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We are Lambda Kappa Sigma, Alpha Pi Chapter located at St. John&#;s University in Jamaica, New York.

The mission of Lambda Kappa Sigma is to provide lifelong opportunities for women in pharmacy through professional excellence and personal growth.

Lambda Kappa Sigma is an international, professional pharmacy fraternity that incorporates undergraduate and graduate pharmacy students and practicing pharmacists. Since its establishment in at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, LKS has grown to over 22, members with 49 collegiate chapters and 38 alumni chapters internationally.

Alpha Pi Chapter was founded on May 6th, ! It was the 38th collegiate chapter. It was originally formed as an organization in and called Lambda Pi with the purpose to nationally join LKS. Fifteen women became charter members.

Members serve the community through numerous events, which include our annual fundraising efforts towards Relay for Life, Bright Pink, the Red Dress Gala, and many other activities geared towards women&#;s health and awareness.

Membership Benefits

  • Scholarships and Educational Assistance
  • Professional Development
  • Leadership Training
  • Awards & Honors
  • Community Service Opportunities
  • Committee Membership
  • Programs for Women&#;s Health Issues
  • Interfraternity Relationships
  • Annual Conventions
  • Professional & Personal Growth
  • Mentoring & Networking
  • Continuing Education Programs

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Overview of the Club

Alpha Lambda is a co-ed professional pharmacy fraternity that is open to all undergraduate pharmacy students. We work hard in building a strong support network for members while promoting advancement and leadership of individuals in the profession. In addition to our many social events and club initiatives, we also have study resources, scholarships, and bursaries available to our members.

Highlights or Club Initiatives

One of UBC’s signature events is LKS’s Manufacturer&#;s Night, an annual event held in March. It is the only professional event of its kind on the west coast. The purpose of this event is to not only introduce students to the manufacturing aspects of pharmacy to broaden their understanding of the pharmaceutical world, but to also provide networking opportunities with manufacturers themselves. LKS also organizes outreach events to have an impact in the community, for example blood drives and shore clean-ups. Through our alumni talks, there are also opportunities for LKS members to gain insight into the different career avenues in the field of pharmacy.

Benefits of Being a Member

LKS members have the opportunity to connect with current and past members and build a community with people in the field of pharmacy. There are professional development and networking events for members to enhance their professional and personal potential and develop new skills. Joining LKS also provides students the opportunity to balance academics with social activities and, most importantly, create lifelong friendships.

How to Be a Member

LKS recruitment occurs in October. In order to become a member, fill out an application form and join LKS at Info Night in order to learn more about the fraternity and meet current members.

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Lambda Kappa Sigma

Lambda Kappa Sigma (ΛΚΣ or LKS) is an international pharmacyfraternity headquartered in Muskego, Wisconsin. Founded in , it was created to promote the profession of pharmacy among women and advance women within the profession. LKS is the oldest and largest professional pharmacy fraternity for women in the world.[citation needed] Lambda Kappa Sigma has initiated more than 30, members and has 44 chartered chapters. LKS also has 36 chartered alumni groups internationally.


Lambda Kappa Sigma is dedicated to developing the intellectual, leadership, and professional skills of its members. LKS promotes professional growth and its educational programs enhance professional development in the field of pharmacy, with an emphasis placed on women's health issues. Continuing education credits are also available. LKS also has an Educational Grant Program.


On October 14, , Ethel J. Heath and eight other female students at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy organized Lambda Kappa Society, a social club. Charter members were:

  • Ethel J. Heath
  • Annabel Carter Jones
  • Mary Connolly Livingston
  • Emma MacDonnell Cronin
  • Willette McKeever Cheever
  • Mary Durgin Loveland
  • Alice G. Coleman
  • Margaret M. Curran
  • Rosemond A. Guinn.[1]

In the organization ceased being a luncheon club and was opened to all female members of the college. Sigma was added to the name, formally making it Lambda Kappa Sigma, and the official badge, motto, flower, and colors were selected. In the official coat-of-arms, designed by Cora E. Craven, was adopted.[1]

The first national convention was held in Boston, Massachusetts in , beginning a biennial convention schedule. The Tau chapter founded at Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania March 18, At this convention, what would become the official prayer was presented by the Eta chapter and Delta chapter presented a song to be used as the official sorority song. Both the prayer and the song were adopted for national use in

The Silver Anniversary Convention was held in Boston, Massachusetts, in At that convention the delegates voted to join the Professional Panhellenic Association, becoming the first pharmaceutical sorority in the PPA.

On April 28, ΛΚΣ became international with the addition of the Alpha Lambda chapter in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on the campus of the University of British Columbia.

In an international office was established, with the addition of an executive director position in [1]

The biennial convention was held at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with the Delta Collegiate (University of Pittsburgh), Tau Collegiate (Duquesne University), and Tau Alumni chapters as hosts.[2]

In , Project Hope was adopted as the fraternity's international philanthropy.

The biennial convention was held in St. Louis, Missouri, with the Alpha Zeta Collegiate and Alumni chapters as hosts.

During the biennial convention, the members voted to delete all gender references from the fraternity's membership requirements. The fraternity was now open to both male and female members, following a twelve-year battle to legally remain a fraternity for women only.[3]



Chapter list from Baird's 20th edition and from the national website.[1]


  • Alpha Alumni - Boston, Massachusetts
  • Beta Alumni - Albany, New York (inactive)
  • Gamma Alumni - Chicago, Illinois (inactive)
  • Delta Alumni - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (inactive)
  • Epsilon Alumni - Baltimore, Maryland
  • Zeta Alumni - San Francisco, California (inactive)
  • Eta Alumni - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (inactive)
  • Lambda Alumni - Los Angeles, California (inactive)
  • Nu Alumni - Des Moines, Iowa (inactive)
  • Xi Alumni - Lincoln, Rhode Island
  • Omicron Alumni - Detroit, Michigan
  • Pi Alumni - New Brunswick, New Jersey (inactive)
  • Rho Alumni - Portland, Oregon (inactive)
  • Sigma Alumni - New York, New York (inactive)
  • Tau Alumni - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Phi Alumni - Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Chi Alumni - Shoreline, Washington
  • Omega Alumni - Charleston, South Carolina (inactive)
  • Alpha Alpha Alumni - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (inactive)
  • Alpha Beta Alumni - Storrs, Connecticut
  • Alpha Gamma Alumni - Birmingham, Alabama (inactive)
  • Alpha Zeta Alumni - St. Louis, Missouri
  • Alpha Eta Alumni - Brooklyn, New York (inactive)
  • Alpha Theta Alumni - Buffalo, New York (inactive)
  • Alpha Iota Alumni - Big Rapids, Michigan
  • Alpha Kappa Alumni - Mableton, Georgia
  • Alpha Lambda Alumni - Vancouver, BC Canada (inactive)
  • Alpha Nu Alumni - Lexington, Kentucky
  • Alpha Xi Alumni - Roseville, California
  • Alpha Omicron Alumni - Morgantown, West Virginia (inactive)
  • Alpha Pi Alumni - Jamaica, New York
  • Alpha Sigma Alumni - Houston, Texas (inactive)
  • Alpha Tau Alumni - Toronto, ON Canada (inactive)
  • Alpha Upsilon Alumni - Nishi-Ku, Kobe, Japan (inactive)
  • Alpha Rho Alumni - Schnecksville, Pennsylvania
  • Alpha Phi Alumni - Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania



  • Blue and Gold Triangle - Official publication of fraternity (established )
  • Alumni News - Informational alumni-only mailing
  • LinKS - Official publication of student chapters and advisors[4]


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Member Benefits

Join LKS

What We Do

  • "LKS provides me the magical bond of sisterhood and the leadership tools to better myself."

    Alli Tempo, Tau Chapter, Duquesnes University
  • "I love the relationships I have been able to create through LKS (both personal and professional), as well as the continual professional development opportunities I am able to pursue. As a new practitioner and recent graduate, there are so many other women out there in LKS that are willing to share their story and guidance to help me make the best out of my career. If you are looking for lifelong friends, mentorships, career advice, etc. then you've come to the right place because LKS will give you all of that!"

    Sara Kolc, Ferris State University, College of Pharmacy
  • "You gain a whole new perspective to LKS when you come to convention. I love getting to see my sisters! I remember how eye-opening convention was for me when I was a collegiate. Being able to talk to them and offer them support as an alumni as they continue with school is an honor! LKS is a sisterhood of amazing women who will help you become the professional woman you want to be!"

    Amanda Higgins, Alpha Alumni Chapter

Sigma lambda kappa

LKS Delta Chapter

Lambda Kappa Sigma strives to elevate women in pharmacy through professional excellence and personal growth. Our sisters lead with integrity, inspire excellence, and positively impact our community.

Founded in at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, LKS has now initiated over 24, members with 31 campus chapters. LKS Delta Chapter was just recognized at the convention for our contribution to the education trust fund, Project Hope, and received 3rd place in the Core Values Poster Presentation. In addition Delta Chapter was awarded Northeastern chapter of the year and was recognized for our th year as an active chapter. Our members also received a nomination for the Chrysanthemum Award recognizing those chapters with outstanding member retention.

Since Project HOPE has made long-term, sustainable health care available for people around the world and has been the organization&#;s philanthropy for over 30 years. Our chapter prides itself in numerous events throughout the year supporting this cause. Also notable is an annual donation to the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC) through a fundraising event, thus supporting an important women&#;s health issue. Through collaboration, our members promise to continue events such as this that help the community at large.

Core Values: Sisterhood, Leadership, Service, Scholarship, Integrity

Motto: Esse Quam Videri- &#;To be, rather than seem to be&#;

Lambda Kappa Sigma Recruitment 2014 Part 1

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