 10.0 or later.

English, Arabic, Bengali, Danish, Dutch, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Gujarati, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kannada, Korean, Malay, Malayalam, Marathi, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese

Age Rating
12+ Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy ViolenceInfrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude HumourInfrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or ReferencesInfrequent/Mild Horror/Fear ThemesInfrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes

© Bitstrips Inc.



  • Family Sharing

    Up to six family members will be able to use this app with Family Sharing enabled.

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You Can Customize Your Bitmoji With These Mix & Match Outfits, So Get Creative

Get ready to take your Snapchat Bitmoji to the next level with customizable clothing. The much-requested feature to mix and match apparel is finally here, and here's how to use Snapchat's Mix and Match Bitmoji outfits to let your creativity shine when dressing your avatar. Seriously, you'll be able to play dress up like never before.

Snapchat rolled out the new Mix and Match Bitmoji feature worldwide in late November 2019. Just like in real life, you're now able to express your personal style by dressing your Bitmoji exactly how you'd like. There is a whole array of individual pieces of clothing you can select and customize to make outfits, giving you billions of combinations that you can create with the tap of your finger. Included in the wardrobe list are different styles and colors of tops, bottoms, footwear, socks, and outwear. You'll even be able to save the rockin' outfits you make in your closet so you can easily pull it up for next time.

To start playing dress up, you'll want to make sure you have the latest version of Bitmoji downloaded on iOS and Android, as well as the latest versions of Snapchat of iOS and Android. If you're using the Bitmoji app, just click the fashion icon to open the Avatar Designer. In the bottom navigation bar, you'll see icons for all the wardrobe pieces you can customize, including tops, bottoms, outwear, and footwear. To customize your look from Snapchat, just tap in the top-left corner of your profile. You'll then need to tap "Change Outfit," which is under "Bitmoji," to open the Avatar Designer and unlock all the customizable clothes and accessories you could dream of.

Though dressing up your digital avatar is good fun, you can take your Bitmoji obsession to the real world with brand merchandise. There's a bunch of unique gifts which you can put your Bitomji or Friendmoji on, including t-shirts, mugs, sweats, and more. To start shopping for merch on Snapchat (which is only accessible for iOS users), tap your Bitmoji in the upper left hand corner to access your profile screen. From there, click 'Shop Bitmoji Merch' to view all the available products. If you're an Android user, you can access Bitmoji Merch from the Bitmoji app. Just tap the shop icon and you'll see the selection of holiday-ready gifts. With Bitmoji Mix and Match's fresh looks, you can tweak your digital doppelgänger to perfection this winter.


Bitmoji hat to get on how mlb

Bitmoji is the online generation’s favorite way of expressing themselves. Since the app’s release, users have been creating digital representations of themselves from looks down to their clothing style.

The animated art style is nothing short of timeless. You can customize a Bitmoji’s skin color, hair, tone, accessories, body type expression, and more. The level of depth is consistently changing with new updates.

However, some users want to customize even more, such as their Bitmoji’s hat color. I mean, you can change your hair color, so why not be able to change your hat color?

Bitmoji Hat Colors

Ok, so you can’t alter the pre-loaded hat colors on Bitmoji. The selection itself is incredibly broad meaning you will likely find a hat color that meets your needs and wants. From bandanas to baseball hats and cowboy hats there’s an option in most colors already available to choose from.

Customizing Bitmoji

If you’re not familiar with Bitmoji or how to customize your avatar, let’s review a few things first. We’ll go over changing your hats, headdresses, and more to keep your cartoon character version as unique as you are.

When choosing your Bitmoji, you’ll have three main options to choose from.

  • Bitmoji Deluxe – This avatar style offers the most comprehensive supply of customization options to have in the application. Don’t worry, the term ‘deluxe’ doesn’t mean you have to pay for anything, like the other two options it’s free to use and available from the app.
  • Classic Bitmoji – If you’re one for nostalgia or you enjoyed the appearance of your older avatars you can switch to the classic version. Unfortunately, a lot of your choices are limited under this feature.
  • Bitstrips – The Bitstrips option has more options than the classic version but less than deluxe.

As you can see in the image above, each version has a unique look to its avatar. To switch between versions follow these steps:

  1. Open the Bitmoji app
  2. Tap on the settings cog in the upper right-hand corner
  3. Select ‘Change Avatar Styles’
  4. Tap ‘Use This Style’ under the option you prefer

Once you’ve done this you can begin customizing. If you’d like to change hat colors you have more options with the Deluxe feature so we’ll use that one.

Making the Change

Now that we have the most options available to change your hat color we’ll walk through selecting the perfect headgear for your avatar. Follow these instructions:

  1. Open the Bitmoji app and tap ‘Avatar’ at the bottom of the screen
  2. Use the bottom bar to scroll to the picture of a hat
  3. Tap the color and style that best suits your personality
  4. Tap ‘Save’ in the upper right-hand corner

Your new Bitmoji design will appear in Snapchat’s Snap Maps and any other places you’d like to display it.

How To Change My Bitmoji Hair Color

If you’d like to update your hair color to go with your hat you can! Using the same process we used above, use the slider bar to access your hair color options. You can choose nearly any color you’d like. Deluxe offers an additional 100 options called ‘Hair Treatments’. This includes Balayage and Ombre hair colors.

All you need to do is swipe to the hair treatment options and choose your style and click save. If you’d like other colors just slide over to the hair color options and do the same thing.

Understanding the Bitmoji

When Bitmoji first released, it wasn’t nearly as customizable as it is now. The app was purchased by Snapchat, who purchased Bitstrips, the company that created Bitmoji, back in 2016 for $64 million dollars.

Now, Bitmoji are tied directly into Snapchat and iMessage for users to send to their friends. With these, users can send how they’re feeling, have their Bitmojis interact, and more. It’s quite a fascinating innovation in the realm of digital social interaction, and this is only going to change even more.

Bitmoji really is at the forefront of digital customization, too. Bitmoji users have hundreds of customization options so there’s one for every person, preference, season, and even day if you’re really into it.

There are a few different art styles as well, such as Bitmoji Deluxe or Bitmoji classic. You can choose between any of the three, which makes it easier for your changes to apply.

Take Your Bitmoji Everywhere You Go

Ok, so Bitmoji is really neat in Snapchat’s Snap Maps. You can show yourself on the map drinking coffee, sleeping at your computer desk, and in all sorts of poses and activities.

Did you know that you can use your avatar in other applications as well? Create an avatar and send it to friends in text messages using both iMessage and SMS texts on Android. Whether you’re using an Android or an iPhone head over to settings.

For iPhone

  1. Tap on General
  2. Tap Keyboard
  3. Tap Keyboards and the Add New Keyboard
  4. Tap Bitmoji

For Android

  1. Tap ‘General Management’
  2. Tap ‘Language & Input’
  3. Tap ‘Manage Keyboards’
  4. Toggle the ‘Bitmoji’ option on
  5. Click ‘Ok’ on the pop-ups

If you’re using Slack to communicate with groups and co-workers you can add Bitmoji to the platform and showcase your cartoon doppelganger.

  1. Select ‘Add Apps & Bots’ to the conversation where you’ll put your avatar
  2. Use the search bar and type ‘Bitmoji’
  3. Click to install
  4. Once reverted to the webpage click ‘Add to Slack’
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to add your avatar

Pulling From Reality

Even crazier is the ability for Bitmoji to take a selfie of you and convert it into a Bitmoji of yourself. From there, you can refine and customize the avatar, even more, to make it look like a spitting image of yourself.

That said, the capabilities here are not perfect. It won’t just build a face for you. Instead, the application provides an excellent framework for you to work with and you can go from there.

However, the customization options will be coming even faster in the future. The Bitmoji Deluxe version of these avatars was created with the future in mind. With this, the developers have a simple framework to implement changes as they prefer. With this, Bitmoji’s can be more unique than ever before.

How to get Cowboy Hat on Bitmoji 2021

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