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This Apex Legends Concept Skin Combines Revenant With a Classic Star Wars Villain

Ambitious fans have come up with some truly awesome skin concepts over the years. The latest comes from Reddit user Wolfdawgartcorner, and it perfectly captures what a skin of General Grievous might look like in Apex Legends. The skin concept imagines Grievous as a skin for the character Revenant. While Revenant's stiff posture seems a bit unusual given the way Grievous was usually depicted in Revenge of the Sith or Clone Wars, but it's still a pretty good fit! It definitely seems like the kind of thing that Star Wars fans wouldn't mind seeing as a skin option in Apex Legends.

There are actually a lot of similarities between Revenant and General Grievous. In their backstories, both characters actually began life as organic beings, but both became more robotic over the years. Revenant was an assassin that slowly had his human parts replaced by the Mercenary Syndicate and Hammond Robotics. Born on the planet Kalee, Grievous suffered horrible injuries during a war with the planet Huk. Grievous became a cyborg following these injuries, becoming far more powerful, as a result. All in all, it makes a lot of sense to see the two characters combined in this way!

While fans won't get a chance to see Wolfdawgartcorner's General Grievous design appear in the game, it wouldn't be the first Star Wars skin to appear in Apex Legends. Last year, Electronic Arts released a skin for Pathfinder based on BD-1, the droid that debuted in EA's Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. While that was a neat tie-in for fans of the two games, Apex Legends has not seen any additional Star Wars content since. Since then, the Star Wars brand has seen far more crossovers with Fortnite, instead. EA continues working on Star Wars games, however, so it doesn't seem unfathomable that more crossover content could come to Apex Legends in the future.

General Grievous Revenant - Starwars x over Skin concept from r/apexlegends

It's certainly interesting to see fan designs such as this one. Concepts like Wolfdawgartcorner's General Grievous skin show the level of passion that video game fans have for the titles they play. Apex Legends is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.


Are you a fan of Apex Legends? Would you like to see the game get more Star Wars skins? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp to talk all things gaming!

Sours: https://comicbook.com/gaming/news/apex-legends-star-wars-concept-skin-revenant-grievous/

Apex Legends ‘Beekeeper’ skin concept grabs everyone’s attention

The Apex Legends community is chock-full of talented artists, as we’ve seen in the past. Tons of awesome skin concepts for both the Legends and various weapons pop up every day. This talent is on full display recently with one particular skin concept. Posted to the Apex Legends subreddit yesterday, this Peacekeeper skin currently has over 18,000 upvotes. It’s named “Beekeeper,” and we can totally see this skin making its way into the game. One Respawn developer even commented on the design, which makes this even more intriguing.

Beekeeper concept goes viral

There are a ton of skin designs posted to the Apex Legends subreddit every day. However, only a select few go viral like the recent Beekeeper concept, and a handful have seen a Respawn developer comment on it. Posted by Reddit user Karthok, Beekeeper is one of the most well-designed skins we’ve seen on the subreddit.

"BeeKeeper" Skin Concept by Me from apexlegends

What looks to be a hand-drawn concept, everything about this design is fantastic. From the wings on top acting as ironsights to the stinger on the bottom of the stock, this skin is perfectly executed. Clearly, an angry bee is being depicted on the Peacekeeper, complete with honeycombs and multiple designs for the bee’s eye.

This would certainly be a Legendary skin if introduced to Apex Legends. While a fan design hasn’t made it into the game as of yet, there’s a first time for everything. Even Respawn artist “AlmondSnickerz” thinks Beekeeper is a terrific design, saying, “This is great.”

When an artist for the game you’re designing a skin for says it’s great, then you know you’re on to something. Though it’s a long shot that Beekeeper, or any variation, makes it into Apex Legends, there’s always a chance. It’s clear the community would support this induction.

What do you think of the concept? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all Apex Legends news!

Sours: https://www.upcomer.com/apex-legends-beekeeper-skin-concept-grabs-everyones-attention/
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An artist recently designed an incredible Carnival-themed skin for Loba in Apex Legends.

Reddit user u/lsc_comics shared their creation on the Apex subreddit. The design was based on Loba’s existing Carnival banner frame, a legendary item. The banner frame includes a waist-up portrait of Loba wearing a festive mask and outfit in celebration of the holiday, which the skin matches well.

Hey Everyone, This is my latest Carnaval themed skin concept for Loba! This time I was inspired by her carnaval themed banner frame, but I took tons of liberty with it lol. Hope you like it! <3 from apexlegends

Unlike a lot of skin concepts that are concept art-based, this design appears to be a full render, with a lot of thought put into the detail of the suit and shoes. The artist removed Loba’s headpiece in the skin design, likely because it would be distracting in-game or distort the size of her hitbox. Because only the top of the skin can be seen in the Carnival banner frame, the bottom half is a completely original creation, making it all the more impressive.

lsc_comics has also made other Carnival-themed skin concepts for Loba. They’re a Brazilian Loba main, which they say gave them the inspiration to create the concepts. Beyond Loba, they’ve also made a skin design for Revenant based on Brazilian mythology.

Sours: https://dotesports.com/apex-legends/news/apex-legends-fan-designs-awesome-carnival-themed-loba-skin

Best Apex Legends skin concepts in May: Revenant, Bangalore, Wraith

Apex Legends fans’ have established their penchant for designing their own characters skins, regularly sharing incredible artwork to the game’s subreddit. Here, we’ve picked some of our favorite concept skins from May of 2021. Whether we see them in-game at any point is another matter, but it’s always enjoyable to look at how fans want to see their favorite legends.



Apex Legends introduces new Apex Chronicles event type

Apex Legends introduced a brand new event type on Tuesday called Apex Chronicles. They explained that the Chronicles are "bite-sized story events that inject narrative into the world of Apex via gameplay challenges and experiences." The first Apex Chronicle will drop on Wednesday, September 29th. It is called "Old Ways,...



Apex Legends’ first Apex Chronicle arrives today

Apex Legends developer Respawn has a penchant for weaving the game’s lore into each season through quests. Such has been the case since Season 5’s “The Broken Ghost”. However, the studio has bucked the trend in Season 10: Emergence, leaving players wondering what would replace them. Yesterday, Respawn announced in a blog post that Apex Chronicles – “bite-sized story events” – are on their way, with the first due to drop today, September 29.



Season 11 Legend in Apex Legends will make Wraith less popular according to Aceu

NRG’s Brandon ‘AceU’ Win claims that the next character to be added to Apex Legends spells bad news for Wraith and the ‘Interdimensional Skirmisher’ won’t be played for much longer. Wraith has been the go-to character for Apex Legends pretty much since Respawn released their battle royale over two years...



How to find the White Raven and start Apex Legends' new Bloodhound Event

HOW TO START - "Old Ways, New Dawn" "Old Ways, New Dawn" is a new kind of Apex Legends event, so it might not be as easy to figure out how to start diving into Bloodhound lore in-game. Thankfully, Respawn Entertainment has shared a few key things to note if you want to start tackling the in-game challenges on offer.



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How to complete Apex Legends Bloodhound Chronicle event: Quests & rewards

Apex Legends is including a brand-new type of event in Season 10 with Apex Chronicles. Bloodhound will be the first Legend to receive these new quests and rewards, so here’s how to complete their Apex Chronicles event. Apex Legends Season 10 has already given Rampart an Heirloom and town takeover,...



Apex Legends Players Are Jealous Of The Mobile Version's Detailed Weapon Stats

Apex Legends Mobile is currently being tested in Mexico, Columbia, and Peru, and new images from the mobile version of Respawn's free-to-play battle royale are making console and PC players envious. Included in Apex Legends Mobile are detailed stat breakdowns for each of the game's weapons. The stats page for...



Robot From Apex Legends is Real and Can be Nasty

Youtuber created a moving Loot Tick with sound effects. Check out the whole process of creating this unusual robot. The3DPrintSpace, a youtuber who creates real-world items based on objects known from Apex Legends, has unveiled his latest creation: a perfect replica of the robot Loot Tick. The machine moves in a characteristic way, makes sounds, and even has a backlit panel. In case of encountering smaller Loot Ticks, it can get nasty and... kick them. Just see for yourself:


Engineer builds an Apex Legends loot robot that actually walks

In a world where most games deliver loot in a six-sided box of some sort, Apex Legends sticks out with its quirky "loot tick" robots. The little spider-legged pyramids are jittery dudes that squirm around on the screen before exploding into loot, and for good reason. Who likes having their faces caved in so some jerk can get a new stat tracker or pistol skin? YouTuber Graham Watson (AKA The3DPrintSpace) built a real-life loot tick and captured its creepy-crawly movements in his latest build video, which you can watch above.




‘Apex Legends’ Is Introducing ‘Chronicles’ Story Quests to Public Battle Royale Matches

Starting today, Respawn is introducing a new way for Apex Legends players to experience the story of the popular battle royale in-game. The new Apex Chronicles add in new challenges and small quests that occur in public matches and follow a short story for an individual legend, all while rewarding players with battle pass stars and cosmetics.



All Rewards for Apex Chronicles: Old Ways, New Dawn in Apex Legends

The first-ever Apex Chronicles event is here: Old Ways, New Dawn. While the event is mostly centered around telling a story and giving players insight into the lore of OG Legend Bloodhound, there are also rewards you can gain from completing the event’s quests. There are no limited-time or exclusive cosmetics associated with this first Apex Chronicle, but that doesn’t mean that putting in the time isn’t worth it. Let’s take a look.



Ninja experiences his first ‘kidnapping’ in Apex Legends

Popular streamer Ninja encountered a talented enemy Wraith recently who managed to kidnap him with their ultimate ability, leading Ninja into a trap. Wraith is an excellent choice in Apex Legends with a well-rounded ability set that’s fun and exciting to use. Players have mastered the art of outmaneuvering and surprising enemies with Wraith, but she can also escape if necessary at a moment’s notice. One of the most interesting and entertaining strategies Wraith players have created is kidnapping players with her Dimensional Rift ability.



Apex Legends mod adds CSGO surfing with custom map

Apex Legends’ in-game movement system is incredibly satisfying, but this CSGO-style mod brings surfing to Respawn’s battle royale. Thanks to R5Reloaded, Apex Legends players have been creating a variety of whacky and interesting mods. This custom Apex Legends client allows players to make custom game modes, create new weapons, and even add entirely new abilities. From Fortnite-style building mechanics to Titanfall’s infamous Smart Pistol, there is a seemingly never-ending slew of mods.



Someone Made A Real Life Apex Legends Loot Tick

A die-hard Apex Legends fan with a penchant for robotics and 3D printing has made a replica of the game's Loot Tick robot. Of course, it'd be boring if the thing just stood there. The replica can scuttle across surfaces with its spider-legs and even lights up and rotates as if it were about to pop out a high-tier drop.



Apex Legends players are creating a mod that adds building mechanics to the game

Talented Apex Legends players are working on a mod that adds a building mechanic to the game, allowing players to build obstacles around the map. Apex is known for its fast-paced gameplay and cast of exciting characters with unique abilities. It doesn’t include a building mechanic at this time, but a new mod adds the entertaining feature.



Apex player creates concept for new support legend

A creative Apex Legends player recently designed a concept for a new support legend focused on healing and supporting their team. Apex player CrazyGuyWithAOwlMask posted the concept to Reddit, laying out each ability for the made-up support legend. A tactical ability called Re-energize would allow the legend to aim at a teammate and instantly give them 25 shield. This would cost one shield cell and have a six-second cooldown.



Apex Legends players are sabotaging teammates to finish Bloodhound Chronicles event

After dropping into the wrong map, Apex Legends players have been killing their own teammates so they can complete the Bloodhound Chronicles event as quickly as possible. Despite being a battle royale title, Apex Legends is extremely good at story-telling and showcasing the origins of each of the Legends on the roster.


What is Apex Legends Old Ways, New Dawn Event?

Apex Legends' "Old Ways, New Dawn" is the first Apex Chronicle, a new event type. They're described as bite-sized story events that "inject narrative into the world of Apex via gameplay challenges and experiences." Respawn has tried using comics or out-of-game story elements to give backstory to different Legends, but...



Apex Legends adds new "bite-sized" story content with Chronicles event

The Apex Legends team is introducing the first of a new type of "bite-sized story events." Apex Chronicles: Old Ways, New Dawn stars Bloodhound and will be available later today. Apex Chronicles are "bite-sized story events that inject narrative into the world of Apex via gameplay challenges and experiences," the...



Gather your Apex Legends squad!

The Libraries and HisandHersLive invite teams to participate in an Apex Legends JukaBowl Tournament on Wednesday, Nov. 10 at 7:00 p.m. Apex Legends and HisandHersLive aim to promote diversity by encouraging the representation of women, minorities, and members of the LGBTQ+ community in the gaming industry. At least one player from each team must identify as female or non-binary, and one player has to be an NC State student, faculty, or staff member.


Apex Legends is adding 'bite-sized' story quests to public games

Apex Legends has been disappointingly light on story this season. But that's all set to change later today with Old Ways, New Dawn, the first of a new character-driven series of story events Respawn is calling Apex Chronicles. Described as a "bite-sized story event", Chronicles are a throwback to a...


Sours: https://www.newsbreak.com/news/2272705675323/best-apex-legends-skin-concepts-in-may-revenant-bangalore-wraith

Legends concept skins apex

Best Apex Legends skin concepts in June: Wattson, Loba, Revenant, more

We've rounded up the best of the best skin concepts for Apex Legends, as fans flex their creative muscles and brainstorm new outfits!

With characters as unique as those featured in Respawn Entertainment's Apex Legends, there is massive scope for creativity when it comes to concept skins and outfits. Here are some of the best ones from the past month.

Cosplaying and artwork have been incredibly popular in the Apex Legends community since its launch back in 2019, with fans flexing their creative muscles and sharing their ideas.

Here, we've rounded up the best of the best skin concepts from June, as fans brainstorm ideas for how their favorite Legends could be re-skinned.


First up is this incredible Loba concept from u/Wolfdawgartcorner, which crosses the High Society Thief with Little Red Riding Hood, making a truly frightening skin. Many commented on its aesthetic similarity to…

Joe Craven

Read full article

Sours: https://news.knowledia.com/US/en/articles/best-apex-legends-skin-concepts-in-june-wattson-loba-revenant-more-b7706c56ee75b442a790cdf51fea16f1f8826c9a
Apex Legends The Best Fan Made Skin Concepts #4

Best Apex legends skin concepts in March: Loba, Caustic, Wraith, more

With the plethora of different characters in Apex Legends, Battle Royale has plenty of material that can inspire new cosmetic ideas and skin concepts. Here are some of the best from March 2021.

Cosplaying and fan art have been incredibly popular in the Apex Legends community since the game came out in 2019, with creative fans sharing all sorts of ideas.

Here we have gathered some of the best skin concepts from March 2021, as fans continue to come up with new ideas for how their favorite legends can be shone again.

Loba has always been a hit with Apex players and was definitely a popular choice this month, with our first design with High Society Thief in a skin from u / francisbrownGG, called “Beast Slayer”, which looks like it fit right during season 1 if she had been there.

Loba looks completely happy with what appears to be remnants of a dead Revenant.

Then comes a skin from u / ABIBIBIBIBIBIABIGAIL that has no official name, but one that fans have called “Blue Gatorade” Caustic, and once you see it, it will quickly become clear why.

Gladiator of Gas now has light blue skin, and his mind is filled with a questionable blue liquid that we do not think would taste too much like a sports drink. His light skin contrasts with the white and black uniform, and will also be quite different from some of his other looks.

He’s blue, but he’s not going to die here.

If you want more Loba skins, you’m in luck! As a Brazilian artist, u / lsc_comics came up with an elegant idea based on race Carnival celebrations. Red is definitely the color of the day here, and the gold headdress will make you feel like party life while cutting the enemy’s players.

Loba is ready to party for Carnaval.

Wraith was and continues to be one of Apex’s most popular legends, and our next concept, from u / Martinsanuchiha, called “Ronin” is absolutely different from anything else we’ve seen.

The Interdimensional Skirmisher seems ready to cut up the competition with an intimidating, red face mask and matching armor that the victims would not forget.

We could definitely see that this skin is popular among the Wraith mains.

We have finally come to our last known Loba skin for the month, but do not worry, as it is definitely good. There are already a couple of swashbuckling skins in the Apex, but none for the fan-favorite support legend like this one designed by u / hellblazer1919s, which gives her a skull and a look that has already won the entire Apex subreddit.

It has to be the best Apex Legends pirate skin we’ve ever seen.

At the end of our list for March is the only Revenant in a design by u / Alb3rt0_RG that definitely runs for the most unique of the ideas we’ve seen so far. Intricate gold designs cover the red and white plating, with the killing robot as if he belongs more in a Louis Vuitton store than the Apex Games. We’ll still probably rock it during a match though.

What’s the point of scaring your enemies if you can not look good when you do?

That’s it for our favorite Apex Legends skin concepts from March 2021! If anything, it shows how much some talented fans really like to come up with original ideas for their favorite games.

Whether Respawn will ever add the possibility for fans’ skin to get into Apex Legends remains to be seen, but the desire for such a possible feature and more great designs like these is clearly present in the community.

Source link Sours: https://techbeezer.com/best-apex-legends-skin-concepts-in-march-loba-caustic-wraith-more/

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