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‘Whites of West Virginia’ stars arrested in Martin County, KY

MARTIN COUNTY, KY&#; Two people, whose family was the focus for the documentary, The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia, have landed themselves behind bars in Martin County, KY.

According to Martin County Sheriff John Kirk, Sue Bob White and Virginia White walked into the Martin County, KY Sheriff&#;s Office on Tuesday, June 30,  to pay a bond for Sue Bob&#;s boyfriend Eric White, who was behind bars in Laurel County, KY.

Sheriff Kirk explained to Sue Bob she could not pay a bond at a county sheriff&#;s office. The bond for her relative, Eric White, had to be paid at the clerk of courts where he was arrested, which would be Laurel County. 

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As Sue Bob walked out the door, she explained to officers that she was &#;famous&#; and that she was the &#;star&#; of the Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia, according to Sheriff Kirk. 

Upon learning this information, the sheriff and his staff searched Sue Bob&#;s name and found she had a outstanding warrant on shoplifting charges out of Pike County, KY.

Deputies arrested Sue Bob and Virginia White, who also had a warrant out for her arrest for failure to pay after pumping gas.

When news about the arrests made it back to members of the White family in Boone County, WV, they weren&#;t shocked to hear it.

&#;Sue don&#;t know that she should have went to the court house and to the magistrate office to do the bond, she don&#;t know how to do nothing like that.&#; said Mamie White, Sue Bob&#;s older sister.

After reading a series of harsh comments about the arrest online, the White family wanted to share their side of the story with 13 News. They said the mean things people said about them on Facebook and Twitter simply aren&#;t true.

&#;I hate the haters, but there is nothing we can say or do about it. I want the world to know that either you love us, or you don&#;t. If you don&#;t, delete us!&#; said Bo White, Sue Bob&#;s sister.

In fact, many of the members of the White family claim that their lives are much different now than they were when the documentary was being shot back in

&#;What we did was a total different thing from what you&#;re seeing now. So much has changed because I went from you know like in the movie hustling to working in the coal mines.&#; said Derek Castle, Sue Bob&#;s nephew. 

Mamie and Bo plan to bail Sue Bob out as soon as they get enough money. In the mean time, they invite everyone to come see what it really mean to be a member of the wild and wonderful White family.

&#;They need to shut their mouth and come to West Virginia and come to our house and see what kind of people we are. We don&#;t kill people, we don&#;t break in stores, we don&#;t rob and steal. We are survivors. We are movie stars, but we are the poorest movie stars in the world.&#; said Mamie White.

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