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  • I'm an avid thrifter who stops by local stores whenever I travel, and this has got to be one of the best thrift stores I've ever been to!!

    The selection was wonderful and the prices were inexpensive, especially with the tag discounts (different colored tags were different percentages off). Additionally, they have a 10-hole punch card where a punch is given after each $10 spent, and a fully-punched card gets you $10 off (i.e. $10 off after spending $100).

    Every section of the store had items that I was interested in. I purchased home decor, clothing, accessories, and kitchenware. I only had time to visit for an hour and a half, but I could've easily spent much more time looking more carefully through all the store sections.

    To use the bathroom or the changing room, you need to speak to a member of the staff, all of whom were really friendly and nice to talk to. Both the bathroom and the dressing room that I used were very clean.

    To top everything off, the store is just really cool. They have good music playing over the speakers; they have playful decor throughout the store, such as the Baby Parking and dressing room mannequin legs; and they have homeware displays that are really fun to look through.

    I definitely recommend this store, and I hope that I have the opportunity to come back in the future!!

  • Second time coming to the store. It has a mixed collection of some items: clothing, jewelry, pictures, books. I was having a pleasant time just browsing only had one thing in my basket. When I went to look at the jewelry I was browsing again leisurely and I saw a bracelet which was in a bag as most of the jewelry is I'm sure because people like to take things without paying for them. I was trying to open a bag to see how stretchy the bracelet was. An employee asked me three times ma'am please do not open the bag, ma'am please do not open the bag, do not open the bag please . I have no problem with this but you can at least offer to open the bag and show me instead of talking to me like I'm going to steal something. Humiliating. I felt like I should leave because I only had one Item and the line was very long. I was hoping this would be a good place to shop but I have my reservations now.

  • First time visiting here. I think it's in the old Woolworth's building, so it's nice to see it being used and it's pretty big too. There is a bit of an odor beyond the usual musty thrift store scent.

    People were definitely finding treasures for themselves, but we personally didn't. They've got everything under the sun, a lot of what I saw was very well used to the point of being surprised it was even put out for sale.

  • Love, love, love this store- when it's open. For those of you wanting to experience book heaven, they are closed temporarily due to the virus. While I applaud them, I am saddened for my 10 year old, who's in need of really good reading material right now.

    I can't wait to visit them again, when "normality" returns.

  • Amazing thrift store!! Lots of cds to choose from for $1, plenty of books, decent amount of clothing. Will be going back!

  • This is my favorite thrift store! I often find stuff I like, and the visits when I don't, I have fun looking. Really the best thrift store in Durham.

  • The Scrap Thrift is a really good thrift store in Durham,  next to Trosa Thrift off of Roxboro Road.

    I feel like the lighting in the store could be more brighter than what it is,  as all the times I come in there, it seems really dreary and dark until you get into the back where the books and media is located.

    Media prices are usually a dollar per disc which I feel like is a little high for used media prices as if you buy a-lot,  your total will go up in price if you are not careful.

    Also, I usually see one cashier at the front and if you are in a hurry and there is a line.....  you will be waiting for a while.   I would like to see at least two cashiers running the register.  

    Now with all that said,  they have a huge selection of clothes,  books,  physical media and it's worth the stop to check it out.

  • The Scrap Thrift is a wonderful expansion of The Scrap Exchange. I love thrifting and Scrap Thrift is the best thrift store in the triangle. They've always got sales going on and I can always find a great deal!

    Check out the books and media department- they've got a great selection and it's so well organized!

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Is The Scrap Exchange Losing Its Scrappiness?

The flyers that appeared around Durham over the last few days depict the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion, and the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz on the front—an allusion to the yellow brick road that leads to The Scrap Exchange. On the back are three demands from a group of Scrap Exchange employees: “Creative and respectful leaders on track with the Scrap mission, a living wage, and keep Scrap scrappy.”

This sign of discontent might come as a surprise unless you caught the “pay your workers a living wage” comments that flooded a recent Instagram post from the creative re-use center. After all, The Scrap Exchange is one of Durham’s most beloved businesses. But in conversations with the INDY over the last month, over half of its staff, as well as one supervisor, and 13 former employees said they think that, under new management, the Scrap has privately failed to live up to its public values.

Born in Northgate Mall in 1991, The Scrap Exchange was originally helmed by a group of artists and educators who envisioned a reused art-supplies store and community center. After eight years floating through different mall suites, the Scrap landed downtown in Liberty Warehouse, where it stayed for more than a decade until the roof collapsed in 2011 and the city condemned the building. 

After a few years in the Cordoba Center for the Arts, it moved to its current location in a historic Lakewood shopping center in 2014. At first, it focused on selling tools to make art, but the vision quickly grew into a “Reuse Arts Center.” As the mission grew, so did the footprint: In 2016, the organization bought 10 acres in the northern part of the shopping center. The next year, it opened Scrap Thrift, a more conventional secondhand store. The Scrap made headlines recently when it announced the construction of a 33-unit affordable-housing complex there, and INDY readers have voted it the Best Salvage/Re-Use Store in the Triangle almost every year since 2010. 

“Reuse, create, educate, art, and community” are the watchwords of The Scrap Exchange’s marketing—on its website, in every pamphlet, hanging on banners in the store. But employees claim that, especially since April 2019, when Laura Nicholson took over from Ann Woodward as executive director, the organization they love has lost its way. They describe an environment of insensitivity to physical and mental illness, abrupt firings, arbitrary disciplinary practices, and dulled-down stores. 

A number of employees, especially those with illnesses and disabilities, have found the Scrap to be an inhospitable work environment under Nicholson and Retail Stores Director Terri Murray. 

Paola Kipp, who worked there for more than five years, showed the INDY a disciplinary form from Nicholson and another manager filed about “controlling behavior” related to her Asperger’s syndrome and ADHD. She says she never received a verbal warning, even though the employee handbook said there had to be two, and that Nicholson told her she had just forgotten prior incidents because of her ADHD. (Her managers, she says, couldn’t find any record of prior complaints about her.) 

Kipp also claims that Murray once told her that her mental illness was getting in the way of her job because she couldn’t follow directions; other employees have similar stories of insensitivity.  

Current employee Katy Maehl, who has epilepsy, had a nonconvulsive seizure at work before the pandemic. Murray, despite not witnessing the event, disclosed Maehl’s illness in an “incident report” emailed to the entire staff. 

Three employees described moments when Murray wouldn’t let them or other coworkers sit despite chronic pain or illnesses, and when diabetic employees weren’t allowed to keep sugary snacks at the register.

Employees also say Murray has a temper, which occasionally leads to screaming. Rashod Anderson, the processing manager at the art store, recalls a time when he placed fabric rolls in the wrong spot. He says Murray, who was in charge of fabrics at the time, asked why he was “disrespecting her” by putting the fabric rolls there, saying she was too old to move them. He told her he would move them after completing another task. When he turned to leave, he heard a slam. He looked back and saw Murray had shoved a fabric roll to the ground.

Kipp says she tried to file a complaint to Nicholson, who was acting as HR at the time, about Murray making comments about her mental illness. Kipp says Nicholson told her she had to deal with the issue with Murray directly, who then accused Kipp of “backstabbing” and “crucifying” her. 

Murray was contacted twice for comment but did not respond. Nicholson says only she and the Board of Directors are allowed to speak with the press and declined to comment on any matters regarding current or former employees.

The employees say there is also a tendency for people to be fired abruptly when they question Nicholson’s decisions or have a “bad attitude.” 

Anderson, who was recently promoted, was put on a 90-day probation for being “ill-prepared” for an increase in the cap for donations, which surged after COVID-19, despite that added responsibility not being disclosed to him in advance. His notice says that he could also be fired earlier for showing a “bad attitude.” 

At least 13 employees were not taken back when the COVID-19 furlough ended, including Woodward, who had been overseeing the Reuse Arts District since stepping down as director. Current staff say their workload has doubled with the rise in donations, while less than half the staff has come back. Many say they’re doing the work they used to have two people for. 

In July, the Scrap stopped paying hazard pay, saying it couldn’t afford it. Despite this, employees say that the stores have been consistently busy. Their salaries remain just under $12 an hour, including those that had worked there for half a decade. While they receive medical benefits, this is at least $4 under the living-wage minimum for Durham. Some say they have to go to the food bank next door regularly.

While Nicholson would only give a pay range, she says 70 percent of the organization’s budget goes to paying employees, and that she asked for more money in the budget for employee appreciation. When asked how that budget was used, she said there were quarterly luncheons, and that employees returning from furlough were given a bonus. Employees say that there has only been one lunch.

On September 15, both of the Scrap’s Instagram accounts (@scrapexchange and @scrapthrift) posted photos soliciting votes for a Chapelboro contest, saying they needed funds for their Social Justice Initiative. Commenters flooded the pages asking why they didn’t pay their workers a living wage or release a statement on Black Lives Matter.

On June 4, The Scrap Exchange shared a statement about George Floyd’s death, saying that the store was deciding to step aside to make room for Black voices. The post does not use the words “Black Lives Matter.”

“We will be here, quietly creating an environment where communities of color feel welcomed and resisting the temptation to highlight our journey or drown out important voices that need to be heard right now,” the post says. “Tokenism is as harmful to the community as complacency and it’s not the time for more words.

But employees say this wasn’t the reason they were given. Amy Centner created handmade Black Lives Matter signs for her yard. A few weeks after she was hired, she says, she asked Murray and another supervisor if they would post similar signs at The Scrap Exchange and Scrap Thrift. She says she was told that Nicholson “didn’t want to be political,” and the idea was not brought to the director.

“They just were getting so annoyed with me,” Centner says.

Centner noticed how many Black Lives Matter shirts were being donated and began hanging them up as a display. Murray, she says, made her take them down, saying they were inventory they should be selling. Centner moved the shirts to mannequins, so the phrase was still visible. The next day, a scarf was covering the words.

This wasn’t the first time politics have been contested in The Scrap Exchange. In September 2019, the Roxboro Road Chick-Fil-A shared a Facebook post using the Scrap’s logo, saying they were partnering with the store for an event. Social media users and employees complained, upset that Scrap would partner with a company that donates to conversion therapy and anti-LGBTQ political campaigns.

“This is not a question of whether we should tolerate ‘opposing views and values,’” former employee Mad Bankson wrote in an email. “When a company’s views and funding allocation undermine my right to safety, freedom from discrimination, and peaceful existence, that is not a viewpoint that we should accept even passively.”

In an all-staff meeting, employees expressed their frustration to Nicholson. The Facebook event was changed to say that the Kids Morning Out event was “using materials from The Scrap Exchange,” but the event went on. Employees say one person quit over the incident. 

Nicholson told the INDY that it wasn’t a partnership, but the organization being hired for an event, then attending it. She also mentioned that later in the year, the Scrap partnered with the Bull Town Strutters for the organization’s first Pride parade float.

“Our mission is to promote creativity, environmental awareness, and community through reuse,” Nicholson says. “Community means everyone, and this has been something that Scrap has held up for a very long time.”

Woodward says that this was also standard when she was in charge.

“People would come to us and say, ‘We want to do an Obama pin-making class,’ and we’re like, ‘That’s fine. you can do it here,’” Woodward says. “And the flip side, if someone said, ‘We want to do a Trump pin-making class,’ we couldn’t say no to that, too. We had to be nonpartisan, essentially; we could not discriminate.”

Employees also question The Scrap Exchange’s definition of “community.”  Kipp says the organization has never offered programs in Spanish, despite having Spanish speakers employed.

Employees feel the space is becoming less accessible in subtler ways, too. In February, Nicholson brought on her husband, Billy, to work security at both stores, first as a volunteer, then as a five-hour-a-week employee. Some employees felt uncomfortable that he was involved in the construction of a fence along the store’s picnic tables over the summer, as if to shoo Lakewood’s neighbors away, and they say he would give them orders. One says he threatened to give her “walking papers” for popping bubble wrap, and she couldn’t tell if he was joking. 

Anderson says Billy Nicholson once asked him to help perform a “sobriety test” on another coworker. He also set up a security system, including a series of Ring cameras in both stores. Some employees say they feel like they’re being watched at all times. A few weeks ago, Anderson says, he was in the parking lot after work, teaching his partner to drive. Billy drove up to them, not knowing it was Anderson, as if he’d been watching the cameras from home. 

Laura Nicholson says her husband no longer works at Scrap Exchange after being laid off in July. She also says that he doesn’t have access to cameras, although it’s unclear if he did prior to his termination. Finance Director Wendy Smith has told employees that the board is aware of the concerns brought to them about Billy Nicholson.

Employees also say that the Scrap no longer values arts and creativity the way it once did. While the Scrap has always thrown away material it can’t use, many allege that Murray throws out more usable material than ever before. Maehl is worried about the store being turned into a “classy boutique,” forsaking its scrappy origins. She says some of its most beloved features—an art installation made of baby doll heads and other staff-created art projects—have been tossed.

“I’m frustrated with [Murray] draining the feel or the vibe of creative expression,” she says.

Employees that had good relationships with Nicholson and Murray also voiced their support of the staff speaking out. Former processing lead Kyle Knight says he and Nicholson and Murray got along well, but he couldn’t ignore the “evil they do.”

Board members have been made aware of staff concerns. At least three emails have been disclosed where employees wrote to the Board of Directors to detail issues with Nicholson and Murray. Other employees confirmed that current board president Stacey Poston—who also works for the City of Durham as the Arts, Culture and Sustainable Communities Division Manager—responded to one whistleblower complaint, saying their concerns would be taken more seriously “if [they] had mentioned even one thing that the new Executive Director had done well during her 15-month tenure.”

Poston declined to comment on the complaint.

“It’s up to the new director to kind of do what she wants, and it’s up to the board, and I feel like she did do good things when she came in,” says Rebecca Currie, Scrap Exchange’s former chief financial officer. “So I think the board is in a difficult decision right now, because of COVID, because there’s all this stuff going on. They’re looking at the whole entirety of her tenure, and seeing it stabilize the finances.”

Almost every employee that spoke with the INDY said they still love the Scrap Exchange. Many began shopping there as children or found it comforting after a long move. Kipp says the store has a lot of potential for neurodivergent folks, as it gives them a safe way to explore different sensory experiences. Employees believe in it so much they’re willing to risk their jobs for it. Some who were laid off due to COVID or left on their own accord say they’d take their job back if they could.

“I’m doing it to see the Scrap Exchange thrive and be better and get what it deserves as a living, breathing entity and a leader in the creative reuse industry,” Knight says. “If art and community are taken out of the Scrap Exchange, it’s nothing.”

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Only a few feet away from the Scrap Shop lies the Scrap Thrift, a warehouse filled with inspirational clothing, vintage items, furniture, records, books, and much more. It can take you days to look through all that we have… and the inventory is continually changing. You never know what you’ll happen upon.

Need a new pair of pants or that one-of-a-kind dress for an event? The Scrap Thrift has it! We constantly get new and unique clothing items that go out on our floor daily. From suits to scarves—and everything in between—you can outfit yourself in one visit.

Are you in search of a new story? Our passionate media processors identity cinematic gems and rare books for you to browse, take home and enjoy.

If vintage is your thing, we sell items that will pop out to those seeking the retro, antique, and nostalgic. Treasures are donated to us every day, and we want to find them new homes. It could be yours!

Looking for a bargain? We have countless lightly used household items selling at a fraction of their retail price. You don’t need a lot of money to fine a treasure. And if you are really lucky, you’ll come across what has

I’m Gonna Pop Some Tags…


become known as #ScrapMagic. From kitchen utensils to furniture, to storage solutions, the Scrap Thrift has it all!

Create-digging audiophiles will have a blast browsing through our curated selection of LPs, 45s, cassettes, and CDs. Discover your new favorite band and grow your collection.


The Scrap Exchange

Photo of Geri Vital Geri Vital
May 26, 2019 5

The Scrap Exchange is a great resource for arts and crafts and an excellent venue for recycling unused and antique gadgets and knickknacks. Their do-it-yourself workshops are wonderful for stimulating the imagination of kids, and undervalued as occupational therapy. Stop by just ONCE, and you'll see why. Bring your imagination, nostalgia and creativity!

Photo of K Robinson K Robinson
May 7, 2019 5

Great place to go for that unusual something that you didn't know you needed. Now divided into 2 stores side by a thrift shop with assorted household gadgets and thingamabobs, the other full of various scrap items that stir the imagination. Need a knitting needle or2.?.they have it.need a gently used soccertrophy, ? Yep, that too...Need a glass dome with radiation warning symbol on it? By golly they had that too , on a recent foray. Remember, with an open mind, anything is possible!!

Photo of Amy Arcos Amy Arcos
Jun 8, 2019 5

My crafting heaven! This is definitely my favorite place in Durham. Going in and spending an hour just gathering odds and ends is my perfect Saturday afternoon.

Photo of Ananth tacob Ananth tacob
Apr 15, 2019 5

As a visitor to Durham my daughter took me to both the scrap exchange resale and the next door art supply. What a treat, the resale had a lot of nice finds and we didn't see it all due to closing time. The art supply was completely overwhelming. I don't think there's a word in the English language to accurately describe it. If a former scientist became a scrapper, never threw out anything, and had a eye for neat used stuff this would be his paradise.

Photo of Margaret Renfranz Margaret Renfranz
Apr 27, 2019 5

Very exciting place for those who like to rummage while they ruminate. Filled with everything from fabrics to wheels to metal objects to solid oak columns from a dismantled church. Good place to spend a rainy afternoon. Proceeds from sales go to a local charity. P.S. While I was there, 2 groups from area public elementary schools were engaged in craft actvities.

Photo of Savannah Bowman Savannah Bowman
Jun 23, 2019 5

Such an interesting and wonderful place. If you are an artist or teach/have kids who are into art, this is a wonderful place to look for different types of supplies! I was so impressed with the variety of things they had there. Most of my time was spent looking at postcards! Consider this place when looking for supplies and when getting rid of things you do not use! You would be surprised what other people can do with things you no longer need!

Photo of Blake Ray Blake Ray
Jul 6, 2019 5

This is a great place to go on a regular basis. There are always surprises.One building houses a scrap department that always has a wide variety of fabrics, leather scraps, yarn, string, thread, and so on. There are also wood scraps, containers of various kinds, paper, envelopes, nails, screws, tiles, bottles, bottle caps, three ring binders, laboratory glassware, and much much more. Today I got four large three-ring binders, never-before-used as far as I can tell, and payed $1 for all four. There is also another building that is a resale shop that has clothes, dishes knickknacks, books, kitchen tools, all the stuff you usually find in such places. They accept donations so it is also a good place to take stuff you need to get rid of, but which is not really trash.

Photo of Max B. Max B.
Jul 5, 2019 5

This place is a painstakingly crafted bazaar of junk, scrap, and discarded things constantly reorganized by the people who work there. It's a testament to the sheer amount of consideration and care invested in this community sponsored shop fulfilling a niche role in it's own little industry. I would recommend touring it if you're in the area, even if only for a day.

Photo of Vivian Voss Vivian Voss
Oct 6, 2019 5

Everyone needs to come here at least once! You can find anything you’ll ever need. If you can’t find it here, try the thrift portion of The Scrap Exchange. Satisfy any needs you may have and certainly your curiosity by coming here. If you’re real cool, you’ll bring something to donate every time you visit. Keep Durham unique!

Photo of Faye Goodwin Faye Goodwin
Oct 15, 2019 5

An amazing place. Every city should have a Scrap Exchange. As a set designer, costume designer, Halloween costume-maker, and all-around thrift queen, the scrap exchange has blessed me with its treasures countless times.

Photo of Unique Gupton Unique Gupton
Jun 24, 2019 5

Some many treasures and room to make your creations come alive! One of my weekly go to places. You have to have an open mind. The scrap exchange is composed of 2 similar but different stores. You have the thrift store where you can find clothes, shoes, furniture, books, records, and house hold decor, electronics and much more and the other store is more arts and crafts, fabric finds, science supplies, and extra material from other projects. I would highly recommend The Scrap exchange for teachers looking for supplies for the classroom and their students. Also for creative artist looking to create the ultimate masterpiece. Basically any one who loves to thrift and catch a good deal lol

Photo of Mary Engleman Mary Engleman
Aug 17, 2019 5

The store is magnificent! I could have spent the whole day shopping. Theh have sales based on the color tags on the merchandise. I bought fabric, buttons, lace, doilies, vintage ephemera, sheet music, post cards etc.. the people are very helpful. The store is well organized and everything is labeled. I will return and bring my friends.

Photo of che' Boone che' Boone
Oct 3, 2019 5

My kids love this place. The staff is amazing and everyone there is so sweet even the customers. Plus I found some treasures for pennies 💜

Photo of Cynthia	 Waggoner Cynthia Waggoner
Aug 23, 2019 5

So much interesting stuff to look at. I found many items that were great prices. Staff was very helpful.

Photo of Benjamin Gunn Benjamin Gunn
Nov 15, 2019 5

This is the greatest place on Earth. You can find any assortment of art supplies and office supplies. There are all sorts of fun artistic classes that take place there. They get so much China that they sell for quarters. Every Black Friday you can go there and buy little things to smash on the cordoned off back porch.

Photo of Malia Moriarty Malia Moriarty
Nov 12, 2019 5

This place is great.... Has tons of great things to use in any kind of project.. Wish I had one closer!

Photo of Amy C Amy C
Nov 13, 2019 5

BEST thrift store in the Triangle. So many wonderful options to repurpose items! Highly recommend.

Photo of 256 Atoms 256 Atoms
Nov 20, 2019 4

Wow! It's good, it's a nice maze, full of surprises. Odds and ends galore. Be surprised every 10 steps, wait, no. Every three steps! Loved the experience. Yes, one of the floorings is made of actual maps of the world! Enjoy your imagination.

Photo of Heather Chandler Heather Chandler
Dec 11, 2019 5

This place is like no other. It's part thrift store, part art supply store, party miscellaneous things you didn't know you needed store. I go here every few months to get supplies for various art projects I am doing - they have a great second hand fabric section and lots of scrapbooking supplies. They also have scientific beakers, particle board, wood scraps, yarn, kids craft supplies, and so on. You can walk out with two bags of stuff for less than $10 and it contains enough to keep you busy for days! In addition, they have an actual thrift store next door that has clothes, books, furniture, and other household items.

Photo of katnnv . katnnv .
Dec 10, 2019 5

Soooooo awesome! Endless amounts of stuff and things to upcycle and use for all sorts of projects. Being there puts me in the mood to get creative and makes me feel crafty. A great way to reuse items that might normally end up in a landfill.

Photo of Devin M Devin M
Dec 24, 2019 5

This place is so fun. I took my daughter to make a craft. It’s $5 for 1.5 hours of crafting time, all supplies included. Also they have a ton of things available to buy such as scrap leather sold by the ounce that I’ll use to make earrings! So fun.

Photo of Benjamin Palmer Benjamin Palmer
Dec 16, 2019 5

great place! found some nice walnut sheets for mere pennies. also got some old rusty clamps for restoration for really cheap. love it here.

Photo of Bill Private Bill Private
Feb 26, 2020 5

What an awesome place , it was fun to go through and see what deals can be found. Great people and fair price. You need to go see for yourself

Photo of Peter Larsen Peter Larsen
Feb 24, 2020 5

The Scrap Exchange is unique and fascinating. If you are creative, curious, or have high-functioning hoarder tendencies, you should visit. There is a conventional thrift store (a quite good one with home goods, books, clothes, and furniture), but next door there is a whole building FILLED with low costs 'scrap' materials. Mostly of the materials are art and creative supplies (paints, scrap wood, sewing materials, fabric scraps, leather, metal, etc) but also overstock medical supplies, garden and office equipment, and anything else that has been donated. Most items ar $0.25 - $2.00 or sold by the pound, but the occasional item can be $10 - $50

Photo of MJ Mills MJ Mills
Mar 14, 2020 5

It is so much fun to visit the Scrap Exchange. It tickles the imagination just to walk through and see all the things available! I wish I had time to play with them all! From a practical standpoint, they have an excellent supply of office supplies that are rock bottom prices.

Photo of James Goerke James Goerke
Mar 10, 2020 5

The kids had a great time here. We did the craft time where you get 90 minutes of free craft time and unlimited supplies from the bins for $5 each. We were the only ones there for the whole time so it wasn’t crowded at all. It’s a neat place and if the kids ask for it again it’s worth it.

Photo of Sybil Richardson Sybil Richardson
Feb 2, 2020 5

Great place , you can find some of everything here. Parking is great, they have discounted color tags on already low cost items . Friendly staff.

Photo of Madeline Roper Madeline Roper
Jul 31, 2019 5

It's a really good place to bring old stuff for other people to reuse. It has fabric, broken jewelry, buttons, clothes, an art gallery, mystery bags and more. There's also a thrift store that has dolls, books, toys and more stuff. The employees are really nice and didn't mind when I took a minute to find enough money. It's really interestingly decorated and colorful.

Photo of Road Block Road Block
May 23, 2020 5

Great place to find very unique items for creative projects. Metal, wood, glass, paper, cloth, and so much random stuff that always seems to be different each time I return. The scrap Exchange is loosely organized into areas that breeds ingenuity and creativity that has expanded my projects from cool to awesome.

Photo of Margot Gerrity Margot Gerrity
Jun 23, 2020 5

Anything you can think of, they've got it second hand. Ultimate in upcycling, they are an amazing source of materials for the creation of diverse projects. Nice folx, too. Excellent prices.

Photo of Nina McManus Nina McManus
Jul 6, 2020 5

If you are a crafter of any sort this place is a must-do. ABSOLUTELY MUST! Imagine if every crafty person in the world cleaned out their stashes, but instead of having 10 million tiny yard sales they all sold everything in one place, but at the same low prices. And it's good stuff too, some new some used, but no junk. There's also finished pieces from local artists too. If you need inspiration you cant fail to find it here. And don't forget the people: staff and other shoppers tend to be creative types too, so if the stuff can't inspire you the people probably can.

Photo of Cortni Hollywood2 Cortni Hollywood2
Jul 21, 2020 4

5 stars for the actual store as I always find my crafting needs and MUCH more..yet 4 stars for the staff iv personally encountered for their lack of much needed help. Everything in 3 pics here I got for less than 5 bucks! Prices are unbeatable!

Photo of Anita G. Owens Anita G. Owens
Jul 26, 2020 5

Crafter's dream! Making use of things that would ordinarily end up in the landfill. Great prices and huge selection. Plan to spent a few hours.

Photo of Mike Belanger Mike Belanger
Sep 1, 2020 5

My girlfriend and I absolutely enjoy going here! We started going here this past spring but hadn't been back until recently. The whole store, inside and out, has been completely renovated, and generally just "cleaned up" making it appear very nice and welcoming. Also I cannot stress enough how amazing some of the deals are inside. Her and I geocache and we were able to find a LOT of geocaching supplies for just $3!!! Cannot be beat, 11/10.

Photo of Cassidy Cassidy
Sep 13, 2020 5

Huge selection of odds and ends as well as every craft product you could want. A great place to just walk especially if you need inspiration for a project. Very helpful and friendly staff. All personal were wearing masks and some even gloves. Social distancing was encouraged as best they could given the space.

Photo of Michael Perry Michael Perry
Sep 9, 2020 5

The best thriftstore within a 2 hour radius. We travel 90 minutes to search through craft material, books, DVDs, records and more!

Photo of Mari Casas Mari Casas
Sep 4, 2020 4

It's a great store if you like to go to find treasures. I love the variety of crafts finders. The personel is really nice all the time. Also you can set up visits to got your kids and play with some reclycled materials. Love this place! It's sad that is far from home so I can only 3 to 4 times a year.

Photo of Frances Archer Frances Archer
Sep 19, 2020 5

Have not been here in quite some time They have made it even better than before

Photo of Heather Chandler Heather Chandler
Aug 25, 2020 5

This place is like no other. It's part thrift store, part art supply store, part miscellaneous things you didn't know you needed store. I go here every few months to get supplies for various art projects I am doing - they have a great second hand fabric section and lots of scrapbooking supplies. They also have scientific beakers, particle board, wood scraps, yarn, kids craft supplies, and so on. You can walk out with two bags of stuff for less than $10 and it contains enough to keep you busy for days! In addition, they have an actual thrift store next door that has clothes, books, furniture, and other household items.

Photo of Malinda Love Malinda Love
Nov 10, 2020 5

This place is a treasure trove. If you need something it's usually a good place to check first. You can usually find what you're looking for at a really low price. It's also just a fun place to wander through and see what they have.

Photo of Theo Theo
Nov 11, 2020 5

This is the BEST thrift store/craft supply store I have EVER gone to. If you love thrift stores and crafting this will be paradise for you. It certainly was for me! One of the coolest spots is near the front where they have barrels full of misc items that are usually trashed. They even have an interesting selection of scientific equipment/supplies! Plan to spend at least half a day here when you come! I'll never forget this store!

Photo of Indigo Lamb Indigo Lamb
Dec 16, 2020 5

It is always a treasure hunt at the scrap exchange. I'm am art teacher and I love coming up with lessons and projects based off of the unique finds I discover here. The people are wonderful and I am happy to support such a great place.

Photo of L. L. L. L.
Feb 2, 2021 5

So much to see and so many good deals on art supplies. I'll be going back. Some of the yarn might have been there a while, because I had to wash it before using it (I'm allergic to dust). I've had to do the same for yarn from big box stores sometimes so it's not a big deal, though.


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