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The 5 Best Swing Sets of 2021

A picture of the Backyard Discovery Skyfort II play set

Dimensions: 200 x 149 x 272 inches | Material: Cedar wood | Age Range: 3–10 | Warranty: 1 year, and extended 5 years for the wood

What We Like
  • Looks attractive in a backyard

  • Feels very durable and safe

  • Keeps kids entertained for hours

What We Don't Like
  • Setup is difficult

  • Only one color option for the wood

  • Expensive

Backyard Discovery Skyfort II Wooden Swing Set Review

Your kids will have the time of their lives playing on the elaborate Backyard Discovery Skyfort II, which is so much more than your average swing set. This set features a spacious elevated clubhouse with a ladder, rock climbing wall, and slide, as well as a set of monkey bars, three-position swing beam, built-in picnic table, crow’s nest, and even a sandbox. No matter how your children like to play, the Skyfort has it covered. 

This high-end swing set is crafted from durable cedar wood, and it requires a large yard for installation, measuring close to 22 feet long and 17 feet wide. The set requires quite a bit of assembly, but its many features allow several children to play at once. Plus, it has features that cater to kids of all ages, and its attractive cedar build will look beautiful in your yard. 

What Testers Say

"We love that the set feels safe and sturdy. Nothing sways when the kids are on the swings or climbing into the clubhouse.”—The Spruce Product Tester

Sours: https://www.thespruce.com/best-wooden-swing-sets-3129287

Top 5 Wooden Swing Sets Under 500 Dollars

If you have had the chance to start your search for the perfect backyard swing set you have by now discovered that there is a lot to choose from. The decision needs to be made whether you want wood, vinyl, or metal. You also need to consider the size and whether it will fit in your backyard. Another factor is the number of features and which activities are most important to you and your kids. And of course, there is always the matter of how much money you are willing to spend.

Wooden swing sets tend to be on the more expensive end of the range of prices, but are typically larger and more sturdy. Metal swings sets are normally cheaper but do not usually come with a clubhouse or any type of enclosure. If you are in the market for a swing set, but are also hoping to not spend a fortune, it is possible to find some good, quality wooden swing sets under 500 dollars.

Top 5 Swing Sets

These lower-priced swing sets might not be the largest sets you can find or include all of the accessories that some of the bigger sets have. However, the top 5 that we have detailed below come from some of the top trusted brands and are still sure to provide a safe and fun activity for your backyard. They include some of the staple swing set features that kids love such as swings, a slide, a rock climbing wall, and even a covered play deck.

Big Backyard Appleton
  • 2 belt swings
  • Slide
  • Rock climbing wall and ladder
  • Upper play fort
  • Sandbox
  • Built-in chalkboard
  • Green canopy with yellow trim
  • 10’ 7” L x 9’ W x 7’ 11” H
  • 130 lbs.
  • Upper deck height – 48”
  • Recommended for ages 3-10 years
Backyard Discovery Weston
  • 2 belt swings, Trapeze swing
  • 8’ Speedy slide
  • Rock climbing wall ladder
  • Snack stand, Built-in bench
  • Approximately 13’ L x 10’10” W x 9’ H
  • 191 lbs.
  • Upper deck height – 48″
  • Recommended for ages 3 – 10 years
Backyard Discovery Yukon III
  • 2 belt swings, Trapeze swing
  • 8’ Speedy slide
  • Rock climbing wall and ladder
  • Snack stand, Built-in bench
  • Blue and yellow striped canopy
  • Approximately 16’ 2” L x 7’ 5” W x 8’ 3” H
  • 205 lbs.
  • Upper deck height – 4″
  • Recommended for ages 3-10 years
Cedar Summit Ainsley
  • 2 belt swings
  • High rail wave slide
  • Rock climbing wall
  • Vinyl chalkwall
  • Multi-colored arched canopy roof
  • 10’ 3” L x 9’ W x 7’ 11” H
  • 130 lbs.
  • Upper deck height – 40”
  • Recommended for ages 3+ years
Pioneer Deluxe DIY Play Set Hardware Kit
  • 2 swing seats, Iron man rings
  • 2-piece Summit slide
  • Iron man rings
  • Instruction manual with 4 designs to choose from
  • 16’ L x 12’ W x 8’H
  • 250 lbs.
  • Deck height – 48”
  • Recommended for ages 2-10 years

Big Backyard Appleton

The Appleton swing set by Big Backyard includes many of the popular features of a large swing set, but in a smaller size. The upper fort is sized nicely for a couple kids and includes a large canopy that offers plenty of head space.

Inside the clubhouse is a built-in vinyl chalk board so kids can draw to their hearts content. A climbing rock wall has been combined with a ladder to access the fort. A sandbox is located under the fort. The Appleton only includes two swings.

Swing sets by Big Backyard are made from 100% cedar lumber. The wood comes pre-cut and pre-drilled for quick and easy assembly. Two adults assemble the play set is 4 to 8 hours. The wood is pre-stained for appearances only.

Up to seven kids can use the swing set at one time so it is great for larger families or a family with lots of neighbor friends.


  • 2 belt swings
  • Slide
  • Rock climbing wall and ladder
  • Upper play fort
  • Sandbox
  • Built-in chalkboard
  • Green canopy with yellow trim


  • Approximately 10’ 7” L x 9’ W x 7’ 11” H
  • Safe play zone – add 6’ to all 4 sides
  • Swing set weight – 130 pounds
  • Shipping weight – 140 pounds
  • Upper play fort dimensions – 38″ x 26″
  • Upper deck height – 4′
  • Recommended for ages 3-10 years

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Backyard Discovery Weston

Another reliable swing set brand, Backyard Discovery is committed to providing affordable and high quality backyard play sets. They have been in the swing set business for more than 40 years. Their products are known to be sturdy, long-lasting, and super safe.

The Weston is one of their smallest models but sill includes a fort area for kids to play, multiple swings, and rock wall/ladder combination to maximize its playing ability.

Great for building imagination, this small swing set even includes an area for a sandbox. The built-in bench adjacent to the snack stand window allows kids to rest, enjoy a snack, or pretend they are serving ice cream on a hot summer day. Backyard Discovery’s signature green and yellow slide is speedy yet safe.


When you purchase this swing set you will get everything you need for construction including the all-cedar wood that is already pre-cut, pre-sanded, pre-stained, and pre-drilled. All of the hardware is included along with a detailed instruction manual for do-it-yourself assembly.


  • 2 belt swings
  • Trapeze swing
  • 8’ Speedy slide
  • Rock climbing wall ladder
  • Upper play fort
  • Sandbox area
  • Snack stand
  • Built-in bench
  • Green and yellow striped canopy


  • Approximately 13’ L x 10’10” W x 9’ H
  • Safe play zone – add 6’ to all 4 sides
  • Swing set weight – 191 pounds
  • Shipping weight – 205 pounds
  • Upper play fort dimensions – 30″ x 30″
  • Upper deck height – 4′
  • Recommended for ages 3 – 10 years

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Backyard Discovery Yukon III

Similar to the Weston in size and features, the Yukon by Backyard Discovery is another excellent swing set at an affordable price. It features both a snack bar and a sandbox, but instead of next to each other, the snack bar is located inside the sand area.

The clubhouse is smaller than the Backyard Discovery Weston. It does still include great features such as swings, trapeze bar, slide, and rock wall.

As with all Backyard Discovery playsets, the Yukon III is made from cedar wood that is naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insects. The Safe-T-Fuse hardware ensures a secure assembly that is easy and quick.

The lumbar arrives pre-cut and pre-drilled to expedite construction of the playset. With two people working plan on assembly taking about 18-24 hours.

This swing set is best for families with a small backyard and younger kids. Backyard Discovery makes it easy to swap the swings. You can switch the belt swing to an infant or toddler bucket swing or even a glider.


  • 2 belt swings
  • Trapeze swing
  • 8’ Speedy slide
  • Rock climbing wall and ladder
  • Upper play fort
  • Sandbox holding 5 cu. ft. of sand
  • Snack stand, Built-in bench
  • Blue and yellow striped canopy


  • Approximately 16’ 2” L x 7’ 5” W x 8’ 3” H
  • Safe play zone – add 6’ to all 4 sides
  • Swing set weight – 205 pounds
  • Shipping weight – 302 pounds
  • Upper play fort dimensions – 55″ x 20″
  • Upper deck height – 4′
  • Recommended for ages 3-10 years

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Cedar Summit Ainsley

Another cool option from Cedar Summit, the Ainsley is a smaller, wooden swingset that may not have a ton of features but will provide just the right amount of fun for your family. And as far as prices go, for an all cedar swing set this set is a great deal. Its unique arched canopy roof makes it an attractive option for your backyard as well.


When you order this swing set you can be assured you will be getting a quality product that is durable and has your kids’ safety as a top priority. Even the stain that is used on the wood is child safe. And since Cedar Summit prides itself on making their products easy to assemble you will also get all of the parts, lumber, and hardware you need for assembly. The lumber is all pre-cut, pre-drilled, and pre-stained for your convenience.


Read on for more details about the included features, size, and where to purchase the Cedar Summit Ainsley.


  • 2 belt swings
  • High rail wave slide
  • Rock climbing wall
  • Upper play deck
  • Sandbox area
  • Vinyl chalkwall
  • Multi-colored arched canopy roof


  • 10’ 3” L x 9’ W x 7’ 11” H
  • Safe play zone – 22’ 3” L x 28’ W
  • Shipping weight – 130 pounds
  • Upper clubhouse dimensions – 26″ x 38.5″
  • Upper deck height – 40”
  • Recommended for ages 3+ years
  • Weight limits – 7 children, maximum of 110 lb. per child

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Pioneer Deluxe DIY Play Set Hardware Kit


This next wooden swingset under 500 dollars really looks like a steal until you read all of the details. When you purchase this product you are actually only purchasing the kit and accessories, there is no wood components or hardware included.

For those who are handy and comfortable using power tools the Pioneer Deluxe Hardware Kit is probably a great option. You can spend as much or as little as you want my choosing the type of wood that fits your needs and your budget. If you aren’t a handy person you may want to avoid this option as the time and energy you put into measuring, cutting, and building might not be worth the savings.

When you purchase this kit from Swing-N-Slide, you’ll get everything you need for basic assembly including the brackets, swings, swing hangers, and in some cases the slide. All of these parts are made of durable plastic and steel. The rest of the durability depends on the wood you choose. Another perk of this model is that you can choose from 4 different swing set configurations as you build to make it fit perfectly in your available space.

No matter which kit you buy from this brand, you’ll get a detailed instruction manual as well as a list of what lumber and tools you’ll need for completion. See below for the list of lumbered required for this particular set.


Required lumber and hardware

  • 2” x 4” x 8 ft. (2)
  • 2” x 4” x 10 ft. (1)
  • 2” x 6” x 8 ft. (1)
  • 2” x 6” x 10 ft. (2)
  • 2” x 6” x 12 ft. (2)
  • 4” x 4” x 8 ft. (6)
  • 4” x 6” x 16 ft. (1) or 2” x 6” x 16 ft. (2)
  • 8 x 2 1/2 inch screws (3 lbs.)
  • 8 x 3 inch screws (2 lbs.)


  • 2 swing seats
  • 2-piece Summit slide
  • Iron man rings
  • Safety handles
  • Swing hangers – 3 pairs
  • EZ Frame Brackets – 6
  • Instruction manual with 4 designs to choose from
  • Lumber and screws NOT included


  • 16’ L x 12’ W x 8’H
  • Safe play zone – 28’ L x 28’ W
  • Weight – 250 pounds
  • Deck dimensions – 10 square feet
  • Deck height – 48”
  • Recommended for ages 2-10 years
  • Weight limits – 6 children or 250 pounds

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That’s not all

When it comes to choosing an affordable swing set, wooden playsets do not have to be crossed off the list. While you may have to sacrifice some size or a certain number of accessories, it is possible to get a well-made, durable wooden swing set that your kids will love for under 500 dollars. These are just a few of the many models available and we hope this list gives you a good place to start on the path to finding the swing set that is perfect for your family.

Nikki is a full-time homemaker with a love for plants, nature, and the outdoors. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in education, combining her talents and favorite hobby to write educational material for other plant and backyard enthusiasts. Co-founder of Backyardville, Nikki seeks insight for her blogs through reading along with hands-on research in her own yard and garden. Her experiences as a child growing up in a farming community and spending time with her gardening grandmother sparked an interest in growing plants and seeking ways to beautify the spaces around her. Nikki lives in a quiet suburb in Iowa with her husband and their two outdoor-loving children.

Sours: https://backyardville.com/wooden-swing-sets-under-500/
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If you have kids, it’s a good idea to encourage outdoor play and we have the solution with the best wooden swing sets under $500.

There are a lot of different swing sets on the market today, but which are the best? We’ve reviewed the top-rated swing sets that are priced at $500 below. 

When looking for the best wooden swing sets under $500, only buy from a reputable brand. Make sure that it has quality materials with the most durable wood type and has sturdy reinforcements. 

Our top recommendations feature quality, durability, and safety as the top priorities because these are the most important factors that make them the best.

Our reviews of the best wooden swing sets under $500 narrowed the selection down to 2 different brands, models, and sizes to give you the options in one convenient place. This saves the time and effort it takes to browse through the hundreds that are out there. 

We’ve weeded out the lower quality items to provide the full details with specifications, what makes each product top-rated, the outstanding features, the benefits, and the downsides for each to give you all the specs that you need to make an informed decision.

Are Wooden Or Metal Swing Sets Better

The question that is most commonly asked is whether a wooden swing set or a metal one is better. Each type has its pros and cons, and while it is a matter of preference, there are some facts that you need to know about each to make up your own mind.

The greatest benefit of a metal swing set is that it is usually less expensive than its wooden counterpart. Metal is easier to maintain, and they require less work after the initial setup. 

There are some stability issues that go along with metal swing sets. Most require extra steps to ensure that they don’t tip over and to stabilize them. They are also not as easy to customize as the wooden sets, and they are less durable than properly maintained wooden sets. 

After discussing the pros and cons of metal swings, we turn to the wooden type.

How Long Do Wooden Swing Sets Last

Wood swing sets can last for 20 years or more under the right conditions. Although this type is usually more expensive and more time consuming to set up, it is an investment that can last for over two decades, or even up to 40 years in some cases. 

This is a lot longer compared to the average of 15 years for the metal type.

The durability of a wooden swing set depends on the type of wood that it is made of, and how well it is protected from the elements. The most common wood types are cedar and redwood. 

This is because they naturally resist insect infestation, disease, and rot. This is a natural protection for the wood to prevent deterioration that can happen in the outdoors. 

Those made of pine, fir, or spruce are also used by some companies, but they are not as durable, and they require more extensive maintenance.

Pressure-treated and preserved wood also has a long lifespan, but there are drawbacks to this type of wood for kids’ swing sets. The treatment is made of chemicals to preserve the wood. 

Children who come into contact when playing may become exposed to potentially harmful preservatives.

How Much Weight Can A Wooden Swing Set Hold

This is an important question to ask about any wooden swing set you’re considering. The weight limits vary from one swing set to another. The average range is between 100 to 200 pounds per swing.

The total weight capacity for the entire set ranges from 600 to 800 pounds, but this is determined by the type of wood that is used, the construction, and the way that reinforcements are designed.

It’s best to check with the manufacturer to determine how much weight each swing will hold individually. It’s best to go with swing sets that are rated to accommodate the maximum weight of the heaviest child or adult that will be using the set to be safe.

Wooden Swing Set Measurements

The measurements of a wooden swing set are important to make sure that it will fit into the area that you have designated and to ensure that it will be large enough for your family. 

This is why it’s important to review the specifications including the dimensions of the swing set and each of its components before you make your final decision.

Most of the best wooden swing sets for under $500 have smaller measurements than the more complicated larger versions. At this price range you’re likely to find more simple configurations or basic sets when the quality of the wood is high. 

Unless you find a great sale price, expect to find sets that have a couple of swings with limited additional accessories.

If you’re willing to forego some expensive features for a higher number of swings or play accessories, you can find a wooden swing set that has more to offer. 

The higher the price, the larger the set is the rule of thumb in general, but there have been some manufacturers who use pressure-treated wood made with non-toxic chemicals.

 You can also go with cheaper woods that may not last quite as long, but with a little extra care and maintenance, they can hold up for a few decades. It’s a type of trade-off in most cases.

Wooden Swing Set Maintenance

The amount and type of maintenance that your wooden swing set requires depend upon the type of wood that it’s made of. The wood types that require the least amount of maintenance are cedar and redwood. 

These offer the best protection from pests and rot, but there are common maintenance tasks that every wooden swing set needs to stay looking like new

Inspect the swing set regularly. We recommend doing this once a month. Take a close look at the swing chains, any plastic parts, and the small hardware that holds everything in place. Make sure that everything is in perfect working order. 

If you see any sharp edges, loose screws, or damage, it’s best to make the repairs immediately so the problems don’t get worse. Make sure all screws, nuts, and bolts are in place and tight.

Look for rough spots, cracks, and splintering. If there are any of these, sand them or repair the cracks immediately. If the set is still under warranty and you notice any dry rot, contact the manufacturer quickly to obtain a replacement board.

How Do You Protect A Wooden Swing Set

Wooden swing sets are subject to the deteriorating effects of the elements. These include harsh UV rays, wind, rain, hail, and snow. One of the most important things that you can do is to stain and seal the wood, regardless of the type that it is. 

This helps to provide a waterproof coating that lessens the impacts of weather and it can lengthen the lifespan of the set

Staining and sealing should be done within 60 to 90 days after the construction of the swing set is complete. Some sets are pre-sealed, so this is a step that you won’t need to complete for a year or two. 

On average wooden swing sets need to be resealed everyone to two years for maximum protection.

There are two types of products that work well for sealing wooden swing sets. These are oil-based or water based. While one isn’t necessarily better than the other, it’s advised to go with the product that guarantees the waterproofing of the surfaces. 

The sealant is only for application to wood surfaces so avoid getting it on plastic, metal, or rubber components.

Top-Rated Wooden Swing Sets Under $500

Wooden Swing Sets are in investment that can last for decades. Your children will enjoy them and so will your grandkids in the years to come. We’ve highlighted the top wooden swing set under $500 for your consideration, along with our choice for runner-up for this distinction.

Best Overall

Ainsley Premium Play Set on Amazon is one of the top-rated best wooden swing sets because it is made by a reputable brand, featuring all cedar wood. 

Cedar is one of the most durable types for decades of regular use, even when out in the elements. It’s rare to find such a deluxe playset with such high-quality materials for this low price.

This swing set is perfect for kids age 36 months through 10 years old. It has an upper deck dimension of 49 x 22 inches. The slide is 8 feet long with a super slippery design for sliding ease. 

It also comes with a rock-climbing wall ladder, two belt swings, a swing trapeze bar, and a sandbox on the lower deck. It also comes with a colorful green canopy over the upper deck that leads to the slide.

The frame is angled for extra stability. The total assembled size is 10’3″L x 9’W x 7’11″H. It fits into most smaller backyards and it’s an exceptional value for the cost.

What I like:

  • Can build a sandbox below upper deck
  • Easily assembly
  • Perfect for toddlers through elementary school-age kids

What I don’t like:

  • Only larger screw holes are pre-drilled. You’ll need to drill additional holes during assembly.

This is easily one of the best values for a cedar wooden swing set under $500. It’s hard to find this quality for such a low price. It’s loaded with useful features so up to 5 kids can play at the same time.

Runner Up

Swing-N-Slide PB 8360 Ranger Wooden Swing Set with Swings on Amazon is one of the top-rated wooden swing sets because it is made by a reputable brand at a budget friendly price. It is made with cedar, which is one of the most durable types for decades of regular use.

This swing set is perfect for kids up through 10 years old. This set features two swing seats and a ring/trapeze combination swing that have pinch free coated chains. Each of the three swings support up to 115 pounds and the chains can be adjusted for variable height.

The frame is angled for extra stability. The total assembled size is 104” x 92” x 82”. It easily fits into most smaller backyards and it’s an exceptional value for the cost.

What I like:

  • It’s easy to switch out the accessories such as swings for replacing with other compatible equipment
  • This set goes up in just a few hours
  • Perfect for toddlers through elementary school-age kids

What I don’t like:

  • Will need 2 people to put together

Wooden Swing Set Options

This is a buyer’s guide that lets you know what to look for when buying a wooden swing set. We look at the best brands along with the best quality, affordability, and a selection of the different types of swings that we’ve included in our reviews.

This guide points out the most important things to look for while you’re browsing through the detailed descriptions and specifications and why it’s important. 

While each choice is a top-rated wooden swing set, each has its benefits and drawbacks and it is important for you to know what makes it a good value, and if there are any known problems associated with the product.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Wooden Swing Set

Think about how many kids will be using the swing set and how many swings it will need to have to accommodate them all. If you have a family with two or three kids, it’s best to make sure that there is a swing or at least a piece of equipment for each of them.

Consider the configuration of the set. Wooden swing sets come with a lot of different equipment configurations. Some are strictly swings, others have rings, a slide, a teeter-totter, or merry-go-round accessory. Choose the one that has the most useful features that are within your budget.

Think about the total weight that the swing set will need to accommodate. You can do this by calculating the weight of each person that will be using it by the number of accessories that will be used at one time. 

Make sure that if you have heavy kids, you have a set that is rated for the total weight and then some. For example, swings on average can accommodate as little as 100 pounds or as much as 200 pounds. It’s also a good idea to make sure that the set is age appropriate.

Best Brand Of Wooden Swing Sets

Wooden swing sets are made by a lot of different brands, but not all of them have a solid reputation for quality and safety. It’s recommended that you do a little research on a brand that you’re not familiar with.

Ainsley is the brand that offers the best wooden swing sets under $500. Few brands can match the price while maintaining this level of quality. 

The company uses cedar type wood which is one of the best choices for strength, durability, and resistance to common pests such as termites.

Best Quality Wooden Swing Sets

When looking for the best quality, there are a few things to keep in mind. The type of wood that is used is one of the best indicators of the quality of the swing set. Choose a set that is made of cedar or redwood for the longest life. 

If you go with a wooden swing set that is made of fir, pine, or wood that is not either cedar or redwood, it’s important that the wood is pre-treated and sealed. This protects it from deterioration from the elements.

Other materials should also be considered. If there are plastic components, it’s important that they are made of strong and durable plastics that will hold up over time. If there is metal for the chains it should also be weather-resistant, and at a minimum, rust-resistant.

Finally, take a long look at the design. Is this a swing set that is sturdy with reinforcements? Will it hold up under intense play? These are important questions to ask and get the answers before you make your final decision.

Best Affordable Wooden Swing Set

The best affordable wooden swing set is the one that most closely meets your needs. While the price is a consideration, the quality must also be present to make the item worth purchasing. It should be made of sturdy materials that will hold up for more than a few years.

The best affordable swing will have the features that will make it the most enjoyable to use. It should come with enough swings for the number of kids who will be using it, or at least, offer other accessories so everyone gets to play at the same time.

Best Cedar Wood Swing Set

Cedar is one of the most preferred materials for a wood swing set because of its natural resistance to deterioration and damage from pests and disease. It’s also one of the most expensive. You should be prepared to pay more for cedar than most other types.

The best cedar wood swing sets are those that are pre-treated with a sealant to further protect the wood from UV, wind, or rain damage. Each piece of wood in the set is stained and coated with a weatherproof treatment.

You can purchase a cedar wood swing set that isn’t treated, but you must be willing to treat it within 90 days of its set up to keep it protected from damage. 

This might mean a little more work, but sometimes, untreated wood swing sets are cheaper than those that have been pre-treated and it could save you some money in the long run.

Best Backyard Wood Swing Sets

The Best backyard wood swing sets are those that meet your requirements for safety and quality. There are a few more considerations to make when you’re deciding which set to choose. 

It should be made of quality materials and when set up, the swing set should be stable, so it won’t tip over easily.

Aside from quality and safety features, the set needs to be the right size and configurations to fit in your backyard. 

This is why it’s important to check the specifications for the measurements. You will want to plan on at least 6 feet on all sides of the set, so kids are safe from injury if they fall out. You don’t want them to slam into a wall or other object.

A wooden swing set that is going to sit in your back yard should be treated with a coating of weather-resistant protection. Since it’s going to be exposed to the elements, this will help protect it from damage.

Wooden Swing Set With Slide

If you choose to go with a wooden swing set that comes with a slide there are a few things that you need to consider when making your choice. Safety is the biggest concern. In order for a slide to be safe it needs to meet certain standards.

The slide should be made from strong and durable materials. Metal slides should be made of materials that are resistant to rust and corrosion and there should be no sharp edges on the slide.

Another consideration to make is to make sure that the slide is heavy-duty enough to accommodate the maximum weight of the people who will use it. Avoid sets with flimsy materials and poor construction designs. 

Pay attention to the design and make sure that it has reinforcements in the right places, so the slide doesn’t buckle or come undone from the rest of the set.

Helpful Tips To Find The Best Wooden Swing Sets Under $500

  • Watch for quality in material and go with the most durable wood type
  • Inspect the construction for stability and sturdy reinforcements
  • Only buy from a reputable brand

Final Thoughts

When you’re looking for the best wooden swing sets under $500, you have your work cut out for you. This is why we’ve done the research to find the top-rated models and provide our reviews. 

Most wooden swing sets are priced well over $1,000 and some even go into the several thousand with less impressive materials than the Ainsley set. 

We chose the Ainsley Premium Set because of its size and awesome features as our top recommendation, but the Swing N Slide is just as impressive with a slightly smaller footprint, but all the features to keep kids busy for hours of fun and enjoyment. 

When you can find a quality wooden swing set made of cedar for under $500, you’ve found a real deal, and this is why we’re happy to let you know about these treasures we’ve mined.

Sours: https://funintheyard.com/best-wooden-swing-sets-under-500/

Wooden Swing Sets Under $500 and $600

A good quality wooden swing can be very expensive and some even run into the several thousands of dollars. That being said you can still find a good wooden swing set under $500 if you know where to shop and what to look for.

Having your own swing set in your backyard is an excellent way to get your child out of the house and playing for hours. Swings sets can be used for all types of imaginary games and ideas as well as your basic swinging and sliding.

Here are some of the best choices for wooden swings sets under $500. (**Prices are subject to change at any time, please check price before purchasing**)

Cedar Summit Premium Swing Set

inexpensive cedar wood swing setamazon large yellowThis swing set currently retails for right under $500.

It is made of 100% cedar wood and comes ready to assemble with all the pieces and parts included.

This is a pretty neat play set in that it has two swings but also includes a slide, a rock climbing wall, covered little clubhouse at the top with a chalk wall as well as a sandbox area under the platform. (The sand is not included with the swing set purchase).

The wood beams where the swings are measure 6 feet tall. The total size of the structure is 10.5 feet long and the height including the canopy is 7.5 feet tall. The slide is 5.5 feet long.

This is a smaller wood swing set and would be great for younger kids but it does provide enough features to really enjoy the structure and definitely get your monies worth out of it. You are not going to find a much larger wooden swing set system for this price.


Swing-N-Slide Orbiter Wooden Swing Set

cheap wooden swing setamazon large yellow

This is a very basic, classic-style swing set but is a really nice option for a wood swing set that is high quality but won’t cost you thousands of dollars.

Right now, this swing set sells at approximately $300.

It comes with 2 swing seats and a ring/trapeze bar combo. Each swing as well as the trapeze bar will comfortable accommodate a child up to 115 pounds.

The guard posts are wooden but they also have a wood guard that surrounds each post so that this swing set is maintenance free and a lot more durable than most other metal and wooden swing sets. The wood guard also means no splinters or sanding of the wood as well.

When assembled this swing set measures 113″ long and is 96″ wide. The total height is 84″.


Classic Ladder Top Wooden Swing Set

wooden ladder top swing setamazon large yellow

This wooden swing set is on sale for approximately $500 right now and it’s really a great choice if you have a few extra dollars to spend.

It is made from a preserved premium pine wood and has both metal and plastic play components to it.

It features 2 swing seats as well as a trapeze bar that also has rings attached. What makes this swing set a little different is that their are two ladders on each side of the set and ladder bars up top that can be used as monkey bars as well.

Just like the other cheaper wooden swing sets featured above this is a smaller set that measures 10.5 feet long and is 7 feet wide.

Swing Sets Under $600

Backyard Discovery Tucson Cedar Wooden Swing Set

wooden swing set for kidsamazon large yellow

If you are willing to go slightly over your $500 budget for your swing set, I definitely recommend you check out this wooden play set. Right now you can buy this swing set set for slightly below $600.

This set is made from a quality cedar wood and has a lot more features than some of the other smaller wood swing sets. This one includes 2 swings, a ring/trapeze bar, a slide, a small loft play deck with covered canopies, a climbing wall, and a small picnic bench that even mom can use when watching the kids play.

This structure has the same style set up that you see in those larger thousand dollar swing sets but in a slightly smaller version. You still get the clubhouse up top and the swings as well as the slide so your child will have plenty of things to keep them busy.

The swing set measures approximately 18 feet long and is 7.5 feet wide. The total height of the set is 9.5 feet tall.

You definitely don’t have to spend the extra money on this wooden swing set but I’m just choosing to include this one because it does show you what type of set you can get if do go up a little more in price.

 Keep In Mind…

When you buy your wooden swing set for your backyard do remember that the wood needs to be protected from the elements outdoors. If the wood is not sealed or has a wood guard it will rot rather fast and then you will have wasted your money on a swing set.

Most manufacturer’s will have sealed their wood before packing it up to you but there are some that come unsealed and you need to seal the wood yourself. Definitely takes this into consideration when buying your swing set as it will be extra money and time on your part.

If you have a small backyard or you just simply don’t an extra thousand dollars for a huge wooden swing set, you can still get a good quality wooden swing set for under $500. It may be smaller or not have as many features as the larger ones but you can bet your child can still stay busy playing on it for quite some time.

If you are on a an even tighter budget check out my recommendations for the best swing sets under $200.


Sours: https://outdoorfunkids.com/wooden-swing-sets-under-500/

Sets under 600 swing

Your child will absolutely love one of these wooden playsets for kids. Choose if you have a small backyard or a big backyard. Or if you're budget is less than $500, you can see it here too.

Children love the great outdoors and what better way to enjoy the warm weather than heading to the backyard and having fun in their wooden play sets.


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Advantages of Wood Playsets

Most wooden play sets are made from redwood or cedar making them durable to last through many years of extreme weather changes.

Another advantage of wood playsets is their rubber or vinyl cover which keeps surfaces smooth and acts as a cushion to prevent children from getting hurt. These safety features ensure that wooden playsets are build with your children’s safety in mind.

Wooden Playsets Prices

Wooden playset prices may vary depending on whether the add-ons and accessories are already included in the package price or you are paying alone for the wooden swing set and choose to buy other accessories including the slide separately.

The Best Wooden Swing Sets Under $1500

Awesome swing sets under $1500 dollars. the backyard discovery Skyfort II is the most popular in thislist -- but the others are just are cool. I love KidKraft's Twist and Slide turbo slide -- don't you?

Looking to splurge a little on a backyard wooden playset?

Well, here are 3 wooden swing sets under $1500.00, that both parents and kids love.

They’re big and have lots of very cool features. Kids love these backyard playsets that you just might find them, spending more time outdoors to play in their very own little park than spending.

Great way to get them off their screens!

Backyard Discovery Skyfort II All Cedar Swing Set

Big Cedar Swing set with monkey bars.  This is a wooden playset for 3 – 10 years old.

Kids love the many activities in theBackyard Discovery Skyfort II Swing set. It keeps them busy for hours and practices their imagination, too.

Now, they can pretend they are the queen or king of their own castles with the raised covered clubhouse. This even has a balcony area with a telescope for kids to go out to and maybe, play pretend pirate!

This is a wooden playset for 3 – 10 years old. It’s perfect if you have kids of different ages or if you want a playset that can grow with your child.

Made of cedarwood, it’s strong and sturdy and can withstand different weather conditions as the buyer reviews show here.

Another sought-after feature of this set are the monkey bars. In fact, many parents say that it’s one of the favorite play feature of their kids. This is good because if they keep doing it, they get the exercise they need daily outdoors.

It’s not a budget purchase by any means, but if you’re looking for a wooden playset at this price range, with the Skyfort II, you get a beautiful, sturdy and multi-activity playset that kids love. After all, it’s just like have their very own park right in their backyard.

Get More Information Here

KidKraft Grandview Deluxe Wooden Swing Set

A swing set with multi activities such as a trapeze, a climbing frame and a club house.  this is recommended for kids 7 – 8 years old. It has a total weight capacity of 990 lbs.

If you’re looking for a playset that has a lot of activities, can handle a lot of kids and has a small footprint, have a look at Kidkraft Grandview Deluxe Wooden swing set

So what activities does it have?

  • An lower and upper clubhouse
  • Climbing frame
  • A twist and ride turbo slide
  • 1 trapeze swing and 2 belt swings
  • A shaded cafe table with a bench

And it’s dimensions?

9′ 6” H x 16′ 1” W x 7′ 4” D

Unlike the playset above, this is recommended for kids 7 – 8 years old. It has a total weight capacity of 990 lbs.

Shenandoah All Cedar Swing Set by Backyard Discovery

Big Backyard Playset which includes a clubhouse with the play kitchen that has a pretend sink, cordless phone and stove.

The Shenandoah all cedar swing set is the most simple design of these three playsets under $1000 that we feature on this page.

This offers just as much fun and encourages a lot of kids’ creativity.

Just look at the clubhouse with the play kitchen that has a pretend sink, cordless phone and stove.

Now kids can play pretend and imagine that they’re in their own little “fun” house.

The activities in this simple playset include a 10-foot wave slide, an upper and lower clubhouse, a picnic table with a snack window, and a rock wall.

It also has 2 belt swings and a 2-person glider swing.

And what’s so great about this playset?

It’s made for kids from 3 to 10 years old. Yet again another set that can grow with your kids. And oh! The swings have a 150 lb capacity so your 8 – 10 year old should comfortably swing on it too

Click Here To Read Customer Reviews

Best Wooden Swing Sets Under $1000

Best wooden playsets under $1000 dollars. Swing sets made of cedar with lots of different activities. Love the club house and the picnic tables underneath it.  Great if you have a lot of kids to entertain!

Backyard Discovery Monterey All Cedar Swing Set

A simple wooden swing set for kids.  Made of cedar, it has a 10-foot slide and a glider swing there's also a picnic table under the tower.

Looking for a way to get your kids out for endless hours of play whatever the weather is?

The Backyard discovery Monterey All Cedar Swing Set is a simple swingset that is made for children 3 to 10 years old. It’s a good swing set with lots of activities that both the little children and the older children can enjoy.

For example, the glider swing is comfortable enough for older toddlers to sit on (with your close attention, of course) and for older kids to swing on, too.

The 10-foot slide is also fit for kids of different age range.

You’ll love the look of this playset. It is a big set with a reddish color wood made of cedar.

If you’re looking for a way to get your grandchildren (or children) playing outside when they come over for a visit, you’ll find that the Monterey swing set will get to out in the fresh air!

They won’t just be playing on it, but they could even go out there to use the snack and bench area for eating their little “picnic”.

Read customer Reviews Here

Swing N Slide Jamboree Fort Swing Set

A small wooden swing set with a lot of activities for kids 3 - 10 years old. some of the fun features include a slide, tower, climbing frame.

The Swing N Slide Jamboree Fort swing set is unique in that it is small but it has lots of activities in it.

It’s also made for 3 to 10 years old which is a good thing if you have kids of different ages in the house.

From reading buyer reports, this is a sturdy, safe and durable product that can grow with your child for years.

If you want a fort swing playset with a small footprint that’s under $1000, then this is a good choice.

It has a total dimension of 9′ 7” H x 13′ 8” W x 13′ D

All the activities here are fun for kids. But you may also find that the Fort with the telescope and the flag is one your child might just gravitate too.

It’s a nice area for imaginative play. Girls and boys could pretend to play pirate or have a bird’s eye view of everything that’s going on in the backyard.

The activities in this set include a slide, a tower with a telescope, a climbing frame and a picnic table with a bench. Some parents say that for toddlers and young kids, they used the climbing frame as an alternative ladder to the fort and then just installing the rock holders when their kids are older.

Click to Read customer Reviews

Backyard Discovery Tanglewood All Cedar Playset

A wooden playset under $1000. with a swing that can hold up to 150 lbs. Also has adjustable swings that your child can grow with.

Here’s another playset for less than $1000 with a swing that can hold up to 150 lbs. They’re sturdy and can hold a child up to 10 years old!

This isa cute swing set that kids love. And it’s perfect for small to medium size yards

You’ll be surprised that even with its small size, it can hold a lot of kids together. Even though it’s made for kids up to 10 years old, parents say that their toddlers love playing in this too.

They’ll spend lots of time in the glider swing, but toddlers will also love playing inside the lower porch with the snack window.

Another good thing about this playset is that you can easily adjust the swings. So you can change it as your child gets older.

Click and read what parents say about buying the Backyard Discovery All Tanglewood Playset

Top-rated Swings sets under $600 Dollars

Swing sets under $600 - I think some of these look just as good as the more expensive playsets on this list. The Swing n Slide Jamboree looks great with the climbing frame. Lots of fun for kids of all ages.

The outside swing sets under $600 dollars that we’ve found are highly rated are all made by Backyard Discovery.

These playsets are in the $400 – $600 range.

If you’re looking for swing sets under that price, scroll down below for our favorite picks of swings sets down to under $200

Backyard Discovery Oakmont

A cute swing set for less than $600. Lots of different activities for kids such as a wavy swing, picnic table  and a trapeze swing.

Your little kids are going to love the, Backyard Discovery Oakmont Playset, a cute outside swing set.

It has two forts/towers with white trimmed windows and even a real door that opens and closes in the lower fort.

This makes it a lot like a playhouse rather than just a swing set. Take some play kitchen accessories inside the fort and you’ve got a nice place for imaginative play.

This appeals a lot to toddlers and younger kids. It’s versatile enough that they can make their imaginations run wild just with the forts alone.

But you might be wondering what about the activities on this playset?

Well, like many of Backyard Discovery’s small wooden playsets, this one has an 8-foot slide, a snack bench and 2 swings. It also has an acrobat bar/trapeze swings for kids who would rather hang like a monkey! Great for exercising those arms too.

Read Customer Reviews Here

Backyard Discovery Somerset

A swing set with a climbing frame. This is a unique feature as a lot of playsets at this price do not have a climbing frame. Kids love going up to the tower to use the slide using this climbing frame.

Of the three swing sets under $ 600.00 on this page, the Backyard Discovery Somersetis the only one with a climbing frame.

So if this feature is an important one for you, then this is one of the few choices you have that’s also highly rated by customers.

This playset is made for 3 – 4 years old, but parent reviews show that this also works well for the 4 – 7-year-old age range.

All the accessories and components are sturdy and strong and the swings can hold up to 150 lbs. So older kids should have a great time on it, too.

Another feature that parents love about this playset is that it’s not too tall. So kids under 5 years old, can go up to the tower/clubhouse and down without any problem.

Want a playset with a climbing frame? Click Here and read customer reviews of this Swing set.

Backyard Discover Parkway Swing Set

Wooden Swing set with Monkey bars! This isn't a very common feature. So if you want your kids to have monkey bars to play with in the yard, you'd love to have a look at this. One of those sets that kids from 3 years old to young teens can enjoy.

You know what makes this wooden swing set a dream? It’s the only one in this price range with monkey bars.

The Backyard Discover Parkway Swing Set is good value for money especially if you have older kids who are just in that stage of wanting to hang like a monkey all the time. It might even easily become their favorite feature in this swing set.

Like other playsets on here, this includes an upper and lower fort, an 8-foot slide, 2 belt swings and a trapeze ring.

With all these features, it has a good mix of activities for both younger and older kids to enjoy equally.

So whether you’re buying this for your kids or your grandchildren, this is a good playset that gets them to play outside at whatever age they are.

Top Rated Wooden Swing Sets Under $500

Best Wooden Swing Sets under $500 dollars. This is a steal! Cedar wood playsets that are perfect for small backyards. There's even one that is small enough for a toddler swing set. Check it out!

If you do your research first before picking out the best wooden playsets that will suit what you desire and your budget, you will find that there are durable wooden playsets under $500.

All the three swing sets featured on this page are great playsets if you don’t have a lot of space. (Price stated at time of writing: April 2019)

Backyard Discovery Dayton All Cedar Wood Playset: Swing Set For Toddlers, Preschoolers and Kindergarten Age Kids

Backyard Discovery Dayton Wooden Swing set For Kids. Also inclues a sand pit under that little house which is pretty cool.

The Backyard Discovery Dayton Swing Set is a multi-activity swing set for toddlers.

This is a steal at less than $500.

It has a slide, two belt swings, a trapeze and a sandbox.

It also has a strong stake anchoring system that plants the playset firmly on the ground. This puts your child’s safety as a priority.

Kids love this playset. It’s the right size for toddlers and smaller kids ages 3 to 4 years old.

They can comfortably go up the stairs to the deck to use the slide. And with all the many things they can do here, expect your little ones to play here for hours.


KidKraft Wooden Swing Set: Multi activity Set For Older Kids

A multi activity playset that is sure to entertain a lot of kids at the same time. Love that it has a sandpit under the tower -- great use of space. And check out the climbing frame and trapeze bars, too

This is one of Kidkraft’s bestselling wooden swing set for under $500 dollars.

Like the 1st swing set above, this has a lot of activities, too.

The main difference? This is better for older kids.

Many of the activities that kids love in a playset are included in this set. It has 2 swings, a clubhouse with a slide, a rope ladder and a rock wall. It also has a sand pit area for kids who prefer to make castles in the sand!


  • swing capactiy: 110 pounds
  • total weight capacity:
  • dimensions: 8′ 7” H x 12′ 10” W x 10′ 6” D
  • Read more info and reviews here

Sunview Swing Set by KidKraft: For Ages 3-4 years Old

A smal playset with  two swings, a rock wall and ladder combo, a slide and a bottomless sandpit.

If you’re looking for a swing set for 3 – 4 year olds, you’d want to have a look at the Kidkraft Sunview Swing Set

This is smaller than the one before this and has fewer activities. But don’t let that stop you.

The two swings, a rock wall and ladder combo, a slide and a bottomless sandpit will still get your little ones out in the yard for many hours of play.

This will come in a small box. And is the perfect small swing for small yards. But with all the activities it offers, your children or grandchildren will have lots of time playing and honing their creativity and imagination here.


  • dimensions: 7′ H x 10′ W x 10′ D
  • swing capacity: 110 pounds
  • total weight capacity: 440 pounds
  • Read Customer Reviews

Swing sets under 400 dollars

Swing Sets under $400. On a budget? There are some good ideas here. These are made of steel - they're durable too! And check out all the many activities these playsets offer from trampoline to a saucer swing.

For swing sets under $400 dollars, it’s not easy to find a good one made of wood.

At this price range, most swing sets are made of steel or plastic.

But don’t let that stop you!

Many of these swing sets under 400 dollars give just as much fun and activities for kids. In fact, some of them even have more unique activities included such as trampolines and water sprinklers!

Check them out below!

IronKids Challenge 300 Refreshing Mist Swing Set

For active kids, this is a great playset. It's not just a swing and a slide, it also has a sprayer that you can attach to a hose in the summer. What a great way to keep cool.

This is what I meant when I said these cheaper swing sets have more features that wooden playsets don’t have.

How about a spray mist for those hot summer days? This easily connects to a hose and gives an added dimension of fun and enjoyment for the children.

But what else does this Swing set have?

It’s got a slide, 2 swings, a trapeze bar and a climbing rope.

If you want your grandchildren to go out into the backyard, get some air and spend more time outside, this is one they might just give them endless hours of fun outside.

The little ones will especially like the sprinklers!

Click Here to get this budget Friendly swing set

Sportspower Natus Inc Mountain View Swing Set

A playset with a trampoline? Yes please. If you're looking for a budget multi activity toy for your kids, you can't go wrong with this. How fun are the trampoline and the saucer swing ! Unique additions to this set.

And here once again, is another cool feature that many wooden playsets don’t have.

A trampoline and a flying saucer swing!

The Natus Inc Mountain View Swing set is a very unique playset activities for the backyard! That both toddlers and older kids like.

You can get a few different kids on this one and with all the many activities included, you won’t find them getting too easily bored.

The frames are made of strong sturdy metal tubes that and is much easier to put up than wooden playsets.

Click for Customer Reviews

FitnessRealityKids Ultimate 8 Station Sport Series Metal Swing Set

8 Different activities in one - Great way to get your kids healthy and exercised. This activity set includes a slide, a trampoline, a basketball hoop with a ball, 3 different types of swings (belt swing, flying saucer, glider), a trapeze bar, and a soccer ball with net.

Yes! You read that right!

TheUltimate Sport playset is an 8-station activity set.

It has a slide, a trampoline, a basketball hoop with a ball, 3 different types of swings (belt swing, flying saucer, glider), a trapeze bar, and a soccer ball with net.

That is a proper outdoor exercise gym for kids, right?

I like that this isn’t just a swing set. What with the added basketball and soccer stations. With the many activities this swing set for under $400 has, your kids don’t have to go to the park!

The extra accessories, as little as they are, are great addition to this playset.

Both boys and girls will enjoy playing in your backyard with all the many activities they can do on this Fitness gym.

Click and see what buyers are saying about this swing set

Swings sets under $300 dollars

SportsPower Spring Breeze Me and My Toddler Swing Set

A backyard playpark for kids - A great way to get them off their tablets and computers and out in the backyard for some fresh air!

The Spring Breeze Me and My toddler Swing Set has one feature that parents of toddlers are going to love:

The Toddler and Parent Swing Set.

That’s right. This swing set is not just for little kids but for moms and dads, too! How very unique is that?

This swing has 2 seats facing each other.

One is a baby swing with protection around it, so that your toddler or baby can’t fall off it. And facing it is another bigger chair that mom or dad can use.

I haven’t seen anything like it before!

This is a small set and makes it a perfect set for toddlers and young kids. Even the swing is small enough at 6-foot so that the little ones can just so easily and comfortable go up the ladder and take the slide down.

Read Customer Reviews Here

SportsPower Rosemead Swing Set

Perfect steel playset for young kids - Recommended age is 3 - 8 years old. good value for money

Of the many Metal swing Sets made by SportsPower, this Rosemead Swing set is one of the most popular, highly-rated swing under $300 dollars.

The playset, like most SportsPower products has a slide, a spider swing, 2 belt swings and a glider swing that can fit 2 kids.

The many activities are perfect for kids age 3 – 8 years old. A toddler can easily learn to get on and off the different activities. The older kids find the 2-person spider swing a fun addition. They can lie on it if and they want, watch the clouds and daydream.

This is a durable metal swing set that kids love. Good value for money

Read More about the Rosemead Swing Set

Swing sets under $200 dollars

Budget Swing Sets Under $300 - Yes, these are some of the cheaper swing sets in the market but they've got so many activities in one that your children will have loads of fun with it. And that's what matters, right?

If you’re on a budget and you’re looking for swing sets under $200 dollars, we have here some multi-activity playsets that fits your budget.

There are a lot of swing sets at this price range. But we only feature here the ones that have high ratings and one that both kids and parents love having in the backyard.

Little tikes Hide and Seek Swing Set

Plastic swing set for toddlers. It's small enough and safe too. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Love the baby swing.

This plastic swing set from Little Tikes is very different from all the other playsets on this page.

There’s a reason for this.

This is the only swing set under $200 that is specifically perfect for babies to 2 year olds.

You can install this both indoors or outdoors too.

The swing is a 3-point baby bucket which babies even as young as 6 months (based on reviews), happily get on to.

It also has a small straight slide that kids love to play in.

It’s a great playset not only for entertaining your toddlers but also for developing gross motor skills by practicing going up the stairs.

It’s a very simple swing set but one that you will appreciate for entertaining the little ones at home.

Click to read Customer Reviews Here

SportsPower Super first Swing Set

Simple and small playset for kids. If you want a cheap and affordable multi activity playset, check this out. It's under $200 right now.

This swing set has many activities to entertain 2 to 7 year old kids.

It includes a wave slide, 2 belt swing, a trapeze bar and teeter totter.

It has a small footprint measuring 6′ 1 19/32” H x 11′ 2” W x 8′ 4” D.

So if you have a small background, this is a good match.

It’s a great starter set that young kids love. You’ll also be glad to know that this is very easy to set up.

It’s also very stable and even has foam padding on the legs of the swing set for your little one’s safety.

What do others think about this swing set? Click here

SportsPower Live Oak Swing Set

Perfect set for when grandchildren come to visit. this is smaller than many swingsets, so great for toddlers to use. You can add a baby swing if you want.

If you want a swing set that has one more activity than the starter set above, the Live Oak Swing set has an extra swing (a glider with footrests) for more kids to use.

This is great for young kids, too and has a total weight capacity of 800 pounds. With the extra activity, it’s also about a foot bigger than the Super First Swing set above.

The reviews show that toddlers can easily get on the swings. They can also go up the ladder to use the slide.

Remember that the name may say oak, but that is not what this swing set is made of. The frames are made of galvanized steel which are very sturdy and made to last for many years.

Click for Customer Reviews

Wooden Playsets For Big Backyard

If space is not a problem, there are many highly-rated wooden playsets for big backyards.

Backyard Discovery Skyfort II All Cedar Wooden Play Set

If you have a big backyard, you'd love this all cedar swing set. Your kids will feel like they have their very own park a few feet from the house. Expect all the neighborhood kids to come for a visit every afternoon! :')

If you have a big backyard and can accommodate 200 x 272 x 149 inches play set, then theBackyard Discovery Skyfort II All Cedar Playsetis worth a look.

Another popular wooden set, the backyard discovery Skyfort II includes 2! clubhouse, swings, slides, sand box and belt swings.

This bodes well for homes where there are kids of varying ages. The sandpit the little ones would love and the monkey bars older kids would find both fun and challenging. And the slide! well, everyone wants to get on a slide, right?

Very highly rated over at Amazon.com.

Gorilla Playsets Treasure Trove Swing and Play Set

Wooden Playsets for big backyard. The Gorilla Playset treasure trove. 2 slides, climbing frame, picnic area, sand pit and more!

Not the cheapest one on this list, but can you see just how big and amazing that thing is?

What kid wouldn’t want to have this in his/her backyard? He/she can even invite all the kids in the neighborhood!

This playset includes not one but 2 different slides. On one side is the tube slide and on the other slide is the easier wavy slide. It has a climbing wall, three decks, sand pit, swings, and picnic table.

This is big! and if there are only a couple of you who are going to build this, it might take a few days for you to finish. But it will be worth it, as many parents and kids have testified.

Adventure Playsets Patriot Wooden Swing Set (not currently available)

The Adventure Playsets Patriot Wooden Swing Set boasts of an upper clubhouse fitted with a sun porch.

A 2-level play deck has a sandbox underneath and a picnic table. A ladder allows easy climbing while a solid rock wall brings a challenging twist when climbing up to the second level or going down.

Its best rate features are the spiral slide and the 2 belt swings with a 2-person slider allowing more kids to ride the swings at the same time.

The Alpine Custom Ready-to-Build Swing Set Kit

The Alpine swing set kit. Good value for money. one of the cheapest around.

The Alpine Custom Ready-to-Build Swing Set Kitis a DIY wooden playset which you can easily assemble yourself.

The price of this ready to build swing set is a steal. The kit comes with durable materials which are built to last.

Aside from the easy-to-follow written instructions, it also comes with a DVD to help you with the set-up.

Since the lumber and screws are not part of the kit, you have to visit your neighborhood store for these things or you can buy it separately. Also note that the kit only includes 2 Swing Seats, 1 Multi-Colored Tarp, 1 pair of Safety

Rocky Mountain Retreat Heavy Wooden Swing Set (not currently available)

The Rocky Mountain Retreat Heavy Duty Swing Setis one of the big wooden playsets that is perfect for any big backyard. that it has a .

Children love the great outdoors and what better way to enjoy the warm weather than heading to the backyard and have fun in their wooden play sets.

This playset has a 25-square foot play deck and includes the following:

  • access ladder with safety metal rails
  • wooden roof
  • two slings swings
  • picnic table
  • rock climbing wall
  • and a double wall wave slide.
  • It comes with an easy to follow instruction manual and a DVDard to help you through the process of assembling the entire playset.
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Backyard Discovery Bristol Point Swing Set

Swing Sets

Create an outdoor play area that’s safe, fun and that will give your kids memories to last a lifetime when you get one of our backyard swing sets. Whether you’re shopping for a swing set for your children, grandchildren, godchildren, or other special little ones in your life, you’ll find the perfect set at KidKraft.

Various Types of Swing Sets

We carry a variety of wooden swing sets, making it easy to find one that’s age appropriate, that matches the interests of your kids and that fits your budget. Whether you have a toddler or kids of various ages in your family, we have a swing set that will meet your needs. And, whether your outdoor space is big or small, you'll find an option that perfectly suits your space.  

You’ll also find a great array of swing set designs in our selection. We feature sets with sandboxes, climbing walls, playhouses, picnic tables and more. No matter which design you choose, your kids will enjoy a rewarding outdoor playtime experience.

Bring the playground to your backyard when you shop swing sets at KidKraft. Our sets are durable and have a variety of features kids of all ages will love and enjoy for many years.

While you’re shopping for swing sets, be sure to also check out the rest of our outdoor collection. You’ll find everything you need to create a backyard oasis for your family, from table and chair sets and outdoor playhouses to sandboxes and garden stations and more.

Sours: https://www.kidkraft.com/us_en/outdoor/swing-sets.html

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The key is not to just look at the different reviews. Almost every swing set has its share of supporter and detractors and you will find good and bad comments even for the ones you like to buy.

What you have to watch out for is your budget. It is not a good move to spend more than you can afford. In this article we will review 4 top swing sets. These reviews will help you get ideas on what kind of swing set you should buy and how much you should spend.

We will start with the top wooden swing set under $400, then move to the best wooden swing set under $500 and the same for $600 and the $1,000 categories. Then we will provide you with a buyer’s guide to make sure you can find the right wooden swing set for you, your family and your yard.

Best Wooden Swing Sets Under 400

Kid Kraft Appleton Wooden Swing Set

This multi-use wooden swing set comes with sturdy A frame support to make sure your kids can swing with ease. The solid wood beams are put together with strong lag bolts and metal brackets to ensure they will hold your children without difficulty.


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Plus, you get a durable plastic slide, a playhouse with chalkboard a sandbox and a ladder to make sure your kids do not run out of fun. The playhouse and sandbox are covered so your kids can play rain or shine.

The approx. 2 by 8 cross beam holds two belt seat swings and the whole apparatus has the strength to hold 7 children. That is as long as they do not weigh more than 110 pounds each on average.

All you need is just 80 square feet to erect the swing set and then an additional 6 feet all around to set up your safe zone. 2 people can easily erect this wooden swing set in around 4 to 8 hours. Check latest price here >>


  • 5 different activities included
  • Holds up to 7 children at a time
  • ​Strong wood frame
  • Covered play areas
  • Uses only approx. 80 square feet of space


  • Long installation time
  • Some quality control issues
  • Chalkboard made of tarp
  • Damaged parts

Best Wooden Swing Sets Under $500

Kid Kraft Big Backyard Sunview II Playset

The Stained wood should complement any backyard and help keep the natural look your home has, Once assembled your kids get a wooden swing set that should provide them with hours of fun. The two swings are securely supported by the large wood beam.


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Plus, if they get bored with swinging, they can climb the adder to covered platform and take the wave slide down to the ground. If tat doesn’t do the entertainment trick then this wood swing set has a sand box underneath the platform for kids to be creative.

The size of this wood swing set allows for up to 4 children between the ages of 3 and 10 to play on it at the same time. Also, the strong A frame design needs roughly 100 square feet to set up safely. Then add in approx 6 feet in all directions for a comfortable safe zone.

Just make sure you have enough strong help when you go to assemble this wood swing set. Check the latest price here >>


  • Two built swing seats
  • Covered platform
  • ​Sandbox, swings, ladder & slide
  • ​Solid wood frame
  • Hours of fun entertainment


  • No handrails on the ladder
  • Short slide
  • ​Too any hours to assemble
  • Roof may be a bit small

Wooden Swing Set Under 600 Dollars

Cedar Summit Sun View II Wooden Swing Set

The dark wood stain should hide any imperfections that come as your children play on this swing set. It comes complete with slide, rock wall, sandbox, and two belt swings so your children can pick and choose their fun activity


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In addition to all of that, a nice cover hovers over the slide platform to make sure your kids do not get too much of the sun in one day. Then the wooden swing set is held together by metal brackets, strong wood beams and lag bolts.

It will take several hours to assemble it so plan on doing nothing else on your weekend off. Securing the swing set in place is not that difficult either. You will need roughly 100 square feet of room to assemble this model then add the right amount of feet for a safe zone.

Approx. 4 children weighing in the neighborhood of 100 pounds can enjoy this wooden swing set at the same time. Check the latest price on Amazon here >>


  • Plenty of fun activities to use
  • Strong wood frame and metal brackets
  • ​Covered areas to protect from the sun
  • ​Not to difficult to assemble
  • Hours of fun for your children & their friends


  • You need help & time for assembly
  • Sandbox may attract cats and bacteria
  • ​Only 4 kids can be on it at one time
  • Quality control issues

The Best Wooden Swing Set Under $1000

Swing-N-Slide Outing Play and Swing Sets

All the action is here on this swing set. Not only do you get 2 belt swing seats but you and your children can enjoy the ring set, rock wall, slide, and ladder that are a part of this wood swing set. Plus, the covered platform has a place for a telescope so your kids can view their neighborhood.


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In addition to all of this, the swing set is supported by 4 by 6 beams ad 4 by 4 supports to make sure your children can play safely. The swing set is designed to hold up to 800 pounds so when your kids aren’t looking you can have some fun on this wood swing set as well.

Plus, the chains are made of durable rubber so they do not heat up as much as metal chains do. This protects your kids hands as they play. You will need about 150 square feet or more to create the safe zone and play area. Check the latest price here >>


  • Too many fun activities to list
  • Covered platform for sun protection
  • ​Heavy and thick wood beam frame
  • ​Not hard to assemble
  • Durable, strong and can hold 800 pounds


  • May attract mold and mildew
  • Hardware mixed up
  • ​Soft wood construction material
  • Long assembly time

What to Look for In a Wooden Swing Set

With the dilemma of having to choose from far too many wood swing sets on the market today, budget restraints are not the only thing that matters in selecting a top wood swing set.

It is not wrong to get a few tips to help guide your search for the perfect wood swing set for your children. Here are some tips to help guide your search:

#1. You need space

You will be surprised at how much space a top quality wood swing set requires. Then you have to factor in the safe zone that surrounds the swing set. The question you need to ask your self is if the one you want to buy will fit properly in your yard?

Also, you should not have any overhanging eaves, or branches covering portions of the wood swing set. You want a shady area but no possible overhanging obstructions or risks points

#2. Construction materials

Wood swing sets are made from three types of wood, for the most part. Those types are Pine, Cedar and Redwood and they all have different life spans as well as positive points. The key here is how thick are the beams and support sections. No less than 4 by 4 will do. 2 by 4s are passable but do not hold the weight very well.

Also, make sure the wood is treated as this helps the lumber last longer under the elements. Bolts and brackets should be made of tough strong metals, They should also handle the weight, and movement of the swings without wearing out.

#3. The key is safety

Along with your safe zone and strong construction materials, you want to make sure that any ropes and chains can handle the weight and treatment your kids and their friends will dish out. If they can’t do that, the you would want to move on to another swing set.

Rubber is good for a chain as the rubber does not get as hot as metal chains do. But again, you want those rubber chains to hold more than your child’s weight. The same with the rope. Make sure it is made of good material that won’t fray or break easily.

#4. The more activities the more fun

Saving money and only getting a pair of swings on a swing set is okay. But your child may become bored with it and rarely use the swing set. Getting additional activities will enhance your child’s fun and help stimulate their creativity and develop their motor skills.

The key is to make sure they are safe and can stand up to the treatment sent their way. How many you get is up to you and your preferences as well as how much space you have in our yard. Also, the age of your children will be an important factor as well.

#5. The higher the weight capacity the better

Your child may have more than 4 friends and there will be those times when they all are over at your house wanting to get on the wood swing set. Not every wood swing set is designed to handle large groups of children all at the same time.

If you get a swing set with a low weight limit, be prepared to set and enforce rules about its use. The more weight the swing set can hold, the better for you and the more fun your children and their friends can have.

#6. A word about sandboxes

You may have noticed that each of the top wood swing sets reviewed above came with a sandbox. Now sandboxes are fun and can help stimulate some creativity in your child. The issue with sandboxes is a health one.

These sandboxes can attract those cats in need of a litter box. Your child and you may not see the buried waste, the gathering bacteria and insects. You will to take extra precaution when having the sandbox available for play.

This issue is up to your judgment.

#7. Making sure everything is secure

The one major risk that come with wood or any swing set is the issue of the swing set tipping over or being unstable. When you look at the variety of swing sets available, take a little time o see how the swing set is secured.

You want to make sure that it can be secured and kept stable without to much difficulty. Keeping it stable and free from tipping over will help your peace of mind. The wood swing set will be a safe place for your children to play even if they are a bit over rambunctious.

#8. Hours of fun

That is how you can measure the quality of a top wood swing set. How many hours of fun will they have on it and still want to go back for more. You do not want to invest a lot of money in a good wood swing set only to have your children ignore it.

As you search for a good wood swing set, make sure you are getting the design style that will keep your child entertained for ours. Their interest makes your search worth it and keep you from wasting hard earned money that could have been spent somewhere else.

Some Final Comments

These are the wooden swing sets that are the top of their class. They are tough, durable and able to withstand the treatment your children will give it. They are also built out of solid materials t you can let them play without worry.

Then if you follow our buyer’s guide, and know what to look for, you should be able to find the right wood swing set for you and your children. Knowing what to look for is half the battle in finding the perfect wood swing set.

We realize that your list of the top wood swing sets may be different from our but that is okay. Everyone has their own preference. We have given you the information you need to know to find that perfect swing set for you and your children.

There are two important items you need to keep in mind as you search. Space and safety. You meet these requirements and you should be good to go. Your children can invite their friends over without fear and have a lot of fun developing strong childhood bonds.

Just go with the best to make sure your selection is a success.

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