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The letter “x” can signify a negative, like a strike in baseball or the incorrect answer on Family Feud. If treasure hunting is your game, then “x” marks the spot. “X” can also represent the sights trained on the BMW 3-series by Infiniti’s excellent G coupe and sedan. Now more than ever, the G is hot on the heels of the benchmark 3, thanks in large part to the lineup’s wider adoption of all-wheel drive, which is denoted by—you guessed it—an “x.”

Slushy Box, but Still a Great Powertrain

New for , the all-wheel-drive G37x coupe is only available with a seven-speed automatic transmission equipped with steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters. We found the gearbox to be smart about selecting gears under normal driving conditions, but when pushed, it can slur shifts a bit and is slow to grab demanded ratios, but we’re really splitting hairs here.

With its liter V-6 engine pumping hp and lb-ft of torque, the G37 offers BMW i performance for i money. The all-wheel-drive coupe weighs roughly more pounds than its rear-drive sibling, but the two cars turn in equal 0-tomph ( seconds) and quarter-mile ( seconds at mph) times. The extra heft is offset by better traction at launch, and the additional poundage doesn’t affect the G’s sharp handling. What it does affect is braking, with the all-wheel-drive car turning in a foot tomph braking distance, 11 feet longer than the rear-drive coupe.

On the skidpad, the G37x pulled a respectable g, which is good, considering its optional inch wheels were shod in /50 all-season rubber. The rear-drive G37 Sport registered g wearing summer performance tires. Perhaps most impressive was that the understeer commonly associated with all-wheel-drive cars was pretty moderate by comparison in the G. Body control also is superbly managed, and the ride is firm but not overly harsh. The steering has a slight touch of on-center numbness but is otherwise, in true G fashion, sharp and communicative.

Not Much for Passengers or Cargo

Naturally, the G37x has the same delightful interior we’ve praised in the line’s other variants. The brushed, Japanese-paper-influenced trim on the center stack still impresses, and most surfaces feel quite good to the touch. The front seats are comfy for lengthy journeys, but the rears—as you might expect in a sleek two-door—are tight for real-size people; they really just amount to extra storage space. That’s a good thing, since the oddly shaped trunk can swallow only about seven cubic feet of cargo.

It’s a Bargain

The G37 is certainly inching closer to its 3-series rival in terms of dynamics and driving satisfaction but not in cost of entry. With a base price of $39,, the G37x coupe undercuts a BMW i xDrive coupe by a substantial $ Optional packages can add up quickly with both cars, but considering the G’s $ advantage, you can load up your G37 with the Premium package (a sunroof, an upgraded stereo with iPod interface, Bluetooth, and more) and Navigation package for the cost of a base two-door i xDrive. That kind of value combined with the G’s high level of performance makes signing your name near another “x”—the one before a dotted line—an enticing proposition, indeed.


VEHICLE TYPE: front-engine, 4-wheel-drive, 4-passenger, 2-door coupe

PRICE AS TESTED: $47, (base price: $39,)

ENGINE TYPE: DOHC valve V-6, aluminum block and heads, port fuel injection

Displacement: cu in, cc
Power: bhp @ rpm
Torque: lb-ft @ rpm

TRANSMISSION: 7-speed automatic with manumatic shifting

Wheelbase: in
Length: in
Width: in Height: in
Curb weight: lb

Zero to 60 mph: sec
Zero to mph: sec
Zero to mph: sec
Street start, mph: sec
Standing ¼-mile: sec @ mph
Top speed (governor limited): mph
Braking, mph: ft
Roadholding, ft-dia skidpad: g

EPA city/highway driving: 18/25 mpg
C/D observed: 19 mpg


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How reliable is the G37 Infiniti?

I've had an '09 G37x and now a '13 G37xS, and can verify with my other pro mechanics that the G37 is one of the most reliable autos ever produced anywhere by anybody. Even brake rotors last longer than expected! On the negative side the twin exhaust will get a bit laborious to deal with after a bunch of salty winters. That said, it's a pig on fuel in the city, and really should run on premium (although many don't). Handling is excellent, but steering has a dull center-feel, regardless of what tire/wheel tricks are played (I've tried them all). Note that the cheapest important upgrade is to replace the skinny rear antisway bar with the fatter one from the G37 Coupe. You'll be amazed at how the rear end now feels tied to the car better. I run stock / front and / rear from the Coupe also for a more neutral stance in the twisties. Note that this staggered geometry does NOT screw up the ATTESA AWD system, despite what Nervous Nellies suggest. I often suggest to my Subaru customers that this is the "Super Subaru" it should make if it had the money to, as it's alum parts and solidity greatly exceed the otherwise-fine Legacy R Sedan. At current ultracheap fuel prices G37's are quite viable, but I won't keep ours once gas retraces to rationality. At that point we'll probably chase a Legacy Limited i, put it on V rubber, and miss the G's blstering acceleration as we get +35% better fuel eco. It's interesting to note that Infiniti tried to play this game with the G25 years ago, but no one wanted the Altima's in exchange for $5k savings. The Legacy Limited is a full $8k cheaper. So you either aim high with the loaded G37x (S if you want seat memory and 18" wheels) or low with a Leg Ltd. In normal driving they're interchangeable Lastly, the stock 17" wheels with all-season tires underperform with the G. /55R17 is ok for winter use (as I did with the '09), but I've since dumped those extra wheels to use 18" solely. The stiffer wheel size improves turn-in , and with the stiffer rear Coupe OE swaybar body control is satisfying and competitive with the 3 Series and Aand SO much more reliable!

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The Infiniti G series is a line of compact executive cars that is produced by the Infiniti line of Nissan, a car company that is centered in Japan and headquartered in Yokohama. Produced from the years and the present, the first two generations of the Infiniti were sedans, with the third generation being rebadged lines of sedans and coupes.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


The current fourth generation, the V36, introduced the hardtop coupe convertible choice, and predated the Nissan FM platform that shares components with the similar Infiniti M, Infiniti EX, and Infiniti FX. 


For the model year, the G35 sedan was replaced by the G37 sedan. The G37 was first unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show and included various models, like the G37 x AWD Sedans, G37 Journey, G37S 6MT and the G37x AWD.


The worst problem category for every model of the Infiniti G37 deals with the interior accessories, focusing on the dashboard concerns. Although The Infiniti G37 has the most overall complaints, the year is oftentimes regarded as the worst model year due to the severity of the issues and the higher repair cost. The most reported problem out of every model year was the cracked dashboard in the Infiniti G 

Infiniti G37 Problems


The is the first model of the Infiniti G37, and has the fourth highest amount of problems when compared to the other model years from It is the year before the worst model year on record, the Infiniti G37 that had the most problems. 


The main category of user complaints regarding the Infiniti G37 problems involves the interior accessories, engine, and the body and paint. However, the positive regarding this model is that there are no NHTSA complaints for this model year.


The main complaints for the interior accessories is the dashboard melting and the steering wheel peeling over time, with the problems generally happening at around 50, miles and have users stating that the dashboard turns a different color, the dash can get cracks, the dashboard can bubble and peel, and the dashboard heats up and gets damaged very quickly.


Regarding the engine system in the Infiniti G37 for the model, the main issue deals with unintended acceleration while your car is rough idling, with the main issue occurring at around 94, miles and has users stating that the car would rev and cause united acceleration occurring while in traffic.

Infiniti G37 Problems


The model for the Infiniti G37 had the most overall complaints, with the most reported problem involving the cracked dashboard. The main category of complaints dealt with the interior accessories, followed by the electrical issues and the steering system. The concerns regarding the interior accessories were similar to the previous year, with the majority of user concerns revolving around the cracked dashboard and the steering wheel paint coming off. 


In order to repair the cracked dashboard, you can fix the problem yourself, so that you can save money and avoid a steep repair price. You need to trim and shave away the lifting edges, and then fill the crack with epoxy and smooth with a card. After that, you have to allow the mixture to cure for an hour, and then snd evenly with grit. After this, repeat the process until you reach the necessary surface level.


In addition to the interior accessories and dashboard durability issues, the next category of user concern revolves around the electrical system. Users noted there ended up being a complete loss of electrical power, with the typical repair cost coming in at $ and occurring at around 66, miles, with users stating that he most common solution was either to replace the battery, check the ground or relay wires, and to determine where the electrical failure was coming from.


The last category that users had issues with in the Infiniti G37 was the steering system, with the majority of user complaints focusing on the steering lock failing. The typical repair cost for this averaged to be around $1, and occurs at around 85, miles, with the most common solution being to replace the steering lock. 

Infiniti G37 Problems


After the model with the most reported user complaints, the Infiniti G37 had many fewer complaints &#; but also had the highest amount of repair cost and severity. The main category for concern delta with the engine, with the main user complaints revolving around the check engine light and engine running rough. One of the main solutions would be to replace the engine. 


The average cost to replace an engine can oftentimes be worth more than the vehicle itself, with the average price coming in between $4,$5, The price to replace a 4 cylinder engine will be much less than a V6 or V8 engine, which can oftentimes be worth a few thousand dollars more, and be worth more than the Infiniti G37 problems.


The only additional complaint regarding the Infiniti deals with the seat not working properly, with the typical solution being to replace the seat and coming in at an average repair cost of around $2, 

Infiniti G37 Problems


The main category of complaints regarding the Infiniti G37 dealt with the interior accessories, similar to the and models. The number one issue with the interior accessories deals with a cracked dashboard, with the most common solution being to replace the entire dashboard and occurring at around 53, miles. Most users state that the dashboard can crack very easily, the side panels of the vehicle crack, and the top of the dashboard is very sticky and can get dirty easily. 

Infiniti G37 Problems


The top categories that users had complaints about regarding the Infiniti G37 dealt with the brakes, exterior accessories, and the interior accessories. The brake concerns focused on a shudder and vibration in the brake pedal, and the steering wheel shaking while you were putting pressure on the brake pedal. The most common reason that you would feel vibrations in the brake pedal while you are pressing down is due to a brake rotor being unevenly worn or damaged. These brake toros are in charge of the brake pads that are pressed against the calipers to slow the wheel, and can become warmed and damaged over time. 

Infiniti G37 Problems


The top categories that users had complaints about in the next year model involve the interior accessories, the AC and heater, and the body and paint category. The interior accessories qualms were different from the dashboard melting over time, and instead focused on the Bluetooth phone not working properly and the drink holders being too small. 


The AC and heater issues in the Infiniti G37 involved the AC blowing warm air, which has a typical repair cost of nearly $3, and involves the most common solution of replacing the compressor and radiator in the car. Hot air coming from your car can be due to many reasons, one of which is low levels of refrigerant in the car, a problem with the car condenser, a broken or damaged compressor, a faulty cooling fan, or the electrical system of your car. 

Top Infiniti G37 Problems


Now that you know the problems that are most relevant in each model year, there are certain top problems that seem to occur more often than others and cause more expensive repairs or replacements. 


The first problem deals with the vehicles with an automatic transmission experiencing a harsh downshift from 4th to 3rd gear. This includes vehicles with a 7 speed automatic transmission experiencing a rough downshift during deceleration, with the control module software needing to be updated to correct this concern. In some vehicles that are older or have a higher mileage, the transmission shifting might occur more frequently. The main model years that are affected with this model are , , , and , occurring at around an average mileage of 65, miles.


The second top Infiniti G37 problem is the tapping sound coming from the driver’s side of the engine, with the noise possibly being associated with the variable valve and the lift actuator, with a powertrain control module software update being a possible solution to this Infiniti G37 problem. The repair price estimate comes in at around $88 adn $, with 6 model years being affected and occurring at just below 50, miles.


The third most common problem with the Infiniti G37 involves the brake warning light staying illuminated, even when the parking brake has been released. The foot operated parking brake can turn on the brake warning light for the entire time, even though the rbake has been fully released, with the brake assembly needing to be fixed to correct this concern. The average mileage of the problem onset occurs at around 55, miles bad effects 5 model years, ranging from  


In addition, a further problem that is prevalent in many Infiniti G37 models includes the engine RPM increasing beyond RPM during braking at high speeds. Vehicles that have an automatic transmission may have an enhanced RPM while braking, with the powertrain control module software update being available to correct this concern. The main G37 vehicles with this issue include the , , and , and occur at around 52, miles.


An additional problem that is prevalent in many Infiniti G37 models is the check engine light illuminating due to a canister purge valve fault. The check engine light might turn on due to an EVAP system charcoal canister purge valve control fault, which can be fixed by the valve requiring replacement and being installed properly. The main model years that are affected are the , , and models, and occur at around 85, miles. 


One of the other common infiniti G37 problems is the GPS screen locking up during use, with the GPS being faulty and being corrected by turning off the ignition for several minutes and the GPS software update fixing this concern. This concern affects the model year mainly. 

Infiniti G37 Problems & Recalls


There is currently only one recall for the Infiniti G37, citing reliability and safety in all models. The NHTSA cited safety recalls in regarding the visibility, with the power windows devices and controls breaking down over time. Nissan is recalling certain model Infiniti G37 coupe vehicles and certain vehicles that were manufactured after July and through August. Since there is a programming error, the power window switch controller in the subject vehicles was manufactured incorrectly. 


The threshold for auto reverse actuation is higher than the Nissan specification, where if a body part is trapped by a closing window, a pinch injury can easily result and cause damage to other users. Nisasn is in charge of notifying owners who have Infiniti G37 problems and dealers will have to replace the power window switches with new ones without charging the owners. 

Infiniti G37 Reliability Rating


The Infiniti G37 reliability rating on repair pal earns a 4 out of 5 stars, which ranks it 8th out of 31 in terms of luxury midsize cars. The average repair cost for this vehicle comes in at just $, which means it is lower than other similar cars and issues. While repairs are common with this car, the repair severity is less severe and expensive when compared to other similar luxury midsize cars. The average repair price is over $ for midsize cars and $ for all vehicle models. 


The frequency of unscheduled repairs is an average of .5 times per 1 when compared to an average of .6 times for luxury midsize cars and .4 times for all vehicle models, so it is a little higher than average, but not often in the grand scheme of things. 


Lastly, the severity of the problems and the chances of a repair or replacement being a major issue for the Infiniti G37 is just 8%, compared to an average of 12% for the midsize cars and 12% for all vehicle models. 

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The Infiniti G37 sedan and coupe may sit at the bottom of Infiniti’s lineup, but they are the most entertaining of all the company’s models. Serious horsepower, refined manners, and excellent handling make the G37 sedan and coupe strong players in their segments. Larger than their German competition from Mercedes-Benz and BMW, the Infinitis also offer more standard horsepower than the Europeans. The rear-drive chassis, closely related to Nissan’s Z sports car, offers responsive and entertaining handling that will impress even the most die-hard sports-car enthusiast. For those who suffer through harsh winters, the G37x (both coupe and sedan) adds all-wheel drive.

The current G sedan was redesigned for , and the G37 coupe was revamped for Formerly known as the G35, the G37 sedan was born when it acquired the two-door’s larger and more powerful liter engine for The only engine available in the G lineup, the liter V-6 makes hp in the sedan and hp in the coupe. We’ve previously complained that the V-6 groans when strained and sends bad vibes through the shifter and pedals, but various tweaks have largely cured the big V-6 of its coarse nature. Acceleration is brisk with the six-speed manual or the new seven-speed automatic gearbox. Although the V-6 will happily rev to its rpm redline, the torque of the V-6 makes it just as content to loaf along at lower engine speeds.

Inside, both G37 models include leather seats and a handsome interior that uses superb high-quality materials. The coupe and the sedan have a sports-car-like seating position that reflects their sporting ambitions. Rear-seat comfort and space in the four-door are excellent, but the coupe’s low-slung roofline reduces rear-seat space significantly, as you might expect.

Although the G fell off our 10Best Cars list for , the powertrain revisions and the increased refinement helped the model earn a spot on our 10Best roster. In a comparison test, the G35 sedan placed second behind a BMW i and ahead of a Cadillac CTS and Mercedes-Benz C-class. The updated G37 is an even stronger contender.


The G37 coupe and sedan offer exceptional value, a refined and sporting driving experience, and more interior space than their German competition. Although the Infiniti can’t quite measure up to the dynamic grace of the best-in-class BMW 3-series, the G37 offers BMW i performance at a i price.

What’s New for

For , the G sedan and coupe get a new seven-speed automatic that replaces a five-speed automatic. Sedan versions get a more-powerful hp, liter V-6 and a host of powertrain revisions intended to improve refinement. All models have more standard equipment for ’09, and the larger brakes from the coupe debut on rear-wheel-drive Sport and Sport-package-equipped versions of the G37 sedan. A convertible version of the G37 coupe is new for as well; it will go on sale early next year.

Highlights and Recommendations

The G37 sedan has four trim levels, from the well-equipped $34, base version to the $36, G37x, which has all-wheel drive. Enthusiasts will gravitate toward the Sport trim level, which brings a manual transmission, a firmer chassis with larger wheels, and the coupe’s beefier brakes—all of which add up to even sharper performance.

With the exception of the Sport trim level, all G37 sedans come standard with the new seven-speed automatic. Most buyers will be satisfied with the base version or the more luxuriously equipped Journey trim level. Coupe versions command premiums of about $ over their four-door counterparts, and coupe trim levels mirror those of the G37 sedan. The coupe’s swoopy looks are attractive, but we’d find it hard to pass up the practicality and cost saving of the sedan model.


Dual front airbags, front-seat-mounted side-impact airbags, curtain airbags, front-seatbelt pretensioners, front-seat active head restraints, anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, and tire-pressure monitoring are standard across the entire G37 range.

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Infiniti g37x reliability 2009

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2009 Infiniti G37X review, start up, exhaust - G sedans are absolutely AMAZING to drive!

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