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Yamaha Road Star Warrior: review, history, specs

The Yamaha Road Star Warrior is a motorcycle produced by Yamaha from to

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Yamaha Road Star Warrior


Production -

Air-cooled, OHV, 8-valve, 48°, V-twin

Bore / Strokemm x mm
Compression ratio
Torque ft/lbs ( Nm) @ RPM
TransmissionGear box: 5-speed, manual, close-ratio

Final Drive: Belt

Clutch: Wet multi-disc, manual
SuspensionFront: 41mm KYB inverted fork; in travel
Rear: Single shock; adjustable preload and rebound damping, in travel
BrakesFront: Dual hydraulic disc, mm
Rear: Hydraulic disc, mm
Front Tire/ZR18 Radial
Rear Tire/ZR17 Radial
Wheelbase inches ( mm)
Length inches ( mm)
Width inches ( mm)
Seat Height inches ( mm)
Weight kg (wet)
Recommended OilYamalube 10w
Fuel Capacity Gallon ( Liters)
Manuals Service Manual

The Yamaha Road Star Warrior was a Air-cooled, OHV, 8-valve, 48°, V-twin Cruiser motorcycle produced by Yamaha between and Max torque was ft/lbs ( Nm) @ RPM.

Engine[edit | edit source]

A mm bore x mm stroke result in a displacement of just cubic centimeters.

Drive[edit | edit source]

The bike has a 5-speed, manual, close-ratio transmission. Power was moderated via the Wet multi-disc, manual.

Chassis[edit | edit source]

It came with a /ZR18 Radial front tire and a /ZR17 Radial rear tire. Stopping was achieved via Dual hydraulic disc, mm in the front and a Hydraulic disc, mm in the rear. The front suspension was a 41mm KYB inverted fork; in travel while the rear was equipped with a Single shock; adjustable preload and rebound damping, in travel. The Road Star Warrior was fitted with a Gallon ( Liters) fuel tank. The wheelbase was inches ( mm) long.

Yamaha Road Star Warrior[edit | edit source]

 Yamaha Road Star Warrior

Yamaha could hardly find a better name for the Road Star Warrior, as this machine epitomizes street aggression, combined with classic design cues in a modern interpretation. Low and mean, this dragster comes with new, cast wheels and sporty tires, a huge 2-in-1 exhaust which looks like it was borrowed from the superbike series, and tons of attitude.

If big-bore dragsters are your thing, then this air-cooled cc beast will surely put a big, wide smile on your face.

Yamaha Road Star Warrior[edit | edit source]

 Yamaha Road Star Warrior

The name of the Road Star Warrior is not deceiving the looks and the feeling. If you've been looking for a really evil v-twin cruiser, here's more than you bargained for, a bike with a huge amount of dragster DNA in its every cell. Low, mean and boasting looks that could kill, the Road Star Warrior proudly rolls with cast wheels, a skinny front tire and an even skinnier front fender, a beefy exhaust which looks like a superbike one, ample bars and a tank line blending into the lines of the seat.

Yamaha Road Star Warrior[edit | edit source]

 Yamaha Road Star Warrior Yamaha Road Star Warrior

The Road Star Warrior inspires at least a very deep respect, if not even fear. Compact yet massive and being a presence impossible to miss on the road, as well as in the parking lot, this machine is not designed for the meek. It packs all the nerve Yamaha's cc v-twin engine can harness, while the overall styling is as mean as it gets. A roadster riding position, aggressive sport bike-styled 3-spoke cast wheels and a menacing black livery are all in place to make a strong impression.

With R1-derived suspensions for the aluminum frame, the Road Star Warrior mixes the custom cruiser DNA with genes from sport bikes, for a truly spectacular result.

Yamaha Road Star Warrior[edit | edit source]

 Yamaha Road Star Warrior Yamaha Road Star Warrior Yamaha Road Star Warrior

The Road Star Warrior develops new ways to define the concept of "evil, menacing bike", and carries on the acclaimed roadster heritage. With a solid dose of sport bike DNA added to the dragster-ish cruiser mix, the new Warrior packs steel braided lines, chunky 5-spoke cast wheels, a low and aggressive seat, a true sportsbike exhaust and plenty of mean styling.

Impeccable Star finish and craftsmanship is also on the menu, and high-performance Kayaba forks come with a degree rake for even more road terror factor. And with an cc v-twin under the seat, you'll feel like a real warrior.

Yamaha Road Star Warrior[edit | edit source]

 Yamaha Road Star Warrior Yamaha Road Star Warrior Yamaha Road Star Warrior Yamaha Road Star Warrior Yamaha Road Star Warrior

Cruiser looks with rich chrome elements and superbike-class performance is definitely one thing you don't run into everyday. That is, unless you actually own a bike like the Road Star Warrior. A hotrodded cruiser down to the last nut and bolt, this Warrior packs a cc displacement with torque on tap and plenty of passing power in almost any scenario.

The forward controls and the low, sculpted seat offer an aggressive riding position, while the elongated teardrop fuel tank and bullet-style headlight look like a natural compliment for the sporty upside down forks. Add in cast wheels, a beefy, superbike-like silencer and top-notch radial brakes for a bike which looks sharp and which will take your breath away at the first twist of the throttle.

Yamaha Road Star Warrior[edit | edit source]

 Yamaha Road Star Warrior Yamaha Road Star Warrior Yamaha Road Star Warrior Yamaha Road Star Warrior Yamaha Road Star Warrior

High-performance cruisers are an unique breed of bikes, and the MY Yamaha Road Star Warrior is showing the world how it's done. The spirit of a superbike in the body of a roadster, the Road Star Warrior is a bike you either love or hate. It packs a merciless cc air-cooled v-twin with looks to match, a low seat, ample bars, and an aggressive dragster profile to avoid mistaking this machine for something else.

And just like the MT, the Road Star Warrior comes with superbike-derived suspensions and brakes, to put the rider in full control of the tweaked transmission beast. Radial calipers, chunky forks, lightweight cast wheels, and an aluminum frame are all in place for a ride you won't forget.

Yamaha Road Star Warrior[edit | edit source]

 Yamaha Road Star Warrior Yamaha Road Star Warrior Yamaha Road Star Warrior Yamaha Road Star Warrior

The MY Road Star Warrior is a great choice for those who loved the MT but who are looking for a bit more cruiser DNA for their dream ride. The Warrior stays true to the philosophy which led to some of the most spectacular muscle bikes around: mix sportbike-derived technologies and a brawny cruiser engine, then try to hold on to the bars.

The Warrior brings forth sporty cast wheels, upside down forks, radial calipers, and a massive 2-into-1 back the aggressive riding stance and the merciless asphalt-scorching torque the cc injected v-twin delivers right off idle.

Yamaha Road Star Warrior[edit | edit source]

 Yamaha Road Star Warrior Yamaha Road Star Warrior Yamaha Road Star Warrior Yamaha Road Star Warrior

Sporting only minor revisions over the previous version, the MY Road Star Warrior retains the same amazing character of a street brawler born from a sport bike and a power cruiser. Powered by the proven injected cc air-cooled v-twin and boasting a sport bike-derived frame, the Road Star Warrior is equipped with brakes inspired by the might YZF-R1 superbike, and this spells impeccable performance and a reassuring feel.

The exhaust remains the chunky 2-into-1 sport bike unit which adds even more throaty rumble to the tonal presence of this intriguing bike.

In Media[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

Sours: https://www.cyclechaos.com/wiki/Yamaha_Road_Star_Warrior

Yamaha XV Road Star Silverado S

Make Model

Yamaha XV Road Star Silverado S


- 13


Four stroke, 48° V-Twin, OHV, 4 valves per cylinder


cc / cu/in
Bore x Stroke97 x mm
Cooling SystemAir cooled
Compression Ratio


40mm throttle body FI


Digital TCI 

Max Torque

kg-m / ft-lbs  @ rpm


5 Speed 
Final DriveBelt

Front Suspension

43mm fork

Rear Suspension

Adjustable link Monocross

Front Brakes

2x mm discs 4 piston calipers

Rear Brakes

Single mm disc 4 piston caliper

Front Tyre


Rear Tyre

Trail mm / in
Dimensions Length mm / in
Width mm / in
Height mm / in
Wheelbase mm / in
Seat Height mm / 28 in

Wet Weight

kg / lbs

Fuel Capacity 

17 Liters /  US gal

Ready for the open road and adorned with endless chrome accents.

The Yamaha Road Star Silverado S comes loaded with special features, including hard saddlebags, tons of chrome and passing lamps. It's sure to turn heads as you rumble by.

The Road Star Silverado S is bathed in high quality paint and brilliant rich chrome.

Somewhere between the gorgeous looks and the rumble of the fuel injected big V-twin powerplant, the intoxication of the Silverado S takes hold. Sit back and let the miles roll by, in relaxed casual touring comfort.

Bag a truly major classic.

Fill up the gallon fuel tank, plant your feet on the floating floorboards and let that big cubic inch fuel injected V-twin have its head. Medium size adjustable windsheild. Color matched hard sidebags. Touring saddle and passenger seat with backrest. You are ready to go. Road Yamaha Road Star Silverado S adds chrome accents and more.

Yamaha Road Star Silverado S Highlights and Key Features:

Fuel Consumption ± 15kpl/43mpg(Imp)

Fuel injected 1,cc V-twin

Hard saddlebags

Key Features:

•Electronic fuel injection ensures easy cold starting and flawless fuel delivery at nearly all altitudes and in nearly any conditions.

•A medium-size adjustable windshield enhances riding experience by keeping wind and weather off the rider.

•Color-matched locking hard sidebags look great and provide ample storage for traveling.

•Touring rider seat and passenger seat with backrest is shaped for roominess and extended long-range comfort.

•Power is not a problem for the long-legged cubic-inch V-twin, and belt final drive passes it to the rear wheel with maximum efficiency.

•The Road Star Silverado S gets chrome accents to the front end including: standard passing lamps, chrome switchgear, front brake master cylinder, front fork and levers.

•Estimated 36 mpg* means this cruiser is in for a long haul between fill-ups.

•Stainless steel braided throttle and clutch cables.

•The Star® Accessories Catalog is packed full of high-quality parts that invite Star owners to fully express their individuality.

Yamaha Road Star Silverado S Features and Benefits


1,cc, air-cooled, long-stroke, OHV, 8-valve, 48° V-twin powerplant pumps out lots of low-rpm torque. Max torque occurs at 2, rpm.

4 valves per cylinder provide optimum breathing efficiency while 2 spark plugs per cylinder ensure complete combustion for maximum power output.

Hydraulic valve lifters driven by twin crankcase-mounted camshafts deliver exceptional torquey performance and reduce maintenance needs.

Twin crankcase-mounted camshafts activate the valves via hydraulic valve lifters and pushrods.

Traditional pushrod valve actuation keeps overall engine height down for a lower centre of gravity. Pushrod tubes are chromed, adding to the beauty of this high tech, yet traditional, engine.

Large-diameter, forged pistons offer great durability and lighter weight for fast engine response.


Large bore ceramic composite-plated cylinders provide uniform heat dissipation, reduce weight, reduce friction and increase cylinder service life.

Cooling fin thickness is optimized for maximum heat dissipation, thereby eliminating the need for liquid cooling, maintaining that traditional clean, air-cooled engine appearance.

Electronic fuel injection with TPS features a single 40mm throttle body with dual injectors (one for each cylinder). The throttle position sensor is linked to the ECU and supplies info about throttle opening so the ECU can adjust ignition timing for optimum engine performance at all rpms.

High-capacity air intake system with paper type air filter provides maximum breathing for optimum performance.

Smooth-shifting, 5-speed transmission with 5th gear overdrive delivers outstanding cruising performance and reduced rpms at highway speeds.

Clean, quiet belt drive system is extremely low- maintenance and simplifies customization. Special narrow design drive belt and sprockets (front and rear) provide lightweight performance and exceptional durability.

Dry sump lubrication system with handy, spin-on oil filter, creates a lower centre of gravity by helping reduce overall engine height. The oil tank is located under the seat.

Large-flywheel crankshaft delivers superior, low-rpm torque and that special
V-twin "pulse" feel.

2-piece heel-and-toe shifter adds versatility and enhances the overall cruising experience. The 2-piece design allows the rider to individually adjust front and rear portions to suit foot size or remove the rear section if not desired.

Electric starting system features solenoid-activated auto-decompressor for easy, no-hassle starting.

2-into-2 exhaust system features beefy, staggered, dual shotgun pipes that produce a soulful V-twin exhaust tune. Muffler replacement is fast and simple, if desired.

Lots of high-quality chrome engine covers

Air Induction System (A.I.S.) reduces exhaust emissions (CO + HC).


Solid-mounted engine housed in a specially designed gusset-less, double-cradle steel frame

Long 1,mm (") wheelbase creates a long and low retro profile, great rider comfort and solid, stable handling.

Spacious ergonomics provide ample legroom, which maximizes rider comfort.

43mm front forks provide mm (") of wheel travel to smooth out the ride. The large-diameter upper fork shrouds, lower fork legs, upper triple clamp and handlebar clamp are accented with a brilliant chrome finish.

Spring preload-adjustable, single-shock, rear link suspension lowers centre of gravity for better handling and a plush ride. Rear wheel travel is mm (").

Rear shock is horizontally mounted under the engine and tucked out of sight, providing that classic, hardtail look, while also maintaining a low centre of gravity.

Dual mm front disc brakes feature ultra rigid, monoblock, 4-piston calipers with chrome "buttons" accenting the outer piston covers.

mm rear disc brake with 4-piston caliper provides excellent stopping power and feel.

"Police-style" windshield offers great wind and weather protection while proudly displaying the Silverado insignia. This windshield offers two positions of height adjustability, and for those riders who prefer a "convertible", the windshield can be quickly removed.

Rider and passenger seats offers great comfort and support.

Passenger backrest provides that extra peace of mind.

Colour-matched, hard saddlebags with chrome accents offer 35 liters of storage space per bag. The bags are lockable and fitted with handy, one-touch latches.

Full-size, floating-type rider floorboards are roomy and comfortably positioned while also helping to reduce vibration.

Passenger floorboards provide roomy comfort and reduce vibration.

Deeply valanced steel fenders combine timeless styling with rugged durability and easy customization.

Nine-spoke, cast aluminum wheels not only reduce weight and maintenance (no spokes to tighten or clean), but they also add a sportier styling image to the Road Star Silverado S.

18 litre fuel tank provides an exceptional cruising range. The FI electric fuel pump is located inside the tank. Fuel tank seam is hidden for that clean, custom look.

Wide, swept-back, 1"-diameter handlebars minimize vibration on the rider's hands thanks to being rubber mounted. The one-piece handlebar clamp is beautifully chrome-plated.

Beautiful braided-look steel throttle and clutch cables enhance that the Silverado's stylish custom look and image.

Tank-mounted speedometer features a stylish design with raised 3-D marks to highlight the speed graduations. Instrumentation includes odometer, dual tripmeters, clock and a fuel gauge plus a range of indicator lights.

Eye-catching, diamond-shaped, LED rear taillight with white lens looks like it is straight off a fully customized machine. The LED design not only provides a bright light, but also uses less power.

Rear turn signal mounting bracket is beautifully chromed and features a built-in license plate light.

Value added passing lamps not only enhance styling, but also provide additional illumination.


Industry-leading Star family fit and finish features rich, lustrous paint and extensive chrome accents creating a machine as stunning as it is powerful.

Chromed, extra wide front brake and clutch provide a quality feel.

Chrome handlebar switches and master cylinder

Stylish 3-D, fuel tank-mounted Road Star logo

Seat and steering locks are integrated into the main ignition switch for extra convenience.

Handy, dual under seat helmet holders

Powerful, 12V 60/watt, halogen headlight

Low-maintenance, sealed battery

Self-canceling turn signals with stylish clear lenses






Sours: https://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/yamaha/yamaha_road_starSilverado%20S%htm
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Yamaha Road Star Silverado S Specs

Motorcycles Specs > Yamaha > Yamaha Road Star Silverado S


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The Yamaha Road Star Silverado S model is a Touring bike manufactured by Yamaha . In this version sold from year  , the dry weight is  kg ( pounds) and it is equipped with a V2, four-stroke motor. The engine produces a maximum peak output power of  and a maximum torque of  . With this drive-train, the Yamaha Road Star Silverado S is capable of reaching a maximum top speed of  . On the topic of chassis characteristics, responsible for road holding, handling behavior and ride comfort, the Yamaha Road Star Silverado S has a Steel; hidden shock frame with front suspension being Telescopic fork and at the rear, it is equipped with Swingarm . Stock tire sizes are / on the front, and / on the rear. As for stopping power, the Yamaha Road Star Silverado S braking system includes Double disc size  mm ( inches) at the front and Single disc size  at the back. 

Yamaha Road Star Silverado S General Information

ModelYamaha Road Star Silverado S 
Start year 
Factory Warranty (Years / miles)

Yamaha Road Star Silverado S Dimensions, Aerodynamics and weight

Frame typeSteel; hidden shock 
Seat details
Wheelbase1, mm ( inches) 
Length2, mm ( inches) 
Width mm ( inches) 
Height1, mm ( inches) 
Seat Height mm ( inches) If adjustable, lowest setting. 
Alternate Seat Height
Ground Clearance mm ( inches) 
Trail size
Wheels details
Front Tyres - Rims dimensions
Rear Tyres - Rims dimensions
Front brakesDouble disc 
Rear brakesSingle disc 
Front Brakes Dimensions - Disc Dimensions mm ( inches) 
Rear Brakes Dimensions - Disc Dimensions
Curb Weight (including fluids)
Dry Weight kg ( pounds) 
Front Percentage of Weight
Rear Percentage of Weight
Weight-Power Output Ratio :
Fuel Tank Capacity litres ( gallons) 
Reserve Fuel Capacity
Carrying Details and Capacity
Front SuspensionTelescopic fork 
Front Suspension Travel
Rear SuspensionSwingarm 
Rear Suspension Travel

Yamaha Road Star Silverado S Engine and Transmission Technical Data

Engine type - Number of cylindersV2, four-stroke 
Engine details
Fuel systemInjection 
Engine size - Displacement - Engine capacity ccm ( cubic inches) 
Bore x Stroke x mm ( x inches) 
Compression Ratio 
Number of valves per cylinder
Camshaft Valvetrain ConfigurationOHV 
Maximum power - Output - Horsepower
Maximum torque
Engine Maximum RPM
Cooling systemAir 
Lubrication system
Engine oil capacity
Exhaust system
Transmission type, final drive ratioBelt 
Clutch type

Yamaha Road Star Silverado S Performance

Top Speed
Acceleration 0 to km/h (0 to 62 mph)
Acceleration 0 to m (1/4 mile)
Recuperation 60 to km/h in highest gear
Fuel Consumption - MPG - Economy - Efficiency
CO2 emissions

Yamaha Road Star Silverado S Electrical Systems, Ignition and Equipment

Ignition TypeTCI 
Electrical Details
Starter Type

How much does a Yamaha Road Star Silverado S weighs?
The Yamaha Road Star Silverado S weighs kg ( pounds).

How tall (seat height) is a Yamaha Road Star Silverado S?
The Yamaha Road Star Silverado S seat height is mm ( inches) If adjustable, lowest setting.

How many gears does a Yamaha Road Star Silverado S have?
The Yamaha Road Star Silverado S have 5 gears.

Sours: https://www.ultimatespecs.com/motorcycles-specs/yamaha/yamaha-road-star-silverado-s

Yamaha XVA

ManufacturerYamaha Motor Company
Also calledRoad Star (XV16A)
Variations: Midnight, Silverado (XV16AT)
(US) Road Star
(EUR) Wild Star
Engine1,&#;cc (&#;cu&#;in) 4-stroke air-cooled V-twin
Bore / stroke95&#;mm ×&#;&#;mm (&#;in ×&#;&#;in)
Compression ratio
Power&#;hp (&#;kW) @ 4,&#;rpm
Torque&#;N⋅m (99&#;lbf⋅ft) @ &#;rpm
Transmission5-speed gearbox to belt drive
Frame typeSteel double cradle
SuspensionTelescopic forks front, rear swingarm (Link-type monocross suspension)
Brakes&#;mm (&#;in) double disc front, &#;mm (13&#;in) single rear
Wheelbase1,&#;mm (&#;in)
DimensionsL: 2,&#;mm (98&#;in)
W: 1,&#;mm (43&#;in)
H: 1,&#;mm (45&#;in)
Seat height&#;mm (28&#;in)
WeightXV16A: &#;kg (&#;lb)
XV16AT: &#;kg (&#;lb)&#;(dry)
XV16A: &#;kg (&#;lb)
XV16AT: &#;kg (&#;lb)&#;(wet)
Fuel capacity20&#;L (&#;imp&#;gal; &#;US&#;gal)
RelatedYamaha DragStar XVS/XVSAYamaha DragStar XVS/XVSA

The Yamaha XVA is a cruiser-style motorcycle. It is also called the Yamaha Road Star or in Europe the Yamaha Wild Star. It has been produced from through model Year when the Roadstar model line was discontinued. The models were the same &#;cc naturally aspirated engines. And in they changed the displacement to 1,&#;cc. With a few design changes in , including new tubeless aluminum wheels, a skinnier drive belt and different engine casing color. The Road Star also has a sleeker, sportier brother called the Yamaha Road Star Warrior that had a fuel-injected 1,&#;cc engine and had an all-aluminum chassis. The Road Star remained unchanged until when electronic fuel injection was introduced to the bike. There were certain variations to the Road Star considering different trim and equipment packages. The Road Star was available with a Silverdo trim package which included studded saddle bags, a back rest, studded driver and passenger seats, and a cruiser-style windscreen. The Silverado package changed names to the "Midnight" package with blacked out engine etc. For a few years, the Road Star was also available in an "S" package, which meant more chrome pieces for the buyer.

The Road Star is very popular among "Metric" custom bike builders for its ease of customization and large-displacement engine.

The following different models of the bike have manufactured:

  • XVA Road Star (–)
  • XVALE Road Star Limited edition ()
  • XVAS Road Star Midnight Star (–)
  • XVAS Road Star MM Limited edition ()
  • XVAT Road Star Silverado (–)
  • XVATLE Road Star Silverado Limited edition ()

While still in production, the Road Star platform spawned other motorcycles for Yamaha including:

Technical information[edit]


Engine no: PE(US),PE(JP)
Engine type: 4-stroke, air-cooled, V-2, OHV, 4-valves, 48° pushrod V-twin
Displacement: 1, cc
Bore x stroke: 95&#;mm x &#;mm
Compression ratio:
Maximum power: &#;kW (&#;hp) @ 4, rpm
Maximum torque: N·m ( kgf·m, 99&#;ft·lbf) @ 2, rpm


Front suspension system: Telescopic forks
Rear suspension system: Swinging (Link suspension)
Front brake: Dual discs, diameter &#;mm
Rear brake: Single disc, diameter &#;mm
Front tyre: / 67H
Rear tyre: 71H
Front travel: &#;mm
Rear travel: &#;mm


Length: 2,&#;mm
Width&#;: &#;mm
Height: 1,&#;mm
Seat height: &#;mm
Wheelbase: 1,&#;mm
Minimum ground clearance: &#;mm
Dry weight: &#;kg

External links[edit]

Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yamaha_XVA

Road weight yamaha star

Yamaha's profilation of this bikecubic-inch V-twin-powered beauty, in a long, low, hardtail-look frame, with plenty of customization potential built in. Modern engineering and materials, including ceramic composite cylinder liners. Air cooling, hydraulic valve lifters and belt final drive reduce maintenance requirements to a minimum.
General informationModel:Yamaha Road StarYear:Category:Custom / cruiserPrice as new:US$ MSRP depends on country, taxes, accessories, etc.Rating:  See the detailed rating of design and look, maintenance cost, engine performance, etc. Compare with any other bike.Engine and transmissionDisplacement: ccm ( cubic inches)Engine type:V2, four-strokeCompression:Bore x stroke: x mm ( x inches)Fuel system:Carburettor. 40mm Mikuni CV w/throttle position sensorFuel control:Overhead Valves (OHV)Ignition:Digital TCICooling system:AirGearbox:5-speedTransmission type,
final drive:
BeltChassis, suspension, brakes and wheelsFront suspension:43mm Telescopic fork with adjustable preloadFront wheel travel: mm ( inches)Rear suspension:Single shock, link-typeRear wheel travel: mm ( inches)Front tire:/ Rear tire:/ Front brakes:Double discDiameter: mm ( inches)Rear brakes:Single discDiameter: mm ( inches)Physical measures and capacitiesDry weight: kg ( pounds)Seat height: mm ( inches) If adjustable, lowest setting.Overall height: mm ( inches)Overall length: mm ( inches)Overall width: mm ( inches)Ground clearance: mm ( inches)Wheelbase: mm ( inches)Fuel capacity: litres ( US gallons)Other specificationsColor options:Red, silverStarter:ElectricModifications compared to previous model:A new two-piece shifter, braided stainless clutch and throttle cables and a new front flasher stay add even more performance and style. Update specsReport missing specs or required updates.Further informationInsurance costsCompare US insurance quotes from the nation's top providers.Finance optionsCompare US motorcycle loan quotes from the nation's top providers.Parts finderRevzilla offers up to 50% off motorcycle accessories.Accessories Ships to most countries. CMSNL provides online schematics & OEM partsParts and ships to Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Belgium, Canada, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Ukraine, United Kingdom, The United States and more. Also check out our overview of motorcycle webshops at Bikez.info.MaintenanceFind parts, fluids. filters, maintenance tools and service manuals at Amazon.com.Ask questionsJoin the 06 Yamaha Road Star discussion group or the general Yamaha discussion group.Related bikesList related bikes for comparison of specs.

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Sours: https://bikez.com/motorcycles/yamaha_road_star_php
Changing Gear Oil 2005 Yamaha Road Star 1700cc

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