Guinea pig leash

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Unleash the fun with a ferret, guinea pig or rabbit harness.

Rabbits and guinea pigs like to explore however because of their size it’s worrying to let them run free. This issue can be solved by getting your fluffy pet a leash or harness.

She’ll be able to roam freely and you’ll feel safe knowing that she can’t disappear down any rabbit holes.

Rabbit harness and lead

With power cords, electrical equipment and stomping feet, the inside of your house isn’t particularly safe for a loose bunny.

The garden isn’t exactly a bed of roses either. There are potentially poisonous plants and your rabbit could escape through gaps in your fence.

Fortunately a rabbit leash and harness will allow you to safely walk your rabbit in your house or garden. My Pet Warehouse stock a rabbit harness and lead to fit your rabbit and keep her out of harm’s way.

The harnesses are adjustable so they will fit both normal sized and dwarf rabbits. They also come in several different colours for you to coordinate with her fur.

Guinea pig harness and lead

A guinea pig harness fastens around your little Cavy to ensure that she can’t get into any mischief. The harness is designed especially to fit securely around your pet whilst still being comfortable.

My Pet Warehouse stock Guinea pig leads and harnesses in several different colours and are adjustable so that they fit all sized guinea pigs.

Ferret harness and lead

Ferrets love to explore. A ferret lead and harness will allow your ferret to explore safely around your home or outside.

Taking your ferret for a walk is enjoyable for you and your ferret. You’ll enjoy seeing her adventurous side and she’ll appreciate being able to stretch her legs outside of the enclosure.

Harness safety

When using a harness on small animals you must supervise them at all times. This will ensure that they do not become tangled in the leash. This is even more significant for guinea pigs as they have incredibly fragile spines.


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Tim Rhodes

Written by Tim RhodesLast Updated: Oct 4, 2021

A leash is one of the basic requirements to take your little pet out for a walk, and here we have reviewed the 10 best guinea pig leashes to make your choice easier.

Are you a new paw parent?

And is your new fur baby a guinea pig?

If you answered yes, then you have come to the right article.

Definitely, by the end of this article, you would have found the best guinea pig leash for your pet!



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10 Best Guinea Pig Leashes Reviewed

Let’s dive in and take a look at our top ten products.

1. Satinior 3 Pieces Leashes Set

3 Pieces Guinea Pig Harness and Leash Soft Mesh Small Pet Harness with Bowknot Bell, No Pulling...
3 Pieces Guinea Pig Harness and Leash Soft Mesh Small Pet Harness with Bowknot Bell, No Pulling...
  • Quality material: small pet mesh harness uses quality nylon as its material, containing a soft texture and surface,...
  • Size detailed information: the pet walking vest is in suitable size and fits well to small animals and prevents...
  • Bell and bowknot decoration: a leash with a length of 4.4 feet is attached to the back of breathable puppy harness,...
  • Lightweight feature: nylon pet leash vest weighs lightly, if pet owners temporarily don't need to use the vest,...
  • Good for safety: small animals mesh harness will offer a full protection on pet's chest and neck while wearing,...

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These leashes come with a mesh harness made out of nylon and have a soft texture and surface on the inside.

This also makes them very well suited for both hot and cold days and makes sure your little guinea pig is comfortable always.

The harness poses a breathable feature and puts less pressure on your pet’s body, and this makes sure that your pet will remain active to wear the harness over a long time, which will ensure you that it’s both comfortable and cozy.

The walking vest is about 8-9.6 inches and is a standard size that fits well to small animals and prevents them from escaping in the public.

The vest also prevents the unpleasant feeling of pulling on your delicate pet’s neck.

The vest also has a cute little bell and bow decoration, which adds to the beauty of your pet, while the bell can be heard over a distance and will help you locate your pet if they get lost.

The harness comes with a 4.4 feet long leash, which can be attached to the back of the breathable harness so that you can carefully grasp it and securely control the movements of your pet.

An additional advantage that the leash provides is that it provides enough space for your pet to walk around.

The harness is extremely lightweight, weighing only 4.6 ounces, and if you wish to remove it and store it somewhere, it easily fits in your pocket.

It also has quick-release snaps, which makes it easier and convenient to put on your pet’s body.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It has a soft interior, which makes it extremely comfortable for your pet
  • It has a bell that can help you search for your pet if they escape
  • It’s extremely lightweight

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2. Sayopin Adjustable Harness

Sayopin Adjustable Hamster Harness Rat Leash Bearded Dragon Harness Guinea Pig Training Walking...
Sayopin Adjustable Hamster Harness Rat Leash Bearded Dragon Harness Guinea Pig Training Walking...
  • ⭐ 【COMFORTABLE HARNESS】 Solami small animal harness designed to reducing tugging and pulling on your pet's...
  • ⭐ 【BREATHABLE AND SOFT MATERIAL】 Our rat harness is made of high-quality soft leather and finely cut. The...
  • ⭐ 【EASY TO WEAR】 First: loosen the harness and lie on the floor; place the harness on your pet's chest, pass...
  • ⭐ 【What You Get】 Two pack small animal harnesses(red+black). This harness is suitable for for baby...
  • ⭐ 【FLEXIBLE RETURN POLICY】 We promise a 60-DAY WARRANTY from the date of purchase. If there is any problem...

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This small harness reduces tugging and pulling on your pet’s fragile neck and keeps them safe and comfortable.

This harness is best suited for jogging and walking.

The harness is made of high-quality soft leather and is finely cut.

The leash is made out of light and strong nylon rope and is connected to the harness by stainless steel.

The harness also has extra fluff on the side that goes on the chest of your pet, and it protects the hair of the animal and does not cause damage to your precious pet.

The harness is available in 3 different sizes and comes in a unique shape.

The shape and the variety of the harness make sure that your pet stays put and does not escape by wiggling out of the harness.

The harness does not cover the entire body of your pet and hence allows free movement.

It’s effortless to put on your pet as you simply need to pass the two front legs of your pet through the holes and then connect the iron rings to attach the leash.

The product provides two harnesses and also offers a 60-day warranty from the date of purchase.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It’s super comfortable because of the soft leather
  • The variety of sizes ensure that you will find the exact snug fit for your pet to prevent them from escaping
  • It’s very easy to put on and allows for a lot of movement since it doesn’t cover the entire body

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3. Popetpop Harness and Leash

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This small pet harness comes in two sizes.

Size S about 24 cm at the chest, and size L about 27 cm at the chest.

This harness is made of high-quality cotton, which makes it both non-toxic and comfortable for your pet.

Since the harness is made out of cotton, it’s safe to wash by hand, and it can also be washed in a washing machine.

It’s also very light in weight and weighs only 12 grams.

The loop design of the harness allows you to put the harness on and remove it with ease.

Since the harness has Velcro, you can put it on with ease without having to hold your pet tightly and forcing them into the harness.

The harness fits the body of your pet perfectly, and since it’s made out of cotton, it doesn’t exert any pressure on the body of your small pet.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The harness is made out of cotton and therefore is comfortable and non-toxic
  • It can be easily washed by hand or in a washing machine
  • It’s very light in weight and hence can be easily stored

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4. Pettom Harness with Stretchy Leash

Pettom Bunny Rabbit Guinea Pig Harness Stretchy Elastic Leash Cute Soft Mesh Small Pet Harness No...
Pettom Bunny Rabbit Guinea Pig Harness Stretchy Elastic Leash Cute Soft Mesh Small Pet Harness No...
  • ★ Size: S - Neck is 5.9-8.0 inches/15-20cm, Chest is 10.8-12.9 inches/27-33cm, suit for rabbits (3lbs - 6lbs) ; L...
  • ★ Elastic Lead: Soft bunny harness with elastic nylon leash (120cm/47-in to extend to 250cm/98-in), less strain...
  • ★ Breathable & Soft Padded: The breathable air mesh material will not overheat your rabbit, suitable for all...
  • ★ Easy Wear: Strong Hook & Loop and plastic closure make harness more easy to wear and can prevent cat break...
  • ★ Designed for small animals, such as rabbit, cat, guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, ferrets, hamsters, rats,...

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The harness is available in two sizes.

Size S which measures at neck 5.9-8.0 inches/15-20cm, chest 10.8-12.9 inches/27-33cm, suits pet weighing (3lbs – 6lbs).

Size L which measures at neck 7.1-9.1 inches/18-23cm, chest 11.0-13.7 inches/28-35cm; suits pets weighing (4lbs – 8lbs).

The harness comes which a stretchy elastic leash that is made out of nylon.

The leash is 120 cm/47 inches which extends to 250 cm/98 inches.

This causes less strain on the body of your pet and makes it easy for you to control their movements.

The harness is made out of a breathable mesh and has soft inner padding, which prevents your pet from overheating and puts less strain on their tiny body.

It’s easy to wear and has a strong hook and loop with a plastic enclosure, this will prevent your pet from breaking out.

All you have to do is tighten the Velcro around the neck and the Velcro around the chest and then clip it to the buckle, which will prevent your pet from breaking out.

You are also provided with four color options, which are as follows pink, red, blue, and black.

Hence you can choose the right color that suits your pet.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It has an elastic leash, which allows free movement and helps you keep track of your pet if they wander further away
  • It has a mesh harness that is breathable and comfortable
  • The double Velcro and buckle ensure that your pet doesn’t break out

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5. Dress Harness Vest

2 Pieces Pet Rabbit Dress, Small Animal Harness Vest and Leash with Mini Hat Bag Travel Escape Proof...
2 Pieces Pet Rabbit Dress, Small Animal Harness Vest and Leash with Mini Hat Bag Travel Escape Proof...
  • Soft to wear: the small animal harness vest and leash set is made of soft fabric material, which is light in...
  • Appropriate size: the neck circumference of the rabbit harness and leash set is 19 cm/ 7.4 inch and can be adjusted...
  • Stylish and practical: the escape proof small harness vest and leash set is stylish, cute and elegant, nice gift...
  • Wide applications: these pet rabbit dresses are suitable for small pets, such as rabbits, chinchillas, ferrets,...
  • Sufficient quantity: you will receive 1 piece of pineapple harness dress, 1 piece of pink pet harness dress, 2...

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This harness is a vest and leash set that is made of soft cotton fabric material.

The harness is extremely light in weight and comfortable.

It also lasts a long while.

The size of the neck circumference of the harness and leash set is 19 cm/7.4 inches and can be adjusted to 30 cm/11.8 inches.

The waist circumference is 25 cm/ 9.8 inch to 40 cm/ 15.7 inch, and the back length measures 19 cm/ 7.48 inch, suitable for small pets of the same size over 1.5 pounds.

This harness vest is perfect for those who love dressing up their little pets.

It’s very stylish, cute, and elegant and all that while also being escape-proof.

In the package, with a piece of pineapple harness dress and a piece of pink pet harness dress, 2 pieces of small pet leash, a hat for small animals in yellow, you will also receive 1 piece of mini bag, and 1 piece of the brooch.

It’s a pretty great deal.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It’s made of cotton and therefore is very comfortable
  • It’s stylish and cute; will make your pet the center of attraction
  • It’s a great deal as you are getting many products at an efficient price

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6. WoYous Bell Harness Leash

WoYous Hamster Harness 5 Pieces Adjustable Small Animal Bell Harness Rope Harness for Lead Walking...
WoYous Hamster Harness 5 Pieces Adjustable Small Animal Bell Harness Rope Harness for Lead Walking...
  • Nice Size Design: This Harness is designed for small animals, the towing rope is approx. 55 inches in length, fit...
  • Safe Soft Material: Made of soft knitted fabric, comfortable and lightweight material perfect for your fur friend's...
  • Adjustable Button and Bell: Adjustable Harness, Fits snuggly to Any Pocket Pet, soft and comfortable. And the bell...
  • Great Package Set: We prepare five clolors adjustable small animal harness leshs, including red, yellow, blue,...
  • Not easy to slip: Normaly adjust moderately, do not let the rope be too loose or too tight, is easily to prevent...

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WoYous bell harness is carefully designed for small pets and has a towing rope that measures approximately 55 inches in length.

The neck circumference is about 0.4-4.5 inches.

They are very convenient to use because each small animal harness rope is equipped with a small button for adjusting, fits the neck circumference of your pet well, and will not make them feel stuffy.

The material is safe and soft as it’s made with soft knitted fabric and is comfortable for your pet.

The harness and leash are light in weight.

The pet leash rope is sturdy enough, and your pet will not be able to break the rope easily and runaway.

Since the rope is soft, it will not hurt your pet.

The fit of the harness is also just right, and you need not let the rope too loose or make it too tight, and finding the right fit can easily prevent your pet from running away or being uncomfortable.

The bell on the harness lets you know how active your tiny fur friend is.

You get a great package set as you are offered five colors of adjustable small animal harness leashes, including red, yellow, blue, pink, and dark blue.

Quantity enough to organize your pets and replace them, you even can share them with families or friends who have small pets.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It’s made out of soft knitted fabric, which makes it comfortable
  • It only goes around the neck and hence doesn’t restrict the movement of your pet
  • The rope is strong and long enough, and hence this assures that your pet will not break away

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7. Wontee Adjustable Leash Harness with Bell

Adjustable Leash Harness with Bell for Rat Mouse Squirrel Sugar Glider Guinea Pig Walking Training...
Adjustable Leash Harness with Bell for Rat Mouse Squirrel Sugar Glider Guinea Pig Walking Training...
  • ❤【SIZE】Neck circumference: 2.36-5.9inch; Chest circumference: 3.14-7inch.
  • ❤【WITH A BELL】Attached with a small bell which could draw the owner's attention.
  • ❤【SAFE】Provide a full protection in stomach and neck when walking with your small pets.
  • ❤【MATERIAL】Adopting soft material which gives pets great feeling, have great fun outside.
  • ❤【PERFECT DESIGN】An ideal training harness designed for your small pets to lean how to walk well.

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The approximate size of the Wontee adjustable leash harness at the neck is 2.36-5.9inch, while the chest circumference: 3.14-7inch.

The harness is equipped with a bell that can draw your attention to your pet and make sure it doesn’t get lost.

The pet traction rope prevents your pet from getting lost while out in the public.

This harness provides full protection in the stomach region and the neck when you take your small pets on a walk.

The material of the harness is soft nylon and doesn’t make your pet uncomfortable.

The harness is designed in an ideal way for training harness designed for your small pets to learn how to walk well.

The design prevents injuries and ensures the safety of your pet.

It’s easily adjustable and will never choke your fur baby.

They provide you a wide range of colors like blue, pink, red, brown (Optional).

It’s very easy to use; you have to ensure the 8 locks are kept on the animal’s sternum, then put one end of the rope around the neck of the animal and the other end around the abdomen of your pet.

Thereafter, you can adjust tightness freely according to the pet’s body shape.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It comes equipped with a bell that constantly keeps your attention on your pet
  • The design is ideal for training your pet and prevents injuries
  • It’s easily adjustable, which prevents your pet from choking

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8. Heepdd Harness

Hamster Harness, Small Animals Harness and Leash Set Adjustable Cotton Walking Vest Lead Leash for...
Hamster Harness, Small Animals Harness and Leash Set Adjustable Cotton Walking Vest Lead Leash for...
  • Breathable and Soft---It is made of breathable cotton cloth, Skin friendly, Soft and Comfortable for your lovely...
  • Cute Patterns---Cartoon style with lovely patterns, wearing this harness can make your pet squirrel look...
  • Release Nature---The combination of an adjustable harness is for you taking lovely pet go outside to enjoy the...
  • Easy to Wear---With metal snap fasteners, which can make the wearing and removing of the harness very...
  • Go with Pet---Comes with a lead leash of about 2.0m / 6.6ft long, with which you can easily control your pet's...

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The material of the Heepdd harness is a breathable cotton cloth, which is skin-friendly.

The inside is padded with fluff so that it doesn’t harm your pet.

It’s also soft and comfortable and can be worn all year round.

It has cartoon-style patterns, and when your small friend wears this, it will make them look so adorable.

When you take off the detachable nylon leash, the adjustable vest also works as perfect beautiful clothes for your little fur baby.

The bright colors of the vest help you located the leash and quickly find your pet.

The vest also fits perfectly around the body of your pet, and hence you don’t have to worry about it escaping.

It’s very easy to wear with the metal snap fasteners, which makes the process of removing it and wearing it very convenient, and you don’t have to force your pet inside it.

The way the vest is designed, it never puts any kind of strain on your delicate pet’s neck, and the soft material makes it comfortable for them.

The leash is about 2.0 m / 6.6 ft long, with which you can easily control your pet’s movements.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Since it’s made out of cotton, the vest is breathable and comfortable
  • The bright colors help identify your pet easily
  • It’s easy to wear because you just have to button up the vest and would not need to force your pet

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9. Generies Small Animal Harness

Small Animal Harness and Leash Adjustable Soft Vest for Ferret Guinea Pig Hamster Rat Chinchilla and...
Small Animal Harness and Leash Adjustable Soft Vest for Ferret Guinea Pig Hamster Rat Chinchilla and...
  • 【Soft and Comfortable】Soft cotton fabric will not grip, rub or pull his fur and is fully breathable, making it...
  • 【Adjustable Harness with Matching Lead】Soft harness adjusts for a perfect fit for your small pet, providing the...
  • 【Escape-proof】Full protection in chest and neck to help small pets get some extra exercise and join their owner...
  • 【Cute Design】Small harness and leash set features a stretchy, breathable bodice with butterflies on the back,...
  • 【Outdoor Adventures】Furry adventures are the best adventures, take your pet beyond the cage with our small...

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The harness comes in two sizes.

Size S at the chest is 7-7.87 inches (18-20 cm), while the leash length is 4.5 ft (138 cm).

Size L at the chest is 7.5-8.6 inches (19-22 cm), while the leash length is 4.5 ft (138 cm).

The harness is made of soft cotton fabric that doesn’t grip, rubs, or pull on your pet’s fur.

The fabric is breathable, which makes it suitable for extended wear and won’t choke or cause discomfort to your pet.

This harness allows your pet to roam and explore the outdoors safely.

You can also control the movements of your pet while using this harness.

The harness is extremely soft and totally adjustable and will be a great fit for your small furry friend.

The harness lets your pet roam freely safely with the help of a nylon leash that can attach to a D-ring.

The harness provides full protection in the chest and neck to help small pets get some extra exercise and join their owner on a walk while being safe and secure.

The harness has a breathable bodice with butterflies, which will make your pet the center of attraction.

It’s easy to wear; you just slip it on, secure it with the quick snap, and away you go!

Pros & Benefits:

  • It’s easy to wear because of the Velcro
  • It doesn’t cause any strain on the neck of your little pet
  • It’s stylish and bright and makes your pet even cuter

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10. Alfie Pet Harness Set

Alfie Pet - Naila 2-Piece Set Harness and Leash Set for Small Animals Like Guinea Pigs and Rabbits -...
Alfie Pet - Naila 2-Piece Set Harness and Leash Set for Small Animals Like Guinea Pigs and Rabbits -...
  • Best fits neck girth 5" - 6.5", breast girth 6" - 8". The leash measures 51" long
  • This is a 2-Piece set. Harnesses are comfortable alternative to collars for small pets as they evenly distribute...
  • Made of soft, lightweight and breathable material. Machine washable for easy cleaning.
  • Comes complete with a matching leash. Feature a sturdy D-ring for easy leash attachment.
  • Perfect for everyday walk and weekend party, or just making your pet look its best.

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The harness best fits the neck at girth 5″ – 6.5″, breast girth 6″ – 8″, for size small.

It measures neck girth 7″ – 8″, breast girth 10″ – 11″ for size medium, while it measures neck girth 8″ – 10″, breast girth 13″ – 14″ for size large.

The leash measures 51″ long for all sizes.

This two-piece set has comfortable alternative collars for your small pet as they evenly distribute restraint across the chest.

The harness is made of soft, lightweight, weighing in at only 0.2 pounds, and breathable material.

It’s machine washable for easy cleaning.

It’s easy to wear because of the Velcro, and you don’t have to struggle to put it on your little pet.

The harness comes with a matching leash and a D ring for easy attachment of the leash.

The long leash ensures that your pet won’t get lost when you take them out on a walk.

It’s perfect for an everyday walk or any special occasion and makes your pet look its best.

The harness provides better control over your pet because it discourages pulling and jumping.

A major advantage of the pet harness is that it’s unlikely to come off accidentally.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The harness is machine washable hence it makes it easy to clean
  • The material is comfortable and can be used for everyday walks
  • The harness prevents your pet from pulling for jumping

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Choosing A Leash That Works For You

Now that we have reviewed these products, the question comes to which one is best suited for you.

It all depends on the behavior and activeness of your little friend.

People traditionally look for collars as with dogs, but you need to remember that your pet is much delicate than a dog.

A collar seems convenient to slip on and off and is handy because it can hold your pet’s identification and also prevent it from running away.

And it’s okay to use a collar and leash for your pet as long as you are sure that it will not cause any discomfort to your pet.

A collar can be a great option if your pet is less active because it will help you make sure your pet won’t get lost.

But if you have an active pet who loves exploring, a harness and leash are a better option.

A harness provides better control over your pet because it prevents pulling and jumping, which can be common for an adventurous pet.

While you don’t need to worry about a harness harming your pet, some animals dislike the feeling of it and will need some time to adjust; therefore, you should start early.

If you are looking for another option, we have reviewed a few harnesses which just go around the front legs and chest of your pet and can be more comfortable than a complete wrap-around vest.

It would be best if you remembered not all pets are the same; they have different personalities and hence have different preferences.

So experiment and find out what suits your pet the best.

Remember, it’s not what you think your pet looks good in; it’s about how your pet feels while wearing the harness or the leash.

You should also take into consideration that not all pets love it outdoors.

It can be a scary situation for your furry friends, and you shouldn’t force them into it.

They may take a while to adjust, or they may not like it altogether.

You should understand and respect their comfort zone.

Final Thoughts

The harnesses and the leashes work well in both securing your pet and helping you easily identify them.

They are comfortable and can be worn easily, without you having to force your pet into it or struggling.

The vests are stylish and make your pet look good instead of making them look all tied up.

A few of the vests mentioned are designed to look like dresses, which makes your furry friend look adorable, and you should definitely give it a shot.

These harnesses also enable your pet to have a great outdoor time and explore their surroundings, which keeps the instinct in them alive.

If you own a guinea pig, I highly recommend giving it some playtime outdoors, and these vests and leashes will permit you to do that without any worries.

  1. 20x1 25 bike tube
  2. Swiss army butcher knives
  3. Nameless king weakness

For those times when you want or need to take your guinea pig out of the house, you may consider getting a guinea pig carrier to aid the process. Chewy has the best guinea pig pet carrier choices, plus a host of other supplies to help make getting out of the house as safe and easy as possible for your pet.

A great way to bring your guinea pig wherever he needs to go, whether to the vet or on an outing, is to use a small animal travel carrier. A good guinea pig travel carrier will have adequate ventilation, escape-proof design and sturdy construction. You can find several hard-side and soft-side carriers on our site, and some have cool features like lids that pop open for easy access or a familiar cage-style design to help your guinea pig feel at home on longer outings. Some people worry that travel will be too stressful for their guinea pigs—and it can be—but for essential travel you can safely take your pet on road trips or even planes (in the main cabin only) with the right carrier or travel cage. Just be careful to monitor your guinea pig and take care to avoid temperature changes, direct sunlight and drafts.

Walking your little one using a guinea pig harness may sound like a fun way to take your pet along with you, but know that it can be dangerous for him and consider limiting any outings to safe backyard areas or secluded spaces. Extreme caution should be used if you use a harness, because guinea pigs are very delicate and can easily suffer spinal injuries, especially if they are frightened and try to twist or run while in the harness. Consider using a guinea pig carrier or travel cage for trips or a guinea pig playpen for backyard adventures instead.

Putting familiar items in the carrier like favorite guinea pig hideouts, guinea pig hammocks & beds, guinea pig toys, or just a comfy blanket will make your guinea pig feel more comfortable on trips. You can even try putting a little clean bedding from his cage in there to provide a familiar scent and a place to ‘go’ during travel. You can also put his guinea pig water bottle and some guinea pig food in the carrier whenever you make stops. Some guinea pig cages will be compact and sturdy enough to take on longer trips, so you should consider taking your guinea pig along in his regular home or bringing it along for pit stops to make him feel more comfortable. You can find all the guinea pig supplies you need for travel and other outings at Shop for guinea pig carriers and find all the best travel gear for your small pet!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you put a harness on a guinea pig?

You can put a harness on a guinea pig, but you should use extreme caution if you do. Guinea pigs have delicate bones and can suffer serious spinal issues if they bend the wrong way or if they’re pulled while on a leash. They also startle easily and can injure themselves by twisting or pulling while in a harness. They are also very good at escaping harnesses, so you may find yourself hunting for a loose piggy if you choose to use one. Consider using a good travel carrier for outings instead and set up a playpen for safe out-of-the-cage play.

Can you travel with guinea pigs?

You can travel with guinea pigs, but you’ll need to get a sturdy carrier or travel cage and monitor your guinea pig closely for signs of distress. You can find soft-sided bag-style carriers, sturdy hard-shell cases and cage-style designs to help your guinea pig travel comfortably. Avoid big temperature swings, drafts and direct sunlight and be sure to give your guinea pig food, water and reassurance on stops. Make sure to secure your carrier with a seatbelt or strap if possible, too.

What should I put in my guinea pig carrier?

Put either absorbent bedding, a puppy pad or guinea pig fleece in the carrier to absorb waste during long trips. You can put a hideout or bed in larger carriers or travel cages to keep your guinea pig feeling secure but be careful not to block ventilation holes and monitor the temperature, so your guinea pig doesn’t overheat. You can put a little fresh food or hay in there for snacks but wait until stops to give water to avoid spills.

Chewy.comShow MoreSours:

There are a number of guinea pig accessories like collars, leashes and harnesses that are being displayed on online platforms and in other pet stores. They’re marketed as being safe, but pet guinea pig owners always seem to debate on this.

So, now you might find yourself wondering can guinea pigs wear collars, leashes or harnesses? While the leashes and harnesses can be used if done carefully, the collars should never be put on your guinea pig for safety reasons.

There are some key factors to consider before deciding if you want to have your guinea pig wear any of these, just don’t confuse the reasoning with whether or not guinea pigs can wear clothes.

As I said, this is highly debated between pet guinea pig owners. So, that’s why it’s important to compare the possible benefits with the potential harm for yourself, before deciding if you want to use them.

Can Guinea Pigs Wear Collars?

This is a common question from owners who are concerned about their pets getting lost. However, using collars on guinea pigs is more dangerous and should never be done.

The structure of collars isn’t good for the delicate bone structure of their necks and can cause harm easily.

This information can be slightly confusing because there are guinea pig collars that are for sale in pet stores. If they’re so bad, then why do they still sell them?

The main reason is because they look good, and newer guinea pig owners unfortunately buy them. They purchase it without doing the proper research and sadly don’t realize it’s hurting their pet until it’s too late.

Just remember that guinea pigs are very delicate especially around the spine, which means they can easily be injured by wearing a collar.

Can Guinea Pigs Wear Leashes?

To answer the question can guinea pigs wear leashes, you have to take into account the internal and external factors affecting them.

Guinea pigs are prey to most animals and because of this, other animals could easily attack them and cause a bad situation or fatal injuries. So, what does that have to do with guinea pigs wearing leashes?

Well when they get scared, they will try to escape from that situation. In the process, they may end up accidentally choking themselves with the leash when trying to run away.

At the same time, you may accidentally tug on the leash, especially if their scurrying surprises you.

The tugging motion combined with them trying to run from the danger may end up causing serious damage to their necks or other bodily injuries. It’s a really specific situation, but still very possible.

If you Want to use Leashes

That being said, you can still use a leash just as long as you’re very careful. So if you’re still set on using a leash for your guinea pig, try to use a short leash.

It will make it easier to control your guinea pig, and it’s more comfortable for them while also being suitable for use indoors.

Don’t expect the guinea pig to like the leash because it may be uncomfortable given that it will be its first experience. You should also be patient and not expect it to go smoothly at the beginning.

Maybe try a leash that stretches. This is the only way to allow them to have freedom of movement without giving up too much control.

The stretch will prevent the guinea pig from feeling some of the pressure of the leash, and it does a good job of protecting their back from a little of the damage as well.

It’s also advised to try the stretchy leash after the pet has tried out the short leash and gotten familiar with the whole leash experience.

A good alternative to a stretchy leash is a soft leash. It will also put minimal pressure on the guinea pig.

Can Guinea Pigs Wear Harnesses?

Can guinea pigs wear a harness is a similar question that is also directly related to the physical attributes of your guinea pig.

You can use a harness, as long as you’re using it correctly. There are different kinds of harnesses, so be sure to pick the best one for them.

One example of safe usage is to avoid heading in the direction the guinea pig doesn’t want to go in. By doing this, you’ll avoid any accidental tugging that can harm them.

What Type of Harness is Right for my Guinea Pig?

The first step in choosing the right harness is getting the correct type that you need, then finding the one that fits the best. So what are the types of harnesses that are available? There are currently three main types:

  • The H-style, which is easy to put on and is breathable.
  • The mesh harness, which is very comfortable and breathable.
  • The vest harness, which is known to have a good hold.

The H-styles is highly recommended because it gives the most comfort to the guinea pig. Be careful when slipping the harness on and make sure it fits comfortably.

You can do this by slipping your finger between the harness and their body to ensure it’s not too tight.

Make sure you notice any signs of them being hurt by the harness. Some of the symptoms to look out for include:

  • Irritability.
  • Increased nervousness.
  • Loss of hair around the area.
  • Fear of contact.

Stop using these items immediately if you notice any of those signs, and also talk to your vet to get professional advice if you plan on continuing to use them.

Using Harnesses Safely With Your Guinea Pig

Always make sure the harness isn’t too tight. This can be tricky because if it’s too loose the guinea pig can slip out of it and scurry away. Its also good practice to avoid using the harness regularly.

Some pet guinea pig owners have reported back injuries with the regular use of harnesses, so it’s best to limit the time it’s on them.

In most cases you can use a harness with a leash, as long as your still being as safe as possible.

An example of that is to avoid heading in the direction the guinea pig doesn’t want to go in. By doing this, you’ll avoid any accidental tugging that can harm them.

Sometimes the harness isn’t easy to put on and can make the guinea pig feel trapped. So use caution when putting it on, and stop if you start to see signs of them getting stressed.

You can avoid some of the stress by preparing your guinea pig before putting on the harness.

Try holding them in the same place the harness will cover. This will get them used to the contact in that area.

Taking Them Outside With Their Harnesses

When using harnesses and leashes together, keeping your guinea pigs in a secure place becomes even more important.

Start by using the combo with your pets indoors, then you can move to a smaller outdoor section like your backyard.

Make sure there are no dangerous materials around like plastic bags, house plants that are poisonous to them, and dried leaves.

If you’re using the backyard, inform everybody that they’re out and keep other pets such as dogs away from that area. If you do plan on having them out in backyard, it’s best that it’s a fenced-in one.

This will prevent your guinea pig from getting too far away if they happen to slip out of their harness.

If you decide you want to try to walk your guinea pig, you should also consider other dangers present outside. They can be exposed to harmful things like:

  • Cigarette butts.
  • Pesticides they can accidentally ingest.
  • Broken glass.

Keep an eye out for dangers like that to ensure the safety of your guinea pig and only take them outside after considering everything that can happen.

Is Putting a Collar, Leash or Harness on a Guinea Pig Cruel?

This is another common question. While leashes and harnesses can be used carefully, collars should never be used.

Collars can be considered cruel because they’re way more dangerous and serve no purpose on a guinea pig.

Remember that guinea pigs can’t be trained to follow leads. You can only use the leash and harness to control their movements as they spend time outside but they can’t follow your lead the way dogs do.

When using them together outside with your guinea pigs, always have food and water for them and make sure it’s a comfortable temperature.

This means that putting a leash, harness, or both on them isn’t cruel if done for the right reasons and used safely.


Leash guinea pig

Whether to walk your guinea pig on a leash or not is quite a debatable topic among the pet owners. Some of them claim that it is unsafe and stand by using the playpens while others enjoy the perks of walking a guinea pig on a leash. So I am going to dig into the advantages and disadvantages of this activity and, hopefully, we will find a definite answer.

To start with, let’s answer the most common question on the web:

– Are guinea pig leashes safe?

Yes, they are if you are using leashes which are specially designed for guinea pigs. DO NOT use cat’s or dog’s leash on your guinea pig. Also, unlike the lead and collar combo which is appropriate for dogs, guinea pigs require a mesh harness with a clipped leash. You have to adjust the harness properly ensuring that your pet is comfortable.

So, let’s start with the cons first.

Cons Of Walking Your Guinea Pig On A Leash

  1. The main concern many vets and owners have with walking guinea pig on a leash is that when wearing a collar guinea pigs are pulled like dogs. This is very dangerous because the spine of these tiny creatures is very delicate and can get easily fractured.
  2. You can’t actually teach your guinea pig to walk on a leash. Although many sources claim that it is possible, we can all agree that each guinea pig is an individual and it totally depends on its abilities. Many owners admit that when they tried to teach a guinea pig to walk on a lead, all the attempts were unsuccessful and left a piggy very confused. It might be a good idea to stick to the outside playpens then.
  3. Guinea pigs are prey animals and hiding is their natural instinct. Some owners note that piggies can freak out when you put a harness and a leash on them as it closes their desire to run and hide somewhere.

Now let’s move on the pros of leash walking.

Pros Of Walking Your Guinea Pig On A Leash

  1. Guinea pigs are actually fast on the ground. You probably noticed that they are very speedy, for example, they can take corners and change directions rapidly. That is why many pet owners opt for using a harness and a leash. You can actually control a piggy especially when it is out and about in the unfamiliar surrounding.
  2. Piggies enjoy the time outside and have to exercise for at least 3 hours a day. Although you can organize the playtime indoors, nothing is going to replace the natural sunshine, grass and fresh air. Walking on the leash helps to protect your piggy from other animals. Also, you can easily monitor your pet and keep it away from the grass contaminated with chemicals or other pets’ waste.
  3. Guinea pigs love exploring! So the playing indoor or in a playpen won’t satisfy their desire to experience new things. However, when taking your piggy for a walk outside you have to be very cautious of the hazards, that is where leash comes in handy.
  4. Guinea pigs can easily get lost inside your house and, especially, when running around outside. They can easily run into a closet or hide under the table and sit there for hours. If you want to avoid that – harness and a leash is the perfect solution.

Tips On Choosing The Right Harness For A Guinea Pig

guinea pig harness and leash If you decided that you want to walk your guinea pig on a lead, then finding a harness of the right fit is on top of your priorities. Always go for the mesh harnesses that fit around the body. You want to avoid your guinea pig being choked by the harness during the walk.

A foolproof way to check if the harness suits your pet is to slip a finger between the harness and guinea pig’s torso.  You should be able to do that freely. The ideal harness should properly accommodate guinea pig’s build and not be too loose.

Prior to buying a harness, please, see your vet and ask for the advice of the pet shop staff on what is the best option for your animal.

How To Teach A Guinea Pig To Walk On A Lead?

First, I want you to know that there is no guarantee that your pet is going to learn how to walk on the leash. Indeed, most of the guinea pigs can’t become lead-trained. However, there are some guidance to help you with the training. So, you have used the guidelines above and chose the harness. Now you need to check how your pet is feeling about it. Is your guinea pig comfortable wearing it? If the first impression was positive, you can start learning.

Spend a few minutes every day working on becoming more adjusted to the harness. Repeat the same procedure for the course of a few weeks. At this point you have two decisions to make – stop trying if your pet doesn’t respond to the training or to carry on if you see an improvement.

Things To Consider When Taking Your Guinea Pig Outside

– Make sure that the temperature outside is between 60° – 80° F (15° – 27°  C) and it is not very humid;

– The best time for the walks is early morning and evening because it is not extremely hot;

– Asses the area you are planning to walk your guinea pig in: the grass should not be contaminated with pesticides and chemicals; there should be no other animals’ waste; the area should be free of the poisonous plants;

– Keep the walks short, 10 to 15 minutes should be enough.

Once again I want to remind you that walking guinea pig on the leash is not the same as if you would walk a dog. These are two totally different activities. You are primarily walking  a guinea pig for the monitoring purpose. So you have to be very conscious about pulling and making rapid moves.


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