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Bathroom Vanities

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10 Solid Wood Bathroom Vanities that Will Last a Lifetime

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Editors Note: Updated October, 2018

solid wood bathroom vanities

Take a look at the top 10 best solid wood bathroom vanities from top manufacturers like James Martin, Fresca, JWH Living, and Ambella. Real wood bathroom vanities are an excellent choice if you’re looking for high quality, reliable furniture. The customer demand for quality products has been met by manufactures who place an emphasis on top of the line materials.

As you know, water, humidity, and moisture can wreak havoc on your bathroom furniture. Personally, I like to hold onto things for as long as possible; heirloom items if you will. Solid wood vanities are the strongest material for a bathroom vanity. They are typically heavier and also command a slightly higher price.

Solid Wood FAQ

  1. What Exactly Does “Solid Wood” Mean?
  2. Why is Solid Wood Better Than MDF?
  3. Where to Find the Best Solid Wood Vanities?

Top 10 Bathroom Vanities with Solid Wood Construction

1.Woodland Italian Carrara Marble Vanity

The natural pine on the Woodland Italian Carrara Marble Vanity is completely reclaimed and re-purposed pine. Not only is reclaimed wood great for the planet, but it has an amazing personality that will show itself off in your bathroom.

72" Woodland Italian Carrara Marble - Natural Pine solid wood bathroom vanities

Woodland Italian Carrara Vanity – $2,495.00

Click here to learn more about the Woodland Italian Carrara Marble Vanity.

2. Naked Lune Single Bathroom Vanity from JWH Living

The Naked Lune is an all new line from JWH Living that features a beautiful clear coat finish. I’ve yet to find a vanity like this. Each of these vanities has its own unique pattern and color tone. In this way, no two vanities are the same. Not only does it look gorgeous, it’s made from solid oak hardwoods that are guaranteed to last a lifetime.  Also available with a black glass top.

Naked Lune Solid Wood Bathroom Vanities

Naked Lune Single Bath Vanity – $899.00

Click here to learn more about the Naked Lune Solid Wood Vanity.

3. Bristol Single Vanity – White Washed Walnut – Married Top

The Bristol Single Vanity falls into the premium category which means it is one of the highest quality vanities available on the market. The washed walnut finish is a beautiful addition to any bathroom. The durability and construction guarantee a vanity that will last a lifetime.

30" Bristol Single Vanity - White Washed Walnut - Married Top - Snow White Quartz solid wood bathroom vanities

Bristol Single Vanity – $1,339.00

Click here to learn more about the Bristol Single Vanity – White Washed Walnut – Married Top.

4. Hampton Road Single Bath Vanity

The Hampton Road Single Bath Vanity is perfect for a country bathroom or a cottage style home. The shutter style doors are reminiscent of barn houses and old fashioned window louvers that were first used in Ancient Greece believe it or not.

Hampton Road Solid Hardwood Bath Vanity solid wood bathroom vanities

Hampton Road Single Vanity – $2,280.00

Click here to learn more about the Hampton Road Wood Vanity.

5. Fluted Sink Chest Single Bath Vanity

The 42″ Fluted Sink Chest has a look that is all too appeasing. Irresistible to vintage connoisseurs, this vanity transforms traditional aesthetics with a half-rotunda cast stone basin that dares to differentiate the boxy form of normal vanities. Everything from the lustful texture to the decorative pilaster legs exudes elegance in the highest form.

Ambella Fluted Sink Real Wood Vanity solid wood bathroom vanities

Fluted Sink Single Bath Vanity – $3,840.00

Click here to learn more about the Fluted Sink Chest Single Bath Vanity.

6. Crater Solid Wood Bathroom Vanity

The Crater vanity follows a minimalist pattern with a sleek and unobtrusive design pattern. Chrome feet give this espresso vanity a modern face-lift and a tempered glass top adds the icing on the cake. This vanity is made from solid oak wood and also features luxury soft-close glides on all drawers and cabinets for your utmost convenience.

crater undermount sink bath vanity solid wood bathroom vanities

Crater Solid Wood Vanity – $1,049

Click here to learn more about the Crater Solid Wood Vanity from JWH Living.

7. Malibu Single Vanity Cabinet

The “Honey Alder” finish on the Malibu Single Vanity brings a wonderful color to any room. The seven drawers allow for plenty of storage space and the entire piece gives off a peaceful beach feel that we really enjoy.

48" Malibu Single Vanity Cabinet- Honey Alder solid wood bathroom vanities

Malibu Single Vanity – $1,575.00

Click here to learn more about the Malibu Single Vanity Cabinet.

8. Caroline Avenue Double Sink Vanity from Virtu USA

Ahh the Caroline Avenue Double Sink Vanity, one of the most popular vanities from the prestigious Virtu USA Collection. This vanity has a pristine finish that is complemented to perfection with an Italian White Carrera Marble countertop. Not to mention, this vanity is safe for the environment using water resistant, low V.O.C sealers that don’t emit toxic emissions like most other vanities that use formaldehyde adhesive glues in the production process.

Virtu USA Caroline double bathroom vanity in white solid wood bathroom vanitiesCaroline Double Vanity – $2,419.00

Click here to learn more about the Caroline Solid Wood Vanity from Virtu USA.

9. Providence Driftwood Double Bath Vanity

The Providence Double Bath Vanity is made from kiln-dried solid oak. Each of these vanities is hand-finished with 3 layers of commercial grade varnish that imitate the rustic look of driftwood. Also included is a special anti-mildew coating that protects the interior of your vanity from the humid conditions of the bathroom. Even the counter is polished and sealed to resist stains, water marks, and other imperfections. Good looks and low-maintenance are a winning combination.

Vicoli Kiln Dried double vanity cabinet in driftwood solid wood bathroom vanities

Providence Driftwood Single Vanity – $1,574.00

Click here to learn more about the Providence Driftwood Bath Vanity.

10. Andover Double Sink Vanity

The Andover Double Sink Vanity is made entirely from environmentally friendly, solid oak. We also love the water resistant finish and the quality of the materials. Not to mention the brass and black finish look amazing together.


80" Andover Double Sink Vanity - Black solid wood bathroom vanities

Andover Double Vanity – $2,399.00

Click here to learn more about the Andover Double Sink Vanity.

What Exactly does “Solid Wood” Mean?

Solid wood bathroom vanities are made from natural pieces of wood that haven’t been compounded or glued together like plywood, particle board, or MDF. You can learn a little more about MDF vs. Wood from our blog post! Areas that are not exposed visually can be made from other materials but the primary construction of solid wood vanities must be made from real wood. Generally speaking, solid wood vanities feature solid wood in all areas aside from parts of the drawers. All other pieces are made from solid woods from angiosperm trees like birch, rubberwood, and oak.

Softwoods on the other hand, come from needle-bearing trees like pine or cedar. Softwood (gymnosperm trees) has a loose grain and is often used to for furniture that is carved. Softwoods are necessarily softer than hardwoods but the most dense hardwoods are harder than the hardest softwoods. Because of this, dense hardwoods are less susceptible to dings, dents, and scratches. That bring me to my next point; why solid wood is the best material for bathroom vanities.

Why Solid Wood is Better than MDF

There are many benefits behind solid wood vanities. In short, they are highly durable and ideal for the extreme conditions experienced in the bathroom. In case your extractor fan is unable to cycle fresh air in fast enough, your vanity can have some serious side effects.

  • Capable of supporting the weight of a heavy granite or marble counter top and backsplash. (Won’t droop in the center).
  • Solid wood won’t scratch, dent, or ding easily since it is very dense.
  • Genuine wood finish can be stained or repainted as many times as you want.
  • Also available in unstained versions that you can stain/paint yourself.
  • Real wood surface won’t peel off like a vanity finished with a veneer.
  • Will withstand the wear and tear over the years.

For more information on this, you can read my comparison on MDF and Solid Wood Vanities. Avoid low-density particleboard if you choose to take the MDF route. If within the budget, I always advise to pay the extra dollar for a real wood vanity.

Where to Find the Best Solid Wood Bathroom Vanities

Tradewinds has a Premiere collection of view thousands of solid wood bathroom vanities. The Premiere Collection only includes vanities that receive A+++ Grades in terms of type of wood and craftsmanship.

All of these vanities feature solid hardwood box-framed construction. Each of these vanities uses pieces that are kiln dried in small batches to ensure that they dry evenly. This is an extra precaution that prevents cracking and warping. Tradewinds Imports offers the web’s largest selection of hand-crafted, solid wood, and exotic bathroom vanities.

Click Here to Browse Solid Wood Bathroom Vanities

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About the Author
Cheryl Khan is an interior designer and writer at Tradewinds Imports, an online specialty site dedicated to luxury bathroom furnishings. She has extensive knowledge about all the finer details that go into planning the perfect bath renovation project and is an expert on all things bathroom! Send her your bathroom Q’s on twitter @SuperInteriors!

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