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Small Curtain Rods Thin, Tension and Cafe Curtain Rods

This selection offers beautiful 1/2 inch sized wrought iron curtain rodsand hardware accessories that are great for use with cafe curtains and when hanging wall tapestries, along with a crane swing arm rod option. Made in the USA, these 1/2" wrought iron curtain rodsare offered in a selection of 59 finial styles that range from modern to traditional in 30 color choices. These small wrought iron curtain rodsare available in round, twist, square and hammered styles and are cut exactly to the length you specify. The brackets offer several projection depths, for an extra close fit to the window or wall as well as the typical projection depths. The wrought iron curtain rings are available in an S shape as well as the standard round design with eyelets or clips. Other hardware accessories in this wrought iron curtain rodselection are batons or drapery pulls with a hammered look as well as wall brackets to accommodate corner window treatments.


Curl Wrought Iron Curtain Rod w/ Hardware – Small

Item #29392

Item #29392

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4 In Stock

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  • Black wrought iron, classic curl finials
  • Extends 21″ to 35″ not including curled ends
  • Rod is .50″ in diameter
  • Adjustable rod, proudly made in the USA
  • Classic curl detail accents any decor


The Curl Wrought Iron Curtain Rod is black wrought iron with classic curl finial details that accent your decor whether it is primitive or farmhouse country. The curtain rod is adjustable from 21″ to 35″, not including the finials. The rod is .50″ in diameter.  It is proudly made in the USA.

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Partial Window Curtain Rods, Yea or Nay?

partial rods

What is your opinion of partial curtain rods? I am currently working online with a client who recently asked me, “What do you think of short rods?” “Not a fan”,  I wrote back  quickly, ( I wrote back the next day and said that I hope my comment did not sound rude!) I explained to her that just because I did not like the look, that doesn’t mean they won’t work if you like the style.


short rod

I never even thought about using them in a room. I decided to take a look online and see if I was missing something.


short rods

Sometimes called short side panel curtain rods, they do have a couple advantages:* Less expensive, not having to buy as many panels to cover whole window:


short side

* A full rod may simply look too heavy across the whole window:


short rod dining

I think partial curtain rods can look nice but still not a fan of the look. What do you think? Would you use in your home? Love to hear your comments!


Have a great weekend everyone!



Extend Window Design Solutions With Short Curtain Rods

Full-length curtain rods too bulky for your room? Opt for the abridged version instead

Lisa Frederick
Lisa FrederickJanuary 11, 1970
Houzz Contributor. After journalism school, I fell into decorating media and immediately discovered a new passion. An Atlanta native, I spent several years as an editor for Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles magazine before making the leap to national publications and websites such as Houzz, Better Homes and Gardens and Southern Accents. I live in Birmingham, Alabama, with my husband and son, who’ve gotten used to coming home and finding the furniture rearranged. When I'm not dragging case goods across the floor, I enjoy good food and wine, college football, music of all kinds, and traveling.
Chalk this up as one of those solutions that's so obvious I can't believe I've never thought of it before: extra-short curtain rods. These petite pretties are a perfect fit for a tight wall space, oddly shaped windows and a host of other design issues that make a full rod difficult to install. They won't necessarily provide privacy — they're used more as a decorative finishing touch, framing a view with floor-to-ceiling texture and color. If you want to screen out sun or prying eyes, you'll need to layer them with blinds, shutters, shades or sheers.

There are lots of short curtain rods in various styles on the market. But if a full-length model catches your eye, consider having a carpenter or metalsmith cut it down to size.

Where would you use shorter curtain rods in your home? Let us know in the Comments.
Arched windows can be difficult to frame with standard drapery rods, but shorter versions in this space work beautifully. They allow for continuation of the drapery panels that dress the single window, yet aren't so long that they appear monolithic.
Abbreviated rods work well in a small room where full-length models might look overbearing. Here, hanging them right at the ceiling keeps them from getting lost in a field of wall space and visually heightens the room.
Got a window that reaches the ceiling? Here's the solution. Short striped curtains on small rods add volume and color to what otherwise would be a lifeless corner.
Full rods and curtains won't always fit into narrow slivers of space; these mini ones allow the panels to stay tightly gathered, out of the way of the windows.
This room takes a similar approach. On long rods the curtains would look overly bunched and awkward.
Sometimes a full rod simply looks too heavy for an airy space like this one. These allow for draperies to soften the bank of windows without upsetting the serene balance.
I love this solution for dressing a bay window. Angled rods fit neatly into the corners and play up the architecture.
Short rods nimbly bridge the gap between the sliding doors and the small window tucked beside the fireplace here.

Curtain rods small

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Short Curtain Rods - Ideas For Short Curtain Rods

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