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Reed Block Assembly855952T3

Reed Block Assembly-855952T3
Mercury Marine
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Product Fitment Grid

This guide is to be used as a reference only. You must verify fitment using your model or serial number.

Force Outboard 70--xxxxx-----
Force Outboard 75-------xxxx-
Force Outboard 90--xxxxxxxxx-
Force Outboard120-xxxxxxxxxx-
Force Outboard150xxxxxx------
Mariner Outboard135 [CXL]-------xxxx-
Mariner Outboard135 [L]-------xxxx-
Mariner Outboard135 [XL]-------xxxx-
Mariner Outboard150 [CXL]-------xxxx-
Mariner Outboard150 [JET 105]--------xx--
Mariner Outboard150 [L]-------xxxx-
Mariner Outboard150 [XL]-------xxxx-
Mariner Outboard150EFI [CXL]-------xxxx-
Mariner Outboard150EFI [L EFI]----------x-
Mariner Outboard150EFI [XL]-------xxxx-
Mariner Outboard150MG [L EFI]-------xxxx-
Mariner Outboard150MG3-------xx-x-
Mariner Outboard150MG3 [L]---------xx-
Mariner Outboard175 [CXL]-------xxxx-
Mariner Outboard175 [L EFI]-------x----
Mariner Outboard175 [L]-------xxxx-
Mariner Outboard175 [XL EFI]--------xx--
Mariner Outboard175 [XL]-------xxxx-
Mariner Outboard175EFI [XL]----------x-
Mariner Outboard175MG [EFI]--------xx--
Mariner Outboard175MG [L EFI]----------x-
Mariner Outboard200 [CXL CARB]---------xx-
Mariner Outboard200 [CXL]-------xx---
Mariner Outboard200 [CXXL]-------x----
Mariner Outboard200 [JET 140]--------x-x-
Mariner Outboard200 [L CARB]---------x--
Mariner Outboard200 [L]-------xx-x-
Mariner Outboard200 [XL CARB]---------x--
Mariner Outboard200 [XL]-------xx-x-
Mariner Outboard200 [XXL]-------x----
Mariner Outboard200EFI [CXL]---------xx-
Mariner Outboard200EFI [L]-------xxxx-
Mariner Outboard200EFI [XL]-------x-xx-
Mariner Outboard250 [XL]xx----------
Mariner Outboard250 [XXL]xx----------
Mariner Outboard275 [CXL]--xxxx------
Mariner Outboard275 [CXXL]--xx--------
Mariner Outboard275 [L]--x-x-------
Mariner Outboard275 [XL]--xxxx------
Mariner Outboard275 [XXL]--x-xx------
Mercury Outboard135 [CXL CARB]---------xx-
Mercury Outboard135 [CXL]-------xx---
Mercury Outboard135 [L CARB]---------x--
Mercury Outboard135 [L]-------xx-x-
Mercury Outboard135 [XL CARB]---------xx-
Mercury Outboard135 [XL]-------xx---
Mercury Outboard150 [CXL]-------xxxx-
Mercury Outboard150 [JET 105]--------xx--
Mercury Outboard150 [L]-------xxxx-
Mercury Outboard150 [XL]-------xxxx-
Mercury Outboard150 [XR6]-------xxx--
Mercury Outboard150EFI--------x---
Mercury Outboard150EFI [CXL]-------xxxx-
Mercury Outboard150EFI [EFI]---------x--
Mercury Outboard150EFI [L]-------xxxx-
Mercury Outboard150EFI [XL]-------xxxx-
Mercury Outboard150XR6 [L]----------x-
Mercury Outboard175 [CXL]-------xxxx-
Mercury Outboard175 [EFI]-------x----
Mercury Outboard175 [L EFI]--------xx--
Mercury Outboard175 [L]-------xxxx-
Mercury Outboard175 [XL EFI]--------xx--
Mercury Outboard175 [XL]-------xxxx-
Mercury Outboard175EFI [L]-------x--x-
Mercury Outboard175EFI [XL]----------x-
Mercury Outboard200 [CXL]-------xx-x-
Mercury Outboard200 [JET 140]--------x---
Mercury Outboard200 [L]-------xxxx-
Mercury Outboard200 [XL]-------xxxx-
Mercury Outboard200EFI [CXL]-------xxxx-
Mercury Outboard200EFI [EFI]--------x---
Mercury Outboard200EFI [L]-------xxxx-
Mercury Outboard200EFI [XL]-------xxxx-
Mercury Outboard250 [XL]xx----------
Mercury Outboard250 [XXL]xx----------
Mercury Outboard275 [CXL]--xxxx------
Mercury Outboard275 [CXXL]--xxxx------
Mercury Outboard275 [L]--xxx-------
Mercury Outboard275 [XL]xxxxxx------
Mercury Outboard275 [XXL]xxxxxx------
SportJet 90----x-------
SportJet 90 [JETPUMP]----xxxx----
SportJet 90 [JETPWHD]-----xx-----
SportJet 95XR [JETPUMP]--------x---
SportJet 95XR [JETPWHD]-------xx---
SportJet120 (JET DRIVE) 1995------x-----
SportJet120 (POWERHEAD) 1995------x-----
SportJet120 [JETPUMP]------xxxx--
SportJet120 [JETPWHD]------xxxx--
SportJet120XR (JET DRIVE) 1996-------x----
SportJet120XR (JET DRIVE) 1997--------x---
SportJet120XR (JET DRIVE) 1998---------x--
SportJet120XR (POWERHEAD) 1996-------x----
SportJet120XR (POWERHEAD) 1997--------x---
SportJet120XR (POWERHEAD) 1998---------x--
SportJet120XR [JETPUMP]---------x--
SportJet120XR2 (JET DRIVE) 1999----------x-
SportJet120XR2 (JET DRIVE) 2000-----------x
SportJet120XR2 (POWERHEAD) 1999----------x-
SportJet120XR2 (POWERHEAD) 2000-----------x
SportJet120XR2 [JETPUMP]----------xx
SportJet120XR2 [JETPWHD]----------xx
SportJet175 [XR2]--------xxx-
SportJet175XR2 [JETPUMP]--------xxx-
SportJet90 (JET DRIVE) 1993----x-------
SportJet90 (JET DRIVE) 1994-----x------
SportJet90 (JET DRIVE) 1995------x-----
SportJet90 (POWERHEAD - NON OIL INJECTION) 1993----x-------
SportJet90 (POWERHEAD - NON OIL INJECTION) 1994-----x------
SportJet90 (POWERHEAD - OIL INJECTION) 1994-----x------
SportJet90 (POWERHEAD) 1995------x-----
SportJet95XR (JET DRIVE) 1996-------x----
SportJet95XR (JET DRIVE) 1997--------x---
SportJet95XR (POWERHEAD) 1996-------x----
SportJet95XR (POWERHEAD) 1997--------x---

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Mercury & Mariner Reeds

HPModelSerial #YearPart#66HP0A197112 - 0G760300 & up1986 & up2237.57.5HP  (Brass Reed Cages)2529895 - 5206550 & up1969 & up22108 7.5HP  (Aluminum Reed Cages)2529895 - 5206550 & up1969 & upBCC-0888HP, Sailmate0A197122 - 0G760300 & up1986 & up2239.99.9HP, 210 Sailpower0A197112 - 0G760300 & up1986 & up22310XR-10, Magnum 10, Sea Pro 100D038000 - 0G760300 & up1990 & up223 Mark 10, 10A, 100  (2 cylinder / Brass reed cages)129010 - 52065491960 - 197822108 Mark 10, 10A, 100  (2 cylinder / Alum. reed cages)129010 - 52065491960 - 1978BCC-081515HP, Seapro 15, Marathon 150B292414 - 0G7602991988 & up223 Super 15, Sea Pro (Export)0G044365 - 0G4379991994 - 1996226 Merc 150, Mark 15A (Brass Reed Cages)1290910 - 14993311960 - 196222108 Merc 150, Mark 15A (Aluminum Reed Cages)1290910 - 14993311960 - 1962BCC-081818HP, XD5837437 - 6443973 & up1980 & up2262020HP, 20 XD, 20 JET6443973 - 0G760300 & up1986 & up226 Merc 200  (Brass Reed Cages)1558310 - 47095931963 - 198122108 Merc 200  (Aluminum Reed Cages)1558310 - 47095931963 - 1981BCC-082525HP, XD, XS, Sea Pro, Marathon5705532 - 0G760300 & up1980 & UP226 25SS, Merc 250 (2 Cylinder / Brass Reed Cages)1467499-14993311958-7822108 25SS, Merc 250 (2 Cylinder/Aluminum Reed Cages)1467499-14993311958-78BCC-0828Mark 28, 28A   (2 Cylinder / Brass Reed Cages) 1958-7822108 Mark 28, 28A   (2 Cylinder / Aluminum Reed Cages) 1958-78BCC-083030HP (Flower Petal)0G053314 - 0G760300 & up1994 & UP226P 30 Jet (Brass Reed Cages)0G589999 & below1994-9724116 30 Jet (Aluminum Reed Cages)0G589999 & below1994-97BCC-16 30 Jet0G590000 & UP1998-UP236 Mark 30-H, 300 (4 Cylinder / Brass Reed Cages)1271884 - 14481391959 -196124116 Mark 30-H, 300 (4 Cylinder /Aluminum Reed Cages)1271884 - 14481391959 -1961BCC-163535 HP (2 Cylinder) Single Stage Reeds6445653 - 0B1107891984 - 1989 65312B25 350 (2 Cylinder / Brass Reed Cages)1812754 - 28747031965 -196922108 350 (2 Cylinder / Aluminum Reed Cages)1812754 - 28747031965 -1969BCC-08 Mark 35A, 350  (4 Cylinder / Brass Reed Cages)1271884-18127531959 - 196524116 Mark 35A, 350  (4 Cylinder /Aluminum Reed Cages)1271884-18127531959 - 1965BCC-164040HP  (2 Cylinder) Flower Petal0G053314 - 0G760300 & up1994  & UP226P 40HP (3 Cylinder) Flower Petal0G531301 - 0G760300 & up1997 & UP236 400, 402 inline 2  (2 Cyl.)2874704 - 55562301970 -198365312B25 40HP (4 Cylinder / Brass Reed Cages)C159200 & up1989 & up24116 40HP (4 Cylinder / Aluminum Reed Cages)C159200 & up1989 & upBCC-16 Jet 40 (3 Cylinder)0T178500 & UP1999 & up2364444XS  (single stage)  166844545HP, 450  (4 Cylinder / Brass Reed Cages)5531630 0B110789 & UP1986 & up24116 45HP, 450  (4 Cylinder / Aluminum Reed Cages)5531630 0B110789 & UP1986 & upBCC-16 Jet 45 (3 Cylinder)0D000750 - 0G760300 & UP1994 & up2365050 HP (3 Cylinder / Brass Reed Cages)6428681 - 0D000749 1986 - 199024116 50 HP (3 Cylinder / Aluminum Reed Cages)6428681 - 0D000749 1986 - 1990BCC-16 50 HP (3 Cylinder)0D000750 - 0G760300 & UP1991 & up236 50HP, 500 (4 Cylinder / Brass Reed Cages) 1949 - 198524116 50HP, 500 (4 Cylinder / Aluminum Reed Cages) 1949 - 1985BCC-1655Mark 55 (4 Cylinder / Brass Reed Cages) 1949 - 199524116 Mark 55 (4 Cylinder / Aluminum Reed Cages) 1949 - 1995BCC-16 55HP (3 Cylinder) Flower Petal0D000750 - OG760300 & UP1996 & up23658Mark 58, 58A  (4 Cylinder / Brass Reed Cages) 1958-9524116 Mark 58, 58A  (4 Cylinder / Aluminum Reed Cages) 1958-95BCC-166060HP (3 Cylinder / Brass Reed Cages)6428681 - 0D000749 1984 - 199024116 60HP (3 Cylinder / Aluminum Reed Cages)6428681 - 0D0007491984 - 1990BCC-16 Merc 600 (6 Cylinder / Brass Reed Cages)1303411-1542744196026124 Merc 600 (6 Cylinder / Aluminum Reed Cages)1303411-15427441960BCC-24 60HP (3 Cylinder)0D000750 - 0G760300 & UP1991 & up2366565 Jet (3 Cylinder)0D283222 - OT999999 & UP1994 & up2397070HP (3 Cylinder)0A996142 - 0C2219991987 - 1989239 70HP (3 Cylinder / Brass Reed Cages)4571652-55790161977-7924116 70HP (3 Cylinder / Brass Reed Cages)5579017-64286801980-8324116 70HP (3 Cylinder / Aluminum Reed Cages)4571652-6428680 1977-83BCC-16 Merc 700 (6 Cylinder / Brass Reed Cages) 1959 - 196126124 Merc 700 (6 Cylinder / Aluminum Reed Cages) 1959 - 1961BCC-247575 HP (3 Cylinder)0A996142 - 0G7603001987 & up239 75 HP (4 Cylinder)6432901 & UP1984-8865312B45 Mark 75, 75H (6 Cylinder / Brass Reed Cages) 1957 - 196126124 Mark 75, 75H (6 Cylinder / Aluminum Reed Cages) 1957 - 1961BCC-2478Mark 78, 78A  (6 Cylinder / Brass Reed Cages) 1959 - 196126124 Mark 78, 78A  (6 Cylinder / Aluminum Reed Cages) 1959 - 1961BCC-248080HP (3 Cylinder)0A996142 - 0C2219991987 - 1989239 80HP Jet (4 cylinder)0D283222 - 0T999999, 1B000001 & up249 80HP (4 Cylinder)4831999 - 64329001978 - 198365312B4585Merc 800, 850  (6 Cylinder / Brass Reed Cages) 1960 -196226124 Merc 800, 850  (6 Cylinder /Aluminum Reed Cages) 1960 -1962BCC-24 85HP (4 Cylinder)3493913 - 48319981973 - 1977 65312B459090HP (3 Cylinder)0A996142 - 0G760300 & UP1987 & up239 90HP (6 Cylinder)4845301 - 64361231978 - 198665312B65 90HP Sport Jet (3 cylinder) 1993 - 19952349595HP XR Sport Jet (3 cylinder)OE141089 - OE3159041996 - 1997234100100HP (4 Cylinder)0B209468 - 0G760300 & UP1988 & up249105105 JetOG303045 & Below1994 - 1995265 105 JetOG303046 & UP1996 & up26413110110HP (6 Cylinder / Brass Reed Cages)187204-23149551966 -196726124 110HP (6 Cylinder / Aluminum Reed Cages)187204-23149551966 -1967BCC-241151150 1970 -197965312B65 115HP (4 Cylinder)0C100000 - 0G760300 & UP1989 & up249 115HP (6 Cylinder)5314656 - 6436123 & UP1979 - 198865312B65120120 XR, XR2  Sport Jet0E095088 - 0E379999 1995 - 2000244125125HP (4 Cylinder)0D283222 - 0G760300 & UP1994 & up249135135HP, XD, Marathon 0A904646 - 0G3030451986 - 1995265 135HP EFI / Carbureted0G303046 - 0T178499 & UP1996 & up26413 135HP DFI  0G303046 - 0T178499 & UP1996 & up26413D140140 Jet0G303045 & Below1994 -1995265 140 Jet 0G303046 & UP1996 & up264131501500 (inline 6 cylinder)3502806 - 48656771973 - 197765312B65 150HP XR2, XR4, Magnum, Marathon                        (vertical reed blocks)5432022 - 6616991,                             0A904645 - 0C2395521978 - 1990265V 150HP XR4, XR6 Carbureted0C239553 - 0G3030451991 - 1995265 150HP, XR6 Carbureted0G303046 - 0G960500 & UP1996 & up26413 150HP XRI0D082000 - 0G3030451993 - 1995265E 150HP EFI0G303046 - 0T409000 & UP1996 & up26413 150HP DFI0G303046 - 0T409000 & UP1996 & up26413D175175HP Carbureted                                                     (vertical reed blocks)4301235 - 6618751,                             0C100860 - 0C2395521976 - 1990265V 175HP Carbureted0C239553 - 0G3030451991 - 1995265 175HP Carbureted0G303046 - 0G960500 & UP1996 & up26413 175HP XR2 Sport Jet Carbureted0E151580 - 0E369300 & up1997 & up26413 175HP EFI, XRI0D000750 - 0G3030451991 - 1995265E 175HP EFI0G303046 - 0T409000 & UP1996 & up26413 175HP DFI0T178500 & UP2001 & up26413D200200HP Carbureted4839034 - 60731911978 - 1981265 200HP Carbureted6073192 - 62039901982267 200HP Carbureted6203991 - 0C2915191983 - 1990265 200HP Carbureted0D082000 - 0G3030451992 - 1995265 200HP Carbureted0G303046 - 0G960500 & UP1996 & up26413 200HP CarburetedSaltwater edition (Offshore)1996 & up26413R 200HP EFI0C100861 - 0C2915191989 - 1990265E 200HP XRI, EFI0C291520 - 0G3030451991 - 1995265E 200HP EFI0G303046 - 0T409000 & UP1996 & up26413 200HP EFI Saltwater edition (offshore)0G303046 - 0T409000 & UP1996 & up26413R 200HP DFI0G386496 and 0T178500 & UP1997266PDP 200HP DFI (M2) Sport Jet0E379931 & up2001 - 200526413D 200HP DFI / Optimax0G760300 - OT178500 & up1999 & up266PDP210210HP (M2) Carbureted Sport Jet0E370718 & up2000 - 200326413220220HP EFI0B117316 & UP1987 - 1988265E225225HP Carbureted5628028 & UP1980 -1981267 225HP Carbureted0G438000 & UP1994 - 1998266P 225HP Carbureted0G437999 & Below1994 -1998266 225HP Carbureted0G760300 - 0T4089991999 - 2001266P 225HP EFI0G438000 & UP1995 - 1998266PE 225HP EFI0G437999 & Below1995 - 1998266E 225HP EFI0G760300 - 0T408999 & up1999 & up266PE 225HP DFI / OptimaxOG760300 - OT178500 & up1998 & up266PDP240240HP EFI Sport Jet0E370718 - 0E3844992000267E 240HP EFI (M2) Sport Jet0E379931 - 0E406400 & up2001 - 2003265P250250HP Carbureted             (12 Reed Blocks)0C101891 & UP1989 - 199426424 250HP EFI0G438000 & UP1995 - 1998266PE 250HP EFI0G437999 & Below1995 - 1998266E 250HP EFI0G760300 - 0T409000 & UP1999 & up266PE 250HP DFI (M2) Sport Jet0E407100 & UP2002 - 2003266PDP 250HP XB EFI0G980600 & UP2000 & up266PE275275HP                                (12 Reed Blocks)0C101891 & UP1989 - 199426424280280HP (7 petal block)  2674444XS HP - Single Stage0B135471 & UP198716684150150HP EFI0G502499 & Below1994 - 1997 265E 150HP EFI0G502500 & UP1994 - 199726413R200200HP EFI0G610050 - 0G857000 & UP1998 & up26413R 200HP DFI0T235000 & UP2001 & upN/A 225225HP EFI0D935638 - 0G6101031995 - 1997267E 225HP EFI0G610104 - 0G8569991998267E 225HP EFI0G857000 - 0T4302531999 - 2000267E 225HP DFI0T430254 & UP2001N/A 2.4L2.4L Carbureted0C175045 & UP1988 - 1990265R 2.4L EFI0A168043 & Below1982 - 1984267E 2.4L EFI0A168044 - 0C2769171985 - 1990267E2.5L2.5L Carbureted0D030200 - 0D935271 & UP1991 - 1995267R 2.5L EFI0D030200 - 0G857000 & UP1991-1999 & up267E 2.5L DFI0T235000 & UP2001 & upN/A 300300HP EFI - 3.0L0G610221 - 0T1052971998 - 2000266PE 300X   EFI - 3.0L0T235084 - 0T429940 & UP2001 - 2002N/A 3.4L3.4L EFI82H1008 - 85E1092 &                           0A953707 - 0A9537361982 - 198626424**Mercury / Mariner Special Application Reeds** 4 Petal, Single Stage Carbon Fiber Reed  26413SSC 4 Petal, Single Stage Fiberglass Reed  26413SSF 5 Petal Drag Racing Reed  265D 5 Petal, Race engines up to 10,000 RPMs**Circle Track Racing** 265SP 5 Petal, Single Stage Carbon Fiber Reed  265SSC 5 Petal, Single Stage Fiberglass Reed  265SSF 5 Petal New Large Reed (dual-stage fiberglass)  265P 5 Petal New Large Reed Single Stage Carbon Fiber  265PSSC 7 Petal Drag Racing Reed  267D 7 Petal, Race engines up to 10,000 RPMs**Circle Track Racing** 267SP 7 Petal , Single Stage Carbon Fiber Reed  267SSC For sustained High RPM operation (racing), add R suffix, e.g. 265R
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“Dear Mr. Outboard: We know what ails you, and we have the cure. ”

All gasoline engines, two strokes included, require three systems to run:


1. Induction System- mixes air and fuel and transports the mixture through critical reed valves into the cylinder for compression.

2. Compression- cylinder and crankcase compresses mixture in preparation for ignition.

3. Ignition- electrical system provides spark to ignite fuel /air mix, creating power stroke.



The proper function of the induction system of any two stroke engine relies on the integrity of the engine's internal sealing parts, orifices and surfaces. If the engine is in good shape the pistons, rings, cylinder walls and head gaskets all work to enhance cylinder compression. Crankcase seals, gaskets and reed valves are essential to properly seal and maintain the crankcase compression, proper air /fuel mixture and vacuum pulses. If all is well the only way into the crankcase is through the carburetors or throttle bodies and the critical reed valves. When the area inside the crankcase increases (pistons intake stroke) a partial vacuum is created, and air rushes in through either the carburetors or the fuel injection manifold (depending on the type engine) where it is mixed with fuel; thereafter it travels to the reed valves in the intake system. The reed valves are the one-way door for the fuel/air mix into the crankcase.

Now trapped and compressed when the piston moves back toward the crankcase, the fuel/air mix travels quickly through the intake ports in the cylinder and piston, re-charging the cylinder for the next compression and power stroke.  Leakage of the mixture in and out of the crankcase from any of the sources mentioned will result in less fuel/air mix reaching the cylinders, causing power loss, increased fuel consumption, and in the case of leaky reeds, an over rich condition, especially at idle or low engine speeds.  Leaky reed valves result in the engine “rebreathing” the air that has already been mixed with fuel,then regurgitated back out of leaky reeds into the intake system, and then re-inhaled and mixed with even more fuel. This results in a richer and richer mixture.

Does your engine “load up” with unburnt fuel and oil resulting in poor idle and acceleration? Does it suffer from excessive smoke and carbon buildup? Quite possibly reed leakage is to blame. Fuel injected engines suffer from leaky reeds even more than carbureted engines because the electronic control unit (ECU) injects the correct amount of fuel for a full charge of air, and has no way to recognize that air is escaping through leaky reeds, resulting in a progressively richer mixture!

The Answer

After years of testing we consider ourselves to be experts when it comes to 2 stroke engines and reed valves, expert enough to be capable of giving good advice as to what style and type of reed valves are most suitable for your engine. And we then make and install (or provide) a better than OEM reed valve for you!  We offer mono-leaf and multi-leaf designs, in different thicknesses, designed for different running parameters and different engines. All our reeds feature larger sealing areas around the leaf to prevent the ubiquitous “leaking,” and all are machine cut, not stamped (like the industry standard).A stamped or sheared reed actually begins life with frayed and delaminated edges that soon worsen to cause leakage and breakdown of the material. Our individually designed reeds do not chip at the edge, a problem that commonly leads to material delamination (inefficient sealing) and eventual reed failure. Also we use a multi-layered "space age" material far superior to the old plastic and standard reeds. All our reeds are single stage design, for good reasons…



1. Simplicity, ease of alignment.

2. Greater sealing ability

3. Lighter weight

4. Greater flexiblity

5. Less turbulence, better airflow

Simply Better!



Background for the Enthusiast

We devote a lot of time and effort modifying engines to make them run better, faster, more efficiently, etc. You can port, relieve, polish, rod notch, finger port, etc., do all the tricks, and at the end of the day there is still only one way the fuel/air mix enters the engine. Unless your engine is supercharged, it relies on 14.7 lbs. per square inch (atmospheric or barometric) air pressure to push the reeds open. This pressure pushes air into the crankcase through the reeds to help satisfy the partial vacuum caused by the piston moving away from the crankcase into the cylinder. This expansion of the crankcase area does not create a complete vacuum, but rather only a partial vacuum, so at best there is only 6-10 lbs. per square inch pressure differential to open the reeds. But the average reed leaf is only around 1/3 of a square inch, so only about 2 to 3 lbs. of pressure is actually exerted on the vane(s) of the reed. It must open under this light pressure,but still shut instantly when the pressure ceases. At 5,500 RPM this takes place over 90 times a second!


Our state-of-the-art epoxy laminated material is more flexible and less prone to chipping than carbon fiber, 50% more flexible then metal reeds, and less than half the weight. The .020 single stage glass reeds are much more flexible at high speed than the stacked .035 thickness of material normally found in dual stage reeds, and with about half as much area to seal, (or leak).

Unlike many engine modifications, we know that with our reeds installed in your engine, it will be a win-win situation. With their greater sealing capability, light weight and flexiblity even our full race reeds idle better and are more efficient than the standard stock reeds.

Pick our reed design that best suits your application, contact us if you need our help or a recommendation.

The mono-leaf designs are primarily for fishing motors and low speed applications improving fuel economy and performance in the low and medium RPM range. The sport reeds flow smoothly, and like all fiberglass reeds, they protect the motor from internal damage should a reed ever break.The max RPM reeds are thinner and /or relieved hinge designs to allow fuel/air delivery at extreme RPMs.In our years of testing and use we have yet to experience a failure of any of our production reeds. We are currently making and stocking reeds for almost all modern engines, as well as for some stock and high performance vintage engines. We have several full race reeds available. For our clients, we can custom build reeds for your specific needs, and also offer various cage modifications as well. Included in the 1 year reed warranty is the assurance that if you break a leaf by accident, we replace it free; you won’t need to buy a complete set.

Although comparatively new to the market place in reed valve production, we have 35 years experience in modifying outboards and cutting reed valves. No longer will you need to experience a reed-related inefficient engine or rough idle. Try our reeds; you will be buying a precision product made with American materials, tooling and equipment. We are outboard performance specialists and enthusiasts, love this work, and invite you to call us (we service the SE USA) or come by and visit; we hope to be of service when it comes to any of your outboard needs.

As you can tell, we are proud to have entered the reed valve production market to offer a superior product to our customers. Try a set; we are confident you will be satisfied with our product, price and service.

Thank you & God Bless

Chris Carson and Family

Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 1.5L Optimax DFI 75, 90, 115hp TS 236PDBoyesen Reeds for Mercury 100-125hp 1988 & Up TS 249Boyesen Reeds Mercury 105-200hp 1996 & Up TS 26413BOYESEN REED MERCURY 1.5L Optimax DFI 75-115hpBOYESEN REED MERCURY 100-125hp 1988 & UpBOYESEN REED MERCURY 105-200hp 1996 & Up

Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 1.5L Optimax DFI 75, 90, 115hp TS 236PD

Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 100-125hp 1988 & Up TS 249

Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 105-200hp 1996 & Up TS 26413







Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 105-200hp Carbureted 1978-1995 TS 265Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 115-150hp 1970-1988 TS 65312B65Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 120hp XR, XR2 Sport Jet 1995-2000 TS 244BOYESEN REED MERCURY 105-200hp Carbureted 1978-1995BOYESEN REED MERCURY 115-150hp 1970-1988BOYESEN REED MERCURY 120hp XR, XR2 Sport Jet 1995-2000

Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 105-200hp Carbureted 1978-1995 TS 265

Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 115-150hp 1970-1988 TS 65312B65

Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 120hp XR, XR2 Sport Jet 1995-2000 TS 244-M







Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 15-25hp 1980 & Up TS 226Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 150-175hp 1976-1990 TS 265VBoyesen Reeds for Mercury 150-220hp 1987-1995 TS 265EBOYESEN REED MERCURY 15-25hp 1980 & UpBOYESEN REED MERCURY 150-175hp 1976-1990BOYESEN REED MERCURY 150-220hp 1987-1995

Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 15-25hp 1980 & Up TS 226

Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 150-175hp 1976-1990 TS 265V

Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 150-220hp 1987-1995 TS 265E







Boyesen Reeds for Mercury M2 Sport Jet 175hp 1997 & Up TS 26413-M2Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 200-210hp M2 Sport Jet 2000 & Up TS 26413DBoyesen Reeds for Mercury 200hp Optimax DFI, 225hp Optimax DFI, 250hp Optimax 1997 & Up TS 266PDPBOYESEN REED MERCURY 175 M2 SPORT JET 1997 & UpBOYESEN REED MERCURY 200-210HP EFI M2 SPORT JET '00 & UpBOYESEN REED MERCURY 200-250hp DFI Optimax 1997 & Up

Boyesen Reeds for Mercury  M2 Sport Jet 175hp 1997 & Up TS 26413-M2

Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 200-210hp M2 Sport Jet 2000 & Up TS 26413D

Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 200hp Optimax DFI, 225hp Optimax DFI, 250hp Optimax 1997 & Up TS 266PDP







Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 200-280hp 1980-1982 TS 267Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 225hp EFI, 240hp Sport Jet, 2.4 & 2.5L 1982 & Up TS 267EBoyesen Reeds for Mercury 3.0 Liter 225hp Carbureted 1994-1998 & 300hp EFI 1998-2000 TS 266BOYESEN REED MERCURY 200-280hp 1980-1982BOYESEN REED MERCURY 225 EFI, 240 Sport Jet, 2.4 & 2.5L 1982-UpBOYESEN REED MERCURY 3.0 LITER 225 & 300hp 1994-2000

Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 200-280hp 1980-1982 TS 267

Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 225hp EFI, 240hp Sport Jet, 2.4 & 2.5L 1982 & Up TS 267E

Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 3.0 Liter 225hp Carbureted 1994-1998 & 300hp EFI 1998-2000 TS 266







Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 3.0 Liter V6 225-300hp Carbureted Engines 1994 & Up TS 266PBoyesen Reeds for Mercury 3.0 Liter V6 225-300hp EFI Fuel Injected Engines 1994-1998 Serial Group 0G338133 & Below TS 266EBoyesen Reeds for Mercury 3.0 Liter V6 225-300hp EFI Fuel Injected Engines 1999 & Up Serial Group 0G338134 thru 0G437999 TS 266PEBOYESEN REED MERCURY 3.0 LITER 225-300HP Carb 1994 & UPBOYESEN REED MERCURY 3.0 LITER 225-300HP EFI 1994-1998BOYESEN REED MERCURY 3.0 LITER 225-300HP EFI 1999 & Up

Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 3.0 Liter V6 225-300hp Carbureted Engines 1994 & Up TS 266P

Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 3.0 Liter V6 225-300hp EFI Fuel Injected Engines 1994-1998 Serial Group 0G338133 & Below TS 266E

Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 3.0 Liter V6 225-300hp EFI Fuel Injected Engines 1999 & Up Serial Group 0G338134 thru 0G437999 TS 266PE







Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 3.4 Liter 250 & 300hp 1982-1994 TS 26424Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 30-40hp 1994 & Up TS 226PBoyesen Reeds for Mercury 30-65hp 1991 & Up TS 236BOYESEN REED MERCURY 3.4 Liter 250-300hp 1982-1994BOYESEN REED MERCURY 30-40hp 2 Cyl 1994 & UpBOYESEN REED MERCURY 30-65hp 1991 & Up

Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 3.4 Liter 250 & 300hp 1982-1994 TS 26424

Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 30-40hp 1994 & Up TS 226P

Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 30-65hp 1991 & Up TS 236







Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 30-70hp 1949 & Up TS 24116Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 30hp Jet 1994-1997 with Aluminum Reed Cage TS BCC-16Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 35-40hp 1970-1989 TS 65312B25BOYESEN REED MERCURY 30-70hp 1949 & UpBOYESEN REED MERCURY 30hp Jet 1994-1997 w/ Aluminum Reed CageBOYESEN REED MERCURY 35-40hp 1970-1989

Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 30-70hp 1949 & Up TS 24116

Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 30hp Jet 1994-1997 with Aluminum Reed Cage TS BCC-16

Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 35-40hp 1970-1989 TS 65312B25







Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 44XS Single Stage Reeds TS 16684Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 6-15hp 1986 & Up TS 223Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 60-110hp 1957-1967 TS 26124BOYESEN REED MERCURY 44XS Single Stage ReedsBOYESEN REED MERCURY 6-15hp 1986 & UpBOYESEN REED MERCURY 60-110hp 1957-1967

Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 44XS Single Stage Reeds TS 16684

Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 6-15hp 1986 & Up TS 223

Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 60-110hp 1957-1967 TS 26124







Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 7.5-35hp 1960 & Up TS 22108Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 70-90hp 1987 & Up TS 239Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 75-90hp 1973-1988 TS 65312B45BOYESEN REED MERCURY 7.5-35hp 1960 & UpBOYESEN REED MERCURY 70-90hp 1987 & UpBOYESEN REED MERCURY 75-90hp 1973-1988

Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 7.5-35hp 1960 & Up TS 22108

Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 70-90hp 1987 & Up TS 239

Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 75-90hp 1973-1988 TS 65312B45







Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 90-95hp Sport Jet 1993-1997 TS 234Reed Block Assembly Mercury Marine 855952T 3BOYESEN REED MERCURY 90-95hp Sport Jet 1993-1997Reed Block Assembly Mercury Marine 855952T 3

Boyesen Reeds for Mercury 90-95hp Sport Jet 1993-1997 TS 234

Reed Block Assembly Mercury Marine 855952T 3





Reed replacement outboard mercury

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Outboard reed valves

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