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Introduction: Custom PS3 Controller Paint Job

I have always wanted to give my PS3 controller a one of a kind look. I did my own research on the web and here is what I came of with for my controller. Go take a look at Matt Carl's instructable on the PS3 controller. I was able to get most of my ideas from him.

Step 1: Supplies and Tools

The materials needed for this project are fairly simple.


  1. Krylon paint (Any number of colors that you want and a can of clear gloss coat).
  2. Painters tape and any other material needed for masking off your design.
  3. PS3 controller (I am using the dualshock 3 controller).
  4. Powder-free latex gloves.
  5. Cardboard and/or butcher paper to do your painting on.


  1. Small Phillips screw driver.
  2. X-acto knife.
  3. Cutting board.
  4. Tooth brush.

Step 2: Controller Disassembly

Start off by removing the 5 screws on the back of the controller. Once the screws have been removed carefully pull the two halves apart making sure the L2 and R2 buttons don't fly off. 

To remove the L2 and R2 buttons grab the button from the sides and pull straight out from where they are clipped in.

To remove the L1 and R1 buttons grab the white plastic piece that the L2 and R2 buttons clip into and carefully pull up and out from the controller making sure you do not put to much pressure on the wire ribbon that is connected to that piece. The L1 and R2 will then easily slip out.

To remove the circuit board and plastic frame with the dual shock motors first pull the battery from the circuit board and remove the one screw as seen in the image. Now unclip the 4 clips on the motors to free the whole assembly. Use your small screw driver to push the small tap on the clip toward the motor to free the motors. Finally pull the whole assembly out.

On the top half of the controller there is a clear piece that is used to indicate which player the controller is. Use your X-acto knife to lift it up and out of the controller. This will keep you from painting over the clear portion.

On the bottom half of the controller near the front edge is a small black reset button that can be removed. Pull this out so you will not loose this part.

Finally remove the d-pad ,start/select, PS, X,triangle, circle and square buttons. They should easily slip out if turned upside down.  

Step 3: Cleaning and Masking

Take your bare controller shell to the sink and use some hot water with regular dish soap to clean every surface of the shell. pay particular attention to the grooves between the two halves and down each hole for the buttons. This will remove all the oils that came off of your hands that will hinder the paint from adhering to the surface properly. Set them aside to completely dry before masking off the controller for paint. If you plan on using the existing buttons, go ahead and clean them off as well. I plan on using a new set of buttons in the controller.

At this point it will be a good idea to use your powder-free latex gloves to handle the shell. You will not what to put any more oil back onto the controller that you just cleaned off. Use your gloves until the last coat of clear coat is dry.

To prepare for the first coat of paint there are a few spots that you want to apply tape that you do not want paint on. The first is the holes for the x, triangle, circle and square. If to much paint builds up in these holes the buttons will get stuck and not pop back up. The other spot is the rounded surface next to the thumb sticks where the two halves overlap. If this has paint it main cause problems when reassembling the controller. You can tape the insides of the holes for the d-pad, start/select and PS buttons if would like but i found it was not necessary. 

Step 4: Painting and Design

Before painting I bent some cardboard strips and taped them to my table as small stands for the shells. 

You now need to decide what your first color will be. It will need to be the color of the design you came up with. If you have more than two colors, start with the color that is used the least. The next color will be the next least used color and so on and so forth until your final color. I only used two colors and the design is blue so i started with that.

With the shells masked off, move to a well ventilated area and begin spraying. It is better to put on 2-4 thin coats then one thick coat. If you try to get every square inch of the shells coated with your paint if will start running and dripping down the sides. Take your time and put on several thin coats giving about 15 minutes between coats. Allow 24 hours before moving on to the next color.

This is where you start to use your imagination. You need to first put the two halves back together and then mask off the areas you want to keep your first color. What inspired me was the look of lines in circuit boards and line patterns in the movie tron. To create this image I had in my mind I used a ruler and X-acto knife to cut out 1/4" and 1/8" strips of tape to create the lines. To add a little bit more character I used the sticker rings that repair torn holes in lined paper put into three ring binders. These rings intersect the lines in random places. It is very important to press all the tape firmly down onto the shells so no paint flows underneath the tape. If any of the tape crossed from one half of the shell to the other use your X-acto knife to cut the tape along the seam so you can pull the two halves apart again. It is much easier to paint like this. Go back to where you do your painting and spray on your next color. 

If you have any more colors to use just repeat masking off where you want to keep your color and spray the next color. do not remove any tape you have already put on until all the colors are done. Allow 24 hours to dry between each color.

The last thing to do with your shell is apply the clear gloss coat. Carefully pull all the tape off the shell making sure you do not scratch the paint with your fingernail or X-acto. If you use anything other than painters tape you might have problems pulling it off. Apply about 2-4 thin coats of the clear gloss. This will seal in the color and protect it from scratches, dirt and oils from your hands.

Step 5: Reassembly and Final Touches

Once the clear coat is fully dried and cured, the reassembly is just the reverse of dissassembly. Do not forget the reset button and the clear piece for the light.

Like I mentioned earlier I bought some clear green buttons and glow-in-the-dark thumb sticks to replace the stocks ones. The thumb sticks simply pulled off and push back on. be careful not to break the circuit board replacing the thumb sticks. 

Here are a few key points to keep in mind when putting everything back:
  • Make sure everything sits in the shell securely.
  • Make sure the motors snap into the clips and are tight.
  • Don't forget the one screw in the circuit board.
  • The L1 and R1 buttons need to placed with mounting piece for the L2 and R2 buttons pulled up slightly.
  • The spring on the L2 and R2 buttons will sit between the piece the button mounts onto and the button itself.
  • Slip the bottom shell carefully over the L2 and R2 buttons first then snap the two halves together.
  • Before putting in the 5 screw on the back of the controller, make sure all the buttons spring back into place after being pressed.
With the screws in go ahead and turn on your PS3 and play some games. Make sure to test every button that is functioning properly.

Let me know what you think of my design and if you paint up your own controller send me a picture. I would like to see what you all come up with.

Again go take a look at Matt Carl's Instructable on his controller.

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Top 10 Best Custom Ps3 Controllers 2020

Top 10 Best Custom Ps3 Controllers 2020

1. Vastar T6 T8 T10 Xbox One Screwdriver Set, 12 in 1 Xbox Repair

  • Torx t6, t8 and t10 screwdrivers are appropriate for xbox 360 xbox one controller; cross screwdriver 1.5 for ps3 ps4 controller and plenty of widespread electronics
  • Ergonomic design: the non-slip handles are fabricated from ppr and pp materials; with a versatile cap on the backside of handles and a center gap on the t6/t8/t10 xbox screwdriver head, it’s simpler to restore sorts of electronics with higher drive transmission
  • The screwdriver heads, fabricated from premium s2 metal and hardness strengthened, are extra correct and sturdy than silver crv drill. you’ll get pleasure from utilizing the high-quality and professional xbox screwdriver set
  • Upgraded one premium steel double headed crowbar; magnetized screwdriver suggestions: all magnetic screwdriver heads can completely grasp and repair tiny screws and keep away from falling or dropping
  • Transportable and handy: include an beautiful eva bag, facilitating storage, shield your restore and upkeep instruments set

2. PS4 Controller Charger, Y Team Playstation 4 / PS4 / PS4 Pro /

  • Secure and quick charge–with 2 built-in micro usb adapter ports, lets you securely retailer and cost up 2 ps4 controllers concurrently. one controller simply want 2 hours. four hours for 2 controllers
  • Wonderful chip design–built-in protector chip, you by no means fear about over-charging/over-heated/over-current/over-voltage/short-circuit/over-discharger. the best way to give you secure and sturdy ps4 charger is our everlasting pursuit
  • Modern and compact–this twin ps4 controller charger offers a straightforward and fast method to cost and retailer your ps4 / ps4 professional / ps4 slim controller. superb for saving your home to retailer your ps4 wi-fi controllers within the charger while you’re not taking part in
  • Led cost indicator–usb cable connects the facility the ps4 charger stand turns to blue shade, plug within the controller turns to purple shade, charged absolutely turns to blue shade once more
  • Help–if you will have any issues about y crew product. please be happy to contact us, we’ll present glad answer

3. PS4 Bullet Buttons Gold Silver Made Using Real Once Fired 9MM Bullet Casings

  • Constructed utilizing actual bullet casings: our bullet buttons are made utilizing actual, as soon as fired bullet casings
  • A refund assure: when you have any points you need not contact a producer, merely contact us and we’ll change them, no questions requested
  • Customized controller design: customise your controller in a singular approach by making the x,o, sq. and triangle buttons into bullets
  • An ideal match each time: we use an updating cad file in order that these bullet buttons match higher every time we make them
  • Common design for ps3 and ps4: these bullet buttons are designed to suit completely in each a ps4 and ps3 controller. no must buy separate buttons

4. PowerA Wired Controller For PS3 – Black

  • Customized r2 and l2 buttons for improved consolation and gameplay.
  • Customized textured grips and full physique soft-touch floor.
  • Reverse analog sticks for precision sport management
  • Twin rumble motors for an enhanced gaming expertise.
  • 9ft wired wire

5. Game Controller for PS3 – Wireless Dual Vibration 3 KLNO Sixaxis Gamepad, Best

  • 33ft wi-fi distance: with wi-fi transmission expertise, you gained’t undergo from knowledge loss or sign interference.
  • Ergonomic design : it’s formed to virtually ergonomic perfection for becoming in any players’arms,you’ll not really feel drained after very long time play.
  • Klno,third-party controller, not made by sony however appropriate with sony ps three ps3.
  • Excessive-performance in ps3: upgraded joysticks; 10 meters wi-fi connectiondouble shock vibration; sixaxis;
  • The package deal contains:1×controller ;1×usb cable;2×thumb grip (random shade)

7. RUNMUS Gaming Headset Xbox One Headset with 7.1 Surround Sound Stereo, PS4 Headset

  • [impossibly immersive gaming experience] twin microphones completely block out the undesirable environmental noise(noise canceling voice microphone & noise canceling ambient microphone). runmus ps4 gaming headset ensures you’ll by no means be interrupted by exterior noises.
  • [great wide compatibility] this gaming headphone with a three.5mm audio jack is appropriate with computer, ps4 controller, xbox one controller: newer fashions have a headphone jack, older ones require an adapter), nintendo swap (audio), nintendo new 3ds ll/3ds (audio), nintendo 3ds ll/3ds (audio).
  • [cutting-edge 7.1 surround sound stereo pro] accumulate very sonic element, from each angle, runmus gaming headset exposes the precise location of your opponent with the 4d show from the cutting-edge 7.1 encompass sound stereo professional expertise. industry-leading 50mm driver delivers tremendous deep bass.
  • [unmatched comfort over-ear headset] runmus xbox one gaming headset offers unmatched consolation in long-session video games. the upgraded respiration foams on ear cups and headband present a wonderful cushion between the headphone and the pinnacle of customers, plus vastly improve warmth dissipation.
  • Dependable after-sales crew. each runmus gaming headset will go trough a strict high quality check course of earlier than sending out. we promised to carry the highest quality gaming headset to our buyer. if any query or downside, please be happy to achieve out to our after-sales assist crew. we’ll reply to you inside 24 hours.

9. DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 – Magma Red

  • The brand new multi contact and clickable contact pad on the face of the dualshock four wi-fi controller opens up worlds of latest gameplay prospects for each newcomers and veteran players
  • The dualshock four wi-fi controller could be simply recharged by plugging it into your ps four system, even when in relaxation mode, or with any normal charger utilizing a usb cable (kind a to micro b offered individually)
  • The texture, form, and sensitivity of the twin analog sticks and set off buttons have been improved to supply a higher sense of management, it doesn’t matter what you play
  • The dualshock four wi-fi controller contains a in-built speaker and stereo headset jack, placing a number of new audio choices within the participant’s arms

10. Qingta Wireless Game Controller for PS4 Rechargeable Support PS3 with LED Light Portable

  • Wi-fi connectionhigh efficiency wi-fi connection expertise, it offers secure sign directly or line drop inside 8m. because of the robust anti-interference efficiency, it gained’t be affected simply by different wi-fi units.
  • Vibration feedbackthe controller has two asymmetrical motors in left and double-shock in proper. because of the 6-aixs sensing perform(offered by 3d accelerating sensor and gyro sensor), you’ll really feel much more deeply engaged with the motion because the controller shudders and shakes in your arms, due to intuitive vibration motors.
  • Multi-plateforme supportit is appropriate with ps4 and ps3.[wireless is only for ps4, please notice that][we are sorry now new version is not supported for pc, please notice that]
  • Gentle bar&built-in speaker and three.5mm stereo headset jackthe built-in gentle bar can emit numerous colors to personalise your expertise and add a brand new dimension to video games. and you may get pleasure from additional sound results – straight from the controller and chat with on-line pals by way of a headset.
  • Buttonshome, 4 useful buttons, d-pad, left and proper sticks, share and choices. additionally there are contact panel and panel button. all are the identical as the unique ps4 controller. and the joystick could be upgraded by way of up to date software program by connecting with computer.

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Build your own PS3 Controller

PlayStation 3 Remote

Dualshock 3 gamepad has been providing an enhanced gaming experience to players due to its sensitive face buttons, bumpers, triggers, thumbsticks and a d-pad since its release in 2007. Equipped with a breakthrough technology for the time, SIXAXIS motion sensing system, the product immediately gives a rumble feeling in the hand of the user making every crush, explosion or hit feel very realistic like if you were right in the game.

Add-On Options

A standard PlayStation 3 gamepad comes in black color and black buttons featuring symbols on them, but you don’t have to settle for the standard look as you can make it look exactly your way using options offered in Advanced Controller Creator. Adding mod options is another way to get a more personalized product loaded with functions that fit your gaming style.

Check out our Informational Page that will provide you with the answers for any questions you may have about our products.

Hardware Upgrade

Our advanced modchip delivers the latest modding technology and offers an array of options designed to advance the game play. Available features will bring more character’s skills into the game and have a positive effect on your kills to death ratio.

Create Unique Look

Building a controller that will look like you have always imagined can be easily done by replacing product stock buttons and parts with available custom colored, textured, bullets and illuminating options.

Controller Shell

Check out all custom shells available for PS3 gamepads, from simple one-color models to sophisticated, unique designs.

LED Lights

Custom LED light will enhance the appearance of your gadget. Many solid colors are available.

Operational Buttons

PlayStation X, O, Triangle and Square buttons can be replaced with either chrome or solid color options for a more personalized look.

PS3 Thumbsticks

The product can get a dramatic look by having custom thumbsticks installed. Choose from available solid colors.

Bumpers and Triggers

Select from solid color options available for the buttons to make your gadget look truly unique.


What are Custom PS3 Controllers?

Playing video games has always been one of the top activities for youth and adults to participate in on a daily basis.  Imagine having the ability to play your favourite games on your console and to have your own personalised PS3 controller to play with.  Custom PS3 controllers have become increasingly popular as they help to turn a generic factory-made controller into something that you can be proud of and show off to your friends.

Finding Personalised PS3 Controller Skins

Custom PS3 controllers are able to look their best with the help of personalised skins.  Skins are essentially stickers that you will apply to the exterior of your controller to make it look a certain way.  Whether you are interested in buying stock skins (generally in any colour of your choosing) or speciality skins that you can design on your own, the options are endless.  Many gamers also find it beneficial to add their PSN ID’s to the skin to help give it a more personal touch.

Changing Toggle Sticks and D-Pad Buttons

For gamers who are looking to delve deeper into the customization process, there are a variety of ways that you can customise your toggle sticks and your D-pad buttons to change the look of your controller.  With the ability to add chrome sticks or even gold D-pad buttons, your controller won’t even resemble a traditional PS3 controller anymore.  You can also consider changing your toggle sticks and D-pad buttons to a colour or design that matches the skin that you purchased.

Custom Colour Controllers

If you don’t have a specific budget and are concerned about the quality of personalised skins, consider purchasing a PS3 controller that is newly designed to fit your personal specifications.  There are a variety of manufacturers that create PS3 controllers in any colour and style that you see fit, essentially allowing you to have a 100% brand new and custom controller.  This can be the best option if you’re willing to spend a little more money as it will allow you to use a new controller rather than the one that came stock with your Playstation.  Plus, it would be great to show off to your friends and help them to find their own custom colour controller.

With the ability to customise your PS3 controller, gaming can be a much better experience.  Not only will it look awesome next to your Playstation, but it will give you something to be proud of every time that you play.


Design ps3 controller custom

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Custom Chrome PS3 Controllers - Customize Your Own - Controller Chaos

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