Wall tapestry room ideas

Wall tapestry room ideas DEFAULT

If you have wall tapestry and If you are searching for the classy item to renovate and decor your home because you are tired of your old wall hanging then stop looking here and there. Your old wall tapestry can become the whole new innovative styling option because your tapestry is the most versatile home decorative product that can beautify the elegance of your living space in multiple ways like:

  • Use it as ceiling tapestry

Hanging a tapestry from ceiling can hide the unappealing spots and put the extra attraction to your room with its chic designs. Hang your favorite color bohemian tapestry that suite your personality. Tapestry will reflect positive energy and good vibes to the surrounding. When we hang tapestry from ceiling it makes room look more spacious and big, The huge size tapestry makes your dorm ambiance more attractive and cool.

Give the pleasurable sitting experience to you, family members, guest, and every person by using wall tapestry with unique texture and colors as chair pads. when you are bored out of your tapestry as wall hanging you can use them to cover your chair cushions. Tapestry with mandala designs give a ultimate bohemian look to the furniture.

Headboard is most important part of your bedroom. You can always change the position of your wall hanging. If you want to give your headboard a unique look, then covering it with tapestries is awesome idea. Add the incredible uniqueness in your room by using the tapestry as a headboard and covering the appearance of dull wall on the back of your bed.

You always need new pillows for your room. Pillows changes complete look of your bed. If you are DIY lover, believe me tapestry is great fabric to do experiments. Redefine your home elegance with chic pillow, you can make from wall tapestry that fills the entire space with a new comfort through its eye-catching designs.

Now a days Printed tapestries are soft and made of cotton. These are easy to clean and take care of. Beautiful and light tapestry is a comfortable picnic sheet available in traditional and modern pattern and vibrant colors.

Use your tapestry fabric as giant wall paper. If you are willing for wallpaper in your apartment or dorm, these pieces of tapestry art can be best solution to these if you are on budget. Giving the stunning effect on the walls without investing on expensive wall paints or any drilling is much easier now with wall tapestry that can be transformed into high-quality and thematic wallpaper.

Easy to carry and highly comforting tapestry can be your most convenient beach blanket. Who does not love a beach photography! Tapestry with mandala, elephant, psychedelic, trippy, modern, contemporary designs can be the one of best photo props on beach. So, take out your favorite beach tapestry and carry to the beach for super enjoy it.

Planning to go for the exciting outdoor life on your favorite beach? Don’t forget to pack tapestry in your bags to lay on the beach, drape around your body for sun protection, take rest, and do more things.

If you are bored of your fabric wall hanging specially mandala tapestry then its an easy work to make it in round shape. When there is art of circle in decorative hanging, you can easily cut and hem it to make circular wall hanging. Avoid holes and unattractive dirty spots on your wall by hanging the round wall tapestry that will bring the new life in your old walls.

Introduce relaxed feel and some kind of privacy in your room by using a wall tapestry as a good-looking curtain. Style your old hanging as  curtains that are trendy and are sure to surprise your guest. If you like these idea of blinds you can buy these tapestry curtains online at affordable price..

Wall tapestry is undoubtedly the excellent styling option to use for the cushion you sit or floor poufs. You can make big floor cushions or bed for your pet as well. you can also shop thesefloor pillows in variety of color and designs.

Give a second life to your old-fashioned sofa by covering it with an elegant wall tapestry. Whether your tapestry is old or new, changing a look of sofa is good idea. Sofa is expensive item and can not be replaced so soon. You can always cover it with your favorite sheet to give it new look.


Convert your traditional furniture into the exclusive ones by putting on the marvelous tapestry. When your furniture are old and full of scratches then a artistic fabric can give it gorgeous look.

Extremely light and soft wall tapestry is highly recommended when going for picnic and holidays outside. Tent made using huge size tapestry have enough space for two or more persons, books, or some more things. If you are looking for zen inspired tent your old tapestry is always wise choice. If you don&#;t have huge one you can get at large tapestryin online home decor stores

Spiritual wall tapestries can be used as the brilliant piece of meditation mat while doing yoga or meditation and connect with a higher power of piece and relaxation.

Why not bring the beautiful allure to your bedroom by covering the bed with original and striking wall tapestry available in multiple styles and designs.

If you are still having any doubt on how it can be put in the creative use, then try any of these above-mentioned extraordinary ways and transform the complete splendor of your home.

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Tapestry Ideas for Decorating Your Home

In recent years, tapestries have flaunted their way into home décor trends. A major reason is because tapestries provide the color and beauty of traditional wall art, while also offering the texture and warmth of area rugs. Given their versatile nature, these wall hangings can let you express your personal style and decorate in ways traditional wall art cannot. Let&#;s explore the different ideas for using tapestries to decorate your bedroom, living room, or anywhere else!

A short announcement before we begin: we&#;ve recently ramped up our offerings of modern tapestries at FROY! Click on the image link below and check out some of our new designs.

A Little History

Dating back to the Middle Ages, wall hangings were originally produced in monasteries and convents as means of presenting Bible stories to the common people. Eventually, the art spread to the secular community, specifically in Paris, because tapestries became a status symbol for the wealthy and powerful. Later on, they were commissioned by lay people for a more functional and practical purpose &#; that is, as means to provide privacy around beds, partition rooms, prevent drafts, and insulate from the cold.

Historically, the popular subjects for tapestries were biblical stories, battles, legends or sports, allegories, myths, and landscapes. However, as wall hangings make a revival in modern design, many artists are licensing their artwork to be turned into tapestries.

There&#;s no denying the impact of tapestries in the home decorating space. Even simply browsing Pinterest for home design ideas will reveal a plethora of living room and bedroom shots featuring different tapestries.

Different Types of Tapestries

Wall tapestries are a form of textile art that celebrates craftsmanship, since they are commonly woven by hand on a loom. They are made by repeatedly weaving the weft (horizontal threads) over and under the warp (vertical threads), then squishing (tamping) the horizontal threads down making them very close together, thus, completely hiding the vertical threads from being visible. It is woven in natural warp thread such as linen, wool, or cotton, making any space or room stand out!

Our tapestry designs evoke the spirit of artisanal sophistication with muted neutrals and stylish fringe or tassels. The focus is on plush and warm varieties that offer a more luxurious feel to your room when hung. They generally feature unique geometric patterns, blending traditional influences from Moroccan and tribal heirlooms with modern abstract art. So if you&#;re a minimalist who still wants to make an artistic statement, our pieces will be perfect for you!

Other popular tapestry types include the popular Urban Outfitters tapestries, which are mostly thin drapes with mandala patterns and clever art prints. They&#;re often huge, so if you want to go for that young, bohemian look, definitely check them out. If you want to support smaller artists, check out the tapestries by Society 6. They feature many bold artwork by creatives on thin drapes similar to the ones offered by UO.

Different Ideas for Hanging Tapestries

Here are a few design inspirations to incorporate tapestries in your interior design:

Use heavy wall tapestry with a lot of texture and thick weaving in a contemporary minimal room to add some pop and life. You can be bold and go as colorful and as thick as you like to emphasize the liveliness. Alternatively, you can choose a more muted option to let the wall hanging blend in with the rest of the space.

Exaggerated colors can immediately make your space feel warm and lived-in. By contrast, if you want a more serious and sophisticated aesthetic, match the colors to the rest of your room&#;s color palette.

Other ideas to consider when choosing tapestries are shape and knotting technique. The most popular is probably macrame. Macrame tapestries are those wall hanging made from unique knotting techniques, as opposed to weaving or knitting. Using a combination of hitching and reef knots, artisans can create beautiful designs that showcase intricate patterns. They also almost always feature tassels that provide a free flowing feel.

Our Favorite Tapestries

FROY offers tapestries that are classic, yet contemporary. We have a full collection here which you can view, but here are some hand-picked designs by yours truly:


Lifelong artisans meticulously hand weaved this Casa Wall Hanging. Check out its rich medley of overlapping stripes and playful geometry! Hang this piece for a tapestry that lays flush against your wall and features nuanced details.


Highlighted with three tiers of fringe, this contemporary woven wall hanging will surely bring elevated style and a sense of movement to your space! You&#;ll instantly fall in love with its dynamic black and white geometric pattern with chic fringes.


Finely crafted with wool and cotton, its dynamic patterns add layers of texture. With its asymmetrical design, this tapestry offers an eclectic and spontaneous essence to your interior design. It would also bring a soft, sculptural touch to any room with its heavy plush accents blended with overlapping fringes.


If you&#;re searching for a woven wall tapestry that would surely blend beautifully with any decor, consider this piece. Though inspired by the warm and cozy Scandinavian style, you can use it in any popular interior design style. It has soothing neutral cream hues and over-plush texture.


The very best quality of modern wall tapestries makes the most of what we have now – that is, using the old and new materials in the market. Thus, today&#;s pieces use new and improved fibers, textiles, pigments, and dyes to either reproduce classical art and famous tapestry from the past or produce new designs that goes with the style trend.

As mentioned previously, tapestries are a classic, yet contemporary choice for your wall decor. Moreover, they transport us back to a simpler time where knots, weaves and other forms of human craftsmanship were valued. In this fast-paced modern world of ours, tapestries inspire the human spirit.

I hope these ideas and inspirations from this post have steered you towards choosing tapestries as your choice of wall decor. In fact, you can mix up wall hanging with traditional wall arts and mirrors for a rich flourish of creative expression. Happy decorating and let me know what you think in the comments!

Sours: https://blog.froy.com/tapestry-ideas-for-decorating-your-home/
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16 Bedroom Decorating Idea With Tapestries

It can be difficult task to decor your bedroom. But only using few steps your master bedroom will become truly relaxing space.  Most important aspect it doesn’t matter whether you are creative or not. People can dream of their royal master bedroom in fewer budgets.  Walls are wider space into the bedroom those help you in converting your bedroom space into dream world with putting little efforts. Tapestries wall hangings are good decorating art of piece to revive entire look of bedroom. Here we share some picture how can you decorate bedroom with few tapestries.

beautiful mandala


Hang floral mandala tapestry on left side the wall and decorating with some lights.

Get This Item: Dorm Decor Tapestry

Bohemian Round Mandala


You can hang a tapestry on headboard of the bed that will make attractive of your room.

Get This Item: Bohemian Hippie Tapestry

Buddha Tapestry


You are searching peace add buddha tapestry on bedroom wall. Pick tapestry which fits with bedroom wall color.

Get This Item: Brown Buddha Tapestry

elephant mandala


Use tapestry as a bedspread if you wall decal into your bedroom.

Get This Item: Elephant Mandala Hippie Wall Hanging

Car memes

Use mandala tapestry as a bed cover and hang a sun tapestry on front of the wall. You can use some elephant embroidered pillow into your bedroom as well.

Get This Item: Red Floral Hippie Bohemian Mandala Tapestry , Psychedelic Dreaming/Sleeping sun tapestry , Patchwork Embroidered Elephant Pillow Cover

elephant bedspread


Get This Item: Black Big Elephant Mandala Hippie Wall Tapestry

Om tapestry

(Image Source: Tumblr )


Get This Item: Turquoise Small Celtic Hindu OM Printed Tie Dye Tapestry

Star Mandala Tapestry

( Image Source: Pinterest)

Get Tapestry:  Star Print Cotton Dorm Room Decor Tapestry

tree of life tapestry

(Source: flickr )

Get Tapestry: Tree of Life Hippie Wall Hanging Tapestry

Tumblr tapestry

(Source: Tumblr)

Get These Items: Purple Hippie Mandala Psychedelic Bohemian Dorm Tapestry Bedding Wall Hanging , Indian Sari Patchwork Pillow Cover

Sun Bedroom decorating

(Source: Tumblr )

Buy Sun Tapestry: Green Bright Sun Moon Hippie Tie Dye Tapestry Wall Hanging

Mandala Bedroom Art

(Source: Tumblr)

Shop This Item: Blue Psychedelic Mandala Design Hippie Tapestry Wall Hanging

Star tapestry

(Source: Pinterest)

Shop This Item: Twin Multicolor Cool Star Mandala Dorm Tapestry Wall Hanging

Zodiac Bedroom

(Source: Tumblr)

Shop This Item: Brown Hindu Astrology Zodiac Horoscope Print Wall Hanging Tapestry

Elephant Tapestry wall hanging

(Source: Instagram)

Shop This Item: Black Indian Elephant Hippie Tapestry Wall Hanging

Bohemian room decor

(Source: Pinterest)

Shop This Item: Queen Orange Multicolor Hippie Bohemian Tapestry Wall Hanging



Sours: http://blog.royalfurnish.com/bedroom-decorating-idea-with-tapestries/

Tapestries and wallhangings sometimes suffer from a rather fuddy-duddy reputation, associated with images of crumbling country houses and musty rooms. We're here to make clear that this is far from the truth. Decorating with antique tapestries, Turkish rugs, and precious textile fragments can add warmth and richness to traditional schemes; we've taken some tips from Robert Kime, a master of decorating with textiles. But there's also a wealth of fabrics out there that can enhance even the airiest and most contemporary of interiors. Plus they're completely brilliant for filling those awkwardly large expanses of empty wall - many of our designers use them in hallways or above sofas and beds. If you have a particularly valuable textile, why not consider framing it and hanging it as you would an artwork? From colourful Indian kanthas to artist-designed rugs, scroll down for inspiration on hanging fabrics on your walls.

  • Elsa Young
  • Elsa Young
  • Rachel Whiting
  • Paul Massey
  • Paul Massey
  • Simon Upton
  • Paul Massey
  • Simon Upton
  • Andrew Montgomery
Sours: https://www.houseandgarden.co.uk/gallery/time-to-rethink-tapestry

Tapestry ideas wall room

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How to Hang a Tapestry in 2 Easy Ways

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