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Last updated on October 22nd, 2018

In this Elder Scrolls Online Guide series, I’m going to cover a lot of useful information that every beginner should know. Much of this information is taken for granted by advanced players, as we forget what it was like to go through the growing pains, and much of the things that are present in the game now, were not when we first started playing. This gave us the chance to learn a little bit at a time, as it was introduced. In this first guide I want to cover leveling up, and how to do it in the most efficient way.

Getting to lvl 50

Leveling up fast is a good idea, but being efficient while doing so is even more important. What I mean is that if you skip ‘leg day’ and don’t bother with getting skill points from different sources, you’ll end up as a weak lvl 50 character. And we don’t want that, right? You don’t want to be left out of Dungeon runs or getting crushed in PvP just because your character isn’t up to snuff. Getting to level 50 will net you 64 Skill Points just from leveling up, but you can also gain 350 Skill Points from other sources. You will need these Points in order to unlock all the Active and Passive Abilities you want (mostly Passive ones because there are a lot!).

How to Gain More Experience

The Training Trait increases EXP gained from kills and can be researched through crafting by using the Research option. That way you can Craft your own Training gear whenever you want. Note that when putting item for Research destroys the item used, so make sure you don’t Research an item you were intending to use. If you don’t want to bother with Crafting, just use every new piece of gear with Training Trait that you find. Or, another way is to simply ask a Guild mate to make you a Set.

Lookout for gear that has the Training trait or craft your own

Training Trait is a great way to increase EXP earned

Besides the Training Trait, EXP gain can be increased through potions and scrolls as well. Scrolls are called Crown Experience Scrolls, and they can be bought in Crown Store (for real money), or they can be acquired as Daily Login Rewards, or rewards from boxes during special Holiday Events. For in-game gold visit any Guild Trader and search for legendary drinks under consumables. The one you need is Psijic Ambrosia. It increases EXP gain by 50 % from all sources (not only kills) for 30 mins, and the usual price of one potion is around 3000 Gold. Crown Exp Scrolls and Psijic Ambrosia however do not stack, so use one or the other.

In addition, you can purchase ESO Plus (monthly subscription) and you will receive an EXP gain increase of 10% while subscription is active. This usually costs between 10-15 USD a month and is not necessary, but it is worth mentioning here.

Zone Quest Chains

Almost every region in the game has quest chains that in the end give a Skill Point. The problem is you don’t know which ones reward Skill Points until you get to the very end, so you might end up spending a lot of time doing every quest in the region in search for these Skill Points. If you want to level fast that is not best way to achieve that. These quests will grant low amount of exp and can take more time to complete than what it would take to finish a dungeon, that can give as much as 20 times the EXP.

Quest chains within Factions are connected, meaning when you finish one you’ll be rewarded a Skill Point, and immediately you’ll be given another quest that starts the next chain in next region. Completing every quest under quest chain is a must to progress to another one. Be sure to keep the Elder Scrolls Online Wiki open as you are questing, as it contains every quest that gives a Skill Point and will save you a lot of time.

Main Quest Chain

Completing all the quests in Main Story Line gives 11 Skill Points and the Main Quest starts automatically when entering ESO for the first time. If you decided to skip the Intro and start in Summerset, going to the Docks and traveling to any Faction’s starting area will put you right in front of a Hooded Figure that will approach and tell you to go talk with the Benefactor, which starts Main Quest line. It is a good idea to prioritize these quests and do them as soon as you can.


Dungeons give lots of EXP as well as gear. Doing a random Dungeon for the first time in a day gives 4 times the normal EXP and additional rewards upon completion, so it’s a good idea to do these once you are high enough level, which is level 10.

On top of that, every Dungeon has a quest that you can complete only once. These quests give a Skill Point upon completion, so it’s a good idea to focus doing all Dungeons before reaching level 50 so that you get most Skill Points out of it. To play a specific Dungeon go to upper right corner and click on an arrow next to Random Normal Dungeon line and choose Specific Dungeon. You will only be able to run Normal Dungeons until you are a much higher level.

Here is a tip on how to use Ambrosia and Experience Scrolls with Dungeons and Quests to get the most out of it. Do multiple quests outside Dungeons but don’t turn them in. Just get to the end where you see ‘Complete Quest’ option. DO NOT CLICK THAT! Use ‘Leave’ option and do as many quests as possible like that. When you are happy with the amount of quests you’ve done up to Complete Quest option, go for Random Daily Dungeon (one a day). Pop Ambrosia or Experience Scroll right before final boss fight. That way you get increased EXP from the boss kill and increased Dungeon completion EXP on top of it already being increased by 4x because it is the first random dungeon done in a day. After completing the dungeon, finish all the quests by using Complete Quest option for increased EXP. Exp Scroll and Ambrosia will stay active for some time after doing all of this, so go for one or two more dungeon runs while increased exp effect is still active.

Leveling Skill Lines

Skills are divided into many categories, depending on their association, and Skill Ranks are increased by gaining EXP (dungeons, quests, kills…) while skills are slotted on your Skill Bar. Some Skill Lines are hidden when you first start the game and become unlocked as you perform certain actions or quests. Remember that you gain an additional Skill Bar at level 15, and Skills will NOT gain EXP if they are on the bar that is not currently active.

Class Skills (Max Rank 50)

Class Skills are skills you get by choosing Class at the beginning of the game. To level up Class Skill line fast, simply slot many active skills from one Skill line while leveling up. Having all 5 Skills and Ultimate from one Skill line is the fastest way to level that particular Skill line.

Weapon Skills (Max Rank 50)

Weapon Skills are divided into 6 categories:

  • One Handed & Shield
  • Two Handed
  • Dual Wield
  • Bow
  • Destruction Staff
  • Restoration Staff

The same principle stands here, equip the appropriate weapon and corresponding Skill line. The slot as many Skills as possible from that Skill line for fast leveling and start earning EXP.

Armor Skills (Max Rank 50)

Armor Skills are passive abilities that you level up by simply wearing Light, Medium or Heavy Armor while gaining exp. More pieces you have, the faster the skill line’s level will increase. It is recommended having 5-1-1 combination so that you level up all 3 lines at once.

World Skills

Legerdemain Skills levels up by stealing items, pickpocketing, unlocking doors & chests and selling & laundering stolen items through Fences (Outlaws Refuge). Laundering stolen items makes them available for trading with other players and listing on Guild Stores. Legerdemain Skill has maximum rank of 20.

Soul Magic Skills increases as you progress through Main Story line with a Max Rank of 6.

Werewolf Skill – in order to become a Werewolf players must be bitten by certain werewolf enemies in the game or be bitten by another Werewolf player, and then complete a specific quest. Killing enemies while in Werewolf form is the only way to level up this Skill Line and the Skills in it. Public Dungeons work exceedingly well for this because of the high volume of enemies. Consider also using a Psijic Ambrosia or Crown Experience Scroll when grinding these, as they take quite a long time.

Vampire Skills – The same goes for Vampires, but obviously with Vampire enemies and Vampire players. Unlike werewolves, Vampires don’t transform, and they do not need to slot Skills to level their Skill Line. However, they will need to slot Skills and gain XP with them on their active bar in order to level those.

Guild Skills (Max Rank 10)

Fighters Guild

To join Fighters Guild (Sword icon on the map) go to your faction starting area and talk to Hall Steward. Increasing Rank sin Fighters Guild is done by completing guild story quests (1 quest per Rank), doing bounties in Cyrodiil (PvP Area) for Fighters Guild, destroying Dark Anchors and killing Daedra & Undead. Dark Anchor Dailies are also available in Fighters Guild buildings (Cardea Gallus is the quest giver).

Fighter Guild location

Mages Guild

To join Mages Guild (Eye icon on the map) go to your faction starting area and talk to Magister. Increasing Rank in Mages Guild is done by completing guild story quests (1 quest per Rank), discovering Lorebooks and doing Public Dungeon Dailies for the Guild (Alvur Barenis the quest giver). This Skill Line can take an exceptionally long time to level because Lorebooks are scattered few and far between. Be sure to check out Lorebook locations on the Wiki.

Thieves Guild (DLC)

Thieves Guild can be joined only if you have Thieves Guild DLC, by opening Collections (default U) and clicking Stories tab you can start Thieves Guild quest line. Increasing Rank is done by completing guild story quests and repeatable quests. This is another skill line that takes a while to level up, so don’t be in a hurry.

Dark Brotherhood (DLC)

Dark Brotherhood can be joined only if you have Dark Brotherhood DLC. By opening Collections (default U) and clicking Stories tab you can start Dark Brotherhood quest line. Increasing Rank is done by completing guild story quests, repeatable quests and contracts.

Psijic Order(Summerset Expansion)

Psijic Order can be joined only if you have the Summerset Expansion. By opening Collections (default U) and clicking Stories tab you can start Summerset quest line that unlocks Arteum, city where you can join Psijic Order by talking to Loremaster Celarus. Increasing Rank is done by completing guild story quests.


To join Undaunted you need to talk to Undaunted member in your faction starting area. To increase Rank you need to complete Dungeons, Delve Dailies andPledges (unlocked at level 45).

Ebonheart Pact: Kailstig the Axe (Fish Stink Tavern, Davon’s Watch)

Aldmeri Dominion: Turuk Redclaws (Salted Wings Tavern, Vukhel Guard)

Daggerfall Covenant: Mighty Mordra (The Rosy Lion, Daggerfall)

Tip: Use both weapon sets after level 15 and equip completely different set of skills for each weapon. Use one set to kill enemies faster and switch to second set when handing in quests to level up lots of Skill lines parallel. This method is especially useful for tanks and healers because tanky builds need more time to kill enemies, while healers won’t use healing abilities as much when playing solo. So having one skill set for damage dealing and another for tanking/healing is highly recommended.


While questing and exploring, you’ll stumble upon Skyshards. Skyshards are collectibles that give 1 Skill Point per 3 collected. It is highly recommended to pick up every single one because they are easy to get to in most cases. Be sure to check the Wiki for Skyshard locations.

Riding Skills (Leveling Mounts)

Mounts are crucial for traveling fast. and at the beginning they are slow and mostly useless. This is because your Riding Skill is not upgraded, in order to upgrade Riding Skill visit any Stable Master and purchase an upgrade for 250 Coins (one per 20h). Another way is by purchasing Riding Skill Books directly from Crown Store or randomly getting them from Crates. Riding Skill Books have no time restriction, so you can max it out quickly if you have the money. Otherewise it will take 60 days. Riding Skill applies to all mounts, so you don’t need to level it again for different mounts, however, if you make a new character you will need to level it again for that character.

Champion Levels

To get to level 50 fast is not a problem, but what comes after can be a grind. After reaching level 50, Champion Points and Champion Skill Lines are unlocked and the current cap is 720 CP, which is raising to 750 in Update 19. It takes a very long time to get there once you hit, 50 but the good news is that you only need to do it once. Your Champion Rank will remain the same across all your characters!

You will gain 1 point each time you gain enough XP, and you will alternate receiving a point in the Green, Blue and Red Champion Trees. 750 is a long way to go, but Zenimax has made it easier for new players to catch up by constantly adjusting the amount of XP needed to gain lower Champion Ranks with each update, helping new players catch up quicker. If you want to gain a lot of XP in a short while, I suggest either farming enemies in a Public Dungeon, or head out to Cyrodiil and slay some players. Gaining PvP ranks also gives you Skill Points!

Stay tuned for more ESO Guides as we take on Crafting, Dungeons, PvP and of course, Builds! If you want to find out more about the upcoming changes with Update 19 read about them in Elder Scrolls Online Wolfhunter Changes: The Age Of The Werewolf. You can also check out the upcoming dungeons in The Elder Scrolls Online: Wolfhunter Dungeons Preview.

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Ultimate ESO LEVELING Guide

Finally, don't forget to grab your training gear, experience scrolls and double XP event items and remember that grouping up with another person will add even more experience and let you drop enemies even faster.

4) Exploration

ESO has literally thousands of potential named locations that you can find acrossTamriel and add to your map, and each time you do, you get free experience. In addition to this, completing and clearing certain locations like Delves, Dungeons and Dolmens gives you an extra, one-time experience boost that's absolutely massive. All of this experience of course is amplified further by things like experience scrolls and the other bonuses we mentioned before.

Not only this, but as you explore you also have more chances to find things like treasure chests (which can give you set items as well as gold and experience), and of course Skyshards which can be combined to give your character skill points, helping you unlock new skills that can make your character stronger. As you explore, also don't forget to read every bookshelf you come across as these can give you free skill points too in specific skill lines, and watch out for Lorebooks, especially mages guild books if you are a magicka focused character.

3) Questing

I've put this higher on my list because the quest lines, the characters, and the voice acting in ESO is still some of the best you can find in any RPG currently on the market in my opinion, especially when you consider how huge this game is and all the DLC and chapter content that we now have access to after 6 full years.

Every quest in ESO does give you a good chunk of XP for completing it, but keep in mind that some quests actually give you more experience than others. Short basic quests like “Gather 5 Ingredients or Kill 10 Wolves tend to give the least amount of experience, while longer, more elaborate quests tend to give the most experience. This includes the main base game story line, the DLC's and Chapter quests (ie. Greymoor, Summerset, Morrowind) and the main ques tlines for each of the 3 faction alliances. Not only that, but these main quests also usually give you set items and a free skill point, so I recommend you complete as many of these as possible.

2) Dolmens

If you don't know what Dolmens are, these are the Deadric anchors that have invaded Tamriel as part of the main ESO story line. Every zone in the base game has 3 Dolmen spawn points. When each dolmen spawns it brings in wave after wave of Deadra enemies with it, providing plenty of experience as you and others finish off each wave. After all the waves have completed a final boss spawns, and then when you defeat that final boss the Dolmen is cleared and you get even more bonus experience, so you're basically getting XP on top of XP.

Now a couple of tips here are that more players fighting against the Dolmen will cause more enemies to spawn in at each wave. So fighting against a Dolmen with other players around can actually offer a lot more experience than facing off against a Dolmen by yourself. More enemies equals more experience. For this reason, it also makes sense to join a Dolmen group, if possible.

Now in terms of how to fight, ranged weapons or abilities will be your best friend here as these allow you to do damage to enemies quickly from afar without having to move into melee range.

Finally, try to complete all 3 Dolmens in the zone if possible by running between wayshrines and teleporting near each Dolmen as it respawns. If done correctly, you should have almost no downtime between Dolmen spawns, providing an absolutely massive experience gain. Check out the guide video below for some of my favorite Dolmen Grind locations.

  1. Wow gold hand mount
  2. Sarong for men
  3. Tile home depot
  4. Dodge sprinter van

How To Fully Level ESO from lvl 1-50 in Just a couple days – 2020!

The most important piece of advice I can give you is to get a fully optimized and proven effective leveling build if you want to level up in Elder Scrolls Online quickly and/or efficiently! There are many ways to earn XP in Elder Scrolls Online. Here is a basic guide for PC, Xbox One & PS4 that will help you level up fast… (The guide our members find most effective for leveling in Elder Scrolls Online is ESO Leveling Guide Updated for 2020)

Fun Fast LevelingThe Elder Scrolls Online leveling system is specifically designed to encourage players to follow the story line and complete the quests. You will be rewarded with lots of experience points and faster leveling by doing the main quests in the game. Killing enemies is a great way to earn EXP which will help you level more quickly. Check every crate, barrel and bookshelf you can find and loot everything you see. These are the best ways to gain experience and advance your character. After the first 10-15 levels you will notice it become much more difficult and time consuming to level up. If you’re just doing some random quests and not completely exploring zones, you’re missing a lot of the game. Without a solid 2020 leveling plan and build, you will spend lots of wasted time with slow results towards Veteran Ranks! Elder Scrolls Online Leveling Guide – Here are a few great proven methods for fun, fast leveling:

leveling 1 to 50:

Questing – Questing is a good way to level if you want to go slower and enjoy the game and all it’s content. If you’re the kind of player who doesn’t need to get to end-game as quickly as possible, then do all the quests you can find. Generally, regular questing will take about 100-200 hours of playtime.

Multi-pronged – If, on the other hand, you want to power level and reach VR as faster, here are the basic tips and tricks that will get you there rather quickly. Once you enter a zone you’ll want to equip yourself completely with gear with the exploration trait. You’ll want to run thru the entire zone to unlock the wayshrines, dolmens, towns, world bosses and so on. Do not pick up all the random quests… the only quests you’ll want to do is Fighter’s & Mage’s guilds, your faction quest and Varen’s main story quests. Defeat all World Bosses and Dolmens you come into contact with – this will earn extra XP as you go. Since your goal is to get done what is needed in each zone as fast as possible, get to one level below the max for that zone and go to the next zone. Try to stay a level below your quests as well since that is where you’ll receive the maximum XP for completing them. Generally, this method will take about 80-100 hours.

Grinding & Grinding Spots – Now, if that isn’t fast enough for you and you just want to reach level 50 AND you don’t care for questing, you’ll need to grind. Each zone has several very specific locations that are perfect for grinding and earning high XP fast. You can also grab a friend and get into a public dungeon (be sure the dungeon level matches your current level.) If you’re level 36 don’t go into a level 28 dungeon! It is not recommended that you repair your gear if you’re strictly grinding to reach VR – don’t waste your gold. Once you reach level 50 you’ll have a tremendous amount of gold if you don’t use it for repairs! Grinding is very boring and will take about 50-75 hours of play time.

The fastest way – Do the right quests and have fun while leveling fast! How I was able to level AND enjoy the game was by using ESO Leveling Guide. You will level faster than grinding while doing all the right quests. The questing paths they have laid out are right on point allowing you to have fun, experience the game and level up very quickly. I leveled one of my alts to level 50 in about 35 hours using this guide. If you want to level up fast and not miss all the fun aspects of Elder Scrolls Online, this is the best option. This method can take about 35-50 hours of play time.

“There isn’t any other Leveling guide better than this one!” ~ James L. USANo other ESO Leveling guide gets into more detail on what quests you should be completing, where to be farming or running a dungeon and at which level. Skip all the guesswork and follow the tested-and-true leveling guide and you can’t go wrong. This guide is updated and detailed for leveling all 3 factions. I leveled faster completing guests than I did by grinding – and it was more fun!


Champion Points:

Questing alone will not get you there. It takes way too long and you’ll need to do the dailies in Cyrodiil and/or Upper Craglorn. Again, if getting it done quickly is not your priority then sure, do it this way to enjoy all the content Elder Scrolls Online has to offer but know that it will take a really long time. Also, the exploration method from above (levels 1-50) will not work here because it doesn’t reward you very many Veteran Points. You’ll want to pair up with a friend and run around collecting Skyshards and take care of all the Delves. Then find and kill the World Bosses and Dolmens before heading to the public dungeon to do the group challenge. This should bring you to at least half a Veteran level before to begin to quest. Veteran mode does not have any main quests so go to Cadwell’s Almanac in your journal. This is where you’ll find out where to get 4 or 5 zone/faction specific quests. Once you complete one, you’ll be close to the next area you need to do. Once these are completed you will need to gain more XP to reach the next level. Next you’ll want to get into a small group and go on to Craglorn, dungeons and/or Cyrodiil PvE. You will, at some point reach a Veteran Level and can go on to the next zone where you’ll rinse and repeat. after 8 or 9 zones of following these methods you will have completed Caldwell’s Gold & Silver and you should be around Veteran Rank 10. Now it’s back to Craglorn for grinding time! There are many spots in Upper and Lower Craglorn that are great for grinding… here are some of the spots that worked very well for me:

*These are just a few of the best spots and tips I got from ESO Mastery Guides(PC, Xbox One and PS4 – 2020)

The Thief – This is one of the best grind spots, by far! You can continuously kill the same boss over and over again about every 30-45 seconds. You can earn over 2 million XP per hour on this one! To get from Veteran Rank 10 to 14 you will need to earn 5 million for each level so this is a good spot to rack it up! Now, you will notice many players camping the spot and take their kills as well. It’s not always easy to get into the group and the boss does sometimes bug but I found it to be well worth it. It can be a bit boring since it takes so long but you can level up relatively fast here.

The Tower – Less boring, this spot is also great for earning XP. It’s almost always open, lots of available spots to join and it’s a big group with lots of bosses to kill again and again. It’s slightly slower than The Thief but still a great grind spot. You’ll be rewarded with plenty of XP here.

Upper Craglorn Bosses – Here you’ll find plenty of others grinding but there’s a good reason for it! This one is a large ring, or loop killing the same 5 or 6 elites again and again generates massive XP.

Balamath – Balamath is a 4 player group delve that has, to some extent, been nerfed but still not a bad spot to gain some good XP. There is never a wait and it’s always open. It’s a pretty good grind path that you can do with your buddies.

Spellscar – Large number of mobs to destroy here and a great place for leveling your skills but lower XP gain here. Still worth doing it though.

Aldmeri Dominion Zones and Levels:

  • Khenarthi’s Roost – levels 1-5
  • Auridon – levels 5-15
  • Grahtwood – levels 16-24
  • Greenshade – levels 25-30
  • Malabal Tor – levels 31-37
  • Reaper’s March – levels 37-43

Daggerfall Covenant Zones and Levels:

  • Stros M’kai & Betnikh – levels 1-5
  • Glenumbra – levels 5-15
  • Stormhaven – levels 16-24
  • Rivenspire – levels 25-30
  • Alik’r Desert – levels 31-37
  • Bangkorai – levels 37-43

Ebonheart Pact Zones and Levels:

  • Bleakrock Isle & Bal Foyen – levels 1-5
  • Stonefalls – levels 5-15
  • Deshaan – levels 16-24
  • Shadowfen – levels 25-30
  • Eastmarch – levels 31-37
  • The Rift – levels 37-43

 Neutral Zones and Levels:

  • Cyrodiil – levels 10-50
  • Coldharbour – levels 43-50

More Leveling Tips, Tricks and Helpful Information

Grinding is definitely a very quick and effective way (probably the fastest way) to level in ESO but it can be very boring. You will locate areas that contain large amounts of enemies (mobs) that will respawn relatively quickly after being killed, then you kill them again, and so on! So basically you will find the best path to run around and continuously zap mobs for experience points which allow you to level very fast. A good leveling guide will map out all the best grinding spots in each zone of the game.

Delves are similar to dungeons ( just smaller) in the fact that you will find items, skyshards, quests and bosses inside them. Many are easily soloed and do not take much time to explore and get the XP and skill points you want. The larger public dungeons in each zone are the same but also have group challenges that reward tons of XP and skill points. You should be getting these skill points and defeating all bosses in every zone to maximize your XP rewards.

World Bosses will reward you with a large (one time) XP payout. Yes, they can be done again but you will receive just the regular XP for the kill. Now, they are not easy to solo and you’ll want to use knockback skills and a build that is capable of high DPS – and you’ll need to keep other enemies away at the same time. This is where a friend or two comes in very handy.

Dolmens are also a good way to quickly gain XP. You will receive a large amount of XP upon completion for these one-time participation events. You can get in with a group and just use a simple attack or heal and you’ll get the credit once it’s complete! Unless you want to build up Fighters Guild points, don’t bother repeating them – it’s not worth it. Again, you will want a fully optimized leveling build if you’re going to try to solo dolmens. My advice is to let other players know where to come help you and they’ll come help!

Dungeons are very much worth the time for leveling as you’ll get mobs to kill, a quest to complete, exploration and an achievement. You’ll get great XP, a skill point and good rewards and they can be repeated in Veteran Rank level. If you are having a difficult time in a dungeon, get a friend with a higher level and steam thru it to complete the quest and get the skill point. You can also use zone or guild chat to get new people to assist you. I recommend not skipping over the dungeons, you’ll wish you hadn’t once you return as VR.

Completing quests is a great way to gain experience points. You can do the simpler quests along the way but if you’re looking to power level fast, you’ll want to stick with the multi-level quests that have 3 or 4 parts to them. The more involved the quest is, the more XP you will be rewarded for it. The main story quests yield the highest XP rewards as well as the faction story, Fighter’s guild and Mage’s guild quests. They reward huge XP and other rewards and they’re not too difficult to complete. If you’re not trying to level as quickly as possible, do the smaller/easier quests as well since they are fun and you will get some XP for them.

Good old mob killing while questing will add some decent XP as you’re leveling. Always kill enemies along the way while you’re questing to gain extra experience. Try to be sure you’re going after the more difficult mobs and they return a higher amount of XP. Again, you’ll need your build to be optimized for AoE if you want to crush as many as possible at a time. Turning in quests together with exploring and mowing down mobs will deliver good XP as you play ESO.

PvP is undoubtedly lots of fun, however, it’s not a fast way to level up. Taking keeps will reward you, as well as achievements, but it wont happen very fast. You will find lots to do in Cyrodiil including quests, dolmens and delves. You will find several questing spots that can be done on a daily basis – each spot has ten quests that can be done daily so there is opportunity to gain some XP if that’s what you want to do.

Exploring will grant slow XP but it does add up. Make a set of gear using all exploration trait as it will give you more XP if it is equipped. When starting a new zone, use your gear set to run around collecting the quests and ‘finding’ each location. Your XP will add up over time. Again, this is not a very fast way to level.

Coldharbour is a neutral zone and you’ll have to finish all the relevant story quests before you can enter it. As you level up, you’ll continuously get a message from the spirit of ‘Varen’ and he’ll ask you to go with him to the Harborage. Go with him each time and complete the quests he gives you.

You will come across some restrictions on where you are able to go in Elder Scrolls Online based on your level. It’s best to remain in each zone until you reach the max level for that zone before advancing to the next one.

Start with a great leveling build!

This cannot be stressed enough. You must have the best possible leveling build for your character! You must use the best skill rotations at the right times for optimal leveling. This is the single most important thing you can do to help you level fast and efficiently.I highly recommend getting a guide to help and Mastery’s is the best out there.

What I got with Mastery Guides:power leveling

  • A well thought out ESO leveling PLAN – The questing and leveling plans for each faction have been tried and proven to be the fastest and most efficient leveling paths for the game.
  • Jammed with easy to follow, step-by-step directions, maps, tools and guidance for finding all important items and quests (which saved me a lot of time) Obviously, locations of all valuable items like Skyshards and much more!
  • A full forum where members share their leveling experiences, tips and tricks you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Walk-throughs for all public dungeons, all puzzle solutions and every loot-able item in each dungeon!
  • More content than any other guide for ESO – hands down!

ESO Mastery Guides is My #1 Go-To Guide For ESO Leveling in 2020

ESO Master GuidesESO Mastery Guides – “I played the search game for guides & information for Elder Scrolls Online leveling and had the 6 or 7 resources (Reddit pages, TF, the builds calculator sites, etc.) I joined Mastery and never had to do an ESO related search since. It’s packed with better leveling info than all those resources combined.” ~ Jason M, USA

Read Mastery Guides today for the best Elder Scrolls Online Leveling Strategies



ESO Leveling Guide

There are many ways to level up your characters in The Elder Scrolls Online and some are faster than others!

The method you choose depends on your favorite way of playing the game and your goals. If you are new to ESO it is logical to take your time and admire the Lore and World of Tamriel. If you are creating a new Alt on the other hand you will probably want to finish leveling up faster.

The goal of this Guide is to show you the most effective ways of leveling up (group and solo) and help you reach your goals faster.

To level up efficiently you should use all of these methods together and not just stick to one until you reach the maximum level.


You can follow every method from the moment you create your character and enter the world of ESO. But if you wish to be more efficient and level up faster, then there are some things you should do first.

Experience Buffs

Several experience scrolls and potions exist in the game. Buffs that you should be using if your goal is to reach a specific level, as fast as possible.

These items offer a 50% – 100% – 150% boost to your earned experience and you can get them easily.

Experience scrolls are available as rewards from crown crates and you can also buy them from the crown store with crown gems.

It is possible to get several scrolls for free as your daily login reward as well.

You can buy Ambrosia potions directly from other players or through the Guild Traders, which is one of the best ways for players to sell items and make gold in ESO.

If you have the appropriate skills and materials you can even craft the potions yourself.

Potions and scrolls do not stack and you can have active only one of those every time.

They do stack with event experience buffs though. Because of this, it is faster to power-level a character when one of the game’s events is live.

Training Gear

Using training gear is another great way to gain even more experience. Training gear is increasing the experience you get from kills and will help you level up faster.

The better the quality of the gear, the more experience you earn. 7% extra XP for White gear, up to 11% for Gold gear. You can buy training gear from other players or craft it yourself.

To be more efficient it will be wise to replace your training gear every ten or fifteen levels. To avoid unnecessary costs, improving your gear to blue quality only will be enough.

Unlock skill-lines

Finally, before you set out to begin your adventure do not forget to unlock the skill-lines you want to level up along with your character.

Unlock the weapons you want to use, armor and guild lines and place skills from them onto your main bar to level them up.

ESO Leveling Guide – Methods

Questing and Exploring is a great way to become familiar with the game and enjoy everything it has to offer. It is also the best way to casually level up and learn how to play. This more relaxed method, is recommended mostly for new players.

Even if you wish to level up fast you can always go back for some questing or exploration to relax.

These are the most efficient ways to level up in The Elder Scrolls Online:

1. Clearing Dolmens/Dark Anchors

One of the fastest ways to level up in ESO and my favorite way to level up new characters in the game.

Most areas in ESO have three Dolmens/Dark Anchors, you can clear repeatedly for a nice experience reward and of course other items.

Usually there are groups of players clearing Dolmens. Groups that you can join and earn experience together.

Some areas are better than other when following this method. How good an area is depends on the proximity of the Dolmens to a wayshrine, which determines how fast you can travel to them.

In those areas more and bigger groups of players are active, making it easy to join one and level up fast.

The best area is Alik’r Desert with one – two groups almost always active. Other good areas include Auridon, Deshaan and Bangkorai.

To travel to any area in the game, all you have to do is talk to the appropriate Navigator NPC. After talking to two or three of them you will have reached your destination and be able to start leveling up.

When you arrive in the area, Alik’r in our example, type /z to enter the zone chat, then +dolmen to receive a party invite from the active groups.

Once you join the party, follow the other players, clear dolmens and enjoy your earned experience.

Another reason why this method is really good, is because it also levels up your Fighters Guild skill-line.

2. Daily Group Content

Once you hit level 10, you unlock the Dungeon Finder and Battlegrounds. Completing your first dungeon and getting at least second place in a Battlegrounds match every day will reward you with bonus experience.

The experience gain is massive, especially for new characters, so you should do both every day.

eso leveling guide

3. XP Grind

Like with other MMORPGs, XP Grind exists in ESO as well and can be very efficient. The trick is to find a good spot with plenty of enemies(preferably in groups) that respawn fast. You can do this at any level as long as you have some AOE skills available.

Some of the Best XP Grind Spots in ESO are The Vile Manse in Reaper’s March, Sentinel Docks in Alik’r Desert and Spellscar in Craglorn. For a full list of the Best XP Grind Spots in ESO you can take a look at my Best XP Grind Spots Guide.

4. Skyreach Catacombs

Skyreach Catacombs is an instanced group area and a perfect place to power-level a new character.

You need at least another person in party with you for this method to work. You can go there with a friend of yours, to level up together, a higher level than yours friend to help you level up faster or you can even hire another player to power-level you.

Many veteran players offer their services in the area for a modest fee.

eso leveling guide

Inside the catacombs there are several groups of enemies that you can stack together and kill faster for great experience gains. Follow the circular route, kill the enemies, reset the instance and repeat.

You can find the Catacombs in the Craglorn zone. You can travel there by using the Star-Gazer Heral’s cart at your Alliance’s Capital.

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Guide eso leveling

Imagine If You Could Increase Your Leveling Speed By 400%

You would be able to out level and show up your friends even if they are spending more time playing the game than you.

You would be able to start doing all the fun end-game content in The Elder Scrolls Online like PvP, Trials, and Dungeons.

You will be able to enjoy the leveling experience knowing that you are completing all the important tasks efficiently and collecting all the important items hidden throughout the game.

How Will I Be Able To Level So Fast?

We have designed our Elder Scrolls Online leveling guides to be simple and easy to follow.

We have laid out each step and task you must complete in the most optimized and streamlined path, saving you tons of time you would be wasting trying to figure out what to do and where to go.

We provide you with all the information, maps, & tools you need to complete quests efficiently while not missing any valuable items along the way.

We show you exactly where to go and what to do so you never get lost or confused.

Don’t waste valuable time figuring out puzzles or trying to find NPCs, just sit back follow our simple step-by-step instructions and enjoy all that Tamriel has to offer.

Comparison: ESO Mastery Guides Vs. Leveling Without A Guide

The recorded average time to level from 1-50 is 6-7 days played time (144-168 hours). Our members recorded average time is about 2 days played time (40-50 hours), even grinding isn’t that fast!

After hundreds of hours of testing, the ESO Mastery Guides team has developed the perfect questing path for leveling your characters at the fastest possible speed.

We found and cut out all the time wasting quests that take a while to complete and only give a small XP reward.

Our guides take all the time consuming work out of the leveling process allowing you to enjoy the game without falling behind.

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Success Stories From Our Members…

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“I wanted one character of each class, the first two I leveled up took me 130 and 120 hours according to ESO’s /played command.

After I got ESO Mastery Guides I used the leveling guide for my last two alts and it only took 47 and 43 hours to get them to lvl 50. Using their questing path literally felt like I was leveling 3 times faster.

Now I am using the champion point farming guides to powerlevel all my characters champion points up.”

“My first character I leveled took me a few weeks to level to 50. For my alts I decided to try and use the ESO Mastery leveling guides, so far I got my first alt to level 50 in just a few days. I am very happy with the leveling guides they are very easy to use and extremely useful for leveling characters.”

ArcanusMagus, Nightblade & Templar

“I don’t like using any addons and I find grinding very boring. I only have about 4 hours a day to play ESO so it seemed like it was gonna take me a month to reach level 50 doing quests. I started following the leveling guides when I was at level 21 and I got to level 50 six days later. The leveling path in the guides allows you to enjoy the story of the game while still leveling very quickly.”

Break Down of Our Leveling Guides...

  • We Give You Step-By-Step Questing Walkthroughs From Levels 1-50 For All Three Factions And Every Zone
  • We Include Guides For All Zones That You Can Use To Power Level Your Champion Points To The Cap As Fast As Possible
  • We Show You Where All The Valuable Items Are You Can Collect Along The Way Like Skyshards and Lore Books.
  • We Have Detailed Images And Quest Steps That Make It Effortless To Level Your Character Without Missing Anything.
  • We Update Our Guides After Every Major Patch So You Will Always Have The Best Up-to-date Information

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The Ultimate ESO XP Grind Guide! 🏆 Level 1-50 to 810 CP!! 10 EASY TIPS To Maximize Your Leveling!

Welcome to our ESO Leveling Guide. Here we will provide you with the information you need to level your character as fast as possible from 1 to 50 with max Champion Points, and all the Skill Points.

Leveling to level 50 can be done in only a few hours if done right, but leveling Champion Points takes a lot longer. Expect months of in-game time to reach cap if you are a casual player. If you grind all the way it can be done in 10-14 days in-game time.

If you need a build for your class, check out our ESO Class builds here.

This guide has been updated for Greymoor

General ESO Leveling Tips

Looting, Selling and Bag Space

Looting & selling can take up a bit of time when leveling so you have to consider whether or not it is worth it for you.

Upgrading your bag space with gold at a pack merchant or through the ESO store is recommended.

You can also buy merchants in the store for crowns that will cut down on travelling time when selling.

Movement Speed

Movement speed is also important for leveling. For example if you are quicky enough you will have time to attack more mobs when doing dolmens so that you get more XP.

Either upgrade your mount speed as much as possible or see our Movement Speed Build.


Enlightenment is shared between all your characters, but having alts for leveling CP is still beneficial as you can run dungeons for the bonus on each alt and also do daily quests.

Crafting Writs

The fastest way to level alts is by using Alchemy and Enchanting, and doing Master Writs while using an XP potion. By doing this you can get to level 50 in an hour or two. This is very expensive though, and should only be done if you have a lot of gold.

PvP for Leveling

PvP isn’t really good for leveling in general, but the first Battleground queue that you do each day reward you with 4x XP, just like the daily dungeon. Making it worth it to do one Battleground a day.

ESO Experience Boosters and Bonuses

First things first, let’s make leveling go fast! With XP boosters you can make leveling go a lot faster than normal. Everything from potions to gear and special double XP events will make your leveling process go a lot faster. Below we will list all the main ways of boosting your XP.

Experience Scrolls & Ambrosia Drinks

You can get Crown Experience Scrolls in various ways.

Crown Store XP Scrolls

The first and easiest way is to get them for free through the daily reward system in the crown store. You can get quite a few every month, even some 150% ones, so log in and claim your rewards.

Crown Store XP Scrolls from Gems

You can also get Crown Experience Scrolls either in the Crown Crates which you can on some occasions also get for free through special events in the game, but usually, you have to buy. You can also buy Crown Experience Scrolls with the Crown Gems that you get from the chests.

Lastly, you can get XP scrolls from the standard way of buying them in the Crown Store.

Ambrosia Drinks work in the same way as experience scrolls. Ambrosia Drinks and Crown Experience Scrolls do not stack.

There are three types of Ambrosia drinks that can be either crafted (which is pretty hard) or bought from a Guild Trader. They usually cost around 2000-3000 gold for the cheapest option and go up to quite a lot for the best one.

If you loot and sell everything while grinding you should be able to pay for the upkeep of having an Ambrosia Drink constantly going.

Go to our ESO Gold guide if you need gold for Ambrosia Drinks.

The different Ambrosia Drinks are:

  • Psijic Ambrosia Drink (50% Bonus XP)
  • Aetherial Ambrosia Drink (100% Bonus XP)
  • Mythic Aetherial Ambrosia Drink (150% Bonus XP)

ESO Plus

ESO plus will not only give you a 10% boost to experience, but 1500 crowns that can be spent on Experience Boosters, and access to additional quests and areas to level up in.

Eso Membership Bonuses

Double XP Events

During holiday events in ESO, you will be able to complete quests to get items that will grant you 100% bonus experience. These bonuses stack with all other XP boosts. These events are:

  • The Witches Festival (Halloween October / November)
  • New Life Festival (December/January)
  • Jester’s Festival (March/April)
  • Midyear Mayhem (Summer)

Ritual of Mara

The Ritual of Mara is basically two players getting married. You will be awarded the Ring of Mara and when you play together you will get a 10% XP bonus.


Duoing is actually the most efficient way of leveling. You still get full XP and a slight bonus when grouping with one other player. Anything more than that and XP gain will start to diminish a little.


Veteran Rank Enlightenment

When you get to max level and start gaining Champion points you gain 400.000 enlightenment per day. You can store up to 4.8m enlightenment. When you are enlightened, you gain Champion point XP four times faster faster.

ESO Training / Leveling Gear

When leveling, the best gear you can use is gear with the “Training” trait. These gear pieces will give you a bonus XP for killing mobs. For alts you can easily craft this gear with your main or buy it from guild vendors.

For new players you can get it by playing the game, doing dolmens or bosses. You can also try joining a guild and seeing if someone can make you some leveling gear, usually someone will.

Training Gear in ESO

ESO Leveling Addons

The Zygor Guides Community leveling addon for ESO, is a completely free in-game leveling addon that will help you level up. Complete with all the information you need to level quicker, especially if you are leveling by doing quests.

ESO Quest Leveling

Questing in ESO might not be the fastest way to level, but it has a good storyline, and a lot of quests. You should always consider doing the main storyline as you get 11 skill points from it.

ESO Level by Grinding

Grinding is one of the most efficient ways of leveling in ESO.

Some of the best and most popular grinds are zombie grinds. Since zombies are slow and die quickly, they make for the ideal mod to grind. There are three main areas where people farm zombies.

Spellscar Grind in Craglorn

This is one of the best leveling spots in ESO.

Spellscar XP Grinding Map

Verrant Morass Zombie Grind in Greenshade

A popular zombie grind and close to a wayshrine for teleporting.

Greenshade Zombie Xp Grind Map

Sentinel Zombie Grind in Alik’r Dessert

My favorite zombie grind. A lot of people run dolmens in Alik’r Dessert as well so you got the choice to switch it up a bit between the two.

Alik'r Zombie Grind Map

The Vile Laboratory Zombie Grind in Coldharbour

Coldharbour has two main areas that are great for grinding.

  • Court of Contempt Grind (North mark on the map)
  • The Vile Laboratory Zombie Grind (South mark on the map)
Coldharbour Grinding Map

Skyreach Catacombs Grind

If you want an instanced grind, you should go for Skyreach. You should have a couple hundred CP before you can start farming effciently here though.

Skyreach Grinding Map

ESO Dungeon Leveling

You should do every dungeon at least once for the quest. You should also do one Random Dungeon per day for the 4x XP bonus.

Random Daily Dungeon

Undaunted Pledges

When leveling in dungeons you should also get your 3 daily Undaunted Pledges. These quests are available from the Undaunted Enclaves in Wayrest, Mournhold and Elden Root.

ESO Dolmen Leveling

Dolmens are one of the best ways to level quickly in ESO. You just have to show up at a Dolmen and attack something at least once, and you will get full XP and some nice gear.

Eso Dolmens

I usually use the Dolmens in Alik’r Dessert as they will always have tons of players doing them so they only take about a minute to finish and you can move on to the next one.

The Dolmen in Alik’r also has wayshrines right next to them so you can move quickly between them.

Alik'r Dolmen Map

ESO Skill Point Leveling

There are many types of skills in ESO, and it is important to also level up your skills. How you level up your skills differ from skill to skill.

Class Skills

These are leveled automatically as you use them. Simply slot into your skill bar and use the skill to the skill line.

Weapon Skills

Works much the same as class skills. Equip a type of weapon and use skills from the skill line of that weapon.

Armor Skills

These are leveled automatically by wearing armor. Use 5 of your main type of armor and one of each of the other two to level them all up and benefit the most from the gear.

Soul Magic Skills

Are leveled up as you advance through the main story.

Legerdemain Skills

Level up by unlocking chests, stealing and laundering stolen goods.

Werewolf Skills

Leveled up through killing mobs in Werewolf form.

Vampire Skills

Vampire is leveled by earning XP as normal.

Fighters Guild

Complete guild story quests, bounties in Cyrodiil, doing dolmens and killing daedra and undead will level your Fighters Guild skills.

Mages Guild

Leveled through story quests, public dungeon daily quests and finding lorebooks all over the world.

Thieves Guild

Leveled through story quests and repeatable quests.

Dark Brotherhood

Leveled through story quests, repeatable quests and contracts.

Psijic Order

Leveled through story quests.


Leveled through dungeons and daily pledges.


Skyshards give you 1 skill point for every 3 that you find, so looking for Skyshards should be done as you level up. The location for each Skyshard can be found here.

That’s it for our ESO leveling guide. Now that you are level 50, check out our class builds here. If you have any questions or suggestions, leave a comment below and I will get back to you!


Now discussing:

Elder Scrolls Online Leveling Guide

Elder Scrolls Online drops you into the world and lets you walk in any direction. This lack of linear progression can be overwhelming at first but makes for a lot of fun when you let go of the expectation that the game will constantly be telling you what you have to do next.

With that being said, there are definitely things you should make sure to do as you level, and most of them are easy to miss! So let’s go over things every character should make sure to do, and when they should do it!

Power Leveling Guide – Don’t use this on your first character! Enjoy the journey!

Level 1 – 10

  1. The game will start you out on a Zone Story quest. Zone story quests give skill points and other cool rewards (cosmetics, houses, gear, gold, etc. The reward varies from quest to quest and zone to zone).
  2. Join the Fighters Guild and Mages Guild and pick up the first passive in each. Intimidating Presence and Persuasive Will. (very useful while questing!)
    • Learn how to join the Fighters Guild and Mages Guild in this video
  3. Visit the Stable Master to upgrade your mount once every day. (20 hr cooldown) (also this video)

Level 10-45

  1. Continue to do everything above.
  2. Queue up for 1 random dungeon a day. The first random dungeon you do each day will give you a huge pool of bonus experience.
    • This bonus XP is usually good for anywhere between 1 to 3 levels!
    • Queue times for DPS can be long. Don’t stand around, go collect skyshards or do quests while you wait for your queue!
  3. Queue up for 1 random battleground a day. Similar to the dungeon, the first random battleground will grant a large bonus experience pool.
    • There are 3 teams in battlegrounds, as long as your team does not get last place, you get the bonus XP.
    • This bonus XP is identical to the dungeon XP amount.
  4. After your first “random-dailies” of the day, feel free to do as many dungeons as you want.
    • Dungeons are an excellent source of materials for crafting and gear to wear, research or deconstruct.
    • The first time you do a dungeon, you get a quest that gives great XP and a skill point when you turn it in!
  5. Begin leveling your crafting benches by deconstructing gear you don’t need.
    • Hint – all of the gear you find before Level 160 is NOT WORTH SAVING. Go ahead and deconstruct anything you find that you are not going to wear.
  6. Visit the Pack Merchant regularly to upgrade your bag space (explanation on how to do that included in this video)
  7. Begin doing writs! (you can start this at Level 6)
    • See the full Daily Writ Crafting Guide here
  8. If you are not loving your character, don’t hesitate to try out a new one! You get 9 character slots included with the game (8 if you do not own Elseweyr). Use them!
    • Create your alts sooner than later to begin leveling the mounts and doing writs on them for extra gold.
eso crafting guide jewelry writs leveling power leveling

Level 45 – 50

  1. Everything above.
  2. Join the Undaunted Guild and begin doing pledges every day.
    • Follow the Guide here
    • Pledges give you keys, the keys are a currency used to buy the shoulder piece of your “Monster Set”
    • DO NOT SPEND THE KEYS UNTIL YOU REACH CP 160! (you want the shoulder piece you acquire to be max gear level)

Champion Level 1 – 160

  1. Continue doing everything above.
  2. Level the guilds that are relevant to your character. For example:
    • Stamina DPS / Tank

Champion Level 160 – 300

  1. Farm your gear!! From here on out, all gear that drops for you will be max level. The typical ESO build consists of 12 pieces of gear.
    • Two-piece Monster Set
    • Five-piece set #1
      • Typically chest, legs, belt, boots, hands
    • Five-piece set #2
      • Typically necklace, ring 1, ring 2, main hand weapon and either a two-hand weapon or two one-hand weapons
        • note: two-hand weapons count as 2 pieces of your 5 piece set.
  2. Normal Trials
    • Once you have one or two sets, begin doing trials to collect trial gear! (trial guides here)
  3. Veteran Dungeons
    • You can also begin doing non-DLC vet dungeons. I recommend farming your sets in NORMAL as it is much easier and quicker, (and quite cheap) to upgrade them from blue to purple.
    • The exception is jewelry. Jewelry is expensive to upgrade, so feel free to re-farm this on veteran as veteran dungeons drop purple gear.

Champion Point Level 300+

  • At this point, you are allowed to queue for vet DLC dungeons.
    • These can be quite punishing and most of us are not prepared the first time we go in there. But the only way to learn is by doing! Be brave, and don’t feel bad if you are unable to clear it your first time. The challenge is half the fun!
  • Veteran Maelstrom Arena – aka vMA (a solo arena)
    • This place is TOUGH the first time. I will not lie to you. Try it on normal difficulty first to learn the mechanics before jumping into veteran! The following weapons drop in normal and veteran:
      • Currently, the best-in-slot Magicka DPS back bar weapon drops here (maelstrom inferno staff)
      • Currently, the best-in-slot Stamina back bar weapon drops here (maelstrom bow)
  • Veteran Dragonstar Arena
    • Not as difficult as vMA but can be challenging for first-timers
      • Best-in-slot healer restoration staff found here
  • Veteran Trials
    • Everyone progresses at their own pace and every raid lead has their own requirements. Once you have all of your best-in-slot gear farmed from normal trials, consider stepping into some vet trials!
  • Unlock skins that you can earn through achievements
    • See all skins and how to earn them here

Champion Point Level 600+

  • Veteran DLC Trials
    • Clearing these trials often rewards you with skins and “Perfected” versions of your trial gear.
    • Perfected gear has an additional stat or an improved stat over its non-perfected counterpart.
  • Veteran DLC Hard Mode Trials
    • The End-Game. Veteran DLC Hard Mode Trials are modified veteran DLC trials and they are the hardest content in the game. The newest Vet DLC HM trials are considered the Mt Everest of ESO. These trials will require the knowledge and gear from the trials and dungeons before them.

This is just a flexible outline of what you can expect to do and when. Most of these things can be done earlier or later depending on you and your groups. Go at the pace that feels right for you!


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