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Lloyd/Flanders Replacement Cushions

Lloyd Flanders Lane WeatherMaster Replacement Straps

*Standard Quantity Specs - Replacement Straps:

Lounge Chair - (4 x 4) = (8) Total Straps

Loveseat - (4 x 8) = (12) Total Straps

Settee - (5 x 10) = (15) Total Straps

Sofa - (4 x 12) = (16) Total Straps

Ottoman - (3 x 4) = (7) Total Straps

Chaise - Includes (4 x 10) = (14) Total Straps

Rocker - (3 x 3) = (6) Total Straps

Swivel Rocker - (5 x 5) = (10) Total Straps

Cuddle Chair - (4 x 5) = (9) Total Straps

Game Chair - (3 x 3) = (6) Total Straps

*Please Note: Some Older LaneVenture Products may have originally included additional strap quantities which are not needed.  Please contact us to request pricing on additional quantities.

+$20 UPS Shipping Per Order

LaneVenture Replacement Straps usually arrive within 1 week


Lane Venture Replacement Cushions

*Standard Specifications - LaneVenture Replacement Straps:

Lounge Chair - Includes (4 x 4) = (8) Total Straps

Loveseat - Includes (4 x 8) = (12) Total Straps

Settee (Shown in Photo) - Includes (5 x 10) = (15) Total Straps

Sofa - Includes (4 x 12) = (16) Total Straps

Ottoman - Includes (3 x 4) = (7) Total Straps

Chaise Lounge - Includes (4 x 10) = (14) Total Straps

Swivel Rocker - Includes (5 x 5) = (10) Total Straps

Cuddle Chair - Includes (4 x 5) = (9) Total Straps

Rocker - Includes (3 x 3) = (6) Total Straps

Game Dining Chair - Includes (3 x 3) = (6) Total Straps


*Please Note: Please contact us to request pricing on additional quantities.

+$20 UPS Shipping Per Order

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Lane Furniture

I have an early 2000 set of the gorgeous and well made Lane Venture

real wicker and rattan seating set: Sofa and 2 Arm chairs. I need new replacement straps for the seating of all but when I contacted a Lane Rep.

about them, I learned that the "new" straps are made of ELASTIC. I figured the Elastic would not hold up for long; so I did not order them. The solution to the problem will most likely be to have a Machinist friend of ours work on the metal clamp inserts, replace the straps with old style weave vinyl

& re-clamp the straps. What a task!

At least I know they will last for years. It is obvious Lane had decided to go with Elastic so that the straps would fit the Various seating Sizes of their Wicker furniture.

Sadly, we live in a world where CHEAP

is more important that QUALITY. One would think that a $4K furniture set (or more) would offer the customers Quality replacement straps!

Kudos to the pissed consumer who reported this replacement strap rip off!


Lane Venture Wicker Furniture, Lane Replacement Cushions

Lane Venture Furniture and Replacement Cushions made by Lane`s Factory.  If you want new cushions like the ones you had when your furniture was new this is the answer. Lane Venture is known for its unique designs, quality wicker furniture and premium cushions.

Long time partner..we have been representing and selling Lane Wicker Furniture since 1990. You will find our staff knowlegdable & very experienced with Lane Furniture, Cushions & Replacement Straps for the decking under the cushions.

Very important cushion information...Lane has changed a lot of the collections they offer. If you need cushions for a collection they are no longer making we will have our own upholsterer make those cushions for you. We have the same upholsterer for over 25 years. We offer quality American Made Cushions featuring about 90 different Sunbrella Fabrics.

Quality Fabrics...there is a large selection of Sunbrella & Outdura Fabrics. These fabric mills place each & every thread of fabric in a "dyed solution process" BEFORE they weave them in into yards. This means each & every thread of fabric gets coated with the color. This creates a very fade, stain & mildew resistant product. Outdoor awnings, boats AND outdoor furniture cushions made with these fabrics offer a much longer life. They are more expensive when you first buy them, but may actually be less expensive over the life of the cushions. 

Prices.. like most national Manufacturers Lane has manufacturers suggested selling prices.  They are pretty high so we offer a really nice discount. Call us for a price quote. You will like our prices and our service. We have been selling and representing Lane Venture Wicker for over 25 years.

Lane is always offering new designs. We have put a link below that goes directly to  the fabrics on their website. While there you can also see their furniture.

Click Here To View Lanes Fabric Selection. 

There are no products matching the selection.

Aluminum framed synthetic wicker
can be used indoors or outdoors.

Natural Wicker & Rattan products must be
used indoors or in well covered outdoor areas.


Replacement straps venture lane

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